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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  July 23, 2017 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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rotation within the storm. i'll flip this back over. it's probably the hook between here. when you have the hook, a lot of the intensity of the storm is to the north of the hook. we are dealing with showers and storms right now. we have a severe tornado warning issued. it stays up until 12:15 in the morning. you want to seek shelter immediately. ocean city included in that, north of sea isle city southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may. what we detected and are getting reports of, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing tornado located near strathmore or ocean city moving northeast 15 miles per hour. radar was indicated within the rotation. this is something we are tracking closely throughout the
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rest of the overnight hours. what to do when you are dealing with a tornado, you have to avoid the windows, go to the lowest floor in your home and you want to seek out the interior hallway or bathroom. we go back to storm tracker 6 double scan radar, we have a sequence going for you. we are picking up a lot of rain. it's been an active night. we have showers and storms and a rooter of a water spout in cumberland county. tomorrow's weather, that was 4:00 this afternoon, now the showers and storms press across south jersey. this is a concern throughout the rest of the overnight hours. the concern right now is what we are dealing with, with the tornado warning. it's southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may
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county as we were detecting some kind of rotation in strathmore near ocean city. i want to go in tighter. you can see summer's point dealing with heavy rain, same for ocean city moving east 15 miles per hour. now we are over the open hours of the atlantic here. you pick up friction as you get the moisture interfering with the land. that tends to spawn winds in opposing directions. i want to flip this back over, we have the capability with storm tracker 6 to go into severe weather mode dealing with velocity, we can cut up the thunderstorms. you have rain picslated areas here and a bit of red. when you have that close together, there is indication, you can see in strathmore where
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we have the report, near ocean city wind in opposing directions. when these are close together, you have the greens headed toward the radar site and the red goes away from the radar site. when these are close together, there could be some indication that there could be winds in opposing directions. there could be rotation in the atmosphere right now. something else i want to flip on for you, we have rainfall rates to track and sheer rates to track with the storm here. let's see. looks like we lost some of that opposing wind direction. i flipped it back to relative velocity. doesn't look like we have gate toe gate sheer anymore. there it is. it's back. this is what we are tracking throughout the overnight hours. the warning is until 12:15 this
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morning, southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may county moving northeast about 1e problem, you are getting a lot of rain in a short amount of time and it's not moving anywhere. now you have thunderstorms capable of producing winds and funneling off winds in opposing directions. i wanted to flip this to show you how much moisture we are dealing with. the concern of tornado warning posted for southeastern atlantic county and northeastern cape may county. there's summer's point. we have ocean city around here. there could be a hook here. this is -- whenever you have a hook, winds are wrapping around that. that's where you are getting all of the friction.
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i want to take a look at what's going on with reports of the tornado warning. it's up to 12:15 this morning for areas in southeastern atlantic county and cape may county. forgive the graphic time as we are just getting the information. ocean city to the north of sea isle city under the gun until 12:15 this morning. it looks like the storm is moving northeast about 15 miles per hour. as far as tornado safety y, this is what you want to do, avoid the windows, go to the lowest floor of the house or bathroom. here is something else to keep in mind so you have a better view of what to do when you are dealing with tornado safety. this is the checkmark, the location you want to be close to, the interior hall or bathroom dealing with severe weather and tornado warning.
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storm tracker 6 radar 3d. i'll put it into motion for you as to get the idea of what we have been dealing with all night tonight. i'm going to lapse this for you. essentially, we have showers and storms moving in right now. typically when we are dealing with a tornado with storm tracker 6, 3d, we have the capability of picking up the cylinders. i'm going to zoom in closer. there we go. see the black. you can see southeast county, northeastern cape may county, you are getting a lot of rain. if we tilt storm tracker 6, you can pick up cylinders.
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that's an indication -- there you go. did you see that? i'll zoom in closer so you can see it. you see it right there. see the yellow? typically when you pick that up, yellow is the indication of rotation happening in the upper levels of the atmosphere. anytime you see it turn red and you saw it red for a second, it's yellow right now. that's an indication we are getting rotation. storm tracker 3d is picking up rotation in the upper levels of the atmosphere. the national weather service did issue the tornado warning until 12:15 this morning. anytime you see the cylinder turn red, that's an indication of rotation within the lower levels of the atmosphere. we have a tornado warning until
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12:15 this morning. what we were getting were reports near strathmore near ocean city of possible tornado. i'm going to check out the latest information that's coming in on this storm. the radar was indicating rotation. radar 3d as we have that up for you to the west of atlantic city and west of ocean city, we are picking up rotation. because the cylinder is yellow, it looks like the rotation is in the upper level of the atmosphere. tornado safety is to avoid the windows, go to the lowest floor of the house, interior hallway or bathroom. you want to be prepared, and you want to be careful because we are dealing with this tornado warning. i'll go back to storm tracker 6, street level. the showers and storms are
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pushing offshore. the heaviest lightning is to the soit ansouth and east of ocean . i'm going to zoom all the way out and back in. you can see the rain everywhere from oceanville, atlantic city to ocean city. just to the north and east of sea isle city. so it looks like if you are going to l where there could be possible rotation, and if you line that up with what we are seeing storm tracker 6 tracker 3d, you can see the hook, if you look at my magnifying glass is where there could be rotation and the heavy moisture is to the north of the hook, and you can
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see that to the north and east of ocean city. i'll flip that back to severe weather mode. this is where they reported it in stra strathmore. when you have the line, gate to gate sheer. we are talking about winds in opposing direction. e the green is wind heading toward our radar site. the green is heading away from the radar site. when you have red away, green toward, you have friction in the atmosphere. this is where we are finding rotation within the storm. let me back this out of severe weather mode. showers and storms are pressing to the north about east, strathmore about 15 miles per hour. i'll go all the way out. we have been inundated with the showers and storms. a lot of of the heaviest falling
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south and east of philadelphia. we have showers and storms wilmington into south yer jerse. just to inform you one more time, we have the tornado warning. it is up for ocean city just to the north of sea isle citi until 12:15 this morning, seeks shelter within the location, avoid the windows, go to the lowest floor of the house, interior hall or bathroom. for now, sarah, we'll send it back to you with the tornado warning. >> thank you, melissa. we'll continue to monitor the situation at the jersey shore. >> "action news" sports sunday is next on channel6. "action news" continues until 4:30 tomorrow morning. for melissa magee, walter perez, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have
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a good night. >> ♪
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♪ >> tonight on sports sunday, we have to do something special this year. >> we have after special session for you. the night before eagle training camp. will the eagles make playoff camp? >> plus, we go home with a local eagle player dreaming big about the birds. smile, the phillies come up with another big win. >> great series win. my mother told me to smile when we win. i'm going to try to smile today. >> you can catch sports sunday right here, right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ ♪ >> are you ready for some
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football? welcome to "action news" sports sunday, i'm jeff skversky with mike missanelli from 97.5 the fanatic on the eve of the eagle training camp. eagles will be on the field tomorrow morning. this team looks better than last year at least on paper. coach pederson believes they have more talent than the superbowl packer team from the 1990s. is that a stretch? >> i'm not sure if doug is on hallucinogenics. no way. brett favre had a good year. i think he was trying to pump his players up to let them know he thinks they are good. the guys have attitude in the training camp. he comes off bad goes that far. we'll see what happens. they are better than last year. they may be, but


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