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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this noon. more people are are ordered to leave their homes as a deadly wild fire continues to grow in northern california. and police in philadelphia are looking for the gunman that shot three people including an innocent bystanders. >> but the big story is the breaking news of the president of the radnor township board of commissioners is under arrest facing child pornography charges. phill phillip r. is under investigation and today he turned hipself in. chad pradelli is live now. >> reporter: the da says that some of the images found on phil r.'s computer involved infants. and at 1:00 p.m. he turns himself in. and they found pornography that
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are up loaded and shared child pornography. detectives searched his home and found that are is using a yahoo! message account to exchange child porn it was mainly comprised of girls under the age of 10 but also infant and toddlers and some cases involving animals. court records say that he told court that he knew the images were illegal and don't know how i could say otherwise. arrrr hr . so far we have not heard back from the board of commissioners. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news there are major traffic delays in delaware at this hour.
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as part of route is that remains shut down after this crash. police say that this tanker overturned causing the cab to separate from the rest of the truck. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in townsend where it crosses over route 13. police closed the road in both directions as the truck began leaking fuel and then got the driver out and they air-lifted the driver to the hospital. crews are on the scene now trying to contain the leak. stay with "action news" for updates on air and online at authorities are telling more residents to flee their homes as a deadly wild fire continues to tear through california's wine country. one of several blazes burning across the state killing 17 people and destroying 2,000 buildings. here is the lightest from santa rosa. >> reporter: for many residents here in santa rosa they are
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finding this. their homes and cars and everything destroyed and the number of those affected is only expected to get worse. >> firefighters are up against one of the most destructive and deadly outbreak of wild fires from the ground and air assault from above a race against time and resources. >> it's one of the worst disasters in california history. at least 22 fires are burning across the state and we see what it's like for the first firefighters that responded. battling against a wall of flames as they rapidly approach the sonoma county. >> knew you were out of here. >> the blaze ripping through entire neighborhoods charring up 175,000 acres and forcing thousands to evacuate. >> it was a mad dash. it was chaos. >> at least 180 people are missing in sonoma county and officials confirmed multiple
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deaths across the state. >> it's with sorrow we have confirmed two fatalities charles and sara rippy, ages -- they were together at least 75 years. and homes and businesses decimated. >> everybody i have known and grew up with everybody's house is gone. absolutely nuts. >> wineries and hotels burnt to the ground. and in santa rosa residents returning found nothing. >> firefighters are starting to get the upper hand but dry air and high winds are expected to return and red flag warnings return this afternoon and that means it could be more devastation for this community. >> the crews on the front lines of the fires are not getting any relief from the dry and windy weather. lets get the latest on the conditions out west from meteorologist, david murphy. >> take a look now no rain on
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radar and satellite shows you cloud could have coming in north of san francisco but sunshine is trying to bake through that hazy sky cover created by the immense amount of smoke in the california skies. rain will really help but this is not just today or tomorrow but the next seven days. the rain is up to the north but stopping before the fire zone. and you just heard there are increasing winds dropping down out of the northern and coming down over the santa ana mountains and it tends to dry the air and making it more conducive for fires. obviously they are doing a lot of tough work fighting these things but not getting help from the weather. here on the east coast showers but not the kind that would help firefighters all that much. if there were that sort of problem, but nuisance sprinkles
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and showers, and storm tracker shows this to you. it's spotty all morning long. every now and then you get green on the radar and light nuisance precipitation for the most part and drizzle where you see the green and dealing with off and on through the afternoon and evening as well. we have temperatures starting to get mild. 74 in wilmington and 76 in millville and 69 in cape may. as we go through the day the high temperature is right about where we are sitting now. and by 1:00 and 2:00 we dip down to 74 and 6:00 back into the 60s and mostly cloudy with the potential for a pop-up shower or sprinkle any time. we are look agent a dip in temperatures and yet another spike in the numbers for the coming weekend i'll have that coming up in the seven day. >> all right david, thank you. this reminder keep up with changes to the forecast any time on your phone or tablet. that includes real time views from storm tracker 6. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device.
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a death investigation is underway in bear, delaware, police found the bodies of a man and woman last night inside of the waterford mobile home community on vincent lane. investigators were called to the scene to collect evidence. police are not releasing any other information right now. we have new information about an incident at coatesville high school. officials released a statement today about a dark skinned baby doll found hanging by a necktie inside of a locker room. the district superintendant says that members of the cross country team first found the team during a meet last month. they say they hung the doll as a foolish branch and did not mean to cause racial intimidation but they plan to discipline any student found to be involved. three people are recovering from a triple shooting in the point breeze section of philadelphia. is broke out on the 1900 block,
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and officers found two victims on the scene and a third a 64-year-old man who says he was an innocent bystander was able to get to the hospital on his own. they are looking now for two possible suspects. new video shows a man robbing a business at gun point. the man walked into the mini market on fells avenue and began demanding money and pointed his gone at the 41-year-old woman working behind the register and got away with about $200. if you recognize the man contact philadelphia police. today president trump is coming to pennsylvania, he will speak in fronts of about 1,000 invites guests at the harrisburg air national guard base. to focus on how the tax plan will help the middle class. and we'll have more in a live report in our next half hour. the candidates for governor of new jersey faced off if their
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first debate in an event seen life on 6 abc. our own jim gardner was a moderator between kim guadagno and phil murphy. they went head to head in newark covering topics from marijuana to immigration to property taxes. guadagno says that murphy's plan to fully fund schools will cost people. >> we need to provide tax release and do it now. >> choices are made by governor christie and the lieutenant governor every step of the way and chose to give out tax incentives for large corpses in our state for over $8 billion, all of that came at the expense of the middle class. >> if you haven't yet registered to vote in the election you have until next tuesday, october 17th
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no sign up. and a fallout for a movie executive mogul. new accusers come forward. >> and after a year of living in a philadelphia church to avoid deportation, this father leaves his sanctuary. why he was able to walk out. and david murphy has the seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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mgm resorts inter nagal the company that owns the mandalay hotel. the latest timeline the police releases about the events may not be entirely accurate but the company didn't elaborate. the gunman stephan paddock stopped firing at the crowd to shoot a security guard and they say that the guard was shot before paddock started the massacre. and the u.s. military flew two supersonic bombers over the peninsula. there are also reports that north korean hackers may have stolen war plans from south korean. including a joint effort with the u.s. on how to kill kim jong
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un and the pentagon has not confirmed the details. the down fall of movie mogul harvey winestein. first he lost his job and now his wife is leaving him. georgina chapman she is leaving the producer. this as angelina jolie made accusations. and he is in counseling and hoping for a second chance. the duchess of cambridge made her first appearance in weeks she is suffering from severe morning sickness. and she was back in the smot light for mental health awareness. the former kate middleton are expected their third child. pope francis reached a social media milestone. the pontiff has 40 million followers on his official
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twitter account. he joined the platform nearly five years ago. his twitter can be accessed in nine languages. pope francis uses his daily tweets to offer spiritual thoughts. coming up on "action news" at noon, find out who is going on a hiring spree through new jersey today. and doctors are cautioning against common treatments for acid reflux next.
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the aldi grocery store chain is going on a hiring spree in new jersey. they want to fill 250 positions and accepting applications until 6:00 this evening at each new jersey location. that includes the store on the white horse pike in collingswood. from store associate to manager trainee and opportunities to become a store manager. >> this health check this noon, a new study tests drugs to keep infants from spitting up. the journal of the american medical association says that the drugs don't control the symptoms and there are concerns that giving the drugs to babies under the able of 6 months could age the risk of bone fractures in adulthood. women having trouble getting
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pregnant pay attention to results of tests like hormone levels that predict their egg count but researchers say they could be misleading and cause women to lose hope. and that the the high follicle stimulat may not be significantly tied to reduce fertility at all. they studiyed women friend the ables of 30 and 44. and now lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: an interesting story ahead at 4:00, if you or someone you know gets a lot of nick knacks and things and has a lot of stuff around the house you'll want to hear about this. we are talking about simplifying your life by imagining your own death. that is the theory behind a new declutter trend called swedish death cleaning. we'll tell you about it. this is either the best
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prank ever or the absolute worst. who rigd this 3800 foot high bridge to look like it's cracking with every step. if you are afraid of heights come on now. we'll have the stories tonight at 4:00. >> i'm not going there. >> i have to clean out my closet. or i'll die. >> accuweather is coming up. >> okay. eligible for medicare?
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any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. meteorologist, david murphy, is here now and cooler temperatures because of of the precipitation? >> and the clouds are getting thicker and we frankly have more of a northerly flow involved today a little bit off the ocean that is helping to cool us and cloud us up. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we have a little bit of precipitation and that is sub ornly popping up during the
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morning broadcast. and the movement is basically west to east and not a lot out there now. we are looking at a bit by lancaster county probably on the way to chester county assuming it doesn't fall apart and light nuisance stuff and additional precipitation down south. some of that by cape may county. as we take a look outside. mainly cloudy skies and every now and then you get fine breaking through than is the action cam earlier. at somers point, new jersey, a pretty picture down on the water. summer season going bye bye. we'll seeater in the seven-day forecast. 75 for now than is your temperature and that is around the high. we'll hover there for an hour or so and start to dip. ocean temperature 72 and winds not strong 8 miles per hour. but out of the east-southeast bringing the cool irair in off the ocean. 75 is your current temperature in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington and 70 in
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allentown and 70 in trenton and 69 in cape may. future tracker 6 showing you for the rest of the afternoon shower activity north and west in between places like allentown to the shore not a lot going on. could be a drizzle now and then and a spot write shower popping up and not a washout but at any time you could get shower activity. and later at 11:00, 11:30 another band that develops out to the north and west. a shower can't be ruled out and 71 is the high. more of the same down the shore and a chance of a shower and mostly cloudy and not as warm as yesterday with a high of 75 degrees, in philadelphia a high of 75 after spending the weekend and the early part of the week in the 80s and mostly cloudy and shower is possible and 75 degrees is the forecast high today in philadelphia and lots of clouds and showers and drizzle overnight. 60 is the overnight low. and then into tomorrow and an area of low pressure is passing
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us to the south and high pressure to the north and the flow continues to come in off the water and that will add moisture in the atmosphere and keep us cloudy and cool us down and a light shower in the morning, the 1:30 a.m. view. and taking you through the time we are on the air 4:30, 5:00 and 6:00 the chance of light s&ptation and drizzle and light showers and in the afternoon that has a tendency to die down. tropical storm ophelia out in the atlantic. look how far it is from the east coast to the u.s. and it looks to go that away. and it's not a problem for us. the seven day mostly cloudy and mainly dry and 75 is the high. thursday cloudy skies and cooler and 66 and 69 and cloudy on friday. and some drizzle there as well. and high pressure off the coast and a southerly flow and here we go again. 80 is the high on saturday, baseball weather for the temple homecoming game and 82 on sunday with perhaps a shower at night.
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also feeling humid there. 74 monday and back into the 60s on tuesday. >> we are all over the place. >> we are. >> it could be worse. thank you david. well, there was a touching moment at a north jersey high school they crowned a student with down syndrome as homecoming king. students say he is super friendly and high fives everyone and has great school spirit and teammates call him the heart of the team. >> more ahead at 12:30, a couple is outraged after finding out they were secretly recorded in their airbnb rental. and stranger danger from in the air. school officials in ohio are on high alert about a drone trying to lure children.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again. we begin at 12:30 now with a developing story the chairman of the radnor commissioners is arrested on child important agotive charges. phillip ahr turned himself in and they executed a search warrant at his home and told investigators he used yahoo! messenger to sext with unknown
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individuals about sex talk about children and was in possession of child porn images. we'll follow this story and bring you details throughout the day. and developing in townsend delaware there are major traffic delays as part of route 1 remains shut down because of this crash. and chopper 6 hd was over the scene where the highway crossed over route 13, police say the tanker overturned causing the cab to separate from the rest of the truck and police closed the road as the truck began leaking fuel and others helped the driver get out and then medics air-lifted the driver to the hospital. >> it's quite a bit of gasoline and the tasker can carry up to 900 gallons and it's ready to ignite. it will ignite at minus 45 degrees farenheit. we want to make sure the area is


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