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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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to scramble for a pair of eclipse glasses and people are protesting hate. that's next on "action news." >> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> an investigation is under way after vandals targeted a mural
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of former mayor frank rizzo in philadelphia. this comes a day after rizzo's at that time chew was spray painted as well. tonight his son is speaking out. i'm walter perez for "action news." the big story of the night is the attack on the former mayor. "action news" reporter jeff chirico spoke with frank rizzo junior and he joins us from south philadelphia with more. yef? >> walter, first the damage to the mural is extensive. it will take some time to restore this mural. i spoke tonight with the son of the late mayor who says he's frustrated by the vandalism and efforts by some to remove the monument of his father. >> shame on them. they should find something else to do. >> from white paint saying black power, the mayor under attack.
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his son reacts. >> it bothers me to see things like this happen, but you have to remember, it's one or two people. it's not a majority. >> overnight vandals struck this italian mural writing, kill, killer cops. in daylights the words were covered and then removed. it's horrifying to the painter of the mural in 1995. >> it happens too often. >> days earlier, a germantown man allegedly spray painted the statue of rizzo at the services building but the woman under attack helen gym two h called for the statue to be taken down. the mayor 1972 to 1980, rizzo
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was a controversial figure. his son says he was a heavy handed law enforcement officer, but not a racist. >> he enforced the law. >> in a column the head of arts also raised the possibility of removing the mural. some calling it devicive. others saying it should stay. >> we are living in 2017. those things shouldn't matter. we should be worried about the war in the white house. >> i may not like everything he did -- >> why would they want to remove the mural of my dad in south philadelphia? that mural is there for people to learn about philadelphia. >> rizzo tells he his 101-year-old mother learned of the vandalism.
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he says it bothers her, but she's used to it after all, her late husband took shots from his critics much of his life. jeff chirico, "action news," wphl-17. >> 40,000 people showed up in boston to protest a rally billed as a free speech organization. organizers say that's just a front for white supremacistses. for the most part, both events were peaceful, still 33 people were arrested for disorderly conduct and several police officers were struck by boltses. all in all, they are marking the day as a success. >> there were protests from boston to california, hundreds attended rally in venice, california today.
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they denowsed violence that led to a woman being killed last weekend. >> in new orleans, they protested big easy style with music. this group is calling for the removal of confederate statues in and around new orleans. >> comedic legend and civil rights activist dick gregory has died. his family posted the message a few minutes ago. the family appreciates support and respectfully asks for privacy as they continue to grieve. he was a comedic ground breaker in the '60s and parlayed his standup to political activism. dick gregory was 64 years old. >> men and women with freshly painted signs marched for peace.
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organizers say they want to bring attention to violent crimes in their neighborhood on a regular basis. okay, moving on to the forecast. today was on the humid side. there was a lot of sunshine. melissa magee is here with the first check of the forecast. >> wlter, we are tracking showers moving south and east of philadelphia. storm tracker 6, you can see the showers south jersey and delaware. you can see rain in hammondton and south jersey and middle town also smyrna in delaware because of a weak front moving through. this moisture continues to fizzle out working its way to the east and off the coast in the atlantic. in philadelphia, 78.
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rain cooled air allentown and reading, temperatures in the 60s in the poconos, 61 cape may 78. dewpoint temperatures are high but overnight hours and into the day tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. dewpoint temperatures are in the lower 60s or at 60. a refreshing air mass on the way. pleasant tomorrow sunday. we are staying warm for the eclipse sunday and crapging up the humidity next tuesday. we have the full and exclusive forecast, walter. >> melissa ready for the eclipse. in two days, all eyes will turn to the heavens. the rush is on to try to find protective glasses needed to gaze at the event. bob brooks has an update on the hottest item since the cabbage patch kid. >> we have known the eclipse is coming for a long time, but so
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many have waited to the last minute to get the proper glasses. as kim from coatesville put it, i called around so many places. i'm a procrastinator. i'm very, very happy. >> she was one of the so many people coming to main line optical in ardmore to get her family glasses. she and several others say, had she not found them, we would have probably taken our chances and become a patient here. >> it's damaging. people don't realize that it can happen years later that the damage comes out. >> we are sold out of the eclipse glasses. >> they had 500 pairs available this morning. they are all accounted for. could have been another 2,000. >> it's simple, hol fold the sis
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and put them on. >> you can't see anything. >> they block out 99.9% of light. at the philadelphia zoo, the line speaks for itself. seeing something like this is special. >> i got to see wo one in 1979. >> that's why he's running on less sleep than usual. >> i have been here since 10:00 after 6:00. >> scoring a set of glasses for his two kids is more special than it may seem. >> today is my birthday. i thought it would be befitting to me to do something for my family since they do so much for me. >> in case you are wondering, i had to return the pair i was trying on. we heard from someone that said they might chance it if they didn't get their protective eye wear. we don't want people to do that. if you don't get the glasses, don't look at the eclipse.
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bob brooks, "action news" channel6. >> tune in monday, abc news will bring you coast to coast coverage star stg at 1:00 after "action news" at noon. and adam joseph is traveling to missouri to bring you one of the best views of monday's eclipse. the live report begins tomorrow on "action news." >> this just in, get ready. here are the powerball lottery numbers. >> 17, 19, 39, 43, 68, and the powerball is 13. the winning numbers are for the $535 million jackpot. $535 million, i said. that's the fifth largest drawing in history. good luck. much more to come, president trump bucks the long time tradition opting out of the kennedy center awards.
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why he did it coming up. >> and dancers show off their skills. a show that wowed the crowd. >> and the eagles are still a work in progress. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. >> it has been a violent 24 hours for police officers across testify country. six officers were shot including two in pennsylvania. a state trooper was injured when
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a man opened fire on him and his partner in fayette county. one trooper has been released from the hospital and the other expected to make a full recovery. >> in florida two officers were killed when they were shot. officer frs kis kissimmee say oe died tonight and the other at the scene. the suspect was later arrested at a bar. >> jacksonville florida is where two other police officers were injured friday. they were responding to reports of a suicidal person. they arrived to a man with a high powered rifle. he fired and struck the two officers who returned fire and the man later died. >> lieutenant h. j. cullen and
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another trooper were killed keeping white over a violent white nationalist protest. cullen frequently piloted the governor around the state in a police helicopter. the private burial was held after a memorial service. the manhunt continues tonight for the suspected terrorist that drove a van into a crowd in barcelona killing 13 people and injurying 120 more. >> the imam is thought to be the one inciting the terrorism. >> the kennedy center awards will go on without president trump and the first lady. the kennedy center released a statement saying they respect the decision to cancel the
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reception december 3rd. carmen, dplor ya esteban, l.l. cool jay and lionel richie. several honorees said they wouldn't attend the white house reception if president trump was there. >> take ago look at sky 6, a lovely night across the valley. melissa magee has the forecast when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪
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>> these dancers showed off their skills at the jasmine showcase in south philadelphia. dancers between the ages of 9-16 are trained in various styles of dance. tonight's showcase was held at the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with melissa magee looking ahead to monday as well. >> we have the eclipse forecast monday, walter. right now, showers outside. looking at the ben franklin bridge, partly cloudy in the city. we have another view to share with you, sky 6hd looking at the center city skyline, partly cloudy. south of philadelphia and south
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and east, we are tracking showers. radar showing the moisture across south jersey. we go in tighter to get a closer look, rain to the south of salem, rain pressing in and also to the south of millville with us for the rest of tonight and overnight tapping clearing. right now as we look at temperatures, philadelphia 78 and cooler west, allentown, 68. 66 reading, 78 in dover, temperatures currently 75-degrees. satellite 6, we are tracking the disturbance out of western pennsylvania with a severe thunderstorm watch that has since expired that works its way east of the i-95 corridor. for the rest of tonight, the showers exit the coast. it's partly cloudy, dropping to 64 and 70 in 23eu8 philadelphiar
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the overnight low. the humidity lower tomorrow than today. a high in philadelphia of 86. 84 allentown, dover's high tomorrow 85. all eyes up in the sky on monday as we tack abou talk about the r eclipse passing through 12 states, oregon to south carolina. that's when you are in the path of totality. it takes the eclipse 90 minutes to cross the united states. the last time it happened 1979. back home in philadelphia, we are talking about a partial eclipse, 121 in the afternoon monday. max time, 244 in the afternoon, 80% of the sun will be eclipsed by the afternoon ending 4:01 monday. it's a sight to see.
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you want to be sure yo you havee protective eye gear. tomorrow is a nice day. ocean temperature 83. a mix of sunshine and clouds, pleasant, high of 77. the seven-day forecast, sunday, sunny, less humid, high of 86. the high of 89. tuesday, a hot one, turning humid, high of 91. wednesday, humid with thunderstorm it is and spots, high of 86. something to keep in mind for the air show. wednesday, 82. a taste of fall end of next week. >> amazing this summer. up next on "action news," jeff skversky has sports. first another check of the winning powerball numbers. good luck. ♪ ♪
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>> jeff skversky has a check on sports. the eagles are getting there but not yet. >> we have time, though. not a big deal for alshon jeffrey. eagles receiver alshon jeffery has catching up to do, a little behind at eagle camp. jeffrey didn't miss time with his shoulder injury. by no means are the eagles concerned or worried about the edition. there is time for jeffrey and carson wentz to work it out. >> there is not much alshon can't do. if it's a matter of getting him in the right spot. you were eluding to with the questions, make sure he and carson are on the same page for
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the continuity we want. >> corey clement is giving wendell smallwood a run for his money for the final running back spot on the roster. coach is surprised by clement in camp on and off the field. he compares him to a car. >> he does it all well. he reminds me of one of those old school honda athe clerk will record can put a ln it. you know what i'm saying? >> it's third down. i have to catch the ball out the backfield. >> zach prescott says the cowboys not the eagles will win. eagles will not play dallas for
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three months. >> don't tell the phillies it's pretty in california. they are 0-11 in the state of california. they are having giant problems on the west coast. last time the phillies won a game in california, this guy was clean shaven. first pitch from jarred eickhoff deep to right center. cam perkins kicks it to center, running the bases in the first. phils down two in the third. reece hoskins, three run homer, fourth home run in six games, phillies up 4-3. in the sixth, phillies score seven times a giant blow. ty kelly the pinch hit gland slam phillies up 11-4 in the sixth. that's the most in ten weeks.
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more sports when we come back. ♪ ♪
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