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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 15, 2017 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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look complete at the 10, the 5 and the touchdown goes and week six in the nfl finds the eagles all alone on the nfc east calling the stunning victory thursday in carolina. >> it's great 5-1 baby. >> reporter: the redskins survive a scare from the niners setting up a prime time show down next monday night at the lynx. >> rogers is hurt. >> say what? big trouble in title town. aaron rodgers is out indefinitely with a fractured collar bone are the eagles now in the superbowl picture?
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okay make your real defense. >> reporter: most anticipated sixers season in a long time kicks off wednesday night what do you think coach? >> too easy. >> reporter: take your shoes off sit a spell because sports sunday starts right now. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello again thanks for stopping by and welcome to sports sunday alongside jeff skversky i'm ducis rodgers the eagles got to sit home and watch football on this sunday and got to revel the fact they are one of the best teams in nfl. >> this is unreal and who saw this coming saying the eagles are tied for the best record in the nfl and are sitting atop with the number one spot in the nfc did you see this coming. >> i will admit i did not see it coming. >> the question going for ward can the eagles sustain the early success in 2014, 2016 fast start
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and missed the playoffs and you have to wonder the rest of the way with tough games coming up, can they keep it going? >> i think they can. they have the next three at home then they have the bye and go at dallas, could end up being 8-1, 9-1. >> how about this perspective and jenkins was slow your roll eagles fans they have done nothing yet. >> all it says we are good enough to win five games and that is all we have accomplished so far. obviously you know we are happy to start that way with all the adversity that we faced but we are going to have to continue to get better and find ways to improve because the road is not going to get easier moving forward. >> reporter: talk about the road and they played so well on the road and they have won close games the big issue for them last year. i like what he is saying there trying to keep the team grounded let us be the cheerleaders for the eagles football team and they filed this report and he starts with the man whom we just
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heard from. >> all the seconds are gone and the eagles have beat the carolina panthers 28-23 they are 5-1. >> 5-1 is 5-1 but now there is the over confidence factor i asked malcom jenkins one of the owners on the team how do you keep it in check and this is what he said to me keep our confidence level in house don't believe the outside, be where your feet are be present in the moment and it's up to the leaders in this locker room to take care of that and i'm not going to let it slip. bottom line going forward three home games coming up, 5-1 what do they have to fix and get better at it's obvious. here comes the rush, they have them, they have them again. >> reporter: protecting carson wentz. he took way too many shots in this football game. they must fix the protection on the offensive line until lane johnson is healthy and gets back to right tackle.
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ducis back to you. >> all right thank you so much sticking with the quarterback position you have been to nearly every eagles game what have you seen from number 11. >> carson wentz on fire and under pressure he is making the right throws and doing the right things how about 7 touchdowns in the last two games the best stretch of his severe and wentz is going to break all of his records he is going to shatter them and you have to ask yourself the way he is playing should he be in the most valuable player talk i know it's early but should he be in the most valuable player conversation right now? >> i think so obviously you have hunt with the lead in rushing and touchdowns and with quarterback and aaron rodgers out yeah i think so. >> he should be in the conversation look tom brady at the end of the go may be or degree drew brees and on the road he won close games against the panthers more than any other game and kept his composure and showing maturity and growth which is setting them apart.
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>> quarterback position is so important in this league and that's one position that you got to get right and he is the right guy for the philadelphia eagles. >> a year together with this team under coach and myself and everything we are just built differently and we are built differently and different character makeup in the locker room and we have a bunch of guys who believe no matter the situation we can find a way to win the ball game. >> this has been a season of surprise in my estimation 5-1 did not see this coming and individual players surprised as well who is your biggest surprise on the team. >> you want to say zach erntz but he is building and i will go with the new number and he has a new persona and a new demeanor and showing what he can do on the field and showing a worth as the former first round draft after the drops and benching agalor has four touchdowns high
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for the team lead and career high and benefitting from jeffrey getting double team and he seals the team as a whole new and improved not just himself. >> i think this team has mentality and what you see is what we worked on. we practice very hard. we play situational football and work very hard everyday in the week of practice to come out here on a thursday night or a sunday and play a great football game. >> and he sounds like a different guy, he sounds more confident doug talk about it carson has talked about it and started in training camp him keeping that drop chart in his locker at every practice holding himself arguable. >> most improved on the team. >> who is your surprise? >> collection and defensive backs right now especially with all the injuries they have been dealing with that season that unit has performed fourth in the nfl the eagles are right now six interceptions and got three in
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the big game on the road against carolina thursday night after thursday's game jeff caught up with one of defensive backs mills. >> this defense do you think it's one of the elite defenses in football? >> i definitely think we are hungry do you know what i mean as far as the league we will have to see on the last game of the season for sure but i mean we just take it one game at a time you know we know how we kind of started last year and finished we kind of got a little hard on ourselves and this team is hungry as it can. up to the lineman. it's prime time game. number one team in the nfc when the season ends do you expect to be tat top of the ncf? >> that is definitely the goal do you know what i mean but like you said can't get too hard on ourselves one week at a time and we will see where we are at the end of the year. >> certainly has a good confidence about themselves right now still ahead we will turn our attention to the sixers joel embiid misses practice today find out what that means
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for wednesday's opener in dc. action news sports sunday continues right after this.
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we are back on sports sunday with ducis rodgers i'm jeff skversky we are here joel embiid was not around today oh, no missing practice today because of a sprained ankle and rehab on his knee and brett brown expects him to practice tomorrow and be ready for the opener but with his injury history and everything he has gone through any time he is not on the court for practice you get concerned right. >> absolutely and during the preseason games when he goes down and he is slow to get up i'm sure i'm not the only one holding my breath. >> he admitted so he kind of holds his breath. >> the guy played 31 games since he was drafted in 2014 but sixers do not appear to be that worried and gave him a five year
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contract somewhere in 48 million and fingers crossed and hope he plays at least 60 of 82 games. >> they need him if they are a playoff contender. top draft pick may not be ready for prime time coach brown indicated that fulz will not likely be on the starting line up wednesday night and he will begin the season by coming off the bench. >> you want him to be healthy but you think here we go again but he played in two preseason games because of shoulder and knee injuries this preseason and probably a smart decision brett brown does not want to throw him up against john wall in the opener on limited experience when he barely played the pre season plus he struggled shooting only 29% he is blaming that on his shoulder but he does not sound up set he is expected to come off the bench wednesday against the wizards. >> yeah i'm fine. and at the end of the day i want to do what i can do to help the team win and if that is coming off the bench i'm fine with that and contribute as much as i can. >> does not play that much
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basketball in preseason and out and not with the group and i think the decision like you put him into the fire right away and have him play against starting nba defensive players especially with a little foundation that he has i don't think that is smart. >> reporter: maybe not but you want to go you want to see this as a higher team you are so excited for and he will not start and it's kind of deflates thing as little bit. >> you have ben simmons and joel embiid be. >> better have the two televised by espn and show the buzz the team is getting and they went behind the scenes as a sixers practice and nice enough to share it with us so we will share it with you. have a good day. have a good practice. make it real defense, make it real, get stuck. make it real. too easy. too easy. ♪
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expectations are high there is an excitement level that people can feel. it has been a tough few years here and people are anxious to see winning basketball. >> okaymarkell. >> responsible for a growing program and philadelphia the city won't tolerate anything else, we get that. the stage for us is a good place where we are at and where the city hopes to end up. that is a great basketball. >> just feels like we are more comple complete. we are there, we are closer to where we want to be. a hard leap to jump into and
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throw hey making straight away and we have high expectations, ambiti ambitions. >> another great team come true philadelphia so that is what we want to give them. >> working really hard man, future is bright. future is bright. >> does that get you pumped up for the season can you imagine the sixers and the eagles in the playoff. >> perhaps the flyers we will talk about them in a second and still ahead on sports sunday the packers were rolling until today's game in minnesota find out how costly today's loss will be. it's the rest of the day's sporting news coming right up on action news sports sunday. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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jeff and ducis back and go to the ice the flyers have the night off and host the florida panthers tuesday and coming off the washington capitals last night score eight goals the most in a home opener in 35 years and start thinking can this team be a for real team a team that is going to make a playoff run finally but then you think they play ten games this week and they are tired but the flyers give them credit they look good and young players stepped up and shawn and scott look great so far. >> young team and average age is 26 and a half years that is more than a year younger than this team was a year ago wayne simmons says this team is faster than it was last year and he credits a lot of the young players for that. >> you make me sound old there. >> you are talking their age and i feel old now. >> then you are. >> speaking old and sitting around on the couch the eagles and eagles fans sitting around today watching football at home
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on that couch to teams are eying the redskins who they face next week on monday night football and packers a shot 5-1 and tie the eagles for the top spot in nfc green bay goes down and hurts more ways than one aaron rodgers goes down to minnesota and breaks his right collar brown by anthony bar and packers say rogers could miss the rest of the season his replacement brett huntly trying to salvage the game but he throws three interceptions including this one late in the game what a catch by harrison smith one handed green bay goes down 23-10 and falcons lose too so eagles again in sole possession in the nfc and that is tough for the eagles and redskins game at home next monday and washington taking on the 49ers and towards the end of the game kurt cousins he counts for three scores one with his leg and the redskins run away with it hanging on a win 26-24 and 3-2 they come here monday
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night. >> the chiefs try to remain in the nfl with an unbeaten team facing the steelers and fight in the fourth and better to be lucky and how about that the path somehow antonio brown has a 51 yard touchdown and the chiefs go down 19 to 13. >> not overturning any water coolers. >> calm and cool and up next, a check on the mlb playoffs and exciting finish for the cubs and dodgers game stay with us and we will show you. stay tuned for more action news sports sunday. ♪
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back here on sports sunday the union losing on the road to chicago 3-2 and blow a second half lead they have been eliminated from playoff contention earlier this week speaking of playoff finish nfc between the dodgers and the cubs. >> highlight ninth inning and
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tied one a piece and justin turner with two men on a three run homer to win the game the dodgers take it 4-1 and 2-0 series lead the other walk off in a dodger game happened 29 years ago today by one kurt gibson best video of the week was in the eagles locker room thursday night how about malcolm jenkins and he is rolling it out on his account and jumping around dancing in the locker room and this is stepping as it's called and what i love is that malcolm says that five wins not a big deal yet he is having a good time in the locker room. >> the most impressive thing is he is doing that with his cleats still on do you know how hard that is to do that. >> i can't dance we will wrap it up for jeff skversky and antonia sports sunday crew i'm ducis rodgers thanks for watching and see you back here next week.
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