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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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counties. and a driver and several animals killed when a car crashes into the delaware spca next on action news. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ >> action news. delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa mcgee. jeff skversky. sarah bloomquist and walter perez. >> breaking news tonight.
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this is dean sinacaro, mark sturgiss and tom meo. all four from bucks county. all seemingly disappeared without a trace. four people gone without warning has many people asking, where are they? a house in bucks county may hold a clue. sunday night, walter is off. i'm sarah bloomquist and the big story on action news is breaking news. a possible break in the search for several missing young men from bucks county. police from several local agencies and the state police converged on a home in salbury township today. trish hartman is live at police headquarters with exclusive details tonight. trish. >> reporter: police from multiple jurisdictions worked for hours trying to find the four missing people. they wrapped up their search about 45 minutes ago and we believe we know the identities of all four missing people.
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a constituent police helicopter flew other a home on aquatung road assisting in the search for four missing people. >> our office is in a joint investigation with the newtown township, plum stead township and state police and the middletown police for several individuals reported missing. >> reporter: more than a dozen police vehicles from philadelphia and other departments descended on the scene. two of the people are bucks county teens reported missing last week. jimmy tarr patrick was last seen on wednesday wearing gray shorts and a multi-colored polo shirt. and 18-year-old dean was last seen friday evening getting into a car on hampton drive. and mark sturgis and his friend, tom mao are missing. they went missing last week and last seen in the area. police haven't said if they
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believe the missing people are in danger, only that they are working hard to find them. >> four people that have not been heard from since friday. we're looking at all the different angles to hopefully bring them home safely. >> now, police have not said what led them to search this particular area. if you have any information, you are asked to contact police in bucks county. reporting in sulbury township, trish hartman, action news. >> thank you. a man fighting for his life after he was shot in philadelphia. it happened in the 100 block of west godfrey avenue just after 6 p.m. officers responded to 911 calls and found the victim with three gunshot wounds to the back. he was rushed to einstein hospital. so far there are no suspects. a 21-year-old man was shot multiple times just feet from a group of children swimming in a kiddy pool. the victim was on his bicycle at the intersection of jasper and east atlantic in kensington when he was gunned down. it happened just before 4 had:00
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>> the victim was hit multiple times. we recovered four shell casings. thank god none of the children were hit that were swimming in the pool. obviously mom get them out of the pool into the house. >> the victim was rushed to temple hospital listed in critical condition. no arrests have been made. a morristown resident awoke to the sounds of two armed intruders inside his home. that's when place say he grabbed a weapon and fought back. annie mccormack is live along the 700 block of hartford road in morristown with what happened next, annie. >> reporter: and sarah, the prosecutor's office saying tonight this is still an ongoing investigation. but also saying there is no reason for the public to be alarmed. the resident telling police he was just defending himself during this deadly home intrusion. investigators on the scene late into sunday afternoon. near lu 15 hours after a 911 call brought police to this
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home. detectives combed the front lawn, roadway and property across the street. multiple police agencies responded to a resident's 911 call around 12:20 this morning. that resident told authorities two intruders broke in. sources say they were armed with bats. authorities say the resident grabbed a knife, killing one intruder during a struggle and wounding another. detectives on the morristown police department and the burlington county prosecutor's office are still investigating if a man with stab wounds that showed up to a local hospital is the second intruder. the home stands alone across from an active construction site. today nearby residents walking and biking by say the details are disturbing. >> shocked. just shocked and saddened. >> that's really scary that a person can think that quickly, you know, under those circumstances. it's just scary. really sad for us. >> it's pretty silent around here. so this is very disruptive. >> reporter: the prosecutors said in a statement the scene
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was contain asked there's no reason to be alarmed. still the investigation is ongoing. some residents say their level of concern about their safety has gone up. >> the level is exponentially higher. we had no idea that it would affect us this closely. >> reporter: and the name of the man killed has not been released. that resident was not injured. police have not saying at this time if that resident could face charges. reporting live, annie mccormack. back to you. >> thank you. from our delaware news room now. nearly 100 animals had to be relocated from the brandy wine valley spca in new castle after a fatal early morning crash there. la toya cooper, a mother of five, died when the car slammed into the building touching off a fire. cooper's mother was stunned. >> i need help burying my daughter. if anybody can help me, i really appreciate it. and she got five kids.
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i'm going to need some help. >> three cats also died in the fire, but 36 other cats and all 62 dogs are okay thanks to volunteers who jumped into action. >> we had people coming out of their houses, putting animals into their cars, into their homes. first responders putting animals in ambulances. a lot of people with big hearts stepped up to save the animals. >> the animals have temporarily been taken to the other locations in west chester, dover and georgetown. but the group is calling on the public to help the animals get new permanent homes for those animals. also from delaware tonight, residents of six apartments in wilmington will have to find another place to live after fire dam damaged their homes today. fire fighters responded to a apartment building around 1:30 this afternoon. heavy fire took out the third floor of the building. smoke and water damage impacted a building next door. the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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sunny skies and low humidity made for a pretty spectacular sunday. so what's in store for the workweek ahead? meteorologist melissa mcgee is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. melissa. >> yes, sarah, we had a fantastic finish to the weekend with low humidity and really comfortable temperatures across the region. right now in atlantic city, the high today, 85. philadelphia and dover had highs slightly below average in at 83. 81 in allentown today. 77 down in downington. right now, look at the numbers. 73 in philadelphia. 75 in new york city. 68 in pittsburgh. and really comfortable all across much of the mid atlantic region. and the reason why, the dew point numbers, the level of moisture in the air was certainly on the low side for the majority of the day here in philadelphia. dew point numbers were in the upper 40s, lower 50s. so not a lot of moisture. look off to the south and west, and dew point numbers starting to increase for charleston, roanoke and richmond, virginia. and a piece of that slightly milder and more humid air
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working the way into the region with the south to southwesterly wind tomorrow. action radar, mostly clear, dry and quiet. no issues with precipitation under a full moonlit sky tonight. turning more humid for the start of the workweek on monday. with that comes the threat of pop-up showers and scattered thunderstorms across the region. and temperatures this week in the 80s and 90s. we'll take a closer look, sarah, with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. you can find that seven day forecast in the live look at storm tracker 6 double scan radar any time of the day or night on our website. just head to the preliminary hearing continues tomorrow for the penn state fraternity brothers charged in the hazing death of a pledge. the judge has set aside monday and tuesday to allow the prosecution to finish laying out its case against 16 members of the beta theta pi fraternity. two others have already agreed to go on trial. there is video from inside the
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fraternity house that shows tim piazza being forced to drink alcohol before falling down a flight of steps in february. an alert tonight for septa rail users, changes starting tomorrow. passengers from temple, jefferson, suburban, 30'd and university city stations from 3:00 to 7 p.m. will need to have their tickets inspected and punched by fare collections personnel. they're located at the stairways to the train platforms. you need to present your purged tickets to the conductor for collection. requiring all passengers from those center city stations during that time period to have a prepaid ticket or pass before going on to the train platform. again, the changes take effect tomorrow. amtrak is doing work at penn station in new york. and as a result, new jersey transit will make some changes to its schedule starting tomorrow. all northeast corridor and new jersey coastline trains will
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operate on the regular schedule with time changes to and from penn station. the atlantic city line will operate on its regular schedule. if you travel on the morris and essex line, check for changes to the schedule and station stops. the work will take place weekdays through september 1st. still much more to come tonight on action news. there's a new twist tonight in the allegations of a kremlin connection with donald trump's presidential campaign. what the president's son is saying tonight. and beach goers a the jersey shore, a boat is close to the beach and gets stuck. show you how it turned out. and an update on the sixers number one draft pick. answers coming up in sports. and melissa mcgee with one more check on the forecast when action news continues. ♪
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from santander bank. the london fire brigade says about 70 fire fighters are fighting a fire at the camden, a
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popular tourist destination. ten fire engines responded. three floors and the roof of the building in the complex were on fire. london police say it's not known if there are injuries. a serious fire in 2008 kept that market closed for several months. eight men under arrest in greece accused of beating a 22-year-old american tourist to death in a bar. the suspects include a bar bouncer and six serbian nationals. according to greek authorities henderson was killed early friday in a bar fight in a popular tourist destination. henderson, a recent graduate from the university of arizona was on a photo shoot in greece. police have not released a possible motive. iraq's prime minister is celebrating in mosul tonight. they drove i.s.i.s. militants from some of the last strongholds in the city in a nine month campaign.
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however, heavy fighting continues in part of the old city neighborhood near the tigris neighborhood. they control less than a mile of territory in the shattered city. the islamic state fighters are using human shields, suicide bombers in a fight to the death. new information in the allegations of the kremlin connection with the trump campaign. his son, donald jr., is revealing details of a meeting with a russia lawyer known to have ties to the kremlin. abc's diane tells us more. >> reporter: donald trump jr. says in a statement, i was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance who might have information helpful to the campaign. he agreed, and jared kushner and manafort attended. it was at trump tower in june of 2016, two weeks after trump won the republican nomination.
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he met a russian lawyer that stated that individuals connected to russia were supporting mrs. clinton. when he realized the claims were a pretext, ended the meeting. the president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. meanwhile the president is still getting questions about high he dealt with russian president vlad near putin last week. i strongly pressed president putin about russian medaling in the election, he tweeted. he vehemently denied it. >> the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. >> reporter: and he said they discussed working together against cyber threats. we talked about an impenetrable cybersecurity unit. >> putin is a bad guy who tried to undercut our democracy and he's doing it all other the world. >> might as well just mail our ballot boxes to moscow. i don't think that's an answer at all. >> reporter: late sunday he tweeted, the fact that we
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>> i hope not. >> did you see? >> a relaxing day on the open water became anything but for two people on that sailboat. the boat ran aground near the first street beach in north wildwood. hit the rocks and sand around 5:30 this evening. an action news viewer caught it as beach goers rushed to help the vessel. it's not clear how the boat wound up so close to shore. probably allot people on the beach today. a beautiful day. >> it was really nice today, sarah. comfortable conditions, low humidity. increase the humidity just a little bit and bring back the summer time pattern with the pop-up thunderstorms too. show you what's going on
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outside. sky 6 live in hd from the temple university camera looking at center city skyline. quiet night and calm and comfortable. another picture, sky of live at penn's landing. and a lot of folks enjoying what's left of their weekend at the spruce street harbor park. a mostly clear sky and really quiet and comfortable. and a moonlit sky as well. the high today in philadelphia, 83. right now we're 10 degrees cooler in the city. 73. 68 in had trenton. the upper 60s for allentown. 69 in reading. also the upper 60s in lancaster. at the coast in cape may, coming in at 71. fast forward into the day tomorrow. 8:00 in the morning, partly sunny start to the day with a temperature of 72. but by 11 a.m. tomorrow, turning warmer and temperature in at 81 degrees and a pop of shower or thunderstorm is likely as we go throughout the day. they will not be widespread and they won't be lasting all day, but gives an indication that the pattern will be changing for the
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start of our workweek. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you right now, not a whole lot to track across the mid atlantic region. we had high pressure dominating our area. came out of the ohio valley and works its way eastward for the majority of our day. bit time we get into monday, this ridge of high pressure moves offshore. so we tap into return wind flow with the south to southwesterly wind. and that will increase the humidity as we get into the day on monday. but for the rest of tonight, mostly clear, it's pretty comfortable. drop down to 60 in the suburbs and 66 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. on monday it will be a warmer afternoon with ample sunshine overhead. a high temperature in at 89. allentown, 87 degrees. us upper 80s at reading. 82 at the board walk and 88 degrees for wilmington into dover. you will notice an increase in the humidity just a little bit. nothing unbearable. but there will be a trend over the next four days as we track the dew point as the level of
11:24 pm
moisture in the air. tomorrow, lower 60s. so won't be as dry of a day tomorrow as it was today. but moderately humid across the region. then by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, dew point numbers peaking into the upper 60s. so turning more humid. and with the humidity on the rise, there will be a threat of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. so we'll talk about what we can expect for the week ahead. getting into that typical july pattern. we have more humid air moving into the region and that will lead to an increase of scattered showers and storms throughout the afternoon. all in all temperatures this week will be in the 80s and outs. and it does look like as we get into tuesday and beyond, the pattern really becomes unsettled. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast showing on monday, it's a warm day. high temperature in at 89 degrees. and turning more humid as we go throughout the afternoon hours with that south to southwesterly wind there could be a shower or a thunderstorm popping up. on tuesday, it's a hot one in at 93 for the high. afternoon showers and storms
11:25 pm
certainly in the forecast. keep the humidity around on wednesday. with the high in at 91 degrees. and we're above average as we get into the middle half of the workweek. thunderstorms possible. on thursday, clouds and sun. shower and thunderstorm around, 89 for the high. friday, warm, spotty thunderstorm. 88 degrees. and saturday, a partly sunny sky, 89. and next sunday, that's a nice day. sunshine and clouds sharing the sky and a high temperature at 86 degrees. so getting into that pattern once again, sarah, we find those pop-up showers and storms. keep a watchful eye to the sky. it's not a wash out. >> here and there. >> okay. >> members of the newark police department kept everybody cool today. handing out water eyes at the new policing center on main street. officers say it's a way to meet the people they serve, especially the youngest
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get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to well, sixers fans went to bed last night saying, oh, come on. this can't happen again. tonight, breathing a sigh of relief. >> hard to blame them. after everything we have been through as a fan base. but thankfully markell fultz's injury is not serious. sixers fans, you were thinking here we go again. but markell fultz says he feels great today and lucky to be alive after spraining his left ankle. he will miss one to two weeks with the injury. here's fultz walking around just fine tonight without a noticeable limp. and he says that the ankle is not swollen. fultz has been shut down for the rest of the nba summer league in las vegas, but fultz will be
11:30 pm
1700% for training camp. a sigh of relief after rolling his left ankle. this could be a lot worse. what did you learn? >> i think i accomplished being a leader. i have been talking a lot. and, of course, scoring, getting my teammates involved. defensively, i think i improved a lot and i learned a lot of how i'm going to guard the screen and knowing that everybody on this level is faster and quicker. going to be able to play. so i definitely learned a lot. >> fultz on the sidelines tonight helping coach the summer league game against san antonio. ben simmons on hand. fans were chanting trust the process. philly native and star brendan austin, the steal, the slam. sixers down seven at the half. ben simmons, he has high expectations for this sixers team. >> i think it's excite. a great young team and guys ready to put in the work. sky is the limit.


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