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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 11, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the overnight military training missions in guam as tensions rise between the u.s. and north korea with president trump doubling down on his threat. and people in the u.s. are wasting no time in case of an attack when it comes to bomb shelters, business is booming. we'll show you where they're already sold out. new this morning, two flights diverted after crew members got sick. both planes from the same airline. what's causing people on board to get so ill? tim tebow does it again hitting another home run but it's what happened before the hit that's making this one extra special. and we do say good morning on this busy friday. the tensions in the western
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pacific increasing overnight with the american military delivering a strong message. >> the u.s. military training mission is under way this morning with these b-1 bombers taking off from the u.s. territory of guam. >> the president's latest warning came as north korea vowed to fire missiles over japan and into the sea meant to splash down just miles from guam and 160,000 americans. abc's erielle reshef following the latest from d.c. >> reporter: good morning. if north korea were to strike guam the resident there is would only have 14 minutes of warning. the president promising an overwhelming u.s. response. u.s. b-1 bombers taking off from guam on a training mission amid increased tensions as president trump doubles down and defends his tough talk on north korea. >> it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries, so if anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. >> reporter: speaking thursday at his bedminster golf club, the president defiant in the face of
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concern over his comments promising fire and fury in response to threats from the north korean regime. >> what would be tougher than fire and fury. >> well, you'll see. >> reporter: james mattis striking a calmer tone. >> the american effort is diplomatically led and has diplomatic traction, is gaining diplomatic results. >> reporter: north korea answering the president's rhetoric vowing to quote merci y mercililess wipe out provocateurs. >> let's see what he does with guam. he does something in guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before, what will happen in north korea. >> reporter: despite the high drama in recent days little has changed on the ground. >> at this point there has been no change in the threat level either in the military base in guam or in our civilian community. >> reporter: the u.s. military not operating at an elevated
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security level. and experts telling abc news north korea does not appear to be preparing any new missile launches. and, of course, all of this coming after the u.n. security council passed crippling sanctions on north korea. the president is said to meet with nikki haley later today. >> that's erielle reshef live from washington. thanks. this morning homeland security in guam has released documents detailing how to stay safe in the event of an attack. >> the u.s. has several lines of defense at the ready includiing 30,000 troops and many are on edge in seoul just 35 miles from the north korean border. >> the people here are -- say they're immune to nearly all the things they hear from the north because they hear it so often but what's bothering them this time which makes it even more risky, they believe is that they're hearing it from the united states. almost everybody on the street you talk to can recite donald trump's words fire and fury and it worries them.
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>> the u.s. also has several navy ships in the region. patriot missiles and the thaad anti-missile defense system are in place, still any military retaliation from north korea could be catastrophic for seoul. now to the battle on the home front for the president and his escalating feud with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. his latest message get back to work by twitter. they are in their august recess but the president in the midst of a 17-day vacation wants renewed efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he also wants lawmakers to push through tax reform. >> mitch, get to work and let's get it done. they should have had this last one done. they lost by one vote for a thing like that to happen is a dai disgrace. >> the president said he was disappointed in mcconnell but didn't say whether he should step down. the president stunned many in the foreign service when he
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thanked russia's vladimir putin for expelling hundreds of american diplomats. last month putin reacted to new u.s. sanctions by saying the u.s. would have to cut hundreds of people from its diplomatic staff in russia. yesterday president trump said the expulsions will save the u.s. a lot of money. some said that comment showed disrespect to those in the foreign service. others believe the president is showing putin he's not bothered by the move. and another diplomat serving havana, cuba, has reportedly suffering hearing loss, this time it's a canadian. but this comes after several u.s. diplomats also suffered hearing loss believed to be caused by some sort of covert sonic device. the canadian government is working with the u.s. to investigate the matter. a jetblue flight leaving boston for san diego was diverted to buffalo last night after the pilot and two flight attendants got sick. emergency crews picked them up at the airport and took them to a hospital. the crew and some passengers reported a strong gas smell on board. now, the flight later resumed on a backup plane but hours earlier
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another jetblue flight heading to bar bade does was forced to return to ft. lauderdale half three flight attendants reported feeling sick. both are under investigation. forecasters are tracking two tropical disturbances in the atlantic. one is in open water near the bahamas as you can see there and could become much stronger over the next five days. the other is hovering off the florida coast. it's less threatening but it is bringing heavy rain to the southern part of that state. here's a closer look at today's forecast. well, severe storms are pounding much of the nation this morning. take a look at these scenes from alabama where much of the state is swamped after days of heavy rain. as much as 5 inches fell in little more than an hour in some spots and forecasters say more on the way today and over in arizona, it's monsoon season. these monsoon winds tore across tucson uprooting trees. dozens of them. a resident of one apartment
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complex had to be rescued after at least six trees smashed into the building. no injuries reported. still ahead, why consumer reports is pulling its recommendation for a popular laptop. a terrifying moment for brit si spiers. a fan charging the stage during a performance. how the backup dancers may have saved the day. a car plunges seven stories off a parking garage. hear how it happened and how the driver survived.
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the seventh story of a downtown parking garage to an alley below. she bounced off the back of that fairly lucky person in that suv and landed upside down. people rushed in to her her until emergency crews could arrive hospitalized with serious injuries. the driver of the suv was shaken up under januariably but is okay. walgreens is fighting back over a lawsuit. the suit claims walgreens is profiting by charging customers with insurance more more those generics than it charges for those paying out of pocket. walgreens says it's without merit and promises to defend itself vigorously. a global stock sell-off is being blamed on the tension with north korea. market as cross asia sold off sharply overnight. both hong kong and shanghai losing nearly 2%. they extended into european trading, as well. all that follows wall street's worst day in nearly three months. u.s. markets will try to end a
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three-day losing streak when trading opens this morning at 9:30. "consumer reports" has pulled its recommendation of microsoft surface laptops and tablets. that's after a survey of nearly 91,000 users found that the devices break too often. within two years of purchase for 25% of those polled. that's much higher than other brands. microsoft disagrees with the findings. apple tops the list for most reliable laptops and tablets. amazon is making a move in the ticket selling business. they are looking for a partner to distribute tickets for concerts and sporting events. that would put it in a direct battle with ticketmaster. the two companies have had talks about working together but nothing has developed so far. and if you go to a miami heat home game, bring your smartphone. the team is now the nba's first to require mobile only entry. teams are shifting to the technology to reduce fraud. the club says about one-third of its customers entered
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itthe power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. that is a powerful hailstorm slamming into ft. collins, colorado, leaving a huge mess. it was all part of a strong system that hit much of the state with drenching rain, thunder and lightning. forecasters say there's a chance of more of the same today. >> you can just hear how powerful it was. the weather is creating a mess on the roads. wet conditions across the eastern two-thirds of the country from arizona to oklahoma where you'll likely see some flooding. if you're flying airport
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delays are most likely in new orleans and atlanta. oh, good. new orleans. now to a scare for britney spears after her las vegas show. >> a fan interrupted her performance by jumping on stage. police say that stage crasher was jesse webb. he was arrested wednesday night after being tackled by security. but even before jumping the stage, security says they asked him to leave because of some erratic behavior. ♪ it was the moment that abruptly stopped the show. >> are you guys having fun? >> reporter: britney spears performing her hit song "crazy" in las vegas wednesday night when a man from the crowd suddenly stormed the stage. spears seemed shocked. at one point her knees buckle if she asks if the man has a gun. the stage crasher 37-year-old jesse webb was quickly surrounded held down by spears' backup dancers being dragged offstage and arrested for trespassing. >> security was asleep at the
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wheel. they should have had sufficient resources to ensure he did not get on stage as he did. ♪ >> reporter: spears eventuallily returned to the stage and closed out the show. ♪ keep on dancing >> now, webb was in las vegas to get married. he defended his actions in a facebook post saying he was not trying to attack spears and that the incident was blown out of proportion by the media. a detective in the penn state hazing death case believes crucial video of the incident was erased on purpose. testimony drurg a hearing yesterday reveals some footage showing timothy piazza vanished two days after he died in february. now, judges deciding if there is enough evidence to send the case to a trial. the hearing moves into its fifth day today. police in suburban new york city are looking into the death of a high school football player during a conditioning drill. investigators say 16-year-old joshua miletto was killed when a log fell on his head. the junior and four teammates
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from satchem high school on long island were carrying it when it dropped or shifted. now to a terrifying close call between a train and a truck in the atlanta area. the whole thing captured on video. the train slams into the truck while it was carrying a load of butter mints candy. the truck driver ignored a sign that warned of a low ground clearing at the crossing and jumped out of the truck just seconds about of that train hit. no injuries reported. and some incredible video from the french riviera here. it captured the moment a mini tornado formed stunning beachgoers enjoying a da in the sun. the powerful winds created just havoc. you can see it tossing everything, toy, umbrellas, everything. people on the beach start scrambling to collect their items. fortunately no injuries reported. >> it is a show. so tough to get your proper
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beach chair position. >> and no sand on the towel. >> and here comes a beach tornado. gets you every time. >> happens all the time. golfers jordan spieth and rory mcilroy will go into the second round of the pga championships five strokes off the lead. >> highlights now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. kevin connors, kenny mayne. we had nfl preseason football friday. our job to stir the pot and quarterback controversy already. >> you're discussing the possibility of nuclear war but there is the chicago quarterback situation to resolve. mitchell trubisky or mike glennon. didn't go so well thursday night. picked off by chris harris jr. going all the way. 50 yards on end. glennon was just 2 for and the ball sailing. trubisky, the rookie, looking sharp. drys that one to rueben randle. goes down at the 1 and would score. 18 of 25. broncos won this game, though.
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how about baseball, how about the dodgers and the fact that they haven't lost a series in like months. literally. taking on the d'backs. top one, hernandez. after the errant throw lead 3-0. bottom one, yu darvish, second start for l.a. ends the inning and strikes out the side. five innings, 10 strikeouts and dodgers do it again, 8-6, your final score. sadly we must report that the mariners lost on thursday night. >> so they're in a tie for the second wild card spot, yankees have the first, tampa and seattle tied for the second. go back to your news. >> well, thanks, fellas. all right. ask and you shall receive. so a young baseball fan had the experience of a lifetime and along the way may have given tim tebow a little luck. >> just a little bit. this happened late last month.
4:20 am
the new york met farm hand was getting set to hit in charlotte, florida, when he shakes hands with a thrill seth bosh. the video coming out now. the 10-year-old has autism and a tumor behind his right eye. >> watch what happens. moments later he smacks a three-run homer. seth's mom says her son was crying after he and tebow shook hands and she said she started crying then after the home run. >> everybody cried. >> seth bosh, good luck charm. now we know. >> tebow took a photo with him as well. up next in "the pulse," cool pave many. why one american city is painting some of its roads white. how one man's canceled flight turned him into a million year.
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starting with a blast from the cold war past making a comeback as tensions escalate with north korea. >> yeah, so bomb shelters are all the rage once again. now that president trump is talking fire and fury. well, the owner of a survival store in california says business is booming but the man for bomb shelters higher than ever. >> it sold 30 shelters in the last two days which is normally a year's worth and the store, by the way, is currently sold out. >> wow. >> so if you were in a market for a bomb shelter, darn it. >> maybe you could get one on ebay. l.a. is fighting climate change with white streets painting some of its streets to reduce temperatures by as much as 15 degrees. l.a. has budgeted $150,000 for the pilot project called cool pavement >> that's right. it started in may, see far officials say the results are promising. if it tips to work the program will likely expand to other parts of the state or even other parts of the country. a michigan man says he won a
4:24 am
million dollars in this week's mega millions drawing all because a trip to chicago fell through. >> who knew a flight delay could do this. his flight was canceled and stopped in a convenience store and wound up one mega ball match away from $350 million. >> it still won the million. he's going to use some of that to buy a bicycle. the rest will go toward his retirement. >> let's hope it's a cheap bike. >> lots of plane tickets in his future. more news after this. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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>> a man is shot multiple times while waiting at a traffic light. we have the details and a look at the scene. a disagreement breaks out steps from philadelphia's famous cheese steak joints. >> reporter: the eagles take the field for the first time in action, hear what the players say about the loss against the
4:28 am
packers. a jersey shore town is trying to get rid of a swamp all next. they're making them to attack the united states. so obviously a firm response is necessary but maybe not fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen. okay. >> basically we've given donald trump a big red button that says do not press and now we're all sitting around hoping he doesn't press it. by the way, where is dennis rodman when we need him. >> to be fair north korea isn't helping in this situation. today they said they're drawing up plans to launch four int intermediate range ballistic missiles into the waters near guam. near guam. but not on guam. okay, which is the geopolitical equivalent of your brother
4:29 am
saying i'm not touching you. >> not only trading threats with kim jong-un but attacking mitch mcconnell and slammed him twice on twitter today, told him to get back to work from vacation he said this. >> sources say mitch mcconnell is going to shoot back a response as soon as his grandchildren show him what twitter is and how to use it. >> right now trump is on vacation at his new jersey golf club and i heard that he actually gets a farmland tax break there because it has a herd of goats on the property. yeah, the goats will eat anything, grass, plant, tax returns, very helpful. trump is not the only one taking a break. the kremlin released photos of vladimir putin. take a look at this photo. yeah. putin was like, forget about the dad bod, feast your eyes on the vlad bod. >> forget about the vladimir putin photos and the dancing pecs. >> he was putting on a show. all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great weekend. >> good morning everyone
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4:30 a.m., friday, august 11. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us here's what we're following on "action news." >> a late night drive in the city nearly turns fatal for a man waiting at a traffic light. we're live at the scene with the details. >> a woman has a violent response to a disagreement with another woman, hear what she used to attack the victim. >> the birds gets preseason action against the packers, jeff skeverski talks to the players about their performance. >> let's tur


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