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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 29, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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but this thing is a bit genius. >> boom. fun in the mud. ♪ >> pooper, what are you doing? ♪ police video in adelaide, australia, has caught a lot of attention online. it starts here with a traffic stop. they've pulled michael yuan over. >> hey, mate. the reason we stopped you, mate, rerun your registration, came um on the car. >> he gets out of the car like they ask him.
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>> just hop out of the vehicle for me. >> what was your name? >> katie. >> the problem is michael's stolen something. and you'll see real quickly that something's about to go down. you realize, wait a minute. the other cop who took michael over to the side has his phone out. why is he recording this? >> he's not going to be too much trouble. could be in a lot of trouble really. >> because he's stolen her heart. yes. they're both guilty of love. this is the perp walk i want to do. >> like holy -- why i ought to. >> there wasn't a kilo in the car. there was a carat. >> i believe that was a yes. michael arranged this whole thing to happen through a coworker's brother who happens to be one of the police officers. they've been together for six years, but they're getting married in december. >> nice. congratulations. that's cool.
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that was yet another awesome episode. if you want another one, check out ♪ woe're being megs merized b some video from italy. the shadows create perfect circles on the ground. and a russian cyber security company coming under new scrutiny by the fbi. >> kaspersky is used in business computers, offices and even
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homes. >> but now the feds looking into possible ties to the kremlin. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: thousands of miles away from its moscow headquarters, the computer software company, kaspersky lab is under increasing pressure from the fbi. near washington and boston, sources say fbi agents went knocking on doors of as many as a dozen kaspersky employees, pressing them for how the company operates and any potential ties to the russian government. its antivirus software is sold at best buy. 400 million customers worldwide. but now sources tell abc news, top u.s. officials are increasingly concerned russian spies could try to use that software to attack critical american infrastructure or snoop on american customers. and a recent senate hearing, a stark assessment from the head
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of the february a of the fbi and national security. >> could any of you be comfortable with kaspersky software on your computers? >> a resounding no from me. >> reporter: the company's ceo eugene kaspersky was photographed with putin back in 2015. speaking with us excusively from moscow, kaspersky rejects any claim that his company is or would allow itself to be a tool of the russian government. so if they asked you to spy on americans. if they asked you to spy on government agencies, your response would be what? >> my response, if i'm asked to spy on anyone coming from any state, any government, not only russian will be definitely, no! >> reporter: pierre tom a abc news, washington. >> apparently, there were no search warrants that were served, this despite the sources saying that the fbi visited
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homes of kaspersky employees across multiple cities. >> very bizarre case and a lot of it still unfolding. and a lot we will continue to monitor for you. coming up, putting the sizzle into your fourth of july celebration. from firecracker corn to cake, we show you how to turn your partina a star-spangled spectacular. and the new world you had no idea existed.
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♪ of course fourth of july is almost upon us, and that means, of course, fireworks, food and a lot of fun. tim leer is here to tell us that we can have all three of those,
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all throughout the year. >> absolutely. >> all throughout the summer. >> what i love about the fourth of july, it's the kickoff to the summer party season, picnic season, and all these foods speak to fun and celebration and foods of the season. starting out with my jack's picnic punch. i love this. you can make it by the pitcher, 12 ounces of cranberry juices, to that, 8 ounces of lemonade. that's an alcohol-free drink. then for this one, i'm going to add 12 ounces of jack daniels tennessee whiskey, so that goes in. >> 12 ounces. >> this is a whole pitcher. that makes quite a bit of cocktail. that goes in just like that. >> that's for one person, right? >> no, actually, it's for many, a whole party. i will pour that over ice, and finally a squeeze of fresh lime. there it is, jack's picnic punch. >> and this is appropriate for anytime. >> any team through the season.
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>> that's good. >> then star-spangled salad. two points of trstrawberries, blueberries and pearl mozzarella, and strawberry poppy seed dressing. and top it with an a little basil. >> that looks beautiful. >> then we have my firecracker corn. what i love about this, co cornn season. four ears of cooked corn. >> do i get to -- >> you want to stir? >> yeah. >> to that i'm going to put in a quarter cup of fat-free yogurt. >> do i have to do fat-free? >> no, you can have whatever you want. you have the sweetness of the cream, the creaminess of this yogurt, maybe just a little bit more, kendis in there, and you don't have to be exacting on this thing. put it in there. i love this. this is the flavors that go together. the creaminess, and it's
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firecracker, so i kick it up with a couple dashes, chipotle pepper. >> spice. >> the sweet, the creaminess and heat all together and it's delicious. great food of the season. >> looks good. >> your fans will love that. >> there's a lot of -- a lot of cream in that. >> add some more corn or kick. >> and my burger, ried, white ad blue, catsup, mustard, for blue, you take a little food color and get the blue. i love this dessert, pound cake brushed with butter, grilled on each side a couple minutes. and then on top of it a pound of cherries, pitted, because it's the season to, cherries are coming in. and then i add a little simple syrup and kick it up with a
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little jack daniels. >> jack on top of that. >> with the cherries. so you make the cherries ahead of time. a little jack daniels. let it soak up a couple hours and pour it over your pound cake, and you have a sweet ending and it's delicious. >> like the fourth of july is when we display our beach body. >> yes. >> so what do we survive at this point? >> with this wonderful light salad all fresh and good. the corn that i used my fat-free yogurt, that's good. and then lighten up on the burgers, you can have the sliders, maybe cut back there. but don't cut back on dessert. it's a party. it's a summer celebration. >> it's america's birthday. we fought for this right. >> we did. independent. >> thank you. tim leer. and if you want the food and drink recipes, go to our facebook page, wwn
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happy fourth. >> cheers! >> salute! ♪ if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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♪ it is time for "this happened." >> this happened. it happened. >> it did happen. >> we're going to start in india, where this looks a little crazy. this is a world record. sun deep sing. >> check ou the basketball. >> has the world record for the longest duration spinning a basketball on a toothbrush. >> he went for 53 seconds. want to know what the previous record was? >> oh, yeah. >> 6.84. >> so he just like -- >> he did pretty well. >> dominated it. >> did pretty well, but i think we can do better. >> you got to love his squad. those are squad goals. ready? lean back more. lean back, lean back. here we go. you got one second.
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all right. >> did we do it? >> did it work? >> i don't think we broke the record. but we gave it a good try. on to someone else who may have broken a record as well. nothing official here, but check out this traveler in china. she has so many cardboard boxes on her motor scooter, she actually had to lie down across the top of it in order to ride the scooter, if you can even call it that. check out her legs dangling off the back. they're nowhere near the scooter where they should be. >> i like her form though. >> she's going kind of fast. >> it is kind of tough when you get to the home depot and you have more products than you can take home. >> it was on sale, i mean, it's not her fault. >> you have to get the extra cardboard. >> so you're very proud. you've just caught your first fish perhaps. >> uh-huh. >> it's huge, big, big fish. take a look at this. this is in the czech republic. >> oh, wow.
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>> you can understand why he's like, very, very proud there. >> he wants to show it off. >> but it was like no, no, not today. not today satan. >> get it, get it. jump in. >> no, he's gone. >> fish-1, fisherman. >> 0. so much for that being dinner. he was quite embarrassed, i'd say, by that. >> i've never been fishing. >> i went fishing once. >> and, is this how it worked out? >> i went fishing with robin meade who works at cnn. did the fish, caught it, and i'm reeling it in, and then the fish is going all over the place, so i start running away from the fish. >> you were scared of a fish that you caught on the end of your own line? >> yes, but i kept the line and i kept the rod in my hand. >> please tell me there's video of this. >> i think robin might have it somewhere. >> world new the now viewers,
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two kids barfed in class today. it was so gross. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria, even those that cause stomach bugs. one more way you've got what it takes to protect.
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. this morning on "world news now," stricter security for all flights entering the united states. >> the message that homeland security is sending to the world. tighten up. the new regulations could cause delays, but it could also keep laptops have interesti laptops from having to be checked. and the race to 2020 is on with president trump holding a fundraiser for his reelection campaign. but it remains to be seen whether the health care bill will fall through. and a prank meant to get more views on youtube kills. police charging a pregnant 19-year-old with manslaughter after shooting the father of her children through a book that was meant to stop the bullet. the dangerous stunt apparently all for fame. and later, snoring.
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we love it because it keeps you up and then you watch us while your partner saws away, but it request be-- request bcan be a relationships. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we really want them to sleep well? >> no. no, we don't. that's one of those stories you can just ignore. >> yes, exactly. >> but i guess we'll give you a few tips just in case you want to sleep after the show, right? >> exactly. first we're going to start with new security rules. >> homeland security is calling for airlines around the world to improve the way they vet passengers and search for bombs. those that don't might be barred from flying into the u.s. >> meanwhile, those carriers meeting the u.s. standards could see the rule banning laptops in the passenger cabin elim natd.
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>> reporter: the department of homeland security says you can keep carrying your laptop and other large devices into the u.s. as long as your airline plays by the new stringent guidelines. >> we cannot play an international whack a mole. we must put in measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: the new global standard for security includes enhanced screening for passengers, large personal devices and the area around the aircraft. >> inaction is not an option. our enemies are adaptive and we have to be adaptive as well. >> reporter: the new measures will affect 200 airlines a day, and 2,000 flights. the order banning laptops on flights from certain countries came in response to intelligence gathered by the department of homeland security that link the isis to a potential terrorist attack using sploef sieves in
3:03 am
laptops. >> we are not standing on the sidelines. the oust governme >> reporter: but authorities stress if airlines do not comply with the new stricter security standards the ban will go back into effect and some airlines would see their flights into the ou u.s. suspended. changes will be phased in over time. they're going to start off with explosive trace detection. then come the dogs, additional screen and so on. so you're looking at about six months for everything. >> when they initially put in the electronics ban it confused many airports and airlines around the world. for example, when we have seen lithium batteries explode on board planes, it's been in the cabin. so somebody's been alert enough to put it out. >> so if it happens underneath. >> in the checked luggage area. >> no one can address it.
3:04 am
>> so airlines were alarmed by that policy. it's a very vague policy. also the travel ban is expected to be implemented today. there's that too. of course. moving on to the numerous wildfires burning across the west. a wildfire that has devoured 32 square miles in arizona forcing people from their homes. >> the fire is burning near prescott. some structures have been destroyed. roads are closed and one firefighter has been injured. the governor has declared a state of mm for the area and plans to visit today. >> nearly four years ago the same area was devastated and killed firefighters. and a brush fire in burbank is now almost fully contained. it broke out around the evening commute and prompted the evacuation of an entire neighborhood. they managed to keep that fire from spreading beyond ten acres. the cause is still under
3:05 am
investigation. and strong storms moving through the heartland have triggered tornados. at least one person was hurt in wisconsin when a tornado ripped through the western part of the state. that person had taken cover in a barn when the twister hit and part of the barn collapsed. president trump is getting a jump start on his reelection campaign. kicking it off with a ritzy fundraiser at his washington, d.c. hotel. it was expected to raise $10 million. and it comes five months into the president's first term. 300 guests arrived as protesters gathered outside. the press was barred from attending. in the meantime, the president seems to be still optimistic about the stalled health care bill. senate republican leaders are racing to revise the legislation by friday and hoping to gain enough support to pass it in the coming weeks. we get more in abc's jonathan
3:06 am
karl. >> reporter: president trump predicted a surprise victory for the stalled republican health care bill. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> reporter: at this point, victory would be a big surprise. not only are all democrats opposed. so are no fewer than nine senate republicans. and on capitol hill, more protests. at least 40 arrested. the republican opposition to the bill falls into two camps. conservatives who say the bill doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare and moderates who are concerned the bill goes too far, slashing medicaid, which donald trump as a candidate promised not to cut. >> mr. president, are you concerned about the medicaid cuts in the health care bill? >> it's going to be great. this will be great for everybody. >> reporter: the president isn't negotiating the specifics but is now acting as the chief
3:07 am
cheerleader for the bill. he met with 46 republican senators. >> president trump, i challenge you to invite us, all 100 of us, republican and democrat, to blair house to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on health care. >> reporter: we took that to the president. would you be mg to negotiate with all of them? >> got to find out if he's serious. he hasn't been serious. he'd have to be very, very serious. you know, he's done a lot of talking, bad talking. and and he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> reporter: it's got to be a heavy lift. they've got to get it done by the end of the week so the congressional budget office can complete its assessment in time for the senate to have a vote after they return from their july 4th recess, and they know more time will not make it any easier to pass this bill. >> our thanks to jonathan karl. meanwhile, protesters in cincinnati are calling for another trial in the fatal
3:08 am
shooting of an unarmed black driver. they are demanding a trial for the officer for a third time. he fatally shot the victim in 2013. he says he fired in self-defense because he was being dragged by dubose's car. a decision on whether to pursue a third trial is expected in the next few weeks. and ohio may soon resume executing inmates on death row. after the process was approved. it faced controversy over a three-drug come b combo. a young mom has been charged. mona lisa perez shot a book while pedro ruiz was holding it to his chest, believing the book would stop the bullet. and cameras were rolling when
3:09 am
she opened fire. earlier that day, perez tweeted that they were going to record one of their most dangerous videos ever, adding his idea, not mine. her boyfriend's aunt said they were in love and it was a prank gone wrong. >> he had told me about an idea, and i said don't do it. don't do it. why are you going to use a gun? why? because we want more viewers. we want to get famous. >> ruiz was only 22 years old. the couple has a 3-year-old daughter and perez, mind you, is pregnant with their second child. she could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of manslaughter. >> awful story. and over in tennessee, the families of three people who say guardrails killed them have filed lawsuits. this dash cam video is a key piece of evidence. the red suv swerves, hitting a guardrail which pierces through the suv killing the driver.
3:10 am
the maker of x-light was said to have designed a faulty product. unsure what to pack for the upcoming weekend? >> a new jersey driver has a solution. take everything with you. >> check out this photo. you can see the bicycle. couple of cabinets. >> going to need those. is that a ladder? you need that. >> the toilet seat. >> there's problem. you can't pack all of that on top of a mainute eye -- mini va. it seems drivers were concerned and called police. >> do you need -- >> you need one extra bungee chord and you'll be good. >> you have to give them props. >> a grateful dead sticker there by the way. i'm just saying. >> may or may not be related.
3:11 am
okay. coming up, the shark scare at one of america's most popular beach destinations. see where the population of great whites is exploding, just in te in time for fourth of july. >> and the milestone birthday for the product that changed how the world communicates. and remember you can check us out and our behind the scenes pics on abc wnn, you're watching "world news now." if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free
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. ah! get out of my garage! >> she sounds like she's used to it. that's a colorado springs mom discovering an unusual visitor in her garage. that black bear, she tried to get it away by honking her car horn and then rolling down her window and telling it to shoo as if the bear speaks english.
3:15 am
it did, though, eventually. it's the same bear caught on camera stealing ice cream and m&ms from the same neighborhood. >> i know you've got goodies in there. >> it's a colorado bear. even the bears get the munchies. >> does the bear also have a grateful dead bumper sticker? >> i'm pretty sure. is there anyone sober in colorado? some swimmers in florida got a little more adventure than they expected as well when they waded out into the water. >> that disturbance you see there is two small sharks either fighting or playing. this is in shallow water very close to the shore. >> why is everyone still in the water? oh, boy. the they also been hanging out with the people in colorado. this comes as officials at another popular summer spot are warning beachgoers about great whites. here' gio benitez.
3:16 am
off the coast of cape cod aloin, 150 great whites expected this summer. in 2014 there were about half that. this summer we've seen a great white lurking next to a fishing boat. this 14 foot great white was tagged there a few years ago and was detected along virginia's coast on sunday. first responders training for shark attacks, even posting these signs warning beachgoers. the seal population, what the sharks feed on is to blame. >> it doesn't mean you don't use common sense. >> reporter: they're hoping to avoid scenes like this. people screaming to get out of the water at this alabama beach two weeks a spotting sharks in the shallow water. and expert the say there are a few things you can do to avoid sharks on the beach. swim on sunny, clear day, but not at dawn or dusk when sharks
3:17 am
feed how america's hospitals are growing more vulnerable to hackers. but first, snoring, how two very different medical devices are taking aim at this chronic problem and see how they work, next.
3:18 am
♪ dream weaver
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♪ i believe you can get me through the night ♪ all right, nothing is getting you through the night if the person next to you is snoring and snoring. and the national sleep foundation says as many as the 90 million americans snore. the one of them is paula faris. >> we're proud. getting off the shift didn't mean more sleep for her, but now hopefully help is on the way. >> reporter: john finally agreed to do a sleep study. he'll sleep here attached to sensors that will monitor functions, including his heart rate, respiration and body position for roughly seven hours. he's wire up and ready to go. >> good luck. ♪ >> reporter: to sleep. now most of america snorers are minute, but snoiring is by no means limit to them.
3:20 am
it turns out that women often take a turn at keeping their partners up at night too. but getting them to admit it is another story. before lee cameron turns out the lights for the night shy puts on a dental device pry describe by the dentist who treats snoring. >> i think they're i am bars because snoring is a big, big man with a big thick nick feck. >> reporter: the mouthpiece moves her lower jaw forward and gives room to expand. >> i would wake up in the anile of the night, catching my britt. now i can sleep through the night. >> then you open your eyes whenever you're re eye. >> reporter: back back to john. it turns out his snoring is not just a nuisance to my. it's a real danger to him. john's apnea is severe and needs to be treat the before ed befor
3:21 am
an even bigger problem. >> it's a possibility, it's probably not likely to happen, but it's not completely out of the boy potential consequences. >> reporter: it cause diabetes, stroke and depression. is th >> is this something you'd be able to do on a nightly bay ssi? >> reporter: yes. and his solution is a c pap. and hopefully it will restore a little peace and quiet in our home. >> he files like darth vader. >> i looks like bain as well. >> dit's true that people associate this with overweight people or men. i have an 8 year old cuss hon has sleep apnea.
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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t cu ♪ your thursday mix is going to start with happy birthday wishes or happy anniversary to the device that change our entire lives. what were wei doing ten years ao yesterday before the iphone came out? >> hmm. >> ten years ago, the iphone was released. >> iphone is ten years old, wow. >> they maid tde the announceme. but it took several months before they sold it. the original going for like 600. people waited as much as 100 hours to get their happens on
3:26 am
the first i phone. >> and they still do it. they stand on line. >> wait in line. >> stand online for the latest iphone. >> i don't yupt stan. are they on the computer? they stand in a line. >> they're online, okay? i grew up on long island. and we stand online. you have now industriesed me st. the so i need something. i bring you cheetahs and puppies. you see emotional therapy dogs? they're not just for humans. cheetahs in captivity suffer from anxiety-relate conditions, and the best treatment so far? puppies. they put affectionate dogs in.
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this is one of the therapy p puppies at the san diego zoo. this kid decided he wanted to cut his hair. he's a youngster. i'm going to do this and record it it. let's see how that plays out. >> diy. i like that he just put the hair right back. nothing happen. get some super glue, be good as new. >> oh, my god, i'm going to be the funniest kid on the planet. >> yes, you are. the >> maybe he's just going to invent a new look. >> true story, that's how it all happen. >> from a
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3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," the tornado threat overnight and into today for parts of the midwest. and dry, hot conditions keep fueling new wildfires that are threatening homes and forcing evacuations. and the travel ban should take effect today. it's as we're learning about new stricter security measures for all incoming flights into the u.s. and what that means for laptops. and new this half hour, an alleged purse-snatching victim fights back with her suv. >> she rams the man in a busy parking lot while he seemingly tries to get away. and the golden opportunity for this golden girl. to help shape the hollywood machine. a special honor for betty white as she joins the most elite club.
3:31 am
that story in "the skinny" this thursday june it29th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> love betty white. >> i would think betty white would already be in any elite club that exists. >> including the playboy club. >> yeah, any club betty white wants to get into. >> we'll find out what the new one is coming up. but we're going to start with the severe weather moving through the heartland this morning. powerful storms are drenching the plains and great lakes right now. tornados have touched down in two states. >> emergency officials say a twister hit a rural area of southwestern iowa. no injuries have been reported and damages seem to be limbed to crops in the area. but in wisconsin, a tornado left a huge mess, damaging or destroying several homes or other buildings, and at least one person was injured. >> and today the storm threat moves into the area surrounding chicago and detroit, bringing
3:32 am
damaging winds, scattered hail and more torns -- tornados as well. and the wildfires are the problem in the west. dozens are still burning this morning, take a look at this one that broke out in camp pendleton in southern california. it was threatening homes near the base until late last night when fire crews finally contained it. >> the most damaging fire is burning near the city of prescott, arizona. it has forced thousands of people from their holmes. philip menna is on the front lines. >> reporter: a fast-moving brush fire prompting mandatory evacuations for a community in burbank, california. firefighters racing to the scene, this as the goodwin fire near prescott, arizona, triples in size. ground crews have had to pull back at times for fear of safety. >> we're not going to put firefighters in danger. >> reporter: this area where 19 elite firefighters lost their lives fighting a blaze four years ago, now forcing the
3:33 am
entire town of mayer to evacuate. >> it's very upsetting. we moved here about three years ago and bought a beautiful home. >> reporter: wildfires now no 11 states. the largest, the brian head fire in southern utah, destroying more than a dozen structures, a 911 call revealing the fire's first moments. >> we're trying to fight this, but it's getting out of control. our matt gutman on the scene as it grew to nearly three times the size of manhattan. >> the wind here has acted like gasoline on that fire. it's moved hundreds of yards in the last few minutes. >> there he goes making that drop. >> reporter: back in california, a rapid aerial assault saving many homes near san bernardino. >> god bless them, god bless them all. they saved our home. >> reporter: cindy and her grandchildren returning home after evacuations lifted there. you can see the smoke covering
3:34 am
the town of dewey behind me, but the winds have died down, and that is a good thing. because some of this brush hasn't been burned in 40 years. that is a lot of fuel. this fire is expected to keep growing and burning for weeks. philip menna, dewey, arizona. and a hollywood actor who stars in big bang theory, one of his homes burned down in san luis obispo. affecting a whole lot of people. accuweather tracking all of this. >> thanks and good morning to you. unfortunately, more severe weather for today. damaging winds the primary threat, but there can be hail. isolated tornados and heavy rain that could lead to localized flooding. notice the zone here, southern iowa into missouri, kansas and portions of illinois. over the southwest, humidity values are low, and that means fire danger will continue right into the upcoming weekend. kendis? diane?
3:35 am
>> justin, thanks. and the department of homeland security wants airlines to step up their anti-terror efforts on flights into the u.s. the agency is calling on carriers to improve passenger screening as well as large personal electronics. those that don't comply could be banned from the u.s. many the increased standards would affect nearly 200 carriers and 2,000 flights a day. and the travel ban takes effect today. reports say it begins at8:00 p.m. eastern time. new standards are in place for the six primarily muslim countries. new standards are in effect for those from six primarily muslim countries. family includes parents, children, siblings and sons and daughters-in-law. refugees scheduled to be resettled by july 6th will still be allowed in. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to hammer out a new version of the gop health care bill by this friday. the plan is to send it to the
3:36 am
congressional budget office before senators leave town for the fourth of july recess and hoping to push for a vote this summer. nine senators say they'll vote against the bill without significant changes. those were all republican senators. and the others could face increased pressure from constituents as they return home. but president trump appears to be undeterred. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> about 40 people protesting the bill were arrested on capitol hill. chuck schumer is calling for president trump to meet with both democrats and republicans, but the president has said schumer has not been serious. this morning one person is injured after an explosion at a college dorm in kentucky. the blast gutted most of the dorm and shattered windows and nearby buildings. at the murray street university. witnesses reported vibrations even off campus. thankfully no students were in that dorm due to summer break.
3:37 am
a university employee injured in the blast is in stable condition and investigators are now blaming a gas leak for that explosion. a fbi agent has med not guilty to lying during the takeover of a while life river unl. the he fired two rounds at lavoy finicum. he was shot and killed by troopers who say he was reaching for a gun. the agent allegedly failed to tell his supervisors that he opened fire. he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of obstruction. now to the images we're getting from a wild shootout caught on camera in baltimore. it took place inside a city bus, showing a gunman taking aim at officers and sheer panic from passengers trapped inside. eva pilgrim with the new detail. >> reporter: new video showing the terrifying shootout inside a
3:38 am
crew crowded baltimore city bus. the gunman firing at cops rushing the scene, using both hands. armed with two .40 caliber handguns and several rounds of ammo. baltimore county police say earlier this month, blain erb tried robbing two people before getting on that bus. the when police called the bus over, erb reacted. passengers frantically running, one wounded. an officer also shot. the this body cam video shows them using cars as she wills. >> this was like watching a horror movie in my back yar. erb then flees the bus, firing at officers while running, eventually he was killed by police. the wounded passenger and officer have recovered. erb had a long record and appeared determined not to go back to jail. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. the a ten commandments statue outside the arkansas state capital was destroyed less than
3:39 am
24 hours after it was installed. it shattered into pieces after a man slammed his vehicle into it. he says the statue violates the separation of church and state. he rammed his vehicle into a similar monument in oklahoma in 2014. and a holocaust memorial was vandalized in bots boston. the glass panel was shattered. it was etched with millions of numbers that represent tattoos of those sent to nazi camps. an angry woman caught up with an alleged purse snatcher. take a look at this video. this happened in asheville, north carolina. that vehicle speeding after a shirtless man, driven by a pregnant woman. she chased down the guy who she says broke into her vehicle and grabbed her purse. both the man and the driver are facing charges. and pictures from mars are raising questions about whether there's actually life on the red
3:40 am
planet. >> first, there's this. nasa just released this image taken in march. >> is that an iphone? >> i don't know why they waited this long. it shows what appears to be a metallic object sitting on the surface. >> and then there's this, posted by someone calling themselves a ufo hunter. looks kind of like a bone of some sort in the red dust. >> there's also another photo of something that looks like a hipbone. snapped by nasa's rover. this is confirming what we already know. >> which is? >> that there are aliens. >> those are way scarier than anything i ever imagined. >> those are really, really scary. >> the alien on the left has really nice eye lashes. >> yeah, i just had them -- >> people always wonder, how do you manage without sleeping? >> botox.
3:41 am
coming up, the new target for hackers inside america's hospitals putting our health at risk. and our favorite fan of the show, chrissy teigen suffers what may be the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions. we'll show you the video in "the skinny," but first, here's a look at the forecast here on earth. "world news now" weather, brought to you by megared advanced triple absorption. by megared advanced triple and sorption. brain, and eyes. jo, and is absorbed by your body three times better. so one megared has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. new megared advanced triple absorption.
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no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling that lasts up to 4 weeks. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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good news for anyone who hates getting a flu shot. a new flu patch can make the shot a thing of the past. a new experimental study found that the pain-free patch appears to be safe and effective. it's basically a band aid type patch filled with micro needles so small, they absorb into your skin once it is released. researchers at georgia tech and emory university say the patches could be sent by mail and self-administered. they're hoping it will be available in five years. now to security concerns inside america's hospitals. >> this week's cyber attack showed the vulnerability on hospitals.
3:45 am
and medical systems. all of that vulnerable to hackers. abc's dan harris has more. >> reporter: the ransom ware virus known to some as petya has taken out hospitals around the globe, including in pittsburgh. >> she called me and said the surgery was canceled because the computers were down. >> reporter: experts say it should be a wakeup call for the american health care system. dr. rua has no idea what everyone around her in this simulated e.r. knows, that there was a hack. abc news was right there when security experts, government employees came to phoenix to witness the first-ever simulated mass hack of a hospital. you had no idea there was a hack. >> there was a problem, but i had no idea it was hacked.
3:46 am
>> reporter: the goal of the exercise, to bring awareness to a fact recently highlighted in a congressional report that said the security of our health care system is in critical condition. with so many medical devices connected to the internet, they are considered potential threats. dan harris, phoenix, arizona. when we come back, the coolest piece of "star wars" memorabilia, at least one of them, has a new home. and how chrissy teigen just redefined the flash dance. "the skinny's" next. how chrissy teigen just redefined the flash dance. "the skinny's" next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ >> dun, dun, dun, dun! >> skinny's about "jaws" no doubt. >> we are starting out "the skinny" with a galactic sized price. for a humble little droid.
3:49 am
>> r2-d2 has now sold at auction for nearly $3 million. >> yeah, good things come in small package, people. r 2 d 2's only 43 inches tall and was the most expensive item in movie peopmemorabilia auctio. >> you would have thought the darth vader helmet would have gone for a lot. there's no clue on the identity of the buyer. >> the helmet was too hard to breathe in. they also, by the way, sold the "saturday night fever" dance floor for $1.2 million. what do you do with that, i wonder? someone has a ballroom and a disco ball. whoever bought it, we want to come over and party but. next, somebody else we'd like to party with, one of hollywood's most accomplished stars has been given one of the
3:50 am
industry's greatest honors. >> betty white is now a member of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences. the 95 year old is among the record-breaking 774 members invited into the academy this year. >> there was this backlash about the oscars being so white. this is how they answered it, literally with betty white. this is part of the push to diversify the membership. some of the new standouts know the new club includes dwayne johnson, leslie jones, donald glover. >> yay! i was cheering on the rock because we were bffs, but it seemed like i was putting down the others if i didn't cheer for them. yay to them all. >> maybe you know them as childish gambino. >> what? all right. so several "saturday night live" alums also got invites, including molly shannon and kate
3:51 am
mckinnon. >> betty white, whose acting career spans seven decades has 21 emmy awards adjust be the most senior of those standouts. >> come hang out with us, betty. >> please. now to the star who's given a whole new meaning to the term "flash dance". >> chrissy teigen made a surprise appearance at her husband john legend's show. tuesday night here in new york. legend serenaded his wife as she did a sexy dance. and then this is what happened. ♪ >> i propose that we go to the floor. ♪ >> sorry. >> not sure if the audience really minded. john was quick there, too, fixed her dress right up and they took the wardrobe malfunction in
3:52 am
stride and the audience loved their reaction too. coming up, tinder for moms. . so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients.
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♪ ♪ one love ♪ one heart ♪ let's get together and feel all right ♪ ♪ hear the children cryin' ♪ one love ♪ hear the children cryin' >> look at our top list of apps, there's one app that may soon be on there. it's really taking off among new mothers. >> as many new moms know, motherhood can be isolating, especially if your friends don't have kids. >> now it's helping new moms find friends. >> gave birth. the concept. >> reporter: it's the new app called tinder for moms, not for dates but friends. >> cinderella's clock strikes at midnight.
3:56 am
my clock strikes loudly at 9:00 until she cries out louly for me. >> reporter: helping mothers find like-minded buddies with a few swipes. >> you're meeting people with the same interests, similar-aged kids. >> reporter: sign up for the app with your facebook account and create a short profile with how many kids you have and pick a name to describe yourself. similar to dating apps, users can swipe up to wave. if two users wave to each other, voila, it's a match, putting users in touch with each other so they can set up mommy dates. >> it's a similar dialog. although you have kids running around. >> reporter: these three moms were strangers until they met on the app three months ago, they've since become fast friends providing much-needed mommy support. one study finds women who receive support from friends and family are less likely to have a
3:57 am
fussy baby. >> you kind of need friends who understand your new circumstances and new life. >> reporter: many moms find that making new friends can be just as hard as dating. >> justcchau, chau, chau, and d alone. >> reporter: michelle kennedy says that challenge is what prompted her to create the app. >> it was 2:00 a.m. i was scrolling through instagram, looking at my girlfriends in the club. i felt like i needed to speak to another woman doing the same thing as me. >> reporter: so far this site seems to be working with more than 1 million waves sent so far. abc news, new york. >> i like that wine mom is one of the categories. i don't have children, but i think if i did -- >> isn't that most moms? i like the idea. it's a nice little concept. i guess i can't join. >> no, you cannot join. >> like the time i tried to join j date. didn't qualify.
3:58 am
ok, let's try this.
3:59 am
it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, severe weather outbreak. tornadoes touching down in several states. the new pictures coming in. and where the threat is right now. a major change is coming for airline passengers. with new security measures, hear what flyers can expect when trying to board with electronics. a massive explosion gutting a college dorm. why it could have been much worse. plus this -- >> aaagh! get out of my garage. >> see what happens when a hungry bear surprises a woman in her own garage. > that's how we feel when the alarm clock goes


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