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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., monday, june 26. matt is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> we're following several breaking stories this morning. philadelphia police officers jump out of the way as a driver barrels toward them running over police bikes. a woman is accused of -- >> the first juror in the bill cosby case breaks his silence about deliberations and the deadlock. >> first up, let's go over to karen rogers and david murphy taking a look at accuweather and traffic good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody out on the terrace, a few clouds around lots of sun and blue sky, as you look at
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satellite you reinforce that idea. low humidity sunglasses required, there's cloud cover on the other side of the great lakes that might try to sweep through in the evening hours and bring us a shower. generally speaking it looks like a nice day buildings. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in wilmington, 56 in the poconos. just 66 over in beach haven. 64 in dover. 73 in cape may. some of our reporting stations not reporting this morning, but you're getting the idea and dewpoints right now are slipping we're down in the 50s and even the 40s in spots and that means very comfortable air with low humidity. here's how it will go, 67 degrees by 7:00. new jersey, 78. 3:00 p.m., 81 degrees that's the high today under the sun with low humidity. 80 degrees by 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 78 degrees maybe a couple of more clouds and up north perhaps a spotty shower. when i step inside the low humidity pattern continues over the next several days. there's a chance here and there of rain, i'll detail all that in
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the seven day. karen, what you got on the roads? >> reporter: i got a dry sunny commute and looking good. on the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia moving nicely with no problems on the schuylkill expressway. we have an accident that's new here in lower gwynedd that popped up at dekalb pike at hancock road. it's partially block the roads, you will need to give yourself time there. norristown we have a single-vehicle accident and somebody ran into a parked car and flipped over. crazy we're having accidents like this and in both cases on dry roads, some of you driving too fast in norristown. vine street expressway, westbound, eastbound moving just fine. let's hospital into new jersey, it will be busy later with people coming back from the shore, no delays on this nice, sunny monday. tam and jennette. >> breaking overnight, philadelphia police officers on
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bicycles were processing a scene when a driver came speeding right at them. the officers jumped out of the way as the vehicle drove over their bikes and kept going, katherine scott is live at the scene in juniata park with the very latest, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police are looking for a black nissan ultima with tinted windows. it narrowly missed officers. it actually was gunning for the officers thankful think there was no serious injuries. the road opened back up, this is where it happened erie by "i "in juniata park. the bikes were bent and damaged at 2:00 a.m. police were on the scene for a carjacking. they stopped the chrysler made an arrest and recovered a gun.
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the officers had the car involved in the carjacking surrounded when a black nissan sped toward them going 60 miles per hour. the officer also jumped off -- officers jumped out of the way, and it drove over the bikes and between the police vehicle that had their lights on. police are looking for surveillance footage. detectives from east detectives may find clues and solve ability on the vehicle that sped away nissan ultima with tinted windows, as well as operator. >> reporter: police have not found the driver, but if you have any tips they want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> breakfasting, philadelphia police believe a jealous ex-boyfriend ambushed a man outside a home in the northeast. it happened before midnight on
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harrison street. the man was leaving his girlfriend's house when her ex-boyfriend came out of nowhere and opened fire. the ex fled the scene in a white bmw. the victim is in stable condition. a man was shot and killed in west philadelphia around 10:00 p.m. at arch street. a 31-year-old pan was shot in the back. he was -- 31-year-old man was shot in the back. authorities are trying to figure out who shot him and why. a fire broke out early sunday morning along the unit block of buck didwalter road int coventry township. witnesses say the boy's father tried to save him, but the fire was too intense. neighbors came to the scene
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leaving teddy bears and sympathy notes. >> this is a very quiet community and not a lot happens here. >> the name of the victim has not been released. investigators believe the fire was accidental and began in the kitchen. new this morning, the university of delaware has cut ties with a professor who came under fire for a recent facebook post. the university has severed it's connections with katherine dettwyler. she wrote about the late otto warmbier saying the american who died last week over a year in captivity in north korea got scabbingly what -- exactly whate deserved saying his parents were to blame for him for thinking he could getaway with whatever he wanted. >> turning to business, takata has filed for where you want protection, maribel aber is live
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at the nasdaq with more own anyone affected by the massive recall. >> good morning, jennette, the auto parts maker was brought down by the defect in the air bags. it was linked to 16 debts when when -- deaths. stock were little changed as the major indexes ended mix. looks like future are poipght to a higher -- futures are pointing to a higher open. consumer confidence and gdp is due out this week. millennials are dining out or getting takeout five times a week because many don't have families yet and tend to spend more outside of the house.
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art of cooking is lost, i think tam's husband has a school with the millennial. >> trust me he is very old school they don't with an -- want him. his classes are called adulting. >> reporter: disagree i don't think the art of cook is lost, people are getting paid to do it. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry this morning, there's no rain, as we look outside, a gorgeous morning get your sunglasses ready as we head toward the commodore barry bridge. it's bright this morning everywhere across the region. temperatures are not reporting everywhere, we'll give you a decent idea of what's going on. 64 degrees in philadelphia. allentown i can tell you is closer to 60 degrees, as is millville and mid 60s in wilmington and trenton. 64 in dover. cape may is one of the warmer spots 73 degrees. dewpoints are very low this morning so it does not feel
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humid at all. satellite shows you the cloud cover or lack of it. there's more of it coming in on the northern side of the great lakes. later we'll see clouds popping through in particular the northern suburbs where we could see an evening shower and we could see something popping through philadelphia in the way of a light shower. in the lehigh valley sunny and comfortable this afternoon. 78 degrees. le down the shore, lots of sunshine, comfortable on the beach with a high of 78. still kind of cool in the ocean water. mostly sunny and pretty nice, though. mostly sunny and pleasant in philadelphia. 81 degrees is the forecast high, winds out of the west at 8 to 16 miles per hour buildings aiblghtsdz -- a little bit during the afternoon hours, you might not feel a breezes this morning, but you will this afternoon it will be pleasant. overnight tonight a shower can't be ruled out in the northern suburbs and later in philadelphia. we're looking at clearing and cool conditions 60s in
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philadelphia. the suburbs in the 50s. in terms of rain you can see it's fairly clear, later tonight a passing shower possible in the poconos or the lehigh valley and later in the overnight hours a shower around philadelphia not out of the question. by tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. you can see clouds and sun. tomorrow afternoon a better chance of a shower or isolated, gusty thunderstorm beginning to move flue parts of the region. looks like we dry out and clear out later tomorrow night. the exclusive accuweather forecast, today's high, 81. comfortable today like yesterday. a late spotty shower can't be ruled out him not as warm tomorrow, 77. mix of clouds and sun, pop up afternoon shower or thunderstorm. you want to take cover from a storm. wednesday back to beautiful, comfortable conditions high of 81. much like today low humidity and breezy and warmer on thursday, 88. hot and humid air comes back on friday with a stray thunderstorm, high of 90 there.
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91 to start out the weekend on saturday, hot animal -- hot and humid and sunday another stray storm. >> the first juror is speaking out about the bill cosby mistrial. a sky high scare a delaware teen dangles from the ride. hear from the brave stranger who helped break her fall. changes could be coming to your facebook feed, you'll have more to catch up on than just your family and friends. >> reporter: building volume southbound at girard, you'll see sunshine out there, watch for sun glare in parts of the area. i'll check the travel times for all the majors coming up. >> welcome back.
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take a look at the beautiful sight. looking at the center city skyline via sky6 live hd. shaping up to be a beautiful day outside, 6:14 a.m., cool, 64 degrees. let's go over to karen rogers. that looks like a pretty good stretch of commute there. >> reporter: i have to say it's looking good in a lot of spots, not everywhere. summertime volume we have often time on the majors, easy travel until you hit an accident. no accidents in malvern, 202 approaching 29. light volume lots of sunshine and dry roads. we have an accident blocking the road here in lower gwynedd township dekalb pike at hancock road. that accident causing a little bit of a problem. in norristown we have an
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overturned vehicle that slammed into a parked car and flipped over at lafayette at hamilton street. some restrictions in that area. no problems on the ben franklin bridge that's the westbound traffic a little volume coming into the city, bright beautiful sunshine. all the area bridges are looking good. the travel time showing the green traffic flow on every highway. looking good. light volume. let's check the temperatures as you head out the door. 53 in quakertown and pottstown. low dewpoints meaning no humidity. 61 malvern. feels refreshing. 59 in media. 64 in center city. 58 in browns mills. 67 in glassboro, new jersey. heading up to a bright and beautiful 81. mostly sunny skies and low humidity, a little bit of a breeze, can't beat this day, tam. >> sounds like a great day. heroic strangers helped a 14-year-old girl from greenwood delaware when she almost fell
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from a ride at amusement park near albany new york. the teenager was dangling from the sky ride moments after it came to a stop. man walking by joined in with the crowd promising to catch the girl from a 25-foot drop. with a little help he made the save. >> if she was not caught she would be in a body cast broken bones or worst. >> the rescuers injured himself in the process. the incident is being investigated to see how the girl slipped out of her seat. 6:16 a.m., a nurse in california has been arrested after she was scene on a nanny cam allegedly abusing a child she was hired to care for. we should warn you the video is disturbing. the child's parents logged into a live feed and found this the nurse abusing their 2-year-old
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son who has special needs. >> there were 30 pinches and 30 hits smacks on the head and her being rough and throwing him in the seat. >> the mother said she couldn't get home fast enough, in addition to being fired on the spot she was arrested and formally reported to the state board of nurses. >> new video on "action news" a driver appears to plow into a group of people in brazil. three people suffered minor injuries. the driver fled the scene. the skate boarders were celebrating world skate boarding day. a close call in california, young swimmers dodge an suv that dived into the pool. details ahead at 6:30. >> reporter: all right guys we're looking awarm day today, 81 degrees that's off the average high of 85 and off the record high of 100 degrees.
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him low humidity, comfortable. >> reporter: facebook getting into television. the company is talks to produce scripted shows, "wall street journal" would be willing to commit $3 million per episode. space x has completed a weekend double header, two successful launchers 48 hours a part that's the quick turn around. one in florida the other in california and both roghts landed success -- roghts landed successfully so they can be used again. facebook is working magic today because it's the 20th anniversary of first "harry potter" book. commenting on any of hear's name conjuring -- harry's name conjuring up digital magic. >> those are tech bytes.
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nurse ali gorman this is "action news" headlight tip. sunglasses are not just a cool fashion accessories they are a necessity for adults and kids. too much exposure to the uv rays leads to cataracts and damages the skin around the eyes him wear sunglasses that have 100% of uv protection and wrap around to block out the harmful rays. >> good to remember. >> reporter: i have great difficulty getting my kids to wear sunglasses. i don't know why. they don't listen to anything i say. let's get outside and check the blue route southbound
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approaching the schuylkill expressway. we had a disabled vehicle that cleared a second ago. good shot of the roads. all the majors like this. in lower gwynedd we had an accident that cleared dekalb pike. mass transit we have delays with the chestnut west line that's a problem spot this morning. >> reporter: all right, karen, we have temperatures coming in from some are our reporting stations there's a computer glitch that's not allowing the weather service to report. 64 in dover. allentown before the numbers went out, it was in the upper 50s. cape may is the warm spot, 73. dewpoints are low. 67 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 78. 3:00 p.m., 81 degrees that's the high today with lots of sun and low humidity it's a great comfortable day ahead. jennette there's a slight chance of a spotty shower later tonight. >> to an abc exclusive, one of
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the jurors in the bill cosby case is speaking out about what happened behind closed doors and why all the days of deliberations ended in a mistrial. >> reporter: why deliberate for so long. >> you don't want to quit right away, if you quit just like that, he could be getting away with something. you want to be sure whether he is guilty or not guilty. >> you will hear the full interview with lindsey davis on "g.m.a." after "action news." >> katherine scott is following breaking news involving philadelphia police. that's right, jennette, a speeding car came barreling through a crime scene narrowly missing several police officers. that's coming up at 6:30.
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before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra. winning streak for the best hip hop female artist came to an end last night. her nemesis won. she was sentenced to prison for shooting a former friend. she was released in 2014, she came roaring back. in her acceptance speech at the
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the -- she talked about second chances. >> for those who don't think there's second chances that's a lie. work hard and best to the correction facility, everybody on parol, it's hard, but you can do it, you can get second chances make mistakes and come back. >> the award show featured 90s r&b favorite escape and new edition earned the lifetime achievement award and received a lengthy tribute in a show stopping performance. beyounce and chance the rapper. breaking now, the search is on for the driver who tried to run over police. >> later a midair scare a woman tries to open an emergency exit in the middle of a flight.
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>> breaking now on "action news," philadelphia police officers were nearly struck by a hit-and-run driver who caused a lot of damage. we're live at the scene. breaking overnight, three people are standing on a street corner when a gunman singles out one man killing him from pointblank range. a beach house blaze jumps from one property to another, the thick smoke and flames could be seen for miles offshore. good morning, 6:30, monday, june 26. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is joining us. >> let's take a look at weather and traffic. good morning, david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: bright sunshine building across the region and best of all, low humidity. let's start you with satellite. there's not much cloud cover locally or much coming in from the west either. later in the evening hours, spotty showers possible and cloud cover, but not during the
6:31 am
day. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 64 in dover. while some of the northern and western communities are not reporting this morning, i can tell you we have been in the upper 50s and low 60s in places like allentown and reading. cool and comfortable. cape may, milder, 73. dewpoints are on the low side. cape may, 61 most of us in the 50s and the 40sen -- on the dewpoint scale that's not humid air. 67 by 7:00 a.m. 78 by noon, nice noontime temperature wore lunch on a park bench especially when you consider the low humidity. 4:00 p.m., 81 degrees, that's the high today. below average low humidity and a really nice one. 7:00 p.m., 78 degrees and spotty shower after 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. particularly in the northern suburbs and closer to philadelphia later tonight. when i step inside we'll look at
6:32 am
the seven day and looks like the low humidity pattern continues for a while, karen. >> reporter: all right, dave in the past few minutes we starting pointed to notice the jam on i-95 southbound bridge to girard. everybody is heading toward center city. a 23 minute ride is not too bad between woodhaven and the vine. one big accident in norristown, a single-vehicle accident slammed into a parked car and flipped over on lafayette street at hamilton street. watch for slow going there. on the big picture we can see blue route in good shape. schuylkill expressway getting slow 15 miles per hour approaching the boulevard to past belmont. you can see the slow speeds on i-95 18 miles per hour past cottman and near girard. let's head to i-95 delaware county sun soaked, but looking good, roads are dry, that's northbound traffic moving just fine heading toward the blue route with no problems, tam. this story breaking overnight, a hit-and-run driver
6:33 am
barreled through a crime scene striking philadelphia police officers and leaving damage in their wake. detectives believe this was intentional. katherine scott is live where this happened erie avenue and i-street in june at at that park. >> reporter: thankfully there were no serious injuries in all this. several police officers were nearly hit by a speeding vehicle at the intersection. you can see erie by i-street is opened back up, it was closed for two hours overnight for the police investigation. let's go to video. the driver just missed the officers, but mowed down police bikes early this morning. they were placed upright so police could survey the damage. they had bent tires and other damage to them. this happened at 2:30 a.m. police were on the scene making two arrests for a separate matter a carjacking. they stopped a chrysler at the intersection made the arrest and
6:34 am
recovered a gun. the officers had the chrysler involved in the carjacking surrounded when a speeding black nissan possibly an ultima came barreling toward them. they believe it was going 60 miles per hour. the officers jumped out of the way, but the driver slammed into three parked police bicycles driving over them and drove between the marked police and the chrysler. the driver sped away. >> the vehicle may have marks on it, recent scratch marks or dents, because it did strike at least three police bicycles throwing some of them causing some of the officers to jump out of the way and narrowly missing injury. >> reporter: so far police have not been able to track down that driver. they believe the vehicle is a black nissan possibly an ultima with tinted windows they say there could be new scratches or damage to the vehicle from
6:35 am
running over the police bicycles. they will be looking at surveillance footage in the vicinity to see if that could help in the investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> also breaking overnight, a man was gunned down right in front of his girlfriend and another friend. the 26-year-old victim and two witnesses were standing at the corner of d and allegheny streets in kensington. police say the gunman walked up to them, shotle -- the victim in the forehead and fled the scene. the motivated for the murder is unknown. a massive three-alarm fire at the shore this weekend has destroyed at least two homes in cape may county. you can see flames and thick black smoke pouring from the homes on the 7100 block of park boulevard in wildwood crest. the fire was so intensity quickly jumped from one house to the another. you can see the smoke from miles offshore. one resident said he heard and
6:36 am
explosion. >> i heard and explosion, i came out and all of a sudden there was like flames and fire coming out of the side of one house. it was a huge explosion. >> neighbor says the owner lives at the shore full time and at the beach. the cause is under investigation, but authorities are focused on the area in between two of the three impacted homes. new this morning, fire damaged three row homes in chester, delaware county. the flames were contained to one house on the 1,000 block of harrison street. the homes on either side have smoke and water damage. no one was hurt. victims are getting help from the red cross. >> the corruption trial continues today for philadelphia district attorney seth williams. deputy district attorney joe sullivan will testify. he will be asked questions about bucks county businessman
6:37 am
muhammad ali. williams maintain his innocence. president trump spent the weekend calling for the support of all senate republicans on the healthcare bill. some say the plan cuts too deep into medicaid. the administration does not see it that way. there is not democrat who sports the measure. if if the bill is put to a vote in the senate this week it may not pass. today is the last day before the supreme court summer recess. one of the final decision of the term could be the issue of president trump's travel ban. the issue happens tied up in the court since the original order sparked widespread protests. the case is at the supreme court because two federal appellate courts have ruled against the travel policy. it could impose travel bans iran will i be -- libya, somalia and
6:38 am
sedan and yemen. >> let's turn to david it looks and feels great out. there. >> reporter: feels great is the operative word. sky6 live hd showing we have plenty of sunshine popping up across the region right now and barely a cloud in sight as you look at center city on sky6 live hd. i don't think there's a single cloud out there in this picture. a couple of you have fair weather cumulus around, but not in this view. the dewpoint is down to 50. remember we have to be up to 60 to begin feeling humid. very comfortable. winds are north/northwest they are calm right now and the ocean temperature 63 degrees, a bit cool. satellite and radar shows you a lack of cloud cover not only here, but back to pittsburgh and ohio. some of the additional instability off to the north of us may try to pop through in the evening hours with spotty shower
6:39 am
and patchy clouds here or there. generally speaking the daytime looks dry and nice. the forecast 68 degrees by 8:00. 75 by 10:00. noon, 78 degrees, beautiful for a lunchtime park bench type affair, low humidity, warm enough for a cool drink. 3:00 p.m., 81 if you're out there doing landscaping or concrete work or something like that, unlike the recent past this monday is going to be a press nice day with low humidity. warm enough for drinks, water and all that stuff. , but again, please -- pretty nice with the low humidity. upper 70s in reading and lancaster today. low 80s philadelphia, wilmington dover and millville. down the shore, 78 up and down the boardwalks and cape may. the breeze will build in the afternoon, too. you might not feel that this morning, but this afternoon a bit of a breeze developing.
6:40 am
in terms of rain we're dry up until 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. the model shows a spotty shower popping through the poconos and the lehigh valley later tonight and overnight showers possible in philadelphia. tuesday morning we have a mix of clouds and sun and in the afternoon a better chance on tuesday of a pop-up shower or isolated gusty thunderstorm. this is the 1:00 p.m. view i'll advance it all the way up to 8:00. you can see some of that passing through the northern suburbs clipping philadelphia so a little chance of precipitation tomorrow. even tomorrow is overall fairly comfortable and nice. the 7 day from accuweather, comfortable today, 81 degrees, if you see a shower it's not until later tonight. tuesday, not as warm, 77 degrees, there's a chance of a spotty shower or perhaps a gusty thunderstorm particularly in the northern half of the region. wednesday beautiful and comfortable conditions, pretty much a repeat of today, 81 and lots of sun. breezy and warmer on thursday, 88.
6:41 am
thursday is when the humidity might tick upward just a bit. we get a high of 90 stray thunderstorm. hot and humid on saturday, 91 the high there. stray storm on sunday with the temperature, high temperature going back to the upper 80s. it's now 6:41 a.m. a dip in the pool that no one saw coming. details are coming in on this splash landing in california. >> a panicked passenger gets pulled from a plane what she did that could have put everyone else in danger. karen. >> reporter: a little bit of building volume on 422 eastbound as you head toward king of prussia looking live approaching oaks. we'll check the schuylkill expressway and hop into new jersey and see if there's any shore traffic yet when we come right back. >> welcome back, the view of
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6:44 am
cape may, karen rogers it's about that time to be thinking to going down there on the regular. looks beautiful. 6:44 a.m., 64 degrees, i was supposed to tell you the time and temperature i was too busy looking at cape may. >> reporter: ladies let's take the show on the road. we can do the show just as good from the shore. the roads are clear and dry, lots of sunshine basking down on the schuylkill expressway. no dissents we're seeing westbound traffic a little bit of building volume heading toward center city. no delay just yet in this area. as you head toward city avenue, you're jamming westbound. near south street looking good. one big accident in in norristo,
6:45 am
single-vehicle accident ran into a parked car and flipped over lafayette and hamilton street. it's been out there much of the morning. garden state parkway southbound between the great egg toll plaza ocean city construction blocking the right lane. it's causing problems and doing so today. 42, expect more volume coming back from the shore on 42 after such a nice day yesterday. a 16 minute ride a touch slow between the affirm c expressway and 295. -- ac expressway and 295. schuylkill expressway eastbound in good shape. westbound a touch slow because of the volume city to belmont and slowing people coming back from the shore on 42. nice and comfortable, low humidity, 52 in quakertown. 64 in center city. 58 in browns mills.
6:46 am
64 dover, delaware. heading up to a beautiful 81. enjoy it, tam. developing now, an suv crashed into an indoor motel swimming pool that was packed with children. this happened in l.a. last night the youngsters between the ages of 6 and 10 were not seriously hurt. the driver in his 20s is in the hospital in stable condition. police are investigating whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. a flight had to be diverted after an unruly passenger tried to open an emergency and it door. crew members became concerned about the woman who seemed unstable. passengers say she was pacing up and down the aisle and prior to the flight she had an outburst in the terminal about being treated wrong. she was tore a piece of the frame off the door, two passengers including an off-duty
6:47 am
police officer helped the crew restrain her. 6:46 a.m., there are growing concerns over a pop lower feature on the app snap chat. critics are blasting its new location feature that may be cruised to stalk users. it pinpoints where users are in the neighborhood. >> actually i never had anything like this it's innovative it will change so much. >> snap chat said location sharing is set to off by default. you can turn off the setting called ghost mode to disappear from the map. they say it is impossible to share your location with someone who is not your friend. ♪
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you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at of dporng. >> dporng -- "good morning america." >> robin roberts is joining us, healthcare is the fight on capitol hill. >> reporter: healthcare battle heating up as republicans face a problem in their own party. plus, president trump's tweets drawing attention as he is critical of the obama administration for russian election hacking. a member of the hung jury
6:51 am
from the bill cosby sexual assault trial is going on sarm. -- owe on camera this morning. migraines, the conditions that affect so many around the world, dr. jennifer ashton joins us with how many people may find relief. michael keaton is here, as well. and james blood to start the music the for the week. >> you got our attention when you said fity. >> ng -- thank you robin. >> reporter: we've got a pretty start to the day, it's jammed in one spot, at least. this is i-95 southbound at broad street. accident just happened a minute ago blocking the left lane. watch for that accident scene out here as we are waiting on police arriving on the scene. i-95 southbound left lane
6:52 am
blocked with the accident causing a jam as you're at broad street heading toward the schuylkill expressway. mass transit showing everything back to normal right now we had issues with the chestnut hill west line looking good right now. >> reporter: high temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the region. 7:00 a.m., 67 degrees, best of all the humidity is very low. look for a comfortable, somewhat warm afternoon. noon, 78. 81 by # p.m. that's the high -- 3:00 p.m., that's the high. 80 by 5:00 p.m. later on there's chance showers in spots. heading out of town all green aircraft no major delays in our travel destinations and we're not seeing signs of rain. jennette. >> 65:00 -- 6:52 a.m., joe biden will be in wilmington for a special ceremony in his honor. the city naming the swimming facility, the joe he biden swimg
6:53 am
center. he was a lifeguard there in his youth and he has spoken about that period in his life on many occasion. >> here the top stories on
6:54 am
6:55 am
"action news," a hit-and-run driver barreled through a crime scene nearly striking police
6:56 am
officers. there were no serious injuries. a man was gunned down right in front of his girlfriend and other friend at the corner of d and allegheny streets in kensington. police say the victim shot -- was shot in the forehead. police say an jealous ex-boyfriend ambushed a man in the northeast. the victim is in stable condition. >> reporter: we want to check the accident on i-95. single-vehicle accident in norristown ran into a parked and flipped over on lafayette street. >> reporter: we're looking at sunshine early and sticking with sunshine through the day, maybe a spotty shower tonight, but the daytime looks great. we have low humidity today. >> look at the record back in
6:57 am
1952. 100 degrees, glad that's not today. we'll send you to "g.m.a." and be back in 30 minutes with updates. for matt o'donnell, jeanette reyes, david murphy, karen rogers, i'm tamala edwards. get out there and enjoy this beautiful day. right now, get any small mcdonald's smoothie, frappé or shake for $2. how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪
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good morning, america. showdown. clocks ticking on the senate health care bill. the crucial vote could come this week. president trump fighting to get his own party on board amid fierce opposition. >> it's a very narrow path but i think we'll get there. >> a huge day at the supreme court. will they rule on the travel ban and is one justice about to step down? raging wildfires. nearly two dozen burning across the west. hundreds evacuated. this man trying to battle a blaze with water from his pool. homes already destroyed. now fierce strong winds will fan the flames. new warnings about that deadly triple-digit heat. abc news exclusive. a jury in the bill cosby trial speaks out on camera for the first time. >> i thought he was guilty. >> you didn't always feel that way.


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