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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 9, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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crash. four perished two remain hospitalized at this hour after the collision at 5:00 p.m. there was a tragic irony after the two car collision in the area of sicklierville road in gloucester township. the driver of both cars lived on wilson road in winslow township. the driver 53-year-old richard mason was killed he was alone. there were five person in the blue cars the driver was killed with two others, two passengers are hospitalized in criticalt stable condition. most in the second cars were relatives. they are releasing little in the way of further information at this hour. >> it was a head-on collision i'm not able to release what vehicle crossed the road, there's no indication if texting was involved. >> reporter: alicia the police chief would not say how long or give a timetable on the length
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of the investigation but they say it is not complete yet at this point, they are not even sure that these two drivers knew ironically they both lived on wilson drive in winslow township. reporting live from gloucester township new jersey, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. early this morning an 84-year-old woman was struck by a car in a suspected dui crash in the fox chase section of philadelphia. a man parked his vehicle a short distancerom where the victim was hit on the 8,000 block of pine road. he returned to the scene and stated he thought he hit a deer. that's when he was taken into police custody. the victim is in critical condition. the victim was likely on her daily trip to the nearby dunkin' donuts that opens at 4:00 a.m. >> the red cross is helping a family in wynnfield that was forced out by fire.
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firefighters got the flames under control rather quickly. nobody was hurt in the fire. turning now to the accuweather forecast we're under an alert as the heavy rain continues to fall across the region. the good news is, the system, the remnants of hurricane nate will move out as the day goes on. karen rogers is at the "action news" big board with details. you know what they say about rainy days and monday. >> reporter: they always get you down right? storm tracker 6 live is showing you nate is up in new england. the remnants are in philadelphia. look at the drier air that's punching its way in. as you look in the city city it's drizzle. it's heavier along the coastline. we had a couple of hours of steady rain. in jenkintown and media it's drizzle. barely that in chadds ford and
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woodbury. you look in glassboro and ham haminton. in the area it's starting to push off the coast. satellite and radar showing this in motion right now. you can see how over the past 12 hours it moved in and out quickly the remnants of nate. in the poconos we had less answer an inch so far this morning. in reading .64. an millville .08. more north and west than south and east of the city. it feels horribly humid out there. 74 in reading. 72 in philadelphia. 75 dewpoint in millville. that's a new number. 73 in atlantic city. how does that feel? oppressive. it felt oppressive this morning
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it will stay that way tonight him we'll talk about the change coming up in the weather, and the temperatures are going up not down alicia, that's coming up in the seven day. >> a lot of people not complaining about that. thank you. thousands of americans are starting there week cleaning up after hurricane nate. the storm struck the gulf coast as a category one storm. it is the 4th hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. this year alone. many are worrying how fema and the trump administration can keep up with the natural disasters. >> reporter: nate made landfall as a powerful hurricane powerful enough to put this sailboat onshore. nate came in fast, slam into the gulf coast as a category one hurricane making landfall twice first in louisiana and the second time in biloxi, mississippi. heavy rain and storm surge
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battered the coast. flooding casinos in biloxi, mississippi. filling up parking lots with five feet of sea water. the cars left behind tossed like toys. churning up a water spout off the coast of alabama. the storm moved on and downgraded to a tropical depression bringing more rain and destructive tornado in the carolinas that. >> it's scary. he was trapped by the roof. >> reporter: nate is only the latest in the deadly string of hurricanes to hit u.s. this year. the head of fema saying it's been a challenge. 935% of the agency is deployed we're working hassive issues in harvey and irma and puerto rico and the islands now in one. some are criticizing fema and trump administration for not
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doing enough. >> we filtered out the mayor a long time ago we don't have time for the political noise. >> reporter: scenes like this are not that common along the gulf coast. the mayor in biloxi mississippi said the city prepared after katrina and they were prepared fortunate. in biloxi, maggie ruly, channel 6 "action news." >> an emergency meeting will be held tonight to address a mold problem at holly glen elementary school in government -- gloucester county. the school has a serious mold problem. they closed the school until is a decontamination is done. as a temporary fix 500 students were to go to three temporary classrooms community pitched in supplies whatever they needed to get teachers ready to go by this morning. lance to use the schools were canceled for an unknown reason. >> we're very confused we're
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not sure what's going on. we're hoping for the best news, but we don't know yet. >> the monroe township board of education is meeting at 7:00 p.m. at williams town high school. the eagles are 4-1 after pounding the visiting cardinals yesterday. second year quarterback carson wentz threw for 304 yards for a career high four touchdowns. he had three consecutive attempts in the first quarter alone. giants and cowboys lost giving the birds to that control of the nfc east. moments ago coach peterson said lane johnson is being treated for a concussion. >> he is in protocol. i'll get more information when players meet with the doctors. >> the eagles have a short week they are back on the field this thursday night away against the panthers. penn state is riding high
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following their big win over northwestern. the victory lions to number 3. alabama and clemson are one and two. a group of youngsters were treated to a special story time in north philadelphia. students and staff of tanner and duck ray school welcomed nelson agular he sat down and read green eggs and ham and asked what foods they didn't want to try at first. >> it was a bizarre scene captured on camera. why this manner was clinging to the front of the a moving school bus. the philly pops are performing star wars, karen rogers will have more on this performance. those stories and more coming up next.
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>> this is going to be the simplest thing you do. >> sarah michelle
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>> protesters in utah are questioning a deadly police shooting now that authorities released body cam footage of the incident.
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salt lake city police stopped patrick harmon didn't have a right light on his bicycle. he was shown running from officers. one officer fired killing him. police say he turned to face them with a knife. the district attorney called the use of debtedly force justified. -- deadly force justified. a maryland man faces charges for road rage incident. he was recorded clinging to a moving school bus. he jumped on the bumper after someone threw a bottle from the bus hitting his car. he demanded to be let on the bus, but the driver refused and the kept driving. that man is facing multiple charges. there's new fallout for movie mogul harvey weinstein was fired from his job at the film studio he founded over explosive
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sexual harassment allegations. >> reporter: four days after the bombshell report accused of sexually harassing women harvey weinstein is out of the job. the company said he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence. late sunday the remaining board members announced his termination saying it was due to new information about misconduct that emerge in the past few days the oust at her comes a week after the fallout from the new york times report of sexual harassment. three members of the board of directors by lisa bloom who tweeted she would be stepping down as weinstein's advisor a day after on her client crossed a >> this is textbooknt.
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yes. >> reporter: a news reporter weinstein accosted her years ago anded an obscene act. even president trump pictured with weinstein at a 2009 film premier weighing in. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time, i'm notee it. >> when a reporter compared his behavior with trump he made this distinction. >> he said they were inappropriate. that's locker room. >> reporter: lindsey davis abc news new york. >> new jersey's 6 day bear hunt started tote at sunrise. state parks and wildlife areas are open in 8 counties. the first three days are reserved for bow hunting and
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muzzle loaded guns are allowed the last three games. the annual hunts are a way to control the bear population.
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>> this is it is most memorable year night on "dancing with the stars." the remaining celebrities will share a time in their lives that left a lasting impression. plus one couple will be sent home based on votes from the september 25th and october 2 shows. the dancing gets underway at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> this is an exiting season for the show. >> reporter: it is i'm enjoying watching it right? >> we're singing in the rain today. >> reporter: don't rain on my parade. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see the heaviest rain that we've had is hugging the coastline. look at how the rain is breaking a part. i've got a closer view of this on storm tracker. media and chadds ford that's light, the darker green is hugging the coastline as the leftover of once tropical storm
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nate is leaving the area. let's go outside, we have drizzle on sky6 live hd. you see the gray skies we're stuck with through the afternoon hours. we'll have lingering showers through the afternoon now that we're kicking the steady rain out of here. the temperature is 75 degrees. the winds are out of the of the south at 20 miles per hour. as nate is racing out of here, the wind are picking up. the pressure is falling. the ocean temperature 71. i want to show you this we have new numbers with the wind gusts now a 32-mile an hour wind gust in atlantic city. 25 in cape may. 30-mile an hour in philadelphia, 22 in the poconos. 25 in lancaster. so the winds are kind of picking up remnants of nate kind of racing off to the north and east. it's leaving us in its wake, lots of clouds. it's muggy. you'll see morthere, not entir job. not like the morning the past few hours we had the steady
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rain. 3:00 p.m., this model showing showers still form. i think we'll see them far and few between. we'll be watching them in the arch. at any point you could see a shower. but not the steady rain. 11:00 p.m. tonight the clouds are breaking a part, so things improving for the nighttime hour. 11:00 we had an inch of rain in poconos. half inch in doylestown and a bit less in south jersey, .08 in millville that number will rise as the total come in. lingering showers stays warm and muggy, 7 degrees for the high. 2:00 p.m., 76. maybe another hour at 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., lots of clouds. clouds start to break this evening. in the overnight user it's humid. tomorrow morning you won't need coats.
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the overnight low. if you're sick of the humidity, i know a lot of you are todahee tomorrow afternoon manageable. the morning might be sticky, but the afternoon slightly humid but not oppressive at least. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, lingering showers on this columbus day 79 degrees for the high. tomorrow warmer and less humid dry tom cloudy, 75 with a shower around, thursday you could see a stray shower and a few clouds 70 degrees. the pattern changes a little bit by friday. it's a little b nicer, sunshine and and partly s 80 degrees for temple gam sunday,r. think about next weekend it will be mid october and the second weekend in a row where we are talking temperatures in the 80s where normally we would be 67 by this weekend. >> i have my flannel shirt ready for the apple picking and pumpkin picking. i'll wait until december. forget you can get
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see the and view the seven-day forecast at any t of the day. topping thethis week blade runner, 2049 as top honors. the $31.5 million in ticket sales. the movie cost 150 million to make. star wars fever is reaching new heights fans are getting a look at the last jedi the official trailer for 8th installment is happening tonight at half-time on chicago bears game. tickets go on sale after the football game ends. philly pops is kicking over a
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tribute to the new franchise which is our parent company disney. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it was 40 years ago that director george lucas had the mega hit star wars. philly pops will be live in concert with a full symphony orchestra. it's a star wars celebration and feature music from john williams. >> it will be a dynamic program. people will recognize all the music. >> reporter: it's an inter galactic journey nigh. movie from all the films including the imeerlg -- i march from darth vader's theme song. we expect darth vader to show up. we'll have storm troppers out
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there and other characters. the pops will be joined on stage by the 108 voice festival chorus but the experience starts before you walk into the concert hall. >> kids and family members can get their pictures taken with their favorite star wars character. >> reporter: the second half of the program will pay tribute to stephen spielburg. >> we'll be laying the theme from jaws and the march from the raiders of the lost ark. a perfect concert for the entire family. philly pops performs october 20th to the 22nd at verizon hall. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers.
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>> this always makes me laugh the 18th north american wife carrying championship in maine some of the couples were in over their heads especially when they reached the water pit. guys, you know what? you're done. one woman after another ended up getting dunked by the husband. jake and kristin from virginia are the champs. they received the top prize of 12 cases of beer and check for $600. i can't see it's a competition. >> you will need marriage counseling now. why did you drop me in the mud. storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see the steady rain we had this morning that's moving out of here, it's breaking up, a little bit of drizzle, showers left over, it will get drier and drier over the next few hours. overall this afternoon, clouds and breezy at times, as well.
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we could look for a passing shower but nothing like the steady rain we saw earlier this morning. the high today 79. it's humid >> coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.e have new deals we look at what you should buy in october and items that should left on the shopping list for black friday. beating the odds against breast cancer. we talk to people who are using drugs that cancer can't cure. we talk to patient who said the drugs are making a difference. for karen rogers, david murphy and sarah bloomquist, karen rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm alicia vitarelli. rain will clear up.
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