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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  August 27, 2017 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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hard-hit town of rockport, texas a man survived in his trailer always hurricane harvey crashed ashore as residents along the lonestar state assess the damage of days with more rain. >> the big story on "action news," is of course tropical storm harvey has left communities under two feet of water and more rain following over the next few days. >> this storm is blamed on two deaths so far, one woman died in the flooding, the second person was killed in a fire during the storm. everywhere you look in towns across the southeastern texas you can see damage, cars and trucks overturned, buildings torn a part, some completely flattened. take a look at the town called see drift. these homes sit on the gulf of mexico. harvey made landfall friday night as a category four storm.
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it continues to weaken as it moves inland. natasha barrett has more from houston. good morning, we're getting a break from the rain in houston, but the wind is picking up, it's getting stronger as we speak outside. i heard of people now so desperate to be rescued out of the floodwaters they are using air mattresses to float to safety. southeast texas underwater. in houston a flash flood emergency, manholes overflowing, streets turned into lakes, nearly impossible to drive through. the city's mayor urging residents to stay home. >> the streets are treacherous. it makes absolutely no sensor for anyone to be on the road unless it is an emergency. >> these people rescued from an apartment complex. >> how many we got coming? >> reporter: the storm packing a punch. >> i can't believe this is happening and i have no apartment, my apartment was
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decimated. >> reporter: rockport where harvey came ashore roofs ripped off homes buildings, boats destroyed. >> the wind was probably, i don't know, 100-plus, maybe 130, 140. there were a couple of times it was probably going faster than that. >> reporter: in -- austin an eerie scene. this suv no match for mother nature. texas governor greg abbott lending a hand. >> we'll take care of our fellow texans, but we do it as a team. >> reporter: i just checked and more than 70,000 people are without power in the city of houston that number continues to grow, 1,000 people have called the police to be rescued 1,000 rescues have happened more are coming in, one of the saddest pieces of information to pass along to you, two people are dead, a mother and child found
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inside their car in flood waters. reporting live from houston, natasha barrett abc news. >> tough time for the folks in texas, our thoughts and prayers. meteorologist chris sowers has the latest on the path of the remnants of harvey and more on our weather current situation. >> reporter: the path of hurricane harvey made landfall friday evening around 11:00 p.m. four miles east of rockport on an island called san jose highland winds 130 miles per hour, gusting up to 140. sandy made landfall over brigantine, the worst flooding was north of there, ocean and monmouth county and central new jersey and the battery in new york city. same thing happened here as the storm came onshore, the worst flooding was north of the track which is in this area here where they picked up a storm surge of to 12 feet. 25-foot waves on top of that.
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the winds blow counter clockwise around the storm. as the storm is reaching the coast it's taking on the forward momentum, you get the wall of water here. on the other side you felt the wrath of the hurricane force winds that were up to 140 miles per hour. now, these are some of the gusts that were reported, port aranar. copano village, 125 miles per hour. lamar, 110, rockport 108. and magnolia beach 79. a boat storage facility was destroyed a couple of homes destroyed in rock port where the eye wall came onshore, this is a look at the flooding in port aransas texas they are seeing
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five feet above normal high tide level. houston, tornado watch in effect, the problem with the storm, it is not moving, it will be sitting over the same area for the next three to five days. i will be back along in just a few minutes and let you know what to expect with tropical storm harvey and our beautiful weather in the delaware and lehigh valleys and the forecast. >> members of the pennsylvania search and rescue team are on the road heading to texas, 20 of them are philadelphia firefighters and others from companies across the state. they will help fire crews in texas search homes and buildings for missing residents. >> anything you can think of they will have on the trucks, water, food, anything at all we even have two k-9s going,
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doctors going, rescue specialists, tech specialists, like i said they will be their own self sufficient up to a week on their own. >> incredible every time there. we'll take the convoy of 11 trucks 22 hours to get to the navel base in fort worth texas. if you want like to make a donation to the american red cross of southeastern pennsylvania text the word harvey to the number on the screen, 90999 and you will make a den to recall -- you will make a donation. a drunk driver carried out a demolition darby on the 1400 block of deavereau avenue. ten cars were smashed. the 38-year-old driver hit another 17 cars on four other streets in oxford circle in
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lawndale. no reports of injuries, the suspect as you may imagine is facing a long list of charges. a man was critically injured after being hit by an suv in north philadelphia. the impact at broad and susquehanna, shattered the front wind shield of the suv. the person struck, a 38-year-old man was hit crossing broad street in the middle of the block at 12:45 a.m. he was rushed to the hospital with a head injury and two broken legs, the driver is cooperating with police. from our delaware newsroom firefighters face add battle trying to put out a house fire in new castle county. the home is located on the unit block of north trail and brandywine hundred. that home is severely damaged. you can see the flames shooting from the home. nobody was hurt, the cause is under investigation this morning. >> president donald trump's pardon of sheriff joe arpaio was met with backlash from both
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sides of the aisle. he pardoned the former arizona sheriff. acquitted of criminal contempt for ignoring a judge's order to stop using racial profiling against latinos. john mccain said the president's pardon undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law. some were concerned about the timing of the announcement including senate democratic leader which you can schumer who used -- chuck schumer who used the cover of hurricane harvey. yesterday was the national women's day. women gathered to celebrate that historying making day, 1848 was the beginning of sufferrage movement. 9:08 a.m., philadelphia has
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a champion the soul beating tampa in the arena bowl, the soul won it on their home turf. happening this weekend, plane of you saw it on 6abc. the players celebrated as you saw the confetti rain down from the rafts at the wells fargo center. they rallied to beat tampa, 44-40. >> boxing fans may be bleary eyed after staying up to watch the floyd mayweather and connor mcgregor fight because pay per view power outages. mayweather will make a reported $200 million. mcgregor may have lost the bout, but took home a lot of cash, he is expected to bring home $100 million. people in west philadelphia enjoyed the fight outside, the
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barber shop gave back to the community and rented a projector and showed the fight on the side of the buildings. everybody was invited to mingle while watching the fight. they enjoyed food and drinks at 51st and market. those is at the events say it was a nice break from the violence that plagues the city streets there. more than 100 people attended the event. >> if you want to lose a few pounds, the key may be in that cup of coffee you may be drinking right now. we'll tell you how a simple change may kick start your weight loss. ahead planning to take fido on vacation, how to protect your favorite four legged friend riding in the car. a live look satellite at houston, international airport, you can see the floodwaters there, we continue to track harvey's path. it's a tropical storm, but rain is expected tore days in texas, chris sowers will have the update on that, plus the
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exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right here at home when we come right back.
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>> guys look at this this is a dog named ottis. appears to have been prepared for the worst. he was seen gathering a big bag of dog food in his mouth. he packed you mean and got out of there, taking his food with
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him. >> reporter: it's that time to go. >> i'm not leaving that bag there. >> reporter: we'll get into harvey here in just a moment. empty meantime, what a gorgeous day yesterday. we'll do it all over again today, live on sky6 live hd showing you the view looking back toward the center city skyline you can see william penn. mostly sunny skies, a few high, thin cirrus clouds upstairs. a delightful day, low humidity levels and comfortable temperatures and decent amount of sunshine. satellite and radar behind me not much to talk about, we have two areas of high pressure one of off the coast of maine an another one around ottawa around the southern provinces of canada, both will keep us high and dry for the next few days. we'll call it comfortably cool over the next 72 hours. tuesday it will be a struggle if you live in south jersey and delaware to get out of the 60s for daytime highs. cool air on the way. we're watching a southern storm
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off the florida coast. there are models that run it out to sea. we'll see how close it gets to the area, that will determine whether or not we see rain around here by tuesday. it will produce midweek rip currents for the jersey shore. harvey continues to clobber texas. up in the poconos, 46 degrees this morning. now they are at 60. allentown, 62. cape may, 69 degrees. just a couple of clouds out there this morning, not much going on. future tracker 6 shows later this afternoon, combustion of sun and clouds, mostly sunny, should be a nice day, temperatures in the upper 70s and then for monday, same thing we start out with sunshine. these clouds start to build off the ocean late in the day as the storm system gets closer here, especially if you live in south jersey and delaware, you'll go mostly cloudy late in the day. sun to clouds monday, tuesday it's a cloudy day with the
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possibility of a few showers. this afternoon, upper 70s for just about everybody. lancaster, 78. trenton, 78. millville and philadelphia 79. jersey shore, mostly sunny skies just about all the locations along the watered, cape may, atlantic city, toms river, 76 degrees. here's the latest on tropical storm harvey. maximum sustained winds 45 miles per hour. this is the infared satellite shot. you're looking at the inif infad cloud tops. the heaviest rain is where you're seeing the brightest shades of red. rainfall totals are impressive. areas seeing the heavy rain will see it for the next several days. the track from the national hurricane center has this sitting here through friday, we have five to six more days heavy rains for southeastern texas. these numberses are just over the next three days and some of
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these locations have picked up one to three inches of rain. victoria, 14 more inches and lake charles ten 1/2 inches on top of one to two feet. a nightmare in southeastern texas. sunny, delightful today, 79. increasing clouds and comfortable monday, 77. look at tuesday's high in philadelphia, 73. souter jersey, 69 or 70. wednesday clouds and sun, 79 maybe a late-day thunderstorm on thursday. gray? >> look at that tuesday. >> and then look at this. if you have a need for speed and whole lot of extra cash, ferrari has just the car for you. it's the brand new portifino, it features a 550-horsepower v8 engine with the top speed of
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200 miles per hour. >> where can you drive 200 miles per hour? >> germany. the designers enhanced the engine's sounds so drivers can enjoy it when the roof is down. the prize tag only $200,000, come on people. >> looks good in red. >> yeah, i like that. ♪
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from fertility services to pre-natal education, we've helped the two of you get this far. and we're proud to now join all three of you, as you continue the greatest journey you'll ever embark on. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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>> grad glad sunday morning, 9:20 a.m -- so glad you stayed with us sunday morning, live picture coming in from galveston, texas, folks are dealing with the aftermath of harvey. the big errant is the rain it will rain for days and days there. meteorologist chris sowers saying a big problem in southeast texas will be the rain. in "healthcheck" this morning, the key to better sleep for your toddler may lie in consistent child care.
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researchers analyzed data from a australian study of more than 3400 children. they found children whose child care arrangements changed get less sleep during the date. sleep is critical for development. tbupt -- if you want to cut calories if you're going on a diet. think about drinking your coffee black. a study tested intervention to reduce sugar consumption decrease the amount ever sugar going cold turkey which means learning to enjoy the taste of coffee. mindful drinking had the most success. i love my coffee. >> and this, too, researchers in germane -- germany did a
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brain scan to track the brain's response to sipping wine across the board. people said what they thought was the higher priced wine tasted better. researchers believe the higher priced creates an increased expectation of better flavor. >> all you need is 20 bucks. >> or less. we'll be right back. >> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 9:24 a.m., sunday morning, forecast for the jersey shore, thriefl day, wall -- delightful day, wall-to-wall blue skies, 76 degrees the forecasted high. the ocean temperature, 73. there's a low risk of rip currents today, but it increases monday and tuesday, thanks to this system here which is
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currently crossing over the peninsula of florida and getting better organized. the waters are very warm here. there are indications it could become a sub tropical storm that will slowly drift to the north. the big question where does it travel later this week. we have the storm coming over the panhandle of florida and re-emerges over the open waters of atlantic, 930 sunday evening it's off the coast of south carolina. tuesday by 11:00 a.m., you see the heavy rains down here. most of the mogulling showing -- modeling showing the cold front approaching from the west. it should move in just in time to knock the low out to sea. the low will be close enough to produce rip current conditions for the jersey shore and delaware beaches. >> if you are on a budget it does not mean you cannot enjoy a
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nice meal at a restaurant. try a gift card. you can get a 25-dollar gift card to your favorite restaurant without having to pay the full $25. do your research ahead of time. many times, kids and seniors and members of the military can eat for free and ask for lunch-sized portions which is typically cheaper and just as filling. >> i do that sometimes. >> those steps may help you if you have a late summer vacation planned before school starts. >> if that trip involves traveling with the family pet you want to consider a few extra safety measures. the evidence is clear, trapping children in cars is a must. what about pets many don't realized that unretrained pets can -- unrestrained pets can cause injuries to themselves and others. >> pets can act as project tiles -- projectiles if not
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secured. >> reporter: many pet carrieser labeled crash tested are manufacturer's claims. consumer reports tested harnesses and crates for dogs and cats. >> the pet is very secure. >> reporter: the gunner kennel g1 intermediate crate for $500. >> the traps prevent the crate from hitting the back of the passenger seat. the sleepy pod runs between 70 and $80. you want the piece of mind because you never know when a crash is going to happen. >> if something happens to you, if you get into an accident. pets can get over protective and add another layer to the rescue
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and response efforts. this way making sure everybody in the vehicle is safe including you and your pet. >> much more to come on "action news" skinned morning. the miss black make america pagt was held in philadelphia. we'll tell you who took home the coveted crown. >> officials are assessing the damage of harvey after it crashed ashore in texas this weekend. those stories and more including chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. >> flooding as far as the eye
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can see, texans are waking up to rivers in roads. we'll tell you how to help those affected by hurricane harvey. >> a ambulance a hit by a stray bullet on the way to the hospital in west philadelphia. those stories in a moment, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris you've been doing something in the weather department. >> reporter: some of the stores have the mums out already. >> you know what, someone brought the donuts for us, somebody ate the pumpkin donuts. the point is they are out, they are all gone. i heard they were good. >> reporter: they were very
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good. i only got a bite, because gray ate it. let's go over to satellite and radar, for the most part it's quiet in the delaware and the lehigh valleys. we have high pressure holding on tore one and a half or two days, depending on how quickly it skirts off the coast. it is planted in the gulf of maine. that will provide us with sunshine and clouds mixed in later on. more importantly it will keep the temperatures on the cooler side. highs today in the upper 70s, no humidity. 68 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 54. we like that number as long as it stays in the 40s and 50s it will feel nice and refreshing out there. pressure is rising 0.27 inches. winds light out of the north/northwest. 62 in allentown. you started out at 54. the poconos 44 degrees. trenton, 66. cape may, 71.
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dover, 70 degrees. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies clouds from time to time, a light breeze wind out of the north 5 to 10 that keeps the temperatures comfortably cool we're shooting for a high of 79 guys. >> thank you for the update. we have dropping news out of texas where hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but that has not stopped the misery that it is causing in the lonestar state. >> so far the storm is being blamed for two let let deaths. the system produced destructive winds and flooding across southeast texas. much of houston is under water. the storm hovers over the nation's 4th largest city. crews had to rescue people from an apartment complex rockport where harvey came ashore. roofs ripped off homes, almost every buildings in ruin. >> the wind was probably, i don't know, 100-plus, maybe 130,
9:33 am
140, there were couple of times it was going faster than that. thousands have fled to shelterers, first responders have a difficult time getting where they need to be because of flooded areas. fema said it is monitoring the disaster and will send suspect in rescue crews, it will take days to reach the area. >> help is on the way for those in need of it across southeastern texas, it will come in handy for sure. >> volunteers with the local red cross are busy taking your calls so you can offer assistance from hundreds of miles away. trish hartman has the details. >> reporter: on the third floor of the american red cross buildings in center city. >> at the moment -- >> reporter: volunteers are fielding hundreds ever calls from texas as the storm pummels the state. many are people looking for "shelter me rescue of the week." >> you're helping people on the worst day of their worse and
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talking to them on the worst day of their lives. people calling in in tears and freaking out and doing the best you can to work through that. >> reporter: in addition to the call center, the american red cross of eastern pennsylvania has sent two volunteers to texas, we spoke to one on the phone. >> it really makes you feel good when you see how you're helping these people and it makes you realize how lucky you are up there, none of these storms have hit us up there like other areas of the county. >> reporter: fred is in houston preparing emergency response vehicles when the storm dies down he will head to corpus christi to help in the most heavily effected areas. >> kitchens down around there, we'll feed people, we'll make sure that the they are running and nothing happens all the safety items are would coming on it, we don't want anybody to get hurt. >> reporter: a way for folks here at home to help, donating blood. >> people giving blood in our community keel get that blood to
9:35 am
texas because those hospital -- we'll get that blood to texas because those hospitals will be challenge the. >> reporter: pennsylvania spca said it hassle sheltered vehicles from disaster before and could be called upon to help animals that need shelter. >> reporter: red cross new jersey have 12 volunteers assisting people in texas. reporting in center city, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> it was a close call for an ambulance crew in west philadelphia as they were transporting a patient to the hospital they got caught in crossfire and bullet struck their vehicle. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick has the details. >> reporter: emergency responders in the city of philadelphia say situations like this don't happen all the time, but they are not rare. in this case the first responders and the patient were not hurt, the first responders went back to work the very same
9:36 am
night. >> if the attendant was sitting in there, they would have been missed by mere inches. ray is talking about the bullet hole you can see in this picture. the stray bullet pierced medic 40 before 10:00 p.m. friday night with a paramedic and emt in the back tending to a patient. >> they took the appropriate action and got on the floor in the medic units and protected the patient that they had in the back of the medic unit until the gunfire ceased. >> reporter: deputy fire commissioner is commending the emt and paramedic's action. a man pulled a gun during an argument in the street near 51st and market and fired one hit above the headlight the other hit a 26-year-old man involved in the street fight. that victim was taken to the hospital. police are looking for the shooter. >> 52 and and market street is a busy intersection and numerous people could have shot in this situation.
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>> reporter: the bullet hit the electric panel. first responders arrived with another ambulance and took the patient to the hospital. >> it's unfortunate that people are put in these positions, when people hear firefighters take their lives in their hands everyday, they don't realize that our paramedics and emts take their lives in their hands everyday, not necessarily by fire, but the situations they are put into. >> reporter: the shooting victim was taken to pen presbyterian hospital in stable condition. he was later arrested on weapons and drug violations. the shooter that they say is responsible for hitting medic 40 with a stray bullet is on the loose. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> active duty transgendered troops say the ban to block them from enlisting in the military. president trump directed the pentagon to extend the ban and
9:38 am
gave the pentagon the authority to decide the future of openly tranders gendered people -- trarns -- trans gendered people from deploying. >> ♪ in demonstration in allentown was in opposition to the president's ban of transgendered men and women in the arms forces. they joined the make the road action in pennsylvania rally yesterday. they are demonstrating against what they call human rights setbacks. 9:38 a.m., the newest flock of blue hens landed at the university of delaware. vehicles loaded to the rooftops lined up outside the campus yesterday. they have students ready to move
9:39 am
into the dorms there. one incoming freshman brought a taste of home with her. >> grandmom's cake, one of his favorites. she didn't feel right without sending some with him. >> the first weekend at u of d feature festivities that are designed to welcome the incoming freshman including a puppy play date. >> there's a new miss black america this morning. look at that smile. britany louis of washington, d.c. was crowned last night. the pageant was held at the performing arts center in manayunk. take a be look at the crown, the pageant began in 1968 during a time when after can american women were not allowed to compete in the miss america
9:40 am
pageant. britany congratulations to you. you wear that crown. i love it. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. a solution to a common parental aggravation, how one dad saw the problem of kids ignoring his text. a man turns to social media to reunite a dog to its rightful owner after was lost during hurricane harvey. >> reporter: sunday morning, penns landing bright and shiny this sunday. if you like yesterday you'll like today, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when come right back. hey guys i'm on my way back
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from austin to victoria, texas i picked up a passenger here. a dog who was lost during tropical storm harvey was reunited with his owner. the dog jumped into his suv at a
9:43 am
gas station, but he had no idea where he came from. he nicknamed the annual harvey. the post went viral and the dog's owner were tracked down. >> that's why he love twitter, the power of social media. >> reporter: i love dogs, i can't go into the shelters because i want to take every one home with me. >> so sweet. >> chris is not that nice. i'm joking he is a nice guy. >> reporter: here's a shot of the camden waterfront. the sun is glistening down we have cloud cover moving over the city, the high, thin cirrus clouds nothing threatening today. should be nice today combination of sun and clouds later on, highs in the upper 70s. forecasting high of 79 five degrees below the son-in-law average -- below the seasonal
9:44 am
average of 62. the poconos 1 degrees above the freezing mark -- 1 degrees above the freezing mark. cape may, 56. philadelphia, 62 degrees. now with the sunshine everybody is rebounding nicely. poconos 60. dover, 70. reading, 62. the philadelphia, 68. millville/vineland area, 69. satellite and radar just a couple of high, thin clouds high pressure off the coast over my shoulder. it will be a nice day, sunny to a combination of sun and clouds, something like that. high temperatures in the upper 70s it will be on the pleasant side. humidity levels nice and low, dewpoints in the upper 40s to mid 50s. cape may on the boards in atlantic city, 76, allentown, 78 degrees. here's the latest on tropical storm harvey. the center of circulation
9:45 am
50 miles east of san antonio texas. this is a 12 had your loop. over the last 12 hours it has not moved. the center can't move that means this heavy band of rain can't move, either. it's sitting over the same areas, time and time again, houston, dallas, waco, just a tremendous amount of rainfall we're seeing rainfall rates 2 to 4 inches per hour. watch what happens according to future tracker 6, nothing the moving there's no steering current to push the storm on its way. it will continue to rain and rain. heavy rains continue for houston. tomorrow afternoon, heavy rains for houston. tuesday afternoon, same thing very heavy rains for the downtown houston area, galveston all areas east of the waco/austin area. it's stream portions of texas,
9:46 am
and western edges of louisiana. they have picked up one to two feet of rain and we're forecasting close to an additional two feet of rain in houston maybe 13-plus inches in victoria and 11 inches in lake charles. heartbreaking for the folks down there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a delightful seven day stretch of weather for us. 79 degrees, pleasant, clouds later on, the jersey shore, mostly cloudy by afternoon on monday, 73 degrees for tuesday, there will be a couple of showers especially across south jersey and delaware, that's going to creep the temperatures on the cool -- keep the temperatures on the cool side. wednesday, 79. late-day thunderstorm. friday 77 degrees. >> nlt -- wouldn't it be nice to be done with the 90s. >> next weekend is the unofficial end of summer.
9:47 am
people might like one more labor day weekend with a 90. >> reporter: i'll throw that in there. >> thank you chris. a line of cars sits on houston texas street after drivers decided to abandon them instead he have driving through floodwaters. one truck driver early this morning tried to test his luck. he appeared to make it and then you can see a lot of other vehicles were parked and left behind, they always say leave the car, save your life. we'll be right back. so glad you stayed with us
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9:50 a.m., thousands gathered in barcelona, spain this weekend. the slogan of the march i am not afraid. the march was led by cab drivers, emergency workers and order citizens who helped the injured following the attack. they were followed by the king of spain and the prime minister. volunteers handed out roses in red, yellow and white which are the colors of barcelona's official city, still. >> at the "action news" big board with a look at technically speaking. the wait is over for the brand new samsung galaxy 8. the new model improves upon the troubled plagued note 7 that had issues with the battery camping fire. it features a dual lens camera
9:51 am
animated messages and lower battery capacity. it has a hefty price tag it starts at $930. a father in britain out smartedded son and children everywhere -- outsmarted his son and children everywhere because his son was i ignoring his text. he developed the app reply. when he sends a text the cell phone is frozen and beeps until he returns text. now you know like american parenting apps, the reply asap works both ways so a child can send an emergency message to a parent. it's available for android and expected to be available for iphones and we hear it work well for spouses, too.
9:52 am
that's in technically speaking, sports is next. turning to sports this
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9:54 am
morning, philadelphia soul are champions once again, they have taken the reason bowl for a second year in a row. >> the phillies wrap up their series against the cubs at the bank this afternoon. they hope to turn things around after last night's slugging. here's jamie apody with all your sunderland morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, ron jaworski let it be known it's a half industry since a national football team clinch a title at home. jaws and dick vermeal hugging it out. darious money reynolds cashed in
9:55 am
to give the soul the lead. look this, a hit back in the endzone. the soul beat tampa 44-40. backback-to-back championships r third title overall. >> we wanted this confetti to come down in philadelphia. our quarterback played with a torn acl. i tip my a hat to the team and the city of philadelphia, we love you. >> carson wentz challenged reese hoskins to a home run darby after he cools off the it maybe a while. hoskins does it again last night. his 10th homer in 17 games. he homered in 4 straight. but then the phillies give up 17 straight runs thanks to 6 cub homers. lively lit up, phils lose 17-2.
9:56 am
looks like union playoff hopes are still alive. they blow a two goal lead at home. in the 91st minute, mears tieing it up with flying heather. 2-2 the final. former sixer it is nerlens noel signed a 1 year $4.1 million offer to remain with the mavericks. it's a franklin selfie at the shore, sixers top draft pick stopped in stone harbor for the team summer tour shore. >> it's a just a process going on right now, getting back to the state we're there. you got to trust it. there you go. >> finally back to the soul you saw this game right hear on
9:57 am
channel 6. our jeff skeverski did an amazing job on the sidelines, he managed not to get killed. in case you missed. that is jeff running for his life and having a tough time getting over the wall in that suit and maybe he should have worn sneakers, maybe he should have worn a helmet, the good news, jeff is totally fine, he is totally okay, he he can laugt himself, we love you jeff. that's sports, have a great sunday. >> the suit did the job, it wasn't your team uniform or stretch pants. >> i like his determination he didn't get the first time, he tried the second time. >> we love you jeff. much more to come on sunday morning "action news," an accomplishment for a singer with local ties, taylor swift has taken the social media platform by storm.
9:58 am
she is good at that. we'll have the details. >> we'll have a live report from houston texas by the damage left behind what was hurricane harvey. those stories, plus the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast all next on "action news." >> all right a pleasant good
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morning to you, 10:00 a.m., sunday, august 27. nydia han is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. in the news this morning, damaged buildings flipped cars and flooded roads, people along the texas coast are trying to copy with the aftermath of hurricane harvey. >> here at home a driver is taken into custody after smashing into more than two dozen cars overnight. we'll have a live report. >> feeling like fall than midsummer. we're enjoying a break from all the heat. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chris i don't know what button you press, but he love the weather. >> reporter: you want me to keep pressing it? >> please. it's nice out here this morning, we have a gentle breeze out of north at 5 miles per hour. what it's doing is ushering in the cooler dry air from canada. look at the numbers, lake harmony, 61 degrees, slatington, 63. quakertown, 62. a lot of areas in the lehigh valley and the poconos dropped into the mid 40s or cooler
10:01 am
excuse me mid 50s or cooler first thing this morning. kutztown 63. malvern, 64. media, 65. center city, 61. 69 in glassboro, 72 in agenda beach. 72 tuckahoe and 73 in cape may. satellite and radar just like yesterday we'll see mostly sunny skies and clouds mixed in from time to time. it should stay nice and comfortable later on, it will be dry, sunny and pleasant that's the call from accuweather for today. with a high of 79 degrees, the normal is 84 there will be no humidity out here at all. here's a look at tropical storm harvey. i'll have more on this when i come back in just a few minutes, you can see the bright red, the infared cloud cover top, clouds are spiking 40 to 50,000 feet and tremendous amount of rain falling underneath them of we have flooding problems across southeastern texas.
10:02 am
i'll have the latest track of harvey when i come back in just a few minutes and the very comfortable forecast for us guys. >> the big news this morning is tropical storm harvey. it has left some communities under two feet of water and more rain will be falling over the next few days. >> the storm is blamed on two deaths so far, everyone where you look in towns across southeastern texas, you can see damage cars and trucks overturned buildings torn a part, some of them flattened. take a look at the flooding in a town called sea drift. the floodwaters are so high, people are going on their rooftops calling for help recommend -- reminiscent of hurricane katrina. harvey is came ashore as category four storm. >> reporter: harvey is not done yet. houston warned there's a long
10:03 am
away to go. >> it's a serious storm it's going to last 4, 5 days, and frankly this is day one. >> reporter: flooding is big problem, the houston metro area pounded with double digit rainfall totals. the sheriff reported multiple rescues overnight. officials urging people in the area to stay off the road. >> we have an incredible amount of rainfall that came through the area overnight and continues to fall. it's dangerous and life threatening, thrugd oh -- flooding is in progress. >> reporter: harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane with winds up to 130 miles per hour. the storm's aftermath includes widespread power outages and devastation in harold hit rockport. you see people work their lives to build something and in one
10:04 am
night it's all gone. >> visiting a red cross shelter in austin, governor said texans impacted by the storm will get the help they need. >> some of had their homes mowed down, some need a place to return to. they need this time and place and food. it is our job to make sure they will be taken care of. >> in victoria, texas i'm emily schmidt. >> 45 members of the pennsylvania search and search and rescue team are on the road 20 philadelphia firefighters and others from across the state. they loaded 12 tractor-trailers and other trucks with water rescue equipment they certain for homes and buildings for any missing residents. >> anything you can think of they will have on the trucks, water and food and two k-9s
10:05 am
going and doctors going, rescue specialists, tech specialists, they will be set of sufficient for -- self-sufficient for up to a week on their own. >> reporter: it will take the convoy of 12 trucks 22 hours to get to the fort worth naval base. you can help by making a donation to the american red cross by texting the word harvey 90999 to make a ten dollar donation. tracking other news of the morning. this is not what you want to wake up to, look at this an alleged drunk driver smashed nearly 30 vehicles overnight, leaving many badly damaged that residents don't have a car to drive this morning. >> it happened along several streets in northeast philadelphia, the car completely smashed. that's where you will find jeff chirico live with more on the investigation and wow, what a
10:06 am
night, jeff. >> reporter: yeah, alicia by daylight we're starting to see the damage, take a look. this is one car of 27 if you keep walking down here you'll see the damage that residents are waking up to, folks who slept through the commotion asking us what happened. now, this car started hitting cars on four city blocks, even after catching fire right here on this spot, it kept going. >> we walked out to our car we almost got to the car and this driver smoke everywhere was coming, he turned. >> reporter: colton hawks said he called 911 on the out-of-control driver. skid marks show the driver's path. victims are waking up to see the damage. dents scratches and busted tires and broken mirrors. the driver who appeared drunk ditched the car and ran, but not before leaving a path of drucks.
10:07 am
>> hit the black car and the red and gray and his car turned sidewards and caught fire. his car would only drive sideways, he hit every car on both sides of the street. >> reporter: and that driver ditched his suv and started running. police caught up with him. a 38-year-old has been arrested he is facing a number of charges as you can imagine including driving under the influence jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> a lot of damage in the northeast. a man was critically injured after being hit by an suv this happened in north philadelphia. the impact at broad and susquehanna shattered the front windshield of the suv. police say the 38-year-old man was hit crossing broad street in the middle of the block around 12:45 a.m. he was rushed to the hospital with a head injury and had two broken legs. we are told the driver did stop and is cooperating with police.
10:08 am
philadelphia has a champion, the soul defended its title beating tampa in the arena bowl. they won it on their home turf in a game you saw live on 6abc. the players celebrated as confetti rained down from the rafters at the wells fargo center. of the soul rallied to beat tampa, 44-40. >> boxing fans may be sleepy this morning many stayed up due to the delay in the much-anticipated floyd mayweather connor mcgregor fight because of an issue with pay per mayweather won $200 million. mcgregor is expected to walk away with more than a million
10:09 am
dollars. people in west philadelphia enjoy the fight outside last night. major league cuts barber shop gave back to the community by renting a projector and showing the fight on the side of the building there. everybody was invited to mingle while watching the fight. they enjoyed food and drinks at 51st and market street. those at the event say it was a nice break from the violence that plagued the city streets, more than 100 people attended the event. >> queen of soul thrilled the crowds in philadelphia. ahead we'll take you to the past by walking through the door of this mansion. we'll show you the decors of a one of kind home. >> plus, aftermath of hurricane harvey we'll go live to houston, texas where residents are beginning to assess the damage from this monster storm. back here at home let's take you live outside, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse of the temple university camera giving you a shot of the center city
10:10 am
skyline. meteorologist chris sowers is working hard for you in the weather department. you'll love today and the upcoming week. 70s all around in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> it iy
10:11 am
morning, you're taking a live look at the surf continuing to churn in texas. the rain starting to pick up, as
10:12 am
well. the effects of now tropical storm harvey are being felt across the southeastern portion of the state. the flooding and the rains continue to be a menace and meteorologist chris sowers says it will rain there for a couple of days. >> that's the big problem, natasha barrett joins us live from our sister station in houston, texas. many saw you yesterday morning as the storm was unleashing on the coast. the wind is picking up. you've been there on the ground in terms of the damage what are you seeing? >> reporter: gray and alicia, it is a mess, you know we're not expag -- exaggerating it's been raining all night and morning long. it's more than i've ever seen here born and raised here. this is worst than ike, allison, it's that bad. 22 inches of rain so far, and
10:13 am
get this we're expecting another two feet. southeast texas underwater in houston, flash flood emergency, manholes overflowing, streets turned into lakes nearly impossible to drive through. the city's mayor urging residents to stay home. >> the streets are treacherous, it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to be out on the roads unless it is an emergency. >> reporter: these people rescued from an apartment complex. the storm packing a punch. i can't believe this is happening. and i have no apartment, now apartment was decimated. >> reporter: rockport where harvey came ashore, a mangled ghost town, roofs ripped off homes and buildings and boats destroyed. >> the wind was 100-plus, 130, 140, there were times it was going faster than that.
10:14 am
>> reporter: austin, the state capital under a cloud of darkness and under water. shelters set up for those in need. governor abbott lending a hand. >> we'll take care of our fellow texans, but we do it as a team. >> reporter: now, last check in harris county that includes houston, more than 300,000 people without power and that number continues to grow, the wind if you can't tell the rain picking up as i speak with you right now. it is hard for first responders to get to people. i've seen families blowing up air mattresses to float down their streets to safety it's that bad here. reporting live from houston, natasha barrett, channel 6 "action news." >> we wish you the best and to your family, as well. >> reporter: the unfortunate thing this is day two, we'll have three more of these, maybe
10:15 am
four days before the storm gets out of there. let's go live on sky6 live hd, we'll talk about our weather and focus on harvey in a minute or two. beautiful shot of the center city skyline high, thin clouds upstairs. it's making for a nice day, it not allowing the sun to blast you. with the temperatures out of canada in the 50s and 60s it's nice, no humidity, nice and refreshing this morning. as we look at the temperatures, 66 degrees in allentown. # 1 in -- 71 in philadelphia. millville, 73. 69 in trenton. 73 dover. over the last several hours you'll see temperatures will steadily climb, but it doesn't look like we'll get above 78 or 79 degrees. the normal is 84. it will be a day below seasonal averages which many will enjoy considering how warm and humid it was the last couple of months. speaking of humidity, over the
10:16 am
next four days, there's humidity out there right now. it will be that way for the neck four or five days. dewpoints, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all staying in the 50s to around 60 degrees. as we scale it it's on the comfortable side. we'll continue to see that at least in the next 3 or 4 days. satellite and radar showing just a couple of high, thin clouds moving across the mason dixon line. that's about it. otherwise, high pressure is in control. it will keep things comfortable over the next few days, mostly sunny, today, pleasant, 79. wind out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. jersey shore, mostly sunny, high, thin clouds from time to time. no humidity, 76 degrees, the ocean water temperature 73. now, here's the the latest on tropical storm harvey, maximum sustained wind down to 45 miles per hour. this is not a wind event any more. we continue to see the heavy drenching rains. we have a tornado watch box up for the houston metro area
10:17 am
extending to western portions of louisiana lake charles included in that. the center of circulation 50 miles southeast of san antonio texas. the rains are 100 miles to the east, houston and galveston getting pounded up to wake co-and bryant. the -- waco and bryant. the storm is not expected to go anywhere. this tracks to the overnight hours on friday and still across southeastern texas. rainfall totals will be devastating. some areas could see 40 inches of rain when all is said and done. for the next five days we're expecting little if any movement at all from tropical storm harvey. heavy drenching downpours for the next several days. over 40 inches of rain, they are expecting cat -- catastrophic flooding in that part of the
10:18 am
country. back here, considering how the summer habits a rare dry stretch of weather for us. 79 today. 77 monday, showers tuesday, cooler high of 72. wednesday clouds and sun, 79. ♪ >> can't we get more of that love? this is the one and only the extraordinary aretha franklin the queen of soul performed before the packed house at the mann center for the performing arts. "action news" was there as the 18 time grammy winner performed some of her greats hits including the set hits of the latest diva classic. taylor swift set a record with her brand new song. the berks county native set a new global first day streaming
10:19 am
record. the 27-year-old singer brought her much-anticipated song look what you made me do, late thursday to streaming platforms and itunes. youtube said the song lyric video broke a record with more than 19 million same day views, taylor swift rocking it out, go get 'em. we're back. >> so glad you stayed with us
10:20 am
10:21 am
on a sunday morning, 10:20 a.m., alicia looks down, time to check out he was going viral in the social corner. >> this is when with talk about the images that everybody is talking about. there are three flowers that are blooming, the corpse flower gets it's nickname for good reason, it gives off the smell of rotting flesh. i'm not that familiar with the smell, but not interested in knowing about it. they draw huge crowds when this bloom. this is the first time in north america when there's been three blooming simon simultaneously. they do not have an annual blooming cycle. it's hard to protect when they will flower. they are on view with the public, if you have a stomach for it, when they smell it and
10:22 am
wait, everybody okay, no, it's the flower. >> this massive robot dance party has set a world record, 1,069-pint size robots boogied in unison in china. that's my dance. this is the most robots dancing, actual control system was used to execute the sink -- synchronized robot scene. it beat the old record by 62 robots set last year. this is what a couple in central pennsylvania is calling a spiritual sonogram. they said they saw the unexpected image in their baby's sonogram. you have to look at the left. appears to be a man watching over their daughter which they say offers them a sense of relief. you see it? >> no. >> they gave it to us, to me
10:23 am
it's jesus. it looks like jesus. >> when i saw it brought tears to my eyes, i didn't believe it. >> do you see it now, gray? i see something over there. >> she had experienced a number of complications with the first two children. they told her the baby looks happy and healthy. a mansion could take buyer back to 1990s. it's stuck in 1990 style with all the bright colors there. various shades of pink, purple and turquoise traveled from room to room. the mansion is on sale for $800,000. although it was appraised for $1.8 million. >> that's a big difference
10:24 am
there. the realtor believed the decors will make it difficult to sell. >> i had a selling tip, play some mc hammer or new kids on the block, you'll sell the home and get everybody in the mood for the 90s. go to our social media accounts. 1.8 million. >> reporter: hi guys coming up on inside story, given what happened in charlotsville, it is time for the statue of frank rizzo to go. the jury has been picked in the bob ma now and menendez corruptl the outcome of the case could impact the balance of power in washington, d.c. all that coming up later this morning on inside story, i'm monica malpass, i hope you join me.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
>> how is it looking? >> reporter: it's looking pretty nice out there, we have a little bit of cloud cover upstairs. we're expecting sunny skies, comfortable, 79 degrees, 77 tomorrow. 73 for the high on tuesday, there could be a shower around, but that feels fall-like doesn't it. >> thank you, this week with george stephanopoulos coming up next. "action news" continues back here at noon. here's a look at the stories we're working on for you. the world of opera takes center stage in philadelphia. details on the festival of music and storytelling. >> is having a job you dislike
10:28 am
better for your health than no job at all? the experts in. >> -- experts weigh in. for nydia han, alicia vitarelli, chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day. >> have a great sunday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. hurricane harvey barrels into texas. torrential rain. epic floods. devastating damage. the latest from our team in the storm zone. plus, texas governor greg abbott and the president's point man join us live. then, trump unleashed. >> the future belongs to us. >> blasting the press. >> the media's totally dishonest. these are sick people. >> a polarizing pardon. >> i don't want to cause any controversy. is that okay? but sheriff joe can feel good. >> attacks on his own party. >> nobody wants me to talk about your other senator. nobody knows who the hell he is. >> the president playing to his base. but at what cost? what will this mean when trump needs congress come september?


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