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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 2, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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tristate area and will be soon. the green blob is rain as seen on storm tracker 6. it could turn to precipitatio's the first of weather events taking us through superbowl weekend. let's get the latest from cecily tynan and the accuweather forecast. >> double scan showingthe green blob and some of te to of the now. to chang zooming in, the pooconos, lake harmony changing to snow. temperatures are clashing overnight and we are getting the brief change over. in philadelphia, around 4:00 in the morning, a change over this is a fast-moving system. by 7:00, off the coast, by 70:00 we are drying out however the
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morninmorning commute will be impacted. temperatures dropping below 32-degrees, untreated roads, the overpass, bridges could be slick during the morning commute. i talk about the forecast for superbowl in the seven-day forecast. >> "action news" will start early tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00, as they track the impact of system on the a.m. commute. >> you areing live at us bank stadium in minneapolis, the scene of superbowl lii sunday. this is where the bringrbowl win back home and or experience another heart-wrenching disappointment, but tonight it's all about being
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positive. with us is jamie apody and ducis rodgers and brian taff and sharrie williams. ducis, understanding -- look who's with you. hi, ron. we had exclusive action at the pre-superbowl party in minneapolis tonight. that's corct, jim. the hottest party going on in the twin city. superbowl week is upon us. the eagles are in the superbowl. you hosting the party. how awesome has this been for you? >> it's incredible. 72 hours from the eagle/patriot game,uperbowl 52. you have to have fun. we rais money for at risk community. it's something enjoy, but this special. the eagles in the superbowl, we have 1200 people at this party.
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it's an eagle crowd and it's wonderful. >> eagle chant all night long. >> the entire building. the birds we want ba to practice. tom brady, what makes him tough? what makesim tough sunday? is a great quarterback and arguably the best quarterback in the game. i watched every one of his hims. you have to move him off of his spot. i think the most important piece of real estate sunday is five yards behind tom brady. if he has time, he will have a go if our defensive line gets to that spot, we'll win the game. i'm betting on our defensive line. there has been a lot of hoopla >> how do you feel the eagles handled it thus far? i w
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eagles got offthe plane. wasal . i even spoke to the pilot. he said it was a good flight, turbulence and the guys had a good time. i'm talking to the coaches here in minneapolis. there is a real good feeling. t risen to ery challenge all season long. i think they'll doperbowl lii. >> there a around the party too. we'll hear the predictions coming up. we hr from mike ditka and ridge gannon. >> ridge gannon, a philly guy, loves jim gardner. he says, how's jim doing? >> he told me that too. >> yes, jim's an idle. >idol.
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>> back to you. >> before you go, can i get aref >> 29-21 there we go! o brian taff, sharrie williams at the convention center in minneapolis, home to the nfl experience. what kind of experience was it? >> >> a pretty good one, jim, stand here in front of the lombardi trophy. the fans are walking around in their favorite player's shoes. >> they are interactive and we too gn the action today. the minneapolis convention center took on the air of a pep rally today. football jerseys of every colhes
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before the holiday. >> plenty to do and see. >> fans that came to see the game can feel what it's like to play it, throwing a spiral or their foot kicking the extra punt. we got in on the action too running the 40-yard dash at speeds that impressed no one. >> over at the wilson booth, you get master cls onowa pootball is made and they'll personalize the pig skin for you. >> this group of eagle fans an extended family from hamilton new jersey. >> we are fans too many years. we have had season tickets since the '70s. it's a family thing. >> we ran into another group ofs
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about family but another way. eagle chris garago wife and mom. >> we are excited to see themay >> >> back live the special event team, the police department gathering around right now, taking pictures, snapping selfies. it drives home how personal it is for so many people coming here. >> and security all over. it's great to see them around the vince lombardi trophy. >> eagle's nation is rolling in. one family said would do it
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and they did. the molar family came in their rv. >> they have been all over watching the beloved eagles in his rv. a lot of do a double takee's us. >> people are shocked when you pull into town with the rocky music playing and the green lights going. >> muller says it's worth coming to minneapolis in the cold if the eagles can get the win. war, bring your warm clothing. >> a sentiment we can echo.
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zero degrees. for brian taff, i'm sharrie williams. jim, back to you in th>> thank . thank you, char. fly eagle fans fly, if you are not driving an rv, it's a 980-mile trip by plane. airline officials tell us most of the people headed to minneapolis from our area departed today. the rest are expected to leave tomorrow. united airlines added flights and switched to bigger planes.kl here on channel6 is a terrific idea. tomorrow n at 8:00, join us for the preview live from minneapolis. we have live reports throughout the d saturday.
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our pregame coverage bins at 5:00 p.m. we'll coverage from philadelphia, from minneapolis and we'll wrap it up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. that is our football coverage tonight. other news, edward archer has been found guilty as charged for trying to kill a philadelphia cop. the jury deliberated less than three hours before finding archer guilty of attempted murder and aggravated manslaughter. it was january two years ago when he ambushed jessie hartnet in philadelphia. archer told police he acted out of religious conviction and pledged his loyalty to isis.
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>> fire investigators are trying to determine a cause of a fire and if detectors were working. >> police say they have uncovered skimming devices in two grocery stores in lower pots grove. surveillance cameras captured two suspects installing the devices over credit card readers. police are not sure how many devices have been stolen. the best advice to check your statements and contact your bank for help. >> in the wake of sexual harassment allegations have caused penn unersity to remove
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their support from steve wynne and bill cosby. it's been a century since they took an honorary degree but credible allegations against both men wanterre warranted the. >> new details on a shooting involving a 12-year-old girl that turns the story on its head. >> doctors find a way to lose weight without working out. >> and a passenger tried to bring a peacock onboard, one airline cracking down on comfort animals. cecily? >> temperatures are changing overnight. we have a bigger story for sunday. we have detail in the accuweather forecast. >> we head back to minneapolis
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so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect. >> los angeles police say a shooting at a middle school this morning was an accident. a 15-year-old boy is shot in the head and in critical condition. a girl was shot in the wrist. a 12-year-old said the gun went off when she bag. >> a public split between the white house and fbi unlike anything we have seen before.
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president trump is signing off on a memo showing improper use of behavior of the fbi. peacocks can't fly long distances and united airlines wants it to keep it that way. after feathers flew this weekend when a passenger tried to board with a pet bird for emotional support the airline is changing its policy. they'll demand that they are trained to behavior in public, are vaccinated and not a health threat. delta is planning similar changes. the peacock is banned by current regulations. >> it's time for medical workers
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to take a stand. switching to standing at your desk burns 54-calories a day, about five and a half pounds less body fat over the course of a year. >> the next couple of days will be filled with trash talking between eagle and patriot fans. for one family, trash talk is a normal part of the day everyday. this is a house divided. reporter christie ileto has the story. >> we say brady is so old. he needs to retire. >> the trash talking at the smith home is nonstop once it became clear that the eagles and patriots will have a rematch. >> we are not being mean.
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>> just serious about their team. >> mike has been a patriot fan his whole life. laura is die hard about their birds. their older daughters rock the birds while their twins -- i'm an eagle fan and patriot fan at the same time. >> it's not clear where loyalties lie. >> it's crazy because i'm confused. >> it was crazy that they would end up in the superbowl toalg. together. for the smith family, it boils down to one thing -- bragging rights. >> i want today get a tattoo but she's not having that. >> that was at stake sunday. the smith family decided whoever has the losing team has to wear the winning team's jersey every sunday next football season. mike, you better get ready to wear a lot of green.
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christie ileto, channel6 "action news." >> as far as the weather is concerned, we know it will be really cold in minneapolis. it's really wet in philadelphia. >> we are seeing a lot of green on the radar sunday night. we have a system moving in with rain. that's changing to snow. live on sky six taking a look at dillworth park and city hall. you can see the roads are glistening, wet now. no icing yet but temperatures below freezing overnight hours. you can see it's generally all liquid, could be wet snowflakes mixing in. south jersey, the i-95 core doer, it's just rape with flakes mixing in. further north we are seeing a change over to snow, lake harmony, mount pocono, hazelton.
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this moves through through the overnight hours. right now, philadelphia 41. allentown 46. wilmington 41-degrees. this is a cold front. with it cold air crashing down from higher in the atmosphere. 3:30 in the morning, the changeover will happen along the i-95 corridor. surface temperatures are freezing. it has a tough time sticking. it's out of here by the afternoon. temperatures dropping to the 20s. it's windy tomorrow. windchills once you get past 8:00 in the morning will be stuck in the teens. sunday, kind of the opposite for areas knot and west of philadelphia. starting as snow, lehigh valley, northern burkes county, poconos, rain. it's a big system so as the low pressure intensifies, low
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pressure, a change in rain, a mixing. during the day superbowl sunday, poconos three to four inches of snow then a mix. lehigh valley, an inch during the day changing to rain. philadelphia, a few snowflakes to start but really, a rain event, half inch of rain. groundhog day, sunshine is back, 32-degrees. we hit about 7:00 in the morning and temperatures drop to the 20s by the afternoon. saturday, increasing clouds, 33. superbowl sunday, mainly a rain event, the high of 44 hitting that sunday night during the game. monday, sunny and colder, 38. wednesday, 55-degrees. bring in the rain and behind that on thursday, we cool off to
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34-degree, slick spots tomorrow morning. you want to tune in at 4:00. >> as part of black history month, the library is exploring octavius d. cato. this past september, he the first african-american
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>> eagle quarterback nick foles is trying to stay chill. let's go to ron's eagle party. >> darby was able to practice. jernigan missed his second straight practice. we have been here surrounded dancing like that all day, ducis. look at this, at the media party today, they have to face the patriots. they have been here eight times. they won it five times. might the eagles be headed for the same thing?
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they have a stellar young quarterback in carson wentz. >> you can have a long career. >> i think the core players we have and coaching that we built can stand the test of time. you never know. >> we have a franchise quarterback in carson. i feel pretty good with what we have. >> that h that's good to hear. we have met a lot of former players tonight. they were talking about the birds. >> hall of famers, all pros. two guys we caught up with, two football legends liked the chances sunday >> it only comes once in a while. the eagles god a great opportunity and great football game and coach. >> i believe in my heart of hearts they have a chance to win. >> the defense can disrupt brady. they'll be aggressive.
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jacksonville gave the patriots all they can handle and i think the philly team is better than jacksonville. >> a local guy pulling for the birds. >> we'll have -- jeff skversky has more sports after this. that's it ,$8drw
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>> back with the flyers. they are ice cold tonight. new jersey tied up third period. flyers lose 4-3. they lost three straight in first time all season. villanova beats up on the sharp shooters, 19, threes. cats win by three, nova 21-1. >> catsag state. owls hang on. temple wins 81-79, they storm the court on north broad street what a scene. perhaps we'll see a similar scene sunday in minneapolis. >> that would be nice. i don't think that security will let that happen. we'll see. "jimmy kimmel live" next on
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channel6 followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests, biggy and ty. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. have a good night


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