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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 24, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> two teens are among four people struck by gunfire when a vehicle speeds down a philadelphia street spraying bullets. >> the weather rollercoaster dips down again. wind chills will make it feel near freezing. dayd morning everyone, it's january 24th. tam off. alicia vitarelli joins us. >> let's head on over to meteorologist karen rogers in for david and matt pelman, good morning, guys. >> good morning. i guess with that analogy we're at the top of the hill. >> it's all going down, that's what we're trying to say. let's take a look right now outside. satellite and radar showing us that we do have some clouds streaming in, but, hey, yesterday morning we started with heavy rain and thunderstorms. it's already better if you ask me. so, we have mostly clear skies in south jersey and delaware but some clouds kind of streaming in from the west that you see out there. letwkúr
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check these temperatures for you. it's cooler than yesterday, yes, but in the 'cause yesterday felt like spring. it's currently 43 degrees in philadelphia. that's already 3 degrees above our average high for this date. so, still not bad. 41 in allentown. 40 in dover. it's just the upper 30's this morning in cape may. we do have a chilly breeze so the wind chill is about 36. certainly feeling chillier than yesterday morning. hey, the dog is happy. they can go out. it's not raping out raining out there. low 40's by lunchtime with a good amount of sunshine. today is much cooler than yesterday when we hit 62 but partly sunny skies and not bad, seasonable here. at 3 o'clock, it's 43 degrees. at 5 o'clock, 41. at 7 o'clock, we dip down to the upper 30's and i want to warn you about the overnight low because it's been mild the past few days really. 26 degrees tonight for the overnight low so getting much colder than it has been. you'll need those heavier coats for tomorrow morning. another change in temperatures coming in the seven-day matt.
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i'll talk about that in a minute. >> those changes just keep coming. don't get me wrong karen i'm happy it's not raining this morning but we could probably use that rain in tinicum township delaware county right on the southwest philadelphia border because a truck overturned about 5:30 last evening and spilled honey all over the roadway, so it's a long cleanup process. they're still out here cleaning up this morning, now about 12 hours later. eastbound side of 291 governonr printz boulevard is impacted here at scott way right by wally park. if you've ever parked there when you've gone to catch a flight at the airport. this morning if you're trying to get to philadelphia international airport i would do so via 95. don't take the shortcut on 291 governonr printz boulevard. eastbound side is blocked off because of that overturned honey truck from last night. we had the schuylkill blocked overnight for construction but it's not blocked anymore. the crews have left. they'll be back tonight around 9 o'clock but for now you're good to go in both directions here by the vine street expressway. overnight construction on the burlington bristol bridge has wrapped up as well. but i would expect an opening,
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a possible opening at least at the bbb coming up in the next 45 minutes or so. we just finished one at the tacony-palmyra for a northbound ship so maybe heading for the burlington bristol. other bridges look good if you're headed to the walt whitman along 42 northbound, no issues so far this morning and southbound construction on 42 has cleared. so you're good to go on this wednesday, matt. >> thanks, matt. breaking overnight a carbon monoxide leak sickens four adults and two children in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. officials say a sewage leak ran up through the homeowners' appliances contaminating the air. two adjoining homes had to be evacuated on the 800 block of east stafford street at 1:30 this morning. the fire department has ventilated the houses and co levels are once again back in safe terms. no one was seriously hurt. two 13-year-old boys are recovering from a drive-by shooting in north philadelphia. a total of four people were wounded by the gunfire. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live with details at central detectives. good morning, jeanette.
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>> reporter: good morning, matt. as we speak, police are searching for the gunman in this drive-by shooting, those two 13-year-olds are expected to survive their injuries. however one of the victims is fighting for his life this morning. this is video from the scene overnight. it happened at 9:30 in north philadelphia along north 24th and clifford streets. upon arrival, police found a 52-year-old male with gunshot wounds to his back. he is in stable condition now but while authorities were investigating the scene, they re that three other gunshot victims had shown up at hahnemann hospital. a 22-year-old was shot multiple times in the back and legs. he's in critical condition and was unresponsive as of last night. two 13-year-old boys were also transported in a private car to the hospital. they were both shot in the legs and are expected to survive their injuries. back at the scene, investigators were still trying to piece together what may have happened and who the gunman is. take a listen. >> from ballistic evidence we know that numerous shots were
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fired. we found 16 spent shell casings along 24th street and ridge avenue. they're large caliber. >> reporter: and police still aren't sure who the intended target was. they don't believe it's the 13-year-olds given their ages. they are interviewing witnesses as well as looking over some surveillance camera footage hoping that will give them some clues but at this point, the gunman -- the search for the gunman is ongoing and they don't have a motive in this case just yet. reporting live in spring garden, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." alicia. >> all right, jeanette, thank you. new this morning, a philadelphia man has been identified as the victim of a freak accident on the ski slopes. this happened at blue mountain ski resort in carbon county on sunday. 53-year-old gregory soladuv was found lying in the snow on a double black diamond trail. another skier came down and said he couldn't avoid hitting him. he died from blunt force trauma. hard liquor is banned from fraternity events at lehigh
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university. the college in bethlehem said the decision will help create a safer environment for students. if found in violation, chapters will be subject to an indefinite suspension of activities. >> from our new jersey news room, the opioid crisis hit salem county extremely hard yesterday. there were at least six heroin overdoses all on the same day and one of them was fatal. that person died on queen avenue in pennsville. the city of philadelphia is getting pubback from state officials for its plan to deal with the heroin crisis by opening supervised injection sites. the city has approved the development of the clinics so addicts can safely get high. the facilities would distribute new clean syringes while also offering access to rehabilitation. officials say the proposed clinics would be funded and operated by nonprofits or medical organizations, not the government. however, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro has a serious problem with the plan saying sanctioning a safe
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injection site presents significant public safety concerns. shapiro goes on to say that changes in state and federal law would need to occur for these sites to operate legally. >> well, the super bowl stadium just got a fresh coat of paint. the eagles name and logo now proudly displaced at one end of u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. this is the first phase of total field transformation. we already know the eagles are winning big on the field but they're also scoring big off the field as well. the eagles donated $10,000 yesterday to help provide new equipment and resources to chester high school football team. >> to keep up with our competition who may have, you know, more than what we have, it was just a blessing from the eagles to see the need and meet the need, truly a difference for the players. let it be motivation to them. >> pretty amazing. the superintendent has also pledged to match the eagles' donation to the chester football team.
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so that means they will now have a $20,000 upgrade to their weight room. >> you could write a huge book on all of the good that the eagles team has done this season. >> i know. >> it's been great. >> i get to cover the super bowl last time they were there in jacksonville florida and i just followed them along as they had all of these activities that they brought in charity to the hometown area so that was pretty nice. let's take a look right now at storm storm storm storm e double scan. we're dry through the region this morning unlike yesterday, starting off pretty good but it's kind of cool out there. let's check outside and see what it looks like. sky6 looking live over the commodore barry bridge and we can see that the clouds have rolled in. overall it will be partly sunny this afternoon but we're seeing a fair amount of clouds to start you off this morning. temperatures around eight to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. it's 43 degrees. the dewpoint is 30. the winds are currently out of the southwest but they'll be switching today to the northwest and it's going to be a gusty chilly breeze later on. the wind chill is 36 right now and it's going to feel like it's in the 30's much of the
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day today so, yeah, that's a big change from yesterday. here are the wind gusts right now. 29 miles an hour wind gusts in lancaster, in reading. even just north of philly we're seeing some wind gusts through the area today. let's look at satellite and radar and we can see how the clouds have tried to roll in over the past 12 hours and we'll see some breaks in the clouds with the sunshine here and there today. not a bad day. partly sunny skies. we're just kind of back to reality today after a few days making it feel like it was spring. 44 for your high but with a chilly breeze it will feel like it's in the 30's. at 8:00 a.m., 37 with mostly cloudy skies. at 10 o'clock, we're at 40. if you're heading out during lunchtime we're dry, partly sunny skies and the temperature at 41. we'll hit 44 at 3 o'clock and at 6 o'clock, dropping down to 39. and temperatures will drop pretty low later tonight so you're waking up tomorrow, it's going to be a cold start and tomorrow during the day feeling pretty cold with high pressure in control, 38 degrees. we'll have lots of sunshine but still a chilly breeze out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour making it feel like it's just in the
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20's much of the day tomorrow. so, you got to get that heavier coat for tomorrow. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a gusty breeze, we're back to reality with temperatures, a lot cooler than yesterday. 44 for your high. overnight lows just in the 20's so tomorrow morning is going to be a cold start. even in the height of the afternoon, the wind chills will be in the 20's most of the day. 38 degrees f high. friday mostly sunny, getting a little bit better, back up to 44. hey, it's mild again for the weekend. pretty good timing with that. 57 degrees with clouds increasing during the day on saturday. sunday is mild. rain at times, 59 degrees. there is one model that's suggesting an area of low pressure forms along a cold front. if that happens, sunday could be a real soaker so we're keeping an eye on the amount of rain we'll get on sunday but it all clears out monday, mostly cloudy skies and 46. a little upper level disturbance comes by monday night could drop a quick snow shower or a rain shower depending on the timing of that. not a big deal, though. tuesday chilly sunshine, it's pretty but only a high of
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38 degrees, so we've been talking about the rollercoaster ride all season and we're on it right now. >> yeah, well, let us know when we can get off. [laughter] >> thanks karen. 5:41 now. we have new developments overnight from that school shooting in kentucky. we have learned more about the victims as the community comes together to heal. save an alligator. his life to why he says he had to wrangle that reptile. try to help him out there matt. >> looks like it took some courage. good morning to you alicia. drier situation this morning so construction crews are back here along 95 in bucks county. southbound side coming off the scudder falls bridge, one of the two lanes is blocked. got the latest on that overturned truck in delco for you when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the eagles green on the buildings in university city, philadelphia. 43 degrees on city avenue. staying in the 40's today, much different than yesterday. >> and if you are just waking up and heading out, it is 5:44. matt pelman's got some help as you hit the roads. >> yeah and as our old buddy winnie-the-pooh used to so oh bother but we know that pooh liked honey so he might like this situation because a tractor-trailer overturned about 5:30 last night that was carrying honey and so now there's honey all over the road out here in tinicum township right on the southwest philadelphia border. it's 291, governonr printz
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boulevard eastbound at scott way by wally park that's impacted. that's where they're trying to clean up this honey. there are restrictions here as you head toward philadelphia international airport. if you're trying to get there, i know you might not have a lot of extra time. head for 95, not 291 eastbound here by wally park this morning as the cleanup continues. elsewhere in delco let's talk construction. couple new water main installation projects got under way this week so we're still getting used to these midday closures earing ton road. head to darby road and maybe church lane route 13 is closing during the middays as well. lansdale avenue main street gets you around that. those restrictions in place during the middays through may of this year. also getting used to this new closure in east goshen chester county. it's 352 at boot road closing during the day so line road an alternate around that but this morning on the majors in chester county like 202, the 30 bypass, pennsylvania turnpike, route 100, they're
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all looking good. no major problems reported so far. here in lower merion have some midday construction going on this week along conshohocken state road. that of course is 23. in the gladwyne area. i'd head for old gulf to avoid those restrictions during the middays and we had overnight restrictions that we were watching on the the northeast extension northbound side between quakertown and the lehigh valley. they've been lifted so you're good to go there, good to go coming southbound away from allentown headed down towards lansdale this morning. let's bring in the commuter report brought to you by the wades app. tinicum township bucks county dark hollow road close to cafferty road reports of an object on the road there. important heads up if you're headed to tinicum elementary school early this morning. alicia. >> all right, matt, thank you. police in texas hope that this newly released surveillance video will help them track down four carjacking suspects. the video shows the car crashing into the side of a building in houston last month. four men get out and run off. police say the day before one
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of the suspects armed with a gun stole the car from a pregnant woman in an apparent apartment parking lot. the women and her three children luckily were not hurt. >> a western kentucky community gathered in prayer still coping with the school shooting that killed two people and injured more than a dozen. the 15-year-old who opened fire yesterday morning is now in a juvenile jail. prosecutors will request a judge move the case to adult court. we have learned that two 15-year-olds were killed, a boy and a girl but the motive remains unclear. five of the wounded remain in critical condition but are expected to survive. this is the 11th school shooting in america so far this year. >> well, a florida man is sharing his story of how he had to wrangle an alligator struggling to survive. he spotted the alligator back on thanksgiving day. a piece of plastic was wrapped around its body.
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>> i'll never have the chance again. i'm not going to let the thing die. >> he covered the gator with blanket pinned it to the ground taped its mouth. he then called florida fish and wildlife conservation to pick under gator and safely relocate it. only in florida. >> yes. 5:48. the man who played rocky is cheering for the eagles. hear sylvester stallone's message to the fans. >> plus, teachers are always there to help their students, right, including this professor who stepped into the role of babysitter when one of her students found herself in a bind. >> ♪ >> i love to see that. that's a great story. do you like to see these temperatures? 43 degrees. hey, we're back to reality today but when you factor in a light wind, feels like it's just 36 degrees in the city. where do temperatures go from here? accuweather is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> eagles fan have been rallying around the rocky statue during this championship run and the ma and who made him famous has a message for the fans. >> i got the ring, i got the jersey, i got the will, i've got the optimism that the birds are going to fly triumphing. keep punching tony. >> that instagram post has been seen more than 1 million times. >> it's amazing. it's epitome of philadelphia. >> i didn't realize he was a true fan. >> yeah, he's been to games on occasion. >> i came in this morning and i was like why in the world -- well, that, too. a half day later.
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now we know why. this overturned truck spilled honey all over route 291, governor printz boulevard. there you can see the honey still dripping out of the truck. they had pressure washers out here trying to hose down the situation but it is a sticky mess out here in tinicum township. eastbound side of 291 at scott way close to wally park. if you're headed to the airport this morning do so via 95. avoid this major mess as they continue to try to clean up. schuylkill expressway approaching belmont looking better than yesterday morning. we are expecting midday construction in this area between city and belmont so that could slow you down later on from 9:00 until 3:00, karen. >> i get the honey thing. ever spill that on your counter? it's hard to get it off. 39 in quakertown. 42 in pottstown. it's 43 right now in center city. temperatures in new jersey, 44 in hammonton. it's 42 this morning in smyrna, delaware. when you factor in a light wind, you can see the temperature is quite a change from yesterday. it's 10 degrees cooler in the city, 16 degrees cooler in
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millville and 19 degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning in toms river. and we have a wind chill factor today making it feel like it's about 36. your high today is 44. still a few degrees above average under partly sunny skienot bad today. matt and alicia. >> all right, karen, thank you. a georgia mother says she's forever grateful for her professor's kind gesture. jaquita of two. he's also a full-time grad qtu'iversity.hsnnah stateñkz well, arrington ended up having to bring her seven month old son to class last week when her husband's meeting ran late. so her course instructor dr. rebecca sutliff stepped in. don't worry about it. she carried the baby during the lecture so that arrington could focus on the class. arrington says professors like this are the reason why she goes to savannah state. >> you're able to get the individualized attention as a student, as opposed to maybe being a number because you're in a class with like 150 kids.
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>> pretty cool, hm? sutliff says she understands life can get overwhelming for her students. team effort there.
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>> ♪ >> 5:56. one more day closer to the
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eagles-patriots super bowl we are. wednesday morning, 5:56, 43 degrees on city avenue. much colder than it was yesterday. now, you might have forgotten with all the eagles hype that there is still a wing bowl prize to compete for before the big game. pj whelihans in downingtown hosted the qualifying event last night. contestants were given 10 minutes to devour as many wings as possible. two men tied each eating 35 wings. there was then a two minute tie breaker and kenzo kevin came out victorious. he now moves on to wing bowl 26 at the wells fargo center a week from saturday. >> all right. good luck. 5:57. dress for success. the eagles reveal their game day jerseys for super bowl sunday. >> bouncing back from bankruptcy proofs too tough for toys r us. details on the company's next planned move coming up in our next half hour. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday january 24th. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us. >> and we are following breaking news for you. a heartbreak here. a father gunned down just feet from his family in the city's east mount airy section. >> local congressman pat meehan is denying a sexual harassment claim by a former employee. he sits down with us to explain the relationship. >> bleeding green. the super bowl matchup is set and now we know whether fans should wear white or green to support the eagles. >> david is also off. karen rogers joins us along with matt pelman. good morning. >> a lot of people going out to buy eagles gear today. >> yes. >> not going to be quite as warm but not bad, right. >> hey, it's not raining so if you're running errands hanging outside today it's good as far as that's concerned. let's take a look right now, the city is lit up in green, we're excited about that as sky6 looks live.
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a fair amount of clouds to start us off this morning


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