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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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reverse 911 calls have gone out to everybody affected. annie mccormick is live with full details. annie. >> reporter: walter, that reverse 911 call is not giving a lot of information to residents in the area. only telling them to stay in place. however, we have confirmed that this is because of an escaped prisoner. this apparently happened during a prisoner transport. but we're waiting to hear details from police where they were going and where they are right now in the search. i want to give you a look at the map to give you an idea of the area where the authorities are looking around at this point for this escaped prisoner. this is a map of the area. they're searching around warrington and doylestown. we're on bristol road near the intersection of lower state road. it's down the street here. now, in this area we're told that the county line is actually between -- or the town line is between warrington and doylestown. this is video we got about 20 minutes ago when we arrived on
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the scene. this is on bristol road showing multiple police vehicles vehicld also sheriff's vehicles sitting there with lights on. i counted at least seven. and there were also several that were k-9 units also. there was a police helicopter assisting. but it appears that they're not assisting at this time. we're also hearing that authorities are looking at different barns in this area. this is a relatively rural area when it comes to barns in this area. also, k-9 units are out here as well. now, the reverse 911 call that went out tonight went out around 9:00 tonight telling residents in the warrington and chalfon areas to stay in their homes. we're hearing the police activity around bristol and lower state road is the reason for the shelter in place. they wouldn't give any specific information. however, we are hearing it is because of an escaped prisoner. we talked to one resident who
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lives in the area who tell us he saw something earlier tonight. >> i just happened to be going outside and saw a sheriff's van drive up. he pulled in my driveway, which was unusual and turned around and went back down the other way. put his lights on and then, you know, maybe within five minutes about 15 cop cars showed up. >> reporter: and at this point we also reached out to police, we have not heard back. we talked to an officer, he did not comment, sending us us to the chief of police. residents saying if there is an escaped prisoner on the loose, they would like to hear that from police as well. reporting live in doylestown, annie mccormick, channel 6 action news. >> keep an eye on that situation for sure. thank you. and breaking news out of delaware county tonight. a crash injured several people and shut down all northbound lanes of i-95. the accident occurred just before 10:00 in the northbound
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lanes near exit 10. right know but know at least two victims were taken to the medical center. but medics are on the scene assessing other victims. no word how many cars are involved or when the road might reopen. moving on to the latest on the investigation involving the deadly terror attack in london. it has been confirmed that seven people were killed and 50 more were injured during last night's terror attack in the heart of london. i.s.i.s. has claimed important for the attack. tonight we're hearing from those who survived and learning about those who died. the latest from london. >> get moving. >> reporter: a saturday evening shattered by brutal acts of terror. >> a crash. >> a loud noise. >> a lot of loud noises. >> reporter: a white van veering into a crowd on london bridge, mowing over helpless pedestrians. >> they said run, run. there's a terrorist. run. >> reporter: three knife-wielding suspects taking off on foot toward the borough
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market. stabbing people at an random. >> never seen something like that. >> reporter: strangers standing up to the attackers, trying to deter disaster. >> terrorist cowards. and i threw -- i picked up a chair and i threw it at him. trying to get them to chase me so i could get -- get my wife in my arms. and the police, took them down. >> reporter: there's shooting police unleashing 50 rounds, killing the three suspects all wearing fake explosive belts. authorities looking to root out any possible accomplices. >> work is ongoing to understand more about them. about their connections and about whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else. >> reporter: prime minister theresa may condemning the signs. >> we must not and cannot pretend that things can continue like they are. things need to change. >> reporter: the mayor of
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london trying to reassure residents. >> london seeing an increased police presence today and over the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: and to restore some normally to a city shaken. this is the third terror attack in the uk since march. the second in just two weeks. a vigil will be held on monday. abc news, london. the investigation of the terror attack continues, thousands attended a concert today to honor the victims of the terror attack in manchester. ♪ >> ariana grande who had just left the stage when the concert attack took place headlined the show. it benefits the survivors and families of the victims of the manchester attack. you can catch more right here on 6abc tonight. tune in for highlights from the top performances starting at midnight right after action news sports sunday. in other news tonight,
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philadelphia police investigating an unusual double murder. a man and a woman found shot to death inside a car today by a passer by. christie ileto joins us live from the scene with more. christie. >> reporter: well, walter, detectives are still trying to pin down an exact motive. but the pair were discovered not too far from where we're standing. the woman who found them said as she got closer to the car, she realized something wasn't right. >> it's upsetting. a little shook. >> reporter: still visibly shaken, this woman didn't want to show her face, but said she made the gruesome discovery while walking on the 1000 block of sydney street. >> when i rolled the window down, they were clearly dead. >> reporter: police hauled away the chrysler sedan where the 23-year-old man and 21-year-old woman were executed. the quiet neighborhood became a crime scene. >> appears it happened inside
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the car, the shooter was probably in the backseat. shot the male and the female and got out and fled. >> reporter: both victims shot in the back of the head, and detectives say it's likely they knew their killers. >> i wasn't aware there were two bodies. i didn't know the car was there. >> reporter: what's not clear is when the actual murder took place and how long before they were both discovered. it's left residents that live here unnerved. >> i was here walking the block. i wasn't aware there were two bodies in the car. >> never seen it like this. not in this neighborhood. >> reporter: now, the woman who found the couple said she didn't recognize them as being from this neighborhood. exactly what they were doing in this area. is asked to contactchstie ileto, chan chris. a devas with a home broke out b.
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sheridan upper hand the how the fire rht there? feasey tried shooting it with a tranquilizer dart, but it doesn't work. >> now our best plan for his safety is to let him come down out of that tree on his own tonight. and that's why we don't want anyone around. we don't want you guys to get hurt, we don't want him to get nervous. he's a wild animal. >> reporter: and authorities say it's too dangerous now to shoot him in the dark. they have confirmed that their 100 pound hold out in the tree is the same bear spotted in doylestown two weeks ago. all right, moving on to the accuweather forecast. after a gray sunday, it looks like the workweek will begin on a rainy note. melissa mcgee is here now with the accuweather forecast. >> hi, walter. we're pretty much entering an unsettled pattern once again. the weather we had last week
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starting to repeat itself across the delaware and lehigh valleys into the workweek. philadelphia, 71 degrees, temperatures not falling off too much. 75 in washington. cooler north and west. syracuse, 65. 66 in buffalo. there's a lot of moisture we are tracking. double scan radar 3d. an upper level low at the current state moving through the region. and this will move on off to the east as we go throughout the overnight hours. but there's a lot of moisture off to the south and west, and creep to the east/northeast as we get into tomorrow afternoon. so future tracker of showing you by 3:00 tomorrow, you can see a scattering of showers and storms popping up across the region. and looks like they will be more widespread as we get into tomorrow afternoon. so the rain timeline for tonight, a few light showers, mainly in south jersey. but a lot of it confined north of i-80. monday morning, south jersey and delaware. best bet, a little bit of activity. the monday afternoon thunderstorms looking to be a
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little bit more numerous to the north and west. with the clouds and the showers overhead, temperatures well below average for june. a closer look on the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. a 24-year-old man formally charged with the stabbing of david oh. sean yarbray was arraigned. $750,000. the councilman was stabbed andut the time, but since able to return to work. he denies the allegations. the bill cosby sexual assault t to begin tomorrow in norristown. cosby is not expected and this s on the testimony of one accuser. s week and tell her story in public for the very first time. a former temple university ba maintains that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby
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back in 2004. he has said the encounterensual. more to come tonight, former fbi director james comey is set to testify before congress. why there's concern that the president may try to stop him. also a very special reunion. children's hospital of philadelphia. how hundreds of young people are celebrating a second chance at life. also, westchester university's baseball team clinches a national championship. jeff skversky has sports when action news comes right back. are allergies holding you back?
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what about this time? pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'! portland, oregon, was a city divided today. several thousand people crowded the downtown area in dueling protests. on side, in support of president trump and free speech by a conservative organization. on the other side, rallying in support of immigrant rights and against many of the administration's policies. things got rowdy, but only two arrests were made. and president trump made his
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debut on washington's social scene. the president and first lady hosted a fundraise for the location where president lincoln was assassinated. until tonight he's limited the socializing to the white house and the resort properties. this is another interesting week in our nation's capital. fired fbi director james comey and set to testify about his conversations with president trump before he was fired. that hearing before the senate intelligence committee is scheduled for thursday. white house advisers tell abc news that the president is not planning to invoke executive privilege and try to block comey. they admit he could change his mind, they concede that doing so would be politically damaging it for the president. nobody won the big jackpot from last night's $337 million powerball. it rolls over to $375 million. the next drawing is this coming wednesday, june 7th.
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so be sure to get your tickets. it was an emotional reunion today at children's hospital of philadelphia. hundreds of young people and their families gathered to thank the hospital surgeons and medical staff for their care and expertise. as bob bax brooks tells us, their experience at chop gave them a second chance. >> reporter: it's nothing short of a miracle that she can walk. before she was born, doctors said she likely never would. >> at the 18 week ultrasound, they told us she was a little girl with spina bifida. >> original prognosis, paralyzed from the waist down. >> reporter: and even more grim before 17-year-old robert was born. >> there was a problem. a mass on his neck. he wouldn't have had a chance. >> reporter: almost every child at chop today are living miracles. are you going to do any of these rides? or a little too old for that? >> i'm not going to do any of these rides. a little too big. >> reporter: all joking aside,
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this is the 21st annual meeting between the children saved, their families and the staff here. >> thank you. >> reporter: they also get a chance to give an update to the head of surgery. >> there are a variety of things that can be taken care of by fetal surgery. most are life threatening birth defects. >> reporter: and like her, so many wouldn't be able to walk without the help of chops. this is to raise awareness that medicine is out there. >> tumors on the tailbone, spina bifida. >> reporter: now that he's older, robert has a message to families he wants to share. >> don't give up. keep going. get more options and opinions. never give up. >> reporter: again, such an amazing event, and the message from robert is don't ever give up. continue to look for more options if your family is about to go through the same battle his did. reporting in university city, bob brooks, action news. >> much more to come on action news. one of the season's most
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great products for every goal at this seasons biggest savings plus free cash back rewards sale ends june 7th change begins here one new gnc time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa mcgee. a wet start to the workweek. >> yeah, really unsettled. the partner last week sets up once again across the region. >> why doesn't it go away? >> i really wish it would go away. >> so do i. >> this was not what we want for the month of june, walter. 6 live double scan radar, you can see a little bit of wet weather. tighter on street level with storm tracker 6. and to the north of the city there in reading and allentown. pressing eastward into easton, hampton, mil ford. showers and pockets of thunderstorms. moving through throughout the overnight. and more wet weather tomorrow. show you the picture outside.
11:24 pm
the action cam was outside earlier today. there at center city, you can see the sun was starting to fade. 30th street station off on the left-hand side. we've got a partly cloudy side and mostly cloudy for the rest of tonight. highs today, it really did depend on your location. in dover, 85 for your high. philadelphia maxed out today at 82. wildwood, 77. but to the north and west of the i-95 corridor in allentown, high of 67 with the moisture overhead. same thing in the poconos, high temperature of 60 degrees. 58 in the poconos, 71 in philadelphia. 68 in cape may. dover falling down to 73. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you, we've got this upper level low that is producing moisture right out across portions of the delaware and lehigh valley through overnight tonight. but widening out the picture, a lot of wet weather tracking for the start of the workweek. upper level low moving through, and then moisture across the south moving off to the east/northeast as we get into
11:25 pm
tomorrow afternoon. look at the day as a whole. it's a mostly cloudy day. thunderstorms are likely. 75 for the high in lancaster tomorrow. 76 degrees in philadelphia. below our average of 80 this time of year. at the coast and the board walk, 72 in cape may, coming in as 72 degrees as well. we're unsettled once again early this week. we have a dip in the jet stream, allowing for all of this cooler air to funnel off and will cut off across our region. coming out of the great lakes and dipping down across the mid atlantic region. so it stays unsettled. it starts tonight and continues right into the middle half of our workweek. future tracker 6, 6:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy. i would certainly allow for a little bit of activity. especially in south jersey and delaware with so much instability in the air. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, you could see those showers showersd thunderstorms starting to fire off for south jersey. moisture pressing into the suburbs. by 5:30 tomorrow evening, showers and storms, could be on the strong side and the
11:26 pm
likelihood of damaging winds. and this is just the start of an unsettled pattern. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow. gusty thunderstorms by the afternoon. 76. cool by tuesday, leftover showers, 70. stray shower on wednesday, otherwise a high of 67. thursday, we're below average. a high temperature of just 69. 75 on friday. it's sunny and pleasant. 80 as we warm up on saturday. next sunday, walter, sunny and mild, a high of 82. >> thank you, melissa. wonder woman is fighting evil and shattering records with $100 million at the box office. >> you set the battle or fair. >> better than even you. >> but she must never know the truth. >> the new film about the famed warrior is already the biggest blockbuster in history directed by a woman.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports. and the phillies win two in a row. has to be a typo. >> it actually happened. >> really? >> yeah. >> it's been a while. >> first time since the end of april. five and a half weeks. unbelievable. finally. a giant wakeup call for the phillys. win back-to-back games for the first time in five and a half weeks thanks to odubel herrera who looks wide awake following his benching. tied the career high yesterday with 3 rbis. does it again


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