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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. all eyes on president trump this morning and his high stakes trip to asia. facing the north korean crisis head on but back here at home the president kisses his new tax plan. >> we are giving them a big, beautiful christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. >> plus, president trump unplugged overnight. a twitter employee shuts down the president's account. terror takedown. new video of the new york attacker as isis now claims responsibility and major new questions about the phone call he made just before his deadly rampage. plus, what isis recruitment looks like here in the u.s. diane sawyer's exclusive investigation. the shock for retired marine father whose own son was plotting an attack right in
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their home. and abc news exclusive. talk show host wendy williams, in her first interview since fainting on live tv. >> it felt like i was in the middle of a fire. >> what really happened and the two things she was thinking about the moment she fell only on "gma" this morning. ♪ what you came for >> this is what you came for. iphone frenzy growing around the globe. thousands lining up and camping out overnight for the iphone x but can you actually get one in your hands? ♪ and good morning, america. great to have you with us this friday morning. how about those lines for the iphone already. check this out in new york city. >> they are growing. they've been out there -- one guy first in line said he's been out there since wednesday. >> really? >> yes. >> that's loitering.
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>> that's one way to put it, michael. also this morning a lot of reaction coming in to the republicans' sweeping $1.5 trillion tax plan now revealed and our new poll out this morning shows 60% of americans believe his tax plan mainly favors the wealthy. >> the president, well, he's also facing a surprise twitter shut down overnight. his account disappeared for 11 minutes and it turns out a twitter employee was kind of behind that. >> which means the president was up early tweeting about that. we'll get into that coming up. also kick off his trip to asia. longest of his presidency and visit japan, china and south kor korea. right to cecilia vega already on the ground in tokyo. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: just landed, george. good morning to you h is being called the most consequential trip for the president. tomorrow one of the things on his agenda playing a round of golf with shinzo abe but hanging
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over this trip is the threat of north korea. questions about whether president trump might tone down his language using words like rocket man and aides are telling us he doesn't plan to tone down his language. we won't hear a softer tone but ahead he is considering adds pyongyang, north korea, to that list of state-sponsored terrorism. one thing the president won't be doing on this triple not be visiting the dmz, the demilitarized zone. past presidents have made that trip. this president is not going to do so. the white house says he'll go to south korea and visit troops and a military base there instead. >> in the meantime, cecilia, that 11-minute shutdown of the president's twitter account and the president saying this morning they were doing it for a reason. >> reporter: yeah, as you mentioned he is up and tweeting about it. he says take a look, here's the tweet, my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must finally be
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getting out and having an impact. not really sure what impact he's talking about but let me give you a few details. this happened around 7:00 last night. the president's twitter account went dark and lasted for all of 11 minutes, overnight twitter gave the reason. this is what they're saying, blaming a rogue employee and says it was his last day on the job and he deactivated the president's account on his way out the door and they are conducting a full internal review. this is the twitter er in chief. he started this account in 2009 and he's tweeted more than 36,000 times. president trump himself has said that part of the reason he won the white house is because of his use of social media and his popularity on it so clearly his blank twitter account caused quite the stir online. so far in spite of that tweet from president trump himself, george, no comment from the white house. >> amazing that one person at twitter could do that. thanks very much.
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>> george, more on the tax plan. a sweeping overhaul now revealed. to our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce there on capitol hill with more on what it means for families. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, lawmakers are still poring over this 400 plus page bill but the big question this morning what does this really mean for you? republicans are promising relief to the middle class, but we've learned much of that could depend on where you live and what deductions you rely on. this morning, the president is giving the sweeping new republican tax plan rave reviews. >> people are loving it. we've had tremendous receptivity to a point i haven't seen anything like it. >> reporter: it's a big win for the rich but the president insists that's not the case. >> not for the rich. it's for the middle class and it's for jobs. >> reporter: so which is it? republicans say the average family making $59,000 a year could save roughly $1200 per year. their bill simplifies the number of tax brackets from seven to
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just four. if your family makes more than $24,000 a year but less than $90,000 you would pay up to 12%. if you have children, the child tax credit expands from $1,000 to $1,600. ecstatic, the president welcomed the plan thursday with a smooch. but to pay for all these tax cuts, the bill slashes popular tax breaks that many americans rely on. if you have student debt, gone would be that student loan interest deduct. the deduction for medical expenses is out too. looking to buy a home, the mortgage interest deduction would be cut in half. only applying to the first $500,000 of a home loan. now, critics say this is just a boon to the rich and it is a big win for big business slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% down to just 20% and, robin, it eliminates the estate tax which is likely to benefit wealthier
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americans. >> that is the chances the bill will pass. >> reporter: i talked to some house republicans who say this bill isn't going to cut it. they are a no but republican leaders remain optimistic they can get this through and heard yesterday the president promised the american people this bill will be, quote, a big, beautiful christmas present. >> we did hear that. all right, mary. >> a lot does depend on the president. let's bring in jon karl for more on that. the president out there selling it yesterday even though our new poll shows a majority of americans don't like the plan so far and some skittishness on capitol hill about how the president will lead this fight given what happened during the health care fight. >> reporter: there is constant fear that the president is going to change his mind, change policy in response to criticism or cut some kind of side deal and the republicans will learn about it on twitter but i have to say overall i sense confidence on the part of republicans and spoke to speaker of the house paul ryan here yesterday after his meeting with the president and he says he really does believe they can get it done by christmas. >> meantime, jon, the democratic
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party rocked by this revelation by donna brazile that the clinton campaign had effectively taken control over the dnc before she got the nomination. president trump now weighing in on that this morning. >> reporter: he's got a double-barreled attack on this. he's going after the dnc, of course, but he's also in an odd twist going after his own justice department. overnight the president jumped on revelations that hillary clinton had control over the dnc even before she won her party's nomination. tweeting, donna brazile just stated the dnc rigged the system to illegal steal the primary from bernie sanders. bought and paid for by crooked h. this is real collusion and dishonesty, major violation of campaign finance laws and money laundering. where is our justice department? he's referring to revelations in a new book by former dnc chair donna brazile who reveals that the dnc entered into an agreement back in 2015 that gave the clinton team a degree of control over the party long
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before the first votes were cast in the democratic primary. trump continued the attack last night in an interview on fox news. >> but i want to tell you that is a big story, what she's saying. it's illegal, number one, and it's really unfair to bernie sanders. i'm not a bernie sanders fan but i must say i got a lot of his votes when he was thrown out. >> reporter: in another interview the president expressed frustration that he doesn't have more control over his own justice department. >> i'm very frustrated by it. i look at what's happening with the justice department. why aren't they going after hillary clinton with her e-mails and her -- the dossier and the kind of money -- i don't know. is it possible they paid $12.4 million for the dossier and how was -- which is total phony, fake. and how is it used? >> reporter: and the president just minutes ago went after his own justice department yet again on twitter tweeting, everybody is asking why the justice department and the fbi isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with crooked
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hillary and the dems. by the way, george, democrats are raising questions about this, as well. elizabeth warren was asked point blank if she believes the primary was rigged and she said, yes. >> a lot of democrats angry about this and don't like what hillary clinton did during the campaign. the more they've learned about it from donna brazile but to clarify a couple of points here. there's no indication there was any illegal activity going on in the dnc despite the president's claims and i guess if he really wanted the justice department to investigate this, he could ask them. >> reporter: absolutely. no allegation of illegal activity coming really from anybody except for the president. but it is quite something to see him effectively go after his own attorney general instead of simply maybe asking had him to look into it. >> jon karl, thanks very much. george, also this morning, we're learning new details about that deadly terror attack here in new york city. overnight people gathered for a special vigil and march to remember the victims. and now we have dramatic new video showing what happened right after the attacker was
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taken down by police. we're also learning about a phone call he made right before the rampage and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with new details. >> that's right and good morning to you. overnight as isis claimed responsibility for the halloween attack in new york, federal agents grew more concerned that the attacker might have been part of a larger cell. 29-year-old sayfullo saipov reportedly told the fbi he acted alone but now agents are raising questions about a number of his associates who like him came to the u.s. from uzbekistan. senior federal officials tell abc news they will be questioning a friend of his later today who agents say saipov called in the hour before the attack and as well, robin, saipov is known to have been a point of contact for at least 23 uzbek residents who came to the u.s. >> as agents look into the background of those 23, of course, there has to be concern they had terror connections. >> of course, at least one was expelled from the u.s. because of such concerns and uzbekistan has been a breeding ground for a number of isis followers, nine of whom have been convicted or
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are awaiting trial in the u.s. on terrorism charges so the question this morning is what contact if any they had with saipov and whether there may be some kind of cell in this country of uzbek immigrants to the u.s. >> a question we want to know the answer to. all right. >> we'll find out. thank you. we're learning more about the schoolchildren on the bus that was hilt in that terrorist attack. noah salz was on board and his parents were worried about his whereabouts but then saw him on the news. >> and then i started to cry and then i said, i want to just get out of here quickly as i can. then i sat there for a minute and heard a gunshot. >> i actually was able to call noah and i spoke to him briefly then i saw him on a stretcher. that was a real odd moment. >> wow. >> incredibly enough noah went to school the very next day. he has a perfect attendance record. de not want to lose that and it is very important to him to show up. what a special kid.
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>> indeed, thank you, michael. turning to new allegations, though against kevin spacey. eight people who work on "house of cards" reportedly accusing the star of sexual harassment saying it created a toxic work environment. abc's linsey davis is here with more on that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. these eight people are all coming forward anonymously saying they ferret tri because but describe the set of "house of cards" as a toxic environment for young men who had to interact with spacey in any capacity. new sexual misconduct allegations this morning against kevin spacey from the set of his hit show "house of cards." >> honesty is your best defense and offense. >> reporter: eight new accusers speaking anonymously to cnn say the two-time academy award winner's behavior was predatory and claim it involved nonconsensual touching and crude comments targeting somemembers. one former production assistant said he assaulted him in a car when he was tanked with driving him to set. >> the new allegations against
7:14 am
kevin spacey raise the question as to whether there will be both criminal and civil charges filed. >> reporter: overnight mrc, the production company behind "house of cards" said we are deeply troubled to learn about these new allegations concerning kevin spacey's interaction with members of the crew. the company revealed that one crew member did make a complaint against spacey for a specific remark and gesture in 2012 and mr. spacey willingly participated in a training process to resolve the issue. netflix had already suspended production on "house of cards" after recent accusations from actor anthony rapp who told buzzfeed that spacey made a sexual advance toward him when he was just 14 years old. spacey said he didn't remember the encounter with rapp but apologized for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. his representative confirms spacey is now seeking unspecified treatment. this as hollywood movie mogul harvey weinstein could potentially face criminal charges on new rape allegations in new york. the nypd says they are
7:15 am
investigating claims weinstein assaulted "boardwalk empire" actress on two occasions in 2010. the actress alleges the first assault happened after the movie mogul offered to dive her home. one inside her apartment she said he forced himself on her. the nypd has two active investigations going on foo weinstein. weinstein's representative says any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied about mr. weinstein. as for spacey, the agency that represented him and his public bliss have parted ways with the actor. the future of the show remains up in the air but the production company says they have now created an anonymous complaint hotline that they're providing counselors and legal advisers for all of the members of the crew. >> so far reaching. thank you, linsey. >> absolutely. thank you. thousand to the iphone frenzy. it's been growing overnight and today is the day you can get your hands on the new iphone x. people all across the world have
7:16 am
been lining up and our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is at an apple store right here in new york city. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yes, this is it. this is the phone that has everybody here lining up on and on around the block. they've brought blankets, chairs, emergency water, the first guy in line has been waiting here since wednesday. this is nico. how long have you been waiting here. >> since wednesday 5:30 a.m. >> have you ever waited for an iphone before this? no. >> you want to hold it? >> of course, this is gorgeous. oh, my god. >> so people are lining up -- i'm glad you love it. there are people lining up around the country, around the world this morning to get their hands on this phone. the palo alto store in the backyard of apple's headquarters has a huge line outside already this morning, michael. people want to get their hands on this phone. >> you better take that phone back to nico. he started using it like it was his already. rebecca, we see all those people in line. are they actually going to get a phone and what about somebody like us who can't tan in line and didn't want to stand in line
7:17 am
but we didn't preorder. can we get a phone? how hard will that be. >> reporter: here's the deal apple tells me they have phones in every single store location. they have urged people to get to locations early. you can still order these phones online but of course we know they sold out in ten minutes with the preorders right now you'll have to wait three to four weeks if you order online, michael. >> thank you, rebecca. are you going to get one? >> i think i will. >> i guess people are saying it's kind of hard to figure out though. >> all of them are. no big deal. i'll get one as well. we'll turn ow to a big day in houston, the astros returning home as world series champs and got a big huge greeting as they got off the plane for such a big victory for a city that has gone through so much this year and they've got a major parade this afternoon with their mayor saying as we bounce back from hurricane harvey, we are more than ready to welcome our heroes home in proper form. >> good for them. >> it's going to be great and it's going to be hot and ginger
7:18 am
will tell us all about that. >> record high 88. i think they will stop in the nid -- in the mid 80s. 94 the hottest november record in dallas. that subsides and we'll see cooler weather chances. the weekend weather is brought to you by downy. >> reporter: we are cooling down for the weekend around here, too. for today we're mild and dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we take a look outside on sky6 live hd. you see sun and clouds, that's
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what you got today, clouds and sun mixing. temperatures in the 50s right now. everybody getting up and down i-95 with no trouble. 75 this afternoon similar to yesterday. clouds and sun warm. later this afternoon there's a slight chance of a brief, light sprinkle or shower in the northern and western suburbs. tomorrow, 60. 67 sunday. families, the powerf isis is trying to radicalize young americans from thousands of miles away. diane sawyer is here with her eye-opening report. that abc news exclusive. wendy williams in her first interview since fainting on live tv. what she says scared her the most. we'll see it only on "gma" this morning. come on back. of extraordinary. they're actually d see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta-what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting.
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edwards, 7:56 a.m., friday. november 3. let's head over to karen rogers starting on 202. >> reporter: we have police on the accident, penndot zooming around getting different shots of it, right now you're looking at the traffic light. we have traffic moved to the shoulder, watch for this. birmingham township, chester county 202 southbound after green tree drive watch for that accident, it was blocking the left lane and move to the side right now. in collingdale we have a problem chester pike at cherry street and there's an accident where a vehicle struck a pedestrian. we have ems workers on the scene trying to help with this, an accident involving a pedestrian. in a spot where fog is an issue
7:24 am
as well. you need to be careful with killed walking to the bus, construction workers pedestrians. it's going to get heavy as you head toward the schuylkill expressway, tam. >> we'll be back with your accuweather. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story.
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david. we'll take you back to "g.m.a." and see you back here in 30. around here, i'm lucky to get through
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interwoven... ...exclusively at kay, jared and zales. welcome back to "gma." that is the scary moment that tv host wendy williams fainted on live tv and now she's opening up to amy about it this morning revealing what was going through her head as it happened in a really candid interview. we have that coming up with her later in the show. >> halloween morning and many of us were watching. >> hard to watch. >> yes, it was. glad she's doing okay and we'll hear what she has to say to amy. also, president trump is now reacting to that shutdown of his twitter account that lasted 11 minutes last night. an employee who is leaving the company temporarily shut it down and the president was tweeting about it already this morning. he is starting his 12-day trip to asia today stopping in hawaii this afternoon then heading to five countries including japan, china and south korea. high on the agenda dealing with the north korean nuclear threat.
7:31 am
>> it is an important trip. right now we'll take a look at a startling look at the way isis is trying to recruit young americans. in the wake of the recent terror attack in new york city it is a warning for parents about what most think would never happen in their own homes. diane sawyer, this is part of your special tonight, "isis in america." this really is so shocking. >> it is shocking and i think people are going to be really surprised by this psychological power of their recruiting techniques and that they're reaching into every american household. we're talking about all religions and all you need is a kid with a computer. a desperate father calls 911 about his son. >> i need somebody as quick as possible. >> we have units en route to you. stay on the line with me, okay. >> i don't know if it's isis or what. >> this is your son. >> yes. >> you can hear that son in the background. >> you're going to throw me in jail my whole life. why are you trying to say i'm a terrorist. >> reporter: justin sullivan grew up in a catholic home with trophies, friend, a bedroom
7:32 am
filled with childhood toys. his dad a retired marine captain rich sullivan. >> i imagine him joining the military. and tfollowing my footsteps. >> reporter: his high school reported to the parents that justin had violent fantasies in his writing and suspended him. they said he needed serious help. the parents had no idea that their 18-year-old son alone with his computer had reached out to isis recruiters. he sent a message, in less than 24 hours a top captain of isis responded. 6,184 miles away. the recruiters seem to know what to do and say to weaponize an isolated kid like justin. first affirm them like techs from other isis case, welcome, brother. blessings upon you. justin is lonely.
7:33 am
isis can fix that. and then another key step. tap into the fantasies. we know justin loves the video game call of duty. isis has an idea call of jihad. if justin takes violent action, they will make him a hero, a celebrity. in december 2014 justin sullivan puts on a ski mask and murders a neighbor with his father's rifle which he hides. police find the neighbor's body but have no suspect and then in a few months he tells his isis recruiter he's ready to go big. and isis says make a videotape so they can be sure he's famous. he's going to get an assault rifle and slaughter people at a concert in north carolina or at a club. hundreds will die. he buys a ticket to an upcoming gun show days away from attack.
7:34 am
as the clock is ticking down his parents discover a package containing a gun silencer and for the second time the father makes a desperate call for help. >> i called the police department. i said i need to talk to somebody in homeland security. >> reporter: tonight a father from north carolina has a warning for parents. he's a marine who fought the enemy abroad. >> here i am defending our country against domestic enemies, what so happened to be my son. i didn't think it would be this close to home. >> by the way you're going to hear from justin sullivan who calls us in from prison tonight but i want to remind everybody there are thousands of investigations under way right now in every single state in this country and we've spent a year looking into who's vulnerable and why. >> this shows just how hard it is to police something like this. a kid alone in his basement. his dad turned him in. >> a lot of counterterrorism
7:35 am
experts are saying this is the new war. isis may be losing on the ground, losing territory but this is the new war and we have to pay attention to it. >> you've been working on this for over a year. a lot of people know what happened here in new york with the truck attack and they thought it was reaction to this but this is something you've been working on for quite some time. >> this has been a question, a burning question we have had for a long time. >> the father being aware enough to see this happening and call the authorities on the child. >> made all the difference. >> you all can see the special "20/20," diane sawyer investigates isis in america at 10:00 eastern on abc. >> always great to see you, diane sawyer. >> thank you, robin roberts and michael strahan and george stephanopoulos, thank you all. did i get everybody? >> we're out of time now. >> we'll continue that theme. amy robach, her exclusive interview with wendy williams when we come back. stay with us. go slow.
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we are back now with the latest on wendy williams' health scare and saw that dramatic video of the talk show host fainting on live tv. such a scary moment. amy, you had a chance to sit down with her and discuss what happened. wendy was candid and open and very specific about what caused that fainting spell. she talked about it in the way only wendy can with a little bit of humor. >> costume contest. we do it every year. it's always a lot of fun. let's get started.
7:40 am
our first -- >> reporter: it was the moment that left everyone speechless. talk show titan wendy williams fainting during a live broadcast of her halloween episode tuesday morning. >> our first -- >> reporter: hitting the ground while introducing a halloween costume contest segment fueling rumors that she may be suffering from a debilitating illness. >> people thought i was having a stroke on tv and others thought i was having a heart attack. >> reporter: but the popular daytime host phone for her wild audience and hot topics -- >> jackson for god's sakes. >> reporter: told me that moment had everything to do with a very tight halloween costume and a bad case of dehydration. >> you know, i'm a woman of a particular age. i'm also going through menopause. i didn't think my costume was hot when i first tried it on. it was a cat suit. if it was a dress i'd be like this. you know, like oh my god, i'm hot. >> get some air in here. >> apparently i was dehydrated according to the paramedics and instead of drinking regular
7:41 am
water i had electrolyte drinks then, you know, i went to my own doctors and i'm fine including blood work. >> it's pretty incredible. you jumped back up. came back out here and finished the show. the show cut to special as she hit the ground. just a few minutes later shoers were shocked to see she was right back to hosting. >> that was not a stunt. i'm overheated in my costume and i did pass out. >> did you ever consider just taking it easy at that point? >> well, i'm not your average talk show host. you know, it's pretty special thing to be a wendy williams and it takes a lot. >> maybe your body was telling you to slow down, wendy. >> may be. but that's what the weekend is here for. >> so you're not going to slow down. >> well, i do slow -- i do find time for myself. this is a tough grind. >> did you know you were if going to faint. >> yes, when we came back from the break then i felt it. it felt like i was in the middle of a fire starting down at my feet going all the way up. i got very scared because it was a live show. i was more concerned with when i
7:42 am
fall am i going to crack my skull. >> yeah. >> you know. and the crew and security here thought that the bug-eyed look i gave was part of a stunt because i'm always doing tricks. this is the trick show. we're always doing tricks and stunts. >> it was halloween. >> they thought it was a part of something so nobody came out until i hit the ground then, oh, my gosh, chaos ensued. the studio audience winter wild. >> reporter: in typical wendy fashion she never lost her sense of humor. >> i said, well, i'm wearing a costume that, you know, pants, and i have this crown on, so, wendy, do two things, fall pretty because this will never happen again and go down with a crown. go down -- >> i can't believe you could think about those things. >> yes, yes, so for people watching when they saw me, you know, put my hand up, it's
7:43 am
because i'm trying to make sure my crown is there. >> reporter: but williams wants her fans to know she's feeling just fine and not going anywhere. in nine seasons she's never missed one day of work. >> you are about to celebrate your 1500th episode. >> i can't wait. november 13th. >> you've proven yourself, wouldn't you say? >> well, i've proven myself for today. i got to be in here on monday to do it again. see, that's why i got up off the floor and came out here and closed out the show. >> not surprisingly wendy says even after that fall she is not in any pain. thank 234ri she fell on her backside and rolled back and most importantly reiterated she fell pretty and her 1500th episode airs november 13th. >> she's a hard worker. there is no doubt about it. still at this stage she feels like every day she's got to prove herself? that was really shocking to me. she also said for anyone worried about whether or not she is okay she said not only did she have
7:44 am
the paramedics check her out but she went to her doctor and did blood tests and did the full gamut and she is perfectly okay to be back on monday. >> we're glad she's okay. we'll see that 1500th episode and coming up on our big board we have the big debate over daylight saving time. are we ready to turn back the clocks just yet to states pushing to end the entire thing. >> time back time. by listening n audiobook on audible. and this guy is just trying to get through the day. this guy feels like he can take on anything. this guy isn't sure he can take it anymore. unwavering self-confidence. stuck in a 4-door sedan of sadness. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. dial star star audible on your smartphone to start listening today.
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7:48 am
board. the debate always comes up this time of year should we keep daylight saving time all year long? i just said it wrong, didn't i, diane? >> saving. no "s." >> saving. not the "s" on the end. this weekend we turn our clocks back an hour. not everybody is a fan. diane macedo is here to explain so, diane, tell us what is going on? >> we know this whole process turn them ahead and back and can be disruptive. this panel in massachusetts is trying to do away with that and stay in this daylight saving time mode all year round but only if they can get neighboring states on board. the thing is, new hampshire, connecticut, maine, rhode island, all of these states are actually contemplating similar measures, so this is a possibility. keep in mind hawaii and most of arizona already does this so there are states that are moving in this direction or already there. but new york right now is a hold-out and without new york it's unlikely that new england will move in that direction because the idea of having boston and new york city in two
7:49 am
separate time zones presents its own set of problems. >> i vote for new york to move it. this had a good idea behind it saving energy. >> it started that way as a wartime measure. world war i, world war ii and became permanent in the '70s during an energy crisis. now those problems don't really exist and so that's what fosters the debate. the whole idea is simply you delay sunset so you get more daylight in the evening when everyone is out of work. on the flip side if the sunset is later the sun is rising later so for people who are waking up early, that can be a problem because they're spending their morning in the dark and so that is sort of the flip side of the argue many and why people either want to or not do this fallback. >> really quick. daylight savings -- >> no "s." >> it became a thing and people started saying it that way but it's daylight saving time. >> it's either to say daylight saving time. >> diane, thank you. >> if you could turn back time. ♪ turn back time
7:50 am
>> that's why we got. savings we can't figure out. >> we know somebody wants to keep it so they can say that. that's robin roberts. black friday sales starting now. we'll tell you where to find them and if it's worth it. plus "gma" is here to help in your bad hair day. we have all these people upstairs transforming our studio to an on air hair shooed joe. wait till you see the trance for makes live. there you go. 's why feeling saf is priceless. with adt, you can feel safe with an adt starter kit professionally installed for only $49.00. call today, and install an adt starter kit that includes security panel, keypad, key fob, entry and motion sensors and for a limited time, get a camera included and installed at no additional cost. that's a $449.00 value, installed, for just $49.00.
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another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. mic drop. [] hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you. well i'm just leaving the office so for once i've got plenty of time. what's going on? so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. thanks. yeah. that would be great. we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. back here on "good morning america" we're looking at the snow out west. got to show you images from billings, montana, one to three inches around there but some of the highest elevations were picking up more than 16 inches and it's happening in washington state this morning too. this is bellingham and you can see the snow flying there.
7:54 am
that's one of two systems at least that's going to move through so we've got a lot of winter weather advisories and alerts across the country. look, from the u.p. of michigan back through wisconsin and minnesota, the dakotas up through much of montana and then back into the sierra and here's how it will pan out. we'll end up with feet of snow in some of the highest elevations but you will see it starting to fall in some of those valleys too. it's really getting into november time and what it means for the sierra would be the potential for mudslides and heavy rain at least in places that have the burn
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by prudential. >> good morning, i'm tamala
7:56 am
edwards, 756 on this friday november 3. let's head over to karen rogers starting with a problem in delaware. >> reporter: an accident in new castle county creating problems involving a school bus. i want to show you this, the action cam was on the scene where a car veered and hit the bottom of the school bus. no children on the bus. the driver was trapped had to be extricated. in serious, but stable condition in new castle delaware. boxwood road at centerville road. involving a school bus, no children on the bus. let's look at other issues around the area. live on i-95 past cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. a 27 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. no accidents on i-95. overall, i have to say the majors are not in bad shape.
7:57 am
except for this problem on the 30 bypass eastbound, the on-ramp for 82 was blocked. traffic is moving better, tam. let's go outside looking out across penns landing. the sun is up, david, but it looks like a little hazy. >> reporter: the fog is trying to burn off in south jersey. 51 in philadelphia. warm high of 75 clouds and sun, chance of a sprinkle or shower in the northern and western suburbs. it's going to be brief. tomorrow, 60 not a bad day. rain holding off until night. i'll see you at the purple stride memorial hall. sunday, cloudy, drizzle in the morning, 67 in the afternoon and dry for the eagles. >> thank you, david. people were hurt in a house fire in north philadelphia. crews were called to the 1500 block of west oxford street
7:58 am
before 5:30 a.m., a person suffered burns to the hand and another suffered smoke inhalation. both are in stable condition. that's it for us, back to "g.m.a."
7:59 am
a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. happening now, president trump's high-stakes trip to asia. five countries in 12 days facing the north korea crisis head on. plus, why the president's twitter account disappeared overnight. explosive new accusations in the hollywood sexual harassment scandal. high-powered filmmaker brett ratner now publicly going after one of his accusers. why he's suing one actress after she spoke out on facebook. it's three weeks till black friday and the sales are already starting this morning? why retailers are slashing prices and how you can save big. we'll tell you which sales are the real deal. ♪ are you ready for it get ready for "gma's" big, bad hair day. we've taken viewers from this to this. this morning, we're filling all our chairs and pulling out the
8:01 am
scissors. the dramatic transformation ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ you should see the things we do baby ♪ we certainly do say good morning, america. look at this great crowd outside this friday morning. they've been out there since early. we go out during the commercial breaks and spend a little time with them and so great to have them here with us. >> like spring out there. >> it is. very, very warm out there. you know what, we're here, help us help you. let us help you conquer your bad hair days. we all have them and turing our set upstairs into our on airbnb studio. >> myself too, robin. makeovers that will take you -- they're taking over the place upstairs. take a look at that guy. he's getting his long locks -- they're chopping them off. >> oh, it is hard to watch. but the great reason for it and it's for a good cause and we'll
8:02 am
find out why. >> they're having this done and not able to see themselves. they won't see themselves until you see them first. >> he was trying to stay calm. >> well, if that's the case we hope they like it. >> we do. we do. we have news as well. starting with the president's high-stakes trip to asia visiting 5 cups in 12 days going to take on that north korean nuclear threat. his longest trip of his presidency. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega already one step ahead of the president in tokyo. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: yeah, hey, george, good morning to you. it happened arptsdz 7:00 last night for an entire 11 whole minutes the president's twitter account went dark. twitter is now blaming it on an employee. they say the person, it was his last day on the job and shut down the account before walking out the door. they say they are conducting a review. president trump is up and back to tweeting and tweeting about in this morning. he says, quote, my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must finally be getting out and having an impact.
8:03 am
now, the president lands in japan tomorrow. this will be his longest trip since taking office and perhaps the most consequential shall foreign trip president trump has had so far. hanging over this entire trip, of course, the threat of north korea. we have heard president trump use words like rocket man and fire and fury when talking about pyongyang. but, george, white house aides are telling us president trump is not expected to tone down the rhetoric at least on that front. >> okay, cecilia vega, thanks very much. now we'll go to a scary explosion in georgia overnight at a propane facility right outside of atlanta as you can see there. witnesses say they saw these flames shooting into the air. higher than trees and they felt buildings shaking as they watched the shrapnel live from the scene. scary moment. 20 firefighters rushed in to battle the dangerous situation which is thankfully now contained. they believe the explosions might have been caused by delivery truck that was on site and amazingly the good news out of all of this, no one injured. >> god bless firefighters, the way they go in. >> and women. this morning we also have
8:04 am
details on that deadly terror attack in new york city. what happened right after the suspect was taken down by police and the phone call he made right before the attack. brian ross is back with those details. good morning, brian. >> overnight isis claimed credit for the attacker. sayfullo saipov seen in this new many video as police took him down calling him a soldier of the cal 235i9 and federal agents are soing one of his friends from uzbekistan. saipov called his friend within the hour before his deadly attack, they say, and authorities now want to know why and whether the friend had advance knowledge or helped arrange the attack in any way. saipov was a point of contact for some 23 uzbeks who came to the united states. several turned out to be suspected of terror ties. saipov told the fbi he acted alone but now agents are seriously questioning that and with certain urgency given this weekend's new york city marathon with millions on the street. >> they've really stepped up security for that. >> you can see that everywhere.
8:05 am
>> you sure can. >> i want to turn to an attempted escape at a zoo. oh, boy. >> attempted. >> i think we can relate to this hippo desperately and as you can see slowly try to make a break for the weekend. >> this is not slow motion. this is actually realtime. >> real speed and it comes from a safari park near tel aviv that might need to tighten the security. the hippo managed to wander right out of the gate. thankfully you see the guard right there. he realizes the rather sizable resident was missing and ran after her and luckily three minutes later the hippo walked this through the same gate but you know what, he should be very -- those are some very dangerous -- >> hippo wasn't sure she wanted to go. >> thought about it, said, i like it better here. >> i like the food ear better. >> coming up, the growing scandal in hollywood. the new accusations against dustin hoffman and a high-powered filmmaker who is now threatening a lawsuit. also, can this dna test tell
8:06 am
how well you are aging? becky is trying it out. we'll wait to see what it reveals about her and lara is upstairs with a very special guest. hey, you guys, i think you know this guy. i'm here. so excited. new book, new look and amazing makeovers under way all over this studio. you will not believe the results. so looking forward to talking to you. a great audience too. 're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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8:11 am
oh, lara. [ applause ] >> now, that's an entrance. >> i went to the ladies room and i got locked out. like literally was locked out. awesome. >> we were doing rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to do "pop news" but no one can do "pop news" like lara spencer. we will wait for you. [ applause ] >> what a great audience we have here. >> i'd like to say our security is fantastic. >> you see the busy stylists transforming some of the folks who reached out to us asking for a little help with their hair and we're going to show you the final -- looking good. show you the final results. [ applause ] >> i like that. these are all real problems. these women have specific problems a lot can relate to so stay tuned for that. but right now, may i? >> really locked in. >> i was locked out. the hallway back there.
8:12 am
i was like -- yeah. i'm okay. we're all good. it's friday. hi, everybody. how about a little "pop news"? [ applause ] so jimmy kimmel, jimmy kimmel has had a week full of guest hosts including shaq who was fantastic. channing tatum, hilarious and while last night it was oscar winner jennifer lawrence's turn, she was great. during her opening monologue lawrence went on the streets to prove a theory she has while she may be one of the most successful actresses in the world that doesn't mean that people can remember her movies. here's one example. >> can you name five jennifer lawrence movies? >> five jennifer lawrence movies? >> i know. who is that? >> jennifer aniston, i can tell you that. >> jennifer aniston is way better than jennifer lawrence. >> yeah. >> prettier, fun quarter. >> yeah. >> better movies. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. overall. >> yeah. great.
8:13 am
>> i'm jennifer lawrence. >> oh. >> what a good sport. >> she's great. she was very funny. who knew she also revealed she is a super fan of "keeping up with the kardashians" and had her friend kim kardashian west on the show to talk about what sounds like a deeply wine-infused dinner party that included jennifer taking off her clothes in mama kris arizona closet. >> is my memory correct. did you call kanye to come up with the closet. did you want him to style me. a rs come up here. >> that's a party, guys. [ applause ] she did a great job. jimmy is back next week. also in "pop news," chip gaines from "fixer upper" is in the news. it's his hair people are talking about. seems fans have been all over
8:14 am
him. so vocal in their displeasure over his new look this season and finally chip is addressing it posting on instagram and i quote, it's come to my attention that most of you hate my current hairstyle but how much do you hate it? goading them to put their money where their mouth is and make a donation to st. jude's children's hospital and he'll cut his hair. put your money where your mouth is. [ applause ] so you guys, you guys have three more days to give through a link on chip's instagram page and he wants you to know there is a direct correlation between how much you give and how much hair he'll cut. give big and a buzz cut not out of the question. >> should have had him here today. perfect to have him here. >> i know. >> amy, let's call him. let's do it on monday. let's raise a lot of money for st. jude's which is near and dear -- >> that's my place. >> finally in "pop news" this morning, there's nothing quite
8:15 am
like the magic of parry, the eiffel tower, cafe, fountains that gurgle up sparkling water. that is real. the water fountains that gurgle up sparkling water. a new initiative to install fountains in it's 20 arrondissements that will not shoot up simple tap water but their water will shoot up beautiful, delicious sparkly water that people say tastes fantastic. called la fountain -- [ speaking french ] local officials hope this will make it widely success stul and encourage parisians and visitors to stay hydrated with this free treat and also to stay how you say magnifique. >> is he lacroix. >> the reporter said it ain't lacroix but it's pretty good. >> just checking. lara spencer, everybody. [ applause ]
8:16 am
>> great "pop news." in the building. got to love our security. love that. we'll turn to our "gma" cover story. new accusations in the hollywood harassment scandal targeting dustin hoffman and filmmaker brett ratner who is now filing a libel lawsuit. abc's linsey davis has those details. good morning. >> hello again. after more than half a dozen allegations of sexual harassment brett ratner is heading to court but not as a defendant. he is suing one of his accusers after she called him a rapist on social media. his attorney claims his client suffered injuries to his reputation as a result and now they're suing for damages. this morning, hollywood heavyweight brett ratner is on the offense suing one of several women who have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment or abuse. the filmmaker known for blockbuster movies like "rush hour" and "x-men: the last
8:17 am
stand" is pushing back. six women accused him of inappropriate behavior including actresses olivia munn and natasha henstridge. ratner is now filing a defamation suit against melanie kohler who wrote a facebook post calling him a rapist. kohlerer's post has since been taken down but said he was a rapist on at least one night in hollywood about 12 years ago and he preyed on me as a drunk girl and forced himself upon me. ratner disputes that account. and now a spokesperson for kohlerer is firing back saying we always knew that they would pick one woman to victimize further in an effort to bully other women into silence. so our message to mr. ratner and his lawyer is short and simple. see you in court. and now a second woman has come forward accusing two-time oscar winner dustin hoffman of sexual harassment on the heels of hoffman's apology for anything i might have done to cause a former production assistant to accuse him of sexual harassment when she was 17 years old working on the set of "death of
8:18 am
a salesman" in 1985. >> i don't know why i can't stop myself. >> reporter: the second accuser, writer and producer, wendy riss says hoffman made unwanted sexual advances during a private pitch meeting. we did reach out to hoffman for comment but did not get a reply. he did issue a statement to the "hollywood reporter" after the first allegation saying i have the utmost respect for women and fear terrible anything i might have done could have hut her in an uncomfortable position. i am sorry. it is not reflective of who i am. >> thank you very much. our legal team dan abrams and sunny hostin are here. i like to say you're our dream team. >> thank you. >> okay, now other women have accused ratner, but he singles out this particular accuser. >> yeah. well, this is right out of the defense playbook. the best defense is a good offense so let's find the woman that's the least famous, let's find the woman that's the most vulnerable. let's find the woman that perhaps can't afford a great attorney and let's sue that
8:19 am
woman and that's what victims of sexual assault and abuse are most concerned about. they fear retaliation and they fear intimidation and i think this is just one intimidation tactic that's not going to work given the current climate. >> when you say that we just have this new abc news/"washington post" poll and four out of ten in that poll say they didn't report harassment in part because they fear retaliation. >> you know something really interesting. as a legal matter which is the statute of limitations is likely expired for her to do anything but he can now sue her. >> yeah. >> so meaning she can't take any legal action against him, but he can take legal action against her. >> i think that makes her claim more significant and makes her more credible. she's not suing for money or going to the police and saying he raped me. he is saying this is what happened to me too. >> this is going to be really hard. if you actually take this lawsuit seriously, right. what he's going to have to do is he's going to have to show it was false. it was defamatory and that she knew or should have known that
8:20 am
it wasn't true. so basically that she knew that she was making it up. >> what kind of case does the accuser have to build? >> well, the best defense to a claim of -- dan's completely right. the best defense to a claim of libel defamation is the truth and so she has to show that she is telling the truth. now, given this current climate when more than six women have come out and said he did it to me too, i mean i don't think that that's a very difficult case to prove. >> he has the burden to prove it. meaning he's the mraf here so she doesn't have the burden to prove anything. all she's going to have to do is respond to the lawsuit and here's the danger for him, of course. is that in the context of the lawsuit, part of her defense is well this is a pattern and practice on his part. so i'd like to call in all of the other women. >> the one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. >> the list goes on. >> that's significant. >> that's why you've got to believe he doesn't want this case to go to trial. meaning with all these other women out there, you know, it feels like a kind of statement
8:21 am
by him more than an actual lawsuit, we'll see. i could be wrong. >> it's a very stale play. >> we'll see you on "the view." >> yes. >> we'll see you with live -- >> "live p.d." >> i didn't know i was getting a "live p.d." promo on a&e. [ applause ] >> all right. i couldn't hear robin throw to me the crowd is so excited. halloween has come and gone and means some black friday shopping deals here. one big question should you buy now or wait for better deals later. amazon is leading the charge and rolled out 23 deals before black friday. rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: 53 days till christmas but already some retailers putting on the full-court press. >> some of the retailers are getting very excited and they're really pushing the deal starting today. >> reporter: inside amazon's countdown to black friday store discounts on toys, appliances and electronics.
8:22 am
these beats wireless headphones now 40 off. this hoover vacuum $85 off. evacuate way introducing new daily deals every five minutes through november 9 like this kitchenaid mixer for $250. a 57% discount. and this 27-inch flat screen, $135, a 35% discount. but experts say for some items waiting may be your best bet. deal news predicting flat screen tvs could be priced as low as $70 come black friday. >> some of the deals out there are awesome right now but we believe they're going to get even better. so if you feel like you got to have that item and you've never seen it that cheap, buy it. hold on to the receipt and then go back later if it goes down and says, hey, please adjust the price. i want it cheaper. >> reporter: meantime, dell announcing 48 hours of black friday early access. up to 50% off a range of dell's pcs, gaming and vr systems
8:23 am
through 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight. but, remember, while the discounts sometimes sound enticing the most important thing is to look at the price you're paying. there are two great websites that give you comparison shop savvy and -- >> the best way to get the best deal. back to ginger. 6-month-old natal were is she listens to grandpa david. we love that, your "g.m.a." moment for the day. we love that. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: rrt, -- all right, ginger we're dry outside and mild with temperatures in the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice warmup this afternoon, high of 75. a slight chance of a spotty shower in the northern and western suburbs today. breezy and cooler saturday, daylight savings time ending we
8:24 am
fall back saturday night. 67 on sunday, showers not morning, but dry are to the eagles. our becky worley tried one out. >> how old i am means less to me than how well i'm aging. my age is just 29 in teloyears. >> it claims to be a simple accurate dna test that tracks your cellular age based on your telomere length. they protect our dn aa and shorten with age. telomere length is based on genetic factor sflsz if you don't measure it you can't manage it. control how well you're aging. >> reporter: what is my age in telomere years. it costs $99. and i submit a blood sample. also taking the test phil ayler, 40-something minister husband
8:25 am
and father who tries to stay in shape. what keeps you healthy. >> cycling junkie. 40 or 50 friends, the spandex poos. >> the spandex posse. we both have our weaknesses. me, i'm a chocolate chip cook cookieaholic. what is your thing. >> anything with bacon. >> reporter: we ask dr. susan domcheck of the university of pennsylvania, a cancer genetics expert not afill created with teloyears to discuss the results. phil is told his age is 47. one year younger than his chronological age. >> pretty much right on. >> reporter: my real age is 46. but your france. >> your teloyears say you're 21. so that must feel pretty good to be 21 again. >> reporter: before i break out the champagne -- >> right now i don't see how this is useful for patients to know what to do with their health. there has to be more study. >> reporter: this doctor says the clinical director of the teloyears center at johns
8:26 am
hopkins. >> it's unlikely the telomere lens will tell us how old we are because there's such a broad lens no normal healthy people. >> reporter: only certain people should get it tested because it can affect their treatment. on its website teloyears says it does not offer medical advice and nothing contained in the content is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis. it's not been cleared or approved by the food and drug administration, michael, but i guess after my testing i'm just going to keep exercising. >> well, i think you should change your age on your driver's license to 21. i give you permission for that. becky, thank you so much. everybody, we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> good morning, it is 8 7:a.m., friday are northbound 3. i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers and see what it's like on the roads. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we are starting on 42, 17 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295. work crews on the side as well. on-ramp to route 7 is blocked because of a disabled vehicle. that's causing slow traffic in cherry hill. church town road we have an accident involving a school bus, the earlier one cleared. here's a live look at i-95 at cottman. no delay right now. traffic overall on the majors is looking good. i think people saw 75 and friday
8:28 am
tam and they took off. >> must be nice. thank you, let's go outside to meteorologist david murphy. what a great november day. >> reporter: feeling nice out here on the terrace with the sun up nice and bright. tam take a look, 59 degrees in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. all the numbers well above average. this afternoon it's a repeat of yesterday. clouds and sun, 75 is the high. there could be an afternoon sprinkle in the northern and western suburbs not amounting to much. the front is gone tomorrow breezy and cooler behind it high of 60. showers tomorrow night when we set our clocks back an hour when we go to bed. sunday, spotty showers and drizzle perhaps in the morning. cloudy and dry in the afternoon, high of 67, good news for eagles fans. >> that's it for us for now. we'll send you back to "g.m.a." and we'll be back with you in 30 minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." it is bad hair day here in the studio. and we've all had a bad hair day from time to time and you guys asked for help so we are here to help you. we have our expert stylists hard at work all morning long, right, lara. >> that is right, michael. before we reveal their brand new 'dos we want to give you their journeys. jody started dyeing her hair red 15 years ago but says it has become totally unmanageable lately, too coarse, too thick and too curly. every day is a bad hair day. jodi needs help. >> i have enough hair on this head for about ten people. >> reporter: just recently turning 57 jodi is ready to take on a new look. >> i need your help.
8:31 am
31-year-old april kendall is also overcoming a lifelong battle with a condition in which stress causes her to pull out patches of her hair. >> i have bald spots here and i have a bald spot here. >> reporter: but she's looking forward to a bright spot on the horizon. getting married to her boyfriend greg and as they count down to the big day, april is counting on us for a new look and an easy to maintain style that will hide her hair loss. kim may grew up self-conscious about her weight but was always in love with her hair full of life just like her personality. but in 2011 kim suffered a stroke. prompting a weight loss journey that saw her lose 110 pounds. now at 41 and a mom of two after a strict diet and exercise, she is proud of her accomplishments. but her hair has suffered along the way. today it's uneven, dry, brittle and extremely thin. >> it's very hard. every day it's such a struggle when i look in the mirror at myself and even just try to
8:32 am
trial it. >> reporter: kim has left her pounds behind but wants to bid farewell to those bad hair days as well. >> all right. who is ready? who is ready for the big reveal? we are too. we got glam squad giovanni vaccaro and celebrity color ist carrie hillsong church. are you ready? >> kari, will you turn around. >> okay. what do you think? >> so big thumbs up from the audience. want to see how you look? >> drum roll, please. >> wow! [ applause ] >> and, kim, you said you wanted to be healthy's wanted to feel good about yourself. did we succeed? >> it looks amazing. thank you so much. >> what do you like the best about it?
8:33 am
>> the color and the cut, they both look wonderful. >> you feel great. >> i feel good. thank you. >> we got to ask the dream team how did you get this great look? what were your tips. >> with kim's hair she had a lot of dry damaged breakage on there and want to keep her off that pathway and kept it gentle and did a root gloss and blended in both and warmed up the ends giving her texture and that new modern lived in hair color that everybody is asking for. >> you look like a million bucks. >> yes, you do. >> congratulations. >> thank you. bad hair day gone. you're next. >> we're coming over to april now. and april you're getting married this march. you know what, april's fiance said she needs a new look. let's see the before shot. and let's turn her around. [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go. >> all right. so drum roll please, are you
8:34 am
ready. >> i am ready. >> mirror down here. >> how do you feel about your new look. >> i like it a lot. it's so cute. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> so with april's hair april is getting married. congratulations to her. we wanted to keep a modern tile for her so a little bit more volume and texture up top and go nice and cleaner on the sides so sort of a much more modern cool feel. >> yeah. do you feel like this is something you'll be able to keep up. >> definitely. >> especially on that honeymoon. >> get out of her business. [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> thank you very much, april. >> enjoy. >> all right. heading over to jodi who is ready to leave the red hair behind. fresh new start. look at the before start and kari, give it a spin. >> whoa! [ applause ] all right, gio. >> wait. the audience seems to be thumbs
8:35 am
up. >> need a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> and the mirror presentation please. >> oh, my god. [ applause ] >> whoa. >> you're really surprised. >> that is so different. it's so different but your hair is so silky. >> it's beautiful. thank you. thank you so much. >> of course. >> do you like being a brunette? >> yeah, it's going to take a little getting used to. >> how did you guys get this? >> a color story. >> today we saw she had a red that was very abrasive and it didn't -- really clashed with her skin tone so i wanted to give her a rich auburn, take advantage of her old red and compliment her beautiful brown eyes. and she also got some length. >> we took a bunch of length off. wanted to make sure it was healthy and easy for her to manage at home. something fresh and modern for her too. >> i think there are a lot of people especially as we head into fall who you might not get this but who might want to change their look, do low lights, do you have any advice?
8:36 am
i'll ask you because you're our color guru that you can give to our audience at home on how to do that and go so dramatic but safely and keep that wonderful shine and texture? >> i mean my advice is keep it simple and keep within the tones of your skin. so you want caramel golden skin tones to complement the fall. think of the trees and leaves and it just -- you know you want to not clash with your skin so that's the biggest thing with jodi's hair color. she had that bright red but we wanted to keep it brown that she has such a cool skin tone so we were able to keep it more auburn at the same time. >> we keep it golder if you wanted to keep it -- >> i do. >> what could i do for fall? >> you are not alone. you can get shine and gloss on there. >> uh-oh. give me some highlights. low light, whatever you want to call it. >> i bet there are a lot of women who feel like you don't want to blow dry it. if we want to and have thick gorgeous hair like that you're not going to go out, what is your advice when you want to go
8:37 am
au naturel. >> product choices vary. >> it's your friend. >> it's your friend with jodi's hair thicker. she need products that will tame her hair and weigh it down using a mask the way you would for your skin. use it for your hair once or twice a week for those with much thicker hair. >> great tips from the best in the biz. >> we're not done quite, though. we have two more makeovers coming up plus new england patriots julian edelman is here >> get ready to chow down! >> rachael: hey, who's going to talk? >> rachael's movie friends make their pick for the bes
8:38 am
[drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right, you know ha that >> reporter: you know what that music means, star wars, that music galaxy far, far away is getting closer. it's in your living room thanks to star wars challenges, that's what i have on my head, it's an augmented head set. we have disney deep into a jedi challenge. i'm going to put this on, but i want you to tell us about this, because people see this and wait a minute this could be in my living room. everybody at home will be seeing what tate and i will be seeing. you can have your own light saber and battle your own star war villains. >> >> reporter: not just that you get to be, oh, my goodness i
8:41 am
have somebody coming at me, i'm blocking it yes. you get a whole slew of villains. this is great because you're in your own room you can see your friends -- whoa [laughter]. it is in my world, virtual not a different world. >> right you're not cut off. >> reporter: i think i'm tickling him. it's probably better to watch. this is so much fun and everybody has a chance to get this as we get into the holidays. there's a lot more to do aside from fighting. there are a whole lot of concepts. >> reporter: i think everybody should do it, the great experience hits stores today go to the star wars jedi challenges website to get the details. i'm telling you i'm going to put it back on. let's get a check closer to home.
8:42 am
>> reporter: crazy stuff, nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan, maybe a shower in the northern and western suburbs. otherwise, clouds and sun, warm 75. saturday, 06 showers at night. sunday, 67 dry for the eagles. michael, ben is going to come home and not know what i'm doing in the living room. >> i'll let you discuss that privately. right now we're joined by two-time super bowl champ and new england patriot receiver julian edelman who's famously made the catch to help win super bowl li. he's written a new memoir "relentless" about his underdog rise on one of the greatest supports teams in nfl history. welcome. it's great to have you and see you. you tore your acl in the preseason so you're missing this season. for people to relate how tough that is for you, you said this quote. watching the patriots play is like watching someone kiss your
8:43 am
girlfriend. why do you say that? >> i mean no one likes -- no one likes someone kiss your girlfriend. that's not a good feeling and you put so much time and effort in with the fellas and in the off-season, you know. to go through otas, training camp, training on your own and then the last preseason game you go out and blow your knee out and not get to play, i mean it's tough. so, you know, it's one of those things where i'm going to attack it like i attack anything else with the relentless mind-set and, you know, everyone's got a story and mine is still going. >> and the knee is coming along well. >> it's coming along getting better day by day. >> you say attack it with your mind-set. one of your teammates gave you the nickname energizer bunny. where does this relentlessness come from. >> i think it comes from hearing the word "no" growing up. you know, when i was younger i was never big enough, strong enough. fast enough.
8:44 am
there's always someone else on the team that was supposed to make it and it just created a huge chip on my shoulder which, you know, gave me that kind of relentless mind-set to try to prove people wrong and, you know, i used that in all aspects of my life so that's what this kind of book can about. it's about, you know, my story. everyone has a story just like your story, how you got to this beautiful "good morning america" host, doing all these great things off the field and your post career. you know, if my story can go out and help someone motivate them a little, you know -- >> i'm absolutely sure it will. it takes a lot. it takes a lot to get where you are and takes a lot to going a football player and a lot of drills and all these things. i hear your father was instrumental. he used to throw a football off the roof of a today yum. >> nah, so my dad was a little nuts. that's the least to say. we used to practice nonstop, you
8:45 am
know, he was a certified mechanic at 14. he didn't have a dad. and his life and goal was to give his kids the best opportunities that he could possibly do. and with that said, he used to come up with these insane drills so when i got drafted in the nfl my dad got a pair of sunglasses and he would tape one eye off so it messed with my depth perspective. he'd have my sister get little golf whiffle balls then he would get on top of the press box at the high school to punt to like get the football high enough and have my sister throw these little tennis balls at me to distract me with the glasses on to try to catch it. >> we don't suggest you try that with your chirp at home. >> yeah. >> but it worked. >> it worked. you know, he always tried to make the situation as hard as possible so when you go into the game, you know, your nerves are less tense and you come -- become more natural with it.
8:46 am
>> we have some young players here. we have william felix who wants to ask a question. big fan. what's your question, william? >> hi. i'm little. do you ever get nervous when you play against taller players? >> william, what's up, buddy. how you doing. >> good. >> good. i always had an older brother, so when he was 7 years older than me and we go in crazy details in the book so i always used to get beat up a lot. i was never afraid of, you know, bigger guys because of that. and what you got to do is you got to channel your inner like squirrel or tiger or something, buddy. just got to go in there and bite your lip and say, you know, i got pads on. we're going to be all right. because you got weight limits now, right? you'll be good. you just got to go and fight. >> you've shown that it doesn't matter as long as you have the fight. you can make it happen. he's a great example of that. >> exactly. >> for you and for all the kids out there and i love the
8:47 am
mustache you're growing for movember and book "relentless." make sure you get "relentless: a memoir" out now, julian edelman, everybody. coming up, the final reveals of our "gma" bad hair day makeovers. we'll be right back.
8:48 am
why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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we welcome you back to "gma's" bad hair day makeover. we saw three amazing transformations, kim, april and jodi. those are the before shots and there they are with their new looks. [ cheers and applause ] now for our final reveals. noah and abby who by the way are boyfriend and girlfriend. they'll see each other with their new 'dos in a moment. remember this great man right here, giovanni, gio. >> hello. >> we saw you cut noah's hair. >> have it right here. >> right here.
8:50 am
yes. >> all right. so he hasn't seen it. do you want to spin him around? >> of course, of course. >> let's let him see it for himself for the first -- >> the audience first. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. all right. keep it going. >> keep it going. >> what do you think, man? >> i love it. >> wow. >> yes? >> yeah. oh, my goodness. >> it's different. you want to do that because of the fire academy. >> yes. >> i'm joining in january and i had to get it cut. >> oh, man, look. >> he's been growing his hair for four years and donating this to locks of love. [ applause ] >> that's a good face. he is so happy. >> and abby is here. you can't wait to see him. but we've got to spin you around. >> that's true. >> ah. [ applause ]
8:51 am
>> whoo. >> ready? all right. here we go. oh, my god. >> what do you think? [ applause ] oh, my god. i love it. oh, my. i don't even know what to say. oh, my -- it's so different. >> of course. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> going to make me cry. that's a great job, kari. you're about to make me cry. >> you've been dyeing her hair since you were what, 9. >> yes. >> so -- >> with abby it was a labor of love and she was just trying and we laughed and cried and took us some time. as you can see with the pink and the blues in her hair abby loved bold extreme hire color. with that we wanted to do a drastic change and keep it both in that bold extreme hair color so we took it dark, rich, edgy, on trend and it problems the contrast between her skin and her eyes so well.
8:52 am
she's so stylish. >> come on. we got to let them see each other. >> you want to see each other. >> all right. all right. >> i'm just going to move this open. there you two go. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> what do you think? what do you think? what do you think of each other? >> oh, my -- it looks so good. >> oh, my god. >> you know what, you got a new boyfriend now. you don't even recognize him. >> noah, what do you think of abby. >> i love this color. it's so different but i love it. oh, my god. >> i don't know what to say. >> you two are funny. >> come on, gio. come on, gio. look at the camera for everybody and let everybody see. kari. >> this is what it's all about making them feel good and bringing them confidence. >> get over there. ah, beautiful. gio, kari, thank you very much.
8:53 am
everyone, we've had a very successful salon day. when we come back a final look at all our befores and afters. they were great befores and great afters. >> both look great. [ applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'! "good morning america" is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. ♪ >> they were beautiful before and they're beautiful now.
8:56 am
the magnificent makeovers. look at these before and afters. all the results, all the hard work. everybody from the glam squad. >> i'm over here hiding. we got to say thank you to kari hill for the color and we got to thank the glam squad for all the styling. thanks, everybody, for watching. have a great weekend. >> good morning, it is 8:56 friday, november 3. i'm tamala edwards. let's get a last look at traffic with karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we
8:57 am
have sunshine on the schuylkill expressway which is better than fog, i would say. slow traffic, this is a live look at city avenue. westbound traffic coming toward you. heading toward king of prussia slow from city avenue to gladwyn. not horribly delayed at this point. 28 minute ride eastbound between the blue route and the vine. we have a scram in -- jam coming into the city on the ben franklin bridge. don't forget over the weekend you can't take the ben sunday morning. stick to the walt whitman bridge because the ben will be shut down on sunday from 7:45 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. >> good to know, thank you, karen. >> reporter: now, let's head outside to david murphy, good morning. >> reporter: what a great morning on the terrace. sun up burning fog off in most areas. 60 degrees in philadelphia. feeling mild. this afternoon a repeat of yesterday, high of 75 degrees. clouds and sun. might be a sprinkle in the northern and western suburbs this afternoon not a big deal.
8:58 am
tomorrow, breezy, cooler, clouds and sun, 60 degrees. a shower at night spilling into sunday morning. sunday after we dry out. it's mostly cloudy, but a nice high of 67 for the eagles game. 74 monday, after showers, tam, election day is looking dry, but cooler in the upper 50s. >> get out and vote. coming up on "action news" the it last on a double shooting two people found dead in an suv in the port richmond section of philadelphia. "action news" will bring you the latest in the investigation. right now it's time for fun with kelly and ryan. i'm tamala edwards. have a great friday and wonderful weekend!
8:59 am
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"this is us," justin hartley. plus, the cohost to share moves from ufc champion joanna jedrzejczyk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: oh, yeah. there we go. hey!


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