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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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deficient storm drain threatens local life and property and that's next. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. it will forever be known as cosmo's confession. cosmo dinardo admits that he killed or took part in the killings of the four missing bucks county men after selling them marijuana. word is he killed them
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separately and then burned their bodies before burying them on the family's solebury township farm leaving bucks county court today dinardo said this. >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it? >> reporter: i'm sorry. thursday night the big story on action news tonight mystery solved and while we are still waiting for answers to a number of questions we know that dinardo said i did it in exchange for that confession prosecutors will not seek the death penalty and we go to trish hartman in solebury with the full story of what happened today and tonight. >> reporter: we will not be hearing from prosecutors tonight about the confession of cosmo dinardo. we won't hear from them until a press conference at 11:00 tomorrow and we heard the bomb shell confession earlier this evening as investigators worked for a fifth day on the dinardo property. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: those two words from 20-year-old cosmo dinardo
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of bensalem i'm sorry after confession to the murders of four missing men. >> confessed in the participation and commission of the murders of the four young men in exchange for that confession mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> reporter: dinardo also told investigators the location of the body. the deal was made after five days of searching for the four young men 19-year-old dean finocchiaro of middletown township 19-year-old jimi tar patrick 22 mark sturgis of pensburg and 21-year-old tom meo of plumb stead according to the associated press someone with firsthand knowledge of dinardo confession said he killed each of the victims separately after selling them marijuana and then burned their bodies at his family's farm. the source also said dinardo had a co-conspirator in three killings and said they were killed after dinardo was cheated
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after three drug transactions and have painstakingly searched the 90 acre property belonging to his family in addition to two other properties in solebury and bensalem owned by the dinardo and led to this spot on the farmland off route 202 where they dug and sifted through the dirt and dean finocchiaro in the 12 1/2 foot common grave on wednesday has been identified and district attorney matt weintraub said the families of the victims are holding up remarkably well. >> i'm very grateful for their trust in us it really means the world to us and keeps us strong and keeps us going. >> reporter: he tweeted he had no response to dinardo's attorney's statements and he is still calling dinardo a person of interest. again we expect to hear from the district attorney at 11:00 tomorrow morning. reporting in solebury township trish hartman channel six action news. a veteran former f.b.i. agent says today's confession take as lot of pressure off
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investigators in their search for evidence in this case. >> the confession obviously is a game changer for the investigators and the prosecutor here and presumably in the confession he will provide details they are trying to figure out forensically now and will fill in a lot of the holes and it's going to allow him a process that is faster, he will tell them is there more than one spot the body is buried, where are they buried how did they kill him and they will have to put it together from the jig saw puzzle from the forensic they are doing and because it's taking so long with the digging and excavation and him providing information presumably they are trusting the information he is providing is accurate that makes the forensic evidence recovery a lot easier. >> reporter: action news reporter gray hall has been at logan square shopping center in neighboring new hope where predictably everybody has been talking about the murder confession late today.
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>> reporter: jim it would be difficult to find anyone in the community who does not know about the story or who is not talking about it and tonight most of the people we talked to say they were not surprised by today's confession. it is a murder mystery that has gripped people living in bucks county. >> even like people i know across the country have been talking about it. >> reporter: thursday evening came that huge bomb shell in the disappearances of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, 22-year-old mark sturgis, 21-year-old tom meo and 19-year-old jimi tar patrick. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo the person of interest confessed to the missing men's murders and his admission is buzzing through communities like wildfire. >> the community i've heard a lot of people interested and shocked this could happen in our little sleepy community. i'm not i do not subscribe to that. like things happen everywhere. >> i just hope it never happens again, never. >> reporter: for days many have been glued to details of this case following each development and waiting on that next update. midnight thursday investigators
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confirmed the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro was discovered in a grave with other human remains on a property owned by dinardo's family, most people we talked to say they were not surprised by his confession. >> it was just sort of like the next logical piece to the story for me so i'm not in any way like shocked by this. >> reporter: the murder mystery is finally solved but this crime has disrupted a community. as the case moves through the legal system many are looking for things to return to normal residen residents say thoughts are with the four young men who lost their lives and families who will forever miss them. >> the confession, there is not much really to say about that but i'm glad that the families do have some closer. >> reporter: still tonight this community still talking about the story no doubt and will be talking about this case for days and likely months to come also many people asking in this community they are wondering if 20-year-old cosmo dinardo acted alone that question likely will be answered as this case moves
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forward. that is the latest from here in new hope gray hall channel six action news. >> and you can continue to follow the story on the 6abc app right now we have the latest on today's stunning developments along with the complete timeline of this investigation. and the action news morning team will be on the air with any overnight breaks in this case beginning at 4:30. other news tonight this evening severe storms prompted tornado warnings and we wait for official word from the national weather service we are surveying the damage in burkes county a tree came down on a house fair view street in mulenburg township and roads were overwhelmed by the damage of rain with cars slashing through the street flooding there. it was less intense in chelten ham montgomery county and drenching for drivers and pedestrians there tonight. all right metrologist cecily tynan has the latest on this
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accuweather alert from six live. >> double scan live showing our weather is settling down at a line of storms that prompted tornado warn severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings and activity to the west and the actual front that triggered the storms has yet to move through that will happen tomorrow so we could have another round of this tomorrow but this is what is left of it any of the thunder and lightning you have been experienced down the shore has moved off shore we just have one little batch of some showers in cape may county, reeds beach and stone harbor moving out so we are settling down overnight after some pretty intense storms earlier this evening amety brooks county trees uprooted as we saw potstown reporting 3 quarter inch hail and jackson township rain in an inch in a half in 30 minutes and allentown reporting hail. part of the reason why it was fueled with heat and humidity. this is officially heat wave number four started on tuesday
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91 we matched that today or yesterday, today 94 degrees. the heat index above 100. tomorrow the risk of more severe storms i'll have details on the timing of that and what it means for your weekend in the accuweather seven-day forecast jim. >> thank you cecilily president donald trump and french president emmanuel spent this day together in paris amid the granduer of government buildings getting ready for tomorrow's bastille celebration and at the news conference trump defended his son don junior and his meeting with the russian lawyer who supposedly had dirt on hillary clinton. said trump my son is a wonderful man. from a practical standpoint he said most people would have taken that meeting a french reporter reminded trump of not so nice things trump said about paris during the campaign but today trump took a different tone. >> it's going to be just fine because you have a great president, you have somebody that is going to run this
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country right and i'm coming back. you better do a good job please otherwise you're going to make me look very bad. >> later in the day trump raised some eyebrows because of what he said to francis first lady. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee wants junior to testify and the senator sent a letter requesting cooperation but that he would subpoena the president's oldest son if necessary. the iowa republican says he wants trump junior to appear quote pretty soon and it could be as early as next week. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today released the revised healthcare plan and already two republican senators ran paul of kentucky and susan collins of maine have said they are against it one more no vote and it dies a painful death and
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allows insurers to sell low cost skimpy policies as long as they sell policies with services and cost more for people with preexisting conditions the plan does keep obama taxes on the wealthy and that money would go to states to lower premiums and deductibles. massive cuts to medicaid would remain. still to come on action news tonight an electrocution accident in south jersey plus plane danger a trackic turn at a popular tourist spot on a caribbean island and that sinking feeling a montgomery business owner says his auto shop is collapsing action news investigation gets to the bottom of why his city might be responsible cecily. >> well the heat eases tomorrow and tracking another day of oppressive humidity and stormy weather, changes for the weekend followed by heat wave number five. i'll have it all in the accuweather seven-day forecast. plus the chemical found in most mac and cheese that researchers
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are warning parents about and jeff skversky with joel embiid's claim about this sixers season when action news continues tonight. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped.
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a tourist has been killed by a jet blast on the edge of a runway in the caribbean after losing her grip on a fence and happened yesterday in st. maarten tourists often stand on the edge of the runway as justs take off with blasts 100 and several have been injured over the years but this is the first fatality former president jimmy carter is in the hospital tonight after suffering dehydration hoping to build homes in canada carter is 92 years old was working at a habitat for humidity construction site today and became ill and expected to be okay carter and his wife roslyn are active volunteers with habitat this is the 34th project that they have worked on. now to an action news investigation and a question of which side is standing on solid ground. it is a huge storm drain in desperate need of repair, lives and properties are at risk but
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who is going to pay for it? investigative reporter chad pradelli brings us underneath norristown. >> this is completely rotted away. >> reporter: steel beams crowded and wood rotted and the concrete above sagging this is a storm drain running under the norristown auto body shop. >> i don't need to repeat myself that no one dies and no one is seriously hurt. >> reporter: attorney represents him who bought the business in 1978. >> this is the part that is caving in. >> reporter: the 67-year-old says his shop is collapsing. >> it's cracking all the way around and this door, see. >> norristown completely turned their back on the issue. >> i was ready to retire until the problem happened we had a buyer. >> reporter: under the property is part of the sawmill run watershed and a flood control program through the heart of downtown norristown and he went
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to the burrow in 2015 and officials wrote this letter stating each property owner is responsible for the portion of the channel that runs below their private property and came after pennsylvania environmental protection told them that it was a major safety hazard and should be addressed by the burrow immediately. >> i don't know how it can be a property owner's responsibility since it doesn't necessarily service them the property owner. >> reporter: and they are not alone. up arch street michael hoffman's parking lot has growing holes. >> we are hoping it doesn't swallow the car. >> reporter: declined repeated request for an on camera interview and released a statement emphasizing private property owners are responsible for repairs under their property but he says norristown passed this resolution in 1964 a green it was responsible for maintenance of the flood control
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project and just last month the dep told action news quote it is dep's position that the burrow of norristown is responsible for the storm drain in question. >> this is a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: he is trying to get the burrow to pay for repairs on the culvert and auto shop as the case slowly plays out in federal court the business owners can only watch their properties with the weary eye. >> i would like-to-step to the plate that is their responsibility to take care of it. >> reporter: no one can tell the cost to repair the culvert but it's money the business owners don't have, the attorney said they could apply for state and federal grants to repair it but have refused to do so, i'm chad pradelli channel six action news. authorities identified a roofer electrocuted this afternoon working in salem county police say 54-year-old down was installing a roof on
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100 hyland avenue in pennsville when his ladder came in contact with a line and a second was shocked and hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries the chester county man accused of mocking and then sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy in may is facing additional charges tonight the district attorney alleges that barry backer let them on a two week manhunt after first making bail and sought on unrelated warrants and authorities say his fiancee was also arrested for helping him flee. tuition in pennsylvania state schools will go up 3.5% starting in the fall, that translates to a 254 hike rising to 7492 in our area the schools are west chester chaney and cooks town and 14 university hugher education system needs more money to fill a budget hole of over 70 million and health check at 11:00 a new study finds a
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serious concern about the chemicals used in mac and cheese, 29 out of 30 cheese products tested had falates in them they are chemicals and linked to various problems in growing children and even disrupt hormones in the womb but not ban by the fda the researchers say concentration were four times higher in powdered cheese than solid and natural and string cheese the study says the problem is not with one particular brand but the result of leaching during the manufacturing and packaging of mac and cheese. it was a sea of pink tonight at the picket post swim club in chester brook two teams dressed in pink to support a beloved coach diagnosed with breast cancer and coach lisa is so admired that the opposing team joined in the tribute. and she says tonight's event was a complete surprise.
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>> unbelievable, totally amazed had no idea, just unbelievable, unconditional love and support from the team and from the parents and the other team as well. >> reporter: supporters also whipped up some pink cup cakes and held signs saying why they love lisa, a great gesture to give a boost to a woman who clearly has had an enormous impact on the children that she has coached and be friended obviously a very special young lady. >> she is clearly touched by the support. >> clearly accuweather forecast we had a tumultous day. >> could do it tomorrow and settled down and sky six looking at uss new jersey on this warm humid night no storms now but this was certainly not the case earlier this evening, in fact, want to share this photo. jimmy sent this to me. he took this from the jetty taking a look at the cape may lewis ferry what i like about it is you see four branches of the
11:22 pm
cloud-to-ground lightning and also see how it lights up not only the sky but also reflecting over the delaware bay and part of the reason why the storms are so intense is the fact that the atmosphere is just loaded with moisture. if you look at the dew points the dew point 72 philadelphia, 78 in dover, that is really a tropical air mass dew points do not get much higher than that and unfortunately if you are hoping for a change of the dew points tomorrow really won't be the case tomorrow is still oppressive humidity and not quite as warm 71 degrees and over the weekend notice the dew points will drop before they rise as we head into next week so we do get a break over the weekend but right now you step outside it still feels pretty warm out there curntlike 80 phi same in wilmington millville a little cooler 74 feels like 78 degrees in cape may. satellite and radar showing the storms that rolled through that did bring severe weather especially north and west of philadelphia all triggered from a cold front and the front is still up to our north. won't be clearing the region
11:23 pm
until late tomorrow night so what this means another round of possibly severe storms so future tracker showing could get some wet weather in the morning, 8:00 in the morning showing some scattered showers around and looks like really the stronger storms should hold off until the afternoon by 3:30 some strong to severe storms continuing into friday if you have friday night plans take an umbrella and then it all clears on saturday so this is what to expect tomorrow, again like tonight not everyone will see the storms but those who do expect torrential downpours with the atmosphere loaded up with all that water vapor, ponding only roads possible some localized flooding dangerous lightning you hear the thunder get inseed immediately and also potential for powerful wind gusts and even a possibiltyf you are heading to beach tomorrow keep your eyes of thunder thunderstorms late in the day and humid day and 76 on saturday you will be getting a land breeze 85 degrees mixture
11:24 pm
of sun and clouds and sunday should be beautiful re is 64 so exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we are out of the heat wave tomorrow at 87 degrees but oppressive humidity with some gusty thunderstorms a few rounds possible saturday a breath of fresh air warm but not that humid 87 and bump it up to 90 on sunday humidity returns on monday with a high of 90, 90 again on tuesday with scattered storms you see the theme here, wednesday bump it up to 92 and thursday hot and humid 93 with mo storms possible so we get a little bit of a break over the weekend then heat wave number five moves in next week. >> thank you cecily, jimmy kimmel live11:30 after action news and tonight jimmy interviews a young man from delaware county. >> what was your previous interest before me? >> i don't know. probably like cleaning or something. i can't remember. [ laughter ] that is will rubin who held a
11:25 pm
jimmy kimmel theme barmisfa and that is coming up, right after action news.
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years and not won an nba title in 34 years and embiid is shooting for the stars listen to this. >> i want to win the championship next year so me saying that is my teammates got to follow my lead and i got to put in the work everyday and just keep on getting better. >> reporter: wow championship next year and how about this despite getting fined by the nba for cursing the out cursing and embiid says he is not sorry and here is embiid tonight if he regrets cursing on his instagram account. >> i say something that i think most people want to say that. [ laughter ] but i said it and i'm glad i said. >> glad he said it. this thing is never going to end. after a couple days down the shore in stone harbor phillies manager pete mackanin is refreshed for the second half
11:30 pm
starting in milwaukee and starting with the worst record in baseball mackanin says you can expect changes over the next few months and phillies players better shape up or ship out. >> i think we need to make changes in certain areas and unless everybody just turns the corner and we end up having an outstanding second half and show a ton of improvement we are going to have to reevaluate. these guys have to understand there is an urgency involved if that i want to be with us down the road. >> reporter: mackanin says if you were a betting man he would bet changes are coming still to come in sports carson wentz summer camp is a hit and hear from wentz when we come right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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camp carson in fargo north dakota was a success according to carson wentz the eagles
11:34 pm
quarterback and receiver wrapping it up after four days of workouts and heading their separate ways until training camp in 11 days and is ready to go and believes this session will help build trust and chemistry as well as timing out in fargo. >> they loved it they loved it. they thought they were the nicest people in the world were out here and i've been telling them for a long time. they had a lot of fun and good work in a couple mornings, had some fun. >> hopefully this will translate to some january football, some playoffs for the eagles. >> that would be nice. >> yes it would. >> jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line and his guest tonight is will rubin the delaware county boy and jackson alex and music from tlc from the entire action news team i'm jim gardner good night. ♪ action news is brought by
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barbara on the boulevard where all they do is discount dodge jeep chrysler and ram are they the best boy, i guess. >> who is our biggest fan. >> the jimmy camel show. >> "jimmy camel live" starts right now. >> the streets of hollywood. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- curtis "50 cent" jackson. rock climber alex honnold. and music from tlc featuring snoop dogg. and now, if it's all right with you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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