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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon i'm alicia vitarelli in the news out of
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control wild fires in california are still burning homes to the ground. and new charges filed against the philadelphia drive their hit an 84-year-old woman with his car. but the big story is a septa worker shop about the a man that tried to rob him. the victim was headed to work when at tacker demanded his belongings and opened fire. katherine scott is live at the crime scene for us along ridge avenue in strawberry mansion. >> reporter: alicia, the victim say bus drive with septa for 11 years and operates out of the midvail depot. he was going to catch a bus when a robber confronted him. >> detectives were back on the scene in strawberry mansion earlier a septa bus driver was shot on his way to work and they believe that robbery was the
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motive. >> we shouldn't feel afraid in our own area. >> the victim was walking to a nearby bus depots and was approached and ridge avenue. the victim heard two gunshots and was hit in the leg and fell to the ground. >> very, very thankful to a good samaritan that happened to be driving by and took him to the hospital right away, i really want to reach out and thank that person personally for the assistance in this matter. >> the suspect believed to be in the 20s or 30s wore a black hooded sweater shirt. fortunately the operator is in stable condition at christiana hospital. both septa and philly police are working on the situation when are glad that the operator looks to be okay. >> and back here live on the scene a couple of detectives just rounded the corner there,
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among the things searching for surveillance footage and there are a number of cameras but is there any that has a trips of the gunman or could help in the investigation. channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. this afternoon we learn more about the final moments before police shot and killed a temple university student who was in vacation at miami beach. bystanders captured the chaos on their cell phones, carrie ann was fatally shot after driving her bmw in several vehicles. and they say it played out like a movie scene with people running and screaming and the sound of crashing cars all within a minute. hipin's father is retired navy captain. he says he has so many questions. >> emotions are sky high how could they have done that? but not knowing the truth, i had
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to calm my spirit and understand and not quick to judge. >> an outside agency is investigating if the the shooting was inline with department policy. now to the the latest on the devastating and deadly wild fires sweeping through northern california. at least 11 people are killed so far and more than 1500 buildings have burned to the ground. here is the latest from one of the hardest hit areas in santa rosa. >> this is what many people will return home too. their homes levelings and their cars destroyed like the ones in this mobile home park. >> holy cow. >> for many there was no time -- >> this is insane. >> some 20,000 people forced to leave their homes and businesses. >> it's like something out of a movie. >> and wild fires consuming more than 90,000 acres more than a dozen unstoppable wild fires are
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spanning eight counties 1500 residents and businesses destroyed. >> it's so sad. so sad. >> in santa rosa entire neighborhoods unrecognizable. homes burned to their foundations. >> chris pond overwhelmed with grief sifting through the ashes of her home looking for the most valuable possessions. >> i need my wedding ring. >> the wild fires are spreading across california. the flames engulfing homes and charring 7,000 acres and snapping power lines and forcing people to flee. it go to the point where the flames were tall 40 to 60 feet and we could feel the heat and we decided to leave. >> smoke seen at nearby angel stadium in disneyland. >> and they have received dozens of calls to the missing person hot line and they hope that those were people that could not
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contact family and friends before evacuating. channel 6 "action news." this afternoon new charges are filed against the driver accused of hitting an 84-year-old woman with his car. the victim remains in critical condition after she was struck early yesterday morning on pine road in the fox chase section of philadelphia. 24-year-old joseph bradley jr. was behind the wheel and facing aggravated assault while driving under the influence. every school in the monroe township district is shut down now for the rest of the week because a major mold problem. it has first discovered at holly glen elementary and now inspecting the other building for issues and parents are scrambling to find alternate care for their children. we'll have reaction in the next half hour. turning to accuweather, it's still unusually warm to say the least for october but at least turning less humid today.
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taking i live outside side the view from the ben franklin bridge. melissa magee is in the weather center with a first check of your forecast. >> a better start today than yesterday. another picture outside sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline. clouds and pockets of sunshine and the human begins to lower through the rest of today and in fact, some improvement when you look at the dew point temperatures earlier today in philadelphia dew points in the 70s and now lower 60s along the i-95 corridor. and fair amount of moisture in south jersey and delaware. on wednesday, still staying relatively low and by thursday dew point temperatures even on friday will be in the upper 50s so some improvement on the way. these temperatures still above average, right now in philadelphia 78 degrees, typically we should be close
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toward 69 for a daytime high. already above that. 65 in the poconos and cape may 78 and dover coming in at 77. satellite 6 along with action radar showing some sunshine and a few high thin clouds starting to move across the region and the wet weather is off to the south and west. that stays away from the region for the rest of today. it's all about the numbers, future tracker 6 showing you at 3:00 this afternoon most locations above average in the upper 70s and lower 80s. we look at the weather headlines still warm and the humidity will lower and we can't break the summer feeling and temperatures stay below and above average as we go throughout the rest of the week. more details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> i am waiting to go pumpkin picking i'll have to do it in flip-flops. temple university is reviving a proposal to build a football stadium on the north philadelphia campus. board members are expected to
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discuss it at their meeting today. and protesters will be on hand they say that a stadium will displace low almost residents living in the area. and they tabled the idea last year when the school president was dismissed. they will decide what is best for the campus and surrounding neighborhood. new jersey residents head to the polls to decide. jim gardner is one moderator for the debate for democrat, phil murphy and kim guadagno. what do you want to hear from the candidates, send your questions to hasht#6abcaction. and watch the debate here on 6 abc, because of tonight's debate jeopardy and "wheel of fortune" move to 1:05 a.m. after night line. still to come president trump is suggesting new consequences tore
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those that protest during the national anthem. and one town has a big new law. and the anti-bullying measure ta has the pressure and punishment squarely on the adult. and melissa magee with your exclusive accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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texas attorney ken paxton will travel to team tech following the shooting of a campus police officer. as the case against 19-year-old hollis daniels moves forward. the officer found drugs in daniels room when he went to check on him last night. but when they took daniels to the campus police station the teen allegedly pulled a gun and shot the officer in the head. there is a wrinkle in the mass shooting, the sheriff is working with an adjusted timeline. he says that the gunman shot a security guard in the hallway on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel of minutes before opening fire on the concert goers and the guard was responding to the report of an open door and heard drilling in his room.
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president trump is suggesting changing tax laws in the wake of the nfl players sitting or kneeling during the nation an anthem. he tweeted saying why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, flag and country. it's unlikely this will change anything. having given up the exception a few years ago. and if a child misbehaves parents can now face punishment and even jail time. and she says her son was ruthlessly attacked by a classmate right in front of her. she turned her heart ache into a law that extends to punishment to the parents. >> watching your child harmed in front of you is a terrible thing. >> the judge could give a fine of up to $250 or 15 days in
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jail. it's a steep penalty that one says go too far. one mom commented. you can't make parents parent their kids. and the superintendant says they hope they never to to use the law but it's there just in case to keep everyone accountable. why joe biden is heading to bucks curb today. and a mile for the is he-year-old girl, the heart wrenching moment she finds out she is being adopted. eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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americans are expected to open their wallets and spend more during the season and the retail federation believes that consumers will shell out 33% more than last year. and there is still one big unknown this year, how the impacts of harvey and irma affect sale as long the gulf coast and florida. those that are still rebuilting have to limit their shopping and stores that were damaged in the storms may not reopen in time for the holidays. and a new study suggests adding more potassium to your diet. lowering the risk of hardened arteries in overweight mice they hope that it will pave the way for new treatments to protect against fat building in arteries. former vice president, joe biden, is headed to bucks county and expected to afound a new partnership between the beau
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biden foundation and health. they are teaming up for proper training to recognize and react properly to child sex abuse, it's expected to happen in warminster. >> the "action news" team is out working on stories for today at 4:00. you'll hear about school safety a mom that suffered a loss and the important lessons learned from the sandy hook tragedy. and beating the odds against breast cancer, we introduce you to two women trying to change the insurance industry to cover a product essential for living a normal life. and sky 6 hd taking a live look at the beach in cape may new jersey. it may be october. you see that, there are chairs there in the sand. people taking advantage of this warm weather.
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elementary students are welcoming their school by leaving something for the future. cramer staff and students bury aid time capsule this morning it will open up in 2024 when the returned kindergartners will graduate from college. it's always cool to see what we left behind. we did one in the eighth grade and there is probably like a beeper or a pager. a quarter for a pay phone. >> any way, we'll show you what is going on our weather looking fly now, we'll show you the pictures. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see it's dry and no issues with precipitation after a wet start on monday.
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we'll should you the picture outside and the acts cam was outside earlier today flying high above the sky looking from philadelphia international airport as we watch the plane make their landing safely into phl and as the folks get off the plane they deal with comfortable conditions especially as the humidity lowers into the evening hours. 77 in lancaster and 65 in the poconos and 81 for wilmington and dover and millville and atlantic city 80. up in beach haven 77. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got sunshine and a few clouds moving across the region and we are staying dry today after a pretty wet start today. look off to the south and west and we are tracking wet warren and a disturbance coming out of the ohio valley and tennessee valley as well. the moisture works its way into the middle half of the work week
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and staying unsettle wednesday into the first half of the day as well. the setup for tuesday. we track the front that dips to the south, and the humidity starts to lower, into the rest of the afternoon hours and the dew point temperatures in the 70s. oppressive when you woke up this morning. now it's starting to lower into the lower 60s there. stay ago above average with a high temperature today in at 83. an area of low pressure, a disturbance that is coming on through. we get into wednesday, tomorrow a high temperature of 75 degrees and quickly clouds over and tracking the showers. and we get into the afternoon. future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and giving way to a fair amount of cloud cover, that disturbance coming on through, and a west-east direction. and dealing with the showers, on and off throughout the area, and
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stays unsettled as we get into our thursday. >> the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you it's turning less humid today and still above average, we should be closer to 69 for a daytime high the high coming in at 83. it's not as warm with a high temperature of 79 and we are tracking the showers especially by wednesday afternoon. thursday still cool a high temperature of 68 and showers likely for the first half of the day. feeling cool with an easterly wind. on friday it's nicer by afternoon and sunshine and clouds and high temperature of 71. and warmer by saturday, turning more humid up to 80. by sunday with a high temperature of 82. partly sunny to partly cloudy with a high coming in at 76 degrees. we are dry and lower humidity and wednesday and thursday tracking the unsettled weather.
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>> it feels like sun. and the shore towns are coming to enjoy the beaches. i'll make that an iced pumpkin spiced latte for now. dozens of top executives are taking part in a run to help the homeless. the action cam was in society hill raising money for the nonprofit back on my feet. offering education be job training and housing for those looking to make a fresh start. great cause. there is more ahead on the next half hour, the chicago cubs are battling more than the washington nationals in the playoffs the fan is suing a team after being hit by a foul ball at wrigley field. and a man is rescued after being stranded for 17 hours in the long island sound.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again. here are the stories we are following for you. an entire school district is shut down as crews begin inspecting the classrooms for mold. and we have the latest from concerned parents.
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and authorities have drastically changed the timeline for the mass shooting and describing the gunman's actions before the cam rampage. >> and now the details -- parents and students in one gloucester county school district found out late last night that the school is canceled for the rest of the week. jeanette reyes spoke to concerned parents and students in monroe township, new jersey. >> they were on their way to school unaware that it, and other township schools will be closed for the rest of of the week. >> you are just now finding this out? >> yes, just now. >> the hustle and bustle of parents dropping off their little ones were replaced by consultants for mold removal. and they say they are at the beginning of what could be a lengthy process. one is testing the air quality
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in each school. >> that is ridiculous, people have to work and other things and i have to make arrangements for him to have a babysittebaby >> over at this complex, children playing and riding bikes it felt like summer vacation. >> i'm not excited. we had testing during this weeks that we had to worry about. and we can't do our testing and our spirit weekend and blood drive is completely canceled. >> kayla is worried about missing weeks of school during an important school year, she is a senior. >> we need to get our days in and out more than this weeks that say problem. >> we reached out to the the school district for a timeline several times but we do know that the test ago loan could take at least a week.


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