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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us. "a valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. developing right now, an
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exradnor t commissioner has just been sentenced on difter nother electedoffi line. william spingler was ordered t spend twoures own probation and 60 days for house monitoring for fonling an elderly woman with dementia. at the wayne center nursing home. comes amid a separate case against the ar pradelli as more from the court half of hour. we are also following the investigation into i school bus accident that the hour that landed young children at the hospital. >> the bus was taking students to newcastle, elementary and collided with another vehicle.
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it happened at newcastle avenue and memorial drive. at leaf seven students and their driver were taken to the hospital minor injuries. another health hazard at a local school this time in philadelphia. traces of mold were discovered in several classes at john b. kelly, elementary. katherine scott is live now. >> reporter: no students and no teachers here at the school today. but there are crews here. they are parked outside and this go in and out and somewhering masks. and ate contractor is going to room to room and checking for mold and making repairs as necessary. >> this is crazy. >> no schools at john b. kelly elementary in german town. the crews are doing a complete
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removal. >> there is no reason they are not keeping up on the maintenance when it comes to that. >> it's concerning i have to go to work and i don't foe if the day care will take him. >> people are worry how old the mold has been there. >> and he has asthma and allergies, so i'm upset about that. >> the school district says they received a report wednesday about the issue and had the facilities team here weren't minutes. they found traces of mold in several classes because of heating and air conditioning and ventilation issues. >> we have 41 rooms in the building and we are checking those and commonsations and we are doing a cleat check. >> this after monroe county closing all schools and checking for mold and cleaning one school where mold was found. and they came up with plan to
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make repairs and remediate the mold and look into what is causing it. >> we understand that parents are concerned and we are concerned as well: and we are focused on getting to the bottom of this issue. l was built are making repairs going through. as far as tomorrow they provide an update at noon today than could come up any minute now. live in german town, channel 6 turning owe accuweather. schooler temperature as rived after warm object days as we look liv sky 6 hd showingou the ben franklin bridge and i-95 andudy skies a second straight day. david murphy is in the weather senter with a first check of the cooler forecast. >> cooler and cloudy and we had rain this morning. departing the east coast on schedule a little after the morning rush hour.
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still a little moisture around and would not be surprised to see some of you catch drizzle but were continuing to progress. 62 is the current temperature. it's cool, and 58 in allentown and 61 in trenton and 64 in a.c. and 62 in 62 at the wilmington and breezy as well. winds run 10 to 20 miles per hour. a good day for jackets if are you outside. 66 by 2:00. and go for a high of 67 at 3:00 but between now and 4:00 there is not a big change in the numbers. mid-60s more or less for the afternoon and then start to dip, 63 by 6:00 and 8:00, 60. and models showing clouds and i can't rule out sunshine coming in late today especially in the northern parts of the region and we are stuck with a fairly cloudy day and winds come out of the west a drier source region down below the gh above the
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surface an east wind over the next couple of days and that comes in off the ocean bringing moisture in and as a result it looks like lots of low clouds and when have you that type of pattern there is a chance of drizzle or an old sh not a washout today tonight and tomorrow. big changes for the weekend though, a warm up why lots of sun coming back. we'll have that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we are getting word of the progress of the deadliest of fires burning in northern california. the blaze in sonoma county is 17% contained. we are live in santa rosa with the latest on the situation there. >> reporter: good afternoon. officials say that fortunately the winds cooperated year night
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and with so many communities threatened the mandatory evacuations remain in place and areas where people were not asked to leave look behind me because of scenes like these so many are packed and ready to go if necessary. >> the disaster in california now being called the worst case scenario. >> these fires are burning faster than firefighters can run. the deadly infern oh tearing across california wine country for the fourth day in a row. and forcing town after town to evacuate. and police ordering all residents to get out going door-to-door. >> the wind is coming our way and might end up losing the house. >> in santa rosa. the fire sweeping across town so fast this video showing what some residents were up against trying to get to safety. >> i built my business for 30
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years and i'm not letting the fire take it. >> ash raining down on thousands of firefighters from five states on the ground battling the flames around the clock and the governor delairing a state of emergency for napa and sonoma, california. >> where we are you can see the devastation is just about everywhere you look with homes and cars just burned to the ground and more wind and dry air in the forecast today. authorities say the danger here is not over yet. we are live in santa rosa, california. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here philadelphia police are responding to the schuylkill river this noon with a man's body is found in the water. investigators say that it appears that the man had a gunshot wound to the forehead and his body was pulled from the water near wall street street and schuylkill avenue. and first responders pulled him out.
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"action news" will have more about this story as soon as it becomes available. police made an arrest in connection with a rash of fentanyl overdoses in south camden. and new jersey attorney general says there were 14 overdoses becamed on the drug in a four hour span yesterday. police chief says that officers are patrolling the area in the hopes of intercepting the poison being peddled on the street. >> and what led an owner of a business to shoot a man during what he thought was an aat the present timed robbery. and the wounded man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. prosecutors rested their case in the corruption trial of bob mendez he is accused of trading his influence for a lengthy donor.
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and the judge will rate to rule on misdismissing the charges. that they don't need a narrower definition of bribery. and still ahead a pennsylvania woman and her family are finally free after years of being held hostage by a terror network. >> and a woman is thanking a total stranger for saving her life. pulling her from the car seconds before it was demolished by a train. eligible for medicare?
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we have an alert this noon, 500,000 car seats are recalled because they may not protect children in a crash. the recall covers several models made by deano. there is an increased risk if they are not secure. using the lap belt on not and intentionaler. head to for more information. >> stewarts town native and her husband jonathan boil were abducted while hiking in afghanistan. the couple's three children were born in captivity.
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the u.s. military is not releasing many details about their release but the pakistani government procured their release. and are said to be safe at this hour. a college student injured in the las vegas shooting is suing mgm, the concert promoters and bump stock manufacturerer. specifically the lawsuit accuses mgm of not responding to the shooting in a timely matter, the allegations come as questions are raised about the police timeline shooting and mgm says it may not be accurate but has not elaborated about it. president trump is trying to put hi own stamp on health care, he signed an executive order trying to make health plans available to more people.
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it's likely to face opposition from medical associations and consumer groups and companies. former vice president, joe biden, will speak to students at routegers university main campus in new brunswick. the campaign was launched in 24 following recommend from a white house task force and is only open to rutgers students. a new york woman is alive because of a total stranger. this is what is lester her car after being smashed by a long i'll railroad train. pete heard the crash from his nearby home and ran to the scene. he managed to pull esposito from the car moments before it was demolished by the train. >> it was 5 to 7 seconds after we got out of the car the train hit the car. >> through life hero, he came
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out of bed and he heard the crash of the cars andame over . if he hadn't done that i wouldn't be here. >> she walk add way with bumps and bruises and nobody else was hurt. wow. still to come details on a family tradition more than 60 years strong. meet the large group of local cousins that have been meeting once a month for six decades.
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threeee wks after maria pummeled puerto rico most of the island remains without power and health concerns are mowning. a team of 12 new jersey doctors through to the territory to in the ali gorman join the the mission. tonight she will take you inside of a local hospital. hear what health care providers have to say about what it's like on the struggling island. see her reports later today on "action news.." today's art of aging report we know how hard it is to get family together these days but a group of cousins have overcome all obstacles to meet once a month for 63 degrees, tamala edwards has their story. >> they are a close k cousins
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club t up together and stayed together through ups and downs. once a month it's like they are at the kids table again. >> we always got along even as children. growing up we had fun together. andstill do.ood therapy for is alwaysreough the years. hey check on each other, one will go to a farm stand and bring the other food and if someone can't so the other one sews for them. and they forget the recipe someone else knows it it's their form of networking. >> they love to dish. >> we talk about many things, a then i was then it was children. then medicine now and doctors xs. >> just a great feeling to know you have great family you can
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have a good time with and laugh sometimes. >> not avenue family can have the closeness but for the cousins it's well worth the effort. i know how lucky i am because i see other people around that have no one. ♪ ♪ >> tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> that is so cute. the "action news" team is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. the gang is all here. alicia vitarelli in the newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: coming up today in what's the deal. you are not going to want to miss this. 80% off really superb high end items that came from los angeles and were apparently were worn by who's who in tinsel town. and in today' show. competition controversy a
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teenager is speaking out after being barred from taking part in a dancetion with had he's team because of his gender an reality of pregnancy why so many are celebrating the actress for getting candid about her c-section. >> thanks alicia.
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david is back with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> it was wet earlier, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we are pretty much dry at this point. i want to go in closer and every now and then a sprin the windshield and we had a light shower dancing around quakertown and now falling apart in montgomery county near green lane and this is the sort of thing you'll get today if you see anything at all. most of us are dry.
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and looking outside we have cloudy skies just about everywhere. a live image from cape may on sky 6 hd, and this unfortunately will be the story for most of you the afternoon. temperature is cool, 62 degrees and wind northeast at 14 miles per hour. the blustery and cool.if you ha jacket a good idea. temperatures across the region still in the upper 50s if allentown, reading and lancaster, 58's on the thermal neater, and 62 if wilmington and millville and cape may, new jersey, 62, 62 at the airport in atlantic city. satellite and radar showing the rain that came through in the morning commute it was a moderate nuisance rain and a lot of spinout accidents be careful even when there is a little bit of rain out there. and with the leaves falling off the trees, it gets slick. be careful out there if that happens tomorrow or at any appointment as we move forward
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through the fall. right now upper level moisture but most of it not reaching the allenwn mostly cloudy and showers are pretty much done near quake i town 62 is the high and mostly cloudy with the earlier shower give weighing to spotty drizzle and cloud cover otherwise at the shore. 68. if you see late sun today the best chance is up north in the lehigh valley and not much down the shore. in philadelphia mostly cloudy and a peek of sun or not later today and spotty drizzle here or there and 67 is the high. 57 is the overnight low and lots of clouds tonight and another sprinkle or shower toward dawn and 57 is the overnight low. and tomorrow still cool, 69 degrees is your high with an area of low pressure departing the region and high pressure to the north and the flow keeping the low clouds in. and then that low get out of here and a front setting up for
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the weekend off to the north and west and the southerly flow ahead of that gets milder, clouds mixing with sunshine on saturday, a high of 78 and sunday all the way up to the low 80s. wow. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy and 67 and mostly dry. and in the low clouds there could be a spotty shower tomorrow at times. could track a bit of that tomorrow in the broadcast. clouds to sun on saturday and here comes the warm air and 78 is the high and hosting the parkinson's walk at the zoo on saturday morning, looks like a great morning and stay at the zoo afterwards and have fun. temple football at noon and 83 on sunday and the aids walk sunday morning. otherwise a warm one and pleasant afternoon. then we drop back to the low 70s on monday. high of 70 on the nose with the latest suggestions from the models and maybe a couple of showers monday and after that
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it's sunshine aplenty for tuesday. >> and the philly walk sunday for breast cancer. >> yes, and you will be there? >> yes. >> we are all involved. >> i have a child's birthday party. >> that is indoors and we are outside looking for good weather. more ahead in the next half hour off "action news" at 12:30. a man running the chicago marathon suffered from incredible pain and was determined to finish and he got some help. and just in time for halloween spring mountain becomes scream mountain. melissa magee has the spooky preview.
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don't wait. call now. he was found with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the forehead and police remain on the scene investigating and we continue to follow the story with updates on air and online throughout the day. also, within the last hour we learned the fate of a former radnor township commissioner charged with indecent assault. 75-year-old william spingler was ordered to spend two years on


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