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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  July 23, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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go to >> jeff's here now with sports eagles ready to get back in action. >> they believe they can go from worst to first. it's time for work starting tomorrow. training camp tomorrow morning bright and early. coach doug pederson reminds his players, take ownership in the way you play. carson wentz and veterans reporting to training camp 8:30 in the morning. the rest of the vets join him thursday. pedepederson says he doesn't coh to be average.
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>> eagles are ready to go. >> it's coming fast. last year was a whirlwind. this year, i'm pretty much ready to go. >> a lot of things happen in camp. you see a lot of people leave. the best thing is, when everyone is there that first day, all your brothers running. >> jordan matthews vowed to be 100% healthy by camp. matthews could be limited after missing minicamp with a knee injury. >> much more on the eagles tonight on "action news" sports sunday at 11:45. could doug pederson be on the hot seat? mike missanelli joins me to discuss that and more. >> phillies have won back to back series for the first time in three months, bats are red hot, 30 runs the last four
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games. nick williams on fire, eight straight games with a hit. williams a 2 run shot in the fourth. nobody is more excited than this kid in the stands. his dad caught the home run ball, jarred eickhoff. trouble in the fifth, two runs, two out singles, brewers tie it up. back come the phils, bottom five, howie kendrick, phils up two. not done. herrera, phillies score four time in the fifth, they win 6-3 the first series win at home in seven week. >> it feels great. we are playing good baseball. we lost a few one run games, so to have the two wins back to back is great. >> my wife said smile when we
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win. i'm going to try to smile today. he's not smiling. pete, smile. >> jordan speith is smiling. he nearly has a major meltdown in a major today. speith nearly drops the ball and blows a three shot lead in the british open. speith is on top of the world despite a disastrous start to the u.s. open. he takes 20 minutes to figure out how to take the ball, takes the drop on the practice green. matt kutcher for the first time this weekend, speith is back on top with a brilliant finish on 15 from 50 feet out. get in the hole for eagles. speith wins by three shots for his first british open title. >> finally, for those that think philadelphia sport's fans have a
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dead reputation, check this out. the little red's fan kicks marlin flyer dee gordon in the shin. the umpire has to pull the kid away. >> that's what i think of the marlins. five-year-old kid giving it to d. gordon. >> poor philly's fans. >> they don't deserve it. >> smr "action news" when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and keep on running all day long. >> next month will mark the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death. her sons are remembering touching moments they remember most. they share their final phone calls and what they would have liked to have said. >> tonight, prince's william and harry remembering diana. cherishing her memory in a new documentary. >> this is the first time we have spoken about her as a mother. a little too raw. >> william saying he thinks of his mom everyday. mary recalling her playful nature. >> i hear her laugh in my head.
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that crazy laugh of pure happiness shown on her face. one of her mottos to me, you can be naughty you want, just don't get caught. >> both sons agonizing over their last phone call with her the night she died in paris. >> harry regretting rushing off the phone. if i had known that was the last time i spoke to my mother, the things i would have said to her. looking back on it now, it's incredibly hard. there are not many days i don't think of her. the 20th anniversary year seems like a good time to remember the good things about her and provide a different side others haven't seen before. >>
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>> welcome back, everyone.
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i wanted to have update you. we have a tornado warning just issued for southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may. this tornado warning is happening right now. it's going to stay up until 12:15 in the morning. what we know right now, some rotation was indicated near ocean city moving east at 15 miles per hour. what i'm going to do is go in a little tighter on the storm so we can see what we are tracking hire. this is what we know as we look at storm tracker 6 street level you see a lot of heavy rain. showers and storms atlantic city to sea isle city pressing into cape may. i believe this is what the national weather service indicated, a hook from atlantic city to ocean city. what was detected, strathmore
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near ocean city storms moving slowly at 15 miles per hour. if we have a tornado warning, and this is what we have now, expiewexcuse the graphics, the o warning is until 4:15 this morning. you want to seek shelter immediately. you want to avoid the windows, go to the lowest level of the floor of your house, seek the interior hallway or bathroom. we have a tornado warning until 12:15 in the morning. it's moving east about 15 miles per hour. what i am going to do on storm tracker 6 street level, i'm going to track the storms right now. because they are training, what i was saying is you are dealing with storms moving slowly east ability 15 miles peabout 15 mil. if i drag this out, it will be
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essentially over the ocean, but you can track the storms. it's an active day of severe showers and storms. what we can do with our radar system, we can flip this over on our severe weather mode and go to the relative velocity. when we do this, we have the capability of seeing sheers. when you have reds detected here and greens, we are getting rotating winds in opposite directions. it's called gate to gate sheer. when you are dealing with the reds here, it looks like a game of at th tetris a bit. when you have the reds close to the greens, you have the reds away from the radar site and greens moving toward the radar site. anytime that happens, you are
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dealing with som some type of rotation within the storm. i'll flip this back over. it's probably the hook between here. when you have the hook, a lot of the intensity of the storm is to the north of the hook. we are dealing with showers and storms right now. we have a severe tornado warning issued. it stays up until 12:15 in the morning. you want to seek shelter immediately. ocean city included in that, north of sea isle city southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may. what we detected and are getting reports of, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing tornado located near strathmore or ocean city moving northeast 15 miles per hour. radar was indicated within the rotation. this is something we are


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