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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  August 27, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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"action news," sunday morning, the deluge continues in texas, this is new video from the coast guard towns on the gulf coast flooded by what could end up being several feet of rain from what is now tropical storm harvey. happening overnight, we've learned one woman died when she was trapped in flooding. houston, of course, one of the country's largest cities is in the middle of all this. the rain is far from over. pleasant good morning, 7:00 a.m., sunday morning, nydia han is off, alicia vitarelli joins us this morning. these pictures you're looking at right here telling the story of the impact of harvey. >> video coming from the town of rockport a small community
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where the heaviest damage occurred. two deaths confirmed, that rain is expected to fall for several more days. this is video coming in this morning, it shows a band of firefighters from philadelphia and harrisburg area packing up and leaving. this is not the right video. they are heading to texas to help out. >> you can see the impact when it was category four hurricane made landfall around 10:00. some of the first responders could not get to the hardest hit places because the wind and rain was too dangerous to venture out in. this map showing the life threatening situation is not over. it is still happening. you can see the rain is moving very, very slowly. that system is hanging over southeastern texas. >> meteorologist chris sowers has been all this all weekend, tell us the latest.
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>> reporter: harvey has left its mark, some of the images coming in where the eye came onshore in rockport texas four miles south where the eye made landfall. this is in the middle of the eye wall the strongest part of the hurricane. this is supposed to be a boat storage, you can see the waves and tremendous storm surge tossed the boats around like rag dolls. this is north of rockport. this community is completely under water here, remember we saw similar images with sandy just a few years ago. this last picture, port aran sak, -- a ransas. the trees are stripped tremendous damage in this part
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of the country. close to where the eye made landfall, 132 miles per hour. category four. rock port 108 mierl wind gusts and -- mile an hour wind gusts and magazine knoll will a peach, 79-mile an hour. the center continues to sit and spin. it's roughly 50 miles southeast of san antonio texas. heavier feeder bands is drawing moisture off the gulf of mexico. the allentown houston area is the target location with the heavy rain. it is minimum tropical storm over the next several days it will sit and spin over southeastern, texas. on friday, in southeastern texas, east of dallas, the flooding will only get worse. 7:03 a.m., harvey sticking
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to the script as forecasted first came the destructive wind now days of a torrential rain is expected. >> two people have died as a result of the storm and it's too early to assess the damage very much an on going situation. buses tried making the treck through a flooded road in houston just to give you an idea how high the water level is. the flooding is overwhej. the city's -- overwhelming. this is from missouri texas, a half-hour outside of houston. a tornado took a chunk out of shopping center. reporter natasha barrett from ktrk in houston has a look at harvey's impact so far. southeast texas under water, in houston, flash flood emergency, manholes overflowing streets turned into lakes. the city's mayor urging
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residents to stay home. >> the streets are treacherous, it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to be out on the roads unless there's an emergency. >> reporter: these people rescued from an apartment complex dozens more in desperate need of help. >> how many we got coming? >> reporter: the storm packing a punch. >> i can't believe this is happening i have no apartment, my apartment was decimated. >> reporter: rockport a mangled ghost town roofs ripped off homes an buildings destroyed. >> the wind was 100 plus, 130, 140. there was a couple of times when it was probably going faster than that. >> reporter: in is you say continue an eerie scene the state capital under water. shelters set up for those in need. greg abbott lending an hand. >> we'll take care of our
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fellow texans, but we do it as a team rnlts fist. >> reporter: first responders are having a difficult time getting to where they need to be because of the flooded roads. the head of feem -- fema is monitoring the situation and will send more help. >> pennsylvania urban search and rescue team are on the road heading to texas, 20 of them, philadelphia firefighters and the others are members of other fire departments across the state. they met this morning on state road in northeast philly and loaded tractor-trailers and other trucks with water rescue equipment. they will help texas fire crews search homes and buildings for missing residents. >> anything you can think of, they will have on the trucks, water, food, anything at all we
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have two k-9s going and doctors going, rescue specialists tech specialists, like i said they will be self-sufficient for up to a week on their own. >> incredible coming from our finist in philadelphia. we'll -- finest in philadelphia. it will take the convoy 22 hours to get to the naval base in fort worth, texas. >> american red cross is seeking donation also, text the word harvey 90999. you will hear from a local red cross volunteer on the ground in texas coming up in the next half-hour. 70:57 a.m. police arrested a -- 70:57 a.m., police arrested a man for drunk driving but not before he said he smashed into 27 vehicles. look at the damage. the suspect is accused of smashing into ten cars along the 1400 block of deavereau avenue
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around 3:00 a.m. then police say he hit more vehicles on at least four other streets in oxford circle and lawndale. officers say they caught up with the 38-year-old driver at 71st and large streets. as you can imagine he is facing a long list of charges. new this morning, a man is in critical after he was hit by an suv. this happened in north philadelphia. the impact here at broad and susquehanna shattered the front windshield. suv, you can see the damage there. police say the 38-year-old man was hit crossing broad street in the middle of the block 12:45 a.m. he was rushed to the hospital with the a head injury and had two broken legs. we're told the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. boxes fans stayed up a little bit later than expected due to a delay in the fly mayweather, connor mcgregor fight. >> showtime said pay per view
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outages forced cable providers to reboot their systems and that held up the square off in the ring. when all was said and done, mayweather defeated mcgregor. he won the ceremonial glitzy money belt and $200 million. mcgregor won less money, but he is not complaining. he is expected to make more than $100 million from the fight. can i get a million? >> people in west philadelphia enjoyed the fight last night. major league consults barber -- major league cuts barber shop gave back to the community renting a projector at 5st and market street. more than 100 people attended the event. philadelphia soul are
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back-to-back arena football league champions. >> reporter: i'm bleary eyed because i watched the end, soul on home turf in philadelphia, a game you saw live on 6abc. >> what an awesome moment, the players celebrating, confetti raining down from the rafters of the wells fargo center. >> they beat tampa, 44-40, a close game, they are back-to-back champions, we'll hear from ron jaworski. a shooting wounds a man and leaves a bullet hole in a ambulance in philadelphia. and has the latest on the frantic moments of the first responders. >> on a lighter note reese could hoskins continues his record breakfasting start.
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>> reporter: temperatures in the viewing area are chilly this morning, lehigh valley 53 degrees in allentown, only 62 in philadelphia. they are in the 40s right now in the poconos we'll talk about how long the cooler weather will last in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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>> so glad you're waking up with us on sunday morning. 7:13 a.m., chris sowers, nice tie by the way. alicia vitarelli looking beautiful, as well. >> only you guys could get me up earlier on sunday morning. >> reporter: you notice it's getting darker earlier. >> we have to get to fall, first, chris. >> reporter: i love the fall. go to the airport. >> reporter: we have clear conditions, comfortable temperatures, actually some locations are in the upper 40s right now that is feeling kind of fall-like especially considering this is the dog days
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of august. it doesn't feel that way that's for sure. temperatures behind me here very, very comfortable for this time of the year. 53 in the lehigh valley. allentown, 53. bethlehem 52. 57 in reading. 62 in philadelphia. poconos, 46 degrees. trenton, 57. cape may, 63. dover, 61. we'll see a steady climb in testers over the next several hours, but we're climbing into the upper 70s, close to 80 degrees, normal 84 we'll fall well short of that mark today. on top of that we have comfortable humidity levels. dewpoints hanging out in the low to mid 50s today. very similar to yesterday. satellite and radar up through here, we have the canadian high pressure system down into the 40s across upstate new york, buffalo, syracuse, albany, 44 and 48 degrees, chilly stuff up
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there. clouds could sneak in this afternoon, generally speaking we're looking at mostly sunny skies, jersey shore, wall-to-wall blue skies temperatures holding steady in the mid 70s. forecast looks like, allentown, 78 degrees later on. philadelphia, 79. wilmington, millville, same number, dover, 78. shorepoints mid 70s nice comfortable sea breeze kicking in later on, mostly sunny, pleasant, trenton, 78 degrees. the latest on tropical storm harvey, heavy rains batter southeastern texas there's the center of circulation there. the storm is becoming very disorganized now, which is expected. once the storms make landfall they lose the energy off the water. it is becoming disorganized, with that said we're seeing rain falling from houston, northward into lake charles, louisiana, unfortunately we're looking at the spaghetti plots, the lines are getting closer to together,
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but the problem is this takes us through friday, the storm is sitting over southeastern texas, little movement is expected over the next several days because of that we'll see rainfall rates range between 1 and 4 inches per hour. on and off through friday. some areas seeing shy of 2 feet. a tremendous amount of flooding here. the first two locations or suburbs of houston, league city 22.5-inches of rain. clear creek, 21 inches. pass dean new, 17. berry bayou, 16. ellinger, 14 inches. houston expecting 23 inches of rain through friday, victoria an additional 13.8. lake charles starting to get in on it, an additional ten inches of rain with the storm system. back home, the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast, delightful enjoy it, 79. increasing clouds for monday, 77. get a load of tuesday's high temperature, 73 in philadelphia. south and east, south jersey and delaware you'll have a thicker cloud deck in the upper 60s, showers by afternoon, wednesday, thursday, a late-day thunderstorm and high around 82. alicia? thank you. happening today susan g.komen three day walk reaches the finish line. hundreds ever wind downing a 06-mile journey from willow grove to the navy yard. they have raise $68 million to find a cure for breast cancer. >> "healthcheck" sunday
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morning, concussion painters are
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told to -- patients are told to stay away from computers and smart phone screens. that could lead to depression and isolation. limited exposure to the right kind of content might help recovery. they tested an app called super better. it makes the patient a hero in their own recovery story battling enemies and dizziness and headaches. >> every single person, their situation improved and optimism imroosmed from -- improved. >> it helped me connect the dots. >> reporter: it's about positivity, the app allows friends and family members to join in the game and follow the teens as they recover. >> a new study find eating walnuts could steer you away from junk food. walnuts activate the area of the
7:21 am
brain linked to controlling hunger and craving. it helps you to eat less healthy foods like hamburgers and deserts. >> i love hamburgers. >> and disserts. >> we've two heartwarming videos involving police officers. a video out of austin texas a making people smile. the police sergeant saw 92-year-old mille dancing alone in the parking lot of her apartment building. dash cam video shows her turning on the music. she got out and danced along with her. she loves to dance and hopes more people will come out and join her. >> philadelphia police commissioner, richard ross had
7:22 am
fun welcoming a 3-year-old to the force. that's ryder siments chasing with -- simms chasing commissioner ross. upon learning of his love for police enforcement, he swore him in as honorary law enforcement. tell us what you think about the videos by going to our facebook and twitter acontacts. >> love em this, weep be right back. ♪
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sports now, philadelphia has a repeat world champion, jamie apody is feeling the soul pride. >> reporter: good morning, ron jaworski reminded us it's over a half industry since this town had a chance to clinch a championship at home. down in the third quarter, darious money reynolds cashed in to give the soul the lead. look at this throw on one healthy leg back in the endzone, the confetti started to fly, the soul beat the storm 44-40. back-to-back arena bowl championships. >> we wanted the confetti to come down in philadelphia. our quarterback played the second half with a torn acl. i tip my hat to every guy in the organization and the city of philadelphia.
7:26 am
we love you. >> and we love jaws. carson wentz challenged reese hoskins to a home run darby once he cools off. it may be a while. bottom of the first, gone, he has homered in 4 straight. phillies would give up 17 straight runs thanks to 6 cub homers, lively lit up, phils lose 17-2. looks like union hopes are still alive, 2-0 atlanta united. but then they blow a two goal lead at home. in the 91st minute, it is tied up, the win vanish, so are their chances in the post season, 2-2 the final. nerlens noel signed a $4.1348 offer to remain in the
7:27 am
mavericks to become an and restricted through 2019. 6 sixers top draft picks stop she shore yesterday. >> if we trust the process, it's the process that's going on right now, i think we're there, i think we'll get back to playoffs this year, i think you ever to trust it. displo back to the soul, you saw this game right hear on channel 6. our jeff skeverski did an amazing job on the sidelines, he managed not to get killed. in case you missed it. that is jeff running for his life, having a tough time getting over the wall in that suit maybe he should have worn sneakers, maybe he should have won a helmet. the good news is, jeff is totally fine, he is totally okay and he can laugh at himself, we love you jeff.
7:28 am
that's sports, have a great sunday. >> a for effort, he was quick, the agility we're working on that. a little league team is providing a ray of sunshine for hard hit texas. they won in williamsport they play japan at 3:00 p.m. on 6abc. texas we're rooting for you. this morning floodwaters are
7:29 am
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rising in houston and other towns along texas' gulf coast. this is new video the water inundating neighborhoods, the steady soaking may last for days hampering rescue in towns that are left in ruins. good morning, 7:30, alicia vitarelli is in for nydia han. >> firefighters left overnight to help with the rescues in texas. we'll have more on that in a moment, but first more from chris sowers. >> reporter: this is tropical storm harvey maximum sustained winds down to 45 miles per hour. this is no longer a wind threat. it's a heavy torrential rain that will we'll continue to see in the area for the next several days. it is moving south/southwest at
7:31 am
1 mile an hour. there's the problem, there's steering current, the jet stream is up here, you have a blocking high across the four corner states and upper level blocking high up through here, it's stuck, the result heavy torrential rains for the area for the next several days. the pictures coming in continue to be nothing short of incredible. this is devastation this poor woman came back to the texas gulf coast to see her business was destroyed. she was close to where the eye wall came onshore couple of days. galveston, the flooding continues to increase, we're teeing one to two feet of standing water. here's another picture from galveston. this is a foot deep here. major flooding continues in the area. as we look at satellite and radar, there's the galveston area. they are in the middle of the heavy band we're seeing rainfall rates 2 to 4 inches an hour. it extends through eastern
7:32 am
portions and southeastern texas into lake charles louisiana. note the center it is not moving this will be the trend over the next several days. for the next five days, what to expect with harvey, little if any movement at all. some aerials when all is said and done -- some areas when all is said and done will see catastrophic flooding up to 40 inches. >> indeed a wide area of southeast texas continues to get hammered by a deluge of water which is now a stalled tropical storm harvey. coast guard video shows vast area between corpus christi and houston. the powerful winds have knocked out power to quarter million households. harvey has been blamed for killing two people and injuring 14 others. one of the fatalities was a woman in houston, texas, emergency workers say she appeared to have tried to escape from the car surrounded by rising waters. the storm created 6 tornadoes in
7:33 am
texas. high winds and flood waters have damaged almost every building in the town of rockport. the coast guard is warning evacuated residents to stay out of the area. >> storm ask not over, it's stagnated, it's a slowing moving storm, do not come back into the affected areas. >> important words of caution there. the storm surge submerged whole sections of rockport even though harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm it continues to pound the area with torrential rains that are expected to continue for days to come. the center of the storm swept through the town of acran --ans.
7:34 am
president trump praised the coordination between federal, state and local government. >> 40 members of the pennsylvania urban search and rescue team left this morning for texas. "action news" was in northeast philadelphia overnight as 20 members of the philadelphia fire department and 20 other first responders from pennsylvania packed up and started the day long trip to texas. they will help with water rescues and scour homes for people who are feared to be trapped. amid all the devastating scenes in, american red cross is doing what they do best hoping those in their most vulnerable moments trish hartman has that part of the story. >> reporter: on the third floor of the red cross buildings in center city. >> we're providing shelter. >> reporter: volunteers are fielding hundreds of calls from texas, as the storm pummels the state. many are looking for shelter. >> you're helping people on the
7:35 am
worst day of their lives. >> reporter: in addition to the call center american red cross from eastern pennsylvania sent two volunteers to texas. we spoke to one of them on the phone. >> it makes you feel good when you see how you're helping the people and then it makes you realize how lucky we are, none of these storms have hit us like other areas of the country. >> reporter: fred is in the houston now preparing emergency response vehicles. when the storm dies down he will head to corpus christi to help in the heavily affected areas. >> our vehicles will start to feed people. we'll make sure that they are running nothing hams, all the safety items are working. >> reporter: a way for folks here at home to help, donating blood. >> people who give blood in our community we'll get that blood to texas, because those
7:36 am
hospitals will be challenged with blood supplies. >> reporter: other organizations are ready to help, too, pennsylvania spca said it sheltered animals from disasters before and could be called upon to help. we checked in with the red cross of new jersey they have 12 volunteers assisting people in texas. red cross is asking people to donate time or money to help. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> 7:36 a.m., it was a close call for ems crews in west philadelphia they found themselves caught in crossfire as they rushed a patient to the hospital. annie mccormick has the details. >> reporter: emergency responders in the city of philadelphia say situations like this don't happen all the time, but they are not rare. in this case the first responders and the patient were not hurt, the first responders went back to work the very same night. >> if the attendant was sitting
7:37 am
in there, they would have been missed by mere inches. >> reporter: a trustee of local 22 firefighters union is talking about the bullet hole you can see in this picture. the stray bullet pierced medic 40 before 10:00 p.m. friday night with an paramedic and emt in the back attending to the patient. >> they took the appropriate action and got down on the floor in the medic units and protected the patient they had in the back of the medic unit until the gunfire ceased. >> reporter: deputy fire commissioner is comengtd -- commending the emt and paramedic's action. a man pulled a gun and fired. one shot hit medic 40, the other hit 26-year-old man involved in the street fight. that victim was taken to the hospital. >> 52nd and market is a busy intersection and numerous people could have shot in this situation. >> reporter: the bullet hit
7:38 am
medic 40s electric panel. first responders arrived with another ambulance and took the patient to the hospital. >> it's unfortunate that people are put in these positions. when you hear firefighters put their lives in their hands everyday, they don't realize par medicine i i -- paramedics put r lives in their hands everyday. >> reporter: the shooter that is responsible for hitting medic 40 with the stray bullet is still on the loose. reporting in grays ferry, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> starting in september, officers in medford township, burlington county will be armed with body cameras. medford township joins a number of departments in the country and across the nation deploying the tool. the goal to foster a greater
7:39 am
level of trust and transparency. mitch mcconnell said governor is difficult and messy. he made the comment last night while speaking at the kentucky gop's annual lincoln day dinner. mcconnell said it's a difficult and complicated process to get members of congress to agree on bills even members of the same party. >> we come from all over the country. we have very different points of view, even within the republican conference not to mention the democrats, so a lot of people look at that and find it frustrating, messy, well, welcome to the democratic process. >> prurch -- president trump has taken mcconnell to task in recent days for the handling the vote for the affordable care act
7:40 am
and not raising the debt ceiling. philadelphia will be center stage for several world opera premiers. a story about an event in philadelphia that made nationwide headlines. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look for you this sunday morning. it is salute gorgeous outside -- it is absolutely gorgeous outside. if you liked yesterday you'll like today. meteorologist chris sowers is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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>> 78:42 a.m., sunday morning -- 7:42 a.m., sunday morning, this rescue effort happening in houston, the town of greens point a suburb near houston, texas. of course, we've been tacking the devastation from hurricane harvey. there you see children being rescued from the apartment building as they try to evacuate folks in the path of harvey. even though it's been downgraded the rain is expected to continue for days and the flooding is expected to be catastrophic. rescue and relief efforts underway in texas at this hour. >> reporter: the images will get worse as we progress along because the storm is not moving the flooding is getting worse. >> they are getting them to safe ground. >> reporter: hopefully we don't have too many rescues to talk
7:44 am
about. the storm was well advertised, but it's very, very dangerous and deadly as we see the rainfall. looking live can he commodore barry bridge, the weather continues to be -- looking live at the commodore barry bridge, the weather continues to be very stable across the mid atlantic and the northeast. it's comfortable and cool, dewpoints in the mid 50s. they are in the 40s across the new york/pennsylvania state line. poconos 46. wilks-berre, scranton, 44. allentown, 53. philadelphia, 62. millville, 58 degrees. 66 in brigantine. high pressure holding on for one more day. the highs will focus to the south. you get to the carolinas there's another system coming off the coast of florida that will creep
7:45 am
up the eastern seaboard that could throw rain our way as we head into tuesday. we'll watch this closely, let's wait and see what happens. later today, we'll go mostly sunny, clouds mixed in from time to time not a big deal. monday we start out with sunshine and then the clouds increase off the water in advance of the southern system that will lead us into tuesday with the possibility of a a couple of showers, right now if i had to draw a line, i would say everybody south of this line here will see some showers on tuesday, north and west, you're probably seeing clouds and sun. the very latest on tropical storm harvey, down to 45 miles per hour it's a minimum tropical storm at this point. steering currents are up here, blocking high to the west, there's nothing to move the storm along. what you're seeing is the infared colored cloud tops. that's where the heaviest rain is falling at this point. it's moving south/southwest in
7:46 am
the process of starting the loop deloop here. eventually in time it will pull back off to the southeast. it may remerge over the water of the gulf of mexico and pull into houston, that is not until friday. we're looking at five to 6 days of heavy drenching downpours. we're expecting an additional 23 inches over in houston and just shy of 14 inches in victoria. this area continues to get clobbered. as we were talking about yesterday this is an area that floods to begin with because most of the locations only 5 to 10 feet above sea level to begin with. the area will be hard hit over the next few days, even lake charles in western louisiana could see an additional ten and a half inches of rain. in the lehigh valley, pleasant, sunny, 79 degrees. the normal 84.
7:47 am
poconos, comfortable and cool, 74. fall like. jersey shore, mostly sunny and pleasant, 76 degrees is the forecasted high, but again, here's the system here crossing over the peninsula of florida starting to re-emerge over the open waters of the atlantic. the waters are very warm here. there's the possibility that this could develop all the models take it up off the coast of the carolinas, before a cold front knocks it out to sea. hopefully that will continue to be the trend on the modeling, we don't have to worry about it. we'll see, now we'll post showers on tuesday. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly sunny, really nice today, 79 increasing clouds tomorrow, 77. a fall-like 73 as we head into tuesday lots of clouds and showers, and then as we head into wednesday and thursday, it's warmer, but still below average, 79 and 82. good stuffer at home. >> it's -- good stuff at home. >> it's good stuff.
7:48 am
a lot of people love the summer, and cherish the summer, i love the fall. >> reporter: especially since the nonwinter we had last year i'm ready. >> 7:48 a.m., a new black america has been crowned this weekend. [cheers and applause]. and the crowd goes wild there she is beautiful as ever, britany louis from washington, d.c. the pageant was held at the performing arts center in manayunk in its 49th year began in 1968 during a time when african-american women were not allowed to compete if the miss america pageant. congratulations. look at that crown bling bling. we're back after this.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier. into a giant stage opera philadelphia first ever season
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opening festival. karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it's called o17 it's a 12 day long festival that shines a light on the world of opera. it features three world premiers. it kicks off september 14 at the kimmel center's pearlman theater. >> it's a victorian thriller. >> reporter: war stories is double bill that will make its first performance at the philadelphia museum of art. >> it explores over 300 years of war. >> the world premier of we shall not be moved follows five philly teens who were involved in the move fight. magic flute will transport
7:52 am
audiences into an alternate universe. a magical world with monsters and demons and goblins. >> reporter: it uses full scale animations that will be projected on the scene with the cast emerging out of the of the images. >> reporter: enjoy a free showing of the marriage of figaro which will be broadcast on giant screens at independence mall. >> think about it netflixing the opera experience. >> reporter: you can find the full opera philadelphia festival schedule and buy tickets at the arts in for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers.
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before we say goodbye. >> reporter: another nice day before we say what, gray? >> bye-bye. >> reporter: 79 degrees, mostly sunny, repeat performance of yesterday. overnight tonight, in the 50s and 60s again. increasing clouds tomorrow, 77ment look at tuesday's high, 73 in philadelphia. probably upper 60s across south jersey and delaware. i may need my pashmina. >> reporter: what? >> scarf. fashion advice. >> 7:55 a.m., we're just a few minutes from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, coming up on "g.m.a." a flooding emergency unfolding harvey
7:56 am
dumping catastrophic rain on south texas historic flash flooding leave towns underwater. the slow moving storm continues on its path of destruction. president trump is facing political fallout after his controversial decision to pardon sheriff joe arpaio the president asked jeff sessions to drop the criminal against him. what members of his own party are saying. finally after most of growing participation, floyd mayweather and connor mcgregor scaring off in the ring -- squaring off in the ring. did it live up to the hype. we'll see you noon. >> "good morning america" weekend is next, "action news" continues later this morning. >> buildings r left in shreds as we get a look at the damage left behind by hurricane harvey.
7:57 am
we'll have a live report from houston. >> tough time for the good folks of texas. plus, chris sowers will have more on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for alicia vitarelli, nydia han, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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good morning, america. this morning, the flooding emergency. harvey hitting houston with epic rain. more than seven inches an hour. >> this is going to be life-threatening and catastrophic. >> the city inundated as we get the first look at communities devastated by this killer storm. >> homes destroyed. trailers tossed like toys. roofs ripped apart. hundreds of rescues. downed power lines sparking fires. >> that is a big fire. that is huge. >> the new threat this morning from rising floodwaters in this unfolding catastrophe. also this morning, the presidential pardon. new fallout from donald trump's controversial decision to pardon sheriff joe arpaio. the timing of his move. what trump reportedly asked his attorney general to do about the


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