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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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25 miles per hour. this view alone we've had more than 500 lightning strikes in the past five minutes. also the potential for damaging winds up to 60 miles an hour and we have had some reports of hail. so the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. it's actually just updated. this is until 5:15 tonight for much of cumberland county all of cape may county and some of atlantic county for the potential for damaging winds and hail with this storm. so, zooming in on the storm, millville has reported a wind gust at the airport 58 miles per hour. and as we zoom in you can see some very heavy rain just in the east, route 55 right now it's moving over dorothy, moving towards mays landing. a lot of people are driving to the shore tonight so i do want to stress be careful. some roads could be flooded. i want to show you another cell that currently is right over brigantine so hopefully everyone's off the beaches right now. so very heavy rain moving there. that also continues to push to the east at about 20 miles per
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hour went will see the risk of severe weather until about 9 o'clock tonight and the potential for flash flooding. we have a lot of flash flood works from -- warnings until 5:45 as much as 2-inches an hour of rain. we'll talk about the weekend and what to expect behind this system coming up in the full accuweather forecast. rick and monica. >> all right cecily. thank you. now to the conclusion of that of murder mystery in bucks county that's put an entire neighborhood on edge for weeks. >> i am very, very relieveed to say that we've brought 41 men one step closer to their loved ones and so that they can rest in peace. >> this afternoon officials announced they found the remains of all four men who disappeared last week and now two twas spent-year-olds are behind bars accused of shooting and killing the victims after an apparent series of drug deals that went wrong. >> we have live team coverage tonight tracking the still
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active investigation and what's neck for the two men at the center of the murders. we begin with "action news" reporter gray hall live in bucking ham township tonight where those suspects appeared in court this afternoon. gray. >> reporter: well, rick and monica, i can tell you both suspects were in court about 3:00 p.m. via video conference with that judge. the district attorney's office argued that both men are a flight risk and a danger to the community. the judge agreed and quickly denied bail. >> both defendants were held without bail. obviously the allegations consist of both mr. dinardo and mr. kratz committing multiple murders over a week long period, bail was appropriately set at zero. >> reporter: just moments after 20-year-old cosmo dinardo and sean kratz faced a judge via video conference for the murders of four men in solebury township in bucks county we heard from first assistant d.a. greg shore about the judge's decision to
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deny bail. the d.a.'s officers, office says it was not surprised by the judge's ruling. we learned kratz doesn't have an attorney. the d.a. requested both kratz and dinardo be held in separate jails. the judge agreed. >> it's typical in any case where there's co-defendants and there could be dangers to them or other prisoners we move one of those prisoners to another prison in order to assure the safety of both them as well as other prisoners. >> reporter: the proceeding was quick and neither man showed emotion remorse for the crimes they're accused of. >> to see their loved ones in the grounds has been an overwhelming experience for the families certainly first and foremost and i think all of us involved. i mean our hope is to minimize their pain going forward through a successful prosecution. >> reporter: and back out live as we mentioned kratz does not have an attorney as of yet but cosmo dinardo's
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attorney was next to him via video conference but had nothing to say when the judge asked if he had any questions. a preliminary hearing is that scheduled for july 31st. live in buckingham township, gray hall channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, gray, thank you. our coverage continues tonight with "action news" reporter trish hartman. she's live in doylestown where officials broke the news of those positive identifications earlier today. trish. >> reporter: well, rick we now know according to prosecutors what really happened to those four men who have been missing for about a week. in court documents and in this afternoon's press conference, the district attorney laid out the events according to accused murderer cosmo dinardo. joined by members of various law enforcement agencies d.a. matt weintraub says if it weren't for the confession of the cosmo dinardo they might still be looking for jimmy patrick's body.
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on july 7th dinardo told investigators he and his cousin, sean kratz, lured dean finocchiaro tom meo and mark sturgis to the property under the guise of drug deals. dinardo and kratz then allegedly shot the three and put their bodies in a metal tank and burned the bodies before returning the next day to bury the bodies with a backhoe. >> we found them deep in the ground under an old oil tank that was converted to a cooker about 12 and a half feet down and in the sweltering heat and the dust and the pouring down rain many of the men that you seep behind me and many of the men and women that they represent worked tirelessly nonstop selflessly around the clock. we had to force them to leave when their shifts were over. they insisted that they be there every step of the way. >> reporter: dinardo and kratz have been charged with
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homicide conspiracy robbery and abuse of corpse. in exchange for dinardo's confession, the district attorney has agreed not to pursue the death penalty. reporting live in doylestown trish hartman channel6 "action news." rick and monica. >> thank you trish. today's news comes one week after three of those victims had last been seen alive. >> since then their loved ones have been waiting for the kind of answers we were finally given today. "action news" reporter nora muchanic spoke with the uncle of one of the victims and she's live tonight in solebury township with that part of the story. nora. >> reporter: rick, monica, i did speak with him and you'll be interested to hear what he says about the accused as you can understand, shock waves continue throughout bucks county tonight as people learn more about the murders and the men accused of committing them. as the harrowing details of the murder of the four young men became public today people are reacting with horror and compassion for the families. >> i have an 18-year-old son, so i am upset, deeply inside
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for everybody that's involved. >> you're speechless on these things. you just don't know what to say. but it happens all the time and you just shake your head and say, have no reason behind it. >> reporter: with murder charges lodged against dinardo and kratz families of the four men are dealing with the grisly details of the crime. i talked by phone today with craig patrick in seattle. he's the uncle of 19-year-old jimmy patrick of newtown. >> this is a methodically plotted out calculated chain of events. this isn't something that happened because something -- a drug deal went south. >> reporter: craig, one of the conditions to get cosmo dinardo to talk was that he would not be given the death penalty. are you okay with that. >> i'm okay with that. i don't believe in the death penalty. i would rather see him sit in prison for the next 60 years. >> reporter: others aren't so sure. >> i personally think he should get the death penalty. >> reporter: why. >> i know like pa hasn't done it in many years but for
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someone to have like complete disregard for any human life, i don't know, he still gets to live. they don't get to live anymore. >> reporter: friends continue remembering the four young men. we found one tweet inviting friends of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro to visit a left town ice cream store to add to a paper chain of memories honoring the deceased teen. social immediate has been blowing up first with the search now with the details of the new charges. it's a case that continues to grip this area as more and more details come out. live in solebury, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you nora. you can read full details of this story from the beginning right now on our 6abc app there we have also posted court documents released in this case. >> ♪ >> in other news tonight right now new jersey state police are on the scene of a deadly crash in camden county. happened just after 3:00 p.m. along route 42 in gloucester township. officials say a person was struck and killed near college
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drive. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> time right now for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> let's go matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how we looking matt. >> reporter: still dealing with the ramifications of that accident unfortunately rick and monica. you can see it in our traffic camera northbound side of 42 approaching college drive is where they're still investigating and therefore the two right lanes remain blocked. just that single left lane is squeezing by on northbound 42 headed up towards 55 and up toward 295. so as you can imagine this is not doing good things to the traffic. single digit speeds as you come off of the westbound side of the atlantic city expressway onto 42 northbound. also causing a big gaper delay on the southbound side, yes, for all of you headed down the shore on a friday afternoon in the summertime. speeds in the 20's and worse as you cross the walt whitman bridge. if you're poconos bound this afternoon, there was also a crash on the northeast extension, northbound approaching lehigh valley. gone now but still some speeds in the 30's around quakertown
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and elsewhere on 476, the blue route southbound we had a truck accident here close to macdade boulevard just cleared a minute ago but delays have not. also in chester county watch out for a serious wreck along west chester pike near 202. we'll check it again, rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a shocking discovery in philadelphia home. only on "action news." the dangerous substances found feet from some family's houses that has an entire and neighborhood outraged tonight. >> but first in health check many of us have heard how good garlic can be for us but does it really make a difference? ali gorman helps separate fact from fiction when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> that was the moment when a house outside of tampa fell into a sinkhole today. and tonight officials say that sinkhole is 200 feet wide 50 feet deep and still growing. two homes have been destroyed so far. another 11 have been evacuated. officials say they are concerned the sinkhole could merge with a nearby lake. a federal judge in hawaii has further weakened the already diluted version of president trump's travel ban. that judge expanded a list of
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relationships that that visitors from six muslim majority countries can use to get into the u.s. added to the list, grandparents, siblings in law, aunts, uncles and cousins. attorney general jeff sessions says the white house will appeal the ruling to the u.s. supreme court. >> ♪ >> in health check a host of claims about the health benefits of garlic everything from preventing colds to lowering your chance of cancer. >> but is there science to back up those claims? health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us at the big board with the results of a new study. >> consumer reports put those claims to the test and studied the research. they found some of the claims are overblown. but there is some truth to others especially when it comes to your heart. a little garlic punches up any dish and consumer reports says it can reportedly add a boost to your health as well. >> the research isn't quite there yet but the strongest evidence to date does suggest
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that garlic may benefit the heart. >> some data indicates that a daily dose of garlic can help reduce high blood pressure and lower elevated cholesterol. >> it's not quite as good as our medications but it does certainly have a nice effect. >> and some research also shows people who took a daily garlic supplement for a year had lower plaque buildup from coronary artery disease than people who took a placebo. >> one or two cloves of day is good to keep in mind but don't overdo it if you're taking blood thinners. that's because too much garlic may pose a bleeding risk. overall. >> the best way to reap the health benefits of garlic is to use it fresh. the fresher the garlic the higher concentration of the active ingredient. >> chopping smashing and slicing garlic triggers an enzyme reaction that increases its healthy compound. heats prevents this reaction so let the garlic sit for at least 10 minutes if you're going to cook it.
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garlic can be an important element of the mediterranean diet which has been linked to a better quality of life, a lower risk for chronic disease and better brain health in older adults. and as for the suggestion that garlic can ward off colds, boost the immune system or reduce the risk of cancer, experts say that evidence remains to be seen. also coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll introduce you to a little boy who went from taking his first steps to not being able to move his legs. he is diagnosed with a rare but sudden condition that causes paralysis. there is a spike in the number of cases last year. the cdc and doctors at the children's hospital are investigating. they suspect that it could be linked to a virus that typically circulates during the summer but right now they're still looking for answers. i'll have what parents need to know in a special report on "action news" at 11:00. rick and monica. >> okay, ali. >> thank. >> thank you. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 the slimy situation on a west coast
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highway after a truck carrying some unique cargo flipped over. >> traveling homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> honda is recalling 1.2 million accords because a battery censor can short out potentially causing a fire. the recall covers 2013 to 16 models. honda says it has four reports of engine compartment fires due to the problem but no injuries. the company says the sensors on the negative terminal of the battery are not properly sealed from moisture so road salt can get in and cause erosion as well as an electrical short. tyler perry signed a multi year partnership agreement with viacom. the deal encompass television and short form videos. he'll produce roughly 90 episodes of original series content each year. perry says he'll also continue working with own and lion it's gate on project. >> the a traveling replica of the vietnam memorial is
5:21 pm
opening. it's on display at pendel memorial ball field through the weekend. 136 bucks county residents are memorialized on that wall. their names were read allowed today. crews brought the wall here in pieces from florida earlier this week. it will be returned on monday. a slimy mess on an oregon highway is finally cleaned up tonight. a truck carrying 7500 pounds of fish was approaching construction and tried to stop. unfortunately a container of eels went flying off the truck and landed on another car and all over the road. when the become stressed they secrete a slime which you can actually see. >> ugh. >> that's right, monica. crews brought in bulldozers and hoses. they were eventually able to clear the roadway and reopen it. ready for dinner. >> hag fish slime. >> yeah. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of that accuweather forecast. >> looking live at double scan radar tonight you can see a very active band of storms
5:22 pm
moving through south jersey and delaware right now. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking the system and she'll have an update when "action news" comes right back. stay with us. >> ♪
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buy one get one half off. it's our biggest sale of the year! come celebrate and save. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> time for the accuweather forecast friday night. >> that's right meteorologist cecily tynan here with all the details for the upcoming weekend.
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>> yes and the weekend is looking really nice. we just have to get through tonight. >> okay. >> in south jersey and delaware, it's very, very stormy. let's go to double scan live. you can see a pretty intense line of storms. it's all south and east of i-95. if you live in the northwest suburbs you're saying what's the big deal, there are no storms. you got the storms last night but you can see this intense line that's moving across cumberland county, moving into cape may county and this has been causing some severe weather. have reports in salem county, route 40, some of it is blocked with some downed trees and power lines and i want to bring up double scan live, kind of zoom in to show you close up what we're looking at. this is the most intense part of the storm. right now it's moving into cape may county from tuckahoe dennisville and this view alone we've had close to 270 lightning strikes. it's moving east at about 20 miles per hour. so hopefully everyone's inside with that lightning. we've also been seeing some upper level rotation so that's an indication that at the winds are very strong as it
5:26 pm
continues to push to the east. and part of the reason why we're looking at the storms just so intense, the fact that the dewpoints are so high. temperatures not as high as yesterday but we had a tropical air mass and those dewpoints in the 70's and that's been causing the severe weather. so we still have that severe thunderstorm warning posted until 5:45 for really that cell that i showed you. cape may county, parts of atlantic county and extreme southwestern cumberland county for the potential for small hail and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and i have been getting a lot of pictures on my twitter account, my facebook page of lightning and also some tree damage to some homes. also big problem with this, the fact that we're getting some flash flood warnings. the air is saturated so we've been seeing rain falling at the rates of about 2-inches per hour. the flash flood warnings continue from philadelphia into new castle county and really much of south jersey until 7:15. a lot of people are on the roads this friday night. turn around, don't drown. do not try to drive through
5:27 pm
any flooded roads. this shows you our air is saturated. dewpoints don't really get much higher than this. in the 70's across-the-board. that's a tropical air mass. with the clouds and the showers today, temperatures not nearly as warm as yesterday. right now most of our viewing area in the 70's and tomorrow temperatures back in the 80's, not as humid. so future tracker showing around 8:30 tonight most of the activity is out of here. still some scattered storms tomorrow morning though the sunshine is back and that means we've got some beautiful weather. 87 degrees in philadelphia, mixture of sun and clouds, lower humidity. allentown 85. if you're down the shore looking great. cape may 84 and the boardwalk in atlantic city 85. so, the five day at 5:00 showing great weekend. 87 degrees tomorrow, lower humidity, dewpoints in the 60's. sunday, though, we warm back up to 90 degrees and get used to it. monday more humid, 90. tuesday some spotty thunderstorms, 90. wednesday 90 and could even get hotter, more humid on thursday. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> okay, thank you, cecily. >> thank you.
5:28 pm
>> much more "action news" coming your way. stick around. we'll take a break and be right back. >> okay. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror)
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>> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. bucks county authorities release new details in the murders of four men in bucks county including when and how they died. also a quiet neighborhood is awakened by a swarm of federal and the local police. what authorities found cooking inside of a home that had residents outraged. it's an "action news" exclusive. also another person comes forward claiming they, too, attended a meeting with donald trump, jr. and a russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. >> but first we're continuing to track severe weather and strong storms in our region. >> that's right. we are seeing lightning, heavy rains and also the potential for flooding tickly particularly in parts of south jersey. >> let's head to adam joseph for the latest from storm tracker. >> we woke up this morning there was some rain around the region and when you were outdoors today you probably felt the weight of the atmosphere. it was very tropical and that is why we're seeing these really intense storms with very heavy rainfall.
5:31 pm
storm tracker6 live 3-d will show nearly 13 or so hundred lightning strikes in this vantage point in the last 15 minutes. most of it in southern new jersey right now. there's a few trying to develop to the north and west here. we'll watch those this evening but the atmosphere definitely getting worked over by these storms, kind of robbing a lot of energy. as we look at the severe thunderstorm warning that is still ongoing right now, 60 miles an hour winds ocean city, sea isle city wildwood cape may until 5:45 so all of cape may county and southern parts of atlantic county, winds near 60 miles an hour with these storms and even some small hail. a closer look to the storm here as you can see it's now around mays landing atlantic city itself. let's zoom in a little closer in here to fortescue to sea isle city to show you, number one, how much lightning is in this storm which is 300 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes but the rainfall rate, 6-inches an hour as this is pushing through. you're not seeing 6-inches of rain but it's just an indication of how much water is coming out of these storms.
5:32 pm
let's flip back to radar to show you from dennisville to read's beach to tuckahoe how bright the colors are. there's probably small hail in the storm. along the garden state parkway along ocean city taking the hard hardest hit. we have flood watches in effect for this region all the way up towards reading to the shore where we have those heavy downpours f i'll come back and we'll take a closer look at the radar and also talk about the weekend which is much quieter than what we're dealing with right now. >> look forward to that. thank you adam. significant developments in the murders of four young men from bucks county. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo and sean kratz are both being held without bail tonight, both are facing a list of charges including murder and conspiracy. >> today authorities confirm they recovered the three remaining victims and notified their families. >> and today we also learned more about how cosmo dinardo and another man allegedly carried out these crimes. according to court documents
5:33 pm
dinardo confessed to shooting and killing jimmy patrick on july 5th. then killing mark sturgis tom meo and dean finocchiaro on july 7th. they were three buried in a 12-foot deep grave on his family's farm in solebury township. patrick was buried a short distance away. >> an exchange for that confession dinardo told police where the bodies were buried as well as gave up his alleged accomplice sean kratz. >> finally we were able to secure the two rep ponce that we allege were used in these four murders so that they can never be used to hurt or kill anyone ever again. >> authorities say their main goal was to reunite the victims with their families and to give the families some closure. and of course we'll have the full chilling details on this story right now for you in our 6abc app. you can also see video of today's news conference along with more video from the action cam and chopper6. we have posted court documents
5:34 pm
as well that were released in this case. >> ♪ >> all right now a story you'll see only here on "action news." authorities have shut down major heroin making operation set up right in the middle of a bustling neighborhood filled with families and children. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live along the 2700 block of tasker avenue in grays ferry with the exclusive details. bob. >> reporter: rick, heroin cash guns you name it, it was all found here at the home just a few yards down from where i'm standing is where the police raided. i can tell you this is a neighborhood with a lot of families a lot of children around here where this was all going on. police say it was a heroin lab surround, it families, children playing in the streets. according to eye witnesses there were children inside when the raid happened early this morning. >> yes, children lived in there. two kids over at chop. >> reporter:. the location the city's grays ferry section on 28th street. neighbors say out of nowhere philadelphia police dea and members of the attorney
5:35 pm
general's office came in. >> around 6 o'clock in the morning i was woken by constant banging and police screaming to get in. >> reporter: it wasn't long after investigators started to remove bags of heroin and cash. >> it's pathetic. it's very pathetic. you need to know who you live next door to. >> reporter: that's a neighbor named dawn. her sentiment echoes just about everyone's here. she just hopes this brings change and confidence to others to report suspicious activity. >> i hope everybody knows this shouldn't be allowed. say no to drugs and make sure it stay out of you were community. >> reporter: we watched at teams had to be covered from head to toe in hazmat suits. investigators say most heroin now is laced with the opioid fentanyl. if it makes contact with their skin they could overdose. very dangerous when dealing with that kind of drug at this point. no word from police on who was operating this heroin lab. for now reporting live in grays ferry bob brooks channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, bob, thank you. investigators are trying to figure out why a state
5:36 pm
police car collided with a garbage truck killing pennsylvania state trooper michael stewart. the 26-year-old died when his cruiser crashed on route. stewart's partner survived and suffered a concussion. the truck driver wasn't hurt. >> prominent russian lobbyist and military officer attended a meeting with president donald trump's son, son-in-law and campaign chairman last year. he confirmed his participation to the and associated press today. he's been reported to have ties to russian intelligence agencies. a characterization he dismisses as "a smear campaign. ." he says he did that serve in the soviet military in a unit that was part of counter intelligence but was never formally trained as a spy. gop's latest plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act is already in danger of not passing. the plan was revised trying to win over moderate republican
5:37 pm
holdouts. it puts aside nearly $70 billion that could help some americans cover those higher premiums and has ear marks that will help to fight the opioid epidemic. vice president mike pence made a hard sell for the plan today at a summer meeting for republican governors. >> president trump laid out his vision for american healthcare months ago. the president said he wanted a healthcare system that in his words is "far less expensive and far better." we believe the senate healthcare bill begins to makes the president's vision a reality. >> the bill also allows insurers to offer cheaper plans that do not cover health benefits like maternity care or ambulance service. two republican senators have already said they will not vote for at this time. a third no vote will mean that bill will not pass the senate. >> well, two german women were killed and four others wounded in an attack at a hotel on the red sea in egypt. officials say the attacker was
5:38 pm
a plan in his 20's who intentionally target the foreigners. his motive is not clear. the attacker stabbed the wilmington others at the hotel and swam to a nearby beach and wounded two others. the suspect was arrested. the assault came hours after a shooting near some of egypt's most famous pyramids that killed five police officers. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on that attack in egypt as well as new developments in the meeting between donald trump jr. and that russian lawyer. you could watch it all tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. >> time right now for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> get an update on the highways and byways on a friday night. matt how are we looking. >> friday night in the summer time if there are two roads you really don't want to be messed up they are the a.c. expressway and the 42 freeway as so many people head down the shore, rick and monica, but this evening both are not looking so good. in large part because of this northbound accident along 42 right by the exit for college drive. hours later and it's still only the left lane that's opened northbound traffic
5:39 pm
coming off of the a.c. expressway. huge delays headed northbound. we're also extra heavy headed southbound toward the shore points. it's a gaper delay as well as normal friday afternoon volume. so you start to jam in pennsylvania, approaching the walt whitman bridge. traffic crawls across the bridge into new jersey and it's still a sluggish pace on 42 southbound on down to college drive. you really want to think outside the box, if you can. roads like route 30, the white horse pike could be a good option. hop on 295 head south to maybe 322. what you don't want to do off of 295 is go down route 40. that remains blocked in both directions because of downed trees and wires in upper pittsgrove. blocked near commissioner's pike. 322 elk road monroeville road would all be some alternates around that. crossing into delaware had an earlier crash along 495 southbound. that's gone but still plenty of friday afternoon delays. just 4 miles per hour as you head southbound on 95 through the city of wilmington, just volume there. and there's no shortage of volume and accidents on the big picture. the one on 95 northbound by academy is gone as is the one
5:40 pm
on the blue route south of macdade but still slow there with speeds in the teens. 476 the northeast extension crash northbound approaching lehigh valley is gone but warning for the weekend. the nex is closing both directions sunday morning midnight to 6:00 a.m. between lansdale and quakertown at that .309 is the way to go instead t but enjoy that weekend, rick and monica. >> we will. thank you. see you monday. thanks matt. still to come on "action news" the all-star break is over. will it be a fresh start for the phils? jeff skversky talks to phillies manager pete mackanin about the second half of the season coming up. >> it is -- for one person a selfie proved to be very costly. we'll show you o. meantime adam joseph tracking those strong storms in the "action news" weather center. hi there. he's coming. he's working on it right now. he's hard at work. >> i'm like monitoring so many things. we're watching the severe storms as they are approaching the area. we'll have much more on these severe storms that are now pushing along the coastal
5:41 pm
communities of the shore. severe thunderstorm warnings until 5:45 and a watch until 9 o'clock tonight. we'll have the latest on the storm reports as well as storm tracker6 coming up in that seven day. >> you can go back to social media. >> no, he's really working hard. >> those stories when "action news" comes right back.
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>> more than 60 children marked their last day at summer camp with this celebration. the youngsters have been taking part in the tredyffrin township police department camp. the philly phanatic was there to provide entertainment and swoops came by as well lending a helping hand at the buffet as folks were getting soming to eat. >> always nice to see the mascot. our mascot jeff skversky is here now. >> 'cause i got a big head. you talked about that during the mer which will break that i have a really big head. >> lots of brains. >> you're fine. second half of the season for the phils. >> hopefully the mascot is not the biggest draw for the phillies. phillies return from the all-star break in milwaukee. phillies are on pace for 108 losses and it doesn't get any easier tonight against the first place milwaukee brewers. >> we know they're in first place. we know they can swing the bats.
5:45 pm
after them we face miami and then immediately after them we're facing houston which has an outstanding team. we're capable of beating any team at any time. we have to do it more consistently. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz plants to stick around fargo north dakota. wentz and the eagles rookies report to camp next sunday and they'll be on the fields monday for the first time and in the matter of one year carson wentz has gone from third string quarterback to leader and wentz is eager to take this new look eagles team from worst to first and get them back into the playoffs for the first time since 2013. >> i'm ready to go. i'm ready to go of the last year i was like man this is all coming fast. last year was definitely a whirlwind. this year i'm pretty much ready to go. >> camp carson is over. wentz tweeting out this picture today with his eagles receivers by the lake. wentz said they had some great food like a ton of bison
5:46 pm
burgers. sixers wrapping up their summer league action tonight in las vegas with a consolation game against the chicago bulls. furkan 20,161st rounder is the start up in. roger federer in the finals for the 11th time. he won again in the semis. he's won every set so far in london setting up sunday's final against merion. the underlining story at wimbledon underwear. the umpire's grabbing at their undies. they run a tight ship at the all england club. the player's underwear has to be white so during a doubles match a bunch of players are sent back to the locker room. that poor was responsible for getting them their underwear. if this sounds ridiculous, if this sounds funny, yes, the players think so, too. they're laughing. and just to make sure you guys have your whites on. >> we're good to go.
5:47 pm
>> we're fine. we're not together wimbledon any time soon so i think we're okay. [laughter] >> thank you jeff. we are just days away from o.j. simpson's parole hearing and tonight on 20/20abc news will examine the armed robbery of memorabilia dealers that landed simpson in jail. oj has been in prison for almost nine years serving his nine to 33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. if the 70-year-old simpson is granted parole he would be released in october. coming up in tonight's special debra roberts talks to some of simpson's closest friends as well as one of his accomplices in the crime. >> and then after i said yes, he leaned in a little closer and he said, by the way, can you get some heat? >> reporter: meaning a gun. >> meaning a gun. and when he said that, i hesitated after he did that, i looked at oj and i say, so, oj, you know, what if they call the police? >> so be sure to watch the
5:48 pm
one-hour 20/20 special tonight at 10 o'clock right here on 6abc. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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>> you may want to think twice before snapping a self knee an art gallery. the woman was attempting to sake a selfie at this l.a.
5:51 pm
gallery when she fell knocked over a pillar and the rest went down like dominos. lovely. the incident happened two weeks ago and resulted in $200,000 in damage. no word if the money was recovered by insurance. >> wow. >> fun to watch, though. [laughter] meteorologist adam joseph here now with a closer look at the weekend forecast. we just need to get through the day. >> yeah and there's some good news with these severe storms. the severe thunderstorm watch has been canceled for most of our area. >> okay. >> it was ongoing until 9 o'clock but it's been canceled early. no severe thunderstorm warnings presently but we're still getting rocked at the shore by nasty storms. storm tracker6 live double scan shows the storms pressing south of vineland dover atlantic city to cape may. we close into storm tracker6 live and even though this is not severe, you can just see how bright the lightning is and how intense it is. we've got 305 lightning strikes in this vantage point from ocean city down to stone had a are pour back to reed's
5:52 pm
beach. a lot of lightning is along the immediate shore line. it is 5 o'clock, it is happy hour down at the shore so make sure you're indoors if you're down there for at least another 15 to 30 minutes and the rainfall rates as these storms are coming through, it is truly tropical. we're squeezing out close to five to 6-inches of rain per hour. that's great. you're not getting that much rain down the shore but you're literally seeing the sky open up and pour as these storms pass through. but again, at least the most intense lightning is beginning to push off the coast but again lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from the storm even as it goes over the open waters of the atlantic. flash flood warnings all because of how much moisture is in the air today. flash flood warnings continue from salem county, parts of gloucester, camden county, cumberland county, right to the shore where, again, those rates have produced up to 2-inches of rainfall in parts of the area and there have been some road closures in parts of salem and cumberland county due to flooded roads.
5:53 pm
as these storms pass through south jersey especially we're looking at wind damage reports 50 miles an hour gusts in egg harbor egg harbor township bridgeton 50 miles an hour wind gusts, 58 miles per hour at the millville airport, newport 50 miles an hour and toll chester that's delaware, 53 miles an hour wind gusts. we've also had hail. we've also had trees and wires down mays landing nickel size hail, buena vista township quarter size, phoenixville and chester county the same with west chester trees and wires down and in fact car windows damaged in west chester probably due to trees falling. dewpoints even though the storms have passed through, this is what we look at. any time it's above 70 degrees you've got there moisture rich atmosphere so it's going to take time for it to kind of quiet down the atmosphere and in fact it will do so over the weekend. those dewpoints again they're in the 70's. that's oppressive. they go back into the 60's saturday, sunday, monday so between slightly humid and humid and then it starts to go back up in the middle of next
5:54 pm
week. so for tonight early storms especially far southern areas. then most of the night it is still humid and quiet with temperatures on either side of 70 degrees. as we get into your saturday, mostly sunny, less humid, really a nice day, 85 in allentown, 86 wilmington, 87 in millville and if you're heading to the shore, the ocean 65 degrees, really a great day to be on the sand tomorrow. lower humidity, 86 and great on sunday, sun and clouds at 84 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 87 for tomorrow as we turn sunny and again lighter atmosphere out there and then very warm, back to 90 on sunday with a little uptick in the humidity and then monday warm, humid, 90 degrees and then it starts to turn more oppressive in the middle to the end of next week so we get that combo back of 90's, high humidity and the chance of scattered storms almost every single day but not one day looks to be worse than the other so to speak.
5:55 pm
so, another heat wave on the way as we get into the new work week so good news is once these storms are off the coast it should be pretty quiet the rest of the night. >> all right adam thank you. >> thank you. >> radio controlled planes are buzzing around bear, delaware. this is the 25th year for war birds over delaware. hundreds of the best pilots are hanging out at lum fond state park flying field. they brought with them over 300 of the largest and most detailed radio controlled aircraft in the country. the event is free and runs through tomorrow. >> ♪
5:56 pm
it's blinds to go's anniversary summer bogo sale. buy any blinds or shades and take half off your next item. all blinds! all shades! the entire store! buy one get one half off. it's our biggest sale of the year! come celebrate and save. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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it's blinds to go's anniversary summer bogo sale. buy any blinds or shades and take half off your next item. all blinds! all shades! the entire store! buy one get one half off. it's our biggest sale of the year! come celebrate and save. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories. murder details are revealed as authorities charge some cousins in connection with the deaths of four men in bucks county. live team coverage on the arrest, the arraignments and reaction from family and the community. >> that and much more coming up next. for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody jeff
5:58 pm
skversky monica malpass the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend. >> good night. >> good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." dell rally's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> now we know the details of the murder plot that led to the deaths of these four men. in each case, it began as a drug deal and in each case police say it ended in a grisly murder. tonight cosmo dinardo and his cousin sean kratz are behind bars with no bail. and now we know that this
6:00 pm
video shows on the excavation of a large tank. the temporary coffin for three of these men. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the arrest of cosmo dinardo's alleged accomplice and the bucks county d.a. disclosing the details of this sordid tale. "action news" reporters nora muchanic in solebury township, vernon odom in buckingham township and trish hartman in doylestown have covered every angle. we begin with trish hartman with a full accounting of what we learned today. trish. >> reporter: well, jim, we now know much more about what happened to these four young men who have been missing since last week according to what cosmo dinardo told investigators, the d.a. says dinardo and his cousin, sean kratz face charges of homicide, conspiracy and abuse of corpse. the d.a. also says without dinardo's confession they might still be looking for the


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