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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  June 24, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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keith is a proud papa. >> the excitement and to be part of the original six team in canada, we couldn't be happier for sure. >> keith says he's an emotional wreck today. speaking of goalies, still to come in sports, trying to save an early lead in chester. highlights coming up next. nolla
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>> this union season has provided anything but fireworks. union went winless the first two months and are back trying to ignite a win on fireworks. union on "6abc," scoreless, 31st minute. you know where it's going. union on the board. how about goalie andre blake, protecting the lead late second half. how about this on the penalty kick. blake unreal on the save.
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dc united coming up again. union hang on to win, 1-0 first win in five weeks. dacause for a kel celebration. >> fans on the road in cleveland. stan throws six touchdowns, perfect 10-0, 17 straight games dating back to last year's championship run. the way they are playing the team won't win again. >> keep it coming. "action news" will be right back.
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>> saturday night, here's what's happening. s the description now, a woman in her 30s, slain in horrific fashion, stabbed all over her body. police are desperately trying to find her killer.
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>> two suspects in a standoff with police ended in a murder-suicide. >> first tonight, the aftermath, remnants of tropica tropical stm cindy. this is how it looks as the storm arrived in philadelphia with ominous clouds turning to torrential downpours. "action news" reporter was out speaking with the storm victims in collingswood. >> the whole block looked like a war doa zone. >> it became louder and we said get out of the house. as we approached hallway, we heard a loud crackle crunch. >> that sound was this tree
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crashing into the bedroom on stokes avenue in collingwood. >> the beam is down. water's just rushing in. >> the van meters say they feel lucky they didn't get hurt as do many dealing with trees and downed power lines after the storm swept through. the winds were so powerful it uprooted the tree. it sent the tree crashing into the back of the home damaging their back porch, crushing their deck. >> i heard a big boom. my husband, who was up yelled, get downstairs. we ran down and saw the tree through the windows where there wasn't a tree before. >> the quick moving storm hit hard in small pockets of the borough. neighbors say it's a morning
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they won't soon forget. >> i thought, this is a tornado. my son sleeps in the attic bedroom, so i called for him to get downstairs because i was a afraid a tree might hit the house. >> i heard a large boom which i assumed could have been a number of trees down on our street. >> we have breaks news to get to now. a live look at sky 6, breaking news is concerning a flight, american airlines flight philadelphia to germany will land back at phl in 90 mchts. flight 750 left bound for frankford. the flight crew announced they were turning around due to an unspecified mechanical problem.
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the bus is carrying passengers and crew members. they'll be placed on another aircraft to resume their journey. philadelphia homicide detectives are looking into a murder mystery tonight. a 49-year-old man was shot once in the stomach in the park in city's kensington section. this happened around 1:20 this morning. there is no word on what sparked fatal shooting. camden county authorities are releasing deals about last night's murder in camden. they have identified the victim as alejandro brooks. police have not released a motivate and say no one is in custody so far. >> a motorcycle rider is dead after his bike collided with his car in newark delaware.
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the woman driving tells police she was trying to make a left when the crash occurred. the biker was pronounced dead at the scene. a nine-year-old is in the hospital after he was accidentally set on fire in the philadelphia cobbs creek section. the boy and his ten-year-old friend were playing with a lighter along the unit block of south red field lane. the ten-year-old set the nine-year-old's shirt on fire. >> it's a part of philadelphia's history. the move bombing is getting a place in history. there was a ceremony where the activist community lived until they were bombed in 1985. the marker is the result of two years worth of work by students
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at the jubilee school. a whale gave a couple of boaters quite a show off the coast. here's rob marciano. >> this incredible video making quite a splash for these boaters. you can see a massive hump back whale breaching, the encounter happening off of the new jersey coast. >> who would have thought? it was crazy. it was a wild experience. >> the unforgettable close encounter leaving the boaters awe struck but not at a losses for words. >> it pulls up and taps the side of the hull. i'm standing here like this filming it. >> a hump back whale on average weighs 40-tons. >> i was like this better be recording. i look over tick tick, numbers going up.
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got 'em. >> one thing is very clear. these boaters will have a whale of a tale to remember. that was rob marciano reporting. across the pond to the u.k. where there is an attack on parliament. all access to the e-mail server has been blocked to prevent further attempts. investigators are trying to figure out who is responsible. a man was gunned down in front of dozens of people. police are hoping someone will come forward to help them solve the case. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> just before 2:00 a.m. sunday august 7th, a couple of dozen people were gathered along isessington avenue in southeast
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philadelphia. >> they have drag races from time to time near the airport. >> 30-year-old was taking part. >> a ring of gunfire broke out. >> he is hit and found at a nearby gas station propped on his motorcycle. >> multiple gunshots, head, torso, pronounced dead at the scene. >> he was believed to be the target. >> the 20 shots strike the individual, not all of them, but no one else is hurt. >> $20,000 reward money is offered for those responsible. >> there is $20,000 waiting for you. call our tip line. remain anonymous. come down and collect the reward. >> 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. for crime fighter, i'm rick williams, channel6 "action
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news." >> still to come on "action news," a canine competition as the least photo genetic pup vies for the title of ugliest dog. >> plus, billie joel didn't graduate on time, but he's welcomed back with open arms. >> melissa? >> we are starting to clear out. satellite six showing mostly clear skies with lower humidity. details coming up
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>> ugly was the winning trait at this competition.
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more than a dozen pooches were in the petition. a 125-pound mas tiff named marla took home the trophy. despite what the judges say, there are those in the studio that think she's cute. >> the piano man returned to high school this morning. billie joel game the commencement speech at his alma mater. he was supposed to graduate in 1967 but didn't because he had a habit of skipping english class. he got his diploma in 1992. they welcomed him back. melissa, rough start to the day. great ending, a nice one going forward. >> the humidity stays low sunday.
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something to look forward to tomorrow. storm tracker 6, spotty showers to the south and east of reading and east of lancaster. this fizzles out. nothing like earlier today with the severe showers and storms that triggered the microburst in burlington county. we are at penn's landing, summerfest kicked off yesterday. it's going strong tonight. it's comfortable if you are outside, we have mostly clear skies. earlier, it was active across the region. springfield township with that a severe line moving through. an air conditioning unit off the roof. princeton junction, 3.25-inches of rain. power poles were knocked down. gloucester city, camden county,
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treetrees knocked on to a house. 67 from millville, upper 60s, cape may. satellite 6 along with satellite and radar, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. the northwest suburb, fizzling out tonight. things dry out as far as the atmosphere is concerned. for the next 12 hours, mostly clear. we bottom out at 60 in the suburb, 58 in philadelphia with northwesterly winds. tomorrow morning, you have mostly clear sky, lots of sunshine at 8:00 a.m. nothing to complain about. for the afternoon hour, instability showers likely north of philadelphia, spotty showers in allentown, something firing up in the poconos. it's a dry day and humidity
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sundays low as well. 84 for the high. sunshine and clouds, comfortable, 83 allentown, 80 cape may. dewpoint numbers as you wake up tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the lower 50s. a comfortable air mass over head. 50s for the afternoon. here's the accuweather forecast. sunny with low humidity. sunshine and clouds monday at 81 with isolated showers possible. stray showers tuesday, 77. 81 wednesday, cranking up the heat thursday, friday and next weekend the start of july 1st, sharrie. >> right around the corner. >> melissa, thank you. >> it would have been hard not to find your groove today out i.
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you can't dance if you wanted to. there were things to eat and drink and games to play as well. >> the city of havertown hosted its first irish festival. the day long festival included shopping, food, along with traditional and modern irish music.
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>> jeff skversky here with sports. we are rooting for the phillies to pull a "w." >> quality baseball hard to find around here. ben lively trying to be the first starter in 74 years to
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start his career with five quality starts in arizona. it's "star wars" night but the force not on the phillies side here. lively with the bases loaded down on strike. next time up in the fourth, how about this for redemption, lively making up for it with a homer, two run shot, one run lead, doesn't last long. tieing it in the fourth and fifth. rbi single, lively is pulled in the sixth inning, doesn't make the quality start performance, phillies down 4-2 in the six. >> high school baseball, carpenter game between jersey shore and delaware north. jersey shore wins 7-2. it is their second carpenter cup title in four years. >> flyers general manager ron
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hextall says they are not in a rebuilding mode. hextall adds a ton of offence in the draft including a giant left winger in the second round. today the flyers selecting isaac raradcliff. they traded three draft picks, a big investment for this big force. it's an unbelievable feeling. the process has been awesome. >> people think about our philosophy. we don't want to hold players back when they are ready to take the next step. in saying that, we feel we have young players not ready to close. >> the union has been jekyll and
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hyde, they are back down in the dumps trying to kick it intoar gear. scoreless 31st minute. union on the board. goalie andre blake protects it late second half, save on the penalty kick. union hang on to win 1-0. it's the first win in five weeks. hopefully, they can keep this going and get momentum back in their corner. >> let's see if they can do it. castle is next on channel6. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. now for jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sharrie williams. have a great night. ♪ ♪
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