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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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delaware falls from a rise next on action news. ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa mcgee. jeff skversky. sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a massive fire in wildwood crest, cape may county, sends thick black smoke into the sky this afternoon.
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the intense flames quickly jumped from one house to another, turning this blaze into a three alarm fire. sunday night, the big news is the investigation into what started that large fire at the jersey shore. >> tonight officials say at least two homes are a complete loss. but the good news is nobody was hurt. >> christie ileto join us live from the scene with details. christie. >> reporter: well, walter, even at this hour people are still stopping by to marvel at what's left of the homes at the center of this three alarm fire. two of them are a total loss. one has extensive exterior damage. but everyone out here agrees that this could have ended so much worse. >> i heard an explosion. i came out. and then all of a sudden there was flames and fire coming out of the side that have one house. >> reporter: fire crews say what brandon vaughn heard were air-conditioning units and a propane unit bursting into flames. >> started at the one house and
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spread to the others. >> in between the two houses, flames just bursting up. >> we felt the heat here like it was like you you thought it was on top of us. >> reporter: claudia garcia is two doors down from a three alarm fire. she said her neighbor was at the beach and returned to find her home engulfed in flames. >> she lives her year round too. it's terrible. she is beside herself. >> reporter: it took two hours for fire crews to tame the blaze that from overhead could be seen filling the 7100 block of park boulevard. the fire so extensive it could be seen for miles offshore. of the residents home at the time, everyone got out safely. >> two residents came out. retreated next door, and one woman in there, got her out. >> reporter: it's not clear where the fire started, but investigators are focused on an area in between two of the three impacted homes that are now a
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total loss. emergency crews say it's a miracle this didn't end worse. >> so that was a blessing that nobody got hurt. awful. >> reporter: and as you heard, one of those residents lived here full-time. this isn't just a vacation home for her. again, there were no injuries and the cause is under investigation. live in wildwood crest, christie ileto, channel 6 action news. thank you. the front half of a car ended up inside a north philadelphia building tonight. this was the scene around 6:00 near the intersection of 13 and masters streets. police sate driver was making a turn and clipped another car. the impact sent the vehicle off the road into a light post, through a fence, and then came to a rest in that building. the 75-year-old driver was treated for minor injuries. >> a man was badly injured today during a shooting inside a bar in southwest philadelphia. eddies cafe on the 6500 block of
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dick's avenue before 6:00. they found the 24-year-old victim was shot in the chest. he was taken to penn hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests made. police in camden county identified the woman shot to death in her home in winslow township. investigators say 45-year-old deanna marie scordo was shot repeatly this morning at about 4:00. she was pronounced dead at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. investigators, including k-9 units, scouring the scene for evidence. authorities investigating the house fire that claimed the life of a young boy early this morning. the flames broke outovernight. rushing to the scene. annie mccormack has the details. >> reporter: investigators say that the fire appears to be a tragic accident. when crews arrived they say that the fire was already fully involved and it was too late for the young victim.
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fire crews responded just after 5:30 this morning to this house at the corner of ellis woods road and buck water road. according to pennsylvania state police, fire fighters found a young boy inside the house and pronounced him dead at the scene. friends say he was 9 years old. family members believe he was asleep in his bedroom. his father tried to save him, but the fire was so intense. investigators believe the fire was accidental and began in the kitchen. teddy teddy bears with a sympathy note at the end of the driveway this afternoon. >> it is very sad. like i said, it is a quiet community. not a lot happens here. >> reporter: neighbors curtis and his sister visited the scene with the family today hoping to express their sympathy. he is friends with the victim's sister and expects to see the community rally around the family. >> i think there's definitely a lot of helpful people that will help out the family, even if it's just a small amount of family. hing. >> reporter: the father suffered minor injuries. the family is being taken care
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of by the red cross, not only with food and lodging, but also with counseling. reporting in east covington township, annie mccormack. channel 6 action news. yeah, but that's obvious. >> on the grounds of dobbins high school. the 34-year-old woman was found by a passer by about 3:00 yesterday morning. detectives believe she was a resident of the neighborhood. they hope nearby surveillance cameras provide close. >> crews cleaning up from yesterday's powerful storms. one of the hardest hit areas had had high winds with trees crashing into houses and power lines. removing the trees using chain saws and heavy machinery. power crews were on the scene getting the power lines off of the road. the latest from accuweather. those powerful storms are long gone and today has been warm and sunny. and looks like more of the same for the start of the workweek. the details from meteorologist melissa mcgee.
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melissa. >> yes, sarah, a nice recovery today after the severe showers and storms picked up yesterday across the delaware and lehigh valleys yesterday morning. quiet today and plenty of sunshine and low humidity. and comfortable outside. 77 in the city, 70 in reading. 67 in lancaster. 68 degrees in allentown. down in cape may, 66. dover coming in at 73. dew point numbers tell the story right now. yesterday morning when we were tracking that line of severe showers and storms, dew point numbers in the 70s. so very oppressive. right now it is comfortable. any time you have numbers at 60 or below, we have autodry air mass overhead. 52 degree dew point in lancaster. dry. the only place we might find a little bit of moisture is at the immediate coastline. satellite 6 with action radar. no issues with precipitation. but tracking this upper level low. disturbed weather across the great lakes and canada. this will start to break off and move our way into tomorrow afternoon.
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showing you ample sunshine to start the day. 68 at 8 a.m. 74 at 11 a.m. once into the afternoon hours, temperatures in the upper 70s. to the humidity stays low for the start of the week. a stray shower likely north and west. then tracking the return of heat later this week, details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. a local youth football team left wondering if there will be a football season this year after a heartless robbery. the chester township cougars are still working to clean up the mess after thieves got into their field house this past thursday. one of the coaches tells action news they busted windows and ransacked the shed, taking everything from helmets and shoulder pads to trophies and tackling dummies. he says much of the stolen equipment was for players who can't afford to buy their own. the team is hoping donations will help them replace the thousands and thousands of dollars worth of items taken. a mentally challenged philadelphia man the victim of a vicious attack caught on tape is
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now being hailed as a hero. bob brooks has this story from the philadelphia museum of art. >> reporter: he had no idea he would be honored this morning. mark smith was met at the rocky statue with a standing ovation. >> we would like to promote you and honor you with our teach anti-bullying medal. >> reporter: awarded the medal from the nonprofit, teach anti-bull writing inc. he was waiting for a bus in germantown and sucker punched in the face. but today it's about celebrating his ability to move on. and for the fight against bullying to continue. teach anti-bullying founder, dr. claude owe. >> bring a smile back to his face. very deserving and courageous. >> he also got a t-shirt and an autographed picture of steph curry. >> the support, everybody is reaching out and showing him it's okay to move on with your life. >> reporter: that's his caretaker. her message to bullies is simple. stop. >> i pray for the kids that they
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get themselves together. >> reporter: the doctor adds the reason he chose this location for the ceremony, rocky and smith now have too much in common. >> i picked this spot because it symbolizes the true champions of philadelphia and one of hollywood's greatest champions, sylvester stallone, rocky was filmed here running you were the steps. mark is a true champion and has the rocky-type behavior. >> reporter: did we mention it was his birthday yesterday? ♪ happy birthday dear mark >> reporter: it was his 40th birthday and the youth who is punched him have been arrested. >> much more come. a delaware teenager falls off a ride. hear from witnesses >> also, truly frightening moments in the sky for these airline passengers after the plane shakes, not due to turbulence. and walter, clear and quiet for the rest of tonight. perhaps a few stray showers move
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our way as we get into monday afternoon. we'll take a closer look at the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> all right. and the phillys cut ties with two veteran players. jeff skversky has details in sports when action news continues.
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a teenage girl who fell from an amusement park ride is expected to be okay thanks to heroic strangers. it was at six flags great escape near albany, new york. the 14-year-old from delaware was dangling from the sky ride moments after it a came to a stop. the man prompted to catch her. with a little help, he did. >> she did get caught. she would have been in a body cast. broken bones or worse. >> and that man actually injured himself in the process. the incident is now being investigated to determine how the girl slipped from her seat. park officials say the ride and the seat were in good working order. >> now to a scare in the air on
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a flight from australia to kuala lumpur. passengers say what they heard from the cockpit made is even worse. >> for everything, our survival depends on your cooperating fully. everything will turn out for the best. >> dramatic video shows the plane violently shaking in the sky. one witness says the cabin was shuttering like a washing machine. the making started just 90 minutes into the six-hour flight, forcing the pilot to turn around and make an emergency landing. >> lots of people crying, lots of people pulling out their life jackets and pretty much preparing like we thought there was a good chance that we were going to go down. >> the pilot was able to land the plane safely back in perth. no one was hurt. tonight the airline, air asia, is investigating what caused the shaking. a nurse in california arraigned after she was seen on a nanny cam allegedly abusing
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the child she was hired to care for. the video is disturbing. the child's parents logged into a live feed from their camera and found this. the nurse allegedly abusing their 2-year-old son who has special needs. >> there were at least 30 pinches, 30 hits, her being rough and throwing him in his seat. unbelievable. >> the mom said they couldn't get back home fast enough, so called police. in addition to being fired on the spot, the care give was arrested and fired and formally reported to the state board of nurses. >> still to come, takata filed for bankruptcy. and a heat wave with wildfires. >> and melissa mcgee with your exclusive accuweather seven day forecast when action news continues. ♪
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the republican health care plan continues to be the central focus of the white house and
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federal lawmakers. president trump spent the weekend calling for the support of all senate republicans, but he still doesn't have it. some say the plan cuts too deeply into medicaid. the administration doesn't see it that way and not one democrat supports the measure. if the vote is in the senate this week, it may not pass. the supreme court is expected to decide within case whether the trump administration can enforce a ban on visitors to the u.s. from six mostly muslim countries. it's been tied up in the court since the january order sparked widespread protests. it is at the supreme court because two federal appellate courts ruled against the travel ban. imposing a 90-day ban from somalia, syria, yemen and others. an unrelented can deadly heat wave in the western u.s. has triggered two dozen wildfires.
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a brush fire near los angeles hassen scorched 100 acres and still expanding. in utah, a wildfire torched 60 square miles and forcing people from their homes. and in arizona, raging wildfires there have prompted a state of emergency declaration. >> we are dealing with unprecedented fire behavior. >> let people to know to be ready and to get out. >> the sweltering conditions from the heat wave are also being blamed for at least four death this is weekend, including two toddlers. one was found dead inside his father's car in houston, texas. and in some spots, including phoenix, excessive heat is in the eighth day. back here, a nice end to the weekend >> reallied did. that line of severe showers and storms on start saturday. low humidity today and trending tomorrow. six live double scan radar. you can see it's dry. it is quiet. no issues with precipitation.
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outside we go. sky 6 live in hd. at penn's landing and some folks mulling around. we have a mostly clear sky. really dry and quiet conditions. it's all because of the drop in humidity. the high today in philadelphia, 86 degrees. so 1 degree above what we normally should be for the time of the year. 77 in the city. 71 in wilmington. up in allentown, 68, cape may, also upper 60s. dover, 73. lancaster, lower 70s. dew point, really comfortable. dry air mass overhead. dipping down into the upper 40s, no issues with low level moisture. the only place to find residual moisture is right at the immediate coast. but that's to be expected because you have the moisture coming in off of the atlantic. you have the influence of the ocean water. but to the north and west, dry and pleasant. comfortable at this hour. satellite 6 along with action radar. mostly clear and quiet.
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the unsettled weather moving across the upper great lakes and into canada. some of the moisture starts to fall apart and dips down to the south and east. a few showers that clip our northwest suburbs tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. the next 12 hours, lots of stars. mostly clear. not a bad night. 56 to the north and west for the overnight low. 64 in philadelphia with the northwestern wind, 7-14 miles per hour. throughout the day on monday, plenty of sunshine. pleasant afternoon. high temperature in at sill. slightly below average, but nice. 81 in wilmington, 82 in dover. no complaints at the board walk tomorrow. a high temperature of 78. as well in allentown. throughout the day, 6:00 in the morning, mostly clear, dry and quiet. but as the day wears on, tracking that disturbance off to the north and west. so this model showing you 8:30 tomorrow night, a couple of spotty showers. but they're mainly well north and west of philadelphia. primarily confined to the
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poconos and points to the north and west. all in all stay dry. and the humidity stays in check as well. the morning rush shows a clear sky. a nice start to the day. 6 a.m., number coming in at 60. 8:00 tomorrow morning, 66. here's the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the humidity stays low, a high in at 81. stray showers likely well north and west north of the poconos. tuesday, mostly sunny, instabilities overhead. can't rule out a thunderstorm. cool for june, high of 77. the humidity stays low on wednesday. 81. and cranking up the heat by thursday. 90 for a high. on friday, hot and turning more humid. a high of 93. next saturday, hot with a thunderstorm possible. in at 91. that's the first day of july. the second day of july on sunday in at 88 degrees. >> let's not rush this too much. >> it's going to have to go. >> tuesday sounds amazing. >> got to move forward. never back >> that's true, melissa. thank you. you can find the seven day
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forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 double scan radar any time of the day or night on our website. >> british authorities announced the list of high rise apartment buildings that failed fire safety tests now stands at 60. they are located in 25 regions across the country. the announcement comes as samples of exterior panels fitted to high rise apartments are tested to see if they're similar to the london tower that was destroyed by fire that killed at least 79 people two weeks ago. prince harry said at one point he wanted out of the british royal family. in a recent interview the prince says the time he spent in the army was the best escape he ever had and even thought about abdicating his title. harry is fifth in line to the throne. the comments followed an interview published in newsweek in which the prince said he doubted anyone in the royal family wants to be king or queen.
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japanese air bag maker takata filed for bankruptcy in the u.s. and tokyo. company officials say most of takata's assets will be sold to key safety systems for $1.6 billion. takata could not withstand hefty lawsuit settlements and penalties for making faulty air bag inflaters. they can explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel into people. at least 16 killed worldwide. a spacex rocket successfully lifted off from california today. the rocket is carrying ten more satellites for a company that has a goal to eliminate black zones where commercial airplanes cannot be tracked. by providing global real-time surveillance of all flights. meaning missing planes like the malaysian airlines flight could be a thing of the past. action news, jeff skversky has sports, including highlights
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from the matchup against arizona. that and much more when action news comes right back.
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there was a whole lot of ice cream today in wilmington, delaware. the action cam on the scene at the new castle county ice cream festival this afternoon in rockwood park. hundreds of people enjoyed a wide variety of flavors and other frozen treats. and live music and activities for children and adults. >> jeff here with sports and the phillies trying to get it together. >> lots of mental mistakes too. that is a big issue for the phillys and frustrating to watch. the philly were start -- the worst start continuing. they are pointing at michael sonders and gomez. phillies fans hot in arizona. 114 degrees. franco, falls asleep and picked off at second. no one team has been picked off more. wake up, guys. kendrick pinch hitting after


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