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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is now 5 o'clock on this tuesday october 10th. here's what we're following. >> we have new video from a police shooting in florida over the weekend that left a temple university student dead. police say she rammed her car into a crowd of people and hit a police officer. >> plus, a campus police officer in texas is shot and killed in his police station after a manhunt investigators have a freshman student in custody. >> and a fall fling with tropical conditions has to end at some point. accuweather tells you when autumn finally arrives and whether summer will be banging on the door again. >> it feels like mississippi outside. let's go on over to karen rogers who is in for dave murphy to tell us when it might -- the humidity will go away and matt pelman has your traffic. good morning. >> i feel like we've been saying when fall finally arrives for about a month and a half. >> we should just stop asking at this point because in the seven-day forecast summer returns. let's take a look right now at satellite and radar. we had a front that snuck
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through overnight and behind that front we have just partly cloudy skies. what it's doing, though, it's not bringing any cooler air, it's just going to help to drop the dewpoints a little bit so it's going to start to feel a little better. 71 degrees in philadelphia its 67 in reading, 72 this morning in atlantic city. so, as you look at the day ahead, it's warm, it's muggy. the dewpoints slowly decreasing here. by 7:00 a.m., 71 degrees. still feeling muggy. by lunchtime it starts to feel a little better, 78 degrees. at 3 o'clock, 83. that's your high today. at 5 o'clock, 82 degrees under partly cloudy skies and even at 7 o'clock at night, we're in the upper 70's so as you're dressing the kids, the summer tease will do it because temperatures this morning at the bus stop are going to be 68 and 72 degrees with partly cloudy skies. let's show you these dewpoints. they've been in the process of decreasing here in the overnight hours. you can see the lighter green. that's that northerly flow that's helping to drop them as it moves through. so 67 degrees.
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it's still really sticky in reading. 65 in philadelphia. so it's already dropped a couple degrees from yesterday. 70 though in millville. 73 in cape may. so, by the afternoon, the humidity feels much more bearable but still noticeable, matt. we'll talk about summer returning again in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> so, we like that northerly flow. >> yes. >> yes, bring that on. good morning, karen, good morning, everybody. we also like when overnight construction clears out. and that has happened in a bunch of spots this morning like here on the schuylkill westbound side as you head toward 30th street, they've reopened both lanes. they were out here as advertised last night but they're not here anymore. they will return tonight at 9:00 and then close it again completely at 11:00. another zone on the schuylkill eastbound side between conshohocken and belmont has cleared and zones on 95 by the betsy ross bridge and by 320 in chester have also cleared out of the way. but we're watching a crash and reported vehicle fire this morning on the northeast extension. it's the southbound direction the way most of you come in
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the morning approaching lansdale. emergency crews are responding. watch out for restrictions there. this is 95 in bucks county. we had some work that just wrapped up a little bit ago here in the northbound lanes north of route one. both lanes back in business in both directions and this morning is the morning we're really getting used to the new 95 restriction in delaware northbound side over tali road. we'll talk more about that, matt, coming up in just a bit. >> see you then. questions remain boutique death of a temple university student killed while on vacation. witnesses say she was driving erratically ramming her car into a crowd of people and hitting a police officer. katherine scott is live following these latest details. >> reporter: matt, that's right. police say temple student struck several vehicles and a police officer before a different officer opened fire. right now an outside agency is investigating whether the shooting was in line with department policy.
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witness captured the chaos on their cell phones sunday evening in miami beach. right after authorities say 22-year-old temple student carrian hithon ran over a police officer. >> started the car and ran away like on top of -- like going over the policeman. >> reporter: the transfer student from maryland had been in florida celebrating her 22nd birthday. witnesses say she appeared intoxicated. police initially responded to a report of several car accidents. they say hithon had been behind the wheel of her black bmw passing cars in the oncoming lane and striking two vehicles at an intersection. police then say hithon continued running a red light and hitting a third vehicle just after 6:15 p.m. police say witnesses and officers began to gather to help the victims and that's when hithon drove into a crowd hitting an officer with her car. >> and at that point the other police -- the other cop
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started shooting and i heard like shots, like four or five shots,. >> reporter: hithon crashed into an suv. the officer was taken to a nearby hospital. >> i know he lost consciousness at the scene for a period of time. he is now at the hospital. he is stable and alert. >> reporter: meanwhile temple university released this statement. we're saddened to just be learning of the death of carry an hithon and as we gather more information we send our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. there was a passenger in that bmw who was not injured. it's unclear how the two knew each other. we're live from the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> katherine thank you for that. and it's not a normal school week for hundreds of families in parts of south jersey. they have to figure out what their children are going to do all day since they won't be going to school. a stressful situation that's going to last at least until the end of this week. that's because of an ongoing mold investigation. the six monroe township schools will be inspected in the coming days. last week officials closed
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holly glen elementary school and then on friday, reports surfaced that there were moldy ceiling tiles in williamstown middle school. coming up in the next half hour we'll have more reaction from parents who really voiced their frustrations with the district last night. and a former teacher in the lehigh valley has pleaded guilty to sending explicit snapchat messages to students. he was a teacher at while haul high school. yesterday while in court he pleaded good the to corruption of minors. investigators say he and a female student were in contact through social media for more than a year. he redesigned february. his sentencing is set for september. >> a murder suspect has been arrested eight months after a community activist in west philadelphia was shot and killed. nelson giddings is charge with the murder of 65-year-old winnie harris. investigators sai giddings broke into her home on north holly street back in february and killed her in her second floor bedroom. giddings is also charged with robbery and burglary. he has 15 prior arrests.
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delaware state police have arrested 21-year-old tyler nepa of wilmington saying he pointed a gun during a road rage incident over the weekend. it happened along i-495 near hessler boulevard on saturday afternoon. troopers say nepa tailgated a 20-year-old driver and her 17-year-old sister was in the passenger seat, then pulled alongside them and pointed a gun. no shots were fired. >> ♪ >> it is 5:07. happening today, pennsylvania residents have until midnight to register to vote in the upcoming election. in philadelphia the ballot for the november 7th election includes candidates for district attorney, city controller and several court seats. you can find your voter registration application online or go to your local voter registration office. >> karen, i feel like you might have turned up the humidity level just a tiny bit too much today. >> would you like me to adjust it for you? >> yes. >> yeah, me, too. >> if you get a chance. >> you know, i'm not busy. i'll do it right now. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double
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scan. we are dry through the region and, yes, the dewpoints are going to drop through the day association you're -- so, you're in luck. looking live over the commodore barry bridge and we just have a few clouds up above. it's not too bad out there. it's warm, though and it's still muggy. 71 degrees the current temperature. the dewpoint dropped a little bit from yesterday. it's 65. it will continue to decrease through the day. the winds out of the north. it's the northerly air that's bringing in the drier air mass that's going to help to make it feel a little better even though temperatures are going to be on the rise today. the pressure is rising with high pressure building in and the ocean temperature is 71. here's satellite and radar. we had a weak front that moved through and behind it we have a northerly flow and that's what's going to allow those temperatures to drop. we see some clouds building in from the south and west so we're going to see some cloud cover mixing with the sun today, even more clouds tomorrow. saturday's high was 84. sunday's was 81. monday's was 81. we're going up from here, staying in the 80's today. the normal high 69. so that will be four straight days in the 80's here in
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october. 83 for your high. it's warm and certainly muggy to start. at 8:00 a.m., 71. you'll have some pretty bright sunshine to start you off, a bit more cloud cover mixing in through the day, though. at 10:00 a.m., 74. at lunchtime the upper 70's. at 3 o'clock partly sunny skies, 83 degrees. and at 6 o'clock, 79 degrees coming down from your high of 83. tomorrow even more cloud cover and that's because we're tracking this area of low pressure that moves right in and brings some showers with it as well so wednesday night and thursday, we get a little bit wet once again. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day. today 83 degrees. so, yes, it is warm. it is gradually turning less humid, won't be quite so oppressive by the afternoon. tomorrow is not as warm. we drop down to 75 degrees. it quickly clouds up with a few showers late in the day wednesday into thursday morning. thursday we're back to reality. we have highs just in the upper 60's. we haven't seen that in awhile. a good amount of cloud cover, though, with an easterly flow and then on friday, the flow
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changes, it's out of the west, it's nicer with a mix of sun and clouds, 71. the weekend's really warming up. on saturday warmer, more humid once again. so you don't get much of a break with the humidity, 80 degrees. by sunday, we look to be 15 degrees above average, kind of similar to last weekend, 82 degrees for your high with sunshine and clouds. monday we cloud up again, mostly cloudy skies, 76. you know, it's no the -- not just we're unseasonably warm we rarely see this kind of tropical air mass that we have lately. >> usually it's crisp and dry out there. >> not happening. >> thank you, karen. 5:10. a campus police officer is shot and killed at texas tech university and police say a student is in custody. >> also, more hollywood heavy weights are speaking up about harvey weinstein. fire from his own production company over sexual harassment allegations. >> and a bus rolls over on a busy highway overseas and hardly anyone is hurt.
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matt. >> that's good i guess. good morning, to you matt. we're live here in king of prussia along the schuylkill expressway right at 202. eastbound work here overnight but the crews have packed up and gone home. we're see if they're gone from 422. they're going to close all lanes later today. a warning for you when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here, the view out across philadelphia international airport. it is right now 5:13, 71 degrees and quite humid and muggy out there this morning.
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>> it's going to ease later on today. >> yeah. >> what you got on the northeast extension, matt? >> ooh, we got a problem its an accident, sounds like a pretty serious one, also reports of a vehicle fire with this crash, matt and tam, so restrictions out here as you travel southbound approaching lansdale. that would normally be a busy spot in the morning so this morning with that crash and possible vehicle fire, it's going to be extra busy. you might want to come down 309 southbound instead of the southbound side of 476, the nex but of course we'll keep you posted. on the east-west turnpike only one construction zone left, it's a westbound one in chester county right around downingtown but the right lane and shoulder are out there. so, be aware of that. at this point, though, there are no big delays. it's camera time along 422 here by route 23 valley forge, the casino. westbound lanes right here and all the overnight construction is gone so we're good in both directions. but more work will resume at 7 o'clock this morning on the westbound side between sanatoga and 724.
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and then at 9:00 tonight, and they've been doing this occasionally over the last couple weeks, they're going to completely close 422 in pottstown at route 100 overnight construction, should be opened by 5:00 tomorrow morning but 422 westbound will close overnight tonight starting at in inclock. 724 a good alternate at that point. we had a one-day reprieve on this new work zone in delaware because of the rain yesterday but this morning get ready, it's just one lane that's going to be opened along 95 northbound over tali road over 202 the concorde pike. expecting big delays starting with this morning's commute. i would stay on 495 instead. there's work now but that should be gone before too long. matt. >> thanks, matt. developing this morning a student at texas tech university is in custody accused of shooting and killing a campus police officer. the university in lubbock was on lockdown for more than an hour late last night after the police officer was shot at campus police headquarters.
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police say they have responded to a welfare check of hollis daniels, the student earlier in the day. when they were inside daniels' room, they say they found drugs which prompted them to take him into custody. >> they brought the student down to texas tech police were -- to the police station and had a debriefing which is normal procedure. sometime during that debriefing the student pulled a gun and fatally wounded one of the officers. >> police say daniels then ran from police headquarters but was captured on campus. classes at texas tech are expected to go on today as scheduled. newly released surveillance video may renew the debate over whether buses should have seat belts. video shows a.m. white car crashing into the bus in southeastern china earlier this month. the impact then causes the bus to lose control and land on its side. most of the passengers were wearing belts. only one person suffered a minor injury. >> first lady melania trump's
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officers has fired back at you president trump's first ex-wife ivan in a. it comes after ivan in a boasted about her access to the white house even referring to herself as the real first lady. she made the comments on "good morning america" yesterday. in a rare move melania trump's office responded releasing this statement mrs. trump has made the white house a home for baron and the president. she lovers living in washington, d.c. and is honored by her role as first lady of united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. that last bit was a swipe at ivana. jamel hill suspended by the network. hill received criticism after referring to donald trump as a white supremacist in a set of tweets. in a set of tweets hill targeted jerry jones after jones said players who did not stand for the national anthem would not be allowed to play in the game. hill tweeted the fans who
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disagree with jones should target the team's advertisers and not buy the team's merchandise. espn has suspended hill for two weeks for violating the social media guidelines. >> espn reports said joel embiid who has yet to be cleared to play basketball has agreed to a mega contract with the sixers. it's worth $148 million and offers incentives if he wins awards like league m.v.p. embiid's rookie contract was set to expire at the end of this season. >> ♪
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>> it was like a scene from that goldilocks but from inside a pizza shop in colorado. surveillance video captured three bears breaking into the pizzeria in estes park rummaging through the ingredients. eventually they settled on not porridge but dough and salami. the owners say the bears
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ripped a window out of the drive through to get inside. now, dumpsters in the rocky mountains community are typically made bear proof which is why the owner thinks the bears simply said we're breaking in. >> they said this pizza is just right. [laughter] >> fine choice. i think porridge is overrated. >> yes, i agree. >> enjoy your porridge if you're having it. we'll head outside in cherry hill route 70 at kings highway not seeing any construction here. they should be over by 295 until 6 o'clock but right here everything is opened. we still have work going on in mercer county. it's 95 both ways between the scudder falls bridge and 579, bear tavern road. one lane out of commission in both directions for the next 40 minutes or so and mass transit aside from one delay on the airport line we're good to go on this tuesday morning. karen. >> warm out there once again this morning. 66 in reading. it's 71 in philadelphia and 70 degrees in millville. right now the dewpoints mostly in the mid 60's so it's still feeling humid.
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now, of course, it was oppressive yesterday. dewpoints will that continue to drop. it will be more comfortable by the afternoon hours. your high today 83 degrees. this is our fourth straight day into the 80's. even though normally we would be in the upper 60's so not happening today. today we're keeping that summer time feeling, tam. >> thank you, karen. well, in health check you may want to add a banana or avocado to your breakfast this morning. if you're carrying a few more pounds than you would like it's a good call. new research shows foods like these have a higher amount of potassium which can lower the risk of heart disease. researchers at the university of alabama birmingham found that an overweight mice the more potassium in the diet the less likely they were to have hardened arteries. the findings could pave the way for new supplement suppleme. >> sylvester stallone ready for round two. hear about the big announcement the actor made for creed two checks in the morning buzz. >> a warning for parents if
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your kids commit a crime you could be the one doing the time in one town. the new push to end bullying coming up at 5:30 but first up here's "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma"'s first look hollywood heavy weights speaking out against harvey weinstein and those bombshell allegations of sexual harassment. george clooney tells the daily beast weinstein's actions were indefensible. >> i just want to thank my agent kevin and god harvey weinstein. [laughter] >> in a statement she's now calling the women who have spoken up here rows and claiming she had no idea about weinstein's alleged behavior writing if everybody knew, i don't believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it. >> some outlets may have been somewhat complicit in keeping this out of the news. i think those days are over. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll talk live with the new york times reporter who broke the story. with your "gma" first look,
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i'm diane macedo, abc news, new york ♪
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>> time now for the morning buzz. if you like the first creed and i really did here's some good news, you can cue the rocky music. sylvester stallone ready for a rematch. he announced he'll direct and
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produce creed two as a sequel to the 2015 boxing drama starring stallone and michael b. jordan. the rocky spinoff is that expected to start filming soon possibly even here in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> a new trailer for "star wars" "the last jedi" has finally arrived. it aired during monday night football's halftime show on espn. "the last jedi" is the eighth installment in the main "star wars" saga series. there's just one more movie after this one. it hits theaters on december 15th. tickets are on sale. disney of course is the parent company of 6abc. matt. >> pretty exciting. thank you tam. still to come the young local eagles fan who aims to teach quarterback cam newton a valuable lesson. we're following developing news in california where wildfires are causing death
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and destroying homes. angry parents make sure their frustrations are heard over mold problems plaguing a south jersey school district. "action news" continues. >> ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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. >> this is deplorable. >> now on "action news" parents pack an emergency meeting to vent their frustration for the district wide health hazard that has canceled classes for at least a week. >> developing overnight relentless wildfires ravage wineries and entire neighborhoods in northern california. >> happening tonight it's the first debate in the race for new jersey governor and 6abc is proud to be playing a major role. >> good morning everyone. 5:30 on this tuesday october 10th. david is off, karen and matt are here and sticky out there again, hm. >> yeah, my air conditioner is like this is when i'm normally on vacation. what's going on here. >> it's been so humid but the humidity is in the process of changing. >> okay. >> let's take a look right now at satellite and radar. we have front that moved through in the overnight hours and behind


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