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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 4:30 now on this tuesday june 6th. >> here's what we're following for you on "action news." the judge in bill cosby's sexual assault trial is expected to decide this morning if the prosecution can call a new witness to the stand. >> utility crews worked into the night to restore water to 85 homes after a water main break in abington montgomery county. >> and voters in new jersey go to the polls today in the state's primary. the governor's job is one of the big races up for grabs. >> all right. when i stepped out this morning, it was sort of a constant mist and i'm looking at storm tracktory. we got some storms to the west. let's go to dave murphy and karen has got traffic.
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good morning. >> a lot of you are dealing with a little bit of misty drizzle this morning. there's a little bit of patchy fog as well but the big issue is a line of heavy rain. no lightning out of this just yet. we did have some thunderstorms earlier but as you can see, they are plowing down through pottstown, quakertown, coatesville and giving you a brief, maybe 20 minute downpour and then a little bit longer on the backside for just a little bit of additional rain f you're in doylestown, malvern, flemington new jersey you'll get this probably in the next 10 or 15 minutes and eventually philadelphia might catch a brief look at this as well before we get on the other side of it. after that, it's just clouds today and maybe a couple of spotty shower. you can see that counterclockwise rotation. that big issue is the current downpour that's coming through some of our northern and western suburbs. here's your visibility. these aren't all that bad but foggily is showing up in some spots.
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down by the airport in atlantic city it's down to about half mile so be careful with a little bit of fog and of course where you got the fog you've got the drizzle on the windshield. 63 degrees in philadelphia, 62 allentown. overall today does look like it's going to be a cooler day. 61 degrees by 7 o'clock, 63 by noon with a high of 66 at about 3 o'clock this afternoon. not much change in the temperatures as we roll through the day and the mainly cloudy skies and occasionally a spotty shower. i'll show you those on future tracker six. that's coming up in a couple minutes. there is warmer air coming at the end of the accuweather 7-day forecast. only have to wait another few days for that karen. >> warmer. all right we have sprinkles in spots and more stormier weather on the way as we look outside live at i-95 northbound approaching the blue route, we can see construction out there continuing to block the right lane. so watch for that. traffic a little slow as you move through here, i-95 northbound getting close to the blue route. vine street expressway we haven't seen these closures in awhile. the vine shut down in both directions with construction out there so westbound,
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eastbound remains blocked but should be reopened within the next half hour and you can see from this shot how we have reduced visibility. we have some of the rain in the area and you're feeling kind of gray out there as you step outside. we continue to have this problem in abington with this large water main break closing the road. although it happened yesterday afternoon still causing issues on edgehill road between bradfield road and tyson area. stick to easton avenue to get around the closure, tam. >> thank you, karen. happening today, day two of the sexual assault trial against bill cosby. the judge is expected to decide if the mother of a cosby accuser can testify. the woman's daughter was on the stand yesterday. as for cosby his former tv daughter keisha knight pulliam is by his side and cameras from around the world are staked out at the courthouse. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live for us now at that courthouse in norristown. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. day one of the trial including opening statements in the prosecution's first witness, a
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top cosby accuser as prosecutors try to establish that cosby had a pattern of predatory behavior. on the first day of the bill cosby trial in norristown, the entertainer arrived to court with a member of his former tv family from the cosby show, keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable was by his side to show her support. >> this is not the ma and man that i've ever seen, that i've ever known, how he's ever shown up for me so at this point in time i feel, you know, i can onlyily go based on the interactions i've had with him. >> reporter: cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his home in cheltenham in 2004. opening statements took place yesterday morning. after lunch, the prosecution called their first witness, a different accuser kelly johnson. she told the jury that back in the 90's cosby pressured her to take a large white pill
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before violating her in a hotel bungalow as she worked as an assistant to cosby's talent agent for william morris. she is the only past accuser the judge is allowing to testify as prosecutors try to establish that cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting young trusting women. her attorney, gloria allred said johnson's testimony is key for prosecution. >> then there's a pattern, a plan, a theme, a design to sexually assault. >> reporter: in cross-examination defense attorney brian mcmonagel questioned johnson's credibility pointing to conflicting statements. the assaults napped 1990 and she went to his house in 1996 for acting lessons. johnson cried on the stand saying she doesn't remember offering conflicting accounts. and there is a question about whether kelly johnson's mother can be called to testify for the prosecution. the defense opposed to it but the judge says he will rule on that matter this morning. we're live in norristown t-katherine scott, channel6
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"action news. tam. >> katherine thank you. we've created a special section on our web site devoted to covering all the angles of this case at trial. it's got a time line and also a closer look at the key players. >> this deluge from a water main break you see here on chopper6 also led to 85 homeowners in the roslyn section of abington township in montgomery county to lose water pressure. on repairing the hole and restoring service. thankfully they've shut the water off since then. jeanette reyes joins us live along the 900 block of edgehill road. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, hundreds of residents have been without water for the last 12 hours but they're hoping that will change just as soon as the next hour or so and water is hopefully restored. let me step out of the way. as karen mentioned edgehill road is shut down because crews have been working around
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the clock trying to get this water back up and running. yesterday afternoon the water main broke and these images from chopper6 show thousands of gallons rushing down the neighborhoods. the force of the water created debris runoff on a large hole on edgehill road. it took crews nearly two hours to shut off that water. also crews told "action news" that the century old pipe was already sch late 2018. a boil advisory was in place up until water samples are back from the lab. >> very inconvenient yes. no bath tonight, no showers tomorrow morning apparently so a big inconvenience, yes. >> our biggest concern out here right now is our customers getting them back in water. >> reporter: and again, the water should be back on as soon as 5 o'clock this morning. if all goes as planned. as far as what may have caused
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this pipe to burst that is still not known. reporting live in roslyn, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks jeanette. new this morning homicide detectives are working to solve another murder in philadelphia. a 56-year-old man was shot in mantua. gunfire rang out on the 600 block of north shedwick street. he died at the hospital. police say they have yet to find the shooter a motive or witness. >> grief counselors will be at a delaware county high school today as students process and mourn the death of a classmate killed in an accident on 95. three vehicles were involved in sunday night's crash in tinicum township. police say four teens from academy park high school in sharon hill were inside one of those suv's. junior jaion smith died at the scene. smith was known for his big presence on the football field. >> being in the weight room lifting without him. it's an empty hole. >> i looked up to him.
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he was an inspiration to me. >> state police have not said if they believe alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash. >> polls in new jersey open at 6:00 this morning will several major raises at stake for the state's primary. among them that will face off in the gubernatorial race to succeed governor chris christie. five republicans and six democrats are vying for their party's nomination. also on the ballot, many statewide and local including for camden mayor, atlantic city mayor and the entire state legislature. again, polls are opened at 6:00 a.m. they close at 8:00 p.m. you can get election results on and "action news" at 11:00. >> that bear roaming around bucks county has been caught. the bear was tranquilized last night but other than being a little sleepy he's okay. hours earlier the bear was seen wandering through communities including being up a tree in feasterville and behind the somerton springs swim club. the bear attracted quite a following.
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in its trips across several towns. an "action news" viewer center us video of wildlife officers tending to the bear after its capture. the bear is being released into the wild in a less congested area. >> british authorities have released the names of two of the three suspected london attackers. they are khuram shazad butt a british citizen and rachid redouane. both died along with a third attacker after taking seven lives on a london bridge and a market. butt appeared in a 2004 british documentary about domestic jihad dees. red wayne was not known to mi5 the british intelligence agency. a new search for possible accomplices is unfolding this morning near their homes. >> the mayor of london has called on the british government to cancel a state visit from president trump. this comes after a flurry of tweets from trump criticizing
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mayor sadiq khan. kahn first said he wasn't going to respond to trump but then in a.m. interview last night kahn said i don't think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the u.s.a. in circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for. >> 4:41. a hollywood a-lister is taking on the role of joe paterno. find out who is playing the part of the late penn state football coach in a new movie. >> a dunkin donuts looks like a wrestling match as a man heaves a table and a chair at another person. david. >> lots of clouds on the bus stop, a little bit of drizzle and in some cases a pretty good downpour coming through right now. 62 degrees by 6 o'clock, 61 by 8 o'clock so it stays on the cool side, too. and you might want to arm the kids with umbrellas. not everybody is seeing that downpour but through the day there's the chance of a spotty shower. i'll track storms and those heavier downpours on storm tracker6 live double scan, let you know where they're going to be over the in next half hour. that's coming up next. >> ♪
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>> legendary actor a pacino set to portray it. >> an hbo movie. the network is trying to move forward with the film. it will focus on the late penn state football coach and when he was fired right after the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal broke. a first attempt to make the movie was put on hold in 2014. this film does not yet have a title or a release date but pretty spot on. >> yeah, going look just like him. >> sure. >> i could see him playing that, yeah. all right. so, we have some rain in the northern and western suburbs. as we take a wide look on storm tracker6 live double scan most of the area is dry but where you are getting the rain it is coming down heavily and we are tracking it for you. here you can see that line of showers pushing toward the east. no lightning with this right now although that certainly wouldn't be out of the question. but right now we're not seeing that. it's mainly just a drenching downpour that depending on
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where you are along this line could take about 15 to 30 minutes to pass and right now we are looking at the arrival of this more or less in green lawn at about 4:44, exton 4:45 not too far away from where we are right now. valley forge about 4:53 and chatham about 4:55, unionville almost 5:00 a.m. is where we expect this and there's a live update on the air, exton now 4:45 and if we move this view up the pike a little bit and adjust our storm track, i can give you the arrival time of some additional spots. looks like lansdale and doylestown getting into the lighter rain but heavier stuff along 452 in worcester lansdale about a minute later and valley forge still being caught by this at about 4:56. again, the movement of this will take about a half hour to go the length of that red arrow so you can kind of see the whip of that heavy rain and you can figure that, yeah, it's probably going to take you like maybe 15 to 30 minutes for it to pass through.
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down south there's not much going on just a little bit of a blip to the west of baltimore. it is pushing toward the east and it should be through before too much longer over the next couple hours off the company. as we take a look outside, we have sky6 and there is the commodore barry bridge and the here you're seeing the other issue around the region. where you don't have the active showers showing up on storm tracker, you are looking at some drizzle from the low lying cloud cover and the related fog. as we take a look at temperatures right now, we're at 62 cool degrees in philadelphia. your winds not all that strong out of the east at 10 miles per hour. most spots in the single digits. and future tracker picking up that rain this morning but really kind of breaking it up pretty quickly this morning. it may not even make it all the way to the coast and then by noon, you're still looking at cloudy skies for the most part and a couple of sprinkles and showers o more of the same this afternoon. some showers occasionally there could be a brief downpour and late today there's the possibility of the clouds thinning out a little
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bit but generally speaking we are looking at pretty cloudy skies and even later tonight the clouds filling back in. still have that area of low pressure off to the north. it's just circulating those clouds through today. 61 degrees by 8 o'clock. 61 by 10 o'clock. looks like it will stay on the cool side. 63 by noon and that's your high, 66 degrees around 3 o'clock. notice i'm posting the chance of a shower at any time today but that doesn't mean it's going to going to be raining all the time. it just means there's the threat of it at just about any time. high temperatures milder down by the south and west. dover might get to 70 today. it does look like mid 60's across most of the region. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 66 is today's high, clouds, spotty showers. tomorrow more of the same, morning rain and drizzle here or there. 65 is the high but the clouds hanging tough. after that things improve. 72 on thursday, we're taking out the idea of a shower there with some sun returning. milder and nice on friday and then 82 saturday with a late storm. after that, warm and humid on sunday and hot and humid as promised on monday. >> okay.
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thank you david. new this morning, a massachusetts man went on a destructive rampage inside a dunkin donuts injuring several people. this happened in cambridge near harvard university last monday. police say 22-year-old talik solomon walked into the restaurant and started throwing chairs a table and even a bicycle seat toward a 39-year-old disabled man. police say solomon has a history with the victim but it's still unclear wham what exactly provoked this incident. solomon faces a number of charges including assault. >> 4:48 now and next the main line business that claims to be the first business of its kind. pain at the pump. >> an suv barreled into a pool. details on the rescue when "action news" comes back. >> ♪ ir diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. >> good morning, everybody. little wet, little foggy and about to get wetter depending on where you are. looking live on 42. that's northbound traffic at creek road heading towards the walt whitman bridge. no big problems there but in new jersey we have an accident on the turnpike. it's northbound past hyattstown. that's exit eight. only the shoulder is getting by in the outer drive. is it ick to the inner drive there, the car lane if you want to get around the problem with a new accident on the new jersey turnpike northbound. this is a live look here 476 northbound between norristown and mid-county toll plaza.
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we still see construction out here blocking the left lane. you can see the flashing lights. we expect them to be wrapping up pretty shortly. 202 northbound here at baltimore pike we have crews out here as well blocking the right lane. and on the vine street expressway westbound traffic reopened. we can see traffic moving now. i still see police out here eastbound but looks like they're letting some of the ramps by eastbound so the vine was closed overnight. we see the fog out there, too, and it will be closed each night through friday morning, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, an suv went crashing into a arizona pool. a disabled man driving the vehicle couldn't get out on his own, he needed help undoing his seat belt and exiting the car. thankfully the homeowner was there to pull him out before the vehicle went under water. the man is okay and the cause of the crash is still being determined. >> now for your first look at business. apple unveiled its answer to the amazon echo and google home. the home pod smart speaker available in december for
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$349. you wake it up by saying, hey, siri. at its annual developers conference the company promised high quality sound that cannot be matched by the competition. wall street was muted monday starting off the week down slightly. futures point to a lower open. the main line is home to the nation's first kosher certified tavern. they raised a glass at the grand opening of citron and rose last night. the tavern on montgomery avenue in bala cynwyd offers american pub style food and tap drinks. >> ♪
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>> a woman about to pump gas in georgia took a second look at the nozzle and noticed something that should not be there. the woman was startled as she spotted a snake in the nozzle holder of the gas pump. another man was able to pull the 3-foot snake out saying it's no big deal. he released the snake, get it, get it,. >> oh, my. >> he released the snake in nearby woods. good job. >> that snake would still be in that pump if it were up to me. a professional ballet dancer was about a big rescue. gray davis is a dancer with the american ballet theater in new york city. he saw a man and a woman arguing on a subway platform. he ran to get help but by the time he got back the woman was gone and the man was unconscious down on the tracks. >> i saw nobody else was going down there. people were screaming for somebody to go get help. i heard a train coming but i didn't know which direction it was coming from.
4:57 am
>> so davis jumped onto the tracks and lifted the man onto the platform. police arrested a 23-year-old woman in connection with the assault. the man, davis saved is expecting to make a full recovery. all those years of lifting ballerinas had the right muscles and he was in the right place at the right time. >> good job. >> yeah. >> 4:57. coming up highlights from the phillies who find themselves on a rare three game winning streak. >> social media posts leave harvard university and officials to revoke students' admission. >> authorities accuse a delaware county man whom you just saw of trying to hide child pornography during a search of his home. that's up next. >> ♪ are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills.
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. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 5 o'clock on this tuesday june 6th and we are following breaking news. >> an argument leads to deadly gunfire overnight. now police are looking for the killer. >> montgomery county prosecutors are trying present a witness to prove bill cosby had a pattern of predatory behavior. we are live as the sex assault trial enters day two. >> that inmate who escaped in bucks county still out there on the run but his father is accused of helping him to get away. >> some of us are about to get nailed with some heavy rain. let's go to david and karen. >> some of us already are, matt. right now. storm tracker6 live double scan shows a column of heavy rain moving through the northern and western suburbs and we are tracking it for you. you can see that it is pushing to the east taking about a half hour to move the distance of that red arrow i've drawn for you and right now h


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