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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 17, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> now on "action news" light snow is falling across the region and depending on where you live it could impact your ride to work or school. >> two young brothers are shot when an earlier fight escalates into gunfire. >> happening today, medical marijuana goes on sale in pa with the first dispensary opening up close to home. >> good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday january 17th. we have about 175 school delays and closings there on let's take a look at david and karen to get weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we've got a couple of dry spots. >> we do. >> but it's still precipitating through most of the area. >> roads a little bit messy as you'll be telling us, too. not a big deal snow event
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here. as we take a look at the weather sent you have cloud cover out there obviously and you can see the movement of that snow overnight and now it's pushing right into philadelphia. it was raining here for awhile but we've seen that change over to snow and storm tracker6 live double scan gives you an even better look at that. you can see that the dry slots that karen mentioned are beginning to push in and be a little bit of a issue or well a nonissue if you will up in northern montgomery county northern bucks county now has transitioned to that break in the snow but we still have north and west some brighter banding there which is one last little pop of heavier snow that will probably pop through allentown and reading before too much longer. i'll go in closer there and these are the areas where you've gotten most of the snow overnight. there's probably at least a couple of inches on the ground in most of these areas. the only report i have recent is from north catasauqua north of allentown. obviously it snowed more since then so i think we're pretty good for that two to maybe 4-inch range up there.
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in philadelphia it's liable only winding up to be a coating to an inch in most spots. right now it's melting on surfaces that have been treated rather easily but nonetheless even with temperatures a little bit above the freezing mark locally you want to be careful out there because there could be some spots that have slipped below freezing and could potentially ice up. and according to karen, again karen will be along with the situation on the roads shortly. as we take a look at temperatures right now in philadelphia still holding above the freezing mark by a couple degrees. same thing in trenton. 33 in wilmington but it's the freezing mark or below in those northern and western suburbs where roads could be particularly slippery but even in the i-95 corridor there is the chance of that. as we go through the days, i want to point out that we probably stay close to the freezing mark most of the day. i actually think we have a shot at bouncing up to about 34 briefly around lunchtime and then right back down to the freezing mark and maybe even the upper 20's. so, karen a little slippery out there right now but even after the precipitation ends at eight, 10 o'clock this morning, there could still be some icy patches developing with these numbers.
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>> i think one of the problems we're seeing, dave, is some people driving along and thinking, oh, it just looks wet we're moving okay but the temperatures have just dropped and you're get something slick spots. it's not as if it's a sheet of ice but we've seen a handful of accidents. here's one of them where the temperatures just recently dropped and you have that changeover. here in south jersey in west deptford we have an accident where a vehicle just flipped right over on 295 northbound. that off ramp to 130 partially blocked. seeing slower speeds in this area in gloucester county. we're live outside on the schuylkill expressway. this is that westbound off-ramp to 202. a bad spot to have a disabled vehicle. penndot is now on the scene here and we can see light snow falling right now on the schuylkill. it's not on the highway itself, it's mostly on the shoulder and the sides of the roads so be careful as you're traveling. more snow here in chalfont in bucks county. it's still coming down under the street light here. not seeing a lot of people slip or slide but as i step aside you can see in any spot that you're not getting heavy traffic like the little turn lane you've got that snow kind of accumulating. in this area while those main
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roads look wet, you have icy conditions otherwise and brian read sent me this picture on twitter i just shared and you can really see how in bucks county the residential areas, the roadways, the sidewalks, they're covered so even though i'm showing you the live look on the highways that look wet, it's certainly more slick in the areas on the residential roads and please keep sending me your pictures so i can share them to get a better sense of what it looks like. center city itself vine street expressway light snow coming down but traffic's moving okay on the vine, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. now let's go out to the lehigh valley where they'll see some of the higher snow totals. that's where we find "action news" reporter trish hartman. she's got a live look and from the very start this morning, trish, you have been seeing snow there in whitehall township. >> reporter: that's right, tam. and the snow is still falling. the flakes look like they're getting a little smaller but it's still coming down. we have maybe about an inch so far. in the past half hour we found out about a few school closings in this area. allentown schools are closed
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today. white hall school district closed today. also norristown area school district has a two-hour delay so again, you can keep an eye on the web site for more school delays and closings today as the snow continues to fall. we're here along macarthur road in whitehall township. we'll give you a live look at the road conditions here. the roads appear to be just wet right now but it's been sticking on and off. we've seen a lot of plow trucks coming through this morning, a number of salt trucks coming through putting down we've seen crews salting the sidewalks, so at least the sidewalk where we are is in pretty good shape. but as karen was saying, the temperatures are -- they're very cold this morning. so, things could be slippery either walking or driving. again, we have a number of school closings and delays in this area because of the road conditions. as we were coming up from the city we started out seeing just rain but then as we came up the northeast extension, it quickly changed over to snow. so, again, back out here live on macarthur road, we're not far from route 22, the roads are wet, they're a little slushy. the plows have been coming through periodically and
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people appear to be taking their time, which, of course, is always encouraged when we have conditions like these. take your time, leave a little bit of extra time as you head out the door for work this morning. reporting live in whitehall township lehigh county trish hartman channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you trish. let's head further down south to the edge of philadelphia. that's the schuylkill expressway. we're looking at that live on the action cam. lots of traffic at this early hour. just wet on the road but that doesn't mean you might not hit a slick spot here or there. it's 34 degrees right now, so it's right around that freezing mark. but track seems to be moving just nicely there along the schuylkill right at city avenue. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is nearby. she's along ridge avenue in the city's roxborough section. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the slick spots will be on the sidewalks mostly. take a look here. it is accumulating but, boy, is it slippery. it will be kind of like a couple of weeks ago, of course, this time it's not ice, it's just that thin coating of snow that's just
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enough to make it pretty slippery. the road, though, they look great. they did a really good job treating them. all it really takes with this amount of snow is just a little bit of treating and all you'll have a really wet roads but we do see those flakes coming down. they're not nearly as big but it has been coming down pretty steadily throughout the morning. we are along ridge avenue and cinnaminson street in roxborough where we've seen precipitation slowly transition to snow around 3:15 so a couple of hours ago. that's when it all started. and again, it's been sticking on the sidewalks. the snow totals, though, are minimal, less than an inch here in the philadelphia area but the timing is where it might cause some issues on the road which is why we're seeing quite a few delays. we are expecting the bulk of it to really hit at the height of the morning rush hour and that's why things could get a little tricky then but most of it will kind of taper down mid to late morning. so, again, the sidewalks i think will really be the problem areas for some of the those students heading to school this morning. just make sure they're careful. reporting live in roxborough,
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jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you, jeanette. take the accuweather forecast with you as you head out the door. get the free 6abc app and check storm tracker6 live any time you need to right on your phone or tablet. >> 5:38 is the time. we have new information about a double shooting in west philadelphia that left two young brothers wounded. the victims are 12 and 15 years old. they were visiting the teenager's girlfriend on the 6000 block of ludlow street last night. police say three young people ambushed them as they left that house and believe the shooting stems from an argument earlier in the day. the boys are in critical but stable condition. >> ♪ happening today, the first medical marijuana dispensary in pennsylvania opens in the lehigh valley. keystone cana remedies in bethlehem will be able to sell medical marijuana to pennsylvanians with medical marijuana identification cards. more than 10,000 people have signed up for medical marijuana in pennsylvania so far. >> once again, the eagles are
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being called underdogs, this time as they face off here at home against the vikings going into sunday's nfc championship. offensive tackle lane johnson is making the best of the team's status. he says woof. now that johnson's dog mask is hard to come by he started selling some new shirts. home dogs got to eat and i think they really find vikings tasty. all the proceeds will support the school district of philadelphia. >> on there's a really neat story about how nick foles and case keenum of the vikings were on the same team, the rams, and how things have converged now. >> how about that? >> >> i hope nick has to come over and say maybe next time. >> both had sort of circuitous routes to this big game, too. there could only be one winner and i know who i hope it will be. we were raining in philadelphia but we've changed over to snow in the last 60 to 90 minutes and we're continue to see that move of the snow line over toward the coast.
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we're now looking at a portion of camden and gloucester counties under the snow. i'll go in tight and show that to you. a little break in the action out to the north and west of philadelphia but that doesn't mean you're done because this stuff out to the west of you will have to slide through as well. this is mostly light snow highlighted in darker shades of gray but enough to make things a little bit sloppy out there and even though temperatures are officially at philadelphia a little above freezing, we are looking at colder air rushing in and there certainly is the of icy patches particularly on sidewalks and side streets that haven't been treated. as we go in the northern suburbs more of the same. every now and then there's a brighter shade indicating a slightly more steady band of snow and farther north there's really some of that now in hamburg pushing into northern berks county. if you're in reading there's a little break in the action right now. there's the airport. you can see it. that steadier snow that will come down and put down additional accumulation and i think the same is true of this band up here on the other side of slatington and lynn port.
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that's not too far away from allentown and bethlehem but i think you've got more accumulation to go. having said that this is going to be pushing over to the east fairly quickly this morning and i think by about 8 o'clock to maybe 9 o'clock, we're going to see this really shoot over to the east and start to dry out. philadelphia could be out from that under this as soon as 9 o'clock, maybe as soon as 8 o'clock up in allentown and out in reading and lancaster. we'll continue to monitor this. as we take a look outside we have sky6, the airport looking mainly wet even though we have changed over to snow at the airport. it's not looking like we'll get much accumulation out of this in and around philadelphia. the better accumulations are in the northern and western suburbs and even then it's only a few inches. 34 degrees currently in philadelphia but down to 33 in wilmington, 34 in trenton. keep in mind that these are numbers that we get updated the at the top of the hour from the national weather service so it's possible in 15 minutes we'll get a lower number. 28 in lancaster. anywhere it's snowing just take it slow and put a lot of room between you and the car in front of you, okay. it's still raining down in parts of south jersey but
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there is the possibility that snow line gets all the way over closer to the north jersey shore before we are done. and here's future tracker6 showing you how we think this is going to evolve and model has been doing a pretty good job with this. between now and 7:30 that changeover to snow i talked about probably pushes through burlington county and in through the bottom of gloucester and camden counties and we're probably drying out by about 7:30 or 8 o'clock in the northern suburbs and then by 9, 10 o'clock, boom its just out of here. after that we might see late day brightening of skies and some sun especially north and west. probably closer to a coating in a lot of spots. -- one to two possible. i'd be real careful driving around in here because that's where the temperatures are colder right now. in allentown, a high of 32 degrees today. snow will be ending pretty quickly this morning and then some sun later. probably mostly cloudy at the shore with high of 36. and in philadelphia we'll go with a high of 34 but that's where we are right now.
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between now and lunchtime we'll probably fluctuate down to below the freezing mark for a little bit, then maybe back up to 34. later in the afternoon i do expect those numbers to be back to the freezing mark and below in philadelphia and probably closer to freezing all day up in those northern and western areas. even though the snow is ending early be careful of anything that doesn't completely dry before that colder air moves in. maybe you get a freeze-up. sunny brick and cold on thursday 37. friday mostly sunny 43 and we're now looking for lots of sun on saturday with a high of 51. and for the eagles it looks like a mix of clouds and sun, a high of 50 for tailgaters, game time temperature probably about 45, 46 something like that. nice football weather. and it now looks like the next rain event hold off until the afternoon and nighttime on monday. >> okay. >> and better temperatures ahead. >> okay. thank you david. it is now 5:43. wintry weather across the country is creating some problems including a plane that just skidded off that runaway. see the new video. >> president trump's medical results are in giving him a clean bill of health but his doctor says there's one thing
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he needs to work on. karen. >> we've got a new accident on i-95 southbound past girard. you can see the heavier traffic here with an accident that's up ahead blocking the left lane and it's not our only new problem on i-95. we'll take you to another one next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> saying good morning to the commodore barry bridge. good morning, barry. 5:46. we in some
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spots. roads are somewhat wet. also a little slippery in some locations. 34 degrees on city avenue. >> and that's why you see so many school delays. approaching the 200 mark there. let's go on over to karen rogers to take a look at your traffic. >> good morning, everybody. i've been showing you the highways how they're wet. i want to show you the secondary roads. i love the pictures you have been sending in. scott walsh who i talk to every day on twitter in honey brook chester county sent this out because he's saying, yeah, the main roads are mostly wet. if you're driving on the secondary roads this is what it looks like coming out of your community. be careful as the snow is sticking to the secondary roads and making it a little bit more slippery than highways themselves. they're most just wet. on 95 it's mostly wet southbound at girard but we nonetheless have an accident here blocking the left lane so an extra slow jam as you're coming southbound on i-95 towards center city with an accident blocking the left
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lane. and again, the highway looks mostly wet but it's a little slushy 'cause we have snow coming down so expect a slick spot or two and bring those speeds down. that seems to be one of the main issues we have. switching over here to this, i-95 southbound off-ramp to allegheny we've got a disabled tractor-trailer, so two problems on i-95. you see this tractor-trailer just kind of stuck here that's kind of creating an extra jam southbound as well because the ramp is partially blocked. two problems on i-95 southbound right now. and a big accident in west deptford township. this is 295 northbound the off ramp to 130 partially blocked with an accident and the car just flipped right over. live on the ben franklin bridge. the bridge itself mostly wet but we have reduced speeds of 35 miles an hour. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we have changed over in the city and even part of new jersey from rain to snow. in allentown, snowing pretty good. especially on route 100 near pottstown, seeing some of the brighter white there. it's light snow right now in
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quakertown and light snow in lansdale and doylestown but as we take a look a little closer to the city, you see snowfall here in norristown, in malvern on the 30 bypass in downingtown and chadds ford, light snow in media on the new jersey turnpike in woodbury but an icy mix in berlin on route 70, route 30 and in glassboro, new jersey, a little bit icy there, matt. >> thanks, karen. icy conditions caused a plane to slide off the runway in oregon. authorities say it happened while the plane was trying to land at ben municipal airport yesterday morning. six people were on board. no one was hurt and the plane was not damaged. >> president trump has been given a clean bill of health and as well he aced a cognitive screening conducted at his request. the white house physician dr. ronnie jackson delivered the results yesterday. jackson predicted trump would remain healthy during the duration of his presidency. he did say will he try to get the president on a diet and exercise regimen. former white house chief strategist steve bannon appeared before the house
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intelligence committee but it was a contentious and confrontational day with bannon refusing to answer questions about his time working for president trump citing executive privilege. that prompted a subpoena from the committee chairman. it's unclear if bannon was then more forthcoming and at the same time bannon was also subpoenaed by special counsel robert mueller to testify before a grand jury. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. we were up and on early this morning and when we came in, it was raining right now in the city but we've seen that change from rain to snow and we're dealing with that now. let's take a live look outside in exton chester county. in many areas the main
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highways that have been well treated are staying just wet but we can still see it's snowing here in exton chester county much be careful on the secondary roads and turn lanes where it's slushy coming from pottstown and phoenixville. delaware county 95 at highland avenue northbound traffic on your right and it's bringing visibility down where it's snowing pretty good dave. >> snow is falling through the i-95 corridor right now. even trenton beginning to change over. rain in parts of south jersey. this is fairly light snow and there's even some patches where you have dry air that's minimizing it but you see that last band of heavy snow that still has to pop through and you'll get more accumulation especially in the northern and western suburbs. doesn't look like all that much in philadelphia. roads pretty messy here though as karen mentioned and it is a little bit worse up in the northern and western suburbs where you've got the higher snowfall. 32 degrees by 3 o'clock. it does look like we have a chance of being above freezing for a bit this morning after this snow ends. snow is over between 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock but then the temperatures are going to drop after that so be careful of
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the redevelopment of some icy patches. again we get out from under this pretty quickly this morning. the actual precip ending. wanted to quickly show you there's a delay down in atlanta and it is snowing down there with a temperature of 17. the average 63 minute delay. nothing big happening in philadelphia but obviously the snow causing some problems and if you're flying to atlanta, you might have a delay. we'll be right back. >> ♪ do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or...
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here, this is mobile6 on hanover road there in pottstown. you see a bit of a wintry mix. they've got some rain, in some places snow, a little bit of icing out there and at the bottom of your screen you see all of those school delays and closings. we're at about the 200 mark. a lot of people deciding to give a little extra time before the school buses hit the road this morning. >> even this morning's minor snowfall has some philadelphia residents worried about how that will impact their trash pickup. they have been complaining about a backlog from snowstorms earlier this month which was compounded by monday's federal holiday. officials say it should be on track in a week. the streets department reminds residents to call 311 if they're still waiting for their scheduled trash collection. >> it's 5:57. a septa rider's incredible story of survival. details on this woman's
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unlikely outcome despite a brush with death on the broad street line. >> snow sweeping across the south leading to conditions residents there hardly ever see. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 17th. here's what we're following. >> all this yucky snow. a wintry mix could make for a messy commute. we're live in the lehigh valley which could get several inches of snow. >> eagles fans are not the only ones getting ready for sunday's big game. businesses and police are also at the ready for potential problems if the fans get a bit out of hand. >> a big bright flashlights up the sky and shakes the ground for people in the midwest.


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