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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 1, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that picture sll >> good morning it is thursday, february 1. >> good morning everyone we're following breaking news on "action news." flames tear through philadelphia row home killing a man and a woman. gunfire sends three people to the hospital overnight. as the eagles prepare for the super bowl they are taking security to a whole new level. >> first up let's talk to david murphy it felt a little warmer when i step outside, david.
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and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: temperatures are not as cold as yesterday. >> reporter: we are trangd -- trending toward warmer weather. later today rain not showing up on the radar, there's a little bit of snow in northern pennsylvania. 34 degrees is the current temperature. 28 degrees in trenton. 34 in wilmington. 31 in allentown and reading. obviously as you look at the numbers you want a coat this morning but you don't have to hunch your shoulders like yesterday when he had the windchills in the teens. 33 in millville. feels like 28 degrees in philadelphia. in some spots the winds are light enough we are not registering much of a windchill today. as we go through the day, 35 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 40 at 10:00 a.m. noon, 44. i'm going for a high of 49 degrees at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon before we are back in the mid 40s by 6:00.
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notice how we get more clouds rolling in as the day goes on, by 6:00 and 4:00 a.m., there's a chance of a pop-up shower. future tracker 6 shows at we bundle up. we have a collapse of snow on friday, i'll have more on that coming up. >> reporter: vine street expressway, eastbound traffic no traffic going by, eastbound lanes are shut down until 5:00 a.m. westbound they are blocking the left lane and 30th street off-ramp, overnight construction on the schuylkill expressway still going on this morning. vine street expressway, all lanes are open, looking good, westbound traffic just a few cars heading toward the schuylkill expressway. no overnight construction scheduled on the vine. 422 overnight construction
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cleared. live look at 23 no delays just yet. we had an early morning accident in east whiteland township. just cleared a little bit ago. burlington bristol bridge has construction that cleared. >> we're starting with breaking news this morning, firefighters battling heavy flames at a north philadelphia row home, despite their best efforts a man and woman lost their lives to the fire. jeanette reyes is live on the scene, she has more on the story. good morning, jennette. good morning, tam, fire crews wrapped up a few minutes ago, the fire marshal is still here this morning. i want to step out of the way, you can see the scene, police in front of the home, the road is blocked off, fire crews responded windy a minute and a half, but it proved too late for the occupants inside the home. the flames broke out along the 1300 block of west toronto
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street. fire crews arrived on scene to find flames shooting out of the first or floor of the row home. it took 20 minutes to get the blaze under control. one man was dead inside and one man was transported to the hospital with no violates signs. he was later pro -- vital signs, he was later pronounced dead. >> fire company responded and found heavy fire conditions on the first floor. they knocked the fire down and unfortunately we suffered two fire deaths here. >> reporter: no adjacent homes were damaged. no no evacuations had to be made. as far as cause of the fire it is under investigation, still very much in the early stages. firefighters as well as fire officials could not say whether
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or not there were working smoke detecters, reporting live in north philadelphia, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> breaking overnight a pregnant teen is among three shooting victims in southwest philadelphia. the gunman opened fire at webster and 52nd streets at 1:30 a.m. and ran away. 18-year-old pregnant teen and 19-year-old female and 20-year-old male are in stable condition. it is under investigation. this is video of a collision involving a ambulance in the port richmond neighborhood. a vehicle slammed in the back as medics were loading a patient in on a stretcher. it happened at midnight on frankford avenue. one medic suffered a broken leg. the patient is in stable condition. the driver of the striking vehicle was treated at the scene. eagles players are getting serious practice time in on the field in minnesota. security crews are kicking the operations into high gear.
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sharrie williams and brian taff have more on that from ballooning ton, minnesota. >> reporter: good morning from the mall of america as fans trickle into the twin city for super bowl. >> >> reporter: from u.s. bank stadium to the mall of america, federal, local and state officers are on duty on the ground. it's part of a plan they began working on two years ago. homeland security officials say while there is no specific threat law enforcement is taking every precaution. >> topics from active shooter or bombing or hazardous events that could occur. these trainings are powerful and mitigate risks and bring us together. >> reporter: officials say there will be extra security in place after the game, especially at the minneapolis st. paul minneapolis airport where they are expecting a record rush of travelerring heading home. they are en-- travelers heading
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home. >> reporter: they are encouraging people if you see something, say something. >> reporter: later today, officials will be talking about a warning about counterfeit tickets. we'll have that information on "action news." >> reporter: we want to keep the focus on fun. there will be lots of that to have. there's the nfl fan experience that's unfolding in the twin cities later today. brian taff channel 6 "action news." >> mayor kenny may be the most superstitious eagles fan. he wants to remain modest about the birds in the super bowl because he doesn't want to jinx anything. >> i know our history we put a philly's cap on billy penn in 1993 and lost with a walk off homerun. >> reporter: and we put a flyers
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shirt on and lost in four straight. no way a shirt is going on billy penn, go birds. >> he is staying away from anything that could bring him bad luck like ladders. our super bowl pregame celebration start tomorrow. game day sunday, tune into "action news" at 6:00 a.m., up to "action news" at noon and pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5:00 p.m. we'll be on the air covering all the game from philadelphia to minneapolis and wrapping it up on "action news" sports sunday. >> hopefully jim kenny's efforts will be clutch. a pennsylvania woman is reunited with her dog ten years after the dog went missing.
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a medical emergency turns into a police chase, a dramatic new video coming up. >> reporter: cold this morning not as cold as yesterday when we had temperatures in the teens and windchills, as well. 34 degrees in philadelphia. 31 in allentown. windchills in the 20s. we'll be back with the afternoon call. it will be milder we'll get rain and maybe a little snow and colder air coming in for the weekend. philadelphia has cheese steaks, minneapolis has what they call juicy lucys.
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>> just like the battle over cheese steaks in philadelphia. there is a battle in minneapolis who has the best juicy lucy, that's the name of a cheese
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burger with cheese inside the paddy. >> we hand squeeze the burger, it's on the grill, the cheese becomes juicy loosie. >> sounds great. where is the meat. super bowl rivalry is getting arch bishops to weigh in on the game. charles chaput is betting minneapolis' afternoon -- arch bishop sean o'malley $100.
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>> reporter: looking outside, we have planes pulling away from the gates at the airport. it's cold to start out. temperatures 34 degrees. winds out of the south at 7:00. that's giving you a windchill of 28. yesterday at this time we were talking about windchills around 4, so it's better. 34 in philadelphia. 31 in allentown and reading and lancaster. 28 in trenton. 33 in millville. cloud cover across the region we might see sunny breaks in the morning. i think the clouds get thicker later in the day. event we'll build in what doesn't look like a whole lot of rain to the west, but i think it will be a brief hit of rain later this afternoon and evening. as we look at temperatures 35 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 40 by 10:00. noon, 44. perhaps a couple of sunny breaks lingering. 3:00 p.m., 49 degrees, mainly cloudy skies and by 6:00. 45, by 6:00 p.m. there could sprinkles and showers beginning
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to develop. 49 degrees in philadelphia. 49 in wilmington. we'll go up to 48 in trenton and reading. 47 in allentown. 51 in millville. down in cape may. 48 degrees 49 degrees on the boardwalk in atlantic city. here's future tracker 6 at 5:00 we're starting to develop sprinkles and showers starting in the northern and western suburbs. we go up to 11. we fill in a little bit. notice how it's colder in the poconos with a snow shower. cecily and adam will be showing you that overnight. in the overnight hours we have rain filling in, on the back edge of that cold air rushes in. we'll have that precip change to snow. a brief hit of snow that will get off the coast by 9:00. what to expect overall, rain to snow overnight. if there is an accumulation i think it will be very small. many roads are wet, despite the
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snow. karen and i will will be back tomorrow morning to get you through whatever is going on. it's cold on saturday, and milder on sunday, with a storm coming at us, this will be warm enough for rain, maybe brief rain changing over to soaking rain. a lot of uncertainty with this, but right now it's looking like rain, probably after the super bowl and afterwards. in minnesota, 15 degrees, super bowl sunday, 8 degrees is the high. negative three willful in the parking lot before the game. you will be -- windchill in the parking lot before the game. you will be rushing to get into that stadium. today's, 45 degrees, more clouds
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and cold on saturday, 34 degrees. sunday, 42 degrees, clouds and rain developing during the day perhaps mixing with snow at times, especially in the northern and western suburbs and the poconos. monday we've got clearing and a high of 40, should there be celebration early next week? tuesday looks dry, wednesday wet. >> dash cam video shows an out-of-control pickup truck speeding down a wisconsin highway. one point the truck lost its front tire. the driver pulled over after slamming into a concrete median twice. officers learned that the driver was diabetic and called a ambulance. a social media star, logan paul talks one on one with michael strahan.
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it's his first interview since posting a video of a suicide victim in the woods in japan. he apologized for doing this. a woman in western p-a was reunited with her long lost dog ten years after the dog went missing. abbey ran away from her home in washington township in 2008. she never found him. a couple in west moreland county found a black lab outside their home they brought it to an animal shelter in new kensington. the dog was micro chipped and discovered it was abbey. >> never give up. never think people are out of your life because they can always come back. >> if only abbey could talk and tell about her ten years. abbey is in good health and
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happy to be home. >> reporter: hello, everybody,
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good morning. we're looking live at city hall area, looking down the benjamin franklin parkway. matt o'donnell is super excite bad the traffic report. i heard there's good stuff
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coming up. >> why don't you give it to us. >> reporter: this is my big moment, never had him pay attention to me before. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound traffic in the process of clearing, overnight construction eastbound it's still shut down at the vine street express way. eastbound schuylkill expressway shut down for the moment. upon the big picture, have you seen the auto show yet. it's a good one this year. still going on at the convention center. there's extra congestion through the day. that's the big thing there. bucks county, i-95, roads are clear and dry, looking good, this is i-95 at 413. overnight construction northbound on i-95 is clear. i'm chalk full of good news. east whiteland township traffic is moving fine. new issue on the turnpike, tractor-trailer fire, emergency workers coming to the scene
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eastbound near morgantown. target will begin testing same day fresh food and grocery delivery in birmingham, alabama and south florida. the company plans to have the service at a majority of stores by the end of the year. workers for the company called shift will pick up the items and delivery them to you. stock indices opened slightly higher. here's a way to catch up on the oscar nominated movies before next month. movie pass you can watch one movie per day per $10 per month. wawa is offering free coffee of any size on sunday february 4 until kickoff time.
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the offer is valid at every wawa location across pennsylvania and new jersey and delaware. >> a southern california burger chain is giving you a good reason to put on a happy face. cali burger is allowing customers to pay their orders by smiling. it is tied to the customer credit card and reid your face to bring up your past order. you can also pay at the cashier if you find this too creepy. >> jimmy kimmel asks questions many are too afraid to ask. >>
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we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. at ikea, we help you live it. philadelphia police officers will be on hand to patrol lincoln high school this morning after yesterday's deadly shooting. police say a large fight erupted in the parking lot of the school mayfair before 4:00 p.m. gunshots rang out killing a 32-year-old man. district officials say no students or staff were injured and police are looking for the gunman. federal investigators today will be examining the scene of a deadly crash involving a garbage truck and amtrak train carrying congressional republicans.
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one person in the truck was killed. five people were taken to the hospital. pennsylvania congressman brian fitzpatrick and tom macarthur were among those on the train. they are heading to the annual gop retreat in green briar in west virginia. president trump is expected to speak at the retreat today. gunman are preying on retailers in delaware county. details on where they are happening. we continue to follow breaking news, a fire killed two people inside their north philadelphia home. good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, february 1. we're following breaking news. >> a fast-moving fire kills two people in north philadelphia. we're live on the scene. it's a mild start to your february and we're tracking rain moving in today. loveable jimmy kimmel side kick roams the super bowl and has fun with the eagles players. >> that will be fun, let's find out about weather and traffic with karen rogers and david murphy good morning. >> reporter: we're in an active pattern everyday. >> reporter: today it's milder air coming up. we have milder air coming up from the south. that flow warming us up. this morning, you'll want a coat. 34 degrees, yesterday we were in the teens and windchills in


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