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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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america live. fake merchandise and tickets are always an issue at big events like the super bowl right? >> that is right. we went to a news conference about that just this afternoon. u.s. immigration and ice representatives today announced the seizure of over $15 million worth of counterfeit sports and entertainment related items and arrested 65 people with 24 convictions at this point. in what they are calling operation team player. >> federal and local authorities and the nfl put some of the counterfeit items on display today. they seized these items from flea markets and retail outlets and street vendors, it began at the conclusion of last year's super bowl. the nfl is also warning fans about counterfeit tickets sold primarily online on sites including craigslist. the official ticket has a special hologram and raise add
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appearance you can actually feel. and on the back a special ink that disappears and reapairs with the application of heat. the only sources where you are guaranteed inside of the venue is from the nfl ticket exchange, ticketmaster or box office. >> i would hate to see people come and get turned away from the door. we'll have to probably do that. unfortunately we know that these people are here. please, please, please get the message out not to purchase tickets off of craigslist or you'll be seeing me on sunday. >> she added that at every nfl game people will turned away at the gate because they purchased fake tickets. she said don't buy them on the streets and repeatedly do not buy them on craigslist, it would be a shame to come all of this way to be turned away at the
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gates. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news". >> thank you. now let go live to sharrie williams and brian taff. they are standing by at the nfl experience in minneapolis. hi guys. >> hi guys and what an experience it is fans are filling into the arena in downtown minneapolis. they will watch the game on sunday a different way they get to be a part of it. this is about having things to do before the big game on sunday and giving fans a bit of a front seat of things to do that are a lot of fun. look inside of the nfl experience, there are interactive stations all over this building and they have turned this entire convention center into the fun place for the fans to get a taste of what football is like. you can catch a ball, flow a ball, kick a ball. go through all the different types of skills and take your family around and see the sights and sounds and it's about
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spending the day with your family and having fun things to do and getting a taste of the nflful getting a taste, brian taff and sharrie williams. we had to get in on the action. we went through the obstacle course and showed off a bit of our skills and we ran a 40 yard dash that is what the nfl player do at the nfl conbine. and we having fun at the nfl experience. >> i think we did well. >> we lived through it. >> we didn't pull a muscle that is the story. the super bowl is much more than a football game and of course a big show within a show. about commercials and about the halftime show and justice timberlake is the star of that show. and a couple of philadelphia area natives are involved. leslie odom jr. will sing the -- and pink the national anthem.
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and justin timberlake arrives a few days ago rehearsing inside of the stadium. he showed this picture of him and his dancers on the field and today he spoke to the media for the first time. >> timberlake says he will do things no one has seen before and not going give away many secrets a big topic is justin's bromance with tom brady. what did he say when pushed to predict a winner for super bowl lii. >> is it safe to say on super bowl subject you are rooting for the patriots? >> i have to go on tour in philadelphia woman what are you doing to me? >> you can do it it's okay to say it between me you and i? >> go pat go. >> i can't believe he said it. go pack go. i have to emphasize. >> i have to listen back again.
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>> timberlake addressed rumors around his performance there is talk of an insync reunion and janet jackson after the appearance years ago. >> but what he did confirm he will perform with his band the tennessee kids and perform with him during the halftime show. they are the ones behind the don't stop the music. that will be performed as well. the rest is a mystery until sunday night as it should. we'll all be watching. that does is it from downtown minneapolis, sharrie williams and brian taff back to you in philadelphia. >> you guys were in sync in minneapolis. thank you for your coverage. back here now for fortunate eagles fans they get to watch the birds take on the patriots in person at super bowl lii. gray hall is live at philadelphia international airport with their stories
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tonight. >> reporter: hey rick, we can all spell eagles but what about the word excitement. these fans are pumped and ready to go. and many are still pinching themselves that they will be at the super bowl cheering on the eagles. super bowl lii is just days away and we caught up with lucky fans at the philadelphia international airport headed to watch the eagles take on the patriots, many condition believe they will see the big game in person. >> i don't think there is words to describe this. i will probably personally cry and cry more at the end because we won. >> and more exciting than short of the birth of my child and wedding day, there is not much more exciting than this. this is unreal. >> oh my god i got a text saying i am representing all the people that can't go. i am really excited. >> for many it's the first super bowl experience and the excitement is building one more game to go and many bet they will return it philadelphia celebrating a victory.
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we spotted these two fans that purchased their tickets in august because their friend works for the nfl. the appearance was an added bonus. >> it's okay i have one more game. we have to beat is the vikings okay we beat the vikings we are going. >> we bought our tickets and plane tickets and then watched the eagles and couldn't believe the progress and excitement. we were like this is unbelievable. >> the countdown is almost over and as people fly out they are not only packing their eagles gear but their eagles pride. >> this is a bit pour than i secretaried considering when wentz went down i thought we would take a fold and go to sleep and now foles and he is doing his job and if he continues we'll be there for the win. >> all right for the win indeed. back out live, american airlines the official airlines for the eagles they are bringing in more
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planes and bigger planes to handle the crowds and if you are one of the lucky passengers orphans to be on the flight to minneapolis you get one of these go eagles rally towels. go eagles, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and by the way can you kick off your super bowl weekend here on channel 6 tomorrow night at 8:00. tune in for the "action news" championship preview live from minneapolis and stay with "action news" saturday as the excitement building with live reports throughout the day from minneapolis. and on sunday start your game day coverage at 6:00 a.m. with live reports all morning long and through "action news" at noon, the live pregame coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. and the live coverage continues immediately after the super bowl from philadelphia and minneapolis. wrap it all up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday, we have you covered all weekend long right here on "action news." in other news a popular discount grocery store chain is
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dealing with a security breach involving customer credit cards. some are in our area dealing with this. jeff is live with the details. >> reporter: the irish are skimmers, they are devices that fit of card readers and atms and collect your credit card numbers and the technology is so good they are hardly detectible and apparently went unnoticed at two aldi stores for up to two weeks. >> it's brazen what they are doing. >> a cashier on the right rings up grocery unaware that her two male customers were secretly installing a device over the reader. >> he gets nervous and legs are shaking and looking around and police chief says that they confiscated this skimmer on tuesday after the employees at the aldi grocery store found it. a skimmer was also discovered
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that day at the aldi in limerick. and it shows the same man near a card reader in a closed lane. the chief released the photo hoping that they will lead them to the men part of a larger criminal enterprise. >> we believe they are moving and know mattic and not local talent and asking for the public's help too. the statement reads in part while the investigation is on going we believe that the issue affects oath a limited amount of aldi stores, we take the obligation to protect our customers seriously. and they believe they connected numbers for up to two weeks but those we spoke with are taking precautions. >> i am doing more with cash lately because i hear a lot about it. i have just been doing cash. >> i'll have to go home and call, i use a discover card and
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call them to see if there is any unauthorized action on our card. >> reporter: chief fultz tells me they have only identified one possible victim and asked other customers to first check with the bank or credit union to see if there is unauthorized charges before calling police. channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you for that report. time for a check of the "action news" traffic situation this evening. >> lets swing is over to matt pellman. >> aldi traffic is slowing down along 95 southbound side by ridley park it's normal stuff in the southbound lanes. and we had a fender bender off to the side and now that is gone and a normal southbound delay from past 420 to 320 in delco. on the big picture lost our crash in lawn crest at levic and everything is reopen. and accident along 42 busy spot
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at 130 has cleared and still 9 miles per hour coming off 676 joining up with the north south freeway. still watching a crash in worchester serious one, and one at jeffersonville at trooper road at main street and a crash in pennsauken. 130 at union avenue south of route 90 the betsy ross bridge and the rails better news they finished the repair as long the patco high speed line. and an extra train running on the paoli thorndale line to get to the villanova game this evening. >> all right matt sounds good. still to come we are tracking snow for the friday morn commute possibly. >> snow is moving through overnight after pretty mild but cloudy start to february. double scan live radar showing the cold front heading our way behind it and much colder air and what to expect in the
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accuweather forecast. when "action news" returns.
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health check tonight the eagles become braced their underdog status but it's something that can help anyone achieve they are goals.
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ali gorman joins us with that story. >> reporter: they say it comes down to believing you can do what you set out to do. whether it's quitting smoking or losing weight or other personal goals. simply put cindy and steven work to help people achieve their goals, they say the eagles underdog mentality can inspire you to reach yours. >> they believe in themselves there are no self limiting beliefs on that team. whatsoever. >> rosenberg wrote a book about positive thinking keeping doubt out is one of the keys to success and setting a realistic plan and perseverance. >> it takes 10 good tries to stop smoking. it takes maybe about 22 good tries to lose weight permanently. so don't give up.
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>> as a registered hiptist reece taps into a practice that athletes use positive visualization, imagine yourself succeed. >> you see the picture in your mind you can then see the possibilities of make that happen. the mental image helps you to recognize the possibility of really achieving the goal and reece happens to be married to merril reece the voice of the philadelphia eagles for 41 years. >> nick foles is dealing this afternoon -- >> he practices visualization before calling each game. she and rosen berg say that energy feeds motivation and hope that fans getting swept up in the eagles excitement will transfer that energy toward working toward their own personal end zone. fires touch down! alshon jeffrey! >> and we know that in sports, just as in life your mind is
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just as powerful as your body. coming up tonight at 11:00 i talk to a sports psychology exper about how the eagles stack up mentally for the super bowl. >> the power of positive thinking. >> thank you. >> meantime, eagles fans are quite creative when it comes to showing their love for the bird, that makes us philly proud. >> fight eagles fight ♪ for a touch down one, two, three ♪ a remix that is vera and her daughter marie with the impressive vocal, they love the birds and could not resist ser snading them. family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel,
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your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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the smith family foundation is giving back in a big way. 12 nonprofits share a $100,000 grant including the girl scouts of trenton and trenton childrens chorus that is the only african-american own and operated philanthropic foundation in trenton. is it doesn't get much cuter for fans than babies, they
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hosted a little estefans pep rally and these newborns were decked out in eagles gear and onesies and more and one baby was wearing patriots gear because they were all so cute we gave this little one a pass.
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time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast on a thursday. cecily tynan is in the weather center with an eye to the sky. we have rain moving in overnight and another system on super bowl sunday and let head to the "action news" weather center. people are making their plans, 6:month for the game notice on the graphic where the vince lombardi trophy is. on the eagles side. if you plan ongoing out take an umbrella. we have from philadelphia mainly a rain event and if you head to a preparty game 39 degrees and a raw damp day and temperatures are rising during the game up to 44 degrees and time to celebrate still likely raining until midnight 42 degrees. so mainly a rain event for philadelphia. kind of a sloppy soggy super bowl. right now for the first day of february. it's not that harsh. 45 in philadelphia and lots of
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clouds and allentown 41 and trenton 43 and cape may 41 and dover with the southerly winds all the way up to 50 degrees and satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a cold front heading our way and it has a band of moisture and what will happen is a wave of low pressure develops along it and provides more lift and that helps to expan and enhance the moisture and future tracker 6 showing 11:00 tonight it's snowing in the poconos and everywhere else it's raining and as you head to the overnight hours, the colder air is catching up with the system. by 3:00 in the morning, we do have some snow, it could get a grassy coating and a quick hit and out of here by 7:00. and the sunshine is back and as we head through the day the winds picking up and temperatures dropping will be down to 28 degrees and 5:00 on friday and with those winds the warmest part of the day is 7:00 in the morning with the windchill of 21. through the day windchills after that we are stuck in the teens
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and good amount of sunshine and be careful friday morning there could be icy spots especially the bridges and overpasses, the untreated roads, the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow we get rid of the snow and rain and sunshine is back for groundhog day and windchills in the teens and saturday will be dry with increasing clouds and a cold day 33 and sunday mainly a rain event for philadelphia. 44 degrees and we get a break in the action on monday and 38 and tuesday mostly cloudy before another system on wednesday. we'll talk about that and have more details on the super bowl storm coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news." >> we'll be back stay with us.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist can adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. we learn more about the man that was shot and killed outside of philadelphia yesterday. we'll hear from his heart broken family and hear from fans headed
5:30 pm
to the super bowl to do more than just cheer on the team. they go to minneapolis to help. and today eagles coach doug peterson had his final press conference before the game and we are live in minnesota with the details. but we begin with accuweather and the chance of snow overnight that could have effects on the morning commute tomorrow. and the roads should be mostly wet and by the time most folks head to work could be slick spots in place. and adam joseph is here now with the check of the accuweather forecast. tricky forecast. >> in the month of february temperatures today were near 50 degrees and the ground is warm and as the precipitation comes in this evening. it will be in the form of rain for the majority of the overnight hours. and as you can see here, there is an area of rain that does flip to snow on the backside of it. as the colder air catches up in the wee hours of the morning yes it changes to snow. but thankfully it does not last
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that long. future tracker 6 tonight seeing rain from the poconos to lehigh valley and philadelphia down to the shore. there is that snow on the western edge of this cold front and as we speed up time here 4:00 in the morning, it is already ending to the north and west and again there is that brief period of snow for south jersey, delaware and including philadelphia and the wee hours of the morning but by the time we get to 7:00 a.m. that snow is off the coast and if fact you'll have sun glare tomorrow morning. for the majority of our rush hour. but as the colder air rushes in any existing water on the ground could freeze up if it is not treated. that is why we want to use caution tomorrow morning. i would give it the yellow light or orange. the snow is over and sun is returning but an isolate the slick spot cannot be ruled out. we'll talk about another sizeable storm here for super bowl sunday and what kind of precip to expect with that in
5:32 pm
the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> meantime, new information about the man shot and killed outside of the high school in the may fair section of the city. ralph -- was struck while watching a basketball game. vernon odom joins us with more. >> reporter: good evening monica, it's police manhunt is well underway and will leave no stone overturned after a confrontation at lincoln high. the victim identified him ascal of kennedy a father of eight with two more on the way. kennedy was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of lincoln high school during a basketball game. and the brawlers were pushed out of the gym by school officials, we are not clear who started what and who did what to whole. >> several dozen brawlers were
5:33 pm
involved many adults, shell casings from four guns have been recovered and that kennedy was a man known to police mostly for minor scrapes with the law and one major pinch for armed robbery and known to use the name ralph broadly. >> it's unfortunate that he was killed, but by the grace of god there were no other injuries because there was a lot of ammunition on the grown. >> he went to the game with a friend and are not sure if -- they are deeply grieving. >> i don't know who are you but i know what you did. and i will forgive you please turn yourself in. he didn't do anything. he just with his friend seeing a game with his son. >> and police were staked out at lincoln high as they screened video and interviewed witnesses. he was shot in the leg area and sue coupled to his injuries
5:34 pm
later that evening at temple. >> police found one gun inside of a book bag inside of lincoln high school. police would be delighted to get a tip call to involve this crime. and there is a $20,000 reward posted by city hall for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the killer. players hit the practice field today and doug peterson held a news conference in minneapolis and the final time to the team spoke to the media before the game. and coach paider son is talking about staying focused and staying away from distractions, we'll hear more from the coach later in sports. >> for eagles defensive tackle beau allen is not only a dream
5:35 pm
come true, it's a chance to be home. he grew up in the minnesota area and has been a tour guide for the team as they make their way around his home town and sat down with his parents at the home where beau grew up. >> it's a huge game collides with kid coming home to see mom and dad -- >> he is just a big kid -- >> you are in the city you grew up in and it's a unique experience. awesome to get home. >> well, beau played on the minnetonka high school team all four years and sunday night he plays in the super bowl that is 20 minutes from the place where he grew up by the way. christie aleto explains why super bowl weekend is not just about getting a win but giving
5:36 pm
back. >> it's our first road trip and only four of us. >> and now it's tradition every time the flock goes to see the eagles play in an away game they give back to underserved communities in the city the team is playing in. >> we enjoy serving the underserved in the community and that is an important element for the road trips. >> they have been to charlotte and new orleans and los angeles, helping at halfway homes and mentoring children and this time they go to a soup kitchen in minneapolis. >> we are putting together meals for the children that have hunger issues or homeless and packaging up several hundred meals shipped out to the local communities. >> go to the communities are we are enjoying ourselves and to be able to give something back and not just take from the communities we go to makes such
5:37 pm
a difference. >> and while the 2005 road trip to the super bowl did not end with a championship win they hope this year if anything they will see eagles fans are more than just a negative stereo type. >> most of the eagles fans are good people like us, high character people. it's the passion we have been try to bring the passion to the road trips and local communities. eagles! >> very fiphilanthropic eagles n there's. this is always special but if they win the super bowl the following day it may may it just a little bit sweeter. channel 6 "action news." >> very nice. well, tailgating for the super bowl is underway. ♪ hit em low hit em high >> children and faculty at the glenwood school in media, are ready for a super bowl win and
5:38 pm
wearing their eagles green down to the principal and teachers with the green dyed hair. how about that the school's stomp like group helped to eagles beat. nice. and today at thomas jeff on university they showed off their eagles pride. the students and team put on a performance and the fashion design students put their eagles creations out on display as well. very nice. >> and our super bowl weekend coverage kicks off for you here on channel 6 with the "action news" championship preview live from minneapolis. join us throughout the day on saturday as the excitement builds and then on game day itself tune in for live reports on channel 6 "action news" at 6:00 a.m. and all morning long on "action news" at noon. and the pregame conk starts sunday afternoon at 5:00 and on the air immediately after the game, covering the angles from philadelphia and minneapolis and wrapping it up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday.
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we have you all covered this weekend here on "action news." >> wondering what the traffic situation is like sunday at 7:00. matt pellman what do you think? >> i would not advise it. you could weave down the schuylkill it will be quiet. like a ghost town but now that is not the case. a few fumbles as we kick off the month of member on the roadways and now it's just volume watching here on 76 the schuylkill rick and monica. especially on the eastbound side 34 minutes, a 20 minute delay. as you travel from the blue route to the vine and some people coming into town for the auto show tonight or south philadelphia for the big villanova basketball game at the well, and slowing on 95 northbound from the airport to broad street with people heading toward the game. just 18 miles per hour over the girard point double decker bridge. one of our firefighters friends in war chester township at the scene of the crash let us know that things cleared out there. thanks to him.
5:40 pm
and a crash by the burger king at trooper road at main street and that has cleared out of the way. and better than yesterday 422 westbound side and slow coming from king of prussia to collegeville and northbound in mercer county at route 1 in princeton past 571, a crash taking out the right lane and our wreck in pennsauken 130 past 90 is gone and good to go there on the thursday evening. back over to you. >> much more ahead on "action news" thursday night. a celebration of long time love. the bucks county couples are marking a milestone in marriage. >> plus the prediction is here who fiona the hippo picked to win the super bowl. >> okay and our eagles coverage continues as well. all right coach peterson and players had their last news conference before the game today. ducis rogers and jaime apody join us live with what is coming up in sports. hi guys.
5:41 pm
>> hey there. yes, we'll have a one-on-one with eagles corner back jaylin mills. the green goblin -- plus, we'll talk about why this team is so close and so loose. something you won't want it miss when we return to the mall of america. >> all right guys thank you. as we head to break lets take another look at the great pictures you are sending us showing off your eagles spirit. keep them coming.
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it was a pint sized pep rally with elementary school kids embracing the underdog theme. they sported their masks and danced to who let the dogs out. who who who. there were cheers and videos and the eagles fight song too. very cute. and lots of folks that have beens on who will win are saying them and now a low key voice has weighed in. fiona the hippo had to choose her allegiance and great news she picked who else but the eagles. she made the decision on the
5:45 pm
fiona show that began the season on facebook watch. her first sports prediction. >> i knew i liked fiona the moment i saw her. and the place that will really matter is on the field sunday. ducis rogers and jaime apody is live now from booming ton, minnesota with the players staying lose and having fun right guys? >>. >> reporter: yes they are late news from the other side. patriots announced rob gronkowski passed protocol for concussion and good to go for sunday. >> i don't like that news the team is done with the media obligations and now time to get down to business. we look at practice and they practice for the second straight day today. and they were looking forward to getting yesterday's sloppiness out of the way when are talking about how much fun they are having because they truly like each other. they play for each other and want to win for each other too.
5:46 pm
>> this team is the closest i think i have ever been a part of. guys truly love playing with one another and i say it all along and i'm glad the season is not over earlier because this is the most funny have ever had. >> you notice change since getting here for the super bowl. >> no, actually we like to have fun and we are a close knit group. and this experience has done nothing but make us closer. >> it really has they go out all the time and the corner backs went to the escape room in the mall to have fun before the the super bowl. >> something fun to see another one-on-one this time brian westbrook catches up with jaylin mills often lined up against the other team's top receiver. >> jaylin you are in your second year in the nfl? >> yes, sir. >> are you playing in the super bowl and how does this feel? >> i don't know how to feel right now, for sure it's a dream
5:47 pm
come true but right now i'm living in the moment. it's everything you hear about as far as the media and fans and getting ready for the game. but for sure i'm living in the moment. there is people that doubted you and people that doubted the football team. tell us the thought process and mind set for you guys playing in this game at this point. >> doubters, they don't matter right now. you are underdog it doesn't matter and two teams in the nfl playing that speaks for itself. us as a team and me as a player. i don't care for it. >> the green goblin they call him quickly becoming a fan favorite. >> other late news we are told that defensive tackle tim -- missed practice again today. and ducis rogers channel 6 "action news." back to you still to come on "action
5:48 pm
news" tonight the exclusive accuweather forecast. head outside and take a look from the sky 6 hd cameras and a nice picture of the center city skyline and a wintry mix moving our way overnight. when "action news" continues in a moment.
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5:50 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph here with the word on white stuff early tonight and tomorrow
5:51 pm
morning. and other systems in the seven day so an active pattern and we start with this one on the weather center here, stormtracker 6 live double scan a cold front and really the dividing line of warm air to the south and brutally cold air to the north and west. and you can see the tail end of it, it flips over to snow. and a little bit of that and the wee hours of the morning and the bulling of this is in the form of liquid and rain changing to wet snow after midnight. a grassy coating and on the roadways melt due to 50 degrees today the ground is fairly warm and could be a few slick spots in the morning and especially on the sidewalks and also the bridges and overpasses. and super bowl sunday that looks to be a soaking as with well and thankfully more wet than white. especially those traveling around for the parties. 53 washington and 45 philadelphia and new york city. to question it comes in the form of rain and even pittsburgh
5:52 pm
still now 40 degrees behind the front and that cold air is moving in and 9 in green bay right now and 6 in minneapolis and 1 below zero international falls and it turns shorp sharply colder but the wind picks up as well. raining in philadelphia and down to the shore and snowing in the poconos and then the colder air catches up at 3:00 in the morning and temperatures are still above freezing even in the north and west in the lehigh valley. as the snowfalls early in the morning it melts on can't with the roadways and what happens for the morning rush it's not the snow that say problem falling and it's over with, the snow comes back for the morning rush and temperatures fall into the 20s and any standing water could freeze up and as we get into tomorrow afternoon 20s with windchills in the teens tomorrow afternoon. for that friday morning rush hour a low impact for the main
5:53 pm
highways and the secondary roads and bridges and overpasses and sidewalks could get icy if they don't dry out in time with that wind, then the second storm on sunday, 1:00 in the afternoon mainly rain from the get go, philadelphia to the south and lehigh valley poconos could start as snow on the onset on sunday. and steady heavy rain takes over right through the super bowl, post super bowl as well. and that rain doesn't shut off until early on monday morning. for the poconos on super bowl sunday, 3 to 4 inches of snow before changing to a mix and lehigh valley far northern western suburbs and an inch of snow sunday morning before it changes to rain and for philadelphia points to the south a few flakes to start. and generally a soaking rain around a half inch or so. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 32 tomorrow with windchills in the teens with that sunshine and sun to clouds on saturday and 33. and the mainly rain event sunday into sunday night. at 44 and then it turns colder
5:54 pm
again behind that on monday and clouded build on tuesday 42 before another soaking rain comes in with temperatures of 55 degrees on wednesday. and then colder behind that on thursday so we have going for us here. every time a storm comes in it warms up and getted cold right after this. >> thank you. >> of course "action news" is on the air extra early tomorrow morning to make sure you have the information you need to know to start your day. tune in to start your day at 4:00 a.m.
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call 1-800-501-6000. a celebration of long time love in doylestown and enhanced living threw a party for beverly and leon banks celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary today. they met in an elevator in 1957
5:57 pm
and married sometime later. the words that keep it working is these, are you probably right. they mark their anniversary today as well. marriage as ups and downs. >> are you probably right. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. three days to go until the super bowl it's about the fan experience. and we'll show you minneapolis leading up to the big game and eagles fans start their migration to minnesota and thieves target montgomery county grocery stores to steal credit card information and the latest on that coming up next at 6:00. for meteorologist adam joseph, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night.
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>> so many experiences to be had and to see under the roof of the minneapolis concencenter downtown but they are waiting to see one thing. you get to take a look live right now the piece of hardware that is far too long eluded philadelphia fans, 22 inches of sterile issing silver that the philadelphia are working hard to bring back to philadelphia. that is a live look at the lombardy trophy. the trophy we hope to have come sunday. inside of the nfl experience is where the fans come for the fun of the game. there is so much to do inside here. the experience is a family friendly event with a massive selection of interactive games to show of your football skills. maybe kicking the ball or catching the ball. we got into the action as only "action news" can. brian and i had a friendly race taking off in the 40 yard dash and we are


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