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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> eagle fans are flocking to the superbowl. that's next. >> "action news," with jim gardner. >> fly eagles fly ♪ ♪ on the road to victory ♪-- >> forget about these fans taking over minneapolis, how about taking over the sky from
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here to minneapolis. the skyline and boathouse road giving the eagles a green solute while a thousand miles away the team is conducting its last practice and probably thinking, bring on the patriots. let's get this thing going. >> friday night, the big story, the philadelphia eagles, for one game truly america's team. almost every football fan that doesn't come from new england wants to see the birds thrash the patriots. brian taff and sharrie williams are in minneapolis. live at philadelphia international is trish hartman. let's start with trish at the airport. it looked like the party started before fans were boarding their
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planes to minneapolis. it really did, jim. today was the big travel day for fans headed to minneapolis. we caught up with fans on the last flight for the day as fans made their trip to the superbowl. >> for these eagle fans, the road to victory goes through philadelphia international airport. >> you take what you can get. when you go to the superbowl, whatever you can get -- >> who cares? you are on the plane. >> the atmosphere resembled a tailgate. officials say they have flown 2200 passengers from philadelphia to minneapolis this week. our other two children are flying to meet us there. >> you have patriot fans? >> no, my son left enemy territory. he only lives in boston. >> mark surprised his wife with a trip tomorrow.
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>> i had to call her boss. do you mind if anne's going to be out until tuesday. >> we were arguing about something. he said you can't be mad at me because i'm taking to you the superbowl. >> we found quite a few fans that made their arrangements before the eagles did. >> we bought them and then he got injured. we were praying for nick foles. >> on the plane, the party continued in true underdog fashion. the fans are one step close tore an eagle victory. >> it's a chance to witness history. it's been 27 years. ♪ ♪ on the road to victory. eagles! >> these are those rally towels that everyone had on each seat
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in the american airline flight headed to minneapolis. extra flights will be headed out all weekend and monday, 22 extra flights to get the fans home from the superbowl. trish hartman, channel6 "action news." jim? o thank you, trish. from philadelphia to minneapolis, sharrie williams and brian taff are live for the experience. i'm old enough to remember when the superbowl was just a football game. that's not the case anymore. >> are you giving away your age, jim? boy have things changed since then. it's a super sized experience. today, we felt a rush, a boost of energy hit the city. fans know from both teams we are in 243 hour window before the game kicks off. >> fans have been pouring into
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the city all day long wanting to be part of the magic moment in minnesota. fans confronted the cold to take in the sight and sounds of the city. the buildings are awash in purple. eagle green everywhere else you look. eagle nation arrived in full force today. they are loud, proud and beyond happy to be here. >> tell me about your jury was duly sworny? >> ijury wasdulyjourney? >> we had a great time. >> how does it feel to be here? >> first time in my life. i'li'm thrilled. >> that sentiment echoed by so many today. the birds make a run at history but this time to change the ending. >> let's get a different result this time around. a few miles from where we are, there is a massive operation
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under way to keep fans safe. it's all about what goes on inside the stadium is screened, a vital part that fans won't know about. >> they screen everything, water bottles, even the stage used for halftime. >> only our local station was there to give us a look at this layer of security. >> this is a large exercise device on wheels. >> it's part of an elaborate screening system set up on the fairgrounds. everything that goes inside the stadium must go through here first. border officer lee explains how this works. >> the drivers pass through here. we view the vehicle to make sure
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there is nothing dangerous. >> after that, each vehicle is escorted by a humvee to the stadium. we have shown you how they are keeping minneapolis safe from the sky and now from the ground. doug harris says his officers are working around the clock. >> they are here. they'll be ensuring everything that goes into the stadium or secure area is safe. > >> good to know that, that level of security is happening even behind the scenes, all about keeping us safe this weekend. now to a special moment that took eagle excitement to the next level.
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>> love it. that's the drum line at the convention center. fans crowded around to listen to them bang out eagle heartbeat of the nation. if you weren't pumped up before, we hope you are now. >> we were rocking today, loving having them on the show. that's the story here in minneapolis. for brian taff, i'm sharrie williams. jim, back to you. >> at the mall of america, ducis rodgers and jamie apody. guys, what can you tell us about the eagle last practice before they kick it off for real?
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>> jim, it's not just the last practice superbowl week, it's the last practice of the season. it was an 80 minute workout at the university of minnesota. every eagle participated including tackle tim jernigan. >> they are in the mall of america riding rollercoaster rides, which is great. today, they had their last practice. doug pederson tole them to keep things loose, have fun, enjoy the moment. you don't know when it will come around begin. they get set for the biggest game of most of their careers. >> the eagles made it a point to keep things light this week, from dancing to doning wrestling masks. they are focused on fun, but
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bring up tom brady and the patriots and that mood changes quickly. >> they are not here by mistake. if we make it about the patriots, we might as well pack up and go home. >> the birds are not in awe. they see the patriots as a model of what they would like to be, a dynasty. this is the first step. >> you can't comprehend the numbers. in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. >> that feeling of respect is mutual. tom brady knows that it's not going to be easy on sunday. >> we have to have the mentality to work for it. everybody has to play well. it's not a game that we have one group not playing as well as they are capable. >> brady says at 13-3 the eagles
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aren't underdogs. five superbowl ring, i don't know if i agree with that. >> any chance we can move the game to tomorrow? i don't know if i can wait any longer. ducis rodgers, jamie apody, jim, back to you. tickets are the most expensive superbowl ever. that's due in part from the strong demand from this area. sales are up 31% from this time last year when the same team, patriots played the atlantic falcons. stub hub says the biggest chunk are sold to people in pennsylvania, 13% of sales, new jerseyans, 7%. the going rate now, 5300, the cheapest ticket in the building, $3,100. >> let's check in with meteorologist cecily tynan and accuweather. cecily, you have a storm system
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arriving on superbowl sunday. >> that is right, jim. i do. the system is making a stab in minneapolis tomorrow morning, brushing the region with one to three inches of snow. it cuts north to west. it brings us moisture and pulls in a lot of warm air. sunday afternoon by 4:00, it's raining across the viewing area except for the poconos where the snow is holding on the longest. it's moving faster. planning your day, the pregame parties, it's raining, mild, 43-degrees. during the game, 42. it's moving out faster. looks like we are drying out, cloudy for the post game celebration, temperature, 40-degrees. minneapolis for the game itself, looks like record cold. could be the coldest kickoff on
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record, expecting a temperature of three degrees breaking the record of 16-degrees. inside, temperatures close to 7. we talk about another system next week in the spheskt. seven-day forecast. jim? >> there may be people celebrating in the street after the game, so parking restrictions begin sunday at 2:00 p.m. no parking broad street arch to pine in center city dickinson avenue in south philadelphia. no one can park on the median either. the restriction is in force until 3:00 a.m. monday. we invite you to kick off coverage with us starting at 6:00 a.m., "action news" at thoon, pregame coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. and join us for reaction after the game from minnesota. we rawe wrap up on "action newsd
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then sports sunday. >> the memo made public, what it alleges about government abuse and fallout. >> and good news about job growth fueled the worst day on wall street in years. the father of one of the victims of larry nassar can't contain himself in court. >> cecily tynan returns with more details and timing of the weekend storm. we head back to philadelphia to hear from more eagles players. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> fire attack three row homes in philadelphia tonight, the blaze on the 2100 block of south simpson street broke out about 40 minutes ago. firefighters got the flames under control a few minutes ago. so far no report of injuries. in norris town, a two alarm fire before firefighters got a handle on it two hours later.
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it broke out on jorming street just after 5:30. invest dpaitors looking into the cause totaling damages and no one was hurt. republics released the niewn nuz memo today. it says that the fbi failed to tell judges that the monitoring of carter page, suspected of being a russian agent was based on the dossier financed by the hilary clinton campaign. devin nunez is trying to show that it was flawed from the start. the ranking democrat says it mischaracterizes classified information. when president trump was asked to comment today this is what he
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said. >> it's terrible. it's a disgrace. a lot of people should be ashamed and more than that. >> two officials say president trump is not considering firing deputy attorney rod rosen stein. >> the job market added 200,000 jobs in january. that is higher than analysts were expecting but unemployment, 4.1%. good news for workers, wages road at their fastest page in eight years, but that turned out to be a double-edged sword. invest gores got word that higher wages could cause inflation sending the dow plummeting, 2.5%, the worst day for the stock market since president trump took office. >> an angry father took control
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today during the sentencing of former sports dr. larry nasser. randall margrave lunged at nassar and has been to be restrained. his three daughters were victims of sexual assault when he worked at the gymnastic club. later he apologized and tried to focus on the case. >> the survivors and victims are the most important now. my daughters are a part of that. i appreciate and thank all of the survivors for what they have done. >> the judge decided that margraves should not be punished for his actions. he thanked her for her leniency. >> let's go to cecily tynan for
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the weather for the weekend. >> this is going to be a busy place sunday night. earlier this evening, bruce newman captured this shot of the skyline glowing in eagle green and behind it orange and yellow of the sun set. plenty of cold air, philadelphia, 21. allentown, 16. trenton 18, cape may, 23. wilmington, 19. the winds have diminished since earlier today. nine in philadelphia, five in trenton, three in reading, and fyfffive in lancaster. a front moved through bringing rain and snow. there's cloud cover to the west moving in through the day tomorrow. tomorrow, the temperature around the freezing point. if it's a cool day but the focus
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is sunday. around lunchtime clouds are here, showers developing west of philadelphia with snow showers to the northwest. for philadelphia, it's a rain event raining heavily by 4:30, snow across the poconos and moving out quickly. by 9:30 as the game is ending, rain is ending as well and temperatures in the 40s. expected snow fall totals before the rain, philadelphia, south jersey, delaware a flake or two, generally a rain event. the far north suburbs a coating to an inch before the rain warrens iwashes it away. poconos, one to four inches before mixing sunday evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, brisk, chilly, increasing clouds, windchill in the 20s.
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sunday, cloudy with rain in the afternoon sticking around for the evening, moving out in time for the end of the game. 43-degrees, blustery, cold on monday, 34. clouds tuesday, 41. the next storm system again, rain. 52-degrees with it. behind it thursday and friday, a mix of sunshine and temperatures in the 30s. good news, don't have to drive home in snow for the superbowl parties and by the end should be drying out from the rain. >> cecily tynan? >> yes? >> score, please. >> 27-21. >> that's cecily. we'll get jeff in a minute. how about this for a couple truly philly proud? when they couple looks back on their wedding photos, they want to remember the day they said i do and hopefully the weekend the
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eagles won superbowl lii. they were on broad street with their bridal party wearing eagle jerseys over their formal wear. ♪ ♪
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>> all right, jeff? >> patriots 20, eagles 24.
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what about you? >> i don't think this will be anxiety ridden and close as everyone says. eagles 31. patriots 13. >> i like it. everyone's a winner. what's a celebration going to be like if the eagles win the superbowl? alshon jeffy scoffs, no if, when. we are bringing the trophy back to philly for the first time. confidence is sky high that's where we find ducis rodgers and jamie apody. >> and confidence for jim gardner is sky high. >> eagles with an 80 minute practice. coach pederson told the player, seize the moment. you never know when it will come
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again. >> let's hope it's often. tomorrow they have a walkthrough the stadium. then it's all go for superbowl sunday. university of minnesota, afterwards, doug talked to them. they have been trying to stay loose all week and all season. the eagles are trying to become the first to win the superbowl season after a losing year the year before. they can do it. >> we have the chance to show the world. we have the only game on t.v. we have a chance to show the world what the team is capable of doing. >> we are going out there to have fun. we don't know what we don't know. looking forward to the opportunity. it's going to be a great game. >> it will be. tonight they were in the mall of america, having rides with their family.
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>> the tight end cleared the plate through concussion protocol. all hands on deck. >> for jamie apody, i'm ducis rodgers. jeff, to you. >> brett favre speaks to the eagles tomorrow morning. joel embiid says he's going to the superbowl to root on the eagles. we go to sixer highlights next.


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