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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 30, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a looming indictment. the first charges expected today in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. what we know right now and the president's reaction. military murder case. a green beret strangled. >> s.e.a.l.s, any special operation troops are so disciplined, so highly trained. this is unimaginable. >> two elite navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation. kevin spacey bombshell. the actor's very personal response overnight to allegations of sexual misconduct from a fellow actor who claims spacey forced himself on to him at a party. >> home run derby. >> another home run. >> another epic extra inning in the world series. now fueling controversy over whether the balls have been
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altered leading to more big hits. and a halloween prank gone too far. should these bush men haunting people in the park really face jail time? a good monday morning and begin with a potential bombshell in the russia investigation. the first criminal charges are expected to be announced today. >> this indictment is coming on a very busy week for the president. on wednesday house republicans plan to release their version of the tax overhail bill he's been pushing then a 12-day trip to asia is kicked off and he promised to reveal his choice to lead the federal reserve before heading overseas. >> abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. janai. >> reporter: good morning. the president still insists this investigation is nothing more than a political witch-hunt. here we are almost a full year after the 2016 election and
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dimes and at least one arrest appear imminent. all eyes are on the nation's capital. americans anxious to learn the latest about the investigation into russians meddling in last year's election and any possible collusion. abc news has confirmed that a senior prosecutor from special counsel robert mueller's office who specializes in fraud cases was at the federal courthouse in washington friday. sources tell abc news the grand jury has approved charges. >> believe me, if you're the person, you know. i mean you've already been told you're a target. >> reporter: at this point it's a game of russian roulette, unclear who could be charged but a number of the president's men have faced questions and now some in his inner circle are lashing out. >> give me a break, okay. look, the speculation is so insane right now, what we should be focusing on are the continued lies of the clinton administration. >> reporter: the ranking member of the house intelligence
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committee refusing to comment on whether the president himself could be a target of the ongoing investigation. >> i can't comment on that, george. i can't answer that one way or the other. >> one way -- you wouldn't know whether robert mueller is investigating the president. >> i can't -- i can't comment on that at all. >> and the president unleashed a tweet storm sunday aimed at democrats and hillary clinton tweeting there is, quote, so much guilt. but the white house lawyer saying those tweets weren't related to the impending arrest adding that president trump continues to cooperate with the investigation. diane and kendis. >> all right. we'll all be anxiously awaiting to hear that name. turning to the severe weather that's battering the east coast and could impact travel across the country. southern new england has been hit with the worst of the torrential rains and damaging winds. with wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour. the south coast of massachusetts bracing for a major urban flooding. and nearly 1 million power outages have been reported overnight from new york to maine and dozens of flights have been delayed.
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we'll check in with accuweather for a time line coming up. two elite navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation in the death of a green beret in the african nation of mali. logan melgar is believed to have been strangled found dead in june inside his embassy housing he shared with other special operations forces. the two s.e.a.l.s under scrutiny are from the famed s.e.a.l. team 6 unit that killed osama bin laden. >> they're so highly trained it's almost unimaginable. >> the two s.e.a.l.s in question were placed on administrative leave but so far no charges filed. puerto rico's utility authority is now moving to cancel its controversial $300 million contract with whitefish energy. the small company from montana which is from interior secretary ryan zinke's hometown only with two full time employees and the decision to scrap the contract
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could delay projects up to three months. right now 70% of puerto rico is without power. a massive protest on the streets of barcelona. more than 1 million turned out to protest catalonia's push for independence. the region considered itself separate from spain with its own language, culture and regional government but catalonia has also grown increasingly frustrated with higher taxes. they say to subsidize, well, now we're hearing from folks who want to stay. four guards at a jail in west virginia have been suspended without pay following one inmate's brazen escape. security camera caught todd boyes walking out of the jail. despite three head counts guards failed to notice he was missing for 37 hours. he was captured in texas while
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trying to cross into mexico. now, during his time on the run he had traveled 1400 miles. evers already facing up to 20 years in prison for a carjacking. now a look at your monday morning weather. good morning. this low pressure systemdoctoring rain and causing flash flooding will track to the north. along the coast from portland all the way towards boston towards new york watching out for high tides between one and two feet above the norm with beach erosion along with gusty winds between 60 to 70-mile-per-hour winds along the coast and along the border between vermont and new hampshire and nothing to do with philippe carrying out to the ocean courtesy of a cold front. i'm paul williams. drivers could be paying a lot more for gas this week. we'll explain why next. breaking overnight kevin spacey responds after fellow
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we're back with questions this morning about queen elizabeth and her security after an apparent breach at heathrow airport. the security breach was reported after a man found a usb memory stick on the side of a street in london. the sunday mirror says it contains 76 folders worth of unencrypted information including the exact route the queen takes to heathrow airport and the security measures taken to protect her including a network of tunnels and escape routes there. heathrow airport says it is investigating. new crash testing is raising concern about safety on school
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buses. the demonstration showed just how dangerous side impact crashes can be. the company conducting the testing is marketing a new seat belt system but only six states require seat belts on school buses and many school districts have been concerned about the cost of installing seat belts. a mother who lost a child in a bus crash says that's not acceptable. when it comes to safety for our children, what is the cost of a child's life. >> the federal government does not require them on school buses and says side impact crashes are rear but the government is working to make sure if belts are installed they're used properly. gas prices are about to go up 12 cents a gallon for millions in california later this week. the extra 12 cents is actually a new tax to fund transportation projects. the state already has the highest gas prices in the lower 48 states, almost 60 cents above the national average. as of wednesday only pennsylvania's gas taxes will be higher. in the meantime, the white house
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is considering whether to raise the federal tax rate to pay for infrastructure. the president's top economic adviser told lawmakers last week a vote could come as early as next year. billionaire elon musk has shared the first image of what he hopes will one day alleviate the traffic jams of los angeles. it's a photo of a completed 500-foot portion of an underground tunnel that he hopes will soon shuttle cars on electric skates at 150 miles per hour. musk says the tunnel should stretch along l.a.'s interstate 405. with that corridor happening within a year or so. >> hoping for a mile or two within the next three months. a business deal getting buzz. corona's parent company reportedly bought part of a canadian marijuana grower. constellation has taken a stake in canopy growth and will develop marijuana infused drinks but they won't be sold in the u.s. unless marijuana is legalized nationwide.
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is energy that lasts. we're back with stunning developments over a sexual misconduct allegation against actor kevin spacey. >> this morning the two-time oscar winner has issued a very personal response to claims interest a fellow actor. the allegation actually stems from an incident that reportedly happened in 1986 at spacey's apartment while both were starring on broadway. >> at the time spacey's accuser was just 14 years old. >> nope. i'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose. >> this morning kevin spacey is speaking out after becoming the latest hollywood figure accused
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of sexual misconduct. >> i was told to expect a vulcan. >> there may be an understanding. >> reporter: "star trek" discovery actor anthony rapp many told buzzfeed when he was just 14, spacey pushed himself on rapp after a party at spacey's apartment. rapp says, quote, i came forward with my story standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out. overnight spacey responded on twitter saying i honestly do not remember the encounter but if i did behave as he describes, i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. he goes on to say, i have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life and i choose now to live my life as a gay man. rumors about him have been swirling for years. he made numerous jokes about those while hosting the 2017 tony awards. ♪ i'm coming out no, wait. many are criticizing spacey and his team for trying to distract
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from the allegations by finally acknowledging that spacey is gay. overnight comedian wanda sykes retweeted his statement saying you do not get to choose to hide under the rainbow. two more actresses are speaking out against harvey weinstein. actress rose mcgowan says she was offered $1 million in hush money before "the new york times" published its statements and annabella sciorra tells "the new yorker" that weinstein raped her after giving her a ride home to her apartment back in th the '90s. weinstein denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. a former college wrestler is facing up to ten years in prison over a high-tech cheating scheme. trevor graves accused of hacking computers to change his test scores and some of some other students. he also allegedly used passwords stolen from his professors to obtain advanced copies of exam. the fbi believes he pulled off
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the scheme for nearly two years. two women from hawaii who survived more than five months lost at sea have finally reached dry land. jennifer appel and tasha fuiava along with their two dogs arrived in okinawa today. they were rescued last week by the u.s. navy. some 900 miles off japan. a storm had disabled their sailboat which at one point was attacked by several sharks. their entire journey was supposed to take only 18 days but they were cautious and packed a year's worth of food. >> lucky they were prepersy is around the world series. it centers on the number of home runs because there have been quite a lot. top pitchers from the astros and dodgers says the balls being used feel slicker than usual. and they claim that is what's leading to more big hits. but baseball's commissioner insists nothing is out of the ordinary and says the world series balls are no different from any others. the astros and dodgers have combined for a series record 22 home runs so far.
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>> amazing and even astros fan j.j. watt of the texans saying last night there's got to be -- these becauses are juiced, aren't they? seven of those home runs came last night alone and then the game went into extra innings. >> let's get highlights from espn. >> hi, welcome. this is your morning sports interrupting your news. >> good morning, america. good morning, utica. >> that's the thing he does. >> you are probably in bed late last night when this happened. >> you're probably asleep on your couch. >> it was after midwhite when alex bregman won game number five with that single plating derek fisher a pinch runner. the astros had never won a world series in their team history now only one win away and can do it tuesday in los angeles. game six in los angeles, game seven if necessary in l.a. this is tackle football. 30 seconds to go. russell wilson, jimmy graham, we're going to sizzler. 41-38. two touchdowns for graham.
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huge game for russell wilson. dese deshaun watson had a big game on the other side and seahawks have won three straight football games so there's your sports in the middle of the night. >> rainy, windy and raw in utica, new york, today so you need an umbrella, a parka and perhaps a tuque. >> make sure to set your clocks back. >> not yet. >> on the day that you're supposed to. >> it's next weekend. >> okay, preparing ahead for daylight saving. astros pitcher justin verlander summed up the game pretty perfectly. >> with the famous fiance tweeted out this image a before and after from the game. he wrote the game added 40 years to his life. >> he will pitch game six tomorrow night. big game. >> good luck. kate upton in the audience. up next in "the pulse," on board entertainment. reaction pours in after an airline have an idea to have live concerts midflight. why apple fired one of its
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mucinex sinus-max. triple-action fights pain, congestion, & pressure. let's end this. ♪ time for your monday "pulse" starting with a live concert at 35,000 feet. >> southwest signed a deal to bring live bands onto its planes all part of what it's calling his live at 35 concert series. >> but depending where you stand on country music it could be heaven or not so much. actually one person tweeted i often wish i could be strapped to a bad chair listening to someone else's favorite genre of music while hermetically sealed in a sky tube. >> so i'm guessing that person is not a fan of the idea. what if you're trying to sleep on the plane. >> exactly. >> is there a quiet car? >> that would be nice. an apple engineer's daughter may have caused her father his
4:23 am
job. >> while visiting her dad at work she reportedly videotaped the unreleased iphone x and then posted the video on her blog, even worse, you can see other secret apple information in the video. the video was then picked up by other sites. >> now, apple bans taking videos on its campus. it has not yet confirmed the firing. >> yikes. next to the guy in wisconsin who got locked inside a beer cooler inside a convenience store, there you see him, he found himself inside the cooler with the temperature around 32 degrees. >> police say instead of knocking for help, he decided to stay and drink. he helped himself to four drinks apparently before finally being let out after six hours. >> he took off before paying for those four drinks. he was cited for theft and locked up for violating his parole in another case. a couple of beer, a couple malt liquor. >> yeah, four drinks in six hours. he could do better than that. two new jersey teenagers are looking for some prehalloween
4:24 am
fun but now under fire for delivering a few too many tricks. >> the teens have been dressing up as bushes and scaring everyone who crosses their path in a local park. now, some of their victims got a big kick out of the teens calling it good old-fashioned pranking but others were not amused. >> it caused such an uproar police threatened to arrest them if they're caught doing it again. come on. >> just a prank. >> they're having a little fun. >> all right. >> lighten up. >> more news after this. m. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is monday, october 30th. we're tracking a rainy and windy morning commute. september is getting ready for possible issues. looking at accuweather, we have green and yellow and well have traffic and a live report. police shoot a robbery suspected outside the king of prussia mall. washington is on edge expecting the first arrest by robert muller and special prosecutors, the latest is next on "action news." frightening incident in the air during a
4:28 am
pro-basketball team's charter flight. >> the thunder were heading to chicago when something caused a huge dent in the nose of their plane. now we're hearing from those players. michele gallardo has more. >> reporter: what possibly could have caused this? some scary moments for the oklahoma city thunder as players and staff were flying into chicago's midway airport from minneapolis when the plane experienced some turbulence followed by an abrupt drop. >> they just basically told us they were trying to get to a lower altitude because i think they were concerned about the cabin pressure. >> reporter: the flight went on without incident landing in chicago shortly after 1:00 a.m. it was only then players noticed the big dent on the nose of the plane. >> sure, i never seen anything like it. was surprised. walking to the bus and steve was taking a picture. >> reporter: players took to social media. i guess we hit something. 30,000 feet up. tweeted josh huestis and what could we have hit in the sky at
4:29 am
this time of night from carmelo anthony. >> thankful, man. you never take anything for granted. maybe just be thankful and blessed able to land the plane and everything was okay. you know, but seeing stuff like that just shows you, you know, how you need to cherish life and understand the important things in life and embrace every moment. >> reporter: a smokesperson for the delta charter saying the plane experienced a possible encounter with a bird during its descent. if the players were rattled by what happened there was certainly no sign of it on the basketball court as the oklahoma city thunder decisively beat the chicago bulls at home. but was it for sure a bird strike? at this point the spokesperson for delta says that maintenance workers here are still investigating exactly what happened. at midway i'm michele gallardo, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> very bizarre. >> one of khaleesi's dragons. >> a very big bird. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stick around for "good morning america" on this monday. have a
4:30 am
>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., monday, october 30. >> good morning everyone, we are tracking a wet and windy commute. september is preparing for possible delays due to the weather. >> police are looking for a killer who shot a man in the back of the head. >> the first first time and arrest in connection with the russian investigation could come as early as today. >> it was an incredible rainy commute i had a tree down, i had turn back and go back it had falling in the middle of the night. >> reporter: we have trees and wet leaves and pon


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