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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension. and racial tensions at a south jersey high school. those stories are next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> thursday night, the big story on "action news" is beaking news from the northeast extension from the pennsylvania turnpike. you can see it there, a crash
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involving two tractor trailers and several cars has shut down the turnpike in both directions. the violent impact in the northbound lane at # 30:00 even knocked over a concrete divider. two people are hurt but their injuries don't appear life threnning. this is washington township high school. right now it is a troubled community because of racial discourse. nerves are rubbed raw by a recent text message. there is racial tension at a new jersey suburban high school. this is not part of a lesson plan. concerned parents came to where their concerns and grievances could be heard. christie ileto is live at the show. >> jim, we spoke to some of the
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students involved in the incident. they say they never resorted to violence. they wanted to confront the person that called them the "n" word as it quickly escalated, they found themselves suspended. >> one of the kids out of the group must have felt bad, so he screenshot it to one of my friends. they co confronted them. >> this is the source of the confrontation that led to this. >> they say their heated discussion end wd a teacher stepping in and two other friends getting suspended. >> i never threw a punch and he never through a punch. all we did was say why would you say that? >> speaking passionately at an
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emergency community meeting, parents and students voice their concerns to the district. >> as long as you are talling people [bleep], it's not the first time and nothing has been done about it. >> how are they going to prevent this from happening. >> as a parent, you shouldn't have to worry that they are not safe. >> along with increased police presence and a silent protest staged by students, the school is providing cultural training for staff and students. >> nothing was needed for us to have a suspension. we felt we got our point across. maybe it wasn't the right way but we felt it was what was needed. >> the school district said they
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don't tolerate prejudice behavior and are working to change the climate. as for those involved in the text message, they have been suspended. jim? >> thank yowrks christie. >> two people have been seriously hurt in a crash in burlington new jersey where a motorcycle slammed into an suv. a short stretch of sunset road has been shut down both directions for an investigation. >> a judge in delaware has set bail at $2 million for rah deed prince who shot six people yesterday three of whom died. his most serious charges come in maryland. dann cuellar is live in the satellite center. dan? >> jim, we have learned that rah deed princradee prince has a loy
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of arrests. he came in and shot him in the face. >> they had been lifelong acquaintances and it was not the first violence between thee two. i have not seen it go this far. young, they had problems, but nothing like this. >> hours earlier yesterday prince is accused of going to his workplace and shot five coworkers killing three among them 53-year-old who told family members he was concerned about prince's temper, that he didn't get along with the other employees. >> authorities say he had a number of past disagreements with his coworkers.
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yesterday was an act to carry out terrible vengeful act. >> in all the delaware attorney's office says they have had 250 arrests and more in the state of washington. this guide has no business being on the street. this is an individual by all looks of the records, should have been behind bars. >> today, no one at radee prince's home would talk on camera. >> i'm not interested in talking to anyone. >> tonight radee prince is behind bars facing three counts of murder and three count ts attempted murder. >> "action news" was in center city philadelphia as more than a dozen demonstrators were arrested in the aloft hotel which opened a month and a half ago. their civil disobedience was to
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demand they create the jobs pros promised or return the taxpayer money. repeated calls to hotel management have not been returned. a gruesome discovery at central bucks high school may be an act of violence. there has been a long history of pranks but many believe this one went too far. extra security will be in place for the game this weekend. the superintendent is warning students against retaliation. >> if you are a fan of the weather today, you will be happy
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to know we are in for a repeat. cecily tynan has more. >> jim temperatures warm up toward the weekend, the past two days, 72 the high under bright sunny skies, six degrees above normal this time of year, all thanks to a broad area of high pressure. if you look to the north, you see the clouds trying to move in with a weak boundary. that brings a wind shift tomorrow, full sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures climbing to the low 70s. by saturday, we bump it to the mid 70s and warm up more on monday before the rain brings us a major pattern change. we talk about that when we come inside for the accuweather forecast. another blow added to former district attorney seth william's
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fall from grace. he was ordered disbarred. he resigned as district attorney. he is set to be sentenced tuesday and faces five years in jail. >> the major party candidates running to replace williams faced off tonight. beth grossman shared their plans to restore dignity to the office. still to come on "action news" tonight, the latest defense in the white house condolence controversy. in the light, in the fight for his life, john mccain talks about his military career, politics and his newest enemy, brain cancer. and screen time, can you
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guess how much time young sisters spend in front of computers now? >> and we have more weather from accuweather, ducis rogers with news on the predators, when "action news" continues? just a moment. ♪
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>> white house chief of staff john kelly who lost his son to the war in afghanistan recould wanted what his best friend told him when his son died. >> he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what he was getting in into. he knew what the possibilities were, we were at war. when he died, in the four cases we are talking about, he was surrounded by the best men on this earth, his friends. that's what the president tried
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to say to four families the other day. >> members of congress say they are frustrated with the lack of details in niger with john mccain. two weeks after the fact, questions are unanswered. were the green berets properly protected? was their intelligence bad? what led sergeant johnson to had been separated from his team his body not recovered until two days later? >> >> this is an auditorium filled with students at the university of florida. most of them are chanting to drown out white supremacists richard johnson. studentspencer.>> former presids
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been virtually silent since donald trump won the presidency until today. speaking at a conference at new york he attacked some of the conditions some americans associate with trump's political brand. we have seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. at times it feels like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than those forces pulling us together. >> out right fabrication. >> said bush, we need to recall and recover our own identity and renew our country. we need to remember our values. >> bush was speaking at a conference hosted by the bush institute. >> former president barack obama returned to the campaign trail
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trying to help the democrats win the only two governor races next month. earlier today obama brought his star power to new jersey in support of phil murphey. some of his message was taking swipes at the current state of affairs. >> some of the politics we see, we thought we put that to bed. it's the 21s 21st century, not e 19th century. >> murphey's republic challenger is kim guadagno. the event attacked murphey's proposed tax increase. >> the war of words continues between senator john mccain and president trump. mccain referred to our current foreign policy as "half baked"
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spurious nationalism cooked up by people that would rather find scapegoats instead of solving problem. president trump said i fight back. >> i talked on one-on-one to jon mccain. >> mccain's journey as a military hero began at the naval academy 1954. he graduated fifth from the bottom of his class. >> i was one of the worst discipline problems at the naval academy. i was always in trouble. >> what kind of trouble? >> not shining my shoes. not showing up for some event. just a rebel without a cause. >> not necessarily a good predicter of the kind of service
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man you turned out to be. >> what i got out of the naval academy and what i get out of service academies is a sense of honor. >> mccain was flying his 23rd mission over vietnam when he was shot down breaking both arms and a leg sent to the has not way prison. his cap teres found his father was a four star general. they made him an offer a p.r. coupe for them. >> our code of conduct reports you go home. i said no. i'm convinced to this day it was my training at the naval academy and honor code that allowed me to say no. there was a number of nights i said, you idiot.
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>> senator mccain, what keeps you up at night? iran, russia, china. isis is not cablable of overthrowing the united states. under the right circumstances, russia and iran can be direct threats. is donald trump fit to be president of the united states. >> the american people made a decision. for me to say the american people are wrong is not appropriate. if there is conduct by a president of the united states, wwe have a way of getting rid of a president of the united states. it's called impeachment. until that happens i have to respect him as president of the united states. >> mccain has brain cancer.
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>> i have beaten them before. so much of this has to do with attitude. i am grateful. i am so grateful for this country and what it's given me. i always will be. >> when students, school students read about john mccain 20 years from now, what do you hope they'll learn from reading about you? >> he served his country. that's all. >> the full version, unedited version of my interview with mccain and joined by former vice president joe biden is on "6ab "6abc".com. we have the broadcast sunday at 1:00 p.m. >> the amount of time children spend in front of a device has
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tripled in four years. children eight and younger spend 48 minutes a day staring at a mobile screen. that does not include television time. in 20 that, 1 2013, it was 15 ma day. it's a bigger portion than they spend being re read to. 40% of the children have their own tablet. in 2011, 1% did. us parents have been buying our children a lot of mobile devices. you have to take them away and say get outside to play. this weekend is perfect for that. decorate your house for halloween. the action cam stopping by williams town new jersey. the owner's daughter invited her here. a lot of time on the displays.
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if you have halloween displays you want us to visit, send us a note on the facebook make. looking at the center city skyline, clear skies. we have high thin clouds, generally, mostly sunny both days. 76-degrees. that's 11-degrees above average. we continue the theme of warm temperatures this october. temperatures running about seven degrees above average. the average temperature, 66.6-degrees. that beats the warmest october so far 64.5. this likely will go down as the warmest on record for philadelphia. right now, 61 in philadelphia. urban heat island effect trapping the heat absorbed by the asphalt. millville, 49. trenton right now, 57.
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satellite and radar showing a few clouds trying to spill down from the north with a weak frontal boundary moving through oafnlt. the clouds dissipating. all the fronts do is bring a wind shift tomorrow. temperatures warming up even a bit more. temperatures in the 50s, 8:00. climbs to the 60s. lunchtime, climbing to the 70s, should make it a high of 74. allentown and trenton, 72. wilmington 74. as we head to saturday, high pressure shifting east to a return flow, 76-degrees. monday, before the cold front brings us rain tuesday and cooler air second half of next week. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 74-degrees. saturday and sunday, 76. 77 monday. mild for the eagle's game. temperatures drop to the upper
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70s. rain arriving tuesday. wednesday, clouds break for sunshine, 67. thursday, it feels like october with a high of 62. this weekend mild. >> thank you, cecily. they rolled out the red carp in the prince center. it's the opening of the film festival. some of the crew of i camera posed for the news. channel6 one of the sponsors of the film festival running through october 29th.
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>> a heart brenching losses at the heart of the proceed tors. flyers and predators met nine days goal teams combined for 11 goalses the. goals. tonight, just one. >> predators get the 1-0 advantage. final moments, flyers can't convert. they lose 1-0. >> it's the kind of game that's frustrating. you are playing the right way.
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you are not being rewarded. >> to the eagles, banged up and getting healthier. special team star chris marigold on reserves with a knee injury. duane johnson full practice after missing last week's game with a concussion. >> how much did you like missing time? >> i didn't like it. i feel fresh, rejuvenated and ready to get out there. >> you're fresh. >> i'm fresh, man. i think i'll be a different animal. >> ronald darby returned for the first time since dislocating an ankle week one. unclear if he will play monday. >> we have a full night of football month.
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countdown 8:00, game at 8:30. we'll talk baseball after the break. ♪ ♪ paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children.
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steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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>> one half of the world is set. l.a. dodgers headed to the classic. t.k. hernandez does it all. three full runs to the game. same to reggie jackson. la wins 11-1. dodgers await the astro series. penn state fans camp out for the whiteout game against michigan. feel bad for the kids out there. students have been out there for
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several days. >> they have been doing that at penn state for years. >> to be a college kid again. no responsibility. >> all right. the reflecting pool at the horde culture center in fair mount park was all aglow tonight. this was the future for tonight's fundraiser to benefit the fair mount park cfers si. the fraternal order of police are raising money to help puerto rico. they sewed tee shirts and crafts and other gifts in northeast philadelphia. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." guests tonight, billy joel and tracy morgan. "action news" continues at 4:30. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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hey! >> you're going to have to pay for this! >> you guys live together? >> abc doesn't make you two live together? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no. >> guillermo: no. >> so weird. >> strange. >> jimmy: no it isn't. >> guillermo: all right, let's keep playing. >> dicky: from brooklyn it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, billy joel. and tracy morgan. brought to you by coke zero sugar. with cleto and the cletones featuring paul shaffer. and now, you may be right, for all i know -- here's jimmy kimmel!


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