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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 7, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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remembering darren dalton. there's new surveillance of a deadly hit-and-run the search goes on. stronger storms make their way to the delaware and lehigh valleys with the threat of flash flooding. >> david murphy is off, karen rogers will have everything you need to know about the rain and matt pellman as traffic. >> reporter: during the afternoon and evening commute, it's going to be kind of tough. the rain is heading in our area, you see satellite and radar there's rain at the doorstep. area of low pressure out to the south and west, as that low tracks towards the region it
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will bring about periods of rain that will intensify a little bit during the afternoon and evening. let's start 0 out with storm tracker 6 live double scan. you can see the light rain hitting the city. i want you to take a closer look at this, you will get the idea of what i am talking about. it's now in allentown, heavier in reading, through the city and in wilmington. we go in a little closer you can see malvern, coatsville wet, on the doorstep of coatsville you're getting the periods of heavy rain in pottstown and reading. it's starting to pick up in intensity. the first round of rain, there will be a few, the first round moving in already. you see that on storm tracker 6 live double scan, 72 degrees, the current temperature right now, 73 in atlantic city airport. 65 in reading. it's a cool day today. temperatures will hold in the low 70s. let's look at the day ahead. we can see periods of rain through the day, it's not going to rain constantly, but at any point expect rain. you can see from this afternoon and early evening, we expect the
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rain to pick up in intensity a little bit. that's why the national weather service has a flood watch that goes into effect at lunchtime today and lasts through evening through most of the area, the rain won't be as intense in the lehigh valley. so you're included from that flood watch. but the storm prediction center has philadelphia in a marginal risk. look at the area of yellow cape may county, southern delaware in a slight risk for severe weather. we'll be watching for rain south of our viewing area could see the intense storms this afternoon and evening. >> the lehigh valley not getting as much as good news for musikfest. good morning everyone, despite the fact it was a sunday night we had construction going on the schuylkill expressway. all crews have cleared out, both lanes open in both directions by the blue route 476. they might be bumpy, but they are open and ready for you.
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vine street expressway, no overnight construction here, i have not gotten any work from penndot they are closing the vine this week. no delays on i-95, bridges problem-free at the moment. a crash park avenue at pen pennypacker road. burling the only county word of a truck fire new jersey turnpike be exit 7 one lane blocked there. farther south from south jersey into delaware 295, the delaware memorial bridge getting word of a crash there at the mid span, delaware bound one lane blocked on this monday morning. >> philadelphia has lost one of the most beloved players in phillies history. camper darren dalton has died following a four year battle with brain cancer. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live outside citizens bank park where there will be more tributes to dutch
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dalton today. >> reporter: matt, that's right, today the phillies chairman and several former teammates will be meeting to discuss his legacy, darren dalton was a presence. he was a fan favorite. fans loved to watch him. he hustled and was tough and highly respected by his teammates. darren dalton cheered on by fans long after his playing days were over. the 3 time all star played 14 seasons with the office phillies, the longest tenure for a camper in franchise history. the team announced last night he lost his four year battle to brain cancer. dump was 535. >> i remember getting his glove, the black glove that had his name inside of it, just because it was his. >> reporter: dalton was selected by the phillies in the 25th round of the 1980 june draft. he made 143 starts as catcher in
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93 which was the most in phillies history. here's curt schilling speaking about the phillies great. >> i played 20 years arena never played before or during or after than a better clubhouse preference than darren dalton. >> reporter: dot -- dament -- dalton was diagnosed with brain cancer. he established the darren dalton foundation. through it all, fans sent their love. >> the support has been like so many in my family. comment traitor john krk, could not ask for a better teammate or friend. i love you bubba. he is survived by his wife and
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four children. >> all of us at the phillies are sadden to hear of darren's passing. from the day that we drafted until today he coninstantly earned our respect and admiration as a player and person, dutch was truly one of a kind. we will dearly miss him. a private service will be held in florida. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks. you can read more about darren dalton's life and get reaction to his passing from the sporting world at developing now, gunfire wounds a 13-year-old boy in kensington. this happened after midnight. the teen told philadelphia police he was walking with a friend near kensington avenue ascertain east ontario street when he was shot in the foot. police did not locate any evidence at that location. he is in stable condition. overnight we learned three people are under arrest part of a crowd of unruly young people
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that took over the streets of germantown. 100 teens ran through traffic at cheltenham avenue and anderson street. some of the young people threw bottles at the vehicle and one suv was vandalized. this is the same area where a rec center event got out of hand in july. new this morning, a fire in a bedroom forced a family from their home in delaware county. the flames broke out after midnight on the unit block of millbourn avenue in upper darby. everybody got out safely. the cause is under investigation. the search continues for a driver who sped away from a deadly crash in center city over the weekend. this is surveillance video that shows the jeep rubicon. the driver was moving on race street and hit the victim neither early yesterday morning.
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request north korea regime has responded to the ban on coal and exports will cost the country $1 billion in revenue. rex tillerson said it is clear that the international community expects north korea to stop the missile test. on north korea website, it reads, there is no bigger mistake than the united states believing its land is safe across the ocean. president trump is working at his country club in new jersey. chris christie made it clear the president has an open invitation to the governor's beach house. >> we would welcome with open arms to take time at the jersey shore. >> governor chris christie was
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criticized for staying at the beach house with his family during a state government shut down. >> severe weather has left a path 68 destruction in the nation's heartland. 0 people were injured when an ef-2 tornado went through the city of tulsa, oklahoma. residents complained even though they received mobile tornado alerts, the outdoor sirens were silent. torrential rain stranded drivers in missouri. three men pushed a flooded mustang through water nearly up to their waist in westport. >> what will it be like when that system gets to us. >> reporter: we'll see periods of rain today, it will get intense later this afternoon, the morning rain should not cause too many issues. let's take a look right now at storm tracker 6 live double scan, we can see we're now wet in philadelphia. it's light rain, i want to take you a little closer.
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with double scan we've got the view of this. in coatsville yellow and red you're getting hit pretty well. in pottstown, it's light to moderate rain. in quakertown, rather light rain, as well. let's go outside we want to see what it looks like, sky6 live hd looking live at the clouds above the commodore barry bridge this morning. we'll be stuck with the clouds today and feeling pretty cool, yet humid with the rain coming down. 72 degrees the current temperature, the dewpoint, 62. the winds are out of the southwest, the pressure is falling, the ocean temperature, 72. satellite and radar and radar showing, yup, the clouds moved in, this is the first batch of rain. we'll get drier air trying to work its way in before the next round of rain. i think the afternoon animal early evening when it starts to come down really good. let's look at the forecast, 73 is the high today. the rain comes down,
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temperatures wobble a little bit below that. 8:00 a.m., 71. 10:00 a.m., 68. from lunchtime on we'll have the heavier pockets move in. 3:00 p.m., 69. 6:00 p.m., still holding in the upper 60s and low 70s with periods of rain. let's look at what it's going to see on future tracker 6 lunchtime, pockets of heavier rain starting to move in. 2:00 p.m., look at the area of purple showing. often when you see purple you get hail watching for the posh for that all through the i-95 corridor, looking at the heavy rain in the afternoon. this is 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, showing some of the heavier cells pushing back out. we see at 6:00 areas to the south still getting hit. and remember areas to the south, like dover, like wildwood that are in the slight risk for severe weather by the storm prediction center. we're watching for the rain. it's going to be a good amount of it, this is future tracker's
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estimate showing anywhere from an inch or so up to two inches of rain coming through the area. the trouble we've already so much rain from last month. that's where we anticipate flash flooding happening pretty quickly. we'll have periods of rain, 73 the high, worse in the afternoon and early evening. clouds and sun, 82, less humid, too. wednesday, nice and sunny, bright, 83. not too humid. thursday, clouds and sun, 82. friday, partly sunny, chance of a shower at the end of the day, 81. the weekend is not bad, saturday and sunday, humid, 82, 84 degrees, on each day you have a chance for a shower in one or two spots. at this point it doesn't look very wet, something to watch for on the weekend. the only day the big issue we're in it, with rain this afternoon.
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>> 5:42 a.m., two small planes come crashing down in separate incidents in new jersey. >> we're getting a new prospective on the violent turbulence that injured people on board a flight to philadelphia. we'll hear from a passenger who helped those who were hurt. >> a sidewalk collapsed sending a woman several feet down below. >> reporter: we have construction where woodhaven road meets up with i-95. it's dry here, but we started to see wet spots in some of the cameras we'll show them to you live when "action news" continues odds monday morning.
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look here, sky6 live hd out over penns landing over the ben franklin bridge. before you know it, you will see rain drops on the screen. 5:46 a.m., 72 degrees, the high today will get up to 73. >> in fact that rain moving in right now, so let's turn to matt pellman and traffic. >> reporter: made it to this spot, oaks montgomery county, the road 422 is wet. still seeing a bunch of headlights coming eastbound. you can see the spray coming off the vehicles as you travel. it is definitely soggy at this point. no delays, you just need to keep
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the speeds down because the roads will be slippery as they start to become wet. we're scheduled to have midday construction each day this week along 422 between oaks and trooper road. we'll see if that happens with the wet conditions. we're getting word of a crash of the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound side berks county into chester between morgantown and downingtown. the left lane is out of commission as emergency crews respond to the scene. construction crews on the turnpike cleared out. we have westbound work between norristown and valley forge. eastbound work around malvern. the crews have cleared, as is work on the northeast extension everything open northbound near lansdale. there's a bad crash park avenue at pennypacker road. spring mount road is the alternate. new construction begins today lasting this week and next, of
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of -- 663 would be the alternate for kumry road. commuter report in delaware, i-95 northbound near edgemore minor crash north of 202, the conquered pike thanks to dennis briggs ninja. two small plane crashes in north jersey. three people were on board a piper aircraft that crashed and caught fire. it was heading to pitstown hunterdon county when it crashed. it had taken off from blarestown, the pilot and passengers were conscious when crews arrived at the scene an amateur arrest the craft crashed
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at the end of the runway in sussex county yesterday morning, the pilot's name has not been released. a passenger talked about his experience on board a flit flit -- flight heading to philadelphia from grease. dr. fang jumped in to help the injured. >> two flight attendants one dislocated shoulder and the other was fallen and bumped her head. others got knocked around and hit their head on the cabin and ceiling. >> three passengers and seven crew members went to the hospital when it landed. dr. fang made his connection to california saying that was a much calmer flight.
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. have jackpots totaling $300 million plus. wednesday's powerball drawing is worth $307 million. no big winner on saturday. somebody bought a ticket in pennsylvania worth a million dollars. >> nice. >> the mega millions lottery rolled over on friday night, tomorrow's lottery is worth $346 million. >> you can buy a lot of umbrellas with that. >> reporter: we have powerful rain on the way, we won't be winning on the roads. we're just starting to get damp right now near east falls along the boulevard extension approaching fox street. boulevard extension outer drive paving going on this week for miles and miles during the midday and overnight.
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the trolley will the nobody running because of the work on the tracks on main street in darby. >> reporter: light rain in glassboro, philadelphia, norristown, quakertown. heavier rain in coatsville, you see the areas of yellow and orange and wilmington, as well. take a look at storm tracker 6 live 3d. this is nothing, it's much heavier coming our way. we'll get periods of rain, the heaviest in the afternoon and evening. temperatures 73 for the high. kind of cool today periods of rain, it may not rain constantly, the heaviest look to be in the afternoon say from lunchtime into 5:00 p.m., that's why we have the flood watch that goes into effect at noon today. >> thank you karen. a sidewalk suddenly collapsed beneath a woman in new york city leaving her seriously injured. the woman fell 6 feet saturday morning. building record show contractors
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were hired to install supporting building material at the site of the collapse.
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cities which philadelphia is one of them, will be watching a suit filed by chicago. attorney general jeff sessions threatened to hold a million and and a half dollars for the police department. >> little league from providence is moving close -- closer to the little league championship. the tournament is being held in bristol connecticut and broadcast on our sister network, espn iii. so go upper prov. >> up next at 6:00 we have a consumer alert to pass along. if you drive a pickup truck there may be a steering problem of you to have checked out. a prisoner in shackles
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manages to overpower a policeman in the midwest. he is still on the run this morning. >> good morning it is a.m.,
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monday, august 7 here's what we're following. >> phillies great darren dalton passed away. >> five hundred young people take over philadelphia streets throwing bottles and vandalizing an suv. >> get ready for big rain, accuweather is tracking storms that could produce drenching downpours and gusty winds. >> let's find out about, karen rogers is in for dave dave, outside, umbrella up, matt pellman is taking a look at traffic good


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