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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jim is live now outside of the courthouse. >> reporter: good evening rick, i think you put your finger on it. this jury is asking questions, coming back and asking to have deposition passages reread to them. may be fair to say that this jury is struggling to reach a verdict in this case. this jury came back here at 9:00 this morning. and after working for four hours yesterday, if you thought this was going to be a quick and easy verdict, well you would be wrong, bill cosby arrived here early this morning, this time without a company of his wife, camille. so would this be the day that cosby learned his fate? would this jury from pittsburgh convict bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004? or would this panel acquit cosby of one, two or three counts of
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aggravated accounts of indecent assault. the self proclaimed experts are speculating and analyzing and wondering about the significance of this jury coming back yesterday and again today to ask questions and to review cosby's deposition from a decade ago. but we just wait. more importantly cosby and constand just wait. i want to bring in "action news" reporter vernon odom also here. vernon even if we have read every word of testimony and even if we have read ever word of that deposition from ten years ago you are in a position to tell us something we don't know, and that is because you have been in this courtroom throughout the trial. what does it feel like inside of the courtroom? what is the tension level? is it palpable? >> the tension level jim is very
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high. it has been high ever since andrea constand came to the witness stand last week that was a week ago tuesday. the jury made several requests today including asking to hear testimony from the constand -- detective rather that first interviewed constand about the alleged assault back in '04 after she returned to canada. the jury returned but first asked judge o'neil for a red back of key portions of bill cosby's sworn testimony from a decade ago followed by a lawsuit filed by andrea constand. >> constand testifies that cosby drugged and assaulted her in his mansion. he said in the deposition he gave constand the equivalent of
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1.5 benadryl pills and the heavy petting that followed was entirely convention you'll. constand says she was too drugged up to resist him. and that constitutes the felony assault charges against the showbiz legend. constand and her mother remain at the courthouse during the wait for the jury's verdict. >> jim, several informs sources here at the courthouse, courthouse veterans are leaking out that the jury seems to be seriously divided. 1 to 3 jurors holding out on a possible conviction or acquittal whatever it is we don't know at this hour. so the deliberations continue at this hour. after they hear the latest from the canadian detective who testified last week. we could be here long into the night again or well into tomorrow.
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>> thank you vernon gloria allred is a familiar face here she represents 30 of the 60 women who claim that they were sexually assaulted by bill cosby. and one can imagine that she is extraly eager to hear the verdict here tonight. i talked to her within the last hour. >> at this stage of the trial while you are waiting for a verdict it's tough isn't it? >> it's very tough because i'm getting many emails asking questions like, why do you think the jury is taking so long? what do you think the hang-up is and what do you think the verdict will be? >> and all i can say is i can never predict what the verdict will be. we never know what a jury is going to do. every jury is different. >> so all the people around here who are saying it's going to be
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a not guilty verdict because it's taking so long or it's a hung jury because of the questions they were asking. that is all nonsense, you cannot predict? >> there is to one that can read those tea leaves. >> but tea leaves are being read outside of montgomery county courthouse in norristown. the jury is up there and we don't know what the dynamics are we don't know how many holdouts or what the ratio is convict to acquit is on this jury. we do know that they are working hard and trying to come to a verdict here tonight. but of course there is no guarantee it will happen before this day is over. if something does happen we'll have it immediately on, the 6 abc app and of course "action news." monica -- >> thank you. of course as we said we are
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monitoring developments outside of our norristown area minute by minute, stay with trial for all the breaking details. everything is available on the "action news" app as well. turning to accuweather and the heat wave gripping our region. mother nature delivered record high temperatures for the delaware valley and it was hot enough to have schools close early like here in camden. we have more on today's heat and how people are trying to keep cool. cecily tynan starts us off with what is ahead in the forecast and the heat wave officially arrived at 11:00 this morning? >> yes, it's official. three days of temperatures in the 90s and the heat peaked today and this is the last day of the heat wave, sunday and monday $94 degreeings. a new record high normal high for this time of year. 82 degrees and hot across our
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region. allentown and reading the second day in a row they tied the record highs. allentown 95 and wilmington 96 and trenton 94 and atlantic city airport 9 miles inland in pomona, 95 degrees. and along the beaches the heat not as intense and cape may 89 degrees. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there is a cold front that is moving down from the north and there is some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity. and we could have an is lated thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia earl why this evening, but really the main impact with this front will be shifting the winds and that will bring us much cooler air for the second half of the week. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the lower 80s. we actually dropped below normal for the end of the week but i'm also tracking showers. >> thank you cecily. >> now "action news" reporter
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walter perez who found people trying to beat the heat he continued the coverage along kelly drive. >> hey rick i'm fully aware that technically it's spring time. but today it felt like late july in philadelphia. there is no better way to spend a hot hazy tuesday in the delaware valley but fishing with hi friend shall amar. >> he had the right idea relaxing under summer like conditions with summer still ocly a week away. >> i am under the impression that it has been here already. >> it feels that way? >> it definitely does. >> dozens of young families showed up for fun at the dillworth spray park. it reminds him of when i was a kid. sometimes. >> i told my kid we would turn
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the fire hydrant on with the sprinkler and the city back then allowed us to have it. that is how we had our fun. >> regardless of how you spend your time in the haze and heat and humidity. of course if you go for a little walk with the family like lisa collins did bring plenty of water. >> i'm ready. we did four miles that way and on our way back to the car. >> that is pretty good? >> we are out here since 12:month. >> pretty good. >> of course if you are indoors on days like these and don't have air conditioning find a local cooling center or open the windows and turn on the fan. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new at 5:00 a southwest philadelphia man is facing murder charges in the death of his infant stepson. he was found unresponsive in the
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home and the child later died at the hospital. the infant had multiple bruises and signs of a sexual assault. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> once again traffic is not looking hot in a number of spots. volume on 95 allegheny avenue we have extra work on the girard avenue off ramp and that is now cleared out of the way. on the big picture a few construction zones and normal afternoon volume but in mergser county a crash along 295, the southbound side near olden avenue where the left lane is blocked and south of 1 speeds mountain teens and stay on the new jersey turnpike southbound or even 130 they are better bets than the southbound side of 295. the a.c. expressway an accident near winslow taking out two lanes, slowing 12 miles per hour
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and white horse pike is a better bet. in east green witch look for an accident at county road. >> thank you matt. >> much more ahead "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a highly anticipated day on capitol hill. >> "action news" anchor, brian taff is in washington where attorney general jeff sessions was in the hot seat and in georgia a deadly confrontation of a prison bus. we'll have the latest when "action news" continues tonight.
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it was a blockbuster day on capitol hill. today attorney general jeff sessions voluntarily took a seat in front the senate intelligence committee to answer questions on russia and the firing of former fbi director james comey. >> this is less than a week after comey told the senate his side of the story. brian taff is live on capitol hill with the details. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. an exceptionally unbarely hot day if the nation's capital and some how the temperature notably hotter inside of the building behind me. jeff sessions facing a barrage
5:15 pm
of questions from the senate intelligence commit ehalf of them making it clear his answers were unacceptable. >> this was a chance to set the record straight. >> i recuse myself into the campaign for president but i did not recuse myself from efending my honor. >> questions about russia including his own meetings with the russian ambassador. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government, to hurt this country, is an appalling and detestable lie. >> sessions was also grilled about the testimony of fired fbi director james comey here last week. >> my sense was that the attorney general knew he would
5:16 pm
be leaving. >> and he said he was told to be easy on michael flynn and told sessions not to leave him alone with the president. >> i responded by agreeing that the fbi and department of justice needed to be careful to follow department policies regarding appropriate contacts with the white house. >> about his role in the firing of the former director. sessions was insistent that change was needed. giving way to this exchange. >> it did not violate my recusal it did not violate my recusal. that is my answer to than the letter i signed represented my views that had been formulated for sometime. >> that answer in my view doesn't pass the smell test. >> one of several intense exchanges today. we want to point out that
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against the backdrop drama at the white house as top aides and top surrogated of the president continue to suggest that president is considering firing special council robert mueller who is leading the probe into russian hacking, sessions doing little to tamp down the rumors saying it would be the president's decision to do that. we are live in washington tonight, brian taff, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the nationwide manhunt is on for the two prison inmates from georgia who killed two guards and then fled. the officers were working on a prescriptionner transport bus when the inmate managed to break out of the locked area and overpower the officers, police say that ricky debow and donny -- managed to get the officers guns and shoot them with their own weapons and 33 prisoners within ott the bus at the time. >> quick break and health check is coming up when "action news" comes right back.
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do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose™. in health check tonight several health agencies teamed up to do skin checks tonight. ali gorman stopped by and she is here with the story. >> reporter: it made it super convenient today.
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it's not always easy to get in to see a dermatologist so they brought the dermatologist to the people. >> as workers strolled by residents relaxed and kids beat the heat. the skin cancer foundation set up the mobile unit. that the doctor was inside busy checking for signs of skin cancer, we are mobile and bringing the clinic to the people today. >> it can happen to any age any race and any part of the body. you can use the a.b.c.d. method to evaluate your moles. >> but best to be checked out by a professional. >> people don't come in and get their spots checked and that is when skin cancer can become deadly. >> susan an executive says she is fortunate that she acted on a spot that she thought was just a pimple.
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>> my daughter said mom what is that thing on your nose? a tiny white head. >> a biopsy revealed it was a rare type of skin cancer, she had several surgeries chemo and radiation and tells other people p protect yourself from the sun and get anything suspicious checked out. she was treatmented in 2013 after almost a year of treatment she got her first cancer free scan and she celebrated by running a 5-k. >> i just passed my fourth year of cancer free and set my wedding day for my fifth anniversary of being cancer free. >> and more information on how to evaluate your own skin at now, most experts agree that
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everyone should start yearly skin checks starting at 18. >> 18? i have two years. >> what is so funny?
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looking at the accuweather forecast, cecily tynan has more on the heat wave.
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three days of temperatures in the 90s but this is the last day of 90 degree weather until we get into the weekend. live on sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge blue skies and sunshine and hot conditions. 95 in philadelphia now we hit 96 degrees earlier setting a new record high for this date. allentown 95 and reading 95, they tied the record highs. and wilmington 93 and trenton 94 and cape may the sea breeze is kicking in 78 degrees. factor in the humidity the heat index make a difference in areas, 97 in allentown and reading and dover where the humidity is always higher, the heat index $100s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this is the back door cold front that sneaks through tonight than will officially end the heat wave and we could get a spotty shower or thunderstorm. future tracker 6 showing at 10:00 tonight some isolated
5:27 pm
activity. it really doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. tomorrow morning a lot of cloud cover, spotty shower north tomorrow morning and the sunshine is back with the wind out of the northeast. temperatures in the low 80s and low humidity it's going to feel good and we keep that low humidity through thursday. dew points in the 50s and that is comfortable this time of year. friday though the same front that moves through tonight as a cold front returns as a warm front and that brings back the humidity dew points in the 60s and the humidity is high and dew points in the 70s. it's going to get hot again by father's day. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow a scattered shower possible mainly in the morning and lots of clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon and a breath of fresh air and breezy and cooler and 83. on thursday best day of the week. if you like things on the cool side. 78 degrees, bright sunshine and low humidity and on friday. that warm front brings us more
5:28 pm
clouds with some showers and a high of 76 degrees and the weekend won't be a washout and somewhat unsettled. both days an opportunity for afternoon thunderstorms and a humid 84 and sunday back to 90 degrees, adam will let you know if the 90 degree weather sticks around next week in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you take another break more news in the next half hour when we return.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. bill cosby waiting to hear his fate from a jury of his peers. on whether he sexually assaulted andrea constand. we are live with day two of deliberations coming up. and the husband of murdered radio host april kauffman is taken into custody after a standoff with police. and two thieves hungry for more than money bust into a local convenience store and it was all captured on surveillance video. >> we are at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown
5:31 pm
as we watch and wait for the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial to consider tis fate. they asked several questions but so far no decision yet. chad pradelli is live outside of the montgomery county courthouse tonight on more on what the jurors asked during day two of deliberations. >> reporter: yes this jury has a lot of questions as they deliberate the three charges against the 79-year-old comedian the most recents was late this afternoon and has to do with the detective that took the initial statement from andrea constand. they are engaged and working through the three counts and so far no verdict. >> after four hours of deliberations yesterday the jury was back combing through the evident today. repeatedly the jury had questions for the judge and wanted bill cosby's 2005 deposition read back to them and in particular cosby's version of the sexual can't and what he called his three little friends,
5:32 pm
the benadryl he then gave to the then basketball assistant. and questioned the wording of one of the charges but the judge said it could not be more clear and then asked to haefr all the testimony of the canadian detective that took the initial report of the sexual assault. constand is from toronto. and he claim that constand had told a temple employee in years past that she could frame someone of sexual assault and get the money. the judge ruled that statement was inadmissible in court earlier during the trial and as a result wyatt claimed that the 79-year-old was not getting a fair trial. so this jury is deliberating for more than 12 hours now and it's unclear if the seven men and five women how long they will delib rate throughout the
5:33 pm
evening. >> we tip to monitor developments minute by minute. stay with the husband of a murdered radio host is now behind bars but it has nothing to do with his wife's unsolved case. nora muchanic is live with the details. >> reporter: rick, we are outside of kauffman's medical office right now where police arrived early this morning to execute a search warrant at that location. what they are looking for authorities won't say but things went wrong quickly when the doctor pulled out a gun. >> dr. kauffman was uncooperative and drew a weapon. >> that is atlantic county prosecutor explaining the events
5:34 pm
when a team of fbi agents and local police serve aid search warrant at the home of james kauffman. the former husband of murdered radio host april kauffman. who was found shot to death in their home in 2012. we have hostage negotiators from my office involved and after a 30 to 45 minute standoff dr. kauffman ultimately surrendered himself. >> he was taken to an emergency psychiatric unit and then placed under arrest for the unlawful possession of a handgun and hollow point bullets. he was processed and taken away in a patrol car. when ed jacobs was asked why he pulled a gun he said the pressure of being a suspect in a homicide he did not commit has taken its toll. >> we have an ongoing criminal
5:35 pm
investigation into various criminal activity it's unrelated to the homicide of dr. kauffman's late wife, april. >> kim park is april kauffman's daughter. >> finally seems there is active emotion within this case. and again you remain cautiously optimistic you don't want to get overly excited or happy about what is going on. >> kim pack has long suspected that dr. kauffman had something to do with her mother's death and the judge recently asked for a dna sample from him and the judge's decision was sealed. at this point again we are told that it is not related to the murder case and dr. kauffman has a first appearance in court tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have an update from the delaware newsroom about a death
5:36 pm
investigation in dover. and they say that 58-year-old pamela guy was run over by a tractor trailer monday morning in the 200 block of college road, guy had been drinking heavily and helping the operator of a tractor trailer wash his vehicle. and later that night she apparently came back to the same spot and fell asleep and the driver said he did not notice her when he left for work monday morning and ran over her. atlanta county officials have not released the identity of a swimmer whose body was pulled from a private pond. several departments and dive teams searched through the night and recovered the victim just after midnight. a bear seen wandering in bucks county was captured by wildlife officials was captured and relocated. yogi was caught and the bear has been checked and is okay. they are waiting to move it
5:37 pm
until tomorrow morning. there are several bear sighting includes doylestown. >> and a 78-year-old woman is hoppized after being hurt in this crash in delaware. she was trapped in her vehicle, and the imact forced a pole to come down and she is at christiana hospital in critical condition. no other vehicles were involved. two men got into a philadelphia deli through a broken window and stole cash and cigarettes. surveillance video shows the crime as it happened on may 29th at the deb deli in overbrook. one suspect was wearing a hooded nike pullover with the word elite across the front if you have information you are urged to call police. right now lets check the traffic story, matt pellman in the traffic center -- >> we are looking like not a lot is happening right now at the tacony palmyra bridge we are
5:38 pm
waiting for the bridge to go up for a passing ship and rights now the traffic is moving fine across the tacony palmyra, at this point you do want to head for the betsy ross bridge instead. a live look at schuylkill expressway action cam here eastbound side of 76 is heavy from girard avenue into the vine street expressway typical afternoon volume we are watching here. there is a question in buckingham township bucks county. the intersection of 202 and 413 a busy intersection if the afternoon and this afternoon you are dealing with the accident there. the accident cleared at 295 southbound in mercer county but slow speeds south of route 1. and now a crash by the promenade in marlton at evesham road the right lane is blocked because of that accident and the crash on the a.c. expressway eastbound side near winslow where a couple
5:39 pm
of lanes are knocked out because of that accident. but better news in wilmington this week, no construction along 495, the construction restrictions return next week. back over to you. >> okay thank you sir. still ahead on "action news" an american college student sentenced to more than a decade in prison in north korea is granted early release but the news is not all good for this young man. >> and one the of the world's highest paid soccer stars facing questions in his home country. and we are at 95 and a cold front is coming in from the north and west to bring us relief. we have the accuweather forecast. and the start of eagles mini camp. ducis rogers has the hot details including a live report from jeff skversky.
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on top of great bonus buys. even better, this week only, sign up for an online account for a free 16 oz. package of strawberries. an american college student that is held at a prisoner in north korea for 17 months has now been freed but his parents say he is in a coma. they say their son 22-year-old hot oh warmbear is in a coma
5:43 pm
since march and learnd this disturbing news a week ago. he was detained at an airport last january after being accused of trying to steal a political banner at his hotel. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after a trial lasting just one hour. it was the last time he was seen publically he is expected to arrive home tonight. rolling stone magazine and the university of virginia fraternity agreed to a $1.6 million settlement over a debunked story of a rape on campus. the fraternity sought $25 million and are glad to put the ordeal behind them. it was about a woman named jackie that claimed she was grang gang raped at a party.
5:44 pm
one of the world's highest paid sported stars is being accused of tax evasion in spain. prosecutors say that 32-year-old christiana ronaldo used a business structure to hide his revenue from officials. and accused of not paying $16 million in taxes over a four year period and named world soccer player of the year four times since 2008. and breaking news now from bucks county. where problems have marred a graduation ceremony at the central bucks high school ceremony at warrington road. here is what we know. three people are being treated by medical personnel after they were overcome by heat at the graduation this afternoon. you see multiple ambulances, six were called out. no serious health issues are report.
5:45 pm
heat has cover come people at the graduation and people are being treated at south bucks high school in warrington. all right time for sports and ducis rogers is here now and eagles mini camp is underway and you were not there? >> i was not there. heat was certainly a story at eagles camp today. there is nothing -- about eagles players on the field at the same time. they hoped their mandatory mini camp, part of their ultimate goal. jeff skversky is live with more. >> reporter: new eagles receiver jeffrey says he is here to compete for a championship and so is every guy in the room and this is where the hard work begins out here in the heat where it is very, very hot at eagles mini camp. lets take a look at day one of mini camp in the 90s this morning as the eagles are out on the practice field. carson wentz and the eagles trying to do everything they can
5:46 pm
to hydrate. they are throwing a curveball bright and early, team head quarters had a power outage and they had to drive to lincoln field for team work. and this was a crazy day one. >> it was smoking out there a lot of water being passed around and guys trying to fine the shade. there was none out there for sure. >> a veteran comes in and moves things around and this and that. >> have you to be ready to hit the curveball as a pro athlete things change they are not always the same. it's a exercise. >> it's like a game. stuff gets thrown at you and you have to be prepared for it. we did a great job. the practice was really great. >> pro ball left tackle jason peters here after missing offseason training and the
5:47 pm
absence was due to rest and because the eagles asked him to take a pay cut. we'll hear from him at 6:00. live from eagles headquarters in south philadelphia. jeff skversky. >> we'll talk to you then. phillies second base hernandez is out six weeks with an oblique injury and they traded rodriguez to texas for a player to be named later and the phils face red sox again in boston and a solo home run to ramirez and dust dust dustin pedroia drove in a home one. and the golden state warriors completed one of the most dominating runs we have ever seen. 16-1 in the playoffs. and lebron james did his part,
5:48 pm
scored 41 points and grab the 13 rebounds. and the warriors won 129-120 and their second nba title in the past three years. >> i just want to lay it all out there. i put in the work and i had to trust that we were really good tonight. you have to tip your hat to cleveland. they kept us up all night. lebron i never seen nothing like them two before. >> talk this would be the beginning of a dynasty, it very well could be. >> fun to watch. thank you. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have.
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medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. meteorologist adam joseph here now with the second heat wave of the year and we are officially in it. like the first one three days and a nice break coming in tonight and tomorrow. as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you see the front just to the north of the poconos and typically when are you about to bust a heat wave. you typically have a good line of storms coming through and not the case this go around and peppered to the north of the poconos here very hit or miss and they continue to drift to the south as we go through the evening hours. as we take a look at records
5:52 pm
across the area. record breaking in philadelphia and the high 96 degrees 1 degree of the record last set in 1956 and the record tying for allentown and the same thing for reading and a degree shy for wilmington and the atlantic city airport. even there it's not a record and blistering hot for this time of year, it feels like 95 in philadelphia and 97 in the lehigh valley. and reading and 100 degrees in dover and cape may 80 and we have the heat advisory in effect for the heart of the delaware valley until 7:00 tonight meaning take it easy if you will be outdoors for the next several hours. as we look to the north there is the front and no severe weather with it. as it drops through here there could be an isolated downpour or thunderstorm closer to the lehigh valley. but the front almost washes out coming through here with nothing
5:53 pm
more than a lot of cloud cover. warm and humid overnight and the isolated downpour in the far north western suburbs temperatures warm overnight, 68 in the suburbs, and center city and the wind shifts from the northeast and that punctures in the drier air into the middle of the week. a lot of clouds in the morning and in fact there will be with an isolated shower and sun returning in the afternoon a nice northeasterly wind and look at the numbers at the shore. low 70s inland locations and 81 in allentown and high pressure wedging the front will hold the front to the south and west for another day on thursday. that is the pick of the week and lots of sunshine and low humidity with a high temperature of 78 as the conference lifts to the north and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 83 with the scattered morning thundershower tomorrow giving way to afternoon sun it is bright and beautiful thursday
5:54 pm
and 78. and 76 on friday with a few showers as the front comes back to the north and that ushers in humid weather for the upcoming weekend and 84 on saturday with a scattered afternoon thunderstorm hot humid with the storm possible for father's day at 90 degrees and then numerous downpours and thunderstorms and unsettled on monday at 86 degrees and another front coming through to knock the humidity back out and turning sunny on tuesday with 85 degrees. >> thank you. as the extreme heat continues use the mobile app to stay informed for tips to staying cool to stormtracker 6 live double scan live, it's a free download for your mobile device. this is the story
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they announced library quest 2017 journey across delco, they are given a passport and invited to journey across the county to all 26 libraries be check out a book and get their passport stamped. >> i love it. jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by next at 6:00. we are awaiting a verdict in the bill cosby trial and we have the story covered from all angles from what the experts are gleaning from the jury deliberation. and brian taff is in washington, d.c. as attorney general, jeff sessions testifies on the russian investigation on capitol hill. coming up next. now for jaime apody, ducis rogers monica malpass and the entire "action news" team. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. bill cosby arrived here at the montgomery county courthouse this morning at the mercy of a jury of his peers. he still is. no verdict yet in the cosby sexual assault trial amid indications that this jury is working very hard to reach a decision. >> it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is building suspense here at the courthouse in norristown. "action news" reporters vernon odom and sara bloomquist are here waiting for a verdict and monitorling all developments.
6:00 pm
vernon lets begin with you, you have been at this trial all week. what should we be paying attention to right now jim, i pay attention to the nature of the juror's questions, how they seem to be framed and exactly what they want to know. they wanted the judge today to reread long portions of testimony one from a canadian detective, the first one to take andrea constand's complaints about the alleged sexual assault and one from bill cosby's deposition. >> bill cosby arrived without his wife this morning. today the jury spent nearly an hour listening to judge steven o'neil read back key testimony from a decade old testimony that constand gave in a civil suit against him. it was the night that she says the sho


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