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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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prayers go out to the individuals and these famliz of these victims. i don't know what goes through people's minds we see workplace violence in the past i don't know what precipitated that. but i do know the individual that he shot at 28th and northeast boulevard. they have a past history together and they have had beefs and history together. there is probably some things going on, he was going up there and that was premeditated, why he drove to maryland to that individual. but i don't think those two are connected. he knew the individuals in maryland and the individual on 28th northeast boulevard and conscious and alert and gave us the name immediately. which matched the name we got the alert from the maryland state police we put over our radio an hour before that. >> do you believe he is still in
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delaware? >> best guess this guy could be anywhere. we have knowledge, pennsylvania and maryland in such close proximity to wilmington. he could be anywhere. you know we have technology we are searching to see if that plate crossed any place with easy pass or red light technology, we have things but have not located this vehicle. could he be here and with associated or a family member? those are all leads we are looking at. and believe me we are kind of all over those types of leads but we don't know where he is. and taking every precaution to make sure we are looking at every avenue. old girlfriends, addresses, girlfriends now and family members and associaties from pat arrests. that is what we are doing at this point. >> this is "action news" at 4:00 we are listening in to wilmington police chief robert
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tracy giving an update on break news this afternoon. the hundred is on for the man wanted for shooting six people. starting in maryland and ending up with a person wounded in delaware. i'm sharrie williams. it's wednesday afternoon. >> i'm brian taff the big story is the manhunt for 37-year-old suspected gunman prince. the shooting spree began at edge wood maryland an allegedly killed three of his co-workers and wounded two more at the edmonton business park. and from there they say prince drove to wilmington and shot a man in the head at the 20th street auto sales on northeast boulevard and he may still be in delaware. "action news" has live team coverage with sara bloomquist and gray hall. lets begin with gray in wilmington with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you foe the press conference is still happening and police saying that the suspect is armed and dangerous. and they desperately want to get
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him off the streets. lets take you through video of the suspect. just moments ago and currently police are going through a timeline of events that this suspect is wanted for. he is 37-year-old radeed prince of wilmington and armed and dangerous and shot and killed three people at an office park in maryland. authorities believe that prince is connected to a shoot that happened this morning in wilmington at 28th street auto sales and services. that victim was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot injury to the head and that prince may be driving a black gmc arcadia, delaware tag pc 64273. and he has family in wilmington and from this area and so far no word on a motive but police confirmed he worked at the complex there in maryland and moments ago the wilmington police chief held a press conference. >> this person is dangerous you
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never know what will go through a person's mind and right now the individual is being tracked down as we speak. finding the individual through technology and through good good police work. and hopefully we'll have this person in custody soon so he doesn't cause anymore harm. >> back out live, that press conference is still happening again, that suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. police advising if you see him do not approach him but contact authorities. "action news" learned that the suspect is connected or associated with all the victims. that this was not a random attack and that he targeted his victims. we are waiting for more information as the press conference wraps up. live in wilmington, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> an important point. thank you. lets go live now to the wilmington car dealership where police say he opened fire for the second time today. sara bloomquist has more from
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the scene. >> reporter: well brian, police are confirming that the accused maryland shooter traveled here after shooting his co-workers in maryland. the place is locked up now and quiet but there was quite a bit of activity earlier. we know that the victim here was shot at least twice, at least once in the head. he was conscious when police arrived on the scene and told them he knew the shooter, identifying him as rashead prince. and the shots were fired before 11:00 here at the 20th street sales service at the 2800 block of northeast boulevard. onewity and heard the shots and saw a woman run from the building where there at least one other man and they ran out of the garage the man yelling for help. and police believe the shooter here again is the maryland shooter, 37-year-old prince. here is the witness, we asked we
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not show his face. >> all i heard was a pop. i heard one pop and saw the young lady come running out. and ran into the garage. her and the other guy shut the door and i heard a second pop and they opened the garage door and ran out the gate. >> reporter: now, police say that that one man was transported to christiana hospital with at least one gunshot wound to the head and abc news confirm that prince was involved in another violent encounter in wilmington of january of 2016. a man believe that prince was going to shoot him and plowed his car in him to get away. there were a few asking lock downs, the red place school district on a modified lockdown and all after school activities canceled. and del castle high school was
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dismays missed address normal but all afternoon and evening activities were canceled and brandywine schools dismissed as normal. live in wilmington, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. of course stick with right through the evening for the latest updates on this unfolding story. right now find all the details and more information on the suspect being hunted down in this case. you'll find videos and photos from the various scenes. >> a carjacker who struck outside of a delaware wawa is still on the run and this woman jumped into a hyundai sonata after the owner left the keys in it. it happened in the wawa parking lot of claymont. a 6-year-old was was in the car waiting for his mom to come out of that store and fort fatally he was able to get out before the thief drove away. vernon odom will have an update on this investigation coming up at 4:30. there will not be a new trial for jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant
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football coach wanted another chance to convince a jury he is innocent and today the judge denied the request and san doesy claimed he did not receive advocate representation that led to his conviction for child abuse. following a string of recent crimes on the schuylkill river trail. a new layer of security is added to protect the people that use it every day. john rawlins is live now along the trail in center city where crews began installing new security cameras today. >> reporter: hi sharrie, well it's talked about for sometime. certainly a driving force behind this is councilman johnson. 21 cameras will be installed along race and schuylkill street. the portion of the river trail. the crew digging a trench for a cable for at least one camera. they are in part as a result of
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reports of women being intimidated and assaults and rob as long the trail by various groups of teens. and the latest just lack week. johnson says there are three, four or five of these cases over the last two years and the cameras thought to be an aid in identifying individuals involved and the cameras at this point will not go live. not monitored live but being recording all the time that the idea of having them monitor live is a work in progress. >> we are working with the philadelphia police department to see if we can get a live feed with the crime center located on oregon avenue that would be a part of the process. people say if you are not doing a live feed how else could it be effective. the police officers can use the footage in reviewing who is hanging out on this trail on a day to day basis.
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>> well, live monitor would be a big advantage but at this point it's a work in progress. the price tag for the cameras, $150,000 and johnson's office came up with half the money and half from darryl clark's office as well. they should be installed and running in the next two weeks we are told. live along the schuylkill river, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police have a deadly stabbing investigation on their hands today after a man was killed with a kitchen knife in west oak lane. the 43-year-old victim was laying on the front steps of a neighbor's house on the 6400 block of north 20th street. the knife was sticking out of his back and they are checking surveillance cameras for possible video of at tacker. >> concerned parents and police rushed to overbrook high school after a teacher reported hearing a gunshot. it turned out to be a false alarm. and a brief lockdown but they
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found no victims outside of the school. >> still on "action news" at 4:00, the nfl draft is not coming back to philadelphia next year we'll tell you where it's going instead. >> the philadelphia puts the finishing touches on the bid for amazon headquarters. >> and actress judith light reveals the secret to her actor husband, whylying in separate houses is the key.
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we want to get back to breaking news. a manhunt is underway for violence suspects wanted for the workplace shooting, that happened in maryland and a shooting in wilmington they are looking for this man. 37-year-old radead prince. police are considering him armed
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and dyingous and lease in multiple states are looking for him. >> he is suspected of shooting five people in edge wood, maryland and three of them fatally and then shots fired in wilmington than victim survived and has identified this man. here is a look at the car police are searching for now. like this, a black 2008 gmc arcadia, he is armed and dangerous but they do believe that his victims today were targeted. that this was not a random attack. police are on the hundred for this man now and that is the car and license plate. if you know anything about this call 911 right away. president trump is denying accusations today that he was insensitive to a grief stricken military family and reduced a widow to tears. >> congresswoman wilson says she was with the widow of sergeant
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ladavid johnson when the president called. he was killed in niger two weeks ago. and he could not remember johnson's name and knew what he signed up to but i guess it's hard any way and the president says he did not say that and he has proof. but when asked what proof he declined to say. >> officers gathered in upper darby today to use emotional intelligence in their police work. chief michael chitwood is hosting a seminar focused on racial and emotional training for seven area departments. mr. chitwood says the goal is to help officers and suspects and victims and themselves as well. >> open the lines of communications and have the officers understand what is happening when they are out there on the street. and that the interaction between the police and the community is positive. >> well, chief chitwood says
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that they are trained and go on to train others in their departments. the nfl draft will not come back it philadelphia last year despite widespread praise. they chose the dallas cowboy stadium for the nfl draft. like salt in the wound. it covers the entire field and outdoor plazas. they say it will help the draft's evolution after philadelphia raised the bar. and the revamped philadelphia 76ers kick off their season on the road. and this team is loaded with great young talent including two number draft picks, jeff skversky is live in d.c. with a look at the match-up against the wizards tonight. hey jeff. >> hey when was the last time sixers fans were this excited about an opener, sixers head
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coach brett brown says it's the most optimistic he has been about the sixers club. the team and players they are like kids in a candy store. getting ready for the tip-off with the wizards coming up at 7:00 on espn and the friends at the sister network giving us a behind the scenes look as the sixers get ready. >> make it real defense make it real. good starts. too easy! too easy! >> expectations are high. there is an excitement level that people can feel. it's been a tough few years here and people are anxious to see winning basketball. >> okay markelle.
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>> i feel a responsibility. to try to grow a winning program. philadelphia the city won't tolerate anything else we get that. this stage for us is a good collusion where we are at and where we hope we are end up. >> that is a great find -- great basketball. >> just feels like we are more complete. we are there and closer to where we want to be. >> it's a hard league to jump into it and make hay makers right away but we have high expectations and ambitions. >> another great team comes through philadelphia. that is what we want to give them. working hard. the future is bright. >> the sixers back live in d.c. warming up getting ready for the
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wizards tonight and joel embiid is on a minute restriction around the 16 minute mark and markelle fultz makes his debut off the bench. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> we are ready for it. this should be great. thanks. you can watch the sixers take on the wizards tonight right over on our sister network, espn. tip-off scheduled for 7:00 tonight. cities across america are putting the final touches on their bids for amazon's new headquarters and the 50,000 high paying jobs that come with it. philadelphia's coalition released a promotional video meant to attract the company showing why philly delivers and packed with business owners explaining why the city works from the diversity and dining and cultural institutions. >> time for the forecast. midweek. it's a busy day today. >> lose your train of thought
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here every day is so spectacular out there. it's like groundhog day. just the same as yesterday and today is the same as tomorrow and the same on friday. take a look now live on sky 6 hd outside of our weather window here in the weather center in cape may. a couple of folks there just sitting along the waters edge. a beautiful day to be at the shore and in fact if you look towards the weekend maybe also a nice weekend to head to the shore and not feeling october like. and in fact saturday and sunday there will be high clouds coming in over the weekend and we won't have the crystal clear blue sky and a lot of sun both days and high temperatures running 11 degrees above normal both saturday and sunday and temperatures topping off around 76 degrees and low humidity and really pleasant weather. in fact as we look at the numbers, out there right now, 71 philadelphia trenton millville and dover, 72 warmer than that for reading and the lehigh valley. and poconos 66 degrees.
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and for those folks sitting on the sand. 68 in cape may and 69 in beach haven and the ocean temperature still not bad if you want to dip your feet in at 65 degrees. as we look at the 24 hour change we have come up at least 10 degrees if not a couple of degrees warmer than that. from this time yesterday. in fact, 12 degrees warmer in the poconos and 13 degrees warmer at the shore. as we look at the month so far this year, we are halfway through the month and temperatures running 7.2 degrees above normal. the majority is afternoon high temperatures, above normal and do that the 19 and, 20th and 22nd and 23rd and even the 24th. another string of warm temperatures ahead. quiet across the country, at the rockies, showers and southern parts of florida.
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that is about it. the forecast for tonight temperatures in the 40s in the suburbs and 51 for philadelphia and clear and comfy and not as chilly as it was the the last few nights and as you look at the day planner for tomorrow the bright blue sky southwest winds 5 to 10. similar to today topping off in the mid to low 70s at 8:00 in the morning. looking at the four day at 4:00 forecast, splendidly sunny and high clouds over the weekend but temperatures 11 degrees above normal at 76. and we get warmer than that in the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> adam, thank you. more "action news" at 4:00 coming up right after this.
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aetna's medicare part d drug coverage options are helping her enjoy life her way. call aetna and enroll today. because getting older clearly isn't what it used to be. hundreds of philadelphia students took a stand against breast cancer. chopper 6 hd was over northern liberties when the teenagers formed a human breast cancer ribbon outside of bodine high
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school. they wore a pink shirt for breast cancer awareness month. the students raised over $500 and all benefit the susan g. komen foundation. >> mega millions will have a bigger chance of winning a $1 million lottery check. being redesigned to give people a better odds of getting the secondary prizes, choosing a five number field one through 70 and mega ball one to 25. and it allows the jackpot to start higher at $40 million. >> and a happen write birthday to a woman in south jersey, ann schwartzs was tweeted like a queen to celebrate her birthday. to celebrate the milestone, the party had a beach theme in honor of her love of going to atlantic city. she believes the secret to her
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longevity is a good family life. chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos.
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and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues breaking news coming out of delaware with connections to maryland. there is a manhunt for a shooter suspected of killing three people at an office complex in maryland. and then an hour later the
4:30 pm
police say the same suspect shot someone at an auto lot in wilmington. identifies adeed prince of wilmington. he shot five people there maryland where three of them dies. >> our officers were speaking with him and our officers were advised by the victim. gave us the name the same suspect from maryland, same description of a vehicle that just shot him and he was known to him. our officers saw the vehicle leaving the scene and were able to give a short chase and lost the vehicle northbound on market street. the last time we saw this individual was earlier this morning. police say that prince is considered armed and dangerous and driving a black gmc ar quaid yeah. and a delaware tag.
4:31 pm
pc 64273. and if you see prince are you urged to call 911. you can also call the fbi tip line at 1-800-call-fbi. be sure to stay with for the latest updates on this story. right now you can find all the up to the moment details and more information on the suspect being hunted in this case. and along with videos and photos from the scene. >> in delaware the search continues for the car in claymont with a child inside. luckily the child realized what was happening and quickly got out of the car before the woman drove off. >> you have the details on this one. >> reporter: quick thinking child that did not panic brian, state police call this a carjacking investigation tonight as they search for a car theft suspect that nearly kidnapped a 6-year-old child. this 29-year-old claymont mother and her 6-year-old son are at home tonight reflecting on their
4:32 pm
frightening experience at 8:30 this morning. she drove into this wawa parking lot with her child in the backseat and turned off the ignition and left the keys to go into the store. >> the 6-year-old son came in and advised her that someone had taken their car. the investigation revealed that after the 29-year-old claymont woman entered the wawa the white female she noticed on the front sidewalk approached her vehicle and entered it and drove away. and prior to the vehicle going into motion the 6-year-old was able to exit the vehicle. >> this is the suspect who remains at large at this hour. she was outside of the wawa for sometime sitting under a blanket. >> a 25 to 30-year-old white female with long brown hair wearing a gray hoody and black leggings and carrying a yellow blanket. >> police say the suspect sped away south towards wilmington
4:33 pm
driving the 2008 silver hyundai sonata with a tag 245559. the mother and son are home in claymont tonight safe and sound. uninjured to hunt for the carjacking suspect who remains at large at this hour. i'm vernon odom in penny hill, delaware. >> thank you. >> a 15-year-old shot several times in newcastle, delaware and the police telling us that the gunman remains on the loose and the gun fire rang out at 9:30 on the unit block of highland boulevard. the victim remains in the hospital at this hour and no arrests are made. >> there is no serious injuries in this crash today on i-95 in bucks county but quite the scene. look for yourself. a car ended up underneath a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck it happened at 6:30 this
4:34 pm
morning on the northbound lanes of 95 in bristol. traffic was blocked for miles during the busy morning rush. police in newark have clear images of a man wanted for a theft at an apartment building. they captured outside of the door on stanford drive. he had two packages stolen and the items inside had a total value of $315 and the victim turned the surveillance video over to police and anyone with information is urged to contact newark police. switching thousand to the forecast and a nice day and fall like outside today. kept the sunshine and notched up the temperature a bit. meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now in the weather center with the details. smooth sailing with the rest of the week and the temperatures slowly warm even more than they did today. we talk about yesterday compared to today and it was quite the change, yesterday it was the cool day with the high
4:35 pm
temperature 61 despite the full sunshine and today we have the mix out the atmosphere a bit and with the same amount of sunshine the temperatures recovered up to 71 degrees so far, 10 degrees above yesterday. as we take a live look now at sky 6 hd at the ben franklin parkway there. you can see the flag not blowing all that much a light wind and in the background the lit trees trying to change a bit as the sun gets lower on the horizon this time of year and this time of day. as we look at tomorrow's forecast another winner and cloudless sky and flawless with temperatures in the 70s. we'll talk about the seven day in just a bit. >> adam, thank you. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney was in center city as volunteers who work with immigrants were honored. "action news" was at the hebrew immigrant aid society. the theme of the meeting was keeping the door open. the volunteers were recognized
4:36 pm
for their work to support immigrants refugees and assume lum seekers. residents took to the streets to voice their opposition about a controversial photo that went viral on social media. rick williams has the details on this one. >> thank you. at first photo looks like high school students celebrating a successful pumpkin carving season but it's what was carved that created a stir online and one local community tonight as well. "action news" walter perez has more on the protest coming up tonight at 5:00. >> also coming up tonight a dead dog mixup. how a family's beloved pet that they were told had to be put down ended up living for months without their knowledge. just some stories we are following for you just a bit at 5:00. we'll see you later. philadelphia police joined
4:37 pm
officials from penndot and local school districts today to highlight the dangers of improperly passing a school bus. "action news" was in the rhawnhurst section for the 21st annual operation safe stop. pennsylvania law requires drivers to stop at least 10 feet away from school buss that have their lights flashing and the stop arm extended. those that ignore the law put children at risk and face serious penalties. >> a $250 fine and 5 points against their driving record that causes their insurance to go up substantially and lose their license for 60 days. >> today's blitz is part of national bus safety week. there is more ahead on "action news" at 4:00. a dramatic scene caught on camera when a teenager was stuck underneath a car. and judith light tells why
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her hollywood marriage stayed happy and alive for more than three decades.
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a number of issues including russian investigation in which sessions reveals he was not interviewed by the justice department or special counsel robert mueller. sessions says that he urged president trump to fire comey because of comey's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. but sessions refused to say whether he also discussed comey's involvement in the russia investigation with president trump. a quick thinking deputy is being hail aid hero today for saving a kentucky teenagers life
4:41 pm
using only a tire jack. this is video from deputy ryan strange's body camera saturday. you can see him grabbing the tool from the back of this suv and racing toward the 15-year-old skateboarder trapped underneath the car with help from the driver that accidentally hit the teen, deputy strange was able to get the vehicle off the boy's body. he was rushed to the hop but is expected to be okay. >> all right now to the big talkers, if you are anything like me and have a soft spot for sitcoms, you remember judith light and she was famous for who's the boss. she and her husband has been married for 32 years. she sat down with "people" magazine and said the reason they were happily married all of that time is that they don't live together. she lives in new york city and he lives on the west coast in california. they don't even live close, she
4:42 pm
says it's the best situation and highly recommends it. they met in the early 80s when both were starring on the soap opera one life to live. that is 6-year-old oliver he always wanted to be a police officer and when the local police department heard about him they gave him the temporary badge and that got him thinking how to spend more time with police and set up a lemonade stand and a donut stand to serve them. he sent out an invasion. >> about 100 officers from 10 different stations from two states showed up. >> how they do good things for people and i said i want to do good things too. >> there was hugs and handshakes
4:43 pm
and one officer lifted oliver up and admiring his kid uniform. a good kid. >> you find yourself wondering what lies beneath hamburger helper's little glove. you are in luck the the secret is uncovered it was started when a twitter user by the name of booma thurmond asked them to figure out the anatomy of lefty. maybe there say tiny skeletal system underneath the padding but a creeping crouchy creature with a bony red nose just when the internet was getting weird with this hamburger helper stepped in to set the record straight. they feeted this photo. simply captioned if i must -- they insist the mascot can't be
4:44 pm
defined with human standards. there are four distinct arms. so mystery solved. >> now we know thanks to twitter. we were dieing to know. >> i was think being this yesterday. time now for a check of the roads. >> no bones about it. we have meaty delays as you try to head home on the hump day evening. an accident on 95 southbound the same place we had the overturned tree trimming truck and the accident was blocking a couple of lanes and it cleared a few minutes ago and the delays are not clear yet from route 13 and from this point stick with it, normal volume along 95 through wilmington. i think that 495 southbound is still the way to go. 95 northbound 17 miles per hour as you head toward the work zone over tally road. and not far off in newcastle the ramp from 295 northbound headed toward the delaware memorial bridge and the ramp to go north
4:45 pm
on 213 is blocked and the emergency cleanup following an accident and if you want to get to 13 get on 495 northbound and from there you can get to 13. a couple other accidents one at church mans crossing and one in glass co, and a crash on the 30 bypass westbound where the home depot sits on the left side. and it's on the shoulder and extra heavy from 202 and as you see sun glare it an issue on the ride home for the westerly and southerly routes this afternoon? >> a crash on the main line montgomery avenue it sounds like that is in the process of clearing out. one on the schuylkill eastbound through the blue route than is push to the side and speeds in the 20s east of king of prussia after the six accident as lon 95 no accidents reported in pennsylvania just typical
4:46 pm
slowing with speeds in the 20s. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> 95 progress. matt, thanks. we have the accuweather forecast after this.
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4:48 pm
>> immediate bit, adam joseph joining us now as far as fall days go it doesn't get much better than this one. the month is exceptional with temperatures running 7 degrees above normal and the seven day we stay in the 70s for the majority of it here with a lot of sunshine. the weather center here it's all good as we move forward here, we have the philadelphia vietnam war memorial here down in penn's landing. one thing i want to note is all the trees, they are green still. almost at the end of the october. and not even a sign-in parts of
4:49 pm
center city with any of those leaves turning color at this point. delayed this year. as we look at the weather headlines a beautiful fall stretch is on the way. mild and dry right through the upcoming weekend the only change over the weekend is high clouds coming into the sky but we are still going to have full sunshine here through saturday and sunday. rain is possible late monday night into tuesday hopefully after the eagles game the rain will start to arrive and it could be that way and then a cold shot comes in late the following week as we look at some of those numbers right now. we are in the 70s all inland locations, 72 allentown as well as philadelphia. 71 trenton as well as millville. dover 71 degrees. 60s in the poconos and right along the shore temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. high pressure is in control and the high right now is just to our south and west and you can see a void in cloud cover not only do we have the deep blue
4:50 pm
sky but they are sharing it in new england. most of the ohio valley, down to the deep south here you see a couple of clouds in central parts of kentucky. and that is about it. clear and comfy overnight and not as cool as the last couple of nights. 43 degrees in the suburbs and 51 tore center city. and not dropping to the 30s with the southwest wind 2 to 4 miles per hour. as we break down your day tomorrow. the commuter forecast here. 50s in the morning. again, maybe a light jacket but definitely don't need a heavy coat or sweatshirt. lunch time hour upper 60s and 70s for the afternoon and the evening commute. temperatures falling into the middle 60s a really nice thursday on tap. tomorrow high pressure goes down to the south and west. 72 degrees and more of a southwesterly wind tomorrow and another beauty. the high kind of drifts to the northern here a weak front comes through and you wouldn't even know it here on friday continued
4:51 pm
sunshine and winds from the northwest down sloping wind off the mountains that means it are compressed the air and warms the air more with temperatures of 74. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast just inching up a little bit each day here with fine. 72 tomorrow and 74 on friday. and warm with the high clouds coming in at times saturday into sunday and temperatures 11 degrees above normal and 76 both days and clouds increase on monday and warm and a tad humid at 77 degrees and rain is likely on tuesday. could be stormy at times of 70 with a good soaking and cooler come wednesday and temperatures dropping back to 64 degrees. another really nice weekend on tap for october. >> what's the deal is coming up next. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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all right time for what's the deal today. if you wanted to make a little extra money at home and who doesn't? we found just the thing. it's called swag bucks and nydia han is here with the details. >> i love this. hundreds of dollars to even thousand, swag bucks helping people in a big way and could help you too. cat got this ukulele for free and now letting you in on her secret to saving and making money. >> welcome to swag bucks the fun rewards program that gives you gift cards and cash for the things you do online. >> she goes through the website to shop online and does surveys through the site and earns up to $300 a year as well as gift cards. >> i am a busy mom and own a business and it's crazy at my
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house. >> tina uses swag bucks too. >> how many swag bucks have you earned? >> over a million swag bucks that is $2,000 a year in gift cards and more. >> it helps me buy christmas gifts and birthday gifts and the last two or three years i used it to pay for vacations we have a nine night vacation in disney at christmas and 90% was paid for by swag bucks. >> any time you want to search something on the internet go to hire website or app and search. >> she prints coupons from the site and earns swag bucks. >> you go to the app and create an account. a great help for the little things that don't fit in the budget. >> we can all use help now and
4:56 pm
again. for a link and more information go to back to you. >> very cool. >> thinking about it. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next but right now we go live to meteorologist, cecily tynan, at the philadelphia zoo with a preview with a friend. >> reporter: hi guys, i am at kids do you and i'm with olli, olli is the cute of the cockatiel and they are mini parrots, very popular in the pet trade and they come in a variety of colors but this is what a wild one looks like that you would see in flocks in australia and he loves to be talked to and sung to -- ♪
4:57 pm
he loves that. we'll have more from kids do you on "action news" after this. paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from.
4:58 pm
steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program.
4:59 pm
with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. armed and dangerous that is how police describe the gun man accused of opening fire twice in two states and the man hundred is on to track him down. wednesday night and the search is on for ladeed prince. it began in edgewood 25 miles northeast of baltimore. that is where police say he shot five people killing three of them and then opened fire at 20 and street auto sales and service if wilmington and since then they are working to get prince into police custody. >> you never know what will go through a person's mind but right now the individual is being tracked down as we speak. and we are looking and turning over every stone to find this individual through technology
5:00 pm
and good, good police work. officials say that prince may be driving a black 2008 gmc arcadia with the delaware license pc 64273. if you see that vehicle are you asked to call authorities right away. and for more details we turn to "action news" reporter sara bloomquist live in wilmington where the second shooting happens. >> police say the victims were targeted by the suspect 37-year-old radee prince of wilmington. the spree started in maryland where he is accused of shooting five of his co-workers and last seen at the wilmington car dealership behind me where police say he shot a man he through in the head. >> this guy could be anywhere. look at the states, we have knowledge


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