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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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dyingous which should be a foregone conclusion after what happened today. radee allegedly shot five people at a business in maryland and shot a man in the head of the northeast boulevard in wilmington delaware and that victim is still alive. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is gun fire and murder at locations this morning. a lot of people are nervous because the alleged gunman is still at large. gray hall is live at wilmington police. sara bloomquist is live at the shooting scene in delaware. gray lets begin with you. >> reporter: well jim, we can tell that you police wrapped up a press conference here a couple of hours ago and we are learning more about the suspect we learned that he has a long rap sheet and was arrested several times in delaware and they don't know where he is or where he is headed but a massive search to
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bring this guy into custody. >> this person shot six people in one day and three are dead right now. three are dead. this is a person with no conscious, this is not a person you should be protecting. the wilmington police chief did not mince words. he wants radee prince off the streets and arrested before he hurts anyone else and they say he is desperate and armed and dangerous and shot three people in the office park where he works killing three of them. >> 911 called a shooter. >> they were right there were it happened and one guy was there crying and they may have been friends and it was their co-workers. >> after the maryland shooting the suspect drove to wilmington and shot a man in the head. that happened at 28th street auto sales and service at northeast boulevard. that victim was rushed to the hospital and no word for motive for any of this violence but they was connected to or
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associated with all the victims. >> targeted. this individual knew the people he wanted to shoot. this was not a random act of violence where he went out and was shooting people up. >> he may be driving a black arcadia. right now several law enforcement agencies across state lines including the fbi is working to capture him. right now the individual is being tracked down as we speak and we are turning over every stone through technology and through good, good police work. >> back out live we can tell you that police tell us they are talking to everyone connected to this suspect. old girlfriends, family members and other associates and we cannot stress this enough. police say this guy is armed and dakkous if you see him do not approach him contact authorities. live in wilmington, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lets switch live to the 2800 block of northeast boulevard that is where "action news"
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reporter sara bloomquist is live. >> reporter: police confirms that the accused maryland shooter traveled here to the wilmington, delaware auto dealership after shooting five of his coworkers in maryland and here he is said to have targeted a man he knew. the place is locked up now and quiet but there was quite a bit of police activity earlier today. >> what happened to him? >> a distraught woman arrived at the scene on the 2800 block of wilmington and a man identified as radee prince, show you had up here and shot a man he knew twice at least once in the head. he saw a woman run from the business office into the garage and heard two gunshots and then saw the woman and northern woman running from the garage the man
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yelling for help. when police arrived on the scene the victim was able to give police prince's name. >> i heard a pop. i heard one pop. and seen a young lady come running out. she ran into the garage. i heard the other guy shut the door and then a second pop and they open the garage door and ran out the gate. >> moments ago we talked to a woman who says she knows the victim of the auto body shooting and suspect. >> prince is a good dude not a bad guy. don't get it twisted. he did a bad thing, terrible thing. >> responding officers at the you body shop saw the suspect fleeing from the scene heading in a northbound direction. abc news confirm that prince was involved in another violence encounter here in wilmington back in january of 2016.
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a man told authorities he drove his car right into prince. because he fears that prince was going to shoot him and there was ongoing litigation in regard to that case. >> sara thank you. we urge you to check with throughout the evening for the latest updates on the story right now you can fine the up to the moment details and information on the suspect along with videos and photographs from the two different scenes. >> jerry sandusky will not get a new trial. today a center county judge denied the request for a second chance to convince a jury he is innocent the former pennsylvania state football coach claimed he did not receive adequate representation and serving 30 to 60 years in jail after a conviction for child sex abuse. and sandusky has 30 days to
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appeal it to superior court. and it's not a fun day for the coatesville community and not after a picture was posted on social media that has come to be referred to as the racest pumpkins, live outside of the high school is walter perez. walter, a disturbing development for that school district. >> and jim, even more disturbing is this is the second racially charged online photo involving coatesville area high school over the past week. hundreds of coatesville high school students left classes early today to join parents who marched to the school in protest. we are trying to make a point not out here causing chaos or a construct us but making a point. this is something we believe. >> and this is to a disturbing photo on social media for the police investigate, including four students from coatesville high posing behind carved
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pumpkins one has a swastika and run reads kkk. this surfaced last week it shows an ethnic doll hanging from the locker room. superintendant of schools says her mission now is to take something reprehensible and tun into a teaching moment. >> we'll use this to become more united. >> the hanging doll photo results in the cancellation of the remaining coatesville high school cross country schedule and spoke with council president naomi lee, she respects the right to students to protest but a solution has to be reached through discussion. >> you can't act out and make it worse than it is already. it's hard and a lot that is happening now. >> at this point, there is no indication that any possible charges may be pending in this
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cases but students involved in the cases will be subject to sensitivity training in the wake of this. walter perez. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie has tapped a new top cop to lead the state police, lieutenant patrick callahan will become the 15th superintendant of the new jersey state police and he has risen through the ranks since enlisting in the state police in 1995. callahan's father a retired state police major was there for the appointment announcement today. >> we have entirely too many reports of women being harasses on the schuylkill river trail in center city philadelphia and now the city is trying to do something about it. "action news" reporter john rawlins has more. >> a trail for runners and walkers, and unsettling reports
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of women being assaulted or robbed by groups of teens and the most recent incident last week. the victim did not want to be identified. >> i felt someone grope me and when i turned there was a boy who was looking at me laughing. >> over the past two years we have four or five, six incidents but at the end of the day we don't want any. >> more reliable trail lighting and stepped up police patrols and today digging the trench for cables for surveillance cameras from race and locust streets and the cameras will not be monitored live but be recorded for later use. and we are working with the police department to get a live feed with the crime scene located on oregon avenue. and that is part of the process and people say well, if you are not doing a live feed of the information on the cameras, how
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else could it be effective and use the footage reviewing who is hanging out on the trail on a day to day basis if they are up to no good. it's thought the new camera will be up and running in two weeks and the price tag for the 21 cameras, $150,000. half of which came from councilman johnson's office and the other have from darryl clark's office. >> and coming up on "action news" tonight the new approach to community policing, the train that area law enforcement officers are receiving to -- social relations. >> jeff skversky is live in washington where the sixers are about to take the next stop in the process. >> reporter: jim, it is the season we have been long waiting for. the sixers opening up against the wid ards tonight and ben
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simmons makes his debut after missing all of last season. there he is taking it all in. we'll hear from the sixers in sports. >> jeff, is just chilling there but we are not chilling outside. yesterday 61 degrees and we move the temperatures up by 11 degrees and 72 for the high and all the sunshine and temperatures are warmer i'll have the numbers in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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chris brown: a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county.
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brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and standing up to chris christie's takeover of atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side. officers representing -- a new course called right training
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stands for intelligence training and engagement. michael chitwood says he started to research the program after considering the sometimes strains relationships between officers and people in the community. >> the goal is when we interact with people who are hostile or people are in crisis, how do you act? how do you feel? what makes you feel whatever you do? >> chitwood says he hopes that officers will gain the able to manage and deescalate situations. no tricks just treats for the opinions in wilmington childrens hospital. a party for patients that may otherwise not able to enjoy a traditional halloween experience and some made their own masks and others chose premade costumes and all the accessories and needless to say there was plenty of candy.
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sixers opening night. >> seems we are talking about the process for such a long time. we are excited for tonight. from 28 wins a year ago to a playoff spot this season. that would be a major leap but that is what the sixers plan to do with names like emdeed and simmons and fultz that is what they plan to do. lets go live to jeff skversky in d.c. >> there is a buzz about this team for months and the growing as we lead off to tip-off especially with guys like markelle fultz and ben simmons and joel embiid and talking playoffs. and we get a look at the sixers coming up tonight at 7:00. let look at joel embiid warming up in washington getting ready to make his season debut after playing only 31 games last year.
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of course he plays only 31 games in his career coming off the injuries, with embiid and the corn rows, he is upset he is on a minute restriction tonight and around the 16 minute mark give or take according to head coach brett brown, having said that embiid and company are as excited as ever to get is the season rolling. >> i love it. i embrace all of that. i was made for that and love the pressure. i love it. and fans should be happy. and we are all so young and basketball is going to be fun. >> they are excited. we all sit in the hotel rooms and watch the two great games last night and it's on our doorstep and here it is. >> and here is jj reddick taking free throws at the foul line. the newcomer the best
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three-point shooter in the nba the last two years and markelle fultz will come off the bench and he grew up in this area and his mom and family and friends will be in the suite tonight and making the debut with the one and only ben him simmons what a show it should be tonight. jeff skversky. >> all right we'll talk to you after the game. the sixers wizards game tips off at 7:00 p.m. over on espn. the other reason we are excited around here the eagles, they are 5-1 and tops in the nfl and monday night they host washington. there are many reasons for this team's success and carson wentz is one of them he through 13 touchdown passes and only one other nfl quarterback has thrown more. and wentz's teammates see him get better and better with each team played. >> does he impress you as a second year quarterback. he is impressive as annie year quarterback.
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you don't see them do that wale first second or third. a play maker and i think he will be good a special player. >> this is the feel good story. eagles defensive end chris long is donating his final ten game checks to charities in cities he called home. he committed to donate the first six checks in his home town of charlottesville, virginia. that is his entire salary being donated to salary. >> teaming up to bring you a night of football and countdown to quick off tonight eagles and washington monday night on phl 17. >> a big game on the college slate this weekend, number two penn state hosts 19th ranked michigan and it's a tremendous ride for the unbeaten nittany lions. >> the message for the team this week is they have earned these things. these things are nice and the rankings are nice. and the fact that espn and
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college game day is coming is nice. >> be a couch potato saturday night and the penn state michigan game will be broadcast on 6 abc and coverage begins at 7:30. we'll be watching. >> thank you ducis. coming up on "action news" adam joseph with the accuweather forecast. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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you have the time period here of gorgeous weather. >> high pressure is in control and cloudless skies and we continue that for the rest of the week we look at the cloudless sky in the weather
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center live on sky 6 hd from the society hill camera overlooking the center city skyline and you see the golden glow along the horizon and beautiful picture here and still sad that the sun has already set yes it's set at 6:17 now-a-days, we look forward to the forecast a beautiful fall stretch is now on the way here. we had it for two days and four more days, mild and dry through the upcoming weekend and rain possible as the pattern eventually breaks down here monday night into tuesday. and we have the eagles game monday night. it looks like the rain should hold off and we sought to fine tune that. it definitely coming in on tuesday. and a colder shot at the end of the next week. temperatures are not cold but pleasant 66 allentown and reading as well as wilmington and 65 in millville and as you see temperatures don't vary all ma much.
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even at the shore similar to most inland locations and even the poconos now at 62 degrees. as we look at the month so far we are halfway through the month and every afternoon is a high temperature above normal and pretty exceptional. 7.2 degrees above norm for philadelphia and if i color in the 19th, 20, 21, and 22 and 23 and even the 24th they are all above normal. high pressure is in control and anywhere east of the rockies very quiet weather and the only wet weather is in central and southern florida along the stalled front and that came through in the beginning of the week to usher in that stretch. and 51 philadelphia and 45 in dover and it's clear and comfy and not as cold as it was the last few nights, so with that commuter forecast for tomorrow. you wake up first things in the morning maybe a light jacket and
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40s in the suburbs and 50 or so in center city and lunch time temperatures going into the upper 60s and low 70s in the afternoon, and during the evening temperatures falling back to around 65 degrees. high pressure in control tomorrow and winds from the southwest another beauty at 72 degrees and front comes through dry on friday and continued sunshine and winds switch out of the northwest and temperatures go up a couple more degrees to 74. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 72 tomorrow and splendidly sunny and warm and sunny on friday. and the weekend a few high clouds but mostly sunny and warm. 11 degrees above average at 76 and clouds increase on sunday 77, and it's warm for the game and perfect as long as it stays dry and rain holds off until tuesday and gradual clearing with temperatures coming back to 64 on wednesday.
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and a big birthday celebration for a woman in south jersey. ann schwartz celebrated her 102nd birthday. the cherry hill assisted facility threw a beach themed party for the native. she believes the secret to her longevity the strong family ties. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers, and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan adam joseph and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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tonight, several developing stories. the deadly workplace shooting. the urgent manhunt across state lines in the east. the gunman allegedly calling for employees to gather, then shooting and killing coworkers. then, accused of opening fire in another state. the outrage tonight. president trump beginning the battle over what are normally solemn calls and letters to the families of the fallen. tonight, one of his own calls now under scrutiny. one family's outrage. the president says that's not how the call went. the american gymnastics star. what she's now revealed. alleged sexual assault, even as she won the gold, describing what she says was the scariest night of her life. tonight, passengers horrified as they watch pilots fly a jet too close to the tower. the new investigation. and the nfl commissioner late today, asked if the nfl and


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