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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 29, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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to be there. fake. it's not her ex-boyfriend. >> i'm going with fake. not the ex-boyfriend. >> okay. i don't believe it's the ex-boyfriend. so it's fake. >> i think it is. real. >> the sisters say real. everybody else says fake. >> so the back story on this and what they're claiming is it's not the ex-boyfriend. that's just a great setup for an internet clip. it was a friend that just wanted to dress up like a bee for the event. fake, not the ex-boyfriend. >> all right. here we go. video number two. those are supposed to be louboutins because that's what's on the box. >> right. but we're supposed to think they're magic and sparkling. that's just lights in the room. >> no. they're l.e.d.s. >> i'm going with real because it makes my heart skip a beat. >> i'm going with fake. the way it's sparkling strikes me more as reflection. >> really l.e.d.s. not louboutins. >> i say they're real. i say they're glowing. >> i think because of the red
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sole that they're real louboutins. but the sparkliness of it? i don't know. i'm going with fake sparkles. >> so my insiders are telling me this is actually an instagram filter and not just reflection off the glitter pumps. so in that respect, it's a fake video because there is an instagram filter on the shoes. that's what my insiders are saying so i got to go with them on this one. >> but the glitter louboutin is real, right? >> that's right. >> here we go with video number three. >> you can see him handing it off. you can see the slight movement of i had hand. >> that's a great stunt, but it was set up. >> you would react to a skateboarder coming out of nowhere and landing in front of you. you'd be like, whoa. what are you doing? >> yeah, yeah. totally set up. the guy with the beer was in on it. >> yeah. so this was caught on camera in london south bank. a professional skateboarder. it's a complete setup.
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you can see the guy standing there ahead of time. but this clip definitely went viral. my friends are sending this to me. is this real, dude? i don't believe it. no. not buying it. still awesome clip. running out of ways to say good-bye, everybody. so have a good day and we'll see you on the next all new "rtm." the water level in the reservoir upstream of houston is rising, even though the army corps of engineers has been releasing water. you can see the water coming up over this parkway near the addix reservoir. the two local dam were built in the 1930s and haven't been
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updated in more than 50 years. rainfall totals are topping three feet in parts of the houston area, with an addition of 10 to 15 inches of rain expected. you can see all of the activity expected in that area. those people will not get a break for a few days. >> the center of the storm, they're just south of the houston/galveston area and expected to make landfall later tomorrow morning, in the early morning hours. even though it's off the coast there, it's still bringing a whole lot of moisture right now. a lot of people are going to have a long, long few days still ahead of them. we get to more, now, on the other big stories. japan's government is reacting to a missile launch by north korea. >> this is provocative move prompting calls for an emergency meeting at the u.n. >> reporter: this is at least the fifth time north korea
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lobbed a missile over japan. the concept of a test missile falling in waters is troubling enough. but a test overflight sends chills across the nation. public announcement saying a north korean missile could hit hokkaido. lately, japan has been doing civil defense drills at hocoast cities to be prepared. if the missile at thrown to the south, that flight distance would have been less than 200 miles short of guam. north korea did warn earlier this month it will fire four of its missiles to land close to surrounding guam, in what they call a historic enveloping fire.
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looks like they wanted to repeat that message loud and clear. the crisis has been calming down in recent weeks. rex tillerson praising north korea for showing restraint. president trump said he started to think kim jong-un was respecting the united states. the media here says challenging president trump, who threatened fire and fury. >> there was no actual damage from that missile. but the level of concern is extremely high this morning. north korea just seems to elevate things more and more. >> they do. and there was trading in the asian markets. and they sank. the neki was down in early morning trading. coming up, a desperate cry for help from one texas near, rallying a community. >> how she sehelped save her
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♪ we have been seeing story after story of families stranded since harvey made landfall of amazing rescuers of good samaritans coming to the aid. now, we're hearing of some taking to social media to get help. >> a woman was waiting on her roof for several hours. and she made a desperate plea, live on "good morning america." >> it's not going good for us. across the street, the building is caving in. it's water everywhere. we have nowhere to go. i have all my children. everything. i have nothing but the clothes on my back. the water is moving fast. it's coming up real, real fast. we tried to leave.
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but there was nowhere for us to go. we had to break the window to get outside on the roof. we had to take the window pane out so everybody can fit through the window. they just put an elderly lady on the roof across from us. if you can see across the street, there's an elderly lady. the water is coming in through the backside. please help us. i'm scared. we don't have no food. i haven't ate in two days. no water. my baby is dehydrated. all my baby is doing is sleeping. we need help. we need help right now. they got a whole family out there in the water. i seen three dead bodies. >> just breaks your heart. >> quite a moment there. we should mention she was finally rescued after eight
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hours by volunteers of the cajun navy. >> she eventually made it to the convention center. we caught up with her. and she explained how the whole ordeal was. and the relief when she got rescued. >> scared out of my mind. i thought i was going to die. i kept calling. everybody kept saying, call, call, call. it broke me today to see people die. social media saved my life. i had people i had never met trying to help us get out. that has never happened in my life. i get on social media. i connect with a lot of people i grew up with and my family and stuff. but those people that helped me out, i can't thank them enough. social media help saved my live. >> as if the story can't be more
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unbelievable, she moved to houston from new orleans, after being displaced by katrina. and she's not the only one in that predicament. >> there were so many people who were bussed to houston after hurricane katrina. and swore they would never go back to new orleans because they didn't want to deal with a hurricane again. for this storm to hit so many people inland and hit the same group of people. we spoke to a group of neighbors who had become an island. they were hoping for the water to recede. not only is the water not receding, the rain isn't stopping right now. it will be several days for those folks. they have food and plumbing is working at this hour. >> you look at the images coming
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♪ a lot of people are seeing the images coming out of houston and the greater southeast texas area. and they're reacting. j.j. watt, who is a well-known star, football player, with the houston texans, but he's really after -- he's really a hero for many people, after he posted a call for help online. >> he's using his star power to raise money for the harvey recovery effort. >> i'm sitting here watching the news. checking the internet and seeing everything that's going on with hurricane harvey and the damage going on back home. >> reporter: with that weekend
2:56 am
play and his own nonmoney, j.j. watt started an effort. >> people are sending us pictures of their homes. >> reporter: her son's houston home is okay. but thousands of others are not. >> he checked in and said, this is what we want to get going. absolutely. this is amazing. i have no doubt it would exceed the intentions initially. >> reporter: and the defensive end reminded us that houston bailed out thousands of flood victims after hurricane katrina. >> it's great to give houston that chance. it will not be a one day thing or a one week thing. >> reporter: the fund-raising goal was 200,000. then, raised it to 5 million. >> we appreciate it so much.
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>> reporter: he told reporters he's in it for the long haul. >> we will come back stronger. we will rebuild the city stronger than it was. >> and j.j. will appear on "good morning america" later this morning. >> he's hit $1,150,000. maybe you remember us showing you ken hart, who put out a video, challenging all of his celebrity friends. people hoe knows that has money. barack obama, ludacris, all of t them. he but up $25,000 of his own money. >> chris brown has donated $100,000 to hart's donation website. >> it's the largest amount by
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breaking news this morning on "world news now," the devastating flooding in texas gets even worse. >> after days of trying to ride out the storm, thousands are giving up hope and trying to get to higher ground. with waterlogged residents brought to safety, shivering after waiting in the rain for hours. as more evacuees escape the water, they're finding cramped quarters in shelters. we'll get a live report from houston where the situation is getting desperate. the other breaking news. north korea launching a missile over japan. residents warned to take cover after the launch detected. it comes after the u.s. praised kim jong-un for showing relative restraint.
3:01 am
it is tuesday, august 29th. good tuesday morning, everybody. we start with the breaking news from texas. dramatic rescues are taking place as floodwaters continue to rise. >> what is left of harvey, is pounding the houston area. thousands have been rescued by police, firefighters, the military, and volunteers. there's six confirmed deaths so far. but that number is expected to rise. >> many have been taken to shelter, which for many are at capacity. >> there's no relief in sight. another ten inches of rain or more is expected overnight. and harvey is spreading into south western louisiana. >> nbc's lana zak is in the thick of it. good morning, lana. >> reporter: thank you very much. good morning. i'm trying hard not to be blown
3:02 am
over. a band of punishing rains is launching an assault in houston. there is a tremendous need. the red cross is asking for all assistance in the city of houston. in the need of medical professionals, nurses, doctors, mental health professionals and social workers. the convention center is beyond capacity. expected to host 5,000 refugees, but that number was quickly exceeded. >> this is what katrina was like. >> reporter: thousands alived by busloads, even by dump truck. >> please proceed into the shelter. >> reporter: lorena was rescued with her four children. >> i'm trying to hold it together for them. >> reporter: she doesn't know how long they will be here. were you able to get a cot? >> we didn't.
3:03 am
not net. >> reporter: there's an outpouring of generosity. but it is dwarfed by the need. >> we lost everything in our apartment. >> reporter: the water and air rescues continue. as millions of gallons of water are being released from reservoirs. >> there's a reality that we have to come to grapes with. and that is, we are just beginning the process of responding to this storm. >> reporter: 12,000 members of the national guard have been deployed to help the disaster. but so often, the rescuer is just a person who decided to help. >> we called 911. >> 911 won't help you. i'm here to help you. >> reporter: that's so much of what we've seen. just good people coming to the rescue. it seems almost astounding when you hear the officials they are just at the beginning stages of dealing with the aftermath of
3:04 am
tropical storm harvey. one that it's not fair to say aftermath because it continues at this very moment. stil still, it feels like so many people that we have been living in this new reality for much longer than a few days. >> i know you were at the conventi convention center. it's over capacity. give us a sense of how people are doing. >> it was astounding. we watched as groups by the thousands came in there. and during one break, i had. i went in to talk to tsome folk, hear their stories and report them to the rest of america. and found myself with towels in my hand. i'm walking around, giving directions on whether to go to stand in lines. for shoes or for kids' clothes or even for food. it was an all hands on deck situation. it continues to be one.
3:05 am
more people are trying to help out. if i can help to get out the word, that is what we're trying to do. it is so moving to see those people in need. i want to show you something. i met somebody named batman and little batman at the convention center. they came early in the morning. a dad and his son, who wanted to deliver, not only supplies, which they brought. but some cheer. and the father told me that the city of houston was in need of a hero. and his son say, just 4 years old, it was his idea to dress up. everywhere they walked, they handed out -- they handed out activity and coloring books to kids. there were smile s young and hod alike. >> let me ask you. you wanted to get the word out there. really quickly, what's the one need these folk s need?
3:06 am
>> reporter: they need all of those things. to best thing to do is to donate to thes recross. you can text the word harvey and it will donate $10 to them. if you're in the area, they are in need of volunteers. >> lana zak, thank you. the port of galveston is closed. at least until tomorrow. >> that means as many as 12,000 cruise ship passengers are stuck at sea, probably until thursday. the pilots who guide the cruise ships are unable to board because the seas are too high. many are diverting to new orleans or heim. or they can wait and continue on to galveston. >> good and gas is running low
3:07 am
in the city. sections of interstate 45 is completely under water. >> and new orleans braces for harvey on the 12th anniversary of katrina. the city is expected to see five to ten inches of rain over the next 4 days. and 14 of the city's pumps are not working. >> this is going to play out over several days. that's exactly what's happening the it's new orleans stationary. but it's moving towards the east in our detection. >> the heaviest rain is expected tomorrow, with more on thursday and friday. let's get more on the forecast. paul williams standing by. >> good morning, kendis, diane. the heaviest rain hitting along the i-10 corridor, inclusive of lafayette, new orleans. and we could see eight to ten
3:08 am
inches of rain in portions of louisiana. we're looking for rain, life-threatening flooding and road closures. harvey, along the louisiana/texas border. then, lifting into portions of arkansas. not only houston, but reaching towards the boot heel of louisiana. and perhaps touching new orleans. along the coast, as well. and there's another storm system, erma, along the east coast with gusty winds and flooding downpours. >> paul, thank you. now, to the other breaking story. japan's prime minister calling for a meeting of the u.n. security council. >> the launch set off warning sirens in japan this morning. it comes days after praising kim
3:09 am
jong-un. here's correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: north korea firing a missile that crossed over japanese air space. something it has done before, but not without warning. so, the ballistic missile was launched from pyongyang and landed in the ocean off hokkai o hokkaido. japan was warning people to take cover. it was is one of a series of abo provocations by north korea. kim jong-un has been seen celebrating his missile launches. in response, president trump has threatened to confront new signs of aggression against north korea, with, quote, fire and fu fury. coming up, we'll have some of the other headlines. including new reporting
3:10 am
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tropical storm harvey is dumping additional rainfall overnight over a wide area. >> you can see the heaviest rain right now in the houston/galveston area and southwestern louisiana. harvey is expected to make a turn to the northeast later today and make a third landfall tomorrow morning. >> 7,000 evacuees are at the houston convention center, 2,000 more than capacity. but the mayor says they will continue to accept more people. two people are dead, four others injured after a shooting at a public library in clovis, new mexico. a witness says she was in the library with her son when a man
3:14 am
entered and started to shoot. police say they have a suspect in custody. there's reports that the alleged shooter is a 16-year-old male. no word on a possible motive for the attack. the president's personal lawyer acknowledged the trump organization considered a real deal in russia during the campaign. in a statement to the house intelligence committee, he said the proposal to build a trump tower in masako sta moscow star of 2015. he acknowledged of having direct contact with the kremlin about the proposal. it was one of the many opportunities that the trump organization considered and rejected. the president was given an opportunity to make a tough statement on russia during the press conference with the president of finland. a yet again, president trump did not. he was asked whether russia is a
3:15 am
security threat, given russian planes have conducted missions over the baltics. >> i consider many countries as a security threat, when you look at what's going on in the world today. but these are threats that we'll have to handle if we have to. >> if the situation in the baltic were to escalate, what would the u.s. be ready to do in this unfortunate circumstance? >> we are very protective of that region. that's all i can say. >>burg the press conference, the president defended his position to pardon former sheriff joe arpaio. calling him a patriot. arpaio was accused of crucial profiling and refused to stop an order for immigration krofls. the president called arpaio said hen he was treated unfarley.
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about 25% of abuse at nursing homes is not reported to police. they were so disturbed by early findings they issued an alert. it's against federal law not to report abuse. they found abuse cases from to 2015 and 2016, even required emergency treatment. forget about an apple a day. good news for insomniacs, that maybe drinking coffee is the answer to a laonger life. studies earlier this year linked coffee to lower death rates from heart disease, cancer and other conditions. >> no wonder. >> four ccups. drink up, everybody.
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>> no wonder "world news now" anchors are alive. the people forced from their homes in texas are desperate to know what if anything is left. we are with one family as they return home. that's next on "world news now." nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. so, while so much focus on
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the flooding catastrophe in houston, the texas coast was also hit hard. >> abc's matt gutman is there. >> reporter: for thousands of texans living along the gulf coast, the journey home was full of heartbreak. in rockport, we found robert and christina. they came back here overnight. but already knew what they'd find. >> our neighbor called me and said, christina, have you heard? i said, no. he said, your house is gone. i said what? he said, your house is gone. >> reporter: for the thousands here who lost everything, it is devastation in 360 degrees. and hampering the recovery, no water, no power, no cell phones. and the remnants of harvey is whipping back here again. for danielle, the waiting has been excruciating. she's nine months pregnant.
3:20 am
when we met her, they were riding out the storm in a hotel. >> i'm due to have my baby on tuesday, via c-section. >> reporter: by saturday, it was safe to go outside. so, they piled into our truck, determined to find out what happened to their home. what they saw out their windows wasn't helping. neither did this. a police roadblock. th news they cannot go home, to see if they have a home, is an emotional gut-punch. >> we're going to check this out for you. my god. that's the trailer park. >> reporter: the entire area littered with mobile homes, toppled, flipped, mangled. it took us a few minutes but we found their home, or what was left of it. >> that's what's left of the rv. that's their suv. this is the worst they could
3:21 am
have hoped for. you can tell why there was a mandatory evacuation for this town. anybody in this mobile home park, would not have sewurvived. as they asked, we showed the video to the couple. the closer they look, the sharper the pain. >> there's a musical toy. and that was in the house. >> for your convenience, we have a website, www.disaster >> reporter: the weekes aren't sure their coverage will pay for everything. but they know one thing -- >> i'm thankful that us and our family is okay. >> reporter: a family about to grow. a precious reminder for a family
3:22 am
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to go the distance with you. go long. ♪ we're back with the latest on harvey. throughout the morning we've been looking at stories of human resill jens and people helping each other out. and humans aren't the only ones. check out this video. it's hard to make out exactly what you're looking at. but believe it or not, that's a c colony of fire ants. the ants came together and became their own float. they linked up together like that, they can float right on the surface of the water. this is not only something to be impressed by but something to be
3:26 am
warned about. workers are advised to be aware of the fire ants. if you were to ran on to a colony, they would use you as a raft. >> you don't touch or even if you're rowing, your paddle should not come into act with them. there's plenty of companies that are trying to help out. including the folks at an hisser bushel. they're not donating beer. it's donating cans of drinking water to the flood victims in texas. there's a look. when is the last time you saw an anheuser-busch can like that. >> that's one of several companies. airbnb.
3:27 am
gofundme. walmart. a long list of companies to help out. >> southwest airlines, that flew some of the people who were stranded at the airport out for free. >> duracell has been providing batteries for them. great stuff. also, animals being resilient. check out this little guy. this is a dog, who apparently had a tough time swimming in the water. so, they found a little practice box. >> that is pretty cool. there were so many that are aybar donned in the storm. in the meantime, inspiring images coming out of the texas area. this is a bit of a dance-off, by deandre. he is posing himself dancing. and the challenge has been broughten. >> lots of people
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this tuesday on "world news now" -- over capacity, as the waters keep rising across houston, so is the number of evacuees seeking shelter. tens of thousands need to be lifted from the storm zone. but what awaits many of them still remains uncertain. >> and the forecast doesn't offer much hope, with rain expected to keep the floodwaters at historic levels, forcing more rescues. but also bringing out the best in people, with bands of volunteers patrolling neighborhoods by boat, looking to help. japan reacting to north korea launching a missile over its neighbor. what does this mean for the u.s., as it looks for a peaceful solution?
3:31 am
we do say good morning, everybody. we're going to start with our focus here in the u.s. there's multiple flash flood warnings in effect, in southeast texas and southern louisiana. as much as 15 inches of rain expected before dawn. >> crews are work around the clock to rescue people stranded from the floodwaters at home, businesses and vehicles. the rescuers are using boats, helicopters and everything else at hand. >> the houston convention center has 7,000 evacuees, 2,000 more than capacity. >> the city's mayor says the shelter will not turn anyone away. abc's victor oquendo has more on this. >> reporter: the evacuees keep coming in by the busload at the houston convention center, where they are reaching capacity. the numbers are growing exponentially all day long.
3:32 am
we spoke to one woman who walked in after a helicopter rescue, shivering cold and holding a 3-month-old baby. they walked in with enough supplies to last them a few days. those are the types of stories we're seeing here at the convention center. take a look behind me. that's the registration desk. that's where all these people who have left their homes are checking in with the red cross and getting all their information in. and that room directly to the left, behind the registration desk, that's where they're getting dry clothes, food, water, very welcome after going through, perhaps, a day and a half of nonstop rain and flooding they've been dealing with. the good news here is that the donations continue to pour in. that's excellent for the red cross. they made it clear, there's need for more nurses, social workers and volunteers. that's what they're asking for at the george r. brown convention center in houston, texas, which has transformed into what they're calling a megashelter here. >> megashelter, indeed. and the mayor saying, even
3:33 am
though they're well over capacity, they will continue to welcome people. the need is there. of course, the u.s. military is helping out their end, doing h heeroic work. >> this is a video showing a crew rescuing five people in houston flood waters. texas has its entire national guard on duty. about 12,000 troops. new video showing the texas air guard taking evacuees to dallas. other states are sending troops to assist with the air and water rescues. the depth of the floodwaters are making it difficult for rescuers to reach people. >> massive dump trucks made several runs in one neighborhood, carrying dozens of people to safety. our houston station, ktrk, was there, as people made it to dry land. >> my uncle had a baby who is 3 days old. he and his wife just had her.
3:34 am
so, we're waiting on them to get in. we're trying to get them as fast as they can before anything happens to her. >> oh, my gosh. i was telling you about the little baby. let's not wake her. that might be a tow truck of some sort. that's a front end loader. how long have you been operating this thing? >> all day. around 10:00 a.m. this morning. start to help the people. >> what's it like back there? how many people are still back there? >> there's a lot of people. they're not getting enough help. they're calling for help. not getting enough help. we saw it firsthand. somehow you have to get bigger units out there. army trucks are needed. a lot of people don't want to risk their boats. >> someone said virtually every intersection as you drive back there, there's groups of people waiting. >> yes. we had people that wanted to climb the truck while it was moving. people are panicking.
3:35 am
it's late. it's raining. it could get worse. >> the environmental protection agency is set to start testing the floodwaters for contamination, speaking of getting worse. it's not known how much sewage, chemicals or germs are mixed in that water. but teams want to determine that as soon as possible to see how dangerous the waters really are. after hurricane katrina, officials linked deaths to exposure of hazardous floodwaters. one reason why images like this one is so disturbing. an 80-year-old stroke victim trapped in her houston home, with the water rising to her hospital bed. she has since been rescued. >> we continue to get the images in. president trump is promising billions of dollars in federal disaster aid for parts of texas, as he and the first lady go to the zone today. >> the president announced plans to return to texas and louisiana over the weekend. adding that recovery will be a long and difficult road.
3:36 am
he said fema's $3 billion disaster fun will be there for immediate relief. and he's asking lawmakers for more to help texas rebuild. >> you'll see action from congress and the president. and you're going to get your funding. it's a terrible tragedy. we think that congress will feel very much the way i feel. in a bipartisan way, that will be nice. we think you'll have what you need. and it will go fast. >> republican lawmakers in texas had overwhelmingly opposed the $50 million aid package in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. which devastated parts of the northeast. some republican lawmakers in new york and new jersey reminded them of that decision. said they will still support harvey aid. ted cruz and john cornyn voted no because of unrelated spending attached to sandy package.
3:37 am
well, many are waiting to see what the funding package will be from harvey. let's get an update from from on the ground in houston. lana zak is there in the rain. it looks like it's not really letting up. what's the latest? >> it really is not. good morning, kendis and diane. some parts of harris county has three feet of rain. that's record breaking, certainly. it's all the more concerning when you realize that the water doesn't stay stationary. it pools. it has been pooling in reservoirs, bayous, levees here in houston and the gulf coast. they are oversaturated. we saw that on the first day of the tropical storm. as a result today, many -- yesterday, rather, two of the reservoirs had to have planned releases of the water there.
3:38 am
that affected thousands of homes with additional flooding. that was a necessary precaution that officials needed to take to relieve some of the pressure from the dams. if those dams broke, we wouldn't be talking about even more serious circumstances. that's part of the reason why we have seen so many evacuees continue to pour in throughout the day, overnight. and the rescues just continue. people calling in saying the rainwaters, as you can see, have been unrelenting. and the winds are pretty awful, as well. but all of that, combines for these flash flood considerations that are not only being felt in houston and the texas coast, but increasingly in louisiana, with new orleans giving a new warning about that, as well. kendis? diane? >> lana, i want to ask you about it. a subscript. a lot of people don't realize that pastor joel osteen's church is in the houston area. and there's controversy that is gaining some traction. >> yeah. i'm actually looking at it.
3:39 am
it's right behind the camera right now. we are in the same area as the church. here's the problem. when the main -- when there's so many evacuees, when the main convention center, we left there late at night, they had 7,000 people. they were only supposed to have 5,000 people there. but the evacuees continued to come. the red cross wasn't going to turn anybody away. they were going to push people together and many people were going to sleep without cots. in this case, people are wondering why the church, this megachurch that is nationally known, hasn't opened its doors. they responded they had some flooding, which is something some people around here are calling into question, because it looks like parking garages that are flooded. i will say there is a great deal of need. and anybody who can help should. >> one of our producers walked around the grounds of that church overnight. and he said he didn't notice a
3:40 am
lot of flooding there. might have been underground flooding. but he didn't see it, at least, in the roadways there. lana, thank you. in louisiana, as lana mentioned, is gearing up for harvey. >> a federal emergency has been declared in five southwestern parishes. all schools and government offices are closed today in new orleans where up to ten inches of rain is still in the forecast. let's find out what tropical storm harvey is expected to do today. >> accuweather's paul williams has the latest on the forecast for us. paul, good morning. >> good morning, kendis, diane. we are expecting the heaviest of rainfall, not only hitting the houston area, moving to parishes of louisiana and of lafayette, over to new orleans. we could see eight inches of rain in portions of louisiana and getting closer to the new orleans area. here's the reason why. harvey is going to slowly walk
3:41 am
its along the eastern portions of texas and slide to the mississippi valley region. but that will have to take until saturday. kendis? diane? we will get a look at other headlines, including breaking news that north korea has launched a missile over japan, prompting an urgent response. maria sharapova returns to the u.s. open in style. you're watching "world news now."
3:42 am
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flooded roadway here in beaumont, texas, claimed two vehicles in quick succession. both drivers drove into the standing water, only to find out it was deeper than they thought. >> both drivers were rescued by the is a same woman. watch as she manages to get into one of the cars. pulls out the people inside. you can see that person clinging to her. >> look at her. >> she goes back in to pry the second person out of the car, as well. you can see how deep the waters are. watch how quickly that car just sinks right into the water. unbelievable how fast this whole thing happens. and you can see her go back for
3:45 am
the second driver. >> amazing work on her part. >> we've seen a lot of this, too. there's so many calls that come in. it's hard for emergency responders to get to people calling 911. so, we see video after video of regular people going in to help their fellow neighbors. >> it also doesn't help when people see water and say, i'm going to drive into that. >> yeah, shouldn't do that. >> we're going to continue to follow developments in texas. wanted to get to the other breaking news overnight. the north korean missile launch brings for a call for the united nations to get involved. >> yesterday, pyongyang fired a ballistic missile over japanese air space. it flew 1,700 miles before landing in the pacific ocean. the early morning launch led to panic in northern japan. prime minister abe is now calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. a terrible scene at a new mexico public library as a gunman opens fire, killing two and injuring four others.
3:46 am
a 16-year-old male is reportedly in custody. authorities say he surrendered immediately when confronted by the cops. many children were inside the library during that shooting. but they were not injured. no word on the condition of the victims or motive for the shooting. president trump has signed an executive order clearing the way for police departments to obtain military gear. like grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and armored vehicles. the order revives a program curtailed by president obama, following a police response to protesters in ferguson, missouri. civil rights groups says the military equipment inflames tensions. but trump argues it will boost safety. amazon celebrated the first day of owning whole foods by slashing prices. sol of those discounts were as high as 43%. >> wow. >> it's a big change for the upscale grocery chain, sometimes called whole paycheck because of its high prices. banana, salmon, avocados and almond butter are some of the groceries that are now cheaper. >> if you can cut it 40%, wasn't
3:47 am
it really, really high? >> the question is, will the quality continue if the prices are getting lower. former u.s. open champion maria sharapova has made a stylish return from a doping ban. she came dressed in black for her first action on the court for 15 months. her russian and her dress sparkled. she knocks off the second seed, simona halep in three sets. it was her first win in flushing meadows since 2015. a bit of a comeback for many people. not only sharapova, but shania twain opened up the festivities. ♪ that don't impress me much >> nothing but up. when we come back -- are you okay there? >> i'll work on it. >> we'll have more on a grassroots group, answering texans' call for help. >> they are using boats and
3:48 am
pickup trucks to bring trapped victims to safety. they're alled the cajun navy. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
3:49 am
3:50 am
well, as the flooding pounds america's fourth-largest city, the images are just heartbreaking. >> there are some bright spots of neighbors helping neighbors, as the massive rescue effort overwhelms first responders. we've seen victims brought to safety by boat, helicopter, dump trucks, even backhoes. everybody is using every resource they have. and ted oberg of our houston station, stopped to chat with one little girl who just made it to safety. >> what was it like? were you in that big truck? >> i was stuck in there. i couldn't even move. >> how tight was it? show me. it's okay. >> we were falling.
3:51 am
>> what was the ride like to get out of here? >> to stay there and hold on. >> how long had you been waiting for that truck to come by and get you? >> oh, like an hour. >> an hour. >> and it was raining the whole time. did you have some sort of shelter? were you in a house or anything when you were waiting? >> yeah. but in a gas station. >> a gas station. how many people were at the gas station, jamie? >> like millions. >> like millions. more than what's in your class? more than what's in the lunchroom at school or less? >> more. yeah, like more. >> lots of people. are you okay? >> yeah. >> are you cold? >> kind of. >> i'm cold. >> yeah. >> he's like, i'm cold. >> talk about being resilient. the kids seem so resilient in situations like this. yeah, i'm cold. >> it's great that many don't know how devastation the situation is. >> got a lucky little girl right there. we'll be right back.
3:52 am
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not so much on other teen things. heroes are beginning to emerge in texas, as thousands of people are being pulled to safety from floodwaters by professionals and volunteers. >> either way, many of them are calling them houston's heroes. tom llamas introduces us to some of them. >> reporter: just like the rain here, the devastating images and stories continue to pour in. a family on an air mattress. 10-year-old javon murphy running through chest-deep waters to check on a neighbor at his apartment complex. and rising from the floodwaters, the human spirit. two young children carried to safety in the arms of a sheriff's deputy. amidst the chaos and
3:56 am
destruction, images of kindness and strength. neighbor helping neighbor. lending a land and giving a hug. a reminder, there is something in all of us, a storm just can't break. >> on that note, one group that keeps coming up, is the grassroots group called the cajun navy. they came together after katrina in louisiana. they arrived in houston, with this miniarmada. high-clearance trucks, boats, canoes. they have done tons, made hundreds of rescues. and they're apparently using a walkie-talkie app to help locate rescuers and victims, as well. pretty cool. and snap maps are helping people locate them, as well. >> they moved in as if they knew what they were doing. many of the rescues they have done, using airboats.
3:57 am
all the guys just came in and went into neighborhoods and tried to pluck out folks. >> fortunate to have the experience they do. in this case, it's worked out they can put that towards good. >> want to give props to our station there in houston, ktrk. we have watched one of their reporters and now chauncey glover and many, many, many of their reporters who have dropped the microphone and helped out folks. this is chauncey glover who helped out a pregnant woman who was in labor in northeast houston. she was eventually transported to texas women's hospital. a lot of folks have been helping out, including members of the media. >> usually as a reporter, you try to become not part of the story. but chauncey was in the right place at the right time. >> he got paramedics to her and was in a van with her and kept telling her to take deep breaths. >> good luck to he
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, dramatic rescues overnight in texas. crews pulling thousands of people to safety using everything from dump trucks to front end loaders. as the situation gets more desperate, some have resorted to breaking into a school for food and shelter and several more inches of rain are expected this morning. harvey now setting its sights on new orleans on the 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina. the sandbagging starting overnight and the race to fix broken pumps around that city. also breaking right now an emergency meeting called after north korea launches a missile over japan sparking spannic on the ground. we're live in washington with the latest. a good


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