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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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officials say that prince may be driving a black 2008 gmc arcadia with the delaware license pc 64273. if you see that vehicle are you asked to call authorities right away. and for more details we turn to "action news" reporter sara bloomquist live in wilmington where the second shooting happens. >> police say the victims were targeted by the suspect 37-year-old radee prince of wilmington. the spree started in maryland where he is accused of shooting five of his co-workers and last seen at the wilmington car dealership behind me where police say he shot a man he through in the head. >> this guy could be anywhere. look at the states, we have knowledge new jersey and
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pennsylvania and delaware. and this is radee prince. police say that at 9:00 this morning prince went to his workplace advanced solutions in maryland and opened fire killing three co-workers and seriously wounding two others. and police say after that he drove to wilmington, delaware on the 2800 block of northeast boulevard and here at 20th auto dealership and service he shot a man in the head. and a witness described hearing the gun fire and seeing a man and woman running and calling for help. >> all i heard was a pop. i heard one pop and seen the young lady come running out and ran into the garage. her and the other guy shut the door and i heard a second pop. >> they saw the shooter fleeing the scene and the victim was able to give information.
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>> we came upon the individual conscious and alert and actually shot two times and our officers were speaking with him and our officers were advised by the victim they gave us the name. >> the officer briefly escorted the woman back to the auto body shop. prince is believed to be driving a black 2008 arcadia, pc 64273. and is considering armed and dangerous. >> and abc news confirms that prince was involved in another violence encounter in wilmington, delaware in january of 2016. a man told police that he thought prince was going to shoot him and plowed his car into prince in order to get away. this all out east coast manhunt continues at this hour. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. stay with throughout the evening for the latest updates on this story right now
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you can find out the details yourself and the suspect being hunted along with videos and photos. the photo has caused a firestorm online. walter perez is live with all the details. >> reporter: this is the second racially charged online photo involving coatesville area high school over the past week and officials are implementing measures to make sure this doesn't happen again and at this point parents and students are not concerned that not enough is being done. >> a group of parents marched in protest as they were joined by hundreds of students who left classes early to make their voices heard. >> we are trying to make a point
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we are not out here causing chaos or a ruckus, it's something we care about. this is all in responsible for a disturbing photo recently posted on social media now at the center of a police investigation. it shows four coatesville high school students standing by carved pumpkins one reveals a swastika and another reads kkk. after this photo surfaced last week this shows an ethnic doll hanging from the ceiling of a locker room inside of coatesville high. >> this will not define us. >> dr. castner the superintendant of the coatesville school says she is disgusted by the photos but they will be used to make this a teachable moment. >> we will not tolerate in owe our schools and work to educate children and work to continue to educate staff and we are doing a lot of that. both the school district and local police -- and the photo of
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the hanging doll resulted in the end of the rest of the schedule. she understands the protesters but important to deal with the situation with level heads. >> you can't act out and make it worse than it is already. >> it's pretty hard. and it's a lot happening now. >> reporter: now at this point there is no indication that any possible charges may be pending but the students involved in both cases will be subject to sensitivity training and council egg in the wake of this. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now surveillance cameras are popping up at the schuylkill river trail in an effort to increase safety. 21 cameras will cover eight entrances from arch street to north of the south street bridge, installation of the 150,000 initiative began today. it's part of a multilevel
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security effort. >> we want to have call boxes if you are out here running and don't have a cell phone we don't want a person to be stranded when it comes to calling the philadelphia police department. right now the camera footage is used to fight crime and the city does not plan to monitor the cameras in real time. >> in new jersey police are investigating a mixup over a sick dog. a family was told their beloved pet had to be put down but little do they know the dog ended up living for several other months under someone else's care. nora muchanic is live in the new jersey newsroom with the story. >> reporter: rick, this is one of those stories, you can't make up. a family from monmouth county had their dog for almost 15 years and thought he was finally at peace and now dealing with his death all over again. >> this is caesar whose family grieved five months ago when the chronically ill dog had to be
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euthanize the in howell, monmouth county and imagine their surprise when they got a tip call that caesar was still alive. >> i album founded and don't know how to feel. >> he paid $192 for the dog's remation and got a condolence letter from the family's long-term vet but instead he euthanizing caesar he let a tech take the dog home without the levy's knowledge or per mis. >> you charged me to put him down and sneak him out the back door. it's horrifying. >> when the police got involved the tech was ordered to return caesar and then he was so ill. >> we don't know if there was care being rendered. >> theft charges again the doctor for basically taking the victim's money and not performing the service.
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>> we were unable to can't the doctor for comment and they no longer work at briar wood and the veterinarian bought the practice last week is upset. >> it's hard enough to decide a pet should pass, and to have to deal with that twice for the same pet is just unthinkable. >> the animal think the dog was suffering. >> it's so inhumane, how could you sleep at night. >> police and the spca will meet with the monmouth county prosecutors office tomorrow to see what if any charges will be filed. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you nora. time now for a check of of the "action news" traffic report. wednesday night and matt pellman is in the traffic center with a check of the commute home tonight. >> getting over the hump heading home on this wednesday evening rick and monica. there is not much left of that crash along the schuylkill
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expressway eastbound past the blue route that is good news and one police officer off to the side. lanes are open and still a plenty slow go, from 202 through this point into the conshohocken curve and don't forget overnight tonight, starting at 11:00 they are closing down this ramp from the schuylkill westbound to conshohocken route 23 closing for a few nights this week for overnight construction, and issues in new jersey, a crash in cherry hill along 70 westbound, just behind 295, blocking the acceleration lane and 20 miles per hour past the scene. and the neighborhood in evesham township a vehicle flipped over at hanover road and avoid that as well. in glassboro, reports of a vehicle into a building on main street and newcastle delaware the ramp to go northbound on 13 is blocked and emergency repairs following a crash there. get to 13 via 495 instead. we'll check it again in the next
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half hour. >> thank you. still ahead. new developments in the health care fight in washington. and the stance from roger goodell after weeks of players protesting the national anthem. and the sixers open their sport against washington and jeff skversky is there live from d.c. hey jeff. hey guys the much anticipated sixers opener is finally here tonight and ben simmons and the sixers are warming up behind me. and joel embiid is getting ready for the wizards and the much anticipated season. can you wait? we'll hear about it coming up in sports. i'm live at the philadelphia zoo and i have gc here and that is a guam rail. these spcays are extinct in the wild. back before the 80s there were 70,000 of them on the island of guam and then the brown tree snake came and killed off all of
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them so the philadelphia zoo with went in and rescued them along with the national zoo and the bronx zoo and now an active program and get the species back in the wild someplace they are safe. we have details in the live chat now. we'll have a lot more when "action news" returns.
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the head of the nfl says there will be no change in the league policy when it comes to the national anthem but the league believes that players should stand during the ceremony and commissioner goodell outlined the dilemma of the two days owner meeting in new york. >> they are not doing it to be respectful to the flag and know how it's being interpreted. >> goodell says that today's discussion is showing how to support players and fans rather than policy changes or punishments. this sannish through that pretty is vocal about online and to the media. he tweeted out this response. it said quote, too much talk and not enough action. stand for the national anthem.
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a bipartisan deal on health care may be dead. president trump tweets he cannot support it. ali gorman has the details from the "action news" billing board tonight. ali -- >> reporter: the tweet applauds working together but i could never support bailing out insurance companies that made a fortune with obama care. it aimed to extend payments to help cover lower income americans and in exchange states would have more flexibility to design coverage plans. initially it was thought that presense would support the bill as a short-term measure and today we learn that is not the case. also today americans are taking more pills than ever before. and sometimes when things are added or combined. it can create problems. this saturday consumer reports and federal health officials are urging everyone to get a medication checkup and enlisted some fun friends to help.
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>> do you take a lot of medicine? >> they enlisted the mup pets to get the word out for the national check your mets day and the idea is to have americans take prescription and over-the-counter drugs to their doctor or pharmacist for a review. and check for harmful interactions and eliminate unnecessarily limitations. >> you are like a super hero. >> some pharmacies will have extra staff on hand and you can check with yours to see if they are participating. and it's a good idea if you take a lot of medications to check with your health care provider any time a change is made or take something over the counter. including supplements. meantime acting u.s.
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attorney announced that 12 philadelphia restaurants agreed to remove barriers for the disability act compliance review and correct any other violations that may exist at their other restaurants. she never let anything slow her down.
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a special day of giving back to men and women, at lockheed martin helped to stock stockings help at the museum to show veterans and their families they are loved especially at the holidays. the part of a month of giving some of philadelphia's best depate baiters are teaching their skills to kids. they got to hear a match between the best high school debatedeba. they give improvement to get ready for the city wide scholastic debate league. the official competition begins next month. eagles defensive end chris long is donating the rest of his season salary in the name of education equality. giving 10 game checks to the new
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initiative called pledge ten for tomorrow. it earn courages equal opportunities in philadelphia, st. louis and boston the three cities he has played in. the city what raises the most money before the end of the season gets an additional $50,000 donation. >> terrific wow. >> coming up a check of the forecast. >> looking live sky 6 hd with a pretty picture of penn's landing. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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time for the accuweather forecast that means we go to the zoo. cecily tynan has a furry friend or actually a feathered friend tonight. >> winging it -- >> a big feathered friend this is george, george is a fan tailed pigeon and this is one really big pigeon these guys are strictly show birds and they cannot fly. look at the size of them. it's a fat pigeon and they are very, very big. whoa. let me show you the fan tail. if you look at the tail there are about 30 to 40 feathers and the typical pigeon has about 15 feathers, these guys were bread for show and they think they
5:25 pm
originated in pakistan and they are not found in the wild. if you look at the feet they also have all of these really, really ornate feathers on the feet. lets get george on his perch. there you go whoa. he will just walk around. he will do whatever he wants to do. i'll try to feed him pellets. come on georgie. no? here. forget it. we'll try to get him back on the per. and lets talk about the weather a gorgeous day to head to the philadelphia zoo not nearly as cool as yesterday. yesterday we were stuck in the low 60s and right now in physical. 71 degrees and allentown and reading and trenton 70 and cape may cooler and closer to the ocean 66 and wilmington 69 degrees compare this to 24 hours ago. we are warmer, 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. it feels nice out there and
5:26 pm
loads of sunshine and october so far has been on the warm side. 13 of the 18 days have been above arrange and look at the bottom number temperatures this month running 7 degrees above average and we'll keep the trend for the next several days. satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure in control and if you look at the eastern half of the country the only place east of the rockies is florida. the high pressure slicing out nice. and tonight temperatures are not as cool as the past few nights. philadelphia 51 degrees and this morning we dropped down to 48 degrees the average low for this time of the year and a chill in the air. allentown 43 and wilmington 44 and cape may 50 degrees, the day planner showing tomorrow a day with bright sunshine and wall-to-wall sunshine not a cloud in the sky. 7 to 14 miles per hour. a repeat performance of today.
5:27 pm
starts out warmer 8:00 and 53. and 11:00, 63 and 5:00, 71 and 8:00, 63 degrees with clear skies, it's five-day at 5:00 more of this gorgeous weather on the way and temperatures trend up gradually, by thursday loads of sunshine tomorrow and 72 degrees and friday we bump it up to 74 and warms up more on saturday and winds from the southwest. and picks up moisture and high, thin clouds streaming in and 76 degrees and sunday the same and 76 degrees and monday increasing clouds ahead of our next cold front. 77 degrees and could be a sprinkle or shower monday night for monday night football and the steady rain appears to be holding off until tuesday we'll talk about that and cooler weather in the seven-day forecast. look at this, george is back in his perch being a good guy. and we have incredibly smart rats coming up here in a few
5:28 pm
minutes. live from the philadelphia zoo. he is eating the food i'm providing the first time all year. he likes my cooking. >> thanks cecily. much more "action news."
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. the search is on for a woman that stole a wawa in delaware and attorney general jeff sessions is grilled again on capitol hill about his knowledge of the russian investigation and the wait is over the season opener for the sixers live in washington, d.c. with a preview coming up. first update on the breaking news story we are monitoring or continuing to monitor the all out manhunt for a gunman that shot five people in his job in edge wood, maryland. and now connected to delaware as well. he is radee prince. this is the car they believe he is still zrifing there a black
5:31 pm
arcadia, with a license plate pc 46273. and detectives say that prince walked into an edgewood, maryland business and started shooting. three people died and reportedly prince drove up to a car dealership in wilmington and shot a man and took off. there was a brief chase and officers were not able to catch him but police say he targeted people he knew and were not random attacks, if you see prince you are urged to call 911 and call the fbi tip line at 1-800-call-fbi. and in delaware a woman that stopped in a wawa never imagined she would almost lose her child to a car thief. it happened in claymont this morning, the woman's 6-year-old sonu what to do when he sensed danger. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live outside of the police barracks. with how it unfolded.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: good evening monica, clearly he is a bright young man. schooled already how to handle situations he faces out here in the cruel world. his quick reaction today averted a crisis. >> she left the keys in the ignition. >> that was the key mistake this mother made this morning. when the 29-year-old woman pulled into the wawa and went into the store leaving her 6-year-old son in the backseat and this is the woman that they say jump in the driver seat and started the car and the child jumps out and ran into the store. >> he recognized this was not a familiar person to him and the situation was not something norm ago and recognizes in his best interest and he did the correct thing exited the vehicle and not making a confrontation with the suspect and going in and getting a trusted adult who in this case was obviously his mother. >> the suspect was last seen
5:33 pm
driving south toward wilmington a silver 2008 hyundai sonata with the license plate 24559. the suspect is described as a 25 to 30-year-old bright female with long brown here with a gray hoody and black leggings and carrying a yellow blanket. >> the search tonight for that suspect continues. the stolen car has not surfaced anywhere at least so far. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" in penny hill, delaware. >> this. a man was found dead with a knife if his back on a west oak lane porch overnight. and authorities don't know how he ended up there or who would want him dead. it happened on north 20th street and officers arrived and found the victim 10 feet from the front door, he did not live there but was from the neighborhood.
5:34 pm
>> there were several people inside of the property where the victim collapsed and was subsequently pronounced dead and the police are talking to the occupants of the property to see what they know about this individual and if they know anything about the motive. >> detectives are checking surveillance cameras on a nearby school to see if they can find footage of a possible suspect. >> no serious injuries on a crash on i-95 in bucks county. it snarlsed traffic pulled by a pickup truck incredible it happened at 6:30 this morning in bristol and traffic is blocked for miles during the morning rush and the exact cause is still under investigation. >> two people were trapped after a car flipped over on northbound i-95 this happened at 6:00 a.m. near the airport in southwest philadelphia. still no word on the conditions of either victim in the one car wreck. and police in newark have clear
5:35 pm
images of a man wanted for theft. a surveillance camera captured the suspect october 6th outside of the building on stanford drive. here it is again. the victim says that two packages were stolen with $315 worth of items inside. and anyone with information is asked to call newark police. well, on the heels of out rain ore the president accusing his predecessors of not calling the families of fallen soldiers, is he on the hot seat on one of the calls he made. congresswoman wilson says she heard the conversation on speaker phone between president trump and the special forces soldier widow of david johnson. the president said quote, he knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts anyone. wilson says it was insensitive.
5:36 pm
>> i didn't say that at all and she knows it. i did not say what she said. and i would like her to make the statement again because i did not say what she said. >> but wilson is standing by the account season sergeant johnson mother is now backing here telling the "washington post" president trump did disrespect my son and daughter and me and my husband. and sergeant johnson along with three other green berets were killed in niger. and they asked him about an improper contact anything with russia during the presidential campaign and he again denied it. earlier this year sessions had to recuse himself from the justice department investigation on the campaign ties to russia after it was revealed he had conversations with the russian ambassador and robert mueller led the investigation today and sessions was pressed if he was
5:37 pm
invited to be interviewed by mueller. >> i am asking you now? >> i don't recall i was asked to provide interview with the special counsel. you seem to know and i don't want to be trapped and you know something i don't know. >> sessions said he was not interviewed by mueller's team and the issue of russian meddling covered topics including immigration and criminal justice reform. world news tonight has more on attorney general jeff sessions on capitol hill as well as the controversy over president trump's commons about contacting families of fallen soldiers. and police joined penndot and local schools to help kids safe on and off the school bus, the 21st annual operation safe stop. and they made driver as wear of the dangers and penalties for not stopping when the school bus
5:38 pm
is stopped for children. you must stop for when it's stopped for kids to get on even when are you in the opposite lane and it's part of national school bus safety week. and speaking of traffic time for a check of the "action news" traffic report right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. we are not coming to a safe stop along 95 in delco, rick and monica. sun glare and volume and it's not surprising the traffic is stopping near the delaware state line and somebody didn't get stopped in time a crash near chester southbound side near the commodore barry bridge now off to the side. but it's extra heavy as it comes southbound 95 approaching 420 through this point at the barry bridge. in delaware plenty busy 6 miles per hour. the northbound sides backs up as well over the new work zone at tally road and a crash on 495 southbound at this point it's
5:39 pm
still sluggish there 495 is the better bet through 95 through the first state. if you try to get to 13 do so video 95. the off ramp is closed because of repairs from an earlier crash. and police activity along route 1 southbound at the roth bridge 9 miles per hour as you head down to odessa and stick with 13 instead. a crash in cherry hill speeds of 13 miles per hour there. >> thank you sir. >> still ahead on "action news" there is speculation and the wait is over. the sixers season opener is here and jaime apody has details in sports including a live report from washington, d.c. ahead of tonight's game and they may look like paper flowers for those that are making them and those that are receiving them. cecily is at the zoo tonight -- >> hi guys i'm here with danny and also here with cooper.
5:40 pm
cooper is a ring necked dove. in the wild they are found in africa but also the most popular doves kept in captivity and they come in a variety of colors and cooper has the red eyes and a tawney color and the ring around their neck that is why they are called a ring neck dove and pretty intelligent and an intelligent animal is the rat and they trained the rat to do the obstacle course and i will basically bring them through the motion. here at the zoo. coming up live from the philadelphia zoo. back to you guys. >> sounds good. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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the long awaited sixers season is about to get underway. >> you guys excited. >> yes. >> do you trust the process? joel embiid did until he heard a minute restriction regardless of how much he played and i have not heard that much anticipation for the opener. and jeff skversky is live in washington with the team as they
5:44 pm
get the season starts with the wizards and jeff you have a special guest? >> yes, we do. hey jaime we are here with robert covington. the whole city is buzzing back in philadelphia ready for this opener, we hear trust the process forever. what is the feeling like? as you take the floor for the much anticipated season. the a lot of excitement. we have been through a lot and now to see where we are at with the team and the excitement. it's unbelievable and guys can't wait to start playing and tonight as well. long awaited and guys talking about this for a long time. now it's here. just excited to be here. >> they are also talking about playoffs. from the the moment markelle fultz is drafted he is talking about playoffs and joel embiid is talking about playoffs. >> this team can be good and even we don't understand how good.
5:45 pm
we haven't played a full season yet. special talent ben from injury and joel a great pickup. and a lot of pieces and a lot of guys that can be put in different positions and that makes it more scary as a team and that makes it so special and 26 years old and by no means old. the long of the tenured sixer, what do you give for advice. who is making the nba advice? >> don't get caught up in it. you get jitters but go out and play the game and are you blessed to be in the position and go out and play a game and don't try to do nothing outside of yourself and go out and have fun. >> you have been in the league for a few years, 67 starts last year, do you have jitters what is your pregame feeling?
5:46 pm
>> just relaxed and listening to music and clearing my mind and zeroing in on task and go about the way we handle everything on the court and say the longest tenure on the team and i have a voice on the team and no matter what we are all on the court. >> good luck tonight against the wizards. live in d.c. >> the first time you looked short jeff. thank you. you can watch the sixers take on the wizards tonight on espn. must see tv and the birds one final day of rest before the match-up for the red skins and they expect to get johnson back and wendell smallwood after missing the last two games with swelling in his knee and was expected to play all 16 to prove he is durable. and he is not happy about the time he is missed. >> frustrated a lot kind of not
5:47 pm
in the game plan and out there to help and progresses as the year goes on and suck it up and not pay attention to it. >> we are teaming up with phl 17 to bring you all of monday night's action. pregame special countdown to kickoff. the game is at 8:30, eagles red skins, monday night football on phl 17. the eagles are for real and the sixers they say are for real and the flyers are for real. >> we'll see. >> a lot to look forward to. thank you. well, flowers for immigrants that is the idea behind a new workshop behind the barnes museum. michelle ortiz let the paper flower making a tradition handed down by her grandmother each has a message of freedom for people at the berks detention center for immigrants. it will be assembled next week at city hall. and a special thank you
5:48 pm
today for the volunteers that provide services and support to immigrants and refugees throughout the region. the immigrant agency responded to the lunch enhere in center city and under this year's theme of keeping the door open they honored selected individuals that gave up their time despite a challenging climate for immigrants across the u.s. these days and mayor kenny on hand to offer congratulations to the honor honorees. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone.
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the sun was out today and temperatures start out on the chilly side and warmed up nicely and perfect time to head outdoors for the outdoor adventure. and cecily tynan is live at the zoo. >> hi guys, i am at kid do you. i'm with danny and danny has dazy on her shoulder and rats are one of the most misunderstood animals. >> people at home are saying what are you doing with that rat? and they are intelligent and people don't realize that and we'll have a display of that. they are intelligent and trainable. and learn quickly and social creatures and make friends and laugh and can be tickled and share with one mother. >> they can make a good pet? >> absolutely. they don't have a long life span two to three years.
5:52 pm
a good starter pet, as long as you know how to care for them. this could be a great pet for someone looking for a companion animal. that is not necessarily the same size as a cat or dog. we'll show you the people at home how trainable these guys are. it's a science experiment. it's an obstacle course and poppy is getting ready to go. lets go and look over at tiny tot barn. and i need a cage too. there he goes. >> so danny he is going into a maze. now poppy is trained to go in the maze and navigate the maze and part of the way to do this is following extent trails and every time they go through the trail they leave an extent mark and know where they have been where and where they need to go. >> how long does it take a rat.
5:53 pm
they are motivated and have certain levels of attention span and how much they want to learn, it could take a few weeks to a few months. come on poppy. come on now. >> is this something you can see often? if you come for boo at the zoo this weekend? >> if you come this weekend among many owner things throughout the zoo one thin we have going on is the rat demo. kids do you is fun. we have so much going on. >> turn off the light yes. come on poppy. come on. good job. we got him. that is one of the things we do with the rats. we got him. >> that was awesome. i want to talk about the weather quickly and then we have recycling we can show. more cool stuff. >> lets talk about the weather what a nice rebound with temperatures yesterday we were stuck in the 60s and today up to 72 degrees, that is 6 degrees above normal with all the
5:54 pm
sunshine. currently philadelphia 71, reading 70 and dover 70 and cape may 65 degrees. matching the ocean temperature. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing the high pressure is just off the delmarva. and what this means is as it sneaks farther to the east we get the southwesterly flow and we'll gradually be warming up for the rest of the week, clear and comfortable and not quite as cool for the past few nights. and 51 for center city. and tomorrow another beauty. wins out of the southwest 7 to 14 miles per hour and the same for allentown and trenton and 73 in cape may 69 degrees and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing loads of sunshine not just tomorrow and into the weekend. the high tomorrow again 72. 74 on friday. saturday high thin clouds and 76 and we match that sunday it's 11
5:55 pm
degrees above arrange. great weekend for boo at the zoo. and for monday night football i creasing clouds that bring us rain on tuesday. cooling and clearing on wednesday. and with a high of 64 degrees, all right we need to show the kids at home to recycle. what do you do here? who is this? >> gilly. >> hurry up gilly. >> in theory she will know which items to recycle and ta could be the rat you meet at the zoo. and trick or treat and all sorts of fun activities. >> and meet gilly who will be hopefully showing the in's and out's of recycling along with other creepy creatures at the zoo. >> don't be afraid of rats. >> they are easily trained. back to you guys. >> love that. good job gilly. a cute little creature -- this reminder keep up with changes to the forecast any time
5:56 pm
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are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us. >> that is it store us "action news" at 6:00 is next. good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. a massive search continues for 37-year-old radee prince of wilmington. police say he is armed and
6:00 pm
dyingous which should be a foregone conclusion after what happened today. radee allegedly shot five people at a business in maryland and shot a man in the head of the northeast boulevard in wilmington delaware and that victim is still alive. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is gun fire and murder at locations this morning. a lot of people are nervous because the alleged gunman is still at large. gray hall is live at wilmington police. sara bloomquist is live at the shooting scene in delaware. gray lets begin with you. >> reporter: well jim, we can tell that you police wrapped up a press conference here a couple of hours ago and we are learning more about the suspect we learned that he has a long rap sheet and was arrested several times in delaware and they don't know where he is or where he is headed but a massive search to


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