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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 17, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 17th. here's what we're following. >> all this yucky snow. a wintry mix could make for a messy commute. we're live in the lehigh valley which could get several inches of snow. >> eagles fans are not the only ones getting ready for sunday's big game. businesses and police are also at the ready for potential problems if the fans get a bit out of hand. >> a big bright flashlights up the sky and shakes the ground for people in the midwest. >> let's get over to dave
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murphy at to talk about this accuweather and karen rogers helping you out with that slushy commute. >> a lot of places the highways look just wet but there are slick spots here and there. >> there certainly are. parking lots, sidewalks, too, be careful. satellite shows you a lot of cloud cover. the snow building in. started raining in philadelphia overnight but it's changed over to snow. storm tracker6 live double scan gives you the close up view. there are breaks outside of philadelphia and now into parts of delaware and south jersey and the snow that's falling is in that darker shade of gray for the most part in and around 95. getting a little brighter white just to the east and then up to the north and west of allentown there's that brighter shade. that's one last band of heavier accumulating snow that will still pop through and getting pretty close to reading but all of this is expected to clear on out of here probably between eight, 10 o'clock. maybe a few lingering snow showers by about 10 and then after that, we deal with cold temperatures the rest of the way. right now we're at 34 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington is one of the spots that has
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dipped to the freezing mark so as karen mentioned, we could be anywhere along the i-95 corridor seeing pockets where that colder air is moving in and you could get that slippery spot. kind of messy in through here and then we've had more snow the farther you step up to the north and western suburbs. roads may even be worse up here. karen will be along in a minute to tell us more about that. right now temperatures below freezing in allentown reading and lancaster. 34 in millville, 37 in a.c. where it is basically rain so far. as we take a look at temperatures today, there is a chance that at somewhere say around lunchtime we bump up to maybe 33 degrees above freezing a little bit but i like this idea in the model that a good portion of the day we are close to the freezing mark and that means that even though we expect this precipitation to knock off fairly quickly this morning, anything that doesn't dry out as those temperatures continue to fall could freeze up so even later today you'll have to be careful on places that haven't been treated. all right, karen, you've got the stage. what's going on on the roads? >> let's show you what it looks like out here. it's still falling snow, snow is falling lightly on the
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schuylkill expressway. the main highways that have been treated are mostly just wet. we have a few problems out here. we've got a disabled vehicle a tractor-trailer kind of off to the side on the schuylkill westbound at vare avenue. so, people don't seem to be doing a lot of slipping or sliding. the main roads look just wet but we're seeing a slick spot or two as you travel around. switching your camera view we'll check out i-95 southbound. we've had that off-ramp partially blocked due to a disabled tractor-trailer there and we can still see it here and this is one of those shots here. this is the off-ramp to allegheny where you see a little bit more of that snow coming down under the headlights there. we're seeing heavy traffic, already a 30-minute jam. we already had an accident on i-95 southbound near girard. that's cleared. now just a disabled tractor-trailer off to the side but some heavier traffic as people traveling slowly, and you should, because it could be slick in some spots. one of the places it's icy is farther north and west. in perkasie bucks county one of my twitter followers brian reed shared this picture 'cause we look at the highways, they look pretty good but this is what the secondary roads look like. they're completely snow covered out there so you got
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to take it easy and in one of these areas we do have a new accident. it's in quakertown here on california road at dick erode an accident where a vehicle slid into a pole. it's our second accident of the morning where a vehicle slid into a pole. here's a live look in new jersey where we have some light snow falling on route 42 not that far from here in gloucester county we have a vehicle flipped over, overturned vehicle on 295 and northbound the off-ramp to 130 so be careful as you're traveling. keep the speeds down, matt. >> will do. thank you, karen. snow is accumulate and schools are closing in the lawful. "action-- lehigh valley. trish hartman joins us live. >> reporter: good morning matt. it's still coming down and the roads are looking a little bit better. it's been on and off throughout the day. we'll show you this is macarthur road here in whitehall township in lehigh county and the road looks wet right now. it's also a little slushy. the snow has been sticking on and off. people appear to be taking it
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nice and slow. we've seen a lot of plow trucks. let's take a look at video we shot earlier this morning. plow trucks and salt crews have been coming through treating the roads. the sidewalks here are looking pretty good but farther down we are seeing some snow covered sidewalks so it really depends on how much salt was put down i think like karen mentioned the temperatures are below freezing so there are slick spots here. the conditions are bad enough that there are a number of school closings and delays in this area. allentown schools are closed today as well as whitehall schools are closed today and again, a number of schools are on a two-hour delay so you want to check to see if your schools are closed or delayed. traffic is moving right along here. again, wet roads, slushy roads are what we are seeing at this moment. officials encouraging you to take your time as you head out to work this morning here in the lehigh valley. reporting live in whitehall township, lehigh county, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you, trish. now we're going to go over to pottstown to high street. that's where we find mobile6 and it looks ciliare to what
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trish was showing where we've got a mix of precipitation but we see a little accumulation in the median and the side of the roads but the streets themselves while they were wet and could be a little bit icy they're passable and we see a mix of rain and ice and snow coming down on that windshield. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in roxborough way look at conditions here in the city. goodgood morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. one of the things -- tam, rather. one of the things i've seen on cars is snow on the course, the windshields and last times they're not cleaned off. it's hard to imagine how someone can see through a little hole in the windshield so make sure you clean off your windshield especially the back. take a look here. this is what you'll find accumulating on your vehicle this morning. it's fairly easy to clean off. on the sidewalk it will be pretty slick, though. the roads they look really good. they did a great job treating this although a little treating goes a long way. the snow isn't really causing much of an issue on the roadways. i suspect that will be the case even on those side streets. it started switching over to
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the snow from rain about -- at about 3:15 this morning. the snow totals are expected to be much less than what, for example, trish would see over in allentown, less than an inch in the philadelphia area but it's the timing that could cause a little bit of a problem. the bulk of it will be coming down really at the height of the morning rush hour and it will start to taper down towards the mid to late morning so just give yourself some time on those sidewalks especially take it slowly it will be pretty slick out but nothing a little slow walking won't handle. reporting live in roxborough, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> thank you, jeanette. a woman's close call on the city's hunting park section could have been much worse. she fell onto the broad street subway tracks yesterday afternoon. authorities say the train passed directly over the 35-year-old woman without striking her. this happened northbound at the allegheny avenue station and caused some delays. the woman is recovering at temple university hospital. >> philadelphia police are making sure they're ready for any problems ahead of the
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eagles nfc championship game on sunday. the intersection of frankford and cottman avenue in mayfair is often the gathering place for many sports celebrations but police are urging bar owners to use only plastic containers. they've asked businesses to remove anything that's outside like signs and trash cans and to make sure to lock their store front grates after closing. >> hopefully they will behave. it's one of those late games. it's a lot of time beforehand. >> yeah. it would be nice if everybody just behaves. most people are just going to have fun with this. let's make it everybody. storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we are looking the and rain line continuing to move farther and farther to the east. the overhead view shows that you a good portion of burlington county and all of camden and gloucester county now covered by snow. and while the accumulations probably won't be all that great in philadelphia and parts of south jersey, we're still looking at slippery road conditions and just enough to make things a little bit slick in the i-95 corridor. especially where it hasn't been treated. the farther you step up into
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the northern suburbs the more snow you've seen. there's two or 3-inches on the ground in a lot of areas in the north and west and this slightly heavier band highlighted in brighter shades of white still on the way in and potentially sweeping through adding a little bit more accumulation in places like allentown, easton and pottstown, reading already picking up a little bit of that steadier snow. we expect all of this to push to the east probably by about eight to 10 o'clock this morning. even by 9 o'clock, most areas are going to be in a lot better shape and some of these folks down by the shore that are seeing rain might briefly change over to snow and then after that it's cold and windy. but between now and then you do want to take it slow on the roads put a lot of room between you and the car in front of you. karen will be back with road indications. main roads in pretty good shape because they have been well treated before all of this changed over and 95 looks like it's doing fine but some of those side streets and sidewalks could give you trouble. 34 degrees right now in philadelphia. a little bit above freezing officially but close by there are other spots that are below freezing and keep in mind that cooler air is rushing in from the north and west and this
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number could drop pretty quickly as we go through the next couple of hours. winds north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. wind chill making it feel like it's 27. bundle up a little bit. we're down below freezing in allentown and lancaster. we've dropped to 32 in wilmington and close to that in trenton. again, all of these areas up here, that's where your main slippery roads are, especially the farther you move through the northern and western suburbs and that snow pushing out of here a little bit later this morning, then hopefully things get better. here's future tracker6 showing you the take on that. between now and 8:00 it does look like we continue to see that rain line change over to snow closer and closer to places like lakehurst, new jersey. at the same time by 8 o'clock it's possible that you're starting to break up a little bit in the northern and western suburbs. and then by about i would say 9, 10 o'clock most of this is gone, just a lingering snow shower after. that later today we might even see the clouds thin out and get a little sun back in. we haven't got a whole lot of snowfall reports just yet. back at 3:30 in the morning, areas of north of allentown
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like north catasauqua were showing about 2-inches. it's more than that now. we expect that two to 4-inch range up there, probably one to two in the immediate suburbs. not a big snowfall but of course with the commute getting under way right now it's not a great time to still have some of that light to moderate snow falling. temperatures today even after the snow gets out of here 9, 10 o'clock are still going to be close to freezing. there's a chance we pop up to about 34 by noon but i think most of the day we're down closer to the freezing mark and these are the philadelphia numbers and those northern and western suburbs it will probably be on or about freezing or a little below the rest of the afternoon. that means that even after the snow goes away anything that doesn't dry as those temperatures drop could freeze up on you. 34 is the high today, though. sliding down into the -- well, closer to the freezing mark for most of the day and that snow and rain tapering off between 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock in general. on thursday, sunny brisk and cold a high of 37. but then we get on the other side of this cold snap. on friday afternoon, it's 43, little better. 51 under the sun on saturday and sunday for the eagles
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clouds giving way to some sun, a high of 50 for tailgaters in the afternoon and probably a game time temperature around 45 the way things are looking right now. really nice night for football especially this late in january. and i'm feeling so good about the eagles, i really am. it's going to be a tough game but whew, monday afternoon 56 and some rain arriving. >> eagles fans they deserve a game where they don't have to sit there and like freeze to death. [laughter] >> we deserve a super bowl. >> we do, that, too. >> come on. >> thanks, david. 6:12 and still ahead on "action news," a meteor in michigan so powerful they could feel it. >> a grandson surprises his grandpa with a trip down memory lane in a car that grandpa thought would never go again. karen. >> the snow is really coming down pretty good. you can kind of see it right here on i-95. this is the southbound off ramp to allegheny. heavy traffic here. we still have a disabled tractor-trailer. the accident is cleared but traffic is jammed. we're going to take you to north wales, show you what it looks like there coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. the action cam is live here at the schuylkill expressway near city avenue and you see it, it's about that time. we got a lot of volume out there but you can also see the crystals there on the lens. it's wet. we've got some snow, we've got some rain coming down, a wintry mix. it is 6:15 and 34 degrees. >> it is about there, karen rogers time. >> oh its karen rogers time. this is my big time. >> it's your time. >> and in my big time i'm going to tell you some traffic. i feel like i should be doing something more luxurious.
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horsham road looking live this morning in north wales. you're waking up, we're seeing the snowfall coming across the roadway here but the main roads itself, even upper state road mostly just wet. you just want to watch for a slick spot or two when you're around the area. i was talking to police a second ago calling around and in chester county they were telling me, well, you know, the main roads are wet, secondary roads are snowy and slippery and i said that pretty much sums up what we've been telling people. here's a look in chester county and my twitter follower scott walsh shared this picture with me and you can kind of see how the secondary roads have snow on them although the main roads are looking mostly just wet. slow it down. i talked to police in gloucester county about this accident involving an overturned vehicle west deptford 295 northbound the off-ramp to 130. they just cleared that accident scene. they said it's pretty quiet out there right now but we've got a problem here with downed wires. route 100 is closed near adams road so stick to kennett pike as your alternate. speeds are most in good shape i-95 has been the slowest highway so far, so take it
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easy as you're traveling. we had an accident, had an disabled vehicle. the accident cleared but still some residual slowing. here's what it looks like on storm tracker6 live double scan. we can see the brighter shades of white the farther north and west you go. that's where it's snowier, near allentown and reading you're getting some of that. closer to the city itself right now we're seeing in philadelphia along the i-95 corridor it's changed to snow and now even in interior south jersey, you can see in many areas it's snowy. still a little icy near berlin and glassboro, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, a flash of bright light followed by a boom filled the night skies over parts of michigan. the national weather service says it was like a meteor. home surveillance cameras across the state caught the fireball streak across the sky. some people reported the boom was so loud it knocked pictures off the walls. the u.s. geological survey says the boom set off a minor 2.0 magnitude earthquake. >> north korea does plan to send a delegation to the paraolympics in south korea in
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march. the announcement came during the third round of talks between the two countries in less than 10 days. previously north korea had agreed last week to send a delegation to next month's olympics. still north korea has made it clear that it doesn't want to discuss its nuclear program during the ongoing meetings with south korea. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes ferrari is about to muscle in on tesla's turf. >> ferrari ceo says the italian race car brand is planning to unleash an electric super car sometime in the future. >> that's a big change from seven years ago when he said "i don't believe in electric cars." >> next to the most expensive smart watch ever. >> tag hoyer's latest creation features 589 diamonds for a total of 23.35 carats. >> that's it. the price tag is just under $200,000. >> bargain. >> uh-huh. >> dunkin donuts going high tech it's latest store outside of boston aimed at a new generation of coffee drinkers. >> features premium pours on
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[laughter] >> we were just -- >> we were having a lot of fun. >> ice, ice, baby. >> we needed it. >> are you going to post that. >> we needed that. >> let's take a look outside right now. we're looking here on the northeast extension northbound there where we've had an accident that's on the shoulder. now we're live on i-95. this is southbound traffic at the betsy ross bridge. we have another problem. i just mentioned a few minutes ago i-95 has been the problem spot. nent blocking the left lane. it's the second accident on i-95 southbound so we're seeing heavy volume there, dave. >> all right, on the big board storm tracker6 live double scan karen, that rain to snow line continues to move closer to the shore. camden county gloucester
6:22 am
county a lot of burlington county now in it. some breaks in the snow around philadelphia up through montgomery and bucks county but another big bright band coming into reading and allentown soon. as we take a look at temperatures it looks like we may be at 34 degrees for awhile this morning. but i'm expecting us to drop closer to the freezing mark the rest of the day so bundle up. it will get a little bit windy and be careful of icy patches even after the snow ends which by the way should be between about 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock from west to east. want to quickly check the airport again. we've had problems with flight delays in atlanta. that appears to still be a problem. 63 minute average day in atlanta. if you're flying down there you might have a problem. they had snow earlier. that has stopped. so maybe the delays get better. matt. >> the eagles are now one win away from the super bowl. and once again the birds are home underdogs. the minnesota vikings opened the week as three and a half point favorite in sunday's nfc championship game. the eagles say they are using that as extra motivation. the falcons were three-point
6:23 am
favorites. look what happened there. the "action news" sports team is preparing a special friday night playoff preview party. we will be broadcasting live from chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia. watch it at 7:30 p.m. on friday on 6abc. >> it is 6:23. coming up at 6:30 it's a first for medical marijuana in pa. >> and we are continuing to track this morning's wintry mix. mobile6 out there for you showing the conditions. we'll be right back. >> ♪ this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits.
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pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> ♪ >> 6:25. wintry weather at philadelphia international airport. not seeing many delays here locally but we are seeing some at logan, up in boston which is seeing wintry weather along with atlanta, hartsfield-jackson seeing delays. this clipper system is far and wide. right now it's 34 degrees on city avenue. >> parts of the south dealing with just as much snow and slush as we are. this is the scene in louisiana where the roads are already covered. in my hometown of houston texas where they really don't know what to do when it snows and ices. the roads are sheets of ice. buses having a tough time getting a good enough grip to get moving. a surprise a year in the making. cameron dedman restored his grandfather's 1957 chevy belair and surprised him with the gift for his 81st birthday. that man's name is fred lamar. he had driven that car every day when his kids were young
6:27 am
and then he thought its time had ran out and it had been parked in the garage for the past 30 years. the two plan on taking the restored classic to car shows this summer. >> nice ride. >> very nice. >> 6:27. david and karen are back next to get you through these messy roads this morning. >> lane johnson helping out eagles fans who missed out on buying his now famous underdog mask and he's doing it to support a great cause. ♪
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>> now on "action news" light snow is falling across most of the region and depending on where you live it could impact your ride to work or school as you take a live look here on the action cam. noting that we've got some accumulation there on the sides of the roads. >> two young brothers are shot when an earlier fight escalates into gunfire. >> and happening today, medical marijuana goes on sale in pa with a first dispensary
6:30 am
opening up close to home. >> good morning it's 6:30 on this wednesday january 17th. david and karen lots of kids going to school late or not going to school at all because of this wintry mix. >> sometimes people tune in and they just need to know what's it like, is it a sheet of ice out there. it's not but we do see a bunch of accidents. i think it's just slick spots. you have to slow it down. >> would you say it's worst farther north and west you go. >> we have a few accidents on 95. >> got to be careful. here's satellite. cloud cover. snow out to the west. we had rain for awhile overnight but it pretty quickly changed to snow in philadelphia. now storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you most of the region is indeed looking at snow. there's a little bit of a break in the action north of philadelphia through parts of montgomery county and bucks county. but check out allentown, reading and lancaster. see that brighter shade of white. that's one last snow band that's inching toward the east and that will probably come through and put down a little bit of additional accumulation before we finally wrap this up and i do expect the snow to be probably through philadelphia
6:31 am
between 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock and off the coast and away from the area by about 10 o'clock this morning. just a little snow shower after that that won't impact you at all. as we take a look at temperatures right now, we are at the freezing mark in wilmington and below freezing through most of the northern and western suburbs. this is where most of your accumulation has been overnight and in through the early morning. in philadelphia still officially at 34 but as karen mentioned that doesn't mean it's above freezing everywhere in philadelphia. that's just the airport and we do have some icy patches up around i-95 close to the city so do be careful. 33 in trenton and 34 not far above freezing in millville if you get a changeover to snow down there you might have an issue. 37 at the airport in atlantic city. probably no snow there just rain. as we take a look at temperatures today we very likely are going to drop from a high of about 34 either later this morning, maybe popping up to that again around 12:00 i know this model doesn't have that but i think we'll be close to the freezing mark in through here. maybe above it here but then back down to the freezing mark the rest of the day. a little bit windy and cold this afternoon and karen, if
6:32 am
things after the snow moves out don't completely dry out, these colder conditions could cause you an icy patch on side streets and sidewalks in particular i would think. what are you seeing out there now. >> we've had three different accidents on i-95. our latest one is southbound at broad street and penndot just zoomed the camera around so you can't really see the accident at this point but we could see some slower traffic but a good idea to look at the roads. look how i-95 itself looks mostly just wet, not a big deal yet three accidents and i think that's 'cause there's just a slushy spot or two and you can't travel too quickly on it. here we're looking live at i-95 at the betsy ross bridge. we've had the left lane blocked up ahead with an accident here and southbound traffic really jammed. the first accident we had on i-95 cleared. we still have two accidents on i-95 southbound, one at broad, one here at the betsy ross bridge so just be careful as you're traveling. it's extra slow on i-95. even though the highway itself really looks just wet, i think you have a slick spot or two that's creating problems. thanks to everybody that's been sending in your pictures on twitter and i've been sharing them and talking to
6:33 am
you on social media this morning. dave sent this one in in trappe montgomery county because we're looking at the highways, they're just wet but your driveways, your secondary roads they're getting snow covered so you need to be careful here in montgomery county and watching for slick spots there. northeast extension overnight we had a big accident that shut it down. now that cleared but we've got an accident that's new here northbound past quakertown, it's on the shoulder but watch for this one on the northeast extension. a vehicle fire, an accident that caused a vehicle fire here in upper gwynedd on allentown road at green street. one more live look boulevard extension some heavier traffic, people moving slowly even though the highways themselves are mostly just wet, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. well, the lehigh valley will likely see the higher snow totals. let's go on over to trish hartman. she's there live in whitehall township. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yeah, the snow is still coming down as you can see. i have the "action news" ruler here. let's take a measurement here. we're along macarthur road
6:34 am
in whitehall township. right there. about three and a half inches here. so, it's been snowing here since we arrived here about 3:45 and this is also -- let's see, it's not going stay there, it's a light fluffy snow. it's very powdery so it's not thick and dense like the earlier flakes we've seen this season. let's take a look at the road conditions here. just wet now. this has changed throughout the morning. earlier it was really sticking and very slushy laying on the roads. we've seen a lot of salt trucks, a lot of plow trucks throughout the morning that we've been out here and now it looks just wet and a little slushy especially turning into this gas station, folks are really taking their time. still the road conditions are bad enough that school district officials have decided to close a number of schools. allentown schools are closed today. whitehall schools are closed today. and then a number of other schools have a two-hour delay. i did speak to a gentleman who was on his way to work earlier and he came from south allentown. he said the roads were just wet and they were fine. so, i think it really depends on where you are and the time of day. like i said things have
6:35 am
changed throughout the morning. we've seen a number of crews keeping the roads clear. these sidewalks here have been salted. there are a number of sidewalks that aren't salted have snow on them and that's sticking as well. be careful leave some extra time as you're getting around this morning. reporting live in whitehall township lehigh county trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> thanks trish. let's take a ride on mobile6 as we've had throughout the morning, we're on knut road in phoenixville. looking pretty good, sidewalks covered in snow, the road itself just wet. a lot of schools on a delay in this area of chester county. and some are even closing up where trish is in the lehigh valley. let's turn now to philadelphia and the roxborough section "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live along ridge avenue. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it makes sense that some of the schools are on delay. some of the sidewalks still need to be treated but it's kind of easy to see that the sidewalks will be slick. it's the roads that can be a little tricky. take a live look here behind me. it is mostly wet but there will be some slick spots so
6:36 am
it's no surprise karen rogers is talking about some accidents there because i think people get a little too confident when they think it's all just wet. now, we were here around 3:15 in the morning. this is along ridge avenue and cinnaminson street here in roxborough and that's where we saw the transition from rain to snow and the snow is still coming down very, very light at this point and the wind is pretty light as well. those snow totals expected to be much less than what trish is seeing over in her area. we're expecting less than an inch here in philadelphia but it's the timing that will make things a little tricky. at the height of the morning rush hour we'll still see that snow coming down. it's expected to die down around mid to late morning but it will be enough and the timing again it will be enough that it will cause a little bit of issues but it's nothing that driving slowly won't fix and walking slowly on the sidewalks as well so make sure you tell the kiddos to take it easy here as well. reporting live in roxborough, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> kiddos you heard her. take the accuweather forecast with you as you head out the door. get the free 6abc app and check storm tracker6 live any
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time right on your phone or tablet. >> it is now 6:37. we have new information about a double shooting in west philadelphia that left two young brothers wounded. the victims are 12 and 15 years old. they were visiting the teenager's girlfriend on the 6000 block of ludlow street last night. police say three young people ambushed them as they left the house and believe the shooting stems from an argument earlier in the day. the boys are in critical but stable condition. >> ♪ happening today, the first medical marijuana dispensary in pennsylvania opens in the lehigh valley. keystone cana remedies in bethlehem will be able to sell medical marijuana to pennsylvanians with medical marijuana identification cards. more than 10,000 people have signed up for medical marijuana in pennsylvania so far. >> once again, the eagles are being called underdogs. this time as they face off here at home against the vikings going into sunday's nfc championship. defensive tackle lane johnson is making the best of that team status. now that johnson's dog mask is
6:38 am
hard to come by, it's sold out, he started selling new new shirts. they read home dogs gonna' eat. all proceeds support the school district of philadelphia. i hear they really like the taste of viking. >> uh-huh. >> be sure to show us how you're getting pumped for game day. use the #6abcaction on social media or most right to the "action news" facebook page your photos and videos could show up right here on tv. >> vikings served up on a platter having been barbecued right outside lincoln financial field. >> how about that. >> little gamey but -- >> okay. all right. so, storm tracker6 live double scan right now, we are looking -- [laughter] something weird about that. storm tracker6 showing us that there's some snow across most of the region and that snow line continues to push farther and farther to the east now all the way through camden and gloucester county. still holding onto rain over closer to the shore and there is basically light snow around
6:39 am
most of the region right now especially in and around philadelphia but to the east of philadelphia in parts of burlington county, that brighter shade indicates some more accumulating type snow. this darker gray is really the light stuff and you can see we still have some breaks in the action as dry air is trying to punch in. farther to the north and west, though, there are some brighter shades of white out there continuing to pop in through reading and pushing down toward berks county and some of this also getting very close to allentown. that's one last band of slightly heavier accumulating snow that's still making its way through the region. obviously some drying out to the west and we expect this to all roll out of here probably by about 9, 10 o'clock this morning. between now and then though roads a little bit messy and still some additional accumulation to add to the two to four that we've gotten in the northern suburbs. philadelphia not picking up much out of this. it really looks like it's going to be more of a thank you for switching that, looks like it's going to be more of a coating to an inch by the time we're done later this morning. there you see the airport mainly wet condition also.
6:40 am
everywhere they've salted in and around 95 it looks pretty good. we have had some spinout accidents and karen will talk more about that in a moment. be careful even if the roads just look wet. here's why. we've got temperatures below freezing in lancaster up through reading and allentown and then down through wilmington, still 32 there. talking 34 degrees officially at the airport right now but areas very close to the airport could be dropping a little bit below that and with that movement of the air coming down out of the cold northwest, we are looking at the injection of colder air over the next several hours. so, be careful out there. temperatures cold enough for some slick spots. in terms of the snow it just doesn't look like it's going the hang on that long. by 9 o'clock this new model run has it beginning to pinwheel out of southern areas and i think by 9, 10 o'clock it's pretty much out of the way and by late today we could even see some clearing and brightening of skies. and we are looking at a probably coating to an inch by the time we're done in philadelphia, one to two in the northern suburbs, two to four up here in allentown. the reason i'm showing you
6:41 am
this map this early in the morning we often don't get a lot of snow reports and the last one i have was from 3:30 in the morning up in north catasauqua north of allentown, couple inches at that time but obviously you have more up there now. in the lehigh valley 32 is your high today, snow ending down the shore. looks like they'll wind up with 36. these numbers are morning numbers. in the afternoon we will be closer to the freezing mark in most spots. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows 34 degrees for an afternoon high. i think we have a chance of popping up there out of below freezing temperatures a little later this morning, maybe by about lunchtime. later in the afternoon i think we're back down below freezing. even though this snow and rain pushes off the coast pretty quickly, probably by 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock in most neighborhoods there could still be some icing up on places that haven't been treated sidewalks, side streets. then tomorrow sunny brisk, 37 degrees. 43 on friday. saturday is looking great 51 and sunny and sunday now looks like clouds will share the sky with some sunny breaks for the
6:42 am
tailgaters. 50 degrees for a high in the afternoon and probably about 45, 46 for the start of the game. dry conditioning, no rain until monday afternoon or evening. and that looks like a great late january day in philadelphia for a big eagles win. >> all right, like it. it is 6:42 and wintry weather is traveling out west. pilot misses the mark trying to land on an icy runway. >> a long time u.s. senator goes viral for an optical illusion. karen. >> we have a new accident. a multi-vehicle accident right on the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound at city avenue and we can see traffic's kind of heavy here as it's blocking a lane and three accidents we've had on i-95. we'll show you that coming up next. >> ♪
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> ♪ >> hello everyone. 6:45. mobile6 taking a little trip around the area showing you what the road conditions are like. this is in the valley forge area, valley forge road and road looks a little wet but nice and clear and that's what we like to see but some other secondary roads not so good right now. >> all right, let's go on over to karen rogers. of course she's got an eye around the entire region helping you make that commute to work and school easier. good morning. >> good morning its been busy out there. it's interesting that lately the main accidents that we're having are on the highways that look mostly wet and i kind of thi y need to slow it down, anticipate there's a slick spot here or there or it's a little slushy at times because the highways look okay but we've seen a bunch of accidents. we've had three different
6:46 am
accidents on i-95. this is southbound at the betsy ross bridge. you can't really see it 'cause it's right over the underpass but right here we've got an accident that you can see sort of with the flashing lights here but you certainly see the jammed track on i-95 southbound. our third accident so far if you're southbound at the betsy ross bridge. so, watch for that. we have one at broad street as well on i-95 southbound and earlier we had one that cleared so three different accidents. here's a multi-vehicle accident on the schuylkill expressway creating slow traffic here. three vehicles involved. this is westbound on the schuylkill at city avenue and you see how jammed traffic is westbound on the schuylkill with that left lane being blocked with an accident. on the northeast extension we have speed restrictions of 45 miles an hour here on the northeast extension. that's 'cause overnight they had a terrible accident that closed it down. we had another new accident northeast extension northbound past quakertown but it just cleared a second ago. i want to thank everybody who has been sending in pictures. this is a look in northampton county, one of the areas we haven't been looking at and you can see how the snow is
6:47 am
really piled up there. we appreciate everyone sending in those pictures this morning in northampton county. it was christine i wanted to get her name sent that in from twitter so thanks christine. i talked to the folks in lehigh county the police telling me they have a few accidents not on the majors, just minor accidents. storm tracker6 live double scan showing, yes, we have more snowfall the farther north and west you go. it's coming down pretty good in allentown and in pottstown, route 100 has been one of those roadways getting really snowy. we've watched this line that ice line progress farther and farther closer to the coast so it's snow now in cherry hill in mount holly in medford lakes in berlin, in glassboro, in elmer in woodstown its light but it's coming down matt. >> got you karen. thank you. icy conditions caused a plane to slide off the runway in oregon. authorities say it happened while the plane was trying to land at ben municipal airport yesterday morning. six people were on board. no one was hurt. and the plane was not damaged. >> president trump has a clean bill of health and as well he
6:48 am
aced a cognitive screening test conducted at his request. the white house physician dr. ronnie jackson delivered the results yesterday. jackson predicted that trump will remain healthy for the duration of his presidency. he did say will he try to get the president who weighs 239 pounds on a diet and exercise regimen. senator orrin hatch has become an instant meme. it looks like he's removing a pair of glasses from his face but look again. and you'll realize probably about the same time he does he's not wearing any. this happened during a senate judiciary committee hearing yesterday. a spokesman says hatch left his reading glasses at home
6:49 am
6:50 am
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>> let's get a preview of "good morning america." >> robin roberts is standing by. robin all over the country people are having a hard time with this icy wintry weather. >> reporter: tam and matt, it just won't go away. snow, ice creating hazardous conditions this morning. interstates shut down across the south, air travel disrupted, thousands of flights delayed or canceled. our ginger is tracking the latest. >> reporter: police rescued 13 siblings. we spoke with the doctors treating some of those children and also to one of their aunts who will join us in the studio this morning. what she knew about her sister's family.
6:52 am
ricky martin is here. kathrine zeta-jones, both here live all coming up here hump day, had you ever been day on "gma." >> people day. >> it is. >> robin, we are looking forward. thank you. >> i forgot it was hump day and that makes me feel a little better. >> good. >> getting over the hump everybody. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway. we're feeling it this morning. this is westbound schuylkill at city avenue. multi-vehicle accident blocking the left lane so we're jammed right now. you can see traffic pretty heavy westbound at city avenue. and although the highway really mostly just wet, we've had a bunch of accidents and now some pretty slow traffic on route 42 northbound there. it has changed over from rain to snow in most of south jersey and that northbound traffic slowing it down, dave. >> all right, karen. on the big board we have storm tracker6 live double scan showing that movement of snow over towards the coast. it has kind of stopped a little bit and now areas closer to south jersey just seeing rain but every now and then despite some breaks in the snow, you do see some heavier banding, some of that
6:53 am
in the northern and western suburbs where you probably already have at least a few inches on the ground. in philadelphia it will be much lighter accumulation. all of this gets off the coast probably by about 9, 10 o'clock. temperatures are going to stay cold today, though. there's a chance we go up to about 34 by noon after the snow is over but then back down to about the freezing mark and below the rest of the afternoon. look out for a refreeze on anything that didn't dry and i want to update you on the airport situation. we are having ice and snow delays in atlanta. delays up to 128 minutes now and that means that if you are flying from philadelphia to atlanta, you're likely just having that flight delayed and stopped until things get better down south. we'll be back with our top stories. >> ♪
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> we come back to traffic right now because i-95, we've had three different accidents here. this one southbound at the betsy ross bridge blocking the left lane. we have another one southbound at broad street. the highway itself mostly just wet, handful of accidents so be careful. vine street expressway extra heavy here. westbound heading towards the schuylkill looks an accident off to the side. >> temperatures near freezing across much of the area where it down. treated roads look pretty good. that snow will be off the coast probably by about 9 olo part. there's future tracker showing you the improvement but between now and then temperatures close to freezing and later today maybe some sun
6:57 am
coming back but we'll probably still be close to the freezing mark. kind of windy and cold today. >> okay. children across the area we hope that you enjoyed your extra hours of sleep. >> yes. >> "good morning america" is next. for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. snow and ice blasting the south right now. >> watch out. >> this semi out of control in texas. hundreds of schools closed along the gulf coast and flights canceled. a freeze watch now stretching as far south as through washingtow york, boston and maine. the clock ticking as congress tries to strike a deal to keep the government running battling over d.r.e.a.m.ers and the president's offensive comments and what we're learning about the president's health from his physical, the questions he had to answer. disturbing new details from inside that house of horrors where 13 children held captive and doctors describing years of abuse. were signs missed? now their ounce is here on "gma" this


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