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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the nfl experience in minneapolis. sarah bloomquist is outside minneapolis saint paul international airport. she could be inside but now she's just showing off. ducis rodgers is at the mall of america in bloomington, om is at philadelphia city hall and chad prad pradelli is at the art museum. let's start with brian and sharrie. fans are arriving.what's the atmosphere around town? >> good evening, jim. this has to be the hottest place to be in the country right now. all eyes of course on minneapolis and fans are arriving here in droves and this is super bowl weekend. >> yeah, you know, the city completely changed overnight as fans of a feather, eagles fans flock together and changed the complexion of minneapolis to a deep shade to the color of your dress, turning very green around here jim. we walked the streets downtown this morning as fans crowded nicolette mall.
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many of these fans had just stepped off the plane or gotten out of their cars after the long drive from philadelphia and were eager to take part in this experience at minneapolis. been planning for two years but guess what? the actual air temperature without the wind chill was seven below zero this morning and that meant braving the bitter cold to do it. >> it's cold. it's real cold. >> i think i've got probably eight layers on right now and i can't feel my elbows or my wrists or my hands so. >> i lost feeling in my face like 20 minutes ago. >> i'm not even sure it's still there. [laughter] >> yeah, so lots of fans lamenting their wardrobe choice. eagles jersey warms the heart but not much beyond that. still not a single fan we encountered today would be anywhere else than here. they'll deal with whatever elements come their way in order to see a victory firsthand on sunday. [laughter] >> that's good stuff outside today talking with fans. of course the mascot of this
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team is an eagle, the proud symbol of the united states. but there is one eagle in pa really stan out to the bird gang fans across the country. we're talking about challenger. meet this beautiful bald eagle. we had a chance to see up close and personal today. he's now 28 years old. he was obelion from a nest during a storm in louisiana and then raised briefly by a human family. he was later taken in by the american eagle foundation. and for the past five years challenger had been seen soaring high at eagles home games during the national anthem and he always draws a huge roar from fans at the linc. >> it means a lot to the philadelphia fans. you know he's flew at five games this year right up to the nfc championship. he created a lot of excitement before the game started and the people started to relate to him as their ambassador you might say or their mascot.
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>> yeah so challenger right there at the beginning of the nfc championship when the eagles beat the vikings. we are in vikings country here. he's not flying at the super bowl this weekend, not scheduled to fly but is ready if called upon to soar high once again. >> all right. if called upon he will serve eagles nation. >> that's right. >> we like it very much. lots more to come from here as super bowl weekend kicks into high gear again but for now for sharrie williams i'm brian taff live in minneapolis. >> thank you guys. we want to show you the scene at philadelphia international airport. eagles fans flocking to minneapolis getting a sendoff with much fanfare. american airlines added flights and bigger planes for the travel to super bowl balloons greeted passengers at the gate and everybody on board received fly eagles fly rally towels. the situation at the end of destination super bowl city. let's go to live to sarah
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bloomquist atolis saint paul international. >> a veimry th bu p eagles fans are haven't seen a lot of patriots fans. we've seen eagles green all over the place. this is the busiest day for arrivals this entire superd. have waited very long time for this and they can't imagine being anywhere else. >> e-a-g-l-e-s. go birds, baby.go birds. >> reporter: eagles fans have landed. >> i can't -- i got goosebumps. i couldn't wait to get off the plane. i wanted to get off that plane. i said let's go, hurry up. >> reporter: it's the super bowl baby and look outause here they come. >> so excited. we're going to -- just like we beat the vikings at home we're coming to this town to take over this town because we're going to be champions come sunday night. you're going down, brady. >> reporter: all day eagles chants echoed loud and proud across the arrivals hall.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s. >> you should have seen the plane. did the chant about three times. >> reporter: fans came dressed in eagles green from head to toe. they're prepared to take over this town and leave it celebrating a super bowl win. >> like i told a couple patriots fans on the flight we need this. we have to have this. >> the city deserves it. it's so many, um fans who have been fans for like 60 years. we deserve it. >> i've been waiting my whole life for this and there's a ton of people back home that have been waiting double my time so i hope we get it done for those guys. >> reporter: get it done for those guys. also there are hundreds of charter flights and private planes flying in with the most coming on super bowl sunday. in fact there's so many private planes coming they have shut down and they're using an entire runway just to provide a place to park them. live at minneapolis saint paul international airport, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." jim. >> sarah thank you.
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the party has already started in the mayfair section of philadelphia. area businesses held eagle pep rallies ahead of th on sunday. the community bleeds green and is a hub for celebrations for philadelphia sports teams. many say this small rally is just a glimpse of what will come when the eagles defeat the patriots and bring home the lombardi trophy. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the latest, excuse me, vernon has the latest information from the city of philadelphia efforts to keep those celebrations under control. vernon, what's the story? >> reporter: jim the police department's plan is to quell any bad situation quickly, very quickly. right away without hesitation. so, everyone else including police officers can enjoy the night. at city hall tonight the metal barricades are already in place anticipating an eagles win sunday night. on south broad for many blocks it's starting to look the same on this typical friday night
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with congestion starting to build. but how will these locations look by 10:00 or so sunday night? will they be jammed with jubilant fans delirious from an eagles victory. police have their plan in place from the far northeast south to oregon. >> broad and walnut you can see that involved a lot easier because people are walking down broad street. frankford and cottman that's neighborhoods and so it doesn't take very long at all for people to get out of their houses and show up at that location. >> reporter: tonight police are announcing parking restrictions for south broad beginning sunday afternoon at 2:00 until 3:00 monday morning. the police brass is having a knockdown constant speculation about tactics, businesses near city hall will not be asked to close early, for example. >> this is an opportunity for people in this city businesses to make money. we're not asking anybody to close. i don't know where that information came from. they have a right to be opened. we're going to be out there protecting those businesses. >> reporter: in light of
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crisco failing to keep pole climbers on the ground after the minnesota win the commissioner is shooting down reports that greasy nasty gear oil will be used. >> we are not using gear oil. i also will tell you we're not telling you what we're going to use as well. but it is not gear oil. >> reporter: jim, we can only hope now that philadelphia and our entire region finally get our taste of that lombardi trophy. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" at city hall. jim. >> thank you, vernon. in glassboro new jersey they're all about the birds especially one in particular. today schools in the district held pep rallies and supported glassboro high school alum and eagles running back corey clement. students took part in various activities including football trivia. so we ask you to kick off your super bowl weekend right here on channel6 tonight. join us for the "action news" championship preview live from
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minneapolis at 8 o'clock. extensive coverage of the eagles' super bowl weekend continues next. ducis rodgers and brian westbrook live in minneapolis minnesota with team preparations. guys. >> reporter: yes, jim, the practicek to brian westbrook about that. he'll also bcoaching matchup in the super bowl. jim. >> the vikings nfc loss is a big win for a gloucester county father and son. they scored coveted tickets to the super bowl thanks to a defeated minnesota fan. >> wind chills right now in the teens and our super bowl mainly wet but snow forur viewing i'll explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪♪
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>> so there will be two essentials for really good super bowl party on sunday an eagles win obviously and also good food. "action news" reporter chad pradelli can't guarantee the victory but he can point us to some very good food. chad. >> reporter: yeah, as you know jim, this town has a lot of great food. here's a little bit of what's being offered come super bowl sunday. inside dibruno brothers the wings were tasty and the stuffed baked potatoes made to salivate. >> fill it up. there you go. great for us when the eagles do well. we want them to do well because we're philly through and through. >> i'm buying a few things to snack on while i watch the game. >> reporter: what did you go with. >> today? >> reporter: yes. >> well i have a sandwich i
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have some locks. >> reporter: employees made sure fans were in the spirit. >> eagles! >> reporter: down at dino's party center in south philadelphia, balloons and other green party favors were flying out the door. >> these are decorations for my front window. for the eagles game. having a bit party sunday with all my cousins. >> reporter: how many people will be at the house. go to broad street once win.>> reporter: few cannuli's in the italian market the pigs are roasting and butchers have been busy cutting the beef. >> we're doing tons of meatballs tons of chicken wings. we specialize in the roasted pigs. we have over 40 of them going out for the weekend and everybody is ready and excit to go. >> reporter: yes everybody is ready. the vibrant town is electric to party sunday. i'm life at the art museum chad pradelli channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, chad. cole fitzgerald and his father, bill are headed to their super bowl thanks to a broken hearted yet big hearted vikings fan. grader from sewell
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ot the rock star treatme left philadelphia international faerairport t given from an anonymousdonor who won them ine when the vikings lost to eagles in the nfc thel eagles fan and he fo cole beat cancer and the dir connection
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>> 30 minutes, 501 chicken wings, this was the tally for this year's wing bowl champion molly schuyler. the 26th edition took place this morning at the wells fargo center the truly philadelphia tradition started so birds fans could have something to cheer about during super bowl weekend when the team almost never made it to the big game. not a problem this year. >> no wings left for super bowl sunday around here. >> there will be wings left. the game plan is installed. all they have to do now is execute and make sure that nobody else gets the flu. >> no problem for the eagles, right? third time the charm in the super bowl. the eagles have been talking a big game even before their first game and now just days away from the biggest game of them all the super bowl, the eagles receiver alshon jeffrey
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says we're bringing that trophy back to philly. let's go live to ducis rodgers and brian westbrook in minnesota. the eagles have sounded confident and relaxed all week. perhaps a reflection of their head coach, guys. >> reporter: we shall soon find out. brian, the eagles had their final workout today an 80 minute workout at the university of minnesota. their families are in town. what is this last 48 hours like for them? >> well, i think early on in the week they got the tickets out of the way all the responsibilities they needed to make sure their families could get into the game. that's handled. you want to make sure you're focused. make sure that every t is crossed every i dotted so when you start thinking through the game you can handle any situation thrown at you. that's what the coaches want you to do think of the things that could happen in the game and be prepared for them. >> reporter: we focus on the coaching matchup bill belichick against coach doug pederson. on side a relative new guy who completed his second season as
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an nfl head coach. on the other side it's the experience and pedigree of a living legend a man who has won five super bowl titles with the patriots. >> probably the greatest coach of all time and obviously the greatest quarterback on their team but doug is sharp. that's our guy. we're with him every day. >> reporter: that is a sentiment that permeates throughout the eagles locker room. they love their coach. >> it almost seem like doug out there with a helmet on. >> i think he knows his players well and put players in positions to succeed based on things they're good at. >> reporter: the birds also love the aggressiveness pederson shows. the eagles were second in the nfl in fourth down attempts, third in fourth down conversions. >> he has a lot of confidence in his guys, you know. it means he's playing to win. go back to when we played minnesota, 26 seconds on the clock end up kicking a field goal. no one does that. >> reporter: pederson has not only earned the respect from his players but also his
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opponent. >> doug pederson has done a great job with this football team with the offense. they lost a couple key players this year but continued to roll along with tremendous production. >> reporter: so, why might coach pederson have the edge in this coaching matchup. >> ducis in football games in seasons you have mood swings, momentum. doug pederson and this football team have had a great fantastic especially throughout the playoffs. if you look at the patriots last game they struggled. they won that game against jacksonville but they struggled. i think the eagles have a lot more momentum. >> reporter: doug understands and has a great feel tore this team. i think that gifts him the advantage. >> reporter: at the end of practice doug told his players to seize the moment but also havings of eagles fans here at the mall of america. for brian westbrook i'm ducis rodgers. back to you. >> super bowl sunday. sixers are avoid losing ight for the first time in more than a month tonightth have
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mind and on their chest. the sixers are honoring during tonight's game. eagles dropped off customized jerseys and the brotherly love eagles shirts during pregame warmups and hopefully there will be aebration comemonday. >> hopefully. little synergy at. it is the friday before the super b schools, it madeto spende day rallying for the birds. >> ♪♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪♪ >> students at belmont hills elementary school in bala cynwyd held a pep rally complete with live music games and of course the eagles fight song. students also collected nonperishable food items to donate to charity. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon
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>> we have some weather to
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talk about this weekend in addition to a football game. mainly rain for super bowl sunday. a little bit of snow at the onset. but mainly a rain event and until then it's just pretty cold. the action cam today taking a look at bala cynwyd shopping center where yeah, the underdogs hanging out getting all ready for the big game. and we're live on sky6 taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. glowing in eagles green on this very cold friday night. that cold front that brought us that round of rainw has opened the door for some cold winds to blow in. so temperatures have been dropping through the day. the high today 40 right after midnight. now we're generally across-tto mid-20's but then you factor in the winds. we've had winds gusting close to 40 miles per hour today. the current wind chill makes it feel like 11 in philadelphia, 14 in beach haven, eight in allentown, feels like seven in lancaster and wilmington. the winds will be diminishing tonight but the temperatures will also be dropping so wind chills will be stuck in the teens and single digits essentially all night long.
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so satellite and radar showing that front moved off. a lot of clouds to start the day and now we're clearing and you can actually see the direction of the clouds. that's our wind direction out of the northwest. that's what is pulling down the very cold air. so, tonight clearing skies, diminishing winds. overnight low 17 in philadelphia, 10 in allentown, wilmington 14 and cape may 19 degrees and tomorrow not nearly as windy as today. we'll see increasing clouds but you factor in a little bit of a breeze only up to about the freezing point. it's going to feel cold. wi 7 o'clock around 10 degre theafternoon like the wind chills are in the mid-20's. then we have sunday. super bowl sunday. future tracker showing the clouds are thick. by the morning hours we will see some snow showers breaking out in the mid morning in the lehigh valley, in the poconos northern berks county. then the main event really waiting until the early afternoon. you can philadelphia it moves in as rain. could have few wet snowflakes. the lehigh valley, berks poconosit's still snowing but ts
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rain/snow line advances pretty quickly changing it over to for the poconos and it will be y rain at timegame. so expect the s totalsn, i-95 corridor southtwo madelaly rain. the far north and west suburbs a coating to an inch before that changeover. the poconos likely snit 4-inches of snow expected there. so planning out your day 43 degrees that rain is here during the game rain heavy at times 42. time to celebrate 40 degrees, no icing and the rain will be shutting off. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's dry it's cold tomorrow 33 degrees. sunday cloudy. that rain moving in in the afternoon 43 degrees. behind that system on monday, kind of like today blustery and cold, 34. clouds roll back on 41 degrees.y 52 but periods of rain. thursday and friday temperatures back in the 30's but we do dry out and super bowl in minneapolis, the high only about six, coldest super bowl in history. good thing they play in a dome. >> good thing. >> uh-huh.
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>> abc's "world news tonight" with david muir next onel6. "action news" continues at phl 17 with brian taff sharrie williams joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪♪
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the fallout after the controversial classified memo is released to the public. president trump allowing for its release. going against his own fbi and against his handpicked fbi directo after the agency expressed, quote, grave concerns. tonight, what's in the memo. also tonight, a father's rage. the dramatic moment in the courtroom. lunging towa olympics gymnastics do larry nassar. the deadly flu epidemic and
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late today, the alarming new headline from the cdc. and a warning from parents tonight who have been through it. the doore than 600 points today, what's behind it. a murder suspect in the death of dent in court just
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