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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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72-year-old geneva, she does sufficient isser from alzheimer's disease and would not be able to telnybody where she lives or o name. >> i am concerned it's been so cold and so long. >> at a police conference l made a plea for hel finding her mother 72-year-old geneva. ince3:45 in the afternoon when she left her home at the 40 hundred bl of the holes burg section of the city. >> ever since the weather really turned i have been terrified of how we would find her or if we would find her. >> geneva goes by the name of suffers from diseas without a phone or i.d. and only her house key around her neck. >> she gets confused quickly and basic information about herself she doesn't know and couldn't tell people where she lived or her own name.
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>> and she lived near the olney area and may have gone back there. maybe she tried to make her way there. >> hop kind soul took in her m guying r from the home. >> i n a good samaritan g out for her i d in if she slept or where she slept. if someone could take her in before they can call the police and find out who she is. and there are people looking for her and i don't think she even knows that that people are looking for her. >> geneva was last seen wearing a light blue jacket and black dk jeans and black sneakers police are in touch with surrounding communities including bucks county giving the close proximity to the east. if you see her or know about her whereabouts, call 911 or northeast detectives right away. live iphiladelphia. sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.n update in the murder
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of iversity obern deiisn.torney county, californiaharg former high school classmate uel woodward with one felony count of murder and bernstein's parents may have been a hate crime against their gay son. and investigators continue to look for evidence of that. and in records obtained by the orange county register. he was angry after bernstein tried to kiss him. and he was last seen january 2nd and his body was found a week later, and the time and location of the murder remains under investigation. >> this is the way it looked today in the lehigh valley. as folks had to scrape the sidewalks in front of their homes. whitehall township got several inches of snow and we put drone 6 above phoenixville for pretty pictures and it wasn't so pretty before the sun came up in manayunk where it was raw and wet. and tonight get ready for cold temperatures indeed. meteorologist cecily tynan with
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the facts and figures from the morning and the look ahead to colder temperatures. double scan live radar showing the snow that came through this morning is out of here here. however if you look to the south the same system it bringing snow to parts of virginia and north carolina and raleigh is up to 10 inches of snow. and head to the poconos to see snow totals and blakesly reporting 9 inches of snow getting the snow in the poconos where they want the snow. and allentown 3.1 and limerick 2 inches and landsdale 1.5. in knowledge, mantua 1.5 and mount laurel 1.2 and same in pennington and vineland. and delaware really minimal amountsw and g.50 inch and newcastle.f snow. and the plunging temperatures they are dropping all day midnigh the high
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4:00, 35 and 8:00 lu droppin currently 25 degrees andlearing skies, the temperatures tonight dropping down into the teens do be careful and slushy areas freeze and slick spots for the morning commute and you c i'll seven-day forecast. can you get the updates from acc check stormtracker an live any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download. everybody loves it when the eagles win and the participation in the nf championship on sunday has juiced the reg less we forget there is substantial the eagles success. vernon odom is live now at the marriott hotel that may sell out because of the eagles. >> there is lots of eagle green spirit flying aroun this town this weekend. and lots of green back dollar flying around propelled by the
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spirit of eagle green ♪♪ ♪♪ saturday night this was the raucous scene at the oldest ale house here since 1860 rocking this 158-year-old building. >> jumping and screaming and hollering and yelling and dancing. >> a rollicking crowd night. t >> tme a of destiny. mcgillins with a hallowed irish tradition we are serving green beer for a none st. patrick's day event. >> first time in the history. >> first time serving eagles or an eagles game. >> and local hotels january is normally the slowest move the year. this weekend is a mild jackpot. >> we had the united soccer
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coaches in town that is about 12,000 attendees and that along with the game a 20% increase in occupancy for saturday and 14% for sunday night and those numbers will only go up. >> so jhe eag soar this weekend so too will the local economy. i'm vernon odom channel 6 "action news" in center city. there was one business in broomall that was busy today. logo warehouse was tasked with creating the popular home dogs t-shirts. the reference to the underdog status in line with lane johnson and they sell for $18 on the website and the proceeds benefit the school district of philadelphia. and it is the home dog mantra that may be the birds key to the big game. john maxima the reference
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librarian at camden rutgers has written books on the history of the eagles he predicts the birds will win fuelled in part by the naysayers. >> the eagles seem especially charged up with this whole home dog theme.s motivates a team to feel like they have been disrespected. >> and maxima is not all optimistic, not all the way he believes the birds will make it to the super bowl but predicts tom brady and the pate rereets will take home the lombardi trophy. "action news" is the source for eagles this weekend it kicks off friday night with the p party at 7:30 on channel 6. and sunday morning start your eagles game day with live reports from the linc on "action news" weekend at 6:00 a.m. and then live post game coverage as soon as the final whistle
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blows followed by "action news" at 11:00. and we wrap it all up with extended live eagles coverage on "action news" sports sunday. that is a lot of eagles coverage on channel 6. on his first full day as new jersey governor phil murphy set the tone for how he will conduct business. he signed an executive order outlining the ethics and standards for his administration. and met with his cabinet. eight women and first muslim and shaikh commissioners. and they are boosting the move for pennsylvanians and wants salary employees eligible for overtime pay. under the proposal salaried workers earning less $48,000 a year in 2022 would get time and a half pay time they work over 40 hou a week. the current threshold is up to
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$23,600 and opponents warn the ve would force employers to back h and cut back pay. coming up pennsylvan uarst dispensary is open for business in jaime apody is live in south philadelphia. >> jim, we'll talk about the twisty road that took nick foles and case keenan to the championship and after that we go to the dogs. >> don't want to miss that. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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they made history in pennsylvania with the opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary and it happened in
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bethlehem. walter perez has the story. >> local and state officials were on horn as the first medical marijuana dispensary opened to the public. also there was ryan coate he intends on being one of the first customers. >> hockey and all the fighting took a toll on my body and i found cannibis to being an ternative to districtive opioids and alcohol. >> only qualifying patients with a certified medical marijuana identification card can be prescribed medicines including oils and vapor products in line with the state law legalizing medical marijuana back in 2016. >> the department of health is working day and night to get medical marijuana into the hands
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of people that need it. not everyone is celebrating the dispensary's opening and people that live nearby say thatocal officials say a poor job of those notifying them of the plan. >> i would appreciate the city notifying us and giving us an education information bef went in. >> andicials fm k say that the community will quickly realize that this is no difference than a local pharmacy or facility. >> educatet exists currently and the evidence overwhelming ca medicine. >> if you want to find out more on which disorders qualify or get a medical marijuana i.d. card the link can be found at reporting from bethlehem, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." and here is the story that makes us philly a young man getting ready to serve his country received a big send your today in bucks county. 18-year-old either anaheims
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received a farewell from the students at saint drexel school. and in a few days the maintenance worker leaves for boot camp to the u.s. marine corps. there was patriotic music. >> and it makes me f can accomplish anything. people that go to boot camp don't have as much support as i do now. keeping me going. >> and haines attended the school for a couple of years and only worked there for a couple of months and is popular with students and staff.
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coaching staff and the players at the height of game planning now. >> just a few more days until this huge game is upon us. the franchise has been here before and a while. nine long years and the players vow to make the most of this opportunity. birds and vikings at the linc in
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the championship game. and jaime apody is live with more. >> reporter: diocese it is the most uncanny championship game match-up. case keenam and nick foles they took the most crooked path. we know nick foles stepping up as carson wentz went down and he took them the last time they went in 2015. and when he was traded for bradford keenham replaced him there. and he was bradford's backup when he went down with a knee injury and these two unlikely stars align at the linc. >> things happen and guys get injured and you have to step in and the your job to lead the team and he has done a great job and that does not surprise me and that was my job stepping in from carson to lead this team.
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>> i know you all predicted a foles versus keenham championship game. good job for all of you that predicted that. >> the vikings are the favorite and leaves eagles the underdogs. the dog masks have taken on a life of their own and amazon is sold out. and they are looking to make things rough. >> can you believe the dog mask took off the way it did. >> the fans are awesome. and they just rolled with it so that is fine and cool. at the end of the day we were having fun with it. and we were getting hit over the head with it. >> it's creeping me out actually. >> he is up there old german shepherd head in my locker. >> yes. and they will be allowed at the
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linc on sunday i'm not sure they are allowed on "action news," they will be on a short leash after this. ducis back to you. >> please make sure there is an air hole in there. please please. thank you. join us friday night for the "action news" sports special previe party and we'll tell you everything you need to know. jaws joins us as we broadcast life from chickies and petes at 7:30. a busy night top ranked villanova is at georgetown and temple tipped off with tulsa. and now the flyers are back after the 5-1 loss to the rainers last night. during the maple leafs game they raise his 88 to the rafters. >> i am proud to be a part of it. and the names in the rafters are
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incredible names and after tomorrow it's extremely special. extremely happy and looking forward to it. >> huge honor for number 88. one of the best. >> thank you. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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three of us were talking different locations got dramatically different amounts of snow. poconos 9 inches of snow. and here .20.
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and philadelphia and center city the roads here are fine and dry. not too much snow in philadelphia. and i actually took a photo on my morning run. where i live .75 inch of freshly fallen snow and this morning was the best time to go running because temperatures were the warmest and they are dropping all day long and philadelphia down to 25 degrees and the same in trenton and allentown 21 and wilmington 22 and cape may 26 degrees. and there is a breeze out there. you factor that in and the windchill make its feel like 15 in philadelphia and 11 in allentown and 10 in lancaster and wilmington and the cold air could cause problems in the form of black ice. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the snow moved out before lunch time here. and notice the same system is still bringing snow to parts of virginia and the carolinas and closing in on a foot of snow near durham. and this shifts to the east and as it does.
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we clear out partly cloudy skies and cold. overnight low 12 in the suburbs and 17 for center city. and tomorrow despite loads of sunshine temperatures struggle to get up into the 30s in philadelphia. 35 is the high. average high for this time of year is 20 and wilmington 36 and allentown up to the freezing points and trenton 34 degree and stays windy all day long. winds generally out of the west 10 miles per hour. and windchills stuck in the 20s you will want to bundle up tomorrow. is it stays cold tomorrow with a big dip in the jet stream however heading towards the weekend we have a major ridge building what this does is bringing mild air around the southwest and this could actually hold for the next 10 days with temperature as above average and how about this for timing and for sunday night kickoff. 6:40 for the nfc championship game and looking nice and dry and partly cloudy and mild and
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light winds from the west-southwest. and first quarter 36 degrees and by the end of the game 42 degrees and the owning thing to make this better is an eagles win the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly sunny and cold and temperatures are in the teens in the morning and icy patches and afternoon high 35 degrees and minimal melting tomorrow and then we turn the corner on friday and mostly sunny skies and high pressure is beginning to sink down to the south and we tap into the wind from the southwest 4-degrees slightly above normal and temperatures bounce up 11 degrees and a beautiful day 53 degrees and again on sunday for tailgating should be fantastic clouds mixing with sun and afternoon high is 53 and temperatures drop through the 40s for the game and monday i track the next system and spreading clouds our way and that low pressure tracks to the northwest and that drags a cold front through and we are in the
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warm sector of the storm. rain developing monday into monday nightay morning and late s2 degrees and behind the system temperatures cool off a bit. but still above normal a mostly sunny and 44 degrees and it looks like an extended january thaw on the way and be careful tonight for icy patched. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rogers. please join us for "action news" here at 11:00 on channel 6. and for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and thentire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the deadly storm hitting at this hour. states of emergency in effect. nearly a dozen people killed on the roads today. an 8-month-old among the victims. the snow the ice, the freezing rain from the south all the way up to the northeast. also developing at this hour, will there be a government shutdown? time running out. democrats telling the president we must make a deal on the dreamers. a key republican leader saying of the president, as soon as we figure out what he's for, then i'll be convinced we're not spinning our wheels. tonight, abc news has learned steve bannon will take to robert mueller's team after that subpoena to appear before a grand jury. the major development here tonight, the college student who went to the park with a high school friend. authorities say he was then killed. what happened at that park? the deadly flu. tonight, among the victims, the
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