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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  August 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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1:00 > good morning it is 4:30 a.m., monday, august 21. >> here's what we're following on "action news," the total solar eclipse, americans areakis along the path of totality. a u.s. warship and tanker collide this morning ten sailors missing. >> frank rizzo junior talks about the uproar over his faring at statue. >> let's go over to karen
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rogers with traffic and david murphy has weather. >> reporter: a big day today. >> reporter: we have satellite out there right now. we have clear skies and fair amount of sunshine early, but you can see the clouds working in from west. we have a mix of sun and clouds. maybe we could go back and try this again. sorry about that guys, we had a little microphone problem. so anyway, we are talking about the potential some clouds mixing in with the sun today. 70 in philadelphia. 63 in millville. 62 in allentown. 65 in wilmington, we'll be warm this afternoon, 82 degrees by about 11:00 a.m., 83 by noon. 88 by 3:00 p.m. that's around the time the eclipse will be at its full breadth between 2:30 p.m. and
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3:00 p.m. there's a chance of a pop-up shower this afternoon and evening. that would be mainly out in the western suburbs and could be there around the time you're trying to view the eclipse. it's important to keep the glasses on the kids and you, too, again, the sun and moon and earth aligning for the total eclipse to the west and the partial 'clips here with about 80% coverage in terms of the totality of the coverage of the sun. we'll have the forecast and future tracker 6 showing you latest on the potential showers coming up. >> all right, dave, let's look live on our cameras, mlk drive, one lane blocked in each direction, a problem with an overturned tractor-trailer, you can see the flashing lights as i step aside right now. it happened at 1:00 p.m. a tractor-trailer ran into the overpass they are in the process of cleaning this up, so you need to watch for this on mlk drive at the art museum.
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north wales, we've got an accident at west walnut street crews on the scene helping with the early-morning accident. vine street expressway, westbound and eastbound move okay be no overnight construction right now you can see eastbound traffic moving just fine. all the lanes and ramps are open. looking good right there. not this clear everywhere, we have a problem here, atlantic city expressway, this is westbound just off the garden state parkway we have an overturned vehicle that's two overturned vehicles at this early hour, one on mlk drive, the right lane is blocked, this occurred in the overnight hours, if you stayed at the shore, and you think i will make it nice and easy coming into the city at this early hour, it's a problem because of that. live this new jersey, 42, that's northbound traffic coming up from deptford. if you're looking at creek road,
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you're moving just fine, matt and tam. >> well, we're hours away from the great eclipse. small towns across the country are welcoming thousands of vimplets -- visitors who want to be in the direct line of the totality. the franklin institute's telescopes are ready for action. 2:44 p.m. is when philadelphia will see 80% coverage of the sun. in wayne, the nature center is hosting a soldout event. children will help record data to send to scientists at nasa, cross country tra trajectory ofe solar eclipse begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning. when you add up the broadcast and media combined it could be
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the most watched solar eclipse on record. >> reporter: the wait is finalln eclipse. >> this is a life changes experience. >> reporter: from oregon. >> this is going to be one of the prime locations. >> reporter: to south carolina. >> we're the last place. >> reporter: all eyes protected by the essential eclipse glasses turning upward today for the long-anticipated celestial show. >> august 21, 2017 will another eclipse be visible from north america, that's 38 years from now. >> reporter: while the last total eclipse was in 1979, it's been nearly 100 years since a total eclipse crossed from coast to coast. people from every state and around the world celebrating. camping out, crowding small
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towns and causing major traffic jams. all to be in the path of totality where the moon 70-mile shadow will cross parts of 14 states turning day instantly into night for a few unforgettable moments. >> when we are older we'll tell our kids. >> that was marcy gonzalez reporting. abc news will bring you live coast to coast coverage of the great american eclipse starting at 1:00 p.m. after "action news" at noo news" meteorologist adam joseph is in missouri he will bring you one of the best american eclipse. look for that online and "action news." ten navy sames are missing after an accident in the pacific. the navy guided missile destroyer collided with an oil and chemical tanker by
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singapore. you can see the massive hole in the bottom of the ship that happened near the water line that resulted near flooding on board. search and rescue are looking for the sailors. five other sailors were injured in the crash. the navy said the destroyer lan. senator john mccain responded t. the vessel is named after his father an grandfather. he said he and his wife are praying for the american sailors and appreciate the work of search and rescue crews. president trump responded overnight, he tweeted his thoughts and prayers are with the sailors on board the u.s.s. john mccain as search and rescue efforts are underway. frank rizzo junior is talking about the recent uproar over his father's legacy. the statue has been vandalled
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twice over the past -- vandalized twice over the past week. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: more than 20,000 people have signed a petition to keep the statue up however there are many voices passionate about having it removed. statue supporters are holding off on a rally calling for both sides to stands down saying they don't want any violence. a philadelphia police vehicle positioned beside the frank rizzo statue where last week the statue of the former police commissioner turned mayor was vandalized. his south philadelphia mural has hit over the weekend. for some he was a controversial figure. critics say he was too quick to use an order of force against black philadelphians. helen gim called for a removal
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of the statue. frank rizzo junior said his father was not a racist. thousands have signed a petition in support of keeping its standing. the mayor's office will listen to public input in the coming weeks. >> i think at the end of the day, people will realize that frank rizzo has nothing to do with the confederate statues that are being removed or the feeling, it's a few people that hated him when he was alive and unfortunately some of their children inherited that because that's what they heard at the kitchen table. and this morning a police unit sits next to the statue. a spokesperson for the mayor's office said there's a policy for decommissioning public airport there will be input in the coming weeks. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a crash involving at least
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one atv killed two people in chester, delaware county. it happened at 7:30 p.m. speed may have been a factor in the crash. >> three men from delaware are behind bars accused of cooking up methamphetamine. police say the trio had a meth lab in a trailer in farmington county. they components and keyke the d. a gas leak forced customers and staff out of the a whole foods in linwood around 11:30 a.m. a gas line was struck in a parking garage near the peco arrived and got the situation under control in about 45 minutes. nobody was hurt. >> 4:40 a.m., the u.s. and south korean troops beginls durh north korea. >> a woman reaches out on social media when she gets stuck
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in a swimming pool. >> reporter: we have sun and clouds mix, we have clear skies with a early. there's a channels of a pop-up shower later -- a chance of a pop-up shower this afternoon before the eclipse is done. >> cape may lifeguards from firefighters to save a swimmer. how they all worked together fo. n
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"action news" it shows firefighters an lifeguards form ago human train in cape may to rescue a swimmer struggling in the water. three swimmers became trapped, they made it back to shore, another swimmer who tried to rescue them began to struggle. two cape may firefighters who were neeshed formed a human chain and rescued the swimmer.
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a lot of people today are talking about the eclipse and the weather. >> reporter: i did the weather for chris sowers yesterday morning, through the morning into the noon show we were talking about how the models were popping with showers, even though that's the case, it's not everywhere. sky6 live hd we have cloud cover out there. it's mostly out to the west. we're looking good overall. let's get you to sky6 live hd. there you see center city we are looking fairly good out there with sunshine coming into the region early and then we'll wind up with some of those clouds starting to pop up and get thicker later in the afternoon. the temperature right now is 74 degrees, i believe, in philadelphia. 70 on the nose, excuse me. the dewpoint of 64, that's where the 4 was. winds are calm, oaks
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temperature, 74 -- ocean temperature, 74. 3:00 p.m., 88 degrees it is going to be warm. the eclipse centered in through here. there's a chance of a shower popping up later this afternoon and this evening, mainly out west, we'll show you that in a moment. 88 the high in philadelphia, 87 in allentown. everybody will want the cool drinks while viewing the eclipse with the approved glass wear. the eclipse begins 1:41 p.m., peaks at 2:44 p.m. between now and 1:00 p.m., no problems, but you can notice in the western suburbs we're starting to develop a little more cloud cover in philadelphia. high clouds beginning to move in, probably not enough to move the sun out. 3:00 p.m., right at the height of all of this, again we're looking at the clouds and sun mix most of us us probably okay,
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you can see in places like reading and lancaster county and western chester county there's a chance of a shower popping in. toward the end of the eclipse showers are pushing to the east, by then you've gotten a chance to get decent viewing in. by 6:00 p.m., most of the showers are to the west. by 10:00 p.m. or so, we're looking at that subsiding. can't look directly at the sun, of course, you need the eclipse glasses. watch parties are providing those, that's a good idea for today. mostly clear skies and mix out there. 88 degrees, mix of sun and clouds most of us you should be in good shape for the eclipse. the farther west you go there could thicker cloud cover and showers. tuesday, thunderstorm possible later in the day or at night, 93 degrees. wednesday, less humid, 86. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, boy, what a great stretch of weather, lots of
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sunshine and low humidity and temperatures manageable on or about 80 degrees for that stretch. we have a lot of stuff going on, eagles, union, phillies a lot of fans will like that weather. >> thousands of u.s. and south korean troops have begun annual military drills as the tension was north korea simmer. they are computer simulated war games. north korea called the exercise reckless. it comes after president trump exchanged war-like words with the north after ballistic missile tests last month. two people had to be rescued after their boat was stranded on an island. they were all smiles later posing for pictures with the coast guard crew. a new hampshire woman found herself stuck in her backyard
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pool reached out to a community group on facebook for help. she was taking a dip when the ladder broke. a breast cancer survivor she was not strong enough to lift herself out. 3 hours later, she came up with plan b. >> got the trusty pool pole and got the ipad and asked the community for help. a neighbor who saw her post came to help, as did police and fire crews. she said she is thankful for all the online support. >> i guess we moved beyond calling a neighbor with the phone. go on facebook. >> karen rogers is up next with a live look at traffic. >> solar eclipse deals and treats today more on that is coming up. >> reporter: the sun is 400 times wider than the moon and 400 times farther away which
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early morning problems if you're traveling right now. this is a look at the atlantic city westbound past the garden state parkway we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle. last time i showed you, we were looking at speeds of 16 miles per hour. now it's jumped up to 63. they were blocking the right lane, perhaps they pushed it off to the side because traffic is moving well at the moment. we're seeing traffic move fine between gulph mills and gladwyn. we had an overturned tractor-trailer causing problems mlk drive eakens oval. that's cleared. it's blocking it much of the night. traffic is moving better right there right now. we have a problem in north wales west farley street. crews are partially block the road there. boulevard extension southbound traffic is moving just fine as you head toward the schuylkill
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expressway, no delay, that will change in a couple of hours, tam, but for now, so far so good. >> now a first look at business in honor of eclipse there are a lot of places out there, it's going to be gorgeous, with special deals. crispy cream will cover their donuts in chocolate glaze and there will be all you can seat moon cake today which is a worthy take on their classic pancakes. major u.s. benchmark turn negative falling to the lowest level since early july. futures are pointing to a lower open this morning. >> the on purpose ball jackpot has ballooned to $650 million. it could get bigger before the next drawing on wednesday night. several tickets matched five numbers on saturday night, but they did not have the powerball. a current jackpot has been growing since june.
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there have been 2 is straight drawings with no ultimate winner. >> the search is on for the man who stabbed a 7-eleven clerk in center city. coming up at 5:00 a.m., police hope surveillance pictures catch their man. a man jumps into a lake and gets into action as a boy begins to struggle under water. we'll hear from the rescuer up next. >> the man who rescued a
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9-year-old boy in a lake in carbon county over the weekend.
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brian wentz said he was relaxing at the lake when he heard a woman scream that her son had gone under the water. he searched for the boy when his foot hit something in the thick algae area. >> i remember lifting him up, i felt like he was plastic. he was so still and nonreresponsive. it felt horrifying. he pulled the boy to shore. others began cpr. the man later reached out on facebook to find out the condition of the child and the hospital responded saying the unidentified boy is alive and being treated in the pediatric unit. >> taylor swift's official website facebook page and twitter and instagram accounts have been wiped clean. new jersey governor chris christie is thinking about what is next and what is not. >> plus our solar eclipse coverage continues, a preview of
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some of the watch parties happening in the area next. every year south jersey sends
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more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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5:00 a.m., monday, august 21. here's what we're following. >> we're hours away from the great american eclipse. watch parties are planned across the region. >> philadelphia's mayor is getting involved in the debate over the statue of former mayor frank rizzo. >> accuweather is tracking whether clouds will obscure the eclipse in our region and storms later this week. >> let's go


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