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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  July 30, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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camp, 23,000 on hand including the military. the eagles can feel the excitement and high expectations from the fans. fan kelsey calls it superbowl or bust. >> it's the only thing acceptable in this city. we have known that for a long time. >> i think we have a few big years, make the playoffs. if you win the superbowl, i'm giving out beer to everybody. >> did lane say he was giving out beer to everyone? blunt knows how to celebrate like a superbowl champ. he's won two. he had more that th than the eas combined. >> the body in the backfield, for a defender presents a problem. >> he's like a pound slasher. he has the moves.
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i'm excited. i feel good. >> it's a big thing to come out here and show the coaches and have them like what they see and show them that you can go do what they ask you to do. that's a big thing for me. i want to maximize every opportunity i get. >> we are not done talking eagles. more on sunday sports live, mike missanelli joins me in 15 minutes. >> the phillies one of the best teams. only one team better over the last ten games, phil starter vince velasquez says freddy galvis is a gold glover. he bails him out of trouble in the first, runner at the plate, keeps it scoreless. second inning, velasquez trouble
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again, who bails him out? freddy galvis. a double play. keeping it scoreless to the fourth. doing all of the things right. herrera, two bunt singles. herrera scores on the fast ball. in the ninth, tied up, bases loaded for galvis, three hits on top of the gold glove defense, phillies with back to back walk off wins, 2-1 the final. they have won 8 of 11 including four straight. >> the team is together right now. it's a young team. we try to push each other. we strive hard trying to get 100%. a lot of energy too. >> the newest members of the baseball hall of fame are inducted into coopers town today. jeff bag lo, ivan rod reege uz
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and tim raines getting the call along with commissioner bud selig getting the nod too. >> allen iverson upset sixer fans by bailing on the big three tournament in philadelphia. tonight, he didn't even show up for a game in dallas. the league gave them no warning and they don't know why a.i. was a no show. >> i thought these were professional drivers. an eight car crash. kyle busch escaped trouble today. he wins, busch first ever win in the poconos, one of two tracks. he had never won on until today. they call it the tricky triangle. no longer an issue for kyle
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busch. >> thanks, jeff. one more hats off to the little league baseball team they captured little league state championship 18-5 the final. now to the regionals in connecticut with the little league series on the line. check it out next sunday espn3 in first round action. >> dozens of excited kids head off to camp. find out about this program put on pennsylvania state police. christmas in july. a special delivery brings smiles to young patients. ?oats ♪ patients. ♪ ♪
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>> the 30th annual tour deshore bike ride turned out to be a record breaker. riders road to the original irish pub in atlantic city. the da's office including 250 members road to the shore today. they rose money for children in need and fallen first responder families across the valley. >> the action cam on the scene in center city for this green carpet vip party in advance of
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the gerald henderson golf invitation. he had been hosting in north carolina but moved to philadelphia this time around. "action news" anchor sharrie williams was there. >> 60 chirp are attending sleep away camp thanks to police. this is the first time troupe k held a camp in the city. the experience is one that will leave a lasting impact. >> we are learning about law enforcement, respect, working together. when they graduate, they'll be certified in cpr, have knowledge in the emergency person business and basic tools in life that will help them throughout their life. the boys and girls 11-14
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will spend the next few days doing all types of activity. state police cover all expenses making it free for the families. >> christmas came in july in north philadelphia. the centurions made their run today. kids and patrons watched the shiny bikes. they delivered a mikkie nettlesf toys to santa for the hospitalized kids.
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ask me, terry goggans, >> it was a slice of heaven in south philadelphia for car and truck lovers. 160 antique can yo custom muscls were lined up for the annual car show. the owners competed for best street ride, best low ride.
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>> it was a happy birthday for a local theme park, sesame place marked its 37th birthday with a birthday bash buffet. all of the family of sesame street were there. elmo led visitors in singing and dancing. the party will wraw wrap up abot 9:00. >> "action news" sports sunday is here next. >> for adam joseph, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night and good week ahead. ♪ ♪ [ indistinct chatter ]
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♪ ♪ >> time to bust out another sports sunday. we are talking eagles. >> you win the superbowl, i'm giving out beer to everybody. >> is it too early to say cheers to carson wentz? seems like everyone is falling in love with the quarterback. >> he's so awesome. >> what's so awesome? >> being here. >> there's no crying. there's no crying in baseball. >> phils have won their final at bat. >> phillys are not short on highlights thanks to their shortstop. don't walk off, sports sunday starts now. >> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> hello.


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