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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 1, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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for the first time the eagles had practice today. they are trying to follow their regular routine though nothing is regular and nothing is routine. it's after all, the superbowl. >> it's wednesday night. the big story on "action news" tonight, the latest from minnesota including practice and a happy birthday for the head coach. we have ducis rodgers and jamie apody talking football and sharrie williams and brian taff talking security. more importantly, juicy lucy. we'll get to that in a minute. ducis and jamie, let's start with you. >> juicy lucy. >> i can't believe she said that. >> 50th birthday for coach doug pederson, but he's not taking the day off. >> look at doug pederson, the big 5-0.
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guys sang for him at practice today. he had a simulated halftime because he wants them to understand what it feels like to have 30 minutes off instead of the regular 15. he says they were sloppy after that. >> every eagle wants to win the superbowl, but no one wants it more than sellic. >> what are your emotions a few days from playing in the superbowl? >> i'm excited. i think -- i'm excited to get the workweek going. it starts today, and get ready for the game. the other stuff is just -- >> noise? >> noise in the background. i'm ready to go. >> do you think about your football mortality? you might not get more shots at this? >> i'm just thinking about this opportunity. this is the greatest opportunity we could ask for. we put ourselves in the position. we have to finish this thing.
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>> you have a special connection with the city and the fans. it's deeper than anyone currently on the team. why do you think that is? >> i have been lucky enough to stay here 11 years. philly is my home now. this city deserves a championship. we have the opportunity to bring it back to 'em. we have to do our job, man. >> i have seen so many fans tweet me saying win it for brent. >> i think the whole city is behind him. >> they know how hard he works on the field. >> jim, back to you. >> thank you, guys. let's switch live to brian taff and sharrie williams. this is the superbowl of security operations for local police, homeland security and others. >> you are right, jim. as fans arrive, the work to keep them safe has kicked into
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overdrive for the next few days. it is a national special security event which means they'll send every resource to protect those here. >> today "action news" got a look at one of the ways they'll be kept safe from over head and we were invited to fly along. >> the eyes that patrol the skies sit idle. two hulking black hawk helicopters geared up and primed up for the safety of superbowl sunday. >> we want to keep the viewers focused on the game and not worry about potential terrorist threat. >> the pilots run precheck, the engine roars and with a gust of wind, we are airborne. the massive aircraft lifting off
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with ease. moments later a bird's eye view of the city and stadium center stage come sunday. >> we'll provide three main functions. >> first is to enforce the no fly zone over the city intercepting aircraft that inadvertently or unintentionally find their way in. >> second, they have manpower and muscle wherever it's needed fast.>> the view from here is spectacular, unobstructed and unadvantage point on a snowy minnesota landscape. this crew but they are laser focused not on where they are, but why they are here. >> a lot of folks are coming to the superbowl as fans. you can see from a different advantage point. >> normally, we are chasing
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smugglers and rescuing people. >> an extraordinary privilege to fly with them. they are dedicated to the safety so fans can be dedicated to the game sunday. >> this is not limited to what we saw in the air today. from the u.s. bank stadium to where we are at the mall of america, hundreds of local and state officers are on duty on the ground. it's part of a plan they began working on two years ago. while there is no specific threat, law enforcement is taking every precaution. >> active shooter, bombing, any sort of event that could occur. these trainings help us to come together oosm there will be security in place after the game
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at the st. paul international airport where they expect a record rush of travelers heading home. >> they have the same sentiment we have at home in philadelphia, if you see something, say something. words to live by. >> absolutely will >> let's talk about something serious right now. >> i'm in the mood for that. >> like food. >> rivalries with food, we know something about that in philadelphia especially over cheese steaks. if you come here, you hear about the juicy lucy. it's a burger and a hometown favorite that lives up to its name. the grill is sizzling at matt's bar in minneapolis. that may look like a regular cheeseburger, but it's a juicy lucy. >> we hand squeeze the burger so when it's on the grill the cheese becomes juicy lucy phid.
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>> like in filme philadelphia ts a battle over cheese steak. here there is a battle over the juicy lucy. here it's matt's bar and a5 duking it out. >> there is a competition between matt's and here. >> which bon d one do you like ? >> absolutely here. they are just the right size. the fries are better. >> only a few miles separate the 5a club prosecute mattes. they are both on the same road. both have loyal customers that praise the burger, but there are differences. >> we give different cheese. >> the 5a was serving up superbowl buggers.
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thibugburgers. >> this is the most popular of our new ones. it's pretty good. >> matt's customer kay anderson has a piece of advice for those from the delaware valley. >> if you're from philly, you get the juicy lucy with the melted cheese. hello? >> they are telling us how to do it here in minneapolis. just know you will need a stack of napkins to keep yourself okay while eating your juicy lucy. >> i have to try it. you know how to live. jim, that's the whole story from the mall of america tonight. nothing more to say. for sharrie williams, i'm brian taff. back to you in philadelphia. >> i love that juicy lucy phid watch your arteries become calls
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phid. post game celebrations spill out on the street, the mayfair section will be cast in a different light sunday. the street department has installed new brighter l.e.d. fixtures on the light poles one block all direction. that could help stop poor decision making by fans bathed in light twice as normal and bright during the championship celebration. >> do the eagles need devine intervention? our superbowl weekend coverage kicks off at 8:00 sunday night with the championship preview
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live from minneapolis. join us throughout the day saturday as excitement builds. game day, sunday, tune in for live reports at 6:00 a.m. all morning long and again at action news at noon. our pregame coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. we'll be on the air after the game covering the angles from philadelphia and minneapolis wrapping it up at 11:00 and then sports sunday. we have you covered here on channel6. a noticeable temperature swing is on the way for tomorrow. meteorologist cecily tynan is here with a late look from accuweather. >> we have a brief warm up. today the high, 32-degrees. if you look at the current temperature, 32-degrees. clouds rolling in, winds out of the south, that's keeping temperatures steady. to the west, temperatures are in the 40s. that's the air mass heading our way tomorrow.
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we have a brief warm up. future tracker showing as we head through the afternoon instead of 40s and windchills in the 20s, we bump to the upper 40s, above normal but we have a front delivering a shrub of rain. the temperatures jump about 20-degrees tomorrow. light rain tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. brutal windchill for friday. for superbowl sunday, i'm tracking a system that will likely bring rape an rain and s. >> it's not exactly the great train robbery, but for the victims, it might as well be. police are tracking down those targeting the septa high speed lane. dann cuellar is live with upper darby police. you have the full story. >> that's right, three armed
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robberies in six days, that has residents here particularly septa train raiders alarmed. there is a concerted effort to capture these guys before someone gets hurt. >> we have plain clothed guys watching the high speed lines. >> the latest armed robberies are targeting septa no norris tn speed line. >> this is the first time i have heard about it. >> twice now people are robbed by three young men with guns. >> they take his clothes, sweatshirt, his belt. they take credit cards. >> the three armed bandits came on the radar january 26th when
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they robbed a woman on chestnut street. >> they have threatened to shoot people if they don't cooperate. >> they are dangerous guys playing a dangerous game. they are true predators. >> not overly surprised. the path is not well lit. the few times i came home late, i don't feel safe there. >> even in your neighborhood, i live up the street, we might have to go to 69th street and not come down here at all. >> i talked to one of the victims. he tells me, this is not their first rodeo. they knew what they were doing. >> most importantly, police are asking people to be on their guard, aware of their surroundings and if you see something, say something.
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channel6 news. >> thank you, dan. in hamilton new jersey a pedestrian was struck and killed by a train on the atlantic city rail line just before 6:00. we have no idea the victim's identity or why he was on the tracks in the first place. >> word has come over a shooting victim in mayfair philadelphia has died. shots rang out during the course of a fight at 3:51 this afternoon. lawmakers are looking for the gunman. they believe he was an adult. still to come on "action news," philadelphia ten term congressman tells us why he's calling it quits. >> and the latest on a deadly train accident with lawmakers onboard. do you take fish supplements?
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what the pills are doing for your health. >> eagles have moved on from underdog masks to a new style. that and more when "action news" continues you were borne to rock... borne to piggyback... and you don't want anything stopping you. airborne plus beta-immune booster™ is the only immune support with vitamins and minerals, plus an added ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. airborne.
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,$8drw this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief. >> this morning's deadly crash between a transportation train and a trash truck is being investigated. one person in the truck was killed. five people were taken to the hospital. pennsylvania congressman bryan fitzpatrick and tom mccarture were among those onboard. they are fine. they were headed to the g.o.p.
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retreat in greenbrier, pennsylvania. >> >> bob: brady will not return for reelection. he says the time has come to leave washington behind. >> i have a great job. i have another grandchild on the way. i think i choose them over service. right now, it's time for me to come home. >> he's been dogged by a investigation his campaign to a primary payment in 2012. he has not been charged and says he will not be. >> it was a sendoff for a beloved leader in the police department. officials lined the hall for a walk of honor as the chief
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clocked out from his final day on duty. deputy chief malloy will be sworn in as his replacement tomorrow. let's get the latest from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> a few storms on the way. sky 6 looking at the center city skyline, a view from the temple camera. the sky lit up in eagle green. the nearly full moon, not super, not blue or blood anymore, you can see the moon through the high thin clouds, a nice looking picture. temperaturewise around freezing right now. temperatures holding steady with winds out of the south and as we head through the overnight hours, we are warming up a bit as the southerly flow takes control ahead of the cold front bringing rain, generally,
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limited snow tomorrow night. satellite and radar showing cloud in place. the cold front is limited in moisture moving through the midwest. behind it arctic air moving into minneapolis. here for the first day of february, it's mild, upper 40s, comes at a cost, though. the system brings steady rain late thursday night in the form of a cold front especially south jersey in delaware and colder air tries to catch up with it. the wee hours of the morning could get a quick change of snow. we dry out friday morning and all eyes on a superbowl storm, low pressure in the four corners, an intense system. however, it will track inland enough that we are not talking about a snowstorm. philadelphia looks more wet than
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white. brief snow before soaking rain sunday night. a lot of uncertainty on track. it looks like sunday night headed to the superbowl game, it will likely be messy. mild, 49-degrees. rain moving in the evening, out of here by evening, 32. saturday, sunshine, fading behind clouds, 33-degrees. sunday, based on the latest information, looks like snow in the afternoon with rain here. the poconos could stay at snow. monday, 39, increasing clouds tuesday with a high of 43. clouds with a chance of rain wednesday with a high of 43-degrees. all eyes on the storm as we get closer. >> thank you, cecily tynan. >> researcher frs the university of oxford found that taking fish
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oil pills did not improve heart health or reduce heart attack risk or the chance of stroke. there was no benefit even to high risk populations. previous research had shown that eating fish with omega three fatty acids does have health benefits but not the supplements. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up with a special segment of ?iews. "action news." >> gu guillermo was the subjectf this clip in philadelphia. good luck, eagles. >> do you know the fight song? >> no. >> eagles! >> try it again. i'll do it and then you. >> eagles! >> eageals eagles!
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did i say it right? [applause ] >> you want to try it again? >> we'll see how guillermo does this time around coming up on "jimmy kimmel live."
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>> so not everything was good for the practice. >> pederson remains positive saying he's addressing it in meetings tonight. guys get the mistakes out of the way now. >> four days before the superbowl, they had their first practice. everyone practiced but tackle
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tim jury was dul jury was duly. pederson said it was a teachable moment. they are now a few days from something eagle fans westbound waiting for, for generations. >> we have to earn the right, prepare, play the game. this game has not been played. i know what it means to the city, what it means to us. >> have you thought about what this could mean to philadelphia? >> it's going to be pure craziness. you better get extra security. you don't know what will happen. >> this was a bizarre scene.
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several players are wearing wrestling masks. it has an eagle logo on it. he said it gives him superpowers.
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>> what's up with the sixers? they lost three straight for the third time in a month. sixers facing jalil oa okafor. sixers lose 116-108 their third straight loss. flyers with a 2-0 lead. five goals including this in the third. flyers lose 5-3. lasalle and st. joe's lose in clinch hoops. >> superbowl lii just got more exciting for one eagle fan. this fan just scored two tickets to watch the game in minneapolis. she won the drawing at the green turtle in north whales. it's fun to provide the opportunity to see the eagles make history.
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"jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." music from russell dickerson. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire news team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night tonight. ♪ ♪


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