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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 28, 2017 1:42am-2:10am EDT

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murder against a philadelphia teenager. police say brandon olivieri is responsible for the deaths of sal vsalvatore dinubile and calr miller. >> the manhunt today came to a peaceful end helping the community left devastated and on edge. >> escorted by an attorney and two friends, brandon olivieri turned himself in at headquarters n. what may have been his last moments of freedom, he hugged his friend before turning to face double murder charges. >> police named olivieri a person of interest in the shooting tuesday night. in what maiive may have been
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retaliation, someone shot several shots into olivieri's parent's home. police saithis all stems from tg of to teens tuesday. police haven't released a motivate. neighbors are relieved an arrest has been made but distraught that violence once again destroyed three families. >> it's sad that this young kid's life is ruined. the fact that it ruined two other lives. >> it's horrible. it has to stop. they have to talk. no more guns. >> we just checked with the courts. aolivieri's arraignment has not
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yet been scheduled. jeff chirico, "action news." >> we have breaking news from penn high school in delaware county following tonight's football game against radnor high school, chopper 6 is over the scene where several people have succumbed to a chlorine leak in the locker room. several people reported feeling light headed. authorities are not sure what's causing the illness. >> we have a real soaker coming. cecily tynan is following it all on storm tracker 6. >> it's two systems coming together bringing rain sunday. you see the cold front, ribbon of showers moves east. the front will pull up some of
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the tropical moisture. it's organized and could become tropical storm phillipe. that will bring out the soaking moisture sunday. future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon still to the west, the front over florida. as we head into sunday afternoon, sunday evening, that's when the soaking rain moves in. with it, intense winds. we have more details in the accuweather forecast. >> jim? >> three people in a new jersey transit bus are recovering from a crash at 7:30. the bus ran into a utility pole and then drove into a ditch in pemberton township. >> prosecutors are refiling charges that a judge dismissed against 11 fraternity member in the penn state hazing death including three men from our area, nick, michael, and brendan
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young of malvern. young was president of the fraternity when piazza died in february. the prosecutor is now requesting a different judge to hear the case and the new charges. >> when we think of first responders, we conjure up the gaugimage of a police officer or firefighter. we are seeing a different notion of first responders, high school kids being trained to save lives. dann cuellar explains. >> we have covered tragedy after tragedy, traffic accident to gun violence. how many times have we heard this? >> the child is just laying there bleeding to death. and no one around know whag to do. >> more often the patient bleeds
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to death before the authorities arrive: . >> we need to stop the bleeding before the paramedics arrive. >> the doctor and his colleagues are doing something about it. >> remember what we learned? >> in a pilot program at the university of pennsylvania, medical students are teaching high school students what to do if they see someone bleeding. >> i have seen a lot of gun violence. i have seen too much patients come into the hospital and not make it. >> dr. cannon is bringing life saving ways he learned on the battlefields of afghanistan to pennsylvania. instead of yelling about it, i want to do something. >> i would like to know what to
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do. the skills the students are learning here can one day make the difference as to whether someone lives or dies. >> if they have the skills to act, they'll feel empowered. >> dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> police from a newark delaware home today were living in squaller. all of the youngsters were under two and a half years old. the scene was the 100 block of fairway drive. the kids were transfer today hospital. no word on charges. >> new castle county police want to catch a carjacker who they say stole two vehicles at gunpoint in the last 24 hours. he carjacked an 87 year old this
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morning in the victim's driveway in claimant. jackson is also accused of carjacking another person at the apartments in wilmington 6:00 last night. he allegedly fired shots but didn't hit the victim. still to come on "action news," they were sold vacations to paradise and the happiest place on earth. wednesdayy saltzman on the case. a travel agent paid to send them on a trip to nowhere. >> they turned over their money to have their hopes shattered. they called on "action news" to track down answers and their hard earned cash. >> today 65. warmer tomorrow. then i track a windy soaker sunday. we have details on that and look at the halloween forecast with
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the seven day. >> jamie
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>> we have an "action news" investigation. a philadelphia travel agent has lined her pockets with cash but not delivered on her promises. p victims claim they were taken by a woman that sold them lies. wendy saltzman tracked her down to get answers. what did you find? >> stephany claman touts herself as a successful businesswoman but we have found many unhappy customers, elderly and single mothers that have taken claiborne to court.
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>> iana bid on a trip claiborne organize. her daughter was part of the dance school and she saw a trip to puerto rico. >> she quoted us $700 per person. >> two weeks before she was to fly off to paradise, she called the airline. >> nothing booked at all. >> she filed a 13458 claims case against her and was awarded the $1,700. >> rough convinced 11 people to go to the las vegas sole train awards. >> the airline had no records of us. we called the hotel. no reservations for you. >> five of the 11 never made it to las vegas. for the six that did go, when they arrived at the soul train event,
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>> no tickets for us. >> another was not lucky on a trip booked to disney world. >> like i trusted you. > >> she paid claiborne $3,300. there was no trip. >> my children realized we weren't going. everyone's crying. i'm upset. >> low-level theft, below $10,000 often don't get prosecuted. >> lance of city engagement may be able to get compensation from the victim compensation fund. if you can show over a ten year period this person created the same behavior, that's a criminal act opposed to being a bad business person. >> there are 15 lawsuits against her, $15,000 in judgments back to 2005. >> i'm wendy with "6abc."
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i want to talk to you about your travel business. >> when we went to speak with claiborne, she refused to respond. ' we have a dozen cases against you. we want your side of it. >> connie jackson won in small claims court but that did little for the hurt she caused against so many. >> the only way she will stop is if she's in prison. >> lance says there's more power in numbers. he doesn't know if she will be prosecuted, he hopes to get the women their money back. >> that would be the most important thing. absolutely. >> cnn is reporting that a federal grand jury in washington approved the first charges coming out of the investigation
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spearheaded by robert mueller. the charges are under seal, so we don't know what they are or whom they are against. sources say there could be a surrender monday. >> the u.s. economy grew 3% in the last quarter despite devastating hurricanes in the july to september period. it's the second straight quarter at that rate. this marks the first time in the country since 2014 that the economy has grown at 3% in two successful quarters. good economic news. >> let's look at the weather. >> the 500 block of sachsor avenue, the family house all decorated for halloween.
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halloween looks great, but sunday not great. 1:00 at the link, eagles taking on the 49ers. if you are heading there, you need rain gear. temperatures, not that cool in the mid 60s. we are going to get a soaking rain. you want to try to stay dry. once you get wet, you get cold and windy with winds picking up through the day. right now, a nice friday night, temperatures on the mild side, allentown 49, cape may 49, trenton 50 and wilmington 56. satellite and radar showing here's the cold front moving slowly to the east. as it does, it's picking up energy, some of the moisture from what could become tropical storm phillipe. that brings us soaking rain and high winds sunday. enjoy saturday. saturday is a nice day with winds out of the southwest.
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it will be mild, temperatures rising to 70-degrees. as we head through the sunshine, high thin clouds increase ahead of the sunday soaker. as the moisture is pulled up, second half of the day is when we get most of the rain. shower ins the morning, one to three inches of rain, isolated rain, four inches. ponding on water, then sunday night and monday, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. future tracker showing lighter showers around 11:00. 2:30, heavy rain moving south and west. 8:00, pouring even monday morning, lingering rain before we gradually dry out in the afternoon. mild tomorrow, 70, 66 sunday with heavy rain late in the day. sunday night, high winds on monday, wind gusts 50 miles per
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hour in the morning. halloween looking nice. seasonally cool, mostly sunny. wednesday, clouds and sun, 60. thursday, showers, not a gully washer like sunday. saturday, definitely the better of the two days this weekend. sunday is going to be very wet. >> an event at cherry hills garden state discovery museum proves it's never too late to trick or treat. the "6abc" web mobile and a generous giraffe got in on the fun tonight. the lights were turned low for maximum spook dwry event. local youngsters were invited in
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for halloween streets and an area for the smaller youngsters to come and
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>> we want to bring you up-to-date on the situation in penn crest high school in delaware county. there are seven, maybe more ambulances on the scene as we told you at the top of the broadcast, a number of students
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have become ill, they think possibly because of a chlorine leak though they don't know for sure. the students are now getting oxygen in the ambulances. this happened perhaps in the high school male locker room after a football game with radnor high school. that's the situation right now. kids are getting oxygen. we were told earlier tonight it's not an overly serious situation but it's more problematic as the minutes go by. >> let's talk about the eagles. they have the trap game of the season on sunday. >> all eyes will be on who is protecting carson wentz, lane johnson at right tackle, attempting to fill jason peter's shoes on the left side. >> i talked to him tuesday
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morning. he said go out there and have fun. be loose. just like practice. go out there and have fun. >> lane johnson is playing well at the right side. i didn't want to disrupt two positions. it made sense to keep lehigh valley ov on theright side. >> sixers with two games with the lone-star state coming up. okafor won't be in the rotation. >> i'm playing a mere ahead of him. that's the situation. he doesn't let people know. he comes in. his head is good. his spirit is good. he and i talk all the time. he is not in the rotation. >> it's the game that puts the big in big 10. when is the last time you heard
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the number two team in the nation as a six point underdog? >> we know where we are at now. we have to continue to push each other. 8-0, last time. >> it's going to be a great college football game. >> you got that right. the officers with the philadelphia police department 35th district held a trick or trunk event in logan tonight. the officers dressed up and handed out
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>> "high school huddle" is next on channel6 followed by "jimmy kimmel live" and "nightline." for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> we got something for you. sit down. >> a woman's a little suspicious about the kids' birthday surprise. >> they have no idea why wha these suckers have planned for her. >> the moment dad clears up the mystery. >> oh! a lot of wipeouts, as an action athlete attempts -- >> one of the most crazy tricks you could think of. see if he can ever stick the landing. just in time for -- >> what comes


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