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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 17, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it is 4 o'clock on this wednesday january 17th. we're on a half hour early to keep you updated on a wintry mix in our area. >> whitehall township lehigh county where you see the snow is coming down. a look at storm tracker6 shows the snow in the northern and western parts of our area while other areas are seeing rain. >> it is here along with our weather team. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we've got a mix of rain, snow and ice there on radar. >> we do and it kind of depends on where you are. rain to the east snow showers to the west and satellite right now saying that we're socked in by clouds and here
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comes that precipitation as it works its way in overnight from the west noun pushing all the way over to the east. want to give you a look at storm tracker6 live double scan and we'll show you exactly where this line s the western suburbs are looking at snow. some of it highlighted in brighter shades of gray up in allentown and back to the west of reading. still fairly significant snow and you are putting some accumulation down there at least several inches maybe a little more in some spots that. darker shade of gray in chester county is the lighter snow but even there some accumulation on roads and in philadelphia you can see how we're getting very close now to that changeover from rain to snow. this is pretty much what we expected and it doesn't look like it's going to be a big accumulation in philadelphia by any stretch but right now we do have some icy patches developing. one was actually in our parking lot outside as i stepped out of my vehicle a little while ago. do be careful of that across the region. officially at philadelphia international airport we're still above freezing. 35 degrees. wilmington's pretty close. remember, when you get these numbers close to freezing
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there can always be spots in between the reporting station that is have sunk below the freezing mark and you want to be careful out there. i'm seeing a lot of salt trucks around the region. karen will talk more about that in a moment. still 34 in trenton. well above freezing in millville and down through the heart of delaware toward dover and those places you're still looking at rain. we're going to see temperatures drop closer to the freezing mark for most of the afternoon. i can see this coming up maybe a couple degrees above freezing around noon but then probably sliding back into the low 30's or upper 20's later in the day. so this is one of those days where the precipitation is probably going to be over fairly quickly after the rush hour. but anything that hasn't been treated and doesn't completely dry out could freeze up again in these areas and by the way that winter weather advisory is still in place. it will gradually be expiring probably between about 7 o'clock and noon depending on where you are. it's a warning up in the poconos where things are a little bit worse. karen rogers are we seeing any issues on roads yet.
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>> we're seeing a few issues on the roads. as we look live this is bucks county and you can see the snowfall coming down under the street light. for the most part the roads are wet. this is here on doylestown road at county line road but as temperatures are dropping could become more slick so you need to be careful as you're heading out. you can see some of the slush kind of sticking to the roads right now. so, as that snow comes down here in bucks county, northeast extension overnight we had a big accident and now they have reduced speeds here. northeast extension in both directions between mid-county and lehigh valley, 45 miles an hour speed restrictions because the farther north you go the slipperier -- it gets more slip regent you know re. you know what i'm trying to say. this is forest road at valley view road. a problem with an accident in towamencin township. a vehicle slid into a pole. be careful in situations like that. we showed you the snow in bucks county but it's just rain right now and route 42 in south jersey but as temperatures drop we'll have to watch the road conditions
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carefully matt. >> will do. let's head to an area that's expecting higher accumulations from this. trish hartman is live in whitehall township near allentown. good morning, trish. >> reporter: good morning, matt. yeah, the snow is coming down here. you can see these nice big light fluffy flakes are falling here. we're along macarthur road in whitehall township. we'll give you a live look at the road here. not so many issues right now. traffic is moving along. of course there's not many cars out here on the road but we will see it pick up a little bit as the morning moves on. the snow is starting to sting it's mostly wet and slushy right now but again we checked in with lehigh county communications just a short time ago and they are not seeing any issues on the roads just yet and they're hoping it stays that way. we have seen a number of salt trucks in our travels this morning on our drive up here. started as rain but once we got onthe to northeast extension we did see that precipitation change over to snow.
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we see a little bit of snow starting to stick on the roadways right now and mostly just wet and slushy put the snow is coming down nice big fluffy flakes here so we'll continue to monitor the conditions. trish hartman live for channel6 "action news." tam. >> trish, now let's switch over to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes. she is live in roxborough with a look at the city. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. right now we're not seeing too much of an issue. philadelphia isn't expecting as much is trish is expected over there near allentown. take a live look here. i want to show you this tree. trish mentioned and i know karen mentioned this as well it will be mostly wet. there are quite a few salt trucks that we've seen driving around treating the roads. the sidewalks might present a problem. if anything, you can see it's already starting to stick and accumulate on the sidewalk. it's making for somewhat slippery conditions but we are on ridge avenue and cinnaminson street in
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roxborough. we saw the precipitation transition to snow around 3 o'clock this morning. we're expecting less than an inch in the philadelphia area but it's the timing that may cause some issues probably on the road. we are expecting the bulk of it during the height of the morning hour for most of the area though it will end by mid to late morning. so, as we usually say just take precaution. you don't have to give yourself a ton of time this morning but certainly just be careful of those slick spots. you might run into some icy spots here and there. reporting live in roxborough, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeanette. from drone6 here you can see the ice jam on the delaware river near the trenton makes bridge. the clogged river caused flooding in lower makefield township but was able to flow much better yesterday. looks kind of pretty, doesn't it? >> reporter: chopper6 navigated as an ice breaker tried to break up some of the ice chunks and clear a passage for shipping traffic. >> a nasty collision in monroe
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township montgomery county injured four people. two cars collided head on at 7:30 last night on game farm road near mill road. investigators are trying to figure out why they crashed and who is to blame. the. the woman who fell on the broad street subway tracks has an incredible story of survival s authorities say the train passed directly over the 35-year-old woman without striking her. this happened northbound at the allegheny avenue station yesterday afternoon. that woman is now recovering at temple university hospital. >> pretty amazing. >> it is. >> no kidding. >> some people started out with rain. >> yeah. >> and they're starting to see snow. >> yeah and it's moving in from the west. even philadelphia will change over at least briefly. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that it's about an even split between rain and snow and if i go a little bit two dimensional for you you can clearly see on storm tracker6 live double scan the areas that are getting this and as we go in close it's a real close call in philadelphia. we've got rain right now but temperatures in some cases away from official reporting
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stations have dipped closer to the freezing mark and some nontreated surfaces might be icing up even where you see the green and of course you don't have to go too far off to the north and west to catch that changeover to blue and the snow that you see here with temperatures cooling down over the next hour or two are going to wind up supporting the changeover to snow in philadelphia and the i-95 corridor. right now it's fairly light to moderate snow in norristown malvern and up to pottstown but every now and then you see a little brighter shade of white and that would be where there is a heavier cell here or there. looks like there's a little quick hit right around bali and macungie near the berks county, lehigh county border. also seeing a little bit of this stuff that's slightly brighter white so somewhat steady snow there and up in the lehigh valley between easton bethlehem and allentown you see that brighter shade. this is steadier snow that's falling and in fact, the farther east you move through the lehigh valley, especially into bethlehem and then
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easton, the higher the snowfall amounts wind up being and in a moment we'll talk more about where we think we're going to wind up more or less at the end of all of this. won't be that much accumulation in philadelphia but the farther you step up to the northern and western suburbs we expect this to get more significant. this is going to be out of here a little bit after the rush hour this morning. as we take a lookhave a wet phia international airport and maybe a little bit icy here or there where they haven't treated but anything that has been treated should be doing pretty well officially at the airport the temperature is still above freezing. in fact here it is. we have slipped from 35 to 34 and we do expect the numbers to drop a little bit as we go through the morning and then hold closer to the freezing mark later today. but for now we're still at 34. winds 10 miles per hour. a wind chill currently making it feel like it's 26. current temperatures across the region, though, show you below freezing numbers offer to the northwest and close to it in wilmington philadelphia and trenton. not as much of a problem down south where we won't see that much changeover to snow. between now up until about
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8 o'clock we do see that colder air come in. you see the changeover to snow across most of the region but there's also a breakup in the northern and western suburbs as soon as 8 o'clock and we do expect this to clear the area fairly quickly by about 10, 11 o'clock it should be pretty much gone and later today we might even see some sunshine breaking back especially out in the northern and western suburbs. here's our forecast snow map and the reason i'm still showing you this is because the last snowfall reports we're getting are from hours ago and not all that helpful but i do expect somewhere in the two to 4-inch range up in here more in the poconos and probably one or two in the northern and western suburbs. notice how we have knocked philadelphia and the the immediate 95 area to a coating to an inch. temperatures maybe go back up to 34 by noon but generally speaking we're going to be down close to the freezing mark or below it most of the day today. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today we've got the morning snow mixing with rain. a lot of that rain changing over to snow at the tail end of this and then it clears out later this morning and afternoon sun is possible for
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at least some of us. i'll go with a daytime high of 34. a lot of time we'll be closer to the freezing mark though so be careful of an iceup. thursday sunny brisk and cold 37. we're on the other side of all of this. 43 degrees mostly sunny and a little bit milder on friday, 49 degrees on saturday with more clouds and mid-50's for sunday and for now it still looks dry for the eagles game. i'll be checking some models to make sure that's holding in a moment but it looks pretty good. clouds with some afternoon rain likely on monday but still mild. >> a lot on your plate. >> yes. >> as usual in the wintertime. >> yeah, no kidding. >> 4:11 now. philadelphia police are making preparations to keep fans across the city safe as they watch the eagles-vikings in the nfc championship game. >> third round of talks between north and south korea this time affecting the olympics. karen. >> that's westbound traffic here heading towards king of prussia driving into the snow. we'll show you what it's doing
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to the roads coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. mobile6 is out there on the highways and byways, in this case the schuylkill westbound sort of near the gladwyne exit there and as you can see, it is a mix of precipitation coming in, a lot of rain. it felt a little icy. i could see the salt trucks out there trying to put down some brine but also we're starting to see some snow mix in, so it's time to give yourself that time if you have to get out this morning. 4:14, 35 degrees. >> shot reminded he had me of lost highway a david lynch film. i don't know if you've ever seen it. >> we'll go look that up right now. i've got time. it's only 4 o'clock in the morning in the commercial breaks. we have snow through much of the area and it's changed over to snow closer to the city now as well. we're looking live here. this is 202 near the schuylkill in wayne, montgomery county. and you can kind of see i think especially under the
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street light there snowing coming down steadily right now on 202 near the schuylkill. be careful as you're heading out. we're seeing that changeover as you get closer to the city from rain to snow and of course it's all snow the farther north and west you go so as a general rule this morning the farther north and west you go you'll be dealing with icy conditions so you need to be careful but we just saw that truck move by kind of cautiously but fine at this point in pain, montgomery county on 202. here's a live look at the vine street expressway closer to the city we're in the process of seeing that changeover from rain to snow so could be a little slick on some of the surfaces and we do have an accident that's new in chester county coming in to us. we're hearing there are injuries on the scene here in new garden township at gap knee port road n gloucester county in an area where it's just rain we have a tractor-trailer fire on 55 northbound past 553 blocking the right lane so a tractor-trailer fire on route 55. two problems going on out there right now.
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storm tracker6 live double scan showing us that we have more pronounced snow as you go farther north and west right in the city we're in the process of seeing that changeover. in delaware it's snow. in south jersey it's rain. we go in a little closer to that and you can see the brighter shades of white near allentown and pottstown where it's really coming down right now. as you look closer to the city in willow grove it's snow. in norristown, malvern we've changed over to snow in chadds ford media. just as we look live right now we saw it go from blue to white. you're seeing that changeover live right now. now it's snowing in media. in philadelphia we have an icy mix and east of that we have rain so be careful as you're traveling. we'll be switching over to snow throughout the next few hours in these communities as well, matt. >> okay, karen, thanks. the eagles are preparing to face the vikings in the nfc championship game on sunday just four days away. the winner goes to the super bowl in minneapolis. while philadelphia police want to make sure fans across the city are safe. "action news" reporter dann cuellar talked to fans in the city's mayfair section. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the
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way to victory ♪ >> reporter: rio sports bar in mayfair fans are already feeling giddy about sunday's eagles game. they're making plans to watch the game here in what is expected to be a standing room only crowd. >> you have to come earl to get a seat. >> it's going to be humidity the anticipation the nervousness and the big win that we're going to have on sunday will be huge. >> reporter: if history is any indication it will be wild here on sunday as it was back in 2008 when the phillies were on their memorable quest to clinch the world series. the streets were filled by a sea of humanity. >> it's going to be crazy out in the street and it's going to be crazy in here. >> reporter: most bars like tail hook tavern will have special treats for the game. >> pizza, wings. >> reporter: like in the past bars and businesses will be taking special precaution at the urging of police. >> no takeout with bottles, no cans. >> reporter: in a letter 15th district police urged bar owners to avoid serving drinks in bottles and use only plastic containers. they've asked businesses to
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remove anything outside like signs, trash cans and flowerpots. and make sure to have grates locked and secured after closing. >> we usually close it up on sunday. >> reporter: bringing everything in. >> bring everything in to make sure nothing happens. >> reporter: so they're gearing up for one big party here on sunday. >> that's exactly right. it's not a matter of if. we are going to win the super bowl. my lips to god's ears. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: by the way, there will be no parking allowed for several blocks in the area of frankford and cottman from 3:00 p.m. sunday to 3 a.m. monday and you can be sure there will be plenty of police on hand to ensure everyone's safety. in mayfair, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news." >> north korea plans to send a delegation to the paralympics in south korea in march. the announcement came during the third round of talks between the two countries in less than 10 days. north korea agreed to send a delegation to the olympics.
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north korea has made it clear it does not want to discuss its nuclear program during the ongoing meetings with south korea. >> happening today, officials from facebook youtube and twitter will testify on capitol hill about terrorism and social media. the senate commerce committee will look at the steps big social media companies are taking to combat extremist propaganda on the internet. representatives from each company testified before congress in november about russia's interference in the presidential election. >> it's 4:19. details on a free flu shot that you can get in our area. more on that coming up. >> new video shows a fireball racing across the sky. what people heard, saw and felt during the meteor's passing up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:21. taking a live look at center city philadelphia. this is something that karen and david have been talking about. we're getting that changeover ws rain and it comes as kind of a
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slushy sleety kind of stuff falling from the sky and then look, it actually looks like it's starting to snow right there. >> yup. >> near city hall. >> yeah. >> seeing that changeover happen right before our eyes as we watch. >> wow. our eyes . >> [laughter] >> it's early. let's take a look out here in downingtown where you've got the snow coming down pretty good. this is a live look in chester county. this is the 30 bypass right now as we look live here past business route 30. that's your eastbound traffic on your left-hand side heading towards coatesville. it's moving okay right now, not seeing too much slipping and sliding but you see that steady snowfall so take it easy and it looks like it is kind of sticking certainly to the sides of the roads if not the highway itself. switching our camera view we'll check the roosevelt boulevard extension. that's southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. for the most part the boulevard is just wet even though we see that light snowfall coming down right now, dave. >> every time, karen, i've looked at this radar over the last hour that snow line has gotten closer to philadelphia
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and right now you can see that it has crossed into the city. we are starting to see the changeover to snow and that will also occur in a portion of south jersey to the east of philadelphia a little bit later this morning. and as we take a look out to the west, yes, there is still some heavy banding of snow off in pottsville and pushing in through allentown close to reading as well but you can really see a breakup in lancaster county and even out by harrisburg. this is expected to sweep off the coast before too much longer probably by about 10 o'clock this morning we'll be pretty much done with it. see if i can pull up some other graphics for you here. here's where temperatures are going today. we're going for an afternoon high of 34. we probably bounce up to that around lunchtime but then it's back down closer to the freezing mark pretty quickly so look out for some icy patches on anything that hasn't been treated later today, matt. >> thanks, david. new this morning a flash of bright light followed by a boom filled the night skies over parts of michigan. the national weather service says it was like a meteor. home surveillance cameras across the state caught the fireball streak across the sky. some people reported the boom
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was so loud it actually knocked off some pictures from their walls. the u.s. geological survey says the boom was equal to a minor 2.0 magnitude earthquake. >> in health check, the flu season is under way and boy is it a rough one but it's still not too late for you to get a flu shot. the delaware division of public health is offering a free flu clinic today. it's at the legislative haul library in dover from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and you don't need an appointment to get that shot. home visits by nurses and social workers could play a big part in preventing obesity. researchers looked at a total of 1,581st time mother who lived in medicald under served communities. by age 270 percent of children who received home visits were at healthy weights compared to 64 percent in the control group. these findings published in the journal of pediatrics. >> 4:24. ambush involving a gun leaves two young boys injured in west philadelphia.
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the new details coming up at 4:30 a.m. >> a man surprises his 81-year-old grandfather with a gift that he spent a year working on. you've got to see what's in the big reveal. look how he reacts. that's up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here, you can see the snow coming down in downingtown. this is the 30 bypass past route 30. we've got some traffic out there and we've got flakes in the air. also, we've been dealing in some regions with a little bit of an icy rainy mix. it is 4:27 and 35 degrees out there. new on "action news" a surprise there was a year in the making. cameron desmond restored this grandfather's chevy belair and surprised him. fred lamar had driven that car every day when his children were young but it's been parked in the garage for the past 30 years that is until his grandson started making those repairs a year ago.
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family members flew in from all over for the big reveal. >> i got a special birthday. >> yeah. >> i didn't dream something like this. >> beautiful car. the two plan on take, the restored classic to car shows this summer. >> it is a nice ride. >> yeah. >> 4:28. the first medical marijuana dispensary in pennsylvania opens up in the lehigh valley. >> let's take a live look outside. the view from philadelphia international airport. you see the slick run ways out there. we're dealing with a wintry mix, snow in some places, ice and lane in others. we'll get updates from our reporters on the conditions this morning up next.
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>> two young brothers are shot when an earlier fight escalates into gunfire. >> the first marijuana dispensary opens up close to home. >> good morning, it's 4:30 on this wednesday, january 17. let's talk about that snow, sleet, rain, whatever it is. >> everyone is dealing with something. >> rain over to the east as you'll see on storm tracker in a second and snow to the west and right now on satellite you can see lots of clouds and there it is, that setup with that colder air starting to push from from the west and beginning to change the rain over to snow in philadelphia. so here's storm tracker6 live double scan. showed you this a half hour ago and it looked a little bit


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