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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  October 29, 2017 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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october 29th. gray hall is off. a fiery crash shuts down i95 and i295 in delaware. we'll have the latest when the road may open >> philadelphia police search for three armed men who broke into a home thursday and making off with cash and cell phones. a storm is bringing plenty of rain and winds to the delaware and lehigh valleys. chris sowers is outside tracking your accu-weather forecast. poncho on, umbrella up. >> reporter: i have my poncho on, ready for the eagles. this is how you need to dress if you're heading out to do tailgating. let's go over to the flash flood watch. it's for all areas highlighted in green. in particular, we're worried about the small creeks and streams. areas of poor drainage. low lying areas, they could flood as some of the heavier bands of rain start pushing in. let's take a quick look at the radar, the first batch of rain
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is in the process of pushing through now, it is raining quite heavily across sussex and kent counties. it should be into south jersey shortly and into philadelphia the next hour or so followed by another round of rain later on. philadelphia west heavy rains along 322. heading into chester county. all the way down to oxford and down to the mason dixon line and further south. this is round 1. round 2 arriving probably around 2:00 or 3:00. the call from accu weather, soaking rain, not a driving steady rain, when it comes down, it will come down at a good clip, street flooding is likely in parts of the area, 68 is the forecasted high. what i've done here, kind of broken it down hour by hour. to give you an idea of when we are expecting those heavier bands, from now right through
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lunchtime expect a soaking brain, then a lull from 1:00 to 3:00. only to see the next round move in and that continues to late afternoon and early evening, totals could range anywhere from one to three inches. then we get into the powerful winds, some could exceed 55 or 60 miles per hour. i'll have more on that with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. guys >> you can stay on top of on 6 abc up on the minute forecast along with live from tracker 6 radar. and be sure to follow our team of meteorologist on social media for latest. to breaking news we've been following, a fiery tractor-trailer crash at 95 and 295 split in newport delaware and still closed at this hour because of it. it happened six hours ago when the driver of the big rig lost control and hit a jersey barrier. that caused the cab of the tractor-trailer to burst into flames. you can see the fiery pieces oh
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of the truck strewn across the roadway. the driver was able to escape but seriously injured. this is a live look. as we have the action cam a safe distance. it caused damage to the jersey barriers which are now being repaired. delldot closed down 95 and 295, the split while those repairs are being made. philadelphia police are looking for three armed robbers who busted their way in a home overnight and took off with money and cell phones. it happened here on the 5100 block of haverford avenue in warm front about 3:30, they were wearing dark hoodies and armed with handguns. they took off with several,000 in cash and cell phones. the victims were not physically hurt. three people are hospitalized after they were seriously hurt in crash in south jersey overnight. new jersey state police say a car went out of control and slipped over on route 42 on exit ten in gloucester township at
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3:15 this morning, three people inside of the car were transport that cooper medical center in serious condition. the crash is under investigation. six people sent to the hospital overnight following a two be vehicle crash in wilmington. mess say the vehicles including one pulling a u-haul trailer crashed head-on trapping both drivers. all six went to christiana hospital for treatments. one of the 16-year-olds shot and killed last week in south philly was laid to rest this weekend. the line for salvatore dinubile. they were gunned down last tuesday at the intersection of 12th's ritner. those who knew the victims are asking painful question >> this is supposed to be the city of brotherly love. what happened? what down lane made us not love >> why you got to take
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somebody's life? you can't just it out and be grown men >> police say the person who shot the two teens is 16-year-old brandon oliveri. turned himself in friday and being held without bail. at this point, there's no word on a motive for the shooting. we may soon now know who will be facing criminal charges in the russian investigation >> the probe by special council robert mueller is moving forward with an indictment that could come as early as tomorrow. david wright has more in this report. >> reporter: call the russian roulette. the first criminal charges imminent in the counsel's investigation in the meddling of the 2016 election and possible collusion by trump associates. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> reporter: abc news confirmed that a senior prosecutor from robert mueller's office who specializes in fraud cases was at the federal courthouse in
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washington friday where the grand jury was in session, mueller's team file papers with the court. and sources tell abc news an arrest could come as soon as tomorrow. who? the special counsel's office declines to say. >> abc news reached out to paul manafort's legal who tell us manafort has no indication any charges against him could be imminent. we also reached out to mike flynn's team. no response. the president himself has long dismissed the investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt. >> the whole russia thing was an excuse for the democrats losing the election and turns out to be just one. >> his allies are on the war path this weekend. >> reporter: corey loon dhow ski on fox and friends >> we should be focuses on the
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continued lies on of the clinton administration. >> reporter: he called out cnn reports who broke the story, his language director tour and in some cases homophobic that twitter suspended him. in an interview with "new york times" before news of the indictment broke, the white house lawyers said the president isn't worried >> the president has no concerns in terms of any impact as to what happens to them on his campaign or on the white house. >> reporter: david wright abc news. an assortment controversial bills are sitting on tom wolf's desk, they include an aggressive gambling expansion plan, $140 million tax package and a 1$1.5 billion bargain ing mesh. wolf has not said whether he would sign them.
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today marks the fifth anniversary of super storm sandy. it killed 147 people as it raked across the caribbean then set sights on new jersey be pennsylvania and new york, parts of the jersey shore you may remember were left in ruins by that storm. the garden state alone was stopped by nearly $40 billion worth of damage, millions of people lost power, some have rebuilt since that time. others are still struggling and some places are still trying to increase flood protection in the wake of sandy. >> in our coverage of super storm sandy five year anniversary continues on there you can see some of the most iconic images along with videos if action news coverage from 2012. you can find it right now on our nasty weather could have an impact on the eagles afternoon match against the 49ers at the linc. the birds are going into today's game strong. with a six one record and a solid lead.
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they will have to battle rain and wind as well as the winless 49ers today. they're also dealing with a long-time injury. kickoff is set for 1:00. time is 9:09. are you in the market for a car? buyer be whereas thousands upon thousands of potentially flood damaged vehicles hit the market. ahead, the dangers you need to be aware of for your four-legged friend as we celebrate the holiday of the year, we'll be right back. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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a tornado was a caught on a tower cam in west palm beach. it was spawned by tropical storm philippe as it moved into the southernmost part of the state. up to four inches of rain and wind up to 40 miles per hour were reported in west palm beach. no injuries but hundreds left in the dark after the power was knocked out. this is the damage from those storms in boyton beach. awnings were ripped off mobile homes, the entire roof torn off another and another windows blown out. this follows after a tornado warning was issued. no injuries have been reported. time for accu weather we're looking at a stormy sunday but knows a nor easter. >> it's a good old-fashioned coastal storm from the carolinas marching up the east coast. it will produce good wind and
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rain for us over the next 24 hours, so i'm sure everyone heading to the linc, are wondering what's the forecast? we're seeing heavy rains right now, if your doing tailgating you'll get soaked. but during the course of the game, at least the first half doesn't look that bad. cloudy with a couple of showers. it's the second half where the heavy rain start marching back in. overall accu weather said rain at times, south easterly breezes ten to 20 miles per hour, look how mild the temperatures are, 68 during the first quarter and 65 by the fourth quarter. here's storm tracker 6. so we set it in motion now, we have a couple of rounds of moisture heading this way, this is the first. the second one arrives between, let's say, 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon, about 20 miles per hour, the rain coming down in sheets across the state of delaware and the delaware bay region from cape may all the way to dover. the air force base all of this lifting north again.
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so eventually it will get into the city of philadelphia, probably within the next hour or so. and then it will slowly pull out of here by about lunch time. here's a close-up view. there's philadelphia. if you're traveling on 322 westbound into chester county you can see the darker shades of green and yellows around the oxford area, steady to moderate rain falling west of philadelphia and to the south, again the second round coming in here later this afternoon, temperature-wise, it's absolutely baumy. five to 15 degrees. look at the numbers, 63 philadelphia, millville 65, dover 64, wilmington 61. you can see the blues, colder temperatures will march in here overnight after midnight, tomorrow is down right blustery. winds whipping around with higher gusts and temperatures only in the 40's or 50's through the parts of the area, it will feel kind of winterish out there. here's future tracker six, periods of rain through late
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morning into the first part of the afternoon, some will come down heavy,'s this thing kind of reloads, maybe we catch a break in the act around 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon only to see the next round move in late in the day, watch this, look at the oranges and reds. that's the coastal storm starting to take over. it will lift north all the way up into new england. look at the heavy rains in the lehigh valley and points north and west of philadelphia. so what you can expect here, pretty much keeping what we had yesterday. i like the call, one to three inches of rain, isolated heavier amounts to four inches. you'll probably be north of the pennsylvania turnpike. especially the lehigh valley and poconos, the heaviest is occurring right now and the second through the evening hours, concerned about the possibility of flooding, low lying areas of poor drainage, small creeks and streams if you get underneath some heavier bands of rain and the winds start to pick up through the day monday, mid to upper 60's for
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everybody rain at times. some of it heavy, street flooding is likely. and then overnight tonight, it turns cooler, right now we're in the 60's, look at these lows, 45 in reading, 49 in philadelphia and with gusts up to 50 miles per hour, that will put windchills down into the 30's, yes, i said windchill, watch this. future tracker by 3:00, breeze starting to up out of the southeast about 20 or 30 miles an hour, and tonight 60 mines gust being projected for parts of south jersey, 52 in philadelphia and 48 miles per hour in allentown. so baton down the hatches. a lot of the trees have all the leaves on them. kind of acts like a canopy. we can have wind damage first thing tomorrow morning, highlighted today, accu weather alert for the possibility of halloween looks pretty nice,
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chilly but sunny and temperatures in the 50's. nydia? >> thank you. big names in the music world are coming together to help those devastated by the fires in northern california. metallica, the dave matthews band heading a fund-raising concert. all of the proceeds will go to the tens of thousands who lost homes and to those families who lost loved ones, the concert is planned for november 9th, in san francisco.
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welcome back on sunday, sky 6 taking a live look. it will continue to rain much of the day today and tomorrow. halloween is this tuesday and pet owners need to take precautions to protect their four-legged friends. be sure to keep the did he go caseys out of the reach.
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the opioid spray narcan is being stopped at walgreen pharmacies. it can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. walgreen said narcan will be available without a prescription in the 45 states that allow it. it's working with remaining states can make it widely available as well. cbs says it stocks narcan in many locations. this comes on the heels of president trump's declaration that the opioid epidemic is a national public emergency. flush on your
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9:23. forecast for today, great skies, periods of rain, some heavy. especially at the jersey shore, 69 down there today. rain at times, philadelphia, 68. poconos periods of heavy rain, maybe flooding concerns later on. and 61. let's break away from rain part of the story, and talk about
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temperatures, many have voiced frustration with all unseasonably warm air we've seen over the last month. there's cold air out there. we're down in the 30's and 40's in new orleans, as this low develops here, it will head right up the east coast. it will draw that cold air in. so gets chilly just in time for halloween. but the pattern is very progressive, so that chilly air won't last. i was looking at what's called the european weekly. what it go week by week for a six-week period and breaks down the temperatures, what i saw was this for the month of november, the jet stream generally speaking looks like this with cold air across the high plain, the southeastern ridge starts nexting muscles and we get into the south, south westerly wind and it's all mild the tire month of november. that's your pattern next month. in the wake all the recent devastating hurricanes and buyer be whereas potentially flood
9:25 am
damaged vehicles hit the used car market. they can have a boat load of problems. most states it's illegal to sell flood damaged vehicles without disclosing the damage. but it happens anyway >> too often when a flood damaged car is declared a total loss, that isn't always communicated >> some damaged vehicles are sold with clean title meaning they can find their way back into the used car market, while a mechanic should conduct a thorough inspection, there are thing you can check too >> first thing you wanted to is come over to the front, see if there's moldy or musty smell. if the carpet is dirty or said meant in here or rust, if there's dirt or stones, that's what happened when the water came up in the car and it settled in here.
9:26 am
pop off some caps and covers for the seats. if they're scratched up that means the seat was taken out to be air dried. look for a spare tire. he see if there's rust on the tools or panels or back of the engine bay, if there's soft material, when water rose and stays it will recede and leave a flood line, if there's anything like that, walk away. >> consumer report said vehicle history reports are not guarantee that car is problem be free but it is good idea to get the vehicle history report anyway. they provide valuable information. jeaneatte? >> it's not such good news for wine lovers, international group says you can expect this year's wine production to fall to historic lows. it's all thanks to recent extreme weather. the organization vine and wine say expect an 18% decrease in
9:27 am
production. grapevines in italy, france and spain have been hit hard by extreme heat and bitter cold temperatures. . testing out a new dessert? this is the chocolate dila? ok, it's similar to a case dia. it has a kit cat bar melted inside. you can safer one. taco bell started testing it in the u.k. and it could soon be available here and in the u.s. as well. >> there comes a point where they've gone too far. >> it doesn't look appetizing. >> there's much more to come on the sunday morning edition of action news. a man's erie message to his mother as he travels on board the ill fated maiden voyage of the did i tannic.
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and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. if you're driving you need to know about a closure impacting 95, details on a fryer
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crash. gunfire rings out in southeast philadelphia. a man is dead and police are looking for the suspect >> tracking stormy weather, it will be a wet and foggy, details how long this dreary weather will last >> chris sowers is here with the answers. stay inside. live on sky 6. here's the view looking live at penns landing. you can see drops on the lens. steady rains are off to the south but coming down decently right now in the city of philadelphia the heavy stuff around the delaware bay region and especially over the state of delaware where it's coming down in buckets. your headlines look like this, heavy rains developing over the next couple hours, especially later this afternoon through the evening hour, when we'll see the bulk of this moisture, flooding is likely especially later this afternoon as that heavy rain is falling. it's what we call minor flooding issues in low lying areas, areas of poor drainage, flash flooding when it rains, the water has
9:31 am
nowhere to go. powerful winds develop overnight through the day monday then kills down just in time for halloween. temperatures for the trick or treaters are probably in the upper 40's. so it's going to get a lot cooler. storm tracker 6 sets everything in motion, yellows, oranges and reds to the south, that's the first band of heavy rain lifting to the north, note the sharp cut-off line, you go across western berks and lancaster county not doing much of anything at all. this is round number one. round two is currently off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. that gets in later this afternoon, this is the delaware bay from millville to dover raining steadily. impact scale looks like this, everything starts to go downhill over the next few hour, we catch somewhat of a break through the first part of the afternoon only to see round two arrive later this evening. nydia? we've been following breaking news all morning, a
9:32 am
fiery tractor-trailer crash at the 95/295 split in delaware. this happened two hours still has lanes closed, the driver hit a barrier. fiery pieces of the truck were strewn across the roadway, the driver was able to escape but seriously injured. the accident caused some damage to the jersey barrier which are now being repaired. delldot closed down the 95 and 295 split for now. a driver was hurt when he lost control of his suv on the boulevard overnight. the front end of the vehicle was badly damaged by the crash after the driver struck a tree then overturned. it happened at 2:30 this morning in the southbound inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard north of broad street in northeast philadelphia. police say driver was able to free him and was taken to aria torresdale hospital for treatment. a portion of the boulevard was closed an hour while police
9:33 am
investigated. police are trying to find out who shot and killed a man in southwest philadelphia overnight. man was shot once in the head as he was walking oh and the island of the 7300 block west passyunk. the victim believed to be in his 20's was rushed to pen presbyterian medical center where he died a short time later. no word on the victim's identity or a motive for the shooting. philadelphia police are looking for suspects after two teenage boys were stabbed in the olney section. the action cam was on scene of the 5600 block of park avenue at around 12:30 this morning when officers arrived they found evidence of the stabbing but the you wounded had already been taken to einstein medical center in a private vehicle. a 16-year-old now in critical condition, an 18-year-old is in stable condition. customers and community members are rallying around a society hill restaurant. instead of the annual halloween party, bridget foy and the head house district held a fund-raiser for the restaurant staff of 30.
9:34 am
they've been out of work since the blaze. owner john foy doesn't know when he'll rebuild. for now his top priority is getting his staff jobs. >> the outpouring of support from the neighbors has just been staggering. >> that support will continue. several more fund-raisers in the works in the coming weeks. republican lawmakers unhave all the tax plan wednesday, but sources are lined up against it. national association of home builders is opposed because it would scale back the home morgan interest deduction and some in washington are arguing over who makes out the middle class? the tax policy sets the middle class is earning between $48,000 and 85,600 a year. others say it ranges from 72,000 to $112,000 a year. students defunct for profit
9:35 am
colleges may still be stuck with federal loan tax. the obama industry promised tens of students that all $550 million in loans would be cancelled. if i'm is 9:35. houston has been suspended for make a derogatory comment. he won't serve it during the series. he pulled down corners of his eyes and used a derogatory term against jarvish who was born to a japanese mother. he was suspended for the first five games of next season. to our new jersey newsroom. investigators say an off-duty police officer was driving drunk when he hit and killed a woman last month. the victim, 66-year-old karen bore kowski died at the scene.
9:36 am
he was charged with reckless driving and while intoxicated for the september 22'nd crash in long branch. he told officers he had a green light and she was jay walking parents are helping a york county football team whose bus was involved in an accident. none of the players were hurt but emotionally shaken up. the young woman driving the suv that collided with the bus was killed. bus was returning from game in pennsylvania philadelphia cemetery damaged by vandals have been restored to its original luster thanks to the jen generosity of others abroad. >> reporter: they toured this area where repaired and restored head stone and memorials stand in neat ranks. the mayor then said a prepare.
9:37 am
this is what that area looked like last winter after vandals targeted 275 of the monuments. the jewish federation brought in experts in some cases to repair cracked stones. the mayor called helping a man lift his fathered pushed over stone >> man was so distraught that i helped him put back in place. i'mly did than i used to be, but he was happy that someone was there just to help him put that stone back in place. now, it's totally fixed. >> reporter: enough funds were raised for an additional 225 stones showing signs of age and neglect to be restored. but it is estimated perhaps there are another 300 aging tomb stones that could use tlc, the mayor's focus on those who last february intentionally caused damage and hurt. >> people have no respect or no decency when it comes to honoring places like this that should be honored, say credit.
9:38 am
>> there is still a sizeable report for the arrest and conviction. there have been no arrests and no one has come forward to take responsibility. in wissinoming, john rollins, channel 6 action news. 9:38 and more to come on this sunday morning edition of action news. first remember the stress is unforgettable and we now know that it sparked a new way. celebrating rock and roll with a unique building. the florida hotel that will soon allow to you sleep in the bridge. looking live through sky 6 hd. philadelphia international airport there. chris sowers has your exclusive forecast. rain today and tomorrow, we'll be right back.
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officials say it could take years for northern california to
9:41 am
fully recover from the devastating wildfires early this month. the deadliest fires took 42 lives's destroyed at least 8900 structures. officials said it will be months before the first new vegetation takes root and longer before a burned out vineyards are producing grapes again let's get a look at the forecast. it will be soaking wet out there. >> soaking wet. coastal storm, no storm i'm happy >> i was even happy with yesterday's weather, boring but nice. here's the will you have shot in cape may. it's one of the area that is will see heavy rain about all day long. the closer you are to the coast, the closer you are to the coastal storms itself. the more rain you can expect and you can see the waves starting to pick up here a couple of white caps, winds gusting to 60 miles per hour, 55 to 60 somewhere in that range after midnight through the morning tomorrow. your storm tracker 6 first round of heavy rain over top of the
9:42 am
delaware bay, second round off the screen off the coast of the carolinas, both lifting north and will produce heavy rains, here's a close-up shot from woodstown all the way thousand elmer and getting into mays landing, it is raining heavily from that line south, and north lighter rain, from the new jersey turnpike, exit 1 all the way up to mountain holly it's fairly light. but heavier stuff is knocking on the door. and will get in here over the next hour. it's mild, 63 in philadelphia. that's the normal high this time of year, that occurs around 3:30 or 4:00. millville is 65. dover cape may 64, atlantic city 65. again it's a good old-fashioned coastal storm. this is not a nor easter. you need a northeast wind to be classified as a nor easter. because of the positioning of high pressure off to the west. nonetheless, it's a pretty big
9:43 am
rain event for us in the philadelphia area, runs up the east coast. then as we get into the day tomorrow, lifts north we get the wrap around winds on the back side whipping around 40 to 50. higher gusts possible. here's a close-up on future tracker, noon we're looking at periods of rain, some heavier. especially across south jersey and delaware and round two arrives late in the day toward the evening's look at the oranges and reds starting to show up. this is when the rain will really be coming down at a good clip. especially north of the pennsylvania turnpike where they could see anywhere from two to four inches of rain when all is said and done. by monday morning rap around stuff, very light but the bigger concern will be the gusty winds up to 50, 55 miles per hour. as we take a look at the forecast model spread. european model almost four inches r to philadelphia, the american model right here, the gfs and the nam. especially the gfs shows 1.34
9:44 am
but the nam, 2.5. >> a light breeze out on the southeast with ten to 20 miles per hour, but that increases throughout the day and we'll see the big gusts first thing tomorrow morning, going hour by hour, i want to show the first rounds of rain, as soon as the eagles game starting when things should start to let up, a soaking rain from one to three, cloudy skies maybe a couple of showers, maybe it's not doing anything at all. catch a lull in the break, by the fourth quarter here comes round two, soaking rain continues to the late evening hours and the invest miles an hour gusts develop overnight. the idea is rain eventually tapering off after midnight, windy, 44 degrees out lying suburbs, 49 for center city, national weather service has issued a wind advisory for tomorrow morning for entire viewing area, gusts up to 55 miles per hour be maybe 60 for
9:45 am
the jersey shore. here's exclusive seven-day forecast. highlighted today, issued an accu weather alert for the possibility of minor flooding and powerful winds, up to 68. some of the cooler fall-like air in here for the next three days, 58 tomorrow, 58 tuesday, 59 on wednesday. the trick or treaters should be nice, chilly but lots of sunshine, temperatures pull back into the upper 40's. and here's another 72 on the board, that arrives on friday. . >> that will feel good. >> that will. >> thank you. well, a smashing of guitars kicks off the unveiling for a new flag shaped total in hollywood, florida, once finished the hard rock and casino will stand over 35 stories tall. it will also double the size of the casino and include a state-of-the-art seven thousand seat venue. east street band guitar, and drummer miko were both on hand, expected to open 2019 with 1300
9:46 am
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taking a look at the camden city skyline and the venture aquarium. if you liked yesterday, you're probably not going to like today soaking wet.
9:49 am
the time is 9:48. a letter written by a passenger on the titanic was sold, written by alexander hole veerson. it sold at auction for $166,000, $66,000 more than anticipated. it's dated april 19 and, 1912, one day before the titanic hit an iceberg in the atlantic and sank. he had written an erie note to his mother that if all goes well, we will arrive in new york wednesday morning. his mom or wife rather was among the 700 to survive. we're at the action news big board with technically speaking the online war for your money is really heating up. wal-mart's online retail store. called uniquely jay, created with a busy shopping in mind, consumers can shop for 50 products coffee, cleaning,
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done tell versace and downloaded over 640 times after the forecast.
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forecast. that's it's walt whitman bridge and you can see it's a dreary gray day and raining, 9:53. 63, it will rain much of the day as well as tomorrow. eagles gearing up for a soggy afternoon match at the linc. >> the nittany lions are link r little bitting wound after losing their spot in the ranking. here's jeff skversky with your sunday is sports >> the eagles have the best
9:54 am
record in nfl they have this one today. it's an easy win. that might be the attitude of fans but not how the eagles are thinking. there's no taking it against the winless 49ers for granted >> you turn on the tape and wouldn't think that's an 0 and seven football teams. we just got to stay on the field and convert key situations, we can't sleep on these guys, they're good football team >> joel embiid has a right hand contusion after last night's win over dallas, x-rays were negative on embiid's hand. sixers in dallas, embiid facing his best friend nerlens noel. he holds noel to four points, he scores 23. ben simmons drops 23 as well. it's a career high for the rookie. sixers up as many as 13, and embiid trying to put it away,
9:55 am
hand looks fine there, hanging around, simmons closes the door, sixers hang on to win 112-110, second win. flyers in toronto, shaken gostisbehere out. he leaves with the team said an upper body injury. flyers tied at one. jake vorachek giving the flyers a two to one lead. second. flyers up two to one. four minutes later. claude giroux finishes it. flyers are five and 0 and the captain scores, flyers win four to two ending their two-game losing streak. >> former phillies closer ken giles has bad taste. he blows the lead to the dodgers in game four and last night game four, gives up more, code defehlinger. rbi doubled.
9:56 am
they go on to win six to two. giles allowed ten runs in this post season alone. we are not too happy. what happened to penn state? penn state coach james franklin never beaten a top 25 team on the road. looks like saquon barkley were headed down a good road at ohio state. what a start the opening kickoff. barkley, bye-bye. 97 yard return. the heisman trophy candidate longest streak in the country. penn state is out scoring teams 104 to three. up as many as 18, including an 11 appoint lead with five to go. goes the wrong way. buck eyes come back in the fourth, jt bar writ to johnny dixon, james franklin will not like this.
9:57 am
penn state loses by one, 16 game regular season winning streak is over. >> that is sports, i'm jeff skversky have a good day. talk about a twist on your traditional diamond rink world series mania taken over the lone star state. women can splurge with baseball themed jewelry. a houston jeweler is hitting home runs with diamond rings designed to look like baseball. he said he received a request for altuva neck las, he's the astros second base man. of >> much more on the sunday edition of action news. from see-through refrigerators to alexa, the smart home is here. you new animal gets in the picture when a man asks for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. those stories and more when meteorologist countries has your
9:58 am
exclusive accu-weather forecast when action news continues. exclusive accu-weather forecast when action news continues. flush on your so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, peco can visit your home and show you how to save up to 20% a year. ♪ hmmmm. you don't have to be an expert. because now peco will visit your home and help you save. peco. the future is on.
9:59 am
action news continues. good morning, it's sunday, october 29 and. gray is off, jeaneatte reyes joins us. a sunday soaker across the
10:00 am
region. >> here's sky 6 hd. you'll want to bring umbrella, rain coat, anything you can. it will be a real soaker as coastal storm brings plenty of rain to the delaware and lehigh valleys >> chris sowers joins us with more details when accu weather, the umbrella already up. >> reporter: it's coming down pretty good now. the first round is pushing through as i speak. of and 3:00, 4:00 and that will can't through the evening hours. we're expecting a good 1 to three inches of rain when all is said and done with isolated amounts. allentown, poconos up to four, five inches, that's a lot of rain, that's why they issued the flood watch. smaller creeks and streams may flood. also low lying areas and areas of poor drainage. there's ban one, heavy rains,
10:01 am
reds, oranges, yellows all of that is sweeping through delaware. over the delaware bay and south jersey. from millville fortescue and crossing over the bay getting into consent and sussex counties in delaware. all heading north. from woodbury south, glassboro on the lighter side but will start to see heavier rain over the next half hour, 45 minutes or so. forecasts for today, eagles game taking on the 49ers, 1:00 start time at the linc. we'll say rain at times. and the breezes will pick up especial by the fourth quarter's wind out of the southeast at ten to 20 miles per hour. temperatures holding steady in the mid to upper 60's. here's the to him we're going through round number one now. that lasts through about lunch time, 1:00 and we catch break. the first three quarters of the eagles game may be all right. where it's just cloudy with a couple of showers or lighter periods of rain, then by the
10:02 am
fourth quarter, round two arrives and rain picks up in intensity. we'll talk more about the wind part of the system with the seven-day forecast, gusts could reach 60 miles per hour at the jersey shore. i'll have that part of the story in a few minutes. guys >> thank you. you can stay on top of today's heavy rain with, up to the minute forecast, along with live storm tracker 6 radar. to our breaking news a fiery tractor-trailer crash has led to the closure of 295 north at 95 in delaware. it happened after a big rig slammed into a er jersey barrier overnight. bob brooks joins us from the scene in newport delaware with the latest. i know a lot of people wonder when it will reopen. when update on that >> as you can see behind me, traffic has reopened down here.
10:03 am
people don't have 24 about any delays or anything like that. it's reopened but really, this is a very violent crash. it's incredible to drivers of that tractor-trailer. it was around 3:00 a.m. a tractor-trailer truck crashes and burst into flames. debris was scattered all over and traffic northbound would have to be temporarily shutdown until the flames could be put out. it happened just north of route 141 in newport. at this point, delaware state police say the driver of the truck lost control of the truck somehow and slammed into the jersey barrier. why that happened is still under investigation. the good news is the driver was incredibly uninjured and managed to escape from the cab of the truck before it went up in flames. according to police, he was hauling some type of machinery but the goal now is to clean up the mess left behind. also fix that jersey barrier that was badly damaged. >> i know a lot of people were worried about the traffic down higher on northbound seconds but as you can see, the now
10:04 am
reopened. reporting live in newport, bob brooks channel 6 action news. >> thanks for the update. philadelphia police are looking for three armed robbers he don't busted their way into a home overnight and took off with money and cell phones. it happened here on 5100 block of haverford avenue in west philadelphia at 3:30 this morning, police say home invaders were wearing dark hoodies and armed with handguns, took off with several thousand dollar in cash and cell phones, the victims were not physically hurt. three people are hospitalized after seriously hurt in a crash in south jersey overnight. new jersey state police say a car went out of control and flipped over on route 42 near exit ten in gloucester township at 3:15. three people inside the car were transported to cooper medical center in serious condition. a crash is under investigation this morning. six people were sent to the hospital overnight following a two-vehicle crash in wilmington
10:05 am
after at 12th and bower street, the vehicles including one pulling a u-haul trailer crashed head on. they had to be freed by firefighters. all six went to christiana hospital for treatment. one of the 16-year-olds shot and killed last week in south philly was laid to rest this weekend. the line for salvatore dinubile's service rapid around the corner, dinubile and 16-year-old caleer miller were gunned down this past tuesday at the intersection of 12th and ritner. those who knew the volumes are asking many painful question. >> supposed to be the city of brotherly love. what happened? what made us not love >> why you got to take somebody's life? you can't talk it out and be broken men. >> police say the person who shot the two teens is 16-year-old brandon oliveri. he turned himself into police headquarters on friday night and is being held without bail. at this point, there's no word on a motive for the shooting. we may now as early as
10:06 am
tomorrow, who faces the first charges into possible russian meddling in 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with president trump's campaign. robert mueller filed the first charges in his investigation, a federal grand jury signed off on those charges. mueller has been investigating the possible russian interference in the 2016 election for months now. an arrest is also possible tomorrow. al shabab claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in the somalia capitol. nearly 25 people were killed which began with a car bombing followed by gunmen. the dead include police hotel guests and residents. others may have escaped with the residents who are rescued. . we may never know hurricane maria's true death toll in puerto rico, northern 900 cremations occurred on the
10:07 am
island since hurricane maria. many have been left untreated or under treated in the mass of destruction. final death toll is still lifted as 51. public safety officials say that won't go up only if the bodies were sent to the medical examiner in san juan. an assortment are sitting on tom wolf's desk. $140 million tax package and a borrowing measure. lawmakers say the bills are no the ideal but would bail out the finances and put pennsylvania on footing. a construction project at villanova university will be changes oh and a popular septa line from tomorrow through december 10th, the northbound high speedline won't stop at the villanova station, riders who normally use the villanova stop
10:08 am
should use stadium station on avenue instead. they're conducting a pedestrian bridge. tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of super storm sandy. it killed 147 people. parts of the jersey shore were left in ruins. the garden state alone was socked with $40 billion worth of damage. millions lost power, summary built. others are still struggling. and some places are still trying to increase flood protection in the wake sandy. our coverage of super storm sandy's five year anniversary continues on there you can see some of the iconic images from the terrible impacts along with videos from our nonstop action news coverage from 2012. you can find it all right now on our nasty weather today,
10:09 am
could have an impact on the eagles afternoon match against the 49ers at the linc. birds are going into today's game strong with a six and one record and a solid lead a the number one spot. but they will have to battle anyone and win as well as the winless 49ers, they're also dealing with long-term injuries, kickoff set for 1:00. time is 10:09. we'll take a look at the smart home features. ahead, pope francis a take part in an out of this world phone call >> the man gets the fright of his life when he believes a shark may break through glass. we'll explain this one, looking live through sky 6. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast when we come back.
10:10 am
10:11 am
back. an indiana father released video of his 9-year-old being arrested. ronnie shepherd was there when police officers accused his son for allegedly attacking another boy. but he said his son, who has autism has been bullied repeatedly and fighting back. >> you take it and let somebody beat on you or you go forward and protect yourself and that's what i've asked him to do. i'm proud of what he done. >> no, does he not. >> a witness to the incident said shepherd's son was actually the aggressor and turned on a teacher trying to break up the dispute. the charges were dropped and
10:12 am
shepherd's son transferred to another school where he's doing better. it may as well be autumn on calendar but looking a lot like winter in some parts of the country. take a look at this in minnesota, five inches of snow fell on the city. that broke the weather and looks downright frigid as the flakes fell at a steady pace. that snow is getting applause from chris sowers, not for us. >> let's talk a little weather here in the philadelphia area, we're talking rain. not snow. with this coastal storm, temperatures obviously way too warm. we're sitting at 63. high temperatures today, just shy of 70. eagles forecast taking on the 49ers, looks like a rainy one, lots of clouds and couple of showers at least through the first half and that transitions over to a steadier rain by the second half. so 68 december by the first quarter. then by the fourth quarter 65 and again that's when some of the heavier written start to
10:13 am
march in. here say look let's go back quick at storm tracker 6. we're expecting multiple rounds of rain to push through and each round will be heavy. this is the first one here pushing through delaware, this is delaware bay south jersey, not too much going on across the southern portions of delmarva. but there's another one off the coast of virginia capes and cape hatteras north carolina. that will go north next 12 hours or so. here's route 40, the dividing line from the lighter stuff to the heavier to the south, salem, millville, fortescue, summer ma, heavy rain being reported and down south into dover. reporting from heavy rain northward up into wilmington and chadds ford, this will lift north, then we catch break around midday and more rain pulls in here later on. it's coastline storm riding up the eastern seaboard. this low as it moves north up into canada. the pressure difference between
10:14 am
the low and the high building in from the west. produces what we call a gradeian and the winds will really intensity as a result overnight and through the morning where we could see gusts up to at least 50 miles per hour in the philadelphia area, and maybe closer to 60 for jersey shore. future tracker 6, rain on and off, round two moves in late this afternoon and into the evening hours, we'll stop the clock at 8:30, heavy rain through south jersey. actually lifting north up into the lehigh valley. areas north of the pennsylvania turnpike by midnight. it's pouring at that point. that should be the of the heavy rain because the low is actually off the coast of new york city and lifting up into new england. first thing tomorrow morning, this is rap around stuff lighter rain but the wind is the big concern through the morning hours with the gusts again 50 to 60 miles per hour. one to three inches expected when all is said and done, isolated. the heaviest rain will occur
10:15 am
late this afternoon through evening, possibility of flooding. smaller creeks and streams and we've been talking about strong powerful winds developing. forecast for today, accu weather soaking rain at times, not going to be raining every hour but it will come down heavy once in awhile. street flooding likely. allentown reading lancaster 66, philadelphia 68. dover and cape may 68. millville around 69 and overnight. sharply colder, in the 60's. the numbers drop down to low to mid 40's north and west tomorrow morning, 49 in philadelphia and with the wind it will be windchills down into the 30's. millville 48. speaking of wind be breezes pick up later this afternoon, second half could have gusts up to 30 miles per hour. watch what happens, as low starts lifting to the north, it gets up into new england, the wrap around wind start to intensity, 60 mines this model is projecting for millville dover wildwood and atlantic city
10:16 am
and they will can't at least through midday and things start to calm down. wind advisory for the entire viewing area, the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, miserable out there today. 68, left over rain during the morning tomorrow. otherwise clouds breaking for sun and windy 58. halloween looks good, chilly with sunshine and 58 degrees. >> thank you. pope francis took part in an out of this world phone call at the international space station, the pontiff spoke to the astronaut asking simple and fill as of kel questions. he told the holy father being in space allows him to see god's creation.
10:17 am
>> there's no border, conflict, it's peaceful. you see the thinness of the atmosphere that makes you realize our fragile our existence here is. >> francis considered a career as a chemist before he became a priest. it wasn't the first papal phone call, pope benedict the 16th also rang the space station in 2011. we're getting closer and closer to the dream of having appliances to all of the work for us. >> the latest in smart home technology, but tips and tricks how to make your house a little bit smarter. >> alexa, what's the weather >> smart homes are here. >> i don't remember what life was like before we could talk to a light bulb. i don't know what kind of world we were living in. >> kitchen appliances like
10:18 am
coffee makers that turn on the second you wake up or a fridge that shows you what it's got inside, doors that unlock just for you and making sure you're at the perfect temperature, even fido can get smart >> and amazon echo or google home or something similar and all of a sudden they get smart light bulbs, alexa, turn off little amp. >> reporter: once you got the basic setup your smart home can had that you with your shopping list >> i put paper towels on your shopping list >> google, what's the weather >> today, thunderstorms. >> what's the pirate's favorite exercise? the plank. >> with with all the laughs and grouped breaking inventions. >> we'll see a lot of issues of the devices themselves >> are there privacy concerns
10:19 am
when the comes from the technology >> you shouldn't be so concerned that you completely opt out if you don't your echo listening to you you can hit the mute button >> as securities struggle to keep pace, homes of the future are here and ready to help you order a pizza >> i can get behind a smart home >> maggie ruley abc news new york. ♪ what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'?
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this is are we talk about some videos everybody is talking about from facebook youtube and more >> first an airport worker in upstate new york showed the world, check out these cool moves, a passenger on a flight about to take off from greater rochester international airport spotted the dancing worker from the window of his plane. fellow workers say he's known for brightening people's days, he even has a youtube channel. >> i can see chris doing that for us here. >> a hippo has become a viral sensation, the couple's marriage proposal. nick had dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend. the couple didn't expect or realize that he decided to join
10:22 am
in on the happy occasion. after they realized it. nick and haley said they weren't upset because they're huge fan of the hippo, they posted the pictures online and as you can imagine it went viral >> i like that but this is my favorite. a man got the site of his life when he checked out an exhibit at the international spy museum in washington, dc. this is supposed to look like a real aquarium with a sign that reads touch at your own risk. watch as he touches the glass. the fake shark charges the glass and the man so startled he jumped back and fell to the ground. >> that never gets old. falls to the ground completely. that's so funny. >> it says touch at your own risk. >> tell us what you think about these. >> inside story is coming up later this morning on 6 abc. good morning, coming up on
10:23 am
inside story, the new jersey's governor's race is week from tuesday, two distinct choices, two different views for the state. but one race still overshadowed by a guy named governor chris christie. also philadelphia will be electing a new district attorney, another race with two very different choices. plus the ex-da just went to jail. we'll talk about both races and a lot of other stuff going on politically on inside story 11:30 a.m. every day, technology becomes much more personalized. ♪ ♪ like this.
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10:26 am
. philadelphia's 19th police department last night. the hallways were converted into a series of haunted attractions. officials say it's a great way to build relationships. >> they transformed that thing >> i think the weather look as little scary too. here's the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast. yesterday so beautiful, temperatures near 70, today cloudy and damp periods of rain, up to 68 numbers are warm. lots of rain expected late this afternoon and into the evening hours. we issued an accu weather alert with the possibility of flooding's through the morning tomorrow, gusts at the jersey shore could reach 60 inland locations more like 50. everything clears out late tomorrow and halloween looks nice, chilly but sunny and temperatures in the 50's >> thank you, chris.
10:27 am
this week with george stephanopoulos coming up next on 6 abc >> he will delve into the news. here's george with a respective. >> good morning, coming up, special counsel robert mueller's grand jury approved first charges, who the target is unknown right now, but we and be arrests as early as tomorrow, announcement of the indictment tomorrow. we'll talk about democratic adam schiff and chris christie former prosecutor, and the powerhouse round table weighs in on all the week's politics along with founder of the me too movement. coming up this week. >> action news comes up at noon. here's some of the stories we're working on. if you're looking for a boost, head to south jersey. details on a little known beverage that has a quiet following >> there are laws in place to protect teens from tanning salons.
10:28 am
are they working? what the experts had to say >> for chris sowers, gray hall, jeaneatte reyes and the entire action news team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you back here at noon. s
10:29 am
10:30 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> special counsel robert mueller's grand jury approves the first charges in the russia investigation. arrests as early as tomorrow. who is the mystery target? how close to the white house? all the fallout. and -- >> it was almost a love-fest. >> the president rallies his party behind tax cuts. after a one-two punch from republican senators. >> i rise today to say enough. >> i would just like for him to leave to it the professionals. >> as critics abandon the senate, it's trump's party now. can he lead to it legislative success? or will civil war sink the gop? plus -- >> i have been silenced for 20 years. >> silent no more. >> we're going to be vocal until this stops. >> as more powerful men take the fall for sexual harassment. the explosive call to action sweeping


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