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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of the crime. chad pradelli was in court today as well. live outside of the delaware county courthouse if media with the story. >> reporter: rick, the judge sentenced spingler to two years probation and 60 days house arrest. he dodged our cameras but inside of court he apologized for the impact on his family and radnor township. >> the commonwealth wanted the judge to sentence spingler to 3 to 23 months behind bars and it didn't happen. he was convicted of two counts of indecent assault after staff found him assaulting his 103-year-old mother-in-law. he maintaineded he did it for shock value after his mother-in-law stopped recognizing him. spring letter was his primarily care giver for years after his wife died and often went to see
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his mother-in-law. >> i was shocked by the episode and wanted to see justice done. >> and more stunning for lay field was the arrest of current board of commissioners president, phil ahr charged with a slew of child porn charges, he called it a tough time for the township. >> radnor doesn't look good in this light? >> this is not what the township stands for i said it yesterday and i'm glad we have closure because this has been hard to deal with ever since you know the inception of it. >> clark and others have called on ahr to resign by tomorrow. he had not done so at last check and no one answered the door at his radnor home as we tried to get comments. >> what does it do for radnor's reputation. i don't think it's good at all. >> reporter: and the d.a.'s office wanted jail time and will file a motion to have the judge
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reconsider the sentencing and i caught up with the judge after the hearing and he said he could not comment. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, to a developing story, mayor jim kenney is not budgeting that the see will remain a sanctuary city despite warning. that they are not in compliance with immigration law and were told that they have until october 27th to show evidence they are complying and in response philadelphia filed a lawsuit back saying that the attorney general is overstepping their bounds. they lose fund fozer fighting crimes. >> this is about political showmanship and about larger issues of immigration policy and has nothing do with the grant money that we as americans and
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taxpayers we are entitled. this is not their money this is taxpayer money. >> we welcome immigrants to philadelphia and support our immigrant communities. it's not the police department's job to enforce immigration law. john b. kelly elementary school will be closed again tomorrow after mold was found in the classrooms. students and staff were told not to come to school today. because of heating and ventilation and heating issues, prices of mold were found in the classrooms and work to remove it began yesterday but only 80% of the remediation is completed. the school will remain closed until it is 100% mold free. and a store owner is connected with the -- on market street. the owner says he was robbed and shot in self-defense and now police piece had together a different story. sara bloomquist is live with the
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detail. >> reporter: that is right. they decided to charge the owner with aggravated assault and related offenses. he told them initially that the customer showed up with a gun and tried to rob the place after threatening his family. police say that the store's own surveillance video proved otherwise. >> employees at the hk deli at 21st and market didn't talk this afternoon after police decided to charge the owner of the corner spot. the trouble began at 6:00 when a 22-year-old man arrived in the store and intervened in an argument with the store owners wife and another customer. >> at some point he walks from the store and throws trash from the outside basket in the store and comes from behind the discounter with a knife and
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chased him away. he came back about an hour later. and as he approached the owner went to the door of the store brannishing a gun he returned around 10:00 p.m. >> actually enters the store and the owner grabs the gun from behind the counter be chases him out and the male runs out of the store and as he is crossing the intersection the owner fires one shot striking him in the hip. >> police understands the store owner may have been frustrated and felt threatened but shooting a man running away from the store outside cannot be justified. >> safety is the compromise at that point. >> none of the other witnesses told them the shooting victim was armed either and the owner could have stayed behind the store as bullet proof glass and
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called 911. the shooting victim is in stable condition at penn. >> thank you. two dairy robbers with high powered guns are alarming people in both northeast philadelphia and bucks county. tonight authorities are asking for your help identifying the thieves after a spree of crimes and this surveillance video shows them with semi automatic weapons and some cases wearing masks. there are at least eight robberies between september 24th and october 11th. and the crooks are after the same thing. >> they demand cash and cigarettes and some cases they get more cigarettes and some cases they didn't get any money. we are concerned. and want to get these guys off the street good if you recognize the men authorities want to hear from you. it has been more than three weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. tonight 10% of the island has electricity and 53% of residents
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have cell phone service and now president trump is suggesting federal help for puerto rico will be limited blaming the territory for its own financial struggles. tweeting he cannot keep fema in puerto rico forever as the house passed a $36.5 billion disaster aid package including more assistance for puerto rico. house speaker ryan will head to puerto rico and joined by four other lawmakers on the trip including jennifer gonzales, and tonight the death toll in puerto rico stands at 45. this week a group of new jersey doctors got a firsthand look at the health care problems and how they can help. ali gorman traveled with them to puerto rico and she is back here tonight with more on what she experienced and what she saw. >> reporter: it was a quick trip
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but a way to scout out what is needed and where. the local doctors say they don't want to add to the problems so they are planning the most effective way to help. most of the island is still without power and there are now mounting health concerns. >> it was wheels up as i joined a dozen health care providers from new jersey to fly to puerto rico. on the ground in san juan downed trees still litter the landscape. >> it's nothing like we would be leaving. >> and roberto prats set the scene and he says the majority of the island remains without electricity and many in rural areas are scrounging for clean water. doctor compose has been working 22 days straight inside of the emergency room it sits just outside of san juan.
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>> it was full of water -- >> says the e.r. flooded and medication became scarce and the hospital is still relying on generators, relief has been frustratingly slow. >> they promise and promise but at this moment i have not seen everything they are promising. health care providers are gathering information to plan extended trips. so they can help to rebuild and stabilize puerto rico. they have been sending supplies already. and prats admits the health care system was struggling but -- >> it makes a bad situation much worse and is grateful for the help and a new relationship to bring resources together. >> we need specialists and we need obg and emergency doctors. >> the next step is assembling teams to send for longer
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missions, coming up at 6:00 i'll have more on the health concerns on the islands and what surprised some of the doctors on the trip. >> all right thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> getting word of trouble on the tracks for the thursday trip home. the septa media elwood line is running and someone was struck by the train at the norwood station and chopper 6 hd is heading to the scene. but nor now no trains on the wilmington newark regional rail line as the police activity continues. media elwin is an alternate for some of you. and some of you can use the 101 and 102 trolleys. and other trolleys, westbound delays of 10 minutes because of police activity near the juniper station. and delays on it's schuylkill expressway in at this point at
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passyunk a broken down vehicle taking out one lane. and delco really slow going on 95 southbound from the airport to the blue route a crash there blocking one of the two lanes in that location. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a pennsylvania woman and her family are free, held captive by a group of terrorists with ties to a possible isis group how they were able to secure their release. >> and coming up california on fire the rush to contain two dozen wild fires across the state as officials issue more mandatory evacuations. jeff skversky live in charlotte, north carolina where the birds are gearing up for a prime time showdown. >> carson wentz coming off a career-high. and they believe they can top that tonight against the carolina panthers, the best
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defense they have faced all season and wentz and the eagles are on their way to the stadium as they speak. it's a hot one hopefully they are hydrated. temperatures are in the 70s in charlotte but here not a hot one only in the low 60s. i am tracking a brief return to summer like warmth i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. eligible for medicare?
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a pennsylvania woman and her family are finally free after being held captive for five years? >> the captives were a group with ties to the taliban. the last words they heard before their rescue was, kill the hostages. >> we learn new details about their capture and release. and aaron has the latest from new york. >> we have waited. >> caitlyn coleman and her husband, joshua boyle and her children born in captivity were rescued by pakistani forces five years to the day they were kidnapped as they traveled in afghanistan. >> we were told the wonderful news that our family had been rescued and allowed to talk to josh. the first time in five years, we got to hear his voice. >> u.s. special operations troop
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were having a raid to rescue the family and learned they had been moved making the operation difficult and then wednesday the pakistani army announced the family was rescued and that boyle told his parents he was in the trunk of the kidnappers car along with the children when they were rescued and a shootout and all of his kidnappers were killed. and the last thing they heard was shoot the hostages. >> the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is honoring america's wish that it did more to provide security in the region. >> a five year hostage taking is too long. >> they were essentially living in a whole for five years. >> for years the families pleaded for their release and today in pennsylvania the coleman family asked for privacy. what is next for this family is unclear, they are still in
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pakistan and the u.s. military provided a plane to take them out but the family refused to get on it. president trump has taken his fight against the affordable care act into his own hands and the president signed an executive order making low ee e premium plans more widely available. >> insurance companies will be fighting to get every single person signed up. and you will be hopefully negotiating negotiating and you'll get such low prices for such great care. >> the changes trump hopes to bring about could take months oblonger and the proposal may not be finalized in time to affect coverage in 2019. >> and have you ever been double billed or had a bad appliance.
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a man was erroneously charged twice for the car repair and how they help aid couple that needed a refund for a brand new microwave that broke down after a month.
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breaking news out of norwood where a pedestrian was killed after being struck by an amtrak train after getting stuck on the track. it was near the more wood station in the unit block of west wynonna avenue. you see an ambulance on the screen and a person was killed and now septa has suspended the service on the wilmington line. a person hit and killed by an amtrak train and authorities are trying to investigate what happened. and service is suspended on the wilmington line. target wants to hire you for the holidays, looking for 100,000 people to join their team. the seasonal workers will help with the shopping volume and more than 1800 stores nationwide and if you are interested target holds hiring event friday, saturday and sunday in all of its stores, job seekers can go in and apply.
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>> they celebrated hispanic heritage month. the veterans memorial school performed. the assembly at the administration building was called unity and love without borders. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, a check of the forecast. sky 6 hd showing you thursday night at philadelphia international airport. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the accuweather forecast when we come right back. (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation, and you've tried any number of laxatives,
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. all right time now for the accuweather forecast thursday night. meteorologist, cecily tynan is here to preview changes in the accuweather forecast. changes are here and it's chilly out. temperatures in the 60s head over to the action center and lots of clouds, sky 6 hd over the ben franklin bridge and every now and then you see a break in the clouds and sunshine and generally it's a cloudy damp day with areas of drizzle temperatures in the low 60s. if you don't like it this cool we have a warm-up for the weekend. saturday mostly cloudies but mostly rain free. and ahead of a cold front we peak at 83 degrees feeling like summer again on sunday. a humid day and cold front brings a few showers and behind
5:26 pm
that we cool off next week. beautiful fall weather headed in. right now it feels like fall and gloomy out there with the clouds and moisture. and wilmington 63 and cape may 63. winds from the east-northeast and pulling in the moisture and the win speeds sustained 18 miles per hour in philadelphia and the same in cape may and lower as you move farther inland but wind gusts along the coast up to 30 miles per hour. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we don't have any real organized precipitation just this east northeasterly flow pulling in the moisture and plenty of clouds and a few areas of drizzle and that is the case through the overnight hours and even tomorrow. jeff said it was warm in charlotte, it stays warm tonight and kickoff temperatures as the eagles take on the panthers, 75 degrees and could have a thunderstorm early in the game and fourth quarter still warm 72 degrees and mostly cloudy and
5:27 pm
humid. back at home plenty of clouds and areas of drizzle and temperatures in the 50s. normal low for this time of year is 50. we'll be well above that. 67 degrees and allentown 50 and cape may 61 and wilmington 56. as we head through the day tomorrow. the best chance of seeing sun is early around 8:00 and clouds in areas to the south and at least some sunshine and through the day with the east-northeasterly flow it clouds up again and again could have a few areas of drizzle. the five-day at 5:00. it stays school and cloudy with drizzle and saturday becoming transition day and low level moisture and passing shower is possible and we do warm up with wind shifting out of the south 56 degrees and here we go sunday another day feeling like summer and back to the 80s and 83 degrees and that brings showers sunday night and temperatures drop early next week. sunshine is back on monday 68
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and tuesday a fall chill and i'll let you know if temperatures warm up by the middle of next week coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> more when we come right back. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms
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"action news" co >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. california on fire. the dire situation on the west coast as fires continue to burn out of control. and also the eagles are in north carolina tonight hoepg hoping to stay on top of the fnc east. and a mas effort is underway in fairmount park. the precise process that only a handful of people in the world know how to complete. >> and day four of a massive wild fire in california. tonight officials are working as fast as they can to contain the flames. >> we want nothing more and have been working and mindful of it from day one to get you back into your homes as soon as we
5:31 pm
possibly can. >> according to officials more than 190,000 acres have been burned so far and 26 people killed. tonight more than 400 people are still unaccounted for. officials are hoping to have more of the fires contained by the end of today. >> reporter: well monica for days thousands of firefighters are working around the clock and authorities say naturally they are tired but thankfully more help arrived here today and are working to try to get ahead of the wild fires, you can see they left so many towns in ruins. >> the damage done is catastrophic. but with crews attacking the massive wild fires from the ground and in the air -- finally on the day four of the inferno officials reporting progress. >> today is a different day, a good day for us. >> firefighters beginning to contain the fires that raged out
5:32 pm
of control in northern california. so far scorching nearly 200,000 acres and completely wiping out some neighborhoods and destroys homes and businesses. and the danger is not over yet including the city limits all 5,000 of its reads remain under mandatory evacuation. >> you will not be given life safety support at this time. if you are trying to visit you are not welcome. >> very to go and find a place, there is no cell service. >> with the future of their homes still uncertain so many residents racing out of town in disbelief. >> so unbelievable we can't believe it is happening and have never been in a situation like this. >> some leaving their sprinklers running on the roof and others a
5:33 pm
sign, asking firefighters to to please safe their home. >> and right now, we are in an area under the mandatory evacuation and told in this town alone at least 1,000 homes have been destroyed this as authorities say that teams with cadaver dogs will begin targeted searches of the areas where there are people still missing. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our coverage of the wild fires in california continues for you on and there we'll have the latest updates as the disaster unfolds along with videos and photos from the scene. more on the movie mogul harvey winestein. there are questions who knew what and when. they will look into his background to identify victims and 20 women claim they were
5:34 pm
sexually assaulted by the producer including angelina jolie and the winestein board is accused of having nonl of the producer's behavior and they say that the allegations came as quote, an utter surprise. >> winestein's fall from grace and the allegations he is now facing is the subject of a 20/20 tomorrow night. abc news sits down with multiple accusers to talk about their encounters with winestein. "action news" follows at 11:00. a man from northeast philadelphia missing since last spring walk nood a new york city hospital. timothy caesar walk nood the hospital in a state of confusion and was last seen outside a 7-eleven store june 1st. and details where he has been for the last several months are not yet released. >> a painstakingly precise project is going on in fairmount
5:35 pm
park and the public has the chance to see it all. part of the roof at the japanese house and garden is undergoing a restoration. a special kind of bark harvested from trees in japan were shipped to philadelphia. they are one inch wide and 12 inches long and the craftsman from japan fastened them to the roof using bamboo nails in a specific pattern. there are only 100 people in the world that know how do this. and a special celebration for the christopher columbus monument -- students from saint francis led the pledge of allegiance and the color guard took part. a celebration of the accomplishments of all italians and italian americans. jim kenney learned more
5:36 pm
about the things happy at the string theater charter school and toured the student run cafe and broadcasting studio and robotics and engineering rooms too. mayor kenney checked out the room a form of ago culture that treats fish waste as a fertilizer for plants. and local students tried to do their part to help victims of hurricanes in texas and florida. all lessons in life from a school. >> i was sorry to hear about the severe hurricane that hit your city. >> not a lesson you'll find in a textbook or workbook but the students and principal believe it's the most important life lessons their students can learn. >> it's important to give back to other communities in need. >> this morning hundreds of students gathered in the cafeteria and their trays in one hand and notebooks in the other.
5:37 pm
students in grades k through 6th were asked to collect them for miami and houston for students impacted by irma and harvey. led by student leaders. >> important in today's world to learn how to have empathy and to care about what is going on in the world. and to teach children to be able to give back. >> you show you care for other people. >> more than just a notebook. students in florida and texas will also receive well wishes and on the first page a special hand writ and note with encouraging words like this. notebook i wanted to write i am sorry your school got destroyed and i hope you learned more than you learned before. >> and steps manically are is not done giving back just yet.
5:38 pm
the principal is working on a partnership with the school in miami to help the children affected by hurricane maria in puerto rico. >> time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> matt pellman back in the traffic center a lot going on as we inch closer to the weekend. >> we are getting there and it's a tough thursday right home. especially if you ride the wilmington newark rail line because it's not running. all trains halted now because of an accident involving an accident in norwood and the pictures from chopper 6 hd a little while ago and that line is out of commission for this afternoon's commute and the media elwin line could be an alternate, use the 101 or 102 trolleys. westbound delays on the trolley routes, 10, 11, 34 and 36 for earlier police activities. and southbound side watching this crash by the blue route 476
5:39 pm
taking out the left lane, speeds like 12 miles per hour coming down from the airport. think about using 13 or 291, stay local not on 95 southbound. a broken down vehicle by passyunk is gone and heading to the katy perry concert and 23 is still blocked because of an earlier accident stick with fayette street from conshohocken as an alternate around that. >> i wonder if there is fireworks at that concert. >> thank you. well, the philadelphia fire commissioner adam teal helped them install smoke alarms in the strawberry mansion section today they went door-to-door of north 25th street. this is the fifth year they partnered to carry out this event and marks fire prevention week nationwide. >> that time of year to start thinking about protecting yourself from the flu. the action cam was in camden
5:40 pm
where the freeholder board organized free flu shots for residents part of the seasonal influenza program. the birds are in north carolina hoping to score a big win in prime time and jeff skversky is in charlotte with the team and has more on the ground in sports. and the nominations are out for this year's american music awards,s big names up for awards shows biggest prize coming up. >> and cecily tynan is in the "action news" weather center with theest on the forecast and the weekend coming zblup . >> it's cloudy and damp and feels like fall. i'm tracking a dramatic warm up. >> those stories and more next on "action news."
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jaime apody a tough night with both teams 4-1. >> yes, but we can get excited. >> and get a win. >> good enough. it's game day already and the crazy thing is the eagles had to no time to prepare because it's a short week and forced to wait all day for kickoff that must be
5:44 pm
driving them nuts. jeff skversky is live at the stadium. >> you know who didn't get sleep, carson wentz is cramming for a test getting ready on three days rest to get ready for the panthers team. this is a lot higher stakes. first place on the line the top spot on the nfc conference. here is eagles quarterback, carson wentz his best performance as a pro. four touch downs against the cardinals, three of them in the first quarter an eagles record and off to a fast start. guess what? he believe the offense could be better tonight against the carolina panthers. >> it builds confidence and we believe if ourself. i believe in myself and this whole offense and guys start to
5:45 pm
feel that too and make the plays and see it coming together and build the confidence from players and coaches and everything in this organization we are capable of getting it done. we can be a dynamic offense and we are now seeing that. >> reporter: and this is the toughest test for carson wentz the panthers the best defense they have seen all year. it's crucial to protect carson wentz. johnson is out for a concussion. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> i don't want to think about that. this has huge nfc east for the eagles, and cowboys running back elliot may have to serve the six game suspension over domestic violence allegations, if this
5:46 pm
holds up elliot will miss the eagles game that is week 11. if ever a preseason game could prove a man is worth his weight in gold. joel embiid playing for the first time and looked to be worth every penny of his $148 million contract. 14 for 18 on the foul line and 22 points in 15 minutes of action. no wonder they won their first preseason game over the nets. >> i am excited. back on the court it has been a long time coming. i have had a great week. just a lot of joy while i'm here. >> i'm excited a very sort of post an offensive package that people have the game plan for and we see the impact he makes on the defensive end and all over the place. something like tonight reminds us all that is why he was paid what he was paid.
5:47 pm
>> is it ridiculous to get that excited over the preseason game. >> no he is back from and looks really good. >> and the count done is on for the american music awards, this morning singer, sierra appeared on "good morning america" to announce the nominees for the biggest categoriecategories. that is a tough category. see the full list of nominees at and see who wins live here on 6 abc the american music awards air sunday november 19th at 8:00. >> going to be fun. still ahead another update from accuweather. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge under cloudy skies for your thursday. cecily tynan has the full forecast for you when we come right back.
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that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us. mock explosive devices were on display at philadelphia international airport and they hope this explains why passengers are asked to remove their shoes when going through a check point. and the tsa was on hand to
5:51 pm
answer questions. and they got to test their response skills during a disaster situation simulation. it prepared them to use their skills and training in any situation. the chester police and fire departments as well as crozer medical center took part in today's drill. cecily tynan is in for adam with the accuweather forecast. will we see sunshine? >> sunday. on sunday and warm on sunday as well. the action cam is -- he is writing it down. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, a lot of clouds out there. and the boats are important and not a nice day to be out on the water and sky 6 hd taking a look at cape may and cape may we have some pretty gusty winds currently and lots of clouds and temperatures only in the low 60s. we got the wind out of the northeast off the ocean and
5:52 pm
makes a big difference. trenton 61 and cape may 63 and allentown 62 and reading and lancaster dropping down into the 50s. sustained winds at 20 miles per hour. wind gust as long the coast beach haven, 30 miles per hour and atlantic city airport 31 with the northeasterly flow pulling in the moisture primarily in the form of clouds and a few areas of drizzle. satellite and radar showing we are watching low pressure to the south and high pressure to the northeast. and that provides the wind tunnel effect and there are a few breaks in the clouds northeast of philadelphia. don't get used to it. the clouds thicken into the overnight hour tomorrow mostly cloudy and tonight mostly cloudy and patchy drizzle and 50 degrees for center city. and we have the same setup. high pressure to the northern and low pressure to the south and winds from the
5:53 pm
east-northeast and a lot of clouds and little bit of drizzle possible especially in the afternoon and temperatures a little bit warmer than today. seasonably school 68 degrees, heading toward the weekend and low pressure falls apart and we get a trough what this means is a dip in the atmosphere and keeps the low level most your in place and gets warmer, 76 degrees and the real taste of summer moves in on sunday ahead of a cold front it will be warm and humid. saturday if you head to temple homecoming, motely cloudy and winds on the light side. first quarter 72 and fourth quarter 76. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast socked in the clouds and drizzle tomorrow and saturday mostly cloudy and we warm up 76 on sunday ahead of that cold front and a surge of warmth from the southwest and 83 degrees and humid and definitely warm sunday morning for the aids
5:54 pm
walk and sunday evening that cold front moves through and could bring us a few showers, and bigger impact it shifts the winds and out of the southwest pulling up the warm air and out of the northwest pulling in the cooler air and 68 degrees and tuesday lots of sun but a fall chill. 66. and wednesday and thursday looking nice and high pressure and temperatures in the low 70s. a lot of people complaining we haven't had the fall temperatures without the clouds and the drizzle like today. we'll be getting that next week. thanks cecily. >> get this reminder get the forecast information and real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan by visiting and downloading the free 6 abc app for your mobile devices. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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depford for a special cycling clinic. they hope to provide hands on education and services for veterans that need adaptive cycles. they get tips on how to ride even better. >> and next at 6:00. mold cleanup means a philadelphia school will be closed for a second day tomorrow. and if you information on the efforts to diseffect that school and a former radnor county commissioner learned his fate for indecently assaulting his 103-year-old mother-in-law. and ali gorman joined a team to puerto rico to assess the medical needs in the wake of hurricane maria. and i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it is thursday night and the big story is breaking news from southwest philadelphia. philadelphia police are searching for a couple of suspects who stole from a u.s. mail truck. that is a federal offense and the theft happened at 5:10 near south edge wood and trinity streets, that is where the active investigation is going on now, this is live from chopper 6 hd authorities say that a number of items were either taken from the mail truck or damaged.
6:00 pm
chopper 6 hd was over septa's station at norwood. a pedestrian was struck and killed on the tracks at 4:30 by a train heading south to washington, d.c. there is now this situation on s on amtrak and half hour delays on septa's wilmington line and the investigation continues at this hour. here is the latest from the front lines of the fight against mold in schools. word has come that john b. kelly school in philadelphia will be closed again tomorrow. authorities say that 80% of the mold that was discovered on wednesday, make that yesterday, is wednesday is now gone. live at the school is vernon odom. you have the details? >> reporter: jim, the problem


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