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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  August 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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4:30 a.m., monday, august 7. here's what we're following on "action news" this morning. >> grab that umbrella, heavy rain and storms are coming today. karen rogers is standing by with the timing of all of it. >> legendary phillies catcher darren dalton has died. we're live at the ballpark where the iconic tough guy is being remembered. lane closures starting this morning on a stretch of the boulevard. >> let's get the rain, karen rogers is here along with matt pellman.
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>> reporter: welcome back, we missed you. i brought with me lots of rain and flooding. it's going to be a good day. satellite and radar we have storms to the west, the area of low pressure is going to be tracking up through our region and giving us the potential for serious weather. as we look at storm tracker 6 live you can see some of the storms just west of center city right now. take a closer look at this, i put it in motion, they are petting hammered in lancaster and wilmington, light rain, and showers in reading. this is round one, you can see there's dry air behind baltimore and toward the west. we'll have periods of rain today, some of it heavy enough to cause flooding. the temperatures will be held down by this. 71 degrees in philadelphia. just 65 in reading and 72 in atlantic city airport. temperatures are not budging with the periods of rain. some of it heavy, especially later on this afternoon. here's how the day will work,
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7:00 a.m., it will dip down to 69. lunchtime, the low 70s. periods of rain get more intense in the afternoon, you can see thunderstorms 3, 5, 7:00 p.m. be careful as you're driving. the temperatures holding a high of 73 today. the rain could be a concern not so much at this hour, but over the neck coming hours that's why the national weather service has the flood watch. it begins at noon today. that's highlighting again, but the heaviest later on. the storm prediction center has the area south of philadelphia a marginal risk for severe weather and well to the south, cape may county and delaware, we're at a risk are severe weather. we'll talk about that with future tracker, matt. >> reporter: good morning everyone, i hope you had a nice weekend. we start so nice on the
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boulevard extension, southbound side there was a nasty crash taking out the one lane. all the lanes are open heading toward the schuylkill expressway him we're open this morning on the vine street expressway in both directions between the schuylkill expressway and broad street, i have not gotten any alerts from penndot, they are planning to close the vine in the overnighter. at this point it looks like you might have the week off and keeping the vine street expressway open during the overnight hours. on the big picture, no problems on i-95 or 476 the blue route, construction starting pointed yesterday lasting all this week in darby main street is blocked between 7th and 5th as a result, septa route 11 trolley is shuttle busing. overnight construction continues in both directions on 76 down to one lane. it's a headache going on this monday morning. philadelphia sports world
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has lost a legend, darren dalton, the heartbeat of the 1993 national championship team has lost his battle with cancer. dutch dalton who was a 55 took on the fight with the vigor he did when he was with the phillies. katherine scott is live where a news conference will takes place later. >> reporter: darren dalton was a player you loved to watch and respected by his teammates and sorely missed. darren dalton cheered on my fans long after his playing days were over. he played 14 seasons with the phillies. the team announced last night that he lost his four year battle to brain cancer. dutch was 55. >> he was like my favorite player growing up. i remember getting his glove, the black glove that had his name inside it because it was
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his. >> i give my condolences to dalton's family. >> reporter: dalton was elected by the phillies in the 25th round of the draft. he made 143 starts as catcher in '93 the most in phillies history. >> i played for 20 years, i never played before during or and than a better clubhouse preference. in 2013, dalton was diagnosed with brain tumor. he established the darren dalton foundation in 2011. in 2013, the foundation shifted its focus to raising money for patients with brain cancer. through it all, phillies fans sent their love. he felt that support. common traitor john -- comont --
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he is sure scrierved by many family members including his wife and children. >> david montgomery released this statement, all of us at the phillies are sad to hear of darren's passing him from the day we drafted until today he earned our respect and admire racing and person. -- admiration and person. dutch was truly one of a kind and we will deerly miss him. >> his legacy on and off the field includes helping patients taking on cancer, the disease that eventually silenced him. five hundred teens ran
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through traffic last night on cheltenham avenue year anderson street. philadelphia police say some of the young people threw bottles at the cruisers. this is the same area where a rec center event in july got out of hand. we'll have more in the next half-hour. developing now, a 13-year-old boy said he was shot in the foot while walking with the friend in kensington. ment teen said it happened at kensington avenue and east ontario street. the boy is at saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. new from the overnight fire chase add family from their home in delaware county. flames broke out in the bedroom of the home on the unit block of mill born avenue in upper darby. everyone got out safely. the search is on for the cause of the blaze. philadelphia have more evidence to analyze on a deadly hit-and-run that remains
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unsolved. surveillance video shows a jeep rubicon at 3:20 a.m. yesterday this morning, that jeep matches the one that struck and killed an brodrick. it has a white hard top and front end damage. ment storm system that spawned a tornado and all the damage in oklahoma is arriving in our area. 30 people were hurt when the twister struck in the middle of the night in the midwest. the deluge trapped some drivers in their cars in kansas. a torrent of rain turned creeks into raging streams. the system comes our way as it heads east. >> reporter: the ef-2 tornado ripped through tulsa in the middle of the night 110 miles per hour. the twister roaring into a strip shopping mall, three restaurants
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still open. >> we started getting calls who were trapped in the restaurants because the roofer was collapsing on them. >> reporter: daylight revealing extensive damage, windows blown out at this highrise, rubble in the streets, power lines down. some residents complaining they received the mobile tornado alerts, but the sirens remained silent. >> tornado warning, but no sirens. >> reporter: in new orleans, nine rain developed in a few hours. several surrounded by several feet of water. >> i'm stuck here, i'm stuck, i can't go nowhere. >> reporter: the only way to get out, boat. >> we only boat at times like this. >> reporter: in kansas torrential rain slashing wind
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fields and -- slashing windshields and roadways. >> with the rain heading to our area, check in on the forecast app that includes real time views from storm tracker 6 live. it's a free download for your mobile device. an internet rumor that starbucks said is not true. the details in the first look the at business. >> meet the local little leaguers who are moving close to a grand stage. >> reporter: we expect periods of rain, some of it will be heavy you have to be careful as you head out, storm tracker 6 live double scan storms brewing, details on this when we come right back. ve.
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>> happening today the little leaguers from upper providence play maryland. these boys are inching closer to a showing in the little league world series. they defeated delaware. it is being broadcast nationwide espn 3 at 4:00 p.m. >> okay be we'll be watching, it will be great to see a little league world series. >> reporter: how is everybody doing today. are you ready for the rain. >> i've been listening to accuweather all weekend, they have been been talking about it. >> reporter: rain has not hit our area just yet, let's go to the street level view, you can get a sense how the rain is building in, we have it in motion, we're starting to see heavy periods of rain through
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wilmington, lancaster and reading, just a little bit light, but the rain itself is getting heavier later on. it will come in waves. the first wave will not hit you too hard. it is this afternoon and evening that we are particularly worried. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now. it's starting to get damp in coatsville and in the northwest suburbs and not here at philadelphia international, still dry at the moment if you're flying out, you'll find no big problems getting out of town right. let's check the current conditions through the area. currently, 71 degrees, the dewpoint 63. it's humid with the rain it will be heavy at times. the winds at 12 miles per hour, the wind intensity could pick up a bit with some of the storms, any one of them could be severe. areas to the south in cape may and delaware better risk of that. the pressure is holding steady the ocean temperature, 72. here's the satellite and radar, we see the clouds in play, the rain that i showed you on storm
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tracker 6 live in the western suburbs that's the first round it is it is not very heavy. it will pick up in intensity when you get the second and third round of rain coming through later on. today's high, 73 degrees. it's cool with periods of rain. winds out of the southeast/southeast at 6 to 12. when you get under the storms that could cause problems. future tracker 6, showing at 11:00, you have some periods of rain, it will build in intensity, you're looking at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you could see areas of red, darker areas getting a good pounding of rain, an inch or two of rain on top of what we've already had significantly last month. that's the concern for the flash flooding. it's the compounding effect. at 3:30 p.m. look at the areas of purple, down to the south, wilmington and cape may county expect the chance for stronger storms. even at 5:00, some of us will be
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hit with this drying out tonight. we have the flood watch goes into effect at noon today and lasts through the evening hours, that's when when we expect the heaviest rain to be. a red alert day today, periods of rain, cool, 73 degrees is the high. tomorrow, clouds break for sun, temperature back up in the low 80s, a good day after today. wednesday, nice and sunny, 83 not too humid. thursday, clouds and sun, 82. friday, partly sunny skies, 82. chance for a thunderstorm at the end of the day, friday is dry, saturday and sunday it turns humid again with a few showers, we'll see some sunshine and you're looking at temperatures, 82, 84 degrees, we're not talking any heat waves, but we're talking about pounding rain, specially today it's the worst of the seven day that you have to prepare for. the afternoon and evening will be the time frame you have to
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watch. >> overseas north korea has announced the new rounds of sanctions it is facing from the united nations. the billion dollar hit is a penalty to the north korea economy with nuclear tests. north korea vowed to launch thousand fold against the u.s. and saying it's a violent infringement of its sovereignty. a passenger talk about his frightening experience on the american airline flights. video from inside the cabin shows the ceiling covered in distinct. dr. fang was one of is, fortunately, on board who jumped in to help attendants. >> two flight attendants had a dislocated shoulder, some had
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fallen or knocked around. three passengers and seven crew members went to the hospital. dr. fang made his connection to california saying it was a much calmer flight. still ahead on "action news," the small town turning into a pot paradise, how the marijuana makeover started. >> a woman's walk with her husband takes an unexpected turn. what happened later on "action news." >> reporter: a brand new
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workweek, welcome to it, an truant for things to go so right or so wrong on the highways. we had an issue on i-95 southbound side near girard avenue, there was debris, but it's okay, no issues at this point. on the big picture just off i-95 nothing changed over the weekend columbus boulevard southbound be one lane getting by in queen village. no construction to warn you about on the vine expressway, that's nice and open and clear, we'll have lots of construction on the boulevard. long stretches doing a lot of milling and paving work in the outer drive between the bucks county line and red lion road and cottman, the whole way down
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to 9th street, watch out for the crews during the midday and the overnight hours. the crash on the boulevard extension has cleared. on the schuylkill expressway construction is in the process of clearing there. there's a crash in perkiomen township montgomery county. watch out for it at park avenue at pennypacker road. time for a look at business at the big board. starbucks is denying claims that it's sophie shops will offer discounts to undocumented immigrants. it promises 40% off for any menu item for undocumented i immigras on august 20th. the stop executive calls it false and fake and took to twitter to promote the so-called dreamer day they say is not true. wall street is up by a note, job growth, plus, u.s. stock futures are pointing to a
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higher open. you may call nipton california we'd town. a manufacturer has purchased it 128 town for pot lovers there will be cannabis infused water and different varieties of marijuana to smoke. >> it is 4:53 a.m., we're remembering a beloved phillies star this morning. darren dalton has passed away. a look back at his impact at 5:00 a.m. the runner controversy coming paralysis, he has a message for people who have their own doubts.
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circle, a sidewalk suddenly collapsed beneath a woman in new york city leaving her seriously injured. she fell at least 6 feet while walking with her husband on saturday morning contractors were supposed to install sporting material after the collapse. rod hutchens crossed the finish line on saturday taking third place in his age group in idaho falls. he was diagnosed with paralyzes,
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after 9 surgeries and a spinal simulator in his back he got back on his feet. >> what i want to do is i want to give everybody who has a story a voice and let them know there is a team out there that can help them. >> hutchens will not be a competitor in the iron man course in april, in hawaii, he will run and complete the course in his own race. new from the overnight, police investigate a reported stabbing at a septa terminal. >> one of hollywood's most powerful couple are splitting up. >> we remember darren data on on his death coming up.
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5:00 a.m., here on this monday, august 7. here's what we're following. >> phillies great darren dalton has passed away. we're remembering the beloved sports figure. >> teens in philadelphia take over the streets hurling bottles. >> be ready for heavy rain that could produce gusty winds. >> reporter: not a beach and pool day. >> reporter: periods of rain today. it is the afternoon an


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