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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:27pm EDT

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murdering or participating in the murders of all four men in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. it's thursday night and the big story is cosmo's confession. we got word of it a short time ago from cosmo dinardo's attorney paul lang he is live at the courthouse in doylestown we have the confession the first time we have absolute confirmation that all four men are dead. jim, an extraordinary development unfolding within the last hour within the last few minutes we can say. we know that cosmo dinardo is in the building behind me meeting with the district attorney along with his own private attorneys, we have video coming out of that building into a sheriff vehicle in an orange jump suit he gave a
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full confession being involved in the commission of or participating in all four murders. dinardo telling reporter he was sorry. this is his attorney, paul lang explaining. >> in exchain for the confession mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. mr. cosmo did give the full confession and he was forthright and gave all relevant details that he could. >> reporter: lang saying his client gave a full confession and the death penalty is off the table and lang says his client feels deep remorse and agreed to be truthful about everything that happened in recent days including the location of all
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four bodies. and lang was asked if others were involved. he declined to say and left it up to law enforcement. and matt weintraub is planning to have a news conference again later tonight and there would be significant developments and we know what the significant very manies are. cosmo dinardo confessing to the murders of those four mens that have been missing for days. live in doylestown, channel 6 "action news." thank you. now lets go live no solebury and "action news" report, gray hall, the focus here is on doylestown but we have a different kind of active situation at the dinardo farm. exactly right, the massive search continued here in bucks county and so did the wait from the families for word of their missing loved ones and got the
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huge news moments ago. here is the search area, despite the confession by cosmo dinardo the search will continuhe massive farmland owned by dinardo's family. at midnight came the sad news for the family of of dean finocchiaro. his body was found in a grave 12 feet edema long with other remains. >> he will tell them how did he kill them and where did he kill them. these were things he would have to try to put together like a jigsaw puzzle. >> all right so back out live, that big news is the confession by 20-year-old cosmo dinardo and
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now investigators have work to do and they must positively identify the remains of the other three missing men. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and the dig for the remains on the farm in solebury rocked an otherwise quiet community. >> i don't know what to say. it never really happened around here like this. we are devastated. it's horrible. >> it's a tragedy for the last five days and everyone is traumatized i have been able to think straight. >> and the grandparents of jimmy patrick released a biography. jimmy attends loyola on a full scholarship and was awarded academic recognition on the deans list proud parents tonight who are devastated. >> we'll alert you to the stories on the 6 abc app find the latest details on the case
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including it's confession of cosmo dinardo along with raw video from chopper 6 hd and it's a free download for your mobile device. we have an afternoon of tornado warnings through much of the tri-state area. lets get the latest information from cecily tynan and accuweather. >> the good news is any tornado warnings are canceled by the national weather service and a tornado warning for berks cone and extended for chester and montgomery and the bad news is we have heavy hitting storms and double scan live showing we have a couple of isolated storms to the south and the focus of the stormy weather has been kind of this conveyer belt of storms north of philadelphia and they are all tracking to the east and heavy downpours with them with the high humidity levels and the potential for damaging wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and some hail. this updated live on the air, we have a severe thunderstorm warning posted for parts of minneapolis and bucks county
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this includes landsdale and horsham the cell i'm tracking has the potential for damaging win gusts and a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:15 for parts of south jersey including ocean county and burlington county and eastern mercer county. this is stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the first cell i was talking about and this one has a little bit of lightning. we have about a dozen lightning strikes and the problem with that is heavy rain. you see the area of red that is crossing 611 now and headed through horsham and willow grove and to newtown and langhorne and moving up to the east-northeast and this is the cell that promptsed the other severe thunderstorm warning and this right now is just to the south of i-95 jackson mills and this has a lot of lightning strikes just to the east of new egypt 114 lightning strikes notice
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last few minutes, anyone in the area you hear the thunder and lightning and get inside immediately. any lightning strikes can strike away from the storm. you hear the rumble of thunder you have to seek shelter immediately. a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. this is the northern two-thirds of our viewing area, what is going on is a cold front sneaking down from the north and this is encountering the heat and humidity and this is triggering the potential for damaging wind gusts. the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9:00. what this front will do is put an end to the fourth heat wave of the year. tuesday 91 and wednesday 91 and so far today 94 degrees and the normal high 84 degrees. and heat indexes in the triple digit. this ended the heat wave and tomorrow i expect more ride spread storms, we'll talk more
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about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. during this very turbulent weather, you can rely on storm tracker 6 radar on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is free for your mobile device. coming up on "action news" tonight. there is a newest to combat the opioid crisis in delaware county. the mandatory punishment authorities are pushing for. and camp carson wentz reaction from the players and their time spent in the home town of the eagles quarterback. and lets go down the shore and melissa magee. >> reporter: yes jim we are at mikes in sea isle city a popular spot for seafood. are you guys hungry? >> yes! >> we have quite is the spread whata head of the new jersey state crab festival. we are hungry with quite the spread. we have more on that and the
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accuweather forecast. >> thank you. those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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new at 6:00 a grand jury indicted a teacher on grand e and a projector. he worked as al education t for six years. he resignedfteris arrest in may. officials in delaware countl a bill that increasing prison time for heroin dealers. introduced by james santoro says
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they receive minimum of fiveyea guidelines calls now for just 6 months in prison. guys are mur plain and simple. they are murderers and have to be treated and take the kid gloves off and whack them and put them in jail where they belong. >> and a new category of crime re >> and it's visable in lphia. today dozens of volunteers fanned out to clean up hope p on indiana avenue, an area where addicts andrs are known together. and it extended to vacants of building. formed by neighborhood groups in response to the destruction, the heroin epidemic is causing.
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approved back pay for state employees ily furloughed by the state shut down. governor chris christie plans to sign the build and state beaches and parks andcle offices and other services were shut down from july 1 the 3rd nd the length slature failed to agree on abud the trial for bill cosby cost montgomery county $219,000. overtime pay was the biggest expense law enforcement and court personnel received $1 $129,000 ands for jurors from out of county was $74,000 and this will all happen again for the retrial. >> at cherry hill we
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phillies getting ready to start the sond half. pete mackanin saysbett says the. manager pete mcconon hopes it's a wake-up call and that guy need to play better if they want ton this team. citizens bank park are ready to roll out to the a kee where the second half tomorrow after a major league worst 29 wins in the first . they need to play better or els guys may lose their job. >> i think we need to make changes in certain areas and unless everybody just turns the corner and we end up having an outstanding second half and show a ton of improvement we'll have to re-evaluate. it boils down to these guys need to show improvement to the second half. this is what it's all about and
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these guys have to understand there is an urgency involved. >> and phillies starter valesquez hopes to join the lineup. he makes a rehab start for clearwater. sixers number one pick, markelle fultz is talking playoffs but leave it for joel embiid to shoot for the stars, the sixers big man says he has way bigger goals. >> want to win a championship next year so me saying my teammate has to follow my lead and put in the work every day and keep on getting better. >> how about that championship talk, embiid will not play but named to the nba african team. tixers fans will have to wait until the season opener to see joe joe. lebron james checking out the sixers in las vegas.
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getting out balled by the lakers in the summer league and they play the bulls tomorrow in their consolation game after ball dropped 11 points and the second overall pick after markelle fultz. the sixers drew a 16 point lead and jordan matthews says they will not win a super bowl based on they are work in fargo, north dakota but the chemistry they build out there will not hurt their cause. wentz wrapped up with four days of workouts with receiver and golf and jet skiing and goofing around and carson wentz went from third string quarterback to leader of this team. what has he learned? >> the best surprise is going from the college to the nfl, the biggest fear was everyone is there for themselves it's just a business. it is a business but there are real relationships in that
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locker room and we are all just normal guys, and we all want the same thing to win ball games. camp opened in 11 days. >> the last time venus won wimbledon the phillies won the world series it was a long time ago. venus can now win her sixth wimbledon title on saturday. the 37-year-old could be the holdest woman to win in the opener ra. don't call her old she can still do it. >> thank you. if you were in the winfield section of philadelphia you may have had to do a double take, this is not president trump although he did get at least one salute. this is impersonatorbob, who
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brought his best trump impression and make america great hat, the gift of aigned te patients a look. tomorrowec stotoe find ou
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fans out t odashing wereng at aor philadelphia and tsll ahead of a c e looking at 217 15te they hea wind, and some obe county this
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getting r todayvy thundetormh e potential wustsomalso this is showing what is going o tre r css part of his severorquite aning aanhelarc warning the potential again of wind gusts of up to 60 miles per beginning to a come apa but still 81ight ng a lot and thiss ftheacrainfall rates inches per hour ah of befallinant to benotloodedoa a
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very uncomfortable it's warm and up to the north and derstorms my severe thundorm watch until 9:00. quiets morning commute anded storms and most of theivy tomorrow shoul later in the day. this is when we have the risk of more severe thunderstorming and not getting them today. down the shore keep your eye to deve 76 and the rkend littl a breeze and high of 83. the e fove ore sut hot with a high of 90 degrees, get used to temperatures in the 90s. monday and tuesday 90 degrees with scattered thunderstorms and
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s more humid increases wane and with highs in the low 90s. heat wave number five is on the way next week tonight and tomorrow very stormy. >> thank you cecily. we'll update our big story tonight. a confession from cosmo dinardo te bucksillings of four men y. clients a that he taken off ctims and the body of dean f finch butentithey ca a common ga property in solebury township. that belongs to cosmo dinardo's family and the district attorney will hold a news conference at some point that evening and we'll learn even more.
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abc world news ton with davidtir rogers. f entire "acti onyo.jim gardner, we
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. we have just learned of a confession after a gruesome discovery. dog sniffers finding bodies buried 12 feet down after four young men vanished. what the attorney for the man under arrest just revealed. president trump on the world stage asked about his son, don junior. and the russian lawyer who flew from moscow and went to trump tower. what the president said about his son, and what the president also said to the first lady of france, making headlines too. the newest republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare revealed tonight.
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reaction pouring in right now. what does it mean for seniors, preexisting conditions and medicaid that covers millions? at this hour, we're tracking storms about to hit from philly up through new york and new england. and a spot
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