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tv   ABC World News  ABC  July 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, what really happened in that room during the face-to-face between presidents trump and putin. putin's claims he now insists trump seemed to accept his denial of russian meddling in america's election. and tonight, what the white house is not saying. american tourist killed. the young college graduate vacationing on a greek island, beaten to death in a bar brawl. scorched. the roasting temperatures fueling more than 40 large wildfires across the american west tonight. deadly plunge. an acrobat's tragic fall at a summer music festival. why the organizers are under fire tonight. plus, hollywood equals? the oscar winner who says some of her male co-stars are truly being leading men, making economic sacrifices in the name of equal pay.
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good evening. and thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm dan harris in for tom llamas. as we come on the air tonight, president trump is returning to the white house after an overseas trip that is making headlines on many fronts. the big story tonight, what russian president vladimir putin is now saying about what actually happened during his meeting with president trump. putin stepping to the mike saying that donald trump agreed when he putin denied that russia hacked the u.s. election. administration officials refused to refute putin's assertion. even though america's intelligence agencies have concluded that russia did meddle in the campaign. there's also a new report tonight about a previously undisclosed meeting in the heat of the campaign between members of trump's inner circle and a russian lawyer with ties to putin. abc's cecilia vega starts us off tonight from hamburg, germany.
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>> reporter: president trump on his way home. the white house calling the trip a success. and today, even the president was still talking about that historic face-to-face. >> rex and i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson was in the room, he says the two men connected quickly and had positive chemistry, and today vladimir putin returned the compliment. saying, trump on tv is very, very different from the trump in person. absolute big difference. after those handshakes, putin, today, agreeing the president repeatedly pressed him on the issue of russia election medd meddli meddling, saying the president, quote, paid a lot of attention to this. the u.s. intelligence community is in agreement. putin ordered russian interference in the 2016 campaign with the goal of helping president trump win. but in that meeting, and again today, putin repeated his denials, and he said the president accepted them.
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saying, quote, it seemed to me that he took it into account and agreed. putin telling reporters you're a better off asking the president about it, and they did. >> mr. president, did the russians lie about your meeting yesterday? >> reporter: but he didn't answer, and today the white house wouldn't publicly dispute the claims that the president accepted putin's denials. and tonight "the new york times" reporting a new chapter in the russia story, the president's son, donald junior, jared kushner held a meeting at trump tower with a russian lawyer who ties to the kremlin. the previously undisclosed meeting happened just two weeks after mr. trump won the republican nomination. in a statement donald junior said, an acquaintance asked him to attend the meeting. the campaign was not diskissed. the president and his team also in another high-stakes meeting, seated across the table from
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china's xi jinping. in front of the camera, no public push for china to take a harder line on north korea in the wake of last week's successful icbm test. >> i know we'll have eventual success. it make take longer than i'd like. it may take longer than you like. but there will be success. >> reporter: behind the scenes, officials said the president had very direct discussions. as the president was in his meetings, ivanka trump tried her hand at diplomacy, too. this foe making headlines. showing her taking her father's seat at the summit table. in a working group she was right there next to britain's theresa may. and just one seat away from vladimir putin. >> and cecilia, president trump went to the g20 expecting to get an earful from world leaders about climate change after he pulled out of the paris accords and today he did. >> he certainly did. dan, in fact, german chancellor
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angela merkel signaled out the united states, she deplores the united states for pulling out of the paris deal. today, 19 countries signed on to the resolution about climate change. dan, every country except the united states. >> america the outlier tonight. also in hamburg today, on this last day of the g20 summit, there were massive protests. the largest ones yet. police estimates some 20,000 demonstrators turned out to march, those marches were peaceful. but tonight, skom skirmishes again breaking out. the violence at times kept the spouses of world leaders from participating in events around the city. and a quick note, we'll have much more on the g20 news, plus george interviews treasury secretary steve mnuchin tomorrow on this week. we move on to what appears a major development in the fight against isis. iraqi soldiers backed by american forces are said to be on the verge of victory in the
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city of mosul, which was once the center of power in iraq for this group. some soldiers celebrating the fighting is not over yet, though, and abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is fresh from the front lines. >> reporter: tonight, the final battle against isis in mosul, eight grueling months of nonstop war. iraqi state tv says the battle is hours away from victory. we went with special forces' general saadi towards the front line, with american and coalition forces flying overhead. >> airstrike. >> another airstrike. american? >> yeah, american. >> reporter: hard to imagine anyone could have survived here, but we watched civilians emerge from what remains. shellshocked and shattered, held by isis as human shields. i don't know if you can see this here, just a reminder of where we are.
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these are residential areas. these are houses destroyed, these are lives destroyed here. the general says we're just yards away from isis. this is where the fighting is at its most fierce. the old city's been devastated. streets and alleys barely passable. but the fighting hasn't stopped. >> that was a u.s. airstrike. let's go and see. you can see where it went off. the old city is littered with bodies of the militants, perhaps a hundred or so still hold out. but there's now only one outcome here, and victory feels close at hand. dan, this will weaken the group but we shouldn't mistake that for an end to the war against isis. there's also a risk that many of those foreign fighters who came over here will now go back to their home country, carrying out further attacks. dan? >> crucial context. incredible reporting tonight from ian. thank you. next to what was supposed to be a fun vacation in the greek islands for a young american who
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had just graduated from college. his family said he had a bright future ahead of him, until an argument in a bar turned deadly. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, this brand-new college graduate, ready to start his life, brutally beaten to death in greece. >> i guess i'll never meet someone as inspirational and just influential as that man. >> reporter: 22-year-old bakari henderson was on vacation in zakynthos, an island hot spot for nightlife. police say he was inside a sports bar at 3:00 a.m. friday when he got into an argument. a group of men chased henderson out onto the dark street and attacked him. police now scouring surveillance video of the deadly and drunken bar brawl. so far, eight arrested in connection with the killing. the bar's bouncer, a bartender and six serbian tourists, all walked into the court today hiding their faces from the cameras. >> he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: henderson's family
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says he had dreams of starting his own business. just two months after celebrating his graduation, they're now planning his funeral. >> bakari was a really good young man, and just really shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of him. >> reporter: we've also learned that the bouncer was banned from other bars because of violent behavior. dan? >> kenneth moton, thank you. here at home, triple-digit temperatures in the american west, fueling more than 40 major wildfires from california to montana, the conditions are hot and dry. and the mercury is soaring into record territory. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, an army of firefighters battling the blazes scorching the west. >> and we looked over and half the mountain's on fire. >> reporter: flames inching towards homes north of sacramento. firefighters spraying the inferno with water. black smoke turning the day sky into night. in santa barbara county, this brush fire doubling in size overnight.
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plumes of smoke visible for miles, as flames race across hilltops. in california alone, more than 3,000 firefighters on the front lines -- in a battle on the ground and from the sky, up against dry, hot, gusty conditions. >> we thought we had a pretty good line on it, but the winds picked up. >> reporter: right now more than 40 large wildfires burning across the west. these aerials show fast-moving flames raging out of control in british columbia, thousands there forced to evacuate. and in arizona, this driver fleeing a thundercloud of smoke. a wildfire there destroying three homes. back here in california, hundreds of people under mandatory evacuation orders. so much using sprinklers to try protect their homes as firefighters work to keep those flames from moving any closer. dan. >> marci, thank you. for more on this let's bring in rob marciano, it seems like the west is having a brutal summer. >> yeah, this is the second recordbreaking heat wave the west has seen.
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overnight temperatures in the morning, like, phoenix not getting out of the mid-90s. so it's really warm at night. excessive heat warnings out. tomorrow highs will hot. maybe a few degrees cooler in phoenix. the core of the heat gets into salt lake, denver, dodge city, and some monsoon flow. also some thunderstorms across the southeast tonight and across the northeast with a weak front, tomorrow, the threat for severe weather will be from minneapolis down through cedar rapids. some lightning with these summertime thunderstorms. >> rob, thank you, my friend. we'll discuss all of this tomorrow morning on "good morning america." now, though, to a horrific fall in front of a stunned crowd. an acrobat plunging to his death in the middle of his performance and abc's adrienne bankert reports. >> reporter: this daring performance would be his last. tonight, an investigation into how an acrobat fell 100 feet to his death at one of madrid's largest music festivals. you see pedro aunion monroy
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dancing in the light box midair, then the drop. in the commotion, cameras pan to first responders before the feed is cut from the big screen. festival staff saying it was impossible to save the 42-year-old performer. but the concert didn't stop. green day then takes the stage, leaving some festivalgoers stunned. the band, seemingly unaware. tweeting afterward, "we just got off stage at mad cool festival to some disturbing news. a very brave artist named pedro lost his life here tonight in a tragic accident." organizers saying the show had to go on, explaining "it was officially deemed unsafe to have a large mass of people moving all at once." high-flying accidents happened in the past, in 2014, nine women with ringling brothers injured, some critically, hanging from their hair, when a metal hook failed. at least one of the bands scheduled to perform today
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backed out after learning about the accident. a special tribute was held in honor of the acrobat who lost his life. dan? >> adrienne, thank you. we're learning more about a prison escape. with a high-tech twist. how an inmate got out and what happened next. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, an escaped south carolina inmate is back behind bars, captured in texas. >> he was surprised when he was awakened out of his sleep but that played to our advantage. >> reporter: u.s. marshalls tracked jimmy causey through five states to this austin, texas, motel 6. they found him armed with a pistol, a shotgun, ammunition, four cell phones and nearly $50,000 in cash. >> i can tell you that there are a number of people that assisted him. >> reporter: the 46-year-old felon who's serving five life sentences for kidnapping, robbery and burglary, escaped from this maximum security prison. >> we believe a cell phone was used to facilitate and give this inmate the resources to escape. we also potentially believe that a drone was used to get the
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hello him get the contraband in to escape. >> reporter: using wire cutters, investigators say causey cut through four fences. tonight, one prison worker has been fired. >> an intense manhunt this morning for two dangerous fugitives. >> reporter: the escape, not causey's first. in 2005, he snuck out of another facility in a garbage truck. authorities in south carolina now renewing their push to block cell phone signals near state prisons, saying as long as inmates can use cell phones, these planned escapes will continue to happen. dan. >> eva, thank you. coming up here on "world news tonight" this saturday -- the scare at the airport. how one fast-acting worker saves the day. and emma stone on the gender gap in hollywood. paidless than her male co-stars. the surprising way she's achieving income equality. and a very large surprise in the water, why a kite surfer says this whale seemed to go out of its way to scare him.
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movantik may interact with them causing side effects. don't back down from oic. talk to your doctor about movantik. remember: mo-van-tik. back now with the latest high-profile actress speaking out about the hollywood gender gap. oscar winner emma stone adding her voice for demands to equal pay. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: a-lister emma stone sounding off tonight about a double standard in hollywood dollars. in an exclusive cover story for "out" magazine, stone lamenting, "i've needed male co-stars to take a pay cut so that i may have parity with them." praising their actions and drawing on her new role as tennis trailblazer billie jean king. the actress telling the magazine, "we are all equal, we all deserve the same respect and the same rights." the oscar winner, joining a host of actresses, who claim hollywood is no la la land for leading ladies.
6:48 pm
robin wright playing hardball in negotiations with netflix. >> now, tell me, am i the sort of enemy you want to make? >> reporter: demanding to be paid the same as her "house of cards co-star kevin spacey. >> i want to be paid the same as kevin. and i was like, "you better pay me or i'm going to go public," and they did. >> reporter: and jennifer lawrence, pushing for change for future generations. >> there are times where i feel a real need to speak to those girls. >> reporter: some of hollywood's most sought after stars, from natalie portman to patricia arquette, blasting their business. calling to close the gap, the glitz and glamour only going so far. and dan, it's not just the gender pay gap giving way to criticism. some stars in hollywood also denouncing what they see as discrepancies based on race. dan. >> erielle, thank you. coming up after the break -- a huge alligator carted away from a golf course in florida after attacking a man. the update on the victim's
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in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. to the index tonight. a man in florida is recovering after an alligator attacked him on a golf course, this professional golf ball diver was in this lake at the course when the alligator moved in. he has severe wounds on his left arm. the ten-foot alligator was trapped and taken away. to spain and day two of the running of the bulls. two more americans gored to death in this event, pitting man versus beast in pamplona.
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and an american airlines employee being called a hero, after averting a potential disaster. a fuel truck on the tarmac starts rolling back toward the plane. he jumps into the truck and stopped it. the fuel on that truck could have exploded if it crashed into anything. finally, one kite surfer's very close encounter with whale. the man was gliding in the waters off san francisco this week when he surfed right over the whale. he said the whale actually hit him twice, turning around to scare him again. he was on the whale's turf. coming up next here, the bond between brothers. a frightening car crash, a baby trapped inside. his big brother jumping into action. that's next. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself.
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and finally tonight, taking brotherly love to a whole new level, a little boy saving his baby brother after a horrifying car crash. abc's gloria riviera has the story. >> reporter: it could have been a catastrophe. >> engine 26. overturned vehicle at airport boulevard. >> reporter: a mother driving the family suv, her two boys ages 10 and 1 buckled in the back, enters an intersection. when a fedex truck hit them, flipping the car upside down. >> i thought he was hurt because he was screaming. >> reporter: the family trapped inside. 10-year old grayson trying to escape with an injured arm, when he realizes baby brother preston is helpless and needs him. >> with my arm that was hurt, i
6:58 pm
held him up, and then with my good arm i undid the latches because they're really hard to do. >> reporter: uncanny calm and bravery from just a little boy saving his own little brother. >> he went into action and saved his little brother, and not only is he our hero but he's also his little brother's superhero. >> reporter: fedex saying their concern is with the wilkinson family. grayson says he'd do it again and in the future, he'll do whatever it takes to make sure preston is always okay. >> he's a little fussy sometimes, but i still love him. >> reporter: two brothers with a bond it would seem nothing can break. >> amazing story, thank you, gloria. thank you for watching. i'm dan harris in new york. see you on "good morning america" first thing in the morning. have a great evening and good night.
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