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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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solebury citizenship. the local police and fbi are searching for four men and using heavy equipment to find sista sistani -- to cad ever dogs to help them. the entire area is focused like a laser on bucks county. to this moment law enforcement is frustrated in its efforts to uncover the whereabouts of four men missing lines last week. we have walter perez and bob brooks at the location. walter what is going on there today? >> reporter: little in the way of new information at this point but abc news is reporting that it ways ping from a cell phone owned by one of the missing men last week that led them to this part of bucks county and then found a vehicle belonging to mark sturges and here we are. people that know the young men are holding on to hope. >> brenda is a bartender at the
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kindle wick where jimmy patrick works as a runner. he keeps to himself. >> he was on the shy side but you get conversation and a smile. >> and is the center of conversation at the candle wick. >> everybody is talking about it and everybody wants to find all four men that are missing. hope and pray for the best for all of them. >> the massive mant hunt continues and matt weintraub says that this investigation is far from finished but confident it is moving in the right direction. >> we have gotten a ton of leads and been able to eliminate a lot of information which is helping us narrow our focus but we have so much more to do. >> there is still no suspects in the case but yesterday authorities arrested cosmo
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dinardo on an unrelated weapons charge and even though he is not tied to the missing men he say person of interest. >> weintraub was asked if this is the biggest investigation in bucks county, he said if it isn't it's close. >> it's taking massive manpower and we'll see this to the end regardless of what that may be. >> weintraub remains behind bars and the datresss that anyone with information is asked to call police. >> even though nobody is charged in connection with this situation, the dinardo family seems to be at the center of this investigation. it is after all their property that the police and fbi are scouring. "action news" reporter bob brooks has more on this family both prominent in bensalem and
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solebury. >> reporter: jim, yes prominent family they own several businesses mostly in construction. they also own the property here in solebury at the center of this investigation. their son, cosmo, has been arrested but for charges unrelated to this case but is the person of interest in this missing persons case. >> police consider him a flight risk that is likely while cosmo has been arrested. after a weapons charge unrelated to the four missing men but he is the only one named as a person of interest. at his home we got no answer but spoke with a neighbor that wanted to give the family praise. >> they are very nice. >> and thinks highly of 20-year-old cosmo. >> he is a great kid always helping people. >> we found the dinardo to be linked to six businesses mostly construction and owns the 90
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plus property at the center of the investigation every inch above grown and below it. >> we are using major construction equipment down to the finest sifting equipment you can imagine. >> they confirm that a cell phone ping led them to the property and whatever led them here is something big. >> the question that is leaving everyone on edge is what is here at this property? >> the d.a. says he will be back here at 11:00 a.m. with another update. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> bob, thank you. >> needless to say we'll alert you to new developments in this story through the 6 abc app. you can find all the details about this case and raw video from "action news" photographers and chopper 6 hd. the 6 abc app say free download for your mobile device. if you have a news tip,
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please join the action. send the information to or social media using #6abcaction. philadelphia police are trying to determine if two shootings in german town are connected. three people were shot in the early morning hours, the first instant den a 19-year-old woman was shot in the foot. this happened on the 5200 block about midnight and as police investigated that case they heard gun fire two blocks away and investigators believe that a 22-year-old woman was hit by a stray bullet as she left the chinese restaurant in the 1500 block of german town avenue and a 25-year-old man was shot at that location. the two victims are in critical condition. so far no arrests. court wrapped up forever the day at the penn state hazing death case. the hearing will not resume until august 10th and 11th.
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today a state college police detective was cross examined on the stand. this is a preliminary hearing, it's defense attorneys for the 16 fraternity brothers are trying to place the blame for timothy piazza's death elsewhere. emphasizing that drinking was voluntarily. and police have launched an investigation after a man was hurt after an arrest in northeast philadelphia. this is cell phone video showing officers trying to take a suspect into custody, this is the 200 block yesterday morning. one of the offices appeared to slam the man into a pavement and others tried to keep the crowd away and the suspect is seen falling to the ground as an officer tries to load him into a police car and then another officer is seen swinging the man around and hitting his head on an object. it's man received medical attention after being arrested.
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rights now he does not face any charges. police are trying to track down it's young bandits that broke into a bowling alley attached to saint monica's school in south philadelphia. "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist is live inside of the bowling alley, you are inside on west shrunk street. what is the latest there? >> police are trying to identify the young suspects, a whole bunch of them. they broke into the bowling alley owned by the archdiocese advice over two days, they spent hours in here hanging out and then kids play turned to crime. >> the video captured the young suspects inside of saint monica lanes on july 7th and then again on the 8th they were there for two hours in the evening and the next day more showed up. they stayed well into the night. >> i am surprised anyone would
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break into saint monica's we haven't had a break-in ever. >> they got in through the vacant school building and made themselves at home charging their phones and bowling and then their actions turn more nefarious. the suspects took every key to the entire come complex and he is concerned they will come back. >> it started out as kid play and turned more serious as more suspects came and left and came again. it just kept going and stealing and having fun with it. >> the video shows the young suspects breaking into the chain machine and other vending machines and stole electronics and all kinds of other belongings. >> from bowled a few games and made music videos and vandalized and stole some valuables. computers, laptops and cash and change from the vending machines and wiped us out. >> the bowling lanes are in
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operation here since 1961 owned by the archdiocese of philadelphia. the place is a treasured spot in philadelphia and neighbors are talking about a fundraiser to help the bowling alley recoup what was lost. >> to a priest a fundraiser is all a good idea. >> and police are asking that you call south detectives if you have information. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." we have an update we are following in lehigh county. the da charged a former whitehall school teacher for sending sexually explicit messages through snap chat. he was arraigned today on charges of unlawful can't with a minor and corruption of minors, he resigned in february. still to come on "action news" at tonight. a program that is changing and
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saving lives. by putting people to work. one man shares his success story. and a group of eagles players fly west to join their quarterback for a mini camp in fargo, north dakota. >> temperatures flew into the 90s today 91 in philadelphia that is 4 degrees above average and the heat and humidity intensifies as we head through the week and gets stormy. i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and we'll meet a local all around athlete headed abroad to rent the usa in the pan am games.
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this summer, journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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new at 6:00 it's called power core it transformed the lives of some young philadelphians that are in a position to do the same to others. jeanette reyes got a firsthand look today. >> down near the delaware river at pennypack park this morning, you would find a dozen tower core volunteers clearing up and watering over 50 trees. >> all trees need to be watered for the first two summers. >> and among the hard working crew you also find an incredible young man with quite the inspiring story. >> i have been in jail before, and you know gun violence and i have been shot a few times. i did some things that you know, i don't really like speaking about. >> 25-year-old khalif jones grew up in north philly and including jail time for selling drugs and a devastating loss. >> my mother died a few years back, it will be four years on
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friday. >> was this your rock bottom your moms loss? >> but then jones got involved in power core a program that partners with the city of philadelphia for environmental steward ship initiatives. jones rose through the ranks graduating from general manager to associate crew leader. >> he is incredible and i would not necessarily call him a diamond in the rough. we have four alumni crew leaders. >> mr. khalif entires me. >> and he watched jones his mentor over the last few months. >> he showed me i don't have to be if the streets. >> and just as water brings life to the young trees he tells you that power core transformed his growth. >> power core came and changed my life. it saved me from myself. >> he loves working for power core but his career plans don't end here and he would like to
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start his own nonprofit organization reaching out to young adults with a similar background. channel 6 "action news."
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it is called camp carson and now in session. >> some players that were never in north dak may feel like they in the movie city slicker. they are in a far far place, fargo, north dakota. carson wentz is holding a mini camp for skilled position players. this is the precursor to eagles training camp. that begins in 13 days. nelson aguilar and alshon jeffrey. it's bonding and play. >> we got almost all the receiver out here this summer. they flew in and was like what is the heck is this place and they love it though. we got a lot of work in and
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means a lot that we got this many guys to come out. marlins park in miami has put on its best face, the mlb all-star game is tonight. pat kneeshack with wears the national league jersey. the outcome will no longer determine home field advantage in the world series. >> the competition is there of course. i think that the best record in baseball should have home field advantage no matter what so that is definitely good. and five time champion venus williams is on to the championship for the tenth time and novak djokovic wins today. finally thousands of local athletes that excel at track and field at a specific discipline how about a teenager tops in ten
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different events. this soon to be senior at german town academy is about to showcase his tal ens at an international stage. >> attack -- >> when it comes to track and field kyle garland can literally do it all. >> that is cake baby. i saw that. >> the 1-year-old competes in the decathlon and is one of the best in the country. just last month he qualified for the junior pan am games the youngest to ever qualify for the competition. >> to represent my country and wear the letters usa on my chest keeps me humble be keep working. >> keith garhand is kyle's coach and father. grueling hours in the heat but share a common goal to be the best. >> so much excitement going through my head. a great feeling to know that i will be able in a week to travel
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to a different country, and compete for my country to go foo a competition and compete for team usa. >> as a coach i say go higher, but as a dad, tears in my eyes and chest out that is me and that is how i feel about him. >> the international competition is a huge one but only the beginning, kyle plans is dreaming big. he plans to be bigger and better than anyone in the decathlon. >> why not him? he is focus and hungry. >> want to be an olympian and be the best in the world. i want to come out and say, i'm the best decage leat to ever do it. >> it's not just on track and field, he is a b plus student at german town academy. >> i will not bet against him. coming up on "action news" the accuweather forecast.
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today is day one of a likely heat wave. take it easy, lets go live to sky 6 hd taking a look at dillworth park where they are doing yoga this evening. if you are exercising outside lift tonight your body and drink lots of water and stay hydrated. it's hot out there and we have not had a lot of storm activity to cool us off. double scan live radar showing there are storms out to the west but weakening as they push to the east we had scattered storms
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across south jersey earlier this afternoon but the big story is the heat as jim mentioned this is the first day of what is likely be the heat wave number four. and thursday is the worst of it. this is an excessive heat watch and 100 to 105. and each day a chance of strong storms with heavy downpours especially on thursday into friday as the cold front sneaks through. right now it's about the heat currently 91 degrees in philadelphia. the high for the day and allentown 86 and trenton 96 degrees and dover 90 degrees and currently in cape may 84 degrees, not just the heat but the humidity. you add that to the temperatures, you get the heat index. it shows it's uncomfortable out here. philadelphia feels like 94 degrees, and dover is pretty high and the heat index in the triple digitsp and allentown 91 and same in trenton and atlantic city airport feels like 96 degrees.
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satellite 6 along with action radar showing storms to the west moving east and fall ago part but a few could sneak in and calling for the possibility of a stray thunderstorm and otherwise warm and humid and 70 in the suburbs and 76 for center city and the normal low is 69. tomorrow we do it all over again. hot and humid again 92 degrees and with this front up to the north could get a spotty thunderstorm. on thursday this is when the temperature climbs up to 95 degrees it's even more humid and the heat index above 100 as the front gets closer, more thunderstorms are expected and that will continue into friday and the heat wave is over. we look at a three day heat wave. the good place to be there week down at the shore looking nice tomorrow. it's muggy and warm and not as excessive inland beach haven you will and ocean city 87 and the ocean temperature comfortable 73 degrees. it's exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast still in the steam bath tomorrow. 92 degrees and the heat index close to 100 and stray thunderstorms late in the day and thursday is highlighted because this is the day it will be oppressive. 95 degrees and heat index above 100 and thunderstorms late in the day and friday that front will just limp through, that means more thunderstorms with heavy downpours on and off through the day and have localized flooding, a high of 81 degrees and humid and then it clears out nicely in time for the weekend saturday sun mixing with clouds and 84 degrees and lower humidity sunday and seasonably warm and not all that humid and 87 degrees and monday the possibility of a thunderstorm and partly sunny and warming up to 89 degrees and heat and humidity continues and i'll have the timing of the storms at 11:00. >> thank you. the ocean city police and fire department took part in a friendly competition today. they teamed up with the american red cross for the first ever battle of the badges blood
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drive, the community members were encouraged to join the departments and donate blood at st. john lutheran church and the fire department won by four donations but the real winners are people that benefit from the life saving gift. abc world news tonight with david muir next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17, with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and it's entire okay team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the russian connection. donald trump jr.'s e-mails revealed. agreeing to a meeting, told he would get information that would incriminate hillary clinton. those e-mails revealing he was told it was the russian government trying to help his father win. don jr. replying in the e-mail, if it's what you say it is, i love it. also at this hour, the russian lawyer with reported ties to the kremlin who came from moscow to the trump tower. she is not speaking out about the meeting with don jr., and paul manafort. who is she? what did she bring? also moments ago on the deadly military crash. the c-130 with 15 marines and a sailor on board, we're on the scene. the close call at san francisco airport. what we have learn


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